As we said the Fed raised interest rates .25 basis points today. This was put forth with a message to the market to anticipate slow motion rate rises over long time frames. In effect we are ending FREE MONEY but we will keep ALMOST FREE MONEY for a long long time.


Because the market is entering DEFLATION not INFLATION as desired. As the DEFLATION ACCELERATES GLOBALLY the bankruptcies will soar. As they hit institutional firms who are held up by bandages in disguise the banks will rock and the investment banks will roll. As the contagion spreads like a wild fire the SUPER CRASH with zero will inflame the world in 72 hours.

Be mindful to watch for those signals as THE DEFAULTS ARE COMING that will be your only warning.

In my opinion.

Berny Dohrmann Chairman CEO SPACE


PS: More to follow on whats worth reporting really…I mean really.