Having a famous father who mentored WALT DISNEY who stayed at the house I was excited to be among the first to ride SPACE MOUNTAIN as it opened that day. The two day line outside, in the sun, defined the rides popularity. Then you got in the shade and air conditioning of the enormous building – a real MATTERHORN MOUNTAIN as new landmark for the PARK defining the PARK like Cinderella’s Castle. Ah that air conditioning was cool as my eyes adjusted. Then as far as I could see the line wove and wove itself in snake coils from multiple directions down down a five day new line, into the bowls of the very earth itself. After losing 100 pounds in LINE and 180 days waiting to get on the SPACE MOUNTAIN RIDE one went vertical. You went straight up in darkness. Your little eyes dilated so your pupils where as large as your pie plates. LIttle flashes of stars came into view as at the PEAK OF THIS RIDE say five stories or so under ground and ten stories above ground or 15 stories of UP UP UP where as you crest that MOUNTAIN and what comes next? Oh its worse than FALLING. Next YOU PLUNGE DOWN SO VIOLENTLY INTO 360 LOPS AND 180 DEGREE SPINS at speeds dropping 15 stories only to move back up at the speed of light in out space with lasers and meteors and enough threat coming at you that on those larger  flower planters just out of the exit –  after riding SPACE MOUNTAIN I just wanted to throw up. While all nine of my children had eyes like Christmas Tree Lights at midnight running in what was a race of the elders and youngers to get back into the eight line outside SPACE MOUNTAIN saying – as I tried not to throw up – AGAIN DADDY WE GO AGAIN DADDY.

I share this story because it is what investors are doing in April. They are waiting in the 90 day recovery line. Only the line is more like 90 months of recovery to go. Markets 15% off their highs, did a little Space Mountain Dip roll today, but really the major DROP and 360 degree spins for investors wishing to throw up and then throw up again lies ahead of us. Remember I told you the Dow will pass under 10,000 before we are DONE DONE. While you can make a lot of money in SUPER VOLATILITY you are outside economics or long term investing. You are gambling just like at VEGAS or MACCAU. You will lose if you keep playing. The house will always win if you keep playing. The house has all the experience. You have all your money. Your about to switch places. Put your hands in the air as you feel the real DROP and scream, into your SPACE MOUNTAIN INVESTOR RIDES THIS SUMMER.

But the Fall we suspect everyone one of you will be by those larger planters trying not to throw up. But hey – you’ll all remember my Space Mountain story, because you failed to GET OUT TOTALLY as we suggested from December monthly to May 1st.




Does the 2020 GREATEST DEPRESSION of all human history have any common ground with the Great Depression of 1929. Yes. These are the FAILED TO LEARN lessons we see repeating which is only part of the economic story:

  1. Unwanted consolidation of Wealth – post war 80% of wealth was owned by 35% of the Super Rich. Today 1% world wide own more wealth than 99% which is not economically sustainable on circulations to support market stabilities.
  2. Unregulated criminal price manipulations and market price rigging – CASINO CAPITALISM where side bets with zero economic value – as to which way any asset glass say bubble gum or steel say coffee sugar or oil – say gram crackers to uranium – every asset class no exclusions and all currency – via AI SPECULATIONS AND LEVERAGE the world has never known before – side betting is 100x higher than the stake holder market. Think of the planet mercury as the REAL ECONOMY and speculation as the casino economy or the SUN. The SUN FRIES MERCURY to death. SUPER BUBBLES IN PRICE AND VALUATION FROM CASINO SPECULATION THAT ALWAYS ENDS IN SYSTEM FAILURES.
  3. Debt – the most massive world wide SUPER DEBT BUBBLE for nations industries and individuals a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE bursting as in 1929 that ended that system and will soon terminate our system now in depression failure.

I hear so called experts – say POWELL this week – and I have to get close t a planet to THROW UP. The rule is follow the money. So who gains from 20 trillion in new debt loading into America alone from 2007? Or 100 Trillion in world new debt since 2007 world wide? Who benefits with the USA moving into tens of trillions of NEW DEBT on top of a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE straining to burst as it now exceeds its weight carrying capacity – the DEBT WEIGHT IS TOO GREAT.


Who profits from the MOUNT EVEREST OF NEW DEBT flowing into the system? A 1000 or so criminal super money pool bankers profit. Until they no longer can or will.

This generation is – having learned NOTHING FROM THE GREAT DEPRESSION as YOU ALL destroyed 100% of Depression Safety net laws – one congress passed them all 800 laws in the 1930s and your 1999 Dec last three hour UNANIMOUS VOTE OF THIS GENERATIONS CONGRESS – last session before Christmas break into 2000 super crash and recession – Congress destroyed inside the COMMODITY MODERNIZATION ACT ( fraud name for DEPRESSION ECONOMIC ACCELERATION TOMORROWS HELL laws or DEATH LAW of 1999 – photos of Congressional leaders with CHAIN SAWS cutting laws six feet high from the GREAT DEPRESSION assuring we GREED RETURN to the abuse of the system that caused the great depression. Set forth here for 7th graders to understand.



The criminal bankers that created debt slavery for nations by creating CENTRAL BANKS that are non government banker run entities charging interest on all state debt, bankrupting nations for profit to bankers. If the OWNERS Of the nation are the bankers owning the nations debt you have a fatal systemic conflict of interest. US TREASURY is conflict free and represents the people. The FED is owned by its criminal bankers ( all pled guilty to many crimes and more coming now as crime pays ) . Did criminal bankers in New York paying billions in fine go to prison? No sir. Did criminal bankes in California paying billions in fines go to prison. No mame. Did criminal bankers in the EU paying billions in fines for their highly profitable primes where GOVERNMENT OVERRIDES CRIMINAL BANKERS with fines back to state – are CONTROLLED by the central criminal bankers. Until the congress of the world merge central bank function back to US TREASURY SAY and no interest is paid on money in the future – the system is fatally flawed in criminal profit making for criminal bankers. A POWER SHIFT AND WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION is now impossible. In May the peak of your SPACE MOUNTAIN RIDE UP completes. This summer comes the great FALL. Trust us on that FALL IS COMING.

You know like the IRON bankers and GAME OF THRONES remeber THAT?





Disney rides begin with one voice……

….thank you for joining us at SPACE MOUNTAIN …keep your arms and legs inside the coach and no smoking please…….

Good practice before your retirement and savings wipe out and your banks close and money in the bank is simply lost as in 1929 but the ratio of loss is 100x not 10x worse as is all economic matrix any economist can measure. It IS dawning on the 90% in denial and delusion – this can not be right can it – this can not be true can it – why we have never seen anything close to this – I can’t make out what this implies ( fatal to system saving ). So what do we know about the depression of economics in the world?

  1. Commerce stopped world wide at scales levels and SUPER CRASHES of economics that is outside any experience since the FALL OF ROME 2000 years ago. Nothing even comes close but the FALL OF ROME.
  2. The economic house of cards based on the points set forth here is on fire as it falls into ashes. Your economic system is dying.
  3. Economic activity stopped by more than 50% all at once a full on 50% to 90% in some sectors like hotels tourism airlines cruise trains shipping manufacturing retail mall space office space and all spaces.
  4. Consumer spending has dropped by 1/3 in economic SPACE MOUNTAIN and Disney Parks closed world wide define consumer spending is dropping further like the PLUNGE IN SPACE MOUNTAIN when no one on the ride can tell when the enormous drop and SCREAMING will ever cease at all. Investors who enjoy pain are in for a treat coming up.
  5. ECONOMIC CIRCULATION is beyond Nation State and Agency to fix – the circulation DEPRESSION the slow motion consequence of CAPITAL CIRCULATIONS SUPER CRASHING creates a lack of liquidity from CIRCULATION ( trade depressions ) where the CIRCULATION can no longer support the SUPER DEBT LOADING. The crashing CASCADE OF DEBT MASSIVE DEFAULTING starting now and exploding into the summer and fall is the death of the system. The banks may all close before the election anyone imagining that 360 loop de loop as we learn nothing from the 1929 roller coasters I went on at Santa Cruz California at age 9. Later having NO IDEA I learned SPACE MOUNTAIN is another thing entirely. THE GREATEST DEPRESSION IS FAR BEYOND the death spiral of 1929. The death spiral of 2020 leaves zero assurance the system can survive the PLUNGE on its way folks….on its way for sure.




Chairman Powell wants to be and believes he now is the HIGH PRIEST OF MONEY in the world today.

I see Chairman Powell as the CRIMINAL IN CHIEF OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD OF THE USA. The Fed lacks the 100 trillion capacity to save the system from ITSELF.

The Fed is a privately owned corporation.

Criminal bankers stealing consumers industry and nations totally blind today, are facing total panic. Their loans will now default. Their books are bankrupt. They have only to wait for the posting adjustments. WE call this the GREAT REBALANCING.

The Fed is independent. This is their brand message. It is evil. The evil sells evil as HOLY and GOOD. Satan’s way. No greater greed exists than the greed of the criminal banking cabal. The union of the CRIMINALS the MAFAI is the PARIS CLUB of 100s of central bankers and criminal banks. Knowing the loan defaulting  from 77 developing nations will end the current system – banks all fail – they met this week. You may have missed the BANKER MAFIA IN PARIS. They voted to waive debt till Jan for their nations. Now they know those nations could not pay anyway. So they did why retired NEW YORK CITY POLICE VIC ( look up VIC on youtube ) says – hey you just tap it off this side and repurpose it on the other side you GREEDY COCK SUCKING PRICKS ( his words not mine ) to New York Criminal bankers and the NEW YORK FED.

Independence means – criminals have zero audits – reporting – accounting – and only FRAUD APPEARANCES before Congress where CONGRESS CAN DO NOTHING – there is no agency of nation that can check balance or over rule a criminal central banker policy decision. Think about how much fraud and unwanted crime goes on in INDEPENDENCE. So if you track it the FED has had a 99% failed policy execution. Thats right. They have been wrong 99% an right 1% which is NOT 2020 when they are TOTALLY WRONG AGAIN. The FED ALWAYS MAKES IT WORSE. The Fed caused the 1906 super bubble and first DEPRESSION 36 months after stealing the US blind. In a few forward years with have the super bubble of the roaring 1920’s into the SUPER BUBBLE crash of 1929 ( the first crash like our MARCH was not the killer it was the NEXT CRASH that closed the banks ). The Fed caused WORLD WAR I and profited enormously from the death and mayhem. The FED caused WORLD WAR II and profited maximally on all that pain. No oversight. No correction No rule of law but its own law.



The central banker laws were created and drafted not by congress of the USA. No. The law was drafted by criminal bank lawyers to be IRON CLAD in an 80 page act that created the CRIMINAL MONEY MAFIA WITHOUT CHECK AND BALANCE. The Fed Act barely passed. The US PRESIDENT SIGNING IT said – I’m selling my nation down the river.

And so he did.

The powers of monetary policy ( no interest on US TREASURY constitutionally protected monetary pollicy and money printing ) all moved as to AUTHORITY by an 80 page criminal act of law ( any law firm can challenge and win moving the FED Back to TREASURY and same for any nation. Long time readers now I rely on economist prepared short film on this CRIME by criminal bankers to assure you have education the central banks want you not to have -not to share this one film – so you should of course see it. THERE IS NO ASSET TO INDEPENDENCE OF CENTRAL BANKER OUTSIDE ZERO TRUTH ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY OR RULE oF LAW OF OVERSIGHT. NO CRIMINAL BANKER EVER GOES TO JAIL FOR STEALING TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS MAKING ALL OTHER CRIMES A SNICKER THEFT AT A 7/11 STORE BY COMPARISON TO THE LEVEL OF THEFT GOING ON RIGHT NOW. Trillions not teaching small business – billions not getting gear and test equipment ( that even works at all ) to those who need it – 90% still too little to late and the legal theft goes on. Why?


The film the FED does not want you posting on social walls or your you tube and tik toks – so POST IT. Then use what you now know is TRUTH from real lies – and elect candidates who say – yes I will vote to merge the FED into STATE TREASURY – do that and you have your nation back. If you don’t….well then YOU WON’T. The outcome is depression and system failure from depression in trade and economics far far greater and more global and far more uniformly depressing 100’s of trillions in circulation below levels by many times say 15 x’s that required of circulation to avoid DEBT SYSTEM KILLING DEFAULTING DEBT CASCADES started now and soaring upwards into the FALL at a pace that risks system failure.

Proof of our reporting criminal bankers control all nations today and the better way forward in AI ECONOMICS and 5G is to re-regulate economics from STATE TREASURY and terminate the conflict of interest from CRIMINAL BANKER PROFIT INTEREST to the state priority of HUMAN INTEREST in monetary policy that WORKS. So as you see the film I ask you to repost book mark and share for this election year world wide – as it applies to every single nation on the earth today. The system can still be saved IF the merger of CRIMINAL CENTRAL BANKING FRAUDS are illuminated fully- criminal bankers all go to prison for long terms – the system about to cap size can right itself. Super Change Treasury thinkers can repair the FED damage over time. See the film below with the mind that 99% of criminal profit decisions failed to save us from boom bust cycles upon endless bubbles the FED engineers to profit its criminal banker shareholders – maximally – and the wars that always follow the bust cycles if you track Fed history. The Fed is hurting us now not helping us now. If you convey HIGH PRIEST MONEY STATUS TO POWELL AND THE MOB OF CRIMINAL BANKERS CONTROLLING MONEY POLICY OF NATIONS – you simply have a 99% error system versus a far better improved modernized STATE TREASURY leadership without the delays and too little too late failed FED POLICY that makes it all worse. Confidence in OPEC is shattered. Confidence in criminal bankers is shattered. RUNS ON BANKS are occuring only they are CLICK RUNS. Folks sense banks may fail and are holding cash in SAFE HARBOR. You? If you watch all this your doomed. If you know and take leader reader ACTION STEPS you first protect yourself and circles with KNOWING MORE and KNOWING MORE FIRST. You then move past idiot reporting to sing and dance down the yellow brick road because if every a wizard a wizard there was why surely POWELL is the wizard the wizard the wizard of OZ their surely was and we are off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of OZ ( criminal Powell ) and his mafia of criminal bankers illuminated for you in one film – below which is short. The education you all should have required in HIGH SCHOOL. ECONOMICS is crucial education the FED has removed from public education outside its own history that features THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ. Believe that and fail to act and yes indeed the system is at HIGH RISK OF FAILING. Today. By the Fall into 2021



Failed to open click or paste into your browser this link and BOOK MARK than share the film widely with note ELECT LEADERS who say YES to merge the FED into state US TREASURY. Write your congress leaders on that. direct link if above failed to open – the film by leading economist who like me are ACTIVE on this MERGER POLICY – the first step of restoring a nations economics.



Powell addressed the US this week in open questions.

Powell reported:

  1. The recovery may be UUUU or start again stop again DOWN – bottoms of the U for unknown times ( years ) then up then another U.
  2. He said it was more like a W up and down again recovery. a WWWWWWWWW can’t work really recovery.
  3. Powell said this was a 1929 depression event.
  4. Powell said this is the worst SUPER DEPRESSION OF GLOBAL ECONOMICS in his lifetime.
  5. Powell said they are learning as they go and there is still so much they do not know.

Keep in mind Powell is thinking not of price stability nor of inflation



The Wizard of OZ said with totto nipping at his pant legs, that, The criminal central bank should not worry about Debt loading, or how to pay off the debts ( owed back to itself at now over 5 trillion rising to 10 trillion as all debt loading to the fed records are reset to impossible NON SUSTAINABLE DEBT LOADING. The Fed is worried about its criminal bankers who just got more cash from the DEBT OF THE USA in new money congress approved ( all debt loading to the US tax payer by trillions and trillions in new debt and new interest carrying cost . The Fed said we are suspending focus on debt fiscal repayment and inflation. HOW COULD THAT BE SOLID ECONOMICS? New debt never fixes old debt crises.

The world has way to much DEBT.

The world has many times the debt loading into the 1929 depression death spiral of casino capitalism.

Speculation and leveraged investing in corrupt fully rigged now largely AI outside any modern regulatory frame work – where the market AI super changed far too rapidly ( an economic SUPER CHANGE INTO AI ECONOMICS ) for regulatory adoption. SUPER CHANGING SPEEDS now pass regulatory accommodation unless modernized and upgraded. THE SYSTEM has failed us. Failed to remain modern and ahead of the unrelenting every accelerating pace of SUPER CHANGE the title of my new book defining the new age you live inside of as will your great grandchildren. THE PACE OF CHANGE IS PASSING HUMAN SYSTEM AND OLD BRAIN THINKING TO COPE AND UPGRADE INTO THE NEW SUPER CHANGE. Failure to do this adaptation leaves economics as in 1929 unregulated where GREED destroys the core system via debt and leverage – DEBT SUPER BUBBLES finally bursting.

Powell said the extent of the depression in economics is a FIRST in human history. This is the worst depression – this is far worse than anyone thinks and the FED is waiting for data. The Fed is on hold. Do nothing. The Fed is marginally putting in bandages way too little way too late to fix liquidity crises break downs in the settlement trading windows of 440 trillion in daily trade – now down by 50%.

The WIZARD OF CRIMINAL BANKERS said the FED HAS NO LIMITS ( to our debt profit making ). We pledge to load unlimited new debt to buy crap assets in markets to keep liquidity marginally having markets open versus freeze up in:

  1. Bond and debt markets drained of liquidity pre default cascade on debt which will tear the debt markets loose
  2. Equity markets ( direct buy of stock for the first time )
  3. Commodities ( ditto )
  4. Mortgage backed securities ( trillions ) the fed buys them because as defaults loom no one wants to hold that bad paper so move it to tax payers and the criminal banks shed loses to tax payers
  5. Bad bets made by criminal bankers were bailed out in 2007 that took 20 trillion dollars of new debt to buy crap bank failed bad bets moving LOSS from criminal banksters to tax payers as another fraud and economic crime against humanity. Using fear of saving THE FAILED BANKING SYSTEM due to bad bets in the casino of unregulated capitalism. Casino capitalism 1929. But far far worse in economic optics for leveraged investing and debt loading over the entire system – far worse than 1929 and now all AI controlled with new debt coming in that will make the system fail versus save the system like 1906 1929 2007 in bubbles the FED made profited from and then profited even more in all the pain legally stealing all those assets back to itself. As the wicked witch of the West said in OZ melting from the water Dorothy threw on her ( you have had to see the film ) as she cried out – oh what a world what a world….I’m melting. That is POWELL when the system fails.

Powell said this week as OUR WIZARD OF OZ he see’s a peak new trough and worse for a year. He said a W recovery is too moderate it will be likely worse. As we rise to 30 million unemployed this week we pass 1929 and 2008. My number was 40 million unemployed by July. That seems a RIGHT AGAIN already – a record DEPRESSION a time like none of us have ever not ever known. Powell said the second quarter will present ( now to July ) the WORST ECONOMIC NEWS EVER IN HISTORY EVER. Do you believe the WIZARD of OZ and his criminal conflicted bankers focused on their own interest not human interest can hiding out in SHERWOOD FOREST save the KINGDOMS of the world?

I don’t believe THAT for a minute.




Well what do we business owners all do?

CEO SPACE is the largest global business community press ranked # 1 2010 – 2020.

We advise you all what to do.

Risk of a nuke war is higher now than anytime in your lifetime. When I was in Catholic grammar school in the 1950’s we all had live nuke drills. We 7 year olds would hear the warning alarms and clean up our desks and then crawl under our desks with our little hands over our head to protect us from a NUKE HIT. Really? That was the fraud to keep us all safe? I left the Church for faith that moved children to under ground bomb shelters. THERE YOU GO. I made my own choice.

Love all religions though and my church of education and faith based cherishing faith. I like this Pope’s leadership.

So you do not in fear of a nuke war do ANYTHING. By the time we see the pretty lights its all over.

Smile. Enjoy the sun. Thats a nuke attack.

We do our business. We have published TIPS TO PANDEMIC PROSPER In any future market for you. Print the page and do the tips.  Generally in this spring – upgrade your brand messaging – routine your prospecting to manage new customers – prosper Monday Weds Friday Saturday – work six days and harder – this is a CRISES and money always follows WORK. Work smarter and work smarter longer hours get desired goals attained. Close sales Tuesday and Thursday. ROUTINE IN HOME CONFINEMENT is wealth. Wealth is how you use and execute LIFETIME. Avoid digital distractions. Stay off films, jokes, social. Budget work time. Avoid non revenue distraction. In off business hours study pay to click advertising – digital marketing. Search for leading INTERACTIVE webinars like CEO SPACE where you meet others and do business in the live events. There are a growing body of them week to week and be in them on prospecting days. REACH OUT AND GET YOUR BRAND OUT. Register into CEO SPACE pay once lifetime access to all events – all interactive and customer creating. MADE FOR PANDEMIC BUSINESS ACCELERATIONS. We create your mentor completed revised upgraded highly customized pandemic prosperity plan. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOURS for what is coming next.

If you plan smarter and work smarter and harder you will prosper in the PANDEMIC. Powell said it will be YEARS before we recover from this. Powell said this week that it would take much longer than anyone now thought and the cost would be far greater than anyone saw today. Powell said to expect a start and then home confine over and over till this is beat if we can beat it. How many will die. No one knows.



I look at the city in China that started it all. China goes back to work an case load rises again and fast. As 75 % now in their THIRD MONTH of lock down in MAY are still in home confinement an already case loads are rising again. HOW DOES ONE GET OVER an event killing almost 50,000 in 90 days in China or just under 20,000 body bags a month. In New York bodies are stored in unrefrigerated UHAUL TRUCKS. The help New York pleaded for Trump and FEMA to producer never ever arrived at all. Its a mess. One NEW YORK DOCTOR who caught coronavirus working 100 weeks to save us – had a rough recovery at age 49 – and went back to work. Then she caught it again. Worse. She killed herself. Citing that seeing 100 a day die in ambulances before she could transfer the ill into emergency rooms was a world too dark for her to remain in.

Another Doctor posed nude to protest lack of gear for our FRONT LINE HERO’s. Test kits and protection gear is still simply not available this late in the crises – no end of shortage in sight at all. Test kits fail with such a high % and reporting is ten days behind we have NO REAL TIME NUMBERS. The real numbers if testing worked and we had enough are MANY TIMES MORE Than you see reported and what is being reported is simply terrible.

Florida with the largest elderly vulnerable to the CHINESE SNAKE FLU CORONAVIRUS – SNAKE FLU – as we named last november when China ied and said bats infected rare snake meat – snake flue. SNAKE FLU IS CORVID 19 the name used to keep panic down. You don’t fear getting covid 19. You might FEAR MORE GETTING SNAKE FLU – I know I do.

My kids follow it all and report – SNAKE FLU this or that as do all their circles – SNAKE FLU is the Press future headline

CHINESE SNAKE FLU. China has lied about this VIRUS to a level it is a crime against humanity and only makes sense as a bio weapon attack it deflects from RUSSIA the source and itself blaming the USA. War fake news. Putin is now at risk in RUSSIA as the Russia debt loading can not be paid with 50% drop in oil income and sales – to state revenue. Russia is stressed to pay its mitliary and debts this summer. WITHOUT A SUPER BOND Russia could rapidly fail as a state – and China right behind. Why?

Depression economcs.


FOR 100 million laid off in past sixty days there is close to zero left now 

The economies of the world are compressing and depressing. There is nothing common to past outcomes in this pandemic. The total stop of world trade DOES NOT JUST RESTART. Consumers are holding on to cash and rightly trust banks may fail by the fall. Informed consumers are protecting themselves and their business.

MILLIONS OF BUSINESSES in America will go out of business.

WE predict world wide 500 million businesses will fail by the fall or more.

100 Trillion in commerce trade and demand is now GONE and is not returning for YEARS. Gone.

Debts for industry will now default in numbers unseen since 1929 and then pass 1929.

Central Criminal bankers debt loaded the entire world for their own profits killing the host the GLOBAL SYSTEM ITSELF. Economics 101 – the ONE RULE that never changes – DEBT AND CREDIT ABUSE IN ECONOMIC SYSTEMS MUST ONE DAY REBALANCE THROUGH WHERE BAD DEBT IS RECOGNIZED.

Criminal bankers are exempt from FAIR MARKET ACCOUNTING. Bank books if you and I reported using their FUZZY LOGIC accounting where non performing crap bad loans are carried as GOOD ASSETS. When they repossess a MALL Office Building or say YOUR HOME they carry your HOME you bought at 875,000, with a mortgage of 675,000 when the home is now worth 525,000 and failing – the banks carry the home at 875,000. You and I would GO TO PRISON IF WE DID IT. Keep in mind criminal bankers enjoy get out of jail free cards and they never go to jail for their crimes

Criminal banks like Wells Fargo as SERIAL BANKER CRIMINALS – evoke a dozen frauds earning over trillion dollars in criminal profits. Your government years after these crimes were disclosed by inside WHISTLE BLOWERS never the criminal bankers who did the crimes. As with NEW YORK master criminals ( BANKERS ) the CEO resigns and with his parachute of tens of millions to bow out starts his legal clock on the statute of limitations for any criminal action against him. The new CEO fires all the little people doing what their bosses told them while the criminal cabal has a warm meal and plans their next crimes. At the low point Warren Buffet rushes in to buy stock at low prices telling us all how GREAT the criminal bankers at WELLS ARE ALL to jaw bone his own share price up. That used to be a crime by and of itself. Now Warren is A CRIMINAL BANKER profiting too until he no longer can. Buffet and Charlie losing billions in IBM BOEING WELLS and others have lost their touch as investors are RUNNING OUT OF BERKSHIRE today. Now the dynamic duo fights in their final years the largest implosion of what they built without clear options for what is next.

What was good for General motors was also what was good for America once upon a time when GM led the market share of the world. No more.

What is good for the USA may not be what is good for Berkshire as in criminal WELLS non GSM investing.

Capital is moving socially as never before.

The markets are in RIP TIDE.

The old system is dead.

The new system is not born.

Todays system may 1929 fail in the RIP TIDE due to FED POLICY ERRORS already too many to count.


I believe the high priests of money – know full well what it is that they do – are burning you all world wide AT THE STAKE.

Merge the Central Banks in this lull – back into STATE TREASURY as the largest economic reform to save the ship of economics globally.

By the Fall this blog story will be as prophetic as DANIEL in the Bible to economics.

All you need is faith to believe.





Note: Iger CEO OF DISNEY resigned in one day no notice. In less than ten days world wide parks are CLOSED. A third of Disney income implodes. Disney cost to maintain the park soars. Restarting an industry from stop has never been done. Crowds will not return to parks in old economics as SPACE MOUNTAIN is closed with no reasonable end to when Space Mountain will again carry screaming passengers – but hey you all get the same experience in the markets into this fall. Put your hands up and scream….Iger saddles his replacement with the worst economics for DISNEY with no assurance even DISNEY will make it out alive. Disney and 1000 industries are dying from the CHINESE SNAKE FLU CORONAVIRUS – should CHINA Pay for all those costs to the world on its own watch sourcing the PANDEMIC from one liar nation now hacking as never before?