Deutsch┬ábank reports strong earnings – before the stock crash and deposit investment withdrawal. The next quarter for Wells Fargo and the banks is going to show you the truth.

Apple will soar.

Samsung will tank.

The USA surprising in our weak quarter – a dirt bag quarter – rose GNP to 2.9 % surprising the experts ( including me ). This means the enormous entrepreneur sector in the USA and consumers are alive and well – and the most important economy – the engine driving EVERYTHING on spending WORLDWIDE – “is” – doing much better than anyone thought.

In fact, this will extend the boom and the stock stupid rallies. However buying at an all-time peak and high – thinking the new forever higher peak will be profitable for you – before SUPER CRASH – is a form of insanities like gambling in Vegas or Montecarlo. I’d suck in your addiction and follow my advice for diversified insurance investing – avoid following the pack and sleep like a baby outside the insanity of the rats racing.

But it is GOOD NEWS TO HAVE ┬áBREATHER for awhile – the USA is doing what it does – it is leading even without leaders.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE