Numbers Sunday the 16th of February rose in a Friday to Monday with around 2000 new cases “reported and tested” over night. The number of deaths stood as it has for days. The numbers ARE NOT GROWING and have been stable for s successive 72 hours. The PEAK of the GROWTH in numbers shows signs containment MAY BE WORKING. With one fly in that ointment.

The new BACK TO WORK CASES IN CHINA will not be tested or show symptoms for A MONTH well into MARCH. Numbers in the BACK TO WORK – POL POLICY in China – will not know the virus was spreading again until SYMPTOMS appear as long as a month later. WE WILL HAVE TO WAIT TO BE SURE YET.

100’s of AMERICAN’s are being flown home. WE know of 14 infected with the virus but now OFF THE JAPANESE CRUISE SHIP in quarantine. That is say 10% of the 3700 passengers on Board the PRINCESS CRUISE LINE – at 355 having the VIRUS of the some 600 tested to date – a high % hot zone – the largest outside CHINA is on the CRUISE SHIP.

One may ask how many others have the virus but refuse to report a fever or drive cough to e quaraintined to their room versus tough it out till they get off? How many other cruise ships with 100,000 of passengers are infected, are carriers, are infecting feeling fine as carriers – ZERO SYMPTOMS BUT INFECTING – which remains are conclusion:

  1. This is war far from over yet and our weekend reports dive into our WHY on that conclusion
  2. We are however SURPRISED and Delighted the last 72 hours stabilized at lower than pwek numbers rising
  3. We had estimated a low count by Chinese New Years – December to February of infected by carriers was 100,000
  4. 100,000 carriers would infect 1,000,000 over Chinese New Years with 100,000,000 moving minimum
  5. Those 1,000,000 would infect 10,00,000 by MARCH and symptoms would not appear for a month long past today

It is possible our SNAKE FLU PANDEMIC PRIMARY FEAR is the spread that the world may see yet fro CHINESE NEW year unfolding as normal while CHINA new of the math modeling set down here. IF AN EXPLOSION OF GROWING HOT ZONES DOES NOT APPEAR in China first and all over ASIA second and the WORLD THIRD as first symptoms from CHINESE NEW YEAR would not appear Feb 10th forward until the END OF FEBRUARY when numbers would go up again if our math holds. IT MAY NOT.

Economist review data and numbers. WE project and estimate outcomes to the best our expertise. Our calls for the Market are not in play yet like the potential from SNAKE FLU CARRIERS. We see market record high profits not continuing. Tens of millions in China are still in lock down. PEOPLE SPOOKED INTO CULTURE FEAR do not consume as norma. Fearful they cut back on spending on everything and they save more and keep more cash on hand. This pulls billions out of the banking system. Circulations decline. China is not back to normal at work as CHINA IS A GREAT SHADOW OF HERSELF as she was before CHINESE NEW YEAR in Mid December three months ago. A lot has taken CHINA OFF LINE in ONLY THREE MONTH. It will take even more to get CHINA BACK ON LINE.

Any Carrier explosion of SUPER HOT ZONES and numbers rising back up will further delay NORMAL CHINA. Abby NORMAL CHINA iis the rupture of the SUPPLY LINE TO THE WORLD. This blog reported on the MANUFACTURE PROCESS CYCLE to all the HOLIDAY 5G deadlines. CAN IPHONE KEEP ITS HOLIDAY SCHEDULE with over a month lost from its main manufacture now a SUPPLY LINE RUPTURE? We have doubts they can or anyone can. New product releases may be delayed vastly impacting profits.

Profits are going to be seriously MUTED. China a COMMUNIST CENTRAL PLANNING NATION tha in effect is controlling all companies in CHINA one way or the other – has assured markets rise in this crises. Having nothing to do with free markets as prices are manipulated by STATE in China until they are not. China banned short selling in its markets a first impact on share decline taken out. Eventually China stocks down 8% in one trading day decline of value as more room to go in decline of value. The real estate MARKET in CHINA is a SUPER BUBBLE in 2020. The Real Estate super crash in China is also a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE BURSTING. China has “managed” all this better than many nations into decades. China attempting to drive state sustainable revenue from INTERNAL CONSUMPTION RISING ( the right economic strategy ) outlined in my BOOK for all nations, REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION blue prints process to win on this. China’s process has not worked yet within some silo area success toward the whole plan. At a time CHINA is super vulnerable to SUPER DEBT, the foundation in CHINA falls apart. Factories are closed and stay closed. 500 million have controlled movement.

In Japan people are filmed in the street with SNOW GOGGLES AND FACE MASKS out in public. You can see fear.

The idea to keep in your mind is how MILD the SYMPTOMS are for anyone who catches SNAKE FLU if your aged 40 and lower.

We predicted Friday as case count passed 60,000 infected case count would rise outside China and inside passing 75,000 this week alone. Today we pass 70,000 infected RIGHT AGAIN. 500 New Cases reported outside CHINA a number that is consistently rising no change. Cruise deboarding finding out later they had CORONAVIRUS SNAKE FLU creates massive tracking issues to a CRUISE SHIP turning over up to 4000 passengers a week or every ten days – three turns 12,000 on CARRIER INFECTED SHIP hot zones. The Diamond Princess in QUARANTINE IN JAPAN for a MONTH NOW is itself A SUPER HOT ZONE with record new infections reported daily now up to just under 100 new cases a day. INFECTION RATES ON CRUISE SHIPS ARE rising and no one has total counts as infected ships can’t find harbors to deboard their passengers. When they move ASIA SHIPS to MED or Carribian you arrive in a FLOATING HOT ZONE contained with VIRUS AIR RECIRCULATION. I’d delay pr postpone CRUISE. You are far safer in a Hotel Space you can wipe down – filter air and control environment into. CRUISE SHIPS ARE FLOATING DISEASE PETRI DISHES AND WE PUT OURSELVES IN THAT VIRUS SOUP MIX.




GIVEN ising CRUISE SHIP RISK EXPOSURE we recommend here delay of CRUISE plans until the risk burns out completely. Today CRUISE SHIP infections are NOT PEAKING they are in fact exponential despite CRUISE SHIP INDUSTRY to suppress risk and diminish risk which IS SUPER HIGH ON CLOSED SYSTEM CRUISE SHIPS and you now know our suggestion on delay until the day it is contained and controlled in fact.A fact that is NOT TODAY my reader leaders. Inconvenience or death from cruising I took a Birthday THE MARKETERS CRUISE in January. Doing all safe protocols our CORONAVIRUS SUPER SITE BEST PRACTICE REPORT TOLD YOU TO DO AS WELL. We are entering the safe week a MONTH out of the CRUISE this week when symptom free September and I are out of the petri disk – risk. We felt the caribbean Florida to Florida round trip would be far away from CHINESE NEW YEAR and the virus explosion confined to China with only a handful of cases in other nation HOT ZONES mostly in ASIA. As the SNAKE FLU reached 30 nations infected the CRUISE RISK SOARED from CARRIERS.



At any age the PREVENTION AND STEPS TO TAKE IF YOU CATCH SNAKE FLU – day you know – no delay – can be moderating to the most serious phase of EXPLOSIVE FATAL DOUBLE PNEUMONIA where elderly age 60 and higher – have up to 80% fatality when they catch this ELDERLY TARGETED VIRUS OF DEATH FOR OLDER FOLKS like myself. I’ll be on an airplane to SAN DIEGO next week to SPEAK. I am not afraid. At all. I am not wearing SNOW GOGGLES AND MASKS. I am doing what I tell you all to DO in BEST PRACTICES. Works for my Wife whose priority # 1 is my own HEALTH WEALTH and keeping her honey safe and well. WE WALK THE TALK WE TELL YOU TO WALK.

This too – this SNAKE FLU WILL PASS.

The world will rebalance itself and move through this SHORT TIME of a NEW FIRST TIME PANDEMIC VIRUS.

We have learned to now the following.




We have learned the following:

  1. Nations cover and up and lie about a breaking PANDEMIC until the time they no longer can hide the exploding problem.
  2. Who was inept in EPOLO ( out of control today ) and SNAKE FLU. WHO LIED and set risk too low for too long.
  3. CDC is over whelmed already with testing and management of the data and not prepared for PANDEMIC.
  4. No agency works together there is now SWAT TEAM READY TO GO or information management plan ready to go
  5. There is NO INTEGRATED GLOBAL GAME PLAN for G 100 no SUPER AGENCY no common sense LIVES MATTER policy

We have learned THEY have no GAME PLAN.

We have learned WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO DEVELOP OUR OWN GAME PLAN and we put that GAME PLAN ON LINE TO THE ENTIRE WORLD on this CORONAVIRUS SUPER SITE the one CORONAVIRUS SURVIVOR SITE WITH DATA – WHAT DO – HOW TO DO IT at . We suggested OUR READER LEADERS print that page to their work space so the stp by step practices to keep you safer and to assure you survive if you get THIS LUNG ATTACKING VIRUS that you realize:

  1. FIRST SYMPTOMS ARE ELEVATED FEVER AND DRY COUGH no flem or running nose – you think it is not IT.
  2. Don’t – test first temperature day of high fever dry cough – wear masks yourself -hand sanitize and self quarantine YOU
  3. Test first day and insist on it – EU room if required but test – yourself.
  4. Find a doctor who will support the pathology that assures you are lower risk to die versus doing zero as they do today.
  5. Our pathology works in EXPLOSIVE PNEUMONIAS being somewhat of an expert with 27 of them since 1997.

This site saves lives because KNOWING WHAT TO DO AND WHEN TO DO IT SAVES LIVES.

Today there is no coordinated game plan of any kind to contain or control CARRIERS.

The one and the only NEWS REPORTING ON CARRIERS appears on this BLOG SITE and is ESSENTIAL READING for those who sigh with relief, feel China is right, and that its SANTA CLAUSE 80 something lead DOCTOR paraded out last week to say calm down its all under control ( a lie ) and that he HOPED IT ALL WOULD BE OVER IN MARCH. We hope it is all over in MARCH via the never seen moves PRESIDENT XI has taken against so many opposing those moves – including firing lying criminal communist comrades from life time power for lying and covering it all up. XI has been playing CATCH UP to the stampede let out of the barn by his own criminal party hacks. The left hand of the complex party machinery in China not knowing right the RIGHT HAND was doing. or not caring. Power in China is absolute until it is NOT.

China covered up the epidemic in DECEMBER and threatened doctors to stop discussing the virus of taking precautions injecting 1000’s of health care workers many dying from STATE PROFIT OVER LIVES – POL POLICY IN CHINA. The people in zero freedom China where you can not click on an open internet and get Facebook or GOOGLE. State control of what you see. All scrubbed sites by AI. 1.6 Billion brain washed to party information in support of the always glorious party. The largest brain software control model ever enacted since NAZI GERMANY.



Police state.

Thought Police monitor every consumption and habit of your personal and work time including sleep time. Thought POLICE call upon you ( millions of them ) if your SCORE and SOCIAL CREDIT RANKING do not conform to PARTY NORMAL. You are given opportunities to BEING YOUR SCORE UP by the THOUGHT POLICE. If you fail you move to camps to get an ATTITUDE READJUSTMENT where 2 million and rising are incarcerated in HELL BRAIN WASHING CAMPS for 18 months of your software reset. If you resist conforming ( a small % resist it all ) you go to camps and you die. No fooling around on a THE FIRST SCULPTED HUMAN SOCIETY right down to managing HOW YOU THINK BE YOUR ACTION OUTCOMES ALL FULLY MONITORED. AI IS BEING RESET TO SPOT FIRST SYMPTOMS OF SNAKE FLU.

Police state.

In this opage model the information about the epidemic is managed, by the STATE. In that China has lied on these numbers from day one we do not trust nor do we believe the MANAGED NUMBER is accurate. WHO has zero resources to manage the numbers as an agency. NO SYSTEM IS IN PLACE

  1. A ready to go day one WHO SWAT TEAM or CDC SWAT TEAM no delay as in none back in December. Never happened.
  2. There is no coordinated plan for infected or for carriers.
  3. Tracking is DICEY IFFY and totally inaccurate.
  4. NO AI system exists to manage CASE TRACKING GLOBALLY
  5. No first symptom REPORTING SUPER SITE where we all could report possible symptoms – zero exists

Can we humans do better than this?

We can and we must. We don’t as no one spends the money until so late that the cost are many many times a GLOBAL CONTAINMENT AND CONTROL PLAN which today does not exist at all.

We have to develop our own game plan – hence our BLOG ON BEST PRACTICES – before you ever catch it ( more remote than your cating Malaria this year ) and what to DO on day of first symptom – and a SNAKE FLU SURVIVOR GUIDE the one and only we know of how tp NOT DIE at any age by doing WHAT I MYSELF AM DOING with the foremost PHYSICIANS in this space n AMERICA neither asked BY WHO for input. I ACT ON THESE EXPERTS INPUT when it is MY LIFE being kept SAFER. I share what KEEPS ME SAFER with my readers as a leader myself. LEADER ACTION SHARED WITH OTHER LEADERS.

Knowledge is power if you have that SECRET KNOWLEDGE first an you act on that SECRET KNOWLEDGE now published and on line. Will YOU READ AND PRINT PAGE AND ACT? Scroll the BEST PRACTICES news item.




We reported in prior news stories the current rally is a FOOLS RALLY.

The largest decline in demand in OIL INDUSTRY HISTORY has taken place as ECONOMIC CONTAGION spreads across the world like a giant economic TSUNAMI. Half a year of income and earnings will move down because of PANDEMIC AND CORONAVIRUS. Oil the most effected. OIL FOOLS rally in a fully rigged and manipulated oil market by insiders seeking a maximum ungodly SUPER PROFIT in fake pricing for oil on every single barrel. YOU ARE PAYING 100% more than you should for fuel and power. Because 1000 criminal oil elies FIX AND RIG HE MARKETS and nations fail to criminalize CARET PRICE RIGGING.As demand super crashes oil firms do all they can. Today OPEC +PLUS ( THE PLUS IS PETRO NATION RUSSIA ) all crash into recession. The demand of buyers for oil fell off a cliff in 2020. The oil GLUT – supply over crashing demand – is out of all balance. The majority of BARRELS no longer come from OPEC at all. OPEC is dirty oil more costly to transport far more costly to refine. HEAVY OIL. America produce LIT CRUIDE lower cost to ship and lower cost to refine and LOWER COST than OPEC premium contracts for crap oil. THE MARKET is canceling contracts with OPEC to get NON OPEC more profitable oil at lower prices.

THE GREATEST SHIFT IN MARKET SHARE BUYERS OUT OF OPEC is taking place as an economic rip tide made possible – the perfect OPEC oil Storm, from failed policy from the CRAZY SOCIOPATHIC KING MBS the puppy King in Saudi. The all knowing KHASHOGGI MURDERED BUTCHER who in delusion and denial believes truly he has gotten away with Murder and marriage slaughter in JEFF BEZO Washington POST phone hacking. Nice guy. Failed by trillions leaving SAUDI however. Everntually those losing trillions will place CRAZY PUPPY KING on a very long VACATION. Why? Follow the money.

Opec now giving 1.7 million barrels they cut back on – once RUSSIAS CLIENTS OR UAE CLIENTS now buy outside of OPEC and save a ton for better oil. Now OPEC loosing over 50 million barrels of client buying a month ( MARKET SHARE LOSS ) they are losing double that as MARKET SHARE SHIFT goes past CUT BACKS that are made up fully into glut rising by NON OPEC PRODUCERS. Wars in Libya and civil war in Venezuela keep additional barrels off market but they will soar back including IRAN eventually and the GLUT is overwhelming killing OPEC in fact. PRESS will report a further cut back. Since the last cut back of 1.7 million barrels of forever lost OPEC MARKET SHARE as MARKET SHARE IS RUNING OUT OF ALL OPEC OIL RUSSIA BEING THE LARGEST ECONOMIC Loser now CRASHING INTO FULL RECESSION as money dries up in PETRO PUTIN WORLD. Not enough left to pay his bills. PUTIN announced today that SPACE FORCE has created a FOREVER TOTAL BREACH OF RUSSIA SECURITY AS SPACE FORCE IS BEYOND RUSSIA TO AFFORD HAVING NOW LOST THE SUPER POWER RACE. Not TRUMP WON TODAY with RUSSIA ADMISSION SPACE IS OWNED BY AMERICA AS TO DEFENSE SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES IN SPACE INCLUDING FIRST STRIKES THAT CAN NOT BE IN ANY WAY DELAYED.

TODAY America won the unfolding arms race with Trumps SPACE WAR INITIATIVE and Russia itself declared the US the winner forever evaporating RUSSIA SECURITY. USA WIN. The oil price sinking for a one revenue nation OIL is catastrophic for President Putin. HIS BUDDY POLICY following the MAD KING OF SAUDI now costs RUSSIA trillions. Over 50 million a month of OPEC OIL off the market – 150 million barrels every 3 months – as NON OPEC takes those customers and market share at lower than OPEC RIGGED PRICES no one every pays anyway in a sham oil market fully outside nation control and manipulated in FRAUD PRICING.

Oil costing to market is approximately on average a hard cost of 10.50 cents a barrel. At 35 dollars a barrel this commodity has a wholesale margin price to producers of 300% margin. At near $ 70.00 OPEC protects a margin in profit of more than 70% tax upon the world for less than 1000 criminals wearing bed sheets creating a rigged market place leading to human extinction. More death and suffering occurs from toxic oil pollution and chemicals from all war deaths combined. Today the speed by which we humans stop using oil based chemicals and fuels is urgent, as oil is creating a human planet wide extinction event, for profits over lives oil policy. CAPITAL IS FLOWING OUT OF OIL. INSIDERS GAMBLE TO BID OIL PRICES UP once a felony. Not so today.

WHY IN CRASHING DEMAND DID OIL GO UP LAST WEEK/ Oil up is a feature of new record lows ( last week until it had an uptick ) and oil went down again today. INSIDERS ARE LOSING CAPACITY TO RIG OIL MARKETS TODAY.

The hard fact. OIL MARKETS ARE UNWINDING AND UNSTABLE TODAY. OIL MARKETS ARE DESTABILIZING. Those betting on higher oil prices – we feel will EXPERIENCE A BLOOD BATH – in price resetting down to 45 dollars a barrel a 400% profit margin for oil the new flow before that even lowers as oil lifting is become more automated and price lowering not rising.

OIL IS INSIDE A GREAT OIL DE-LEVERAGING AND DEFLATION from reality on demand becoming more fully know and that all OPEC charts graphs and predictions have been DEAD LIES AND FRAUDS since 2010 if not before. OPEC has been wrong 100% of the time – MBS policy KING OF OPEC has failed since 2014 100% of the time – at cost of trillions TO OPEC MEMBERS who at some point must shift to MARKET SHARE 2020 OIL STRATEGY versus old models that fail to work 100% of the time. Since 2010 Oil has not sustained price rises to OPEC’s floor number to pay their nation bills – 70.00 a barrel – for any time frame longer than 72 hours. WHY/ OPEC LOST CONTROL OF THE OIL MARKET and exists today as a costume band of merry men – the OPEC OWNERS – 1000 elite oil ROBBERS AND CRIMINALS – caring nothing about their pollution of the entire earth cost. OPEC MARGIN MADDNESS IS OVER. Oil markets in destablizing declines can no longer support 700% or 1000% profit margins to the OPEC CRIMINAL OWNERS as price rigging oil markets for GREED. That day is over. Today as OIL moves from averages of 55.00 a barrel down to 45.00 dolalrs a barrel the new floor price – OPEC NATIONS GO BANKRUPT. They spend more than they earn ( all of them ) at less than 70.00 a barrel as OPEC BREAK EVEN). Why? OPEC NATIONS BORROWED TO MUCH AT LEVELS THEY CAN NOT SUSTAIN WITH LOWER THAN 70.00 OIL. MBS Killed OPEC economically. OPEC is neither and influence or a factor in price today. OPEC follows the market versus leads the 2020 market. WHEN OPEC announces cuts non OPEC suppliers are over joyed. They rush in at lower prices for better lite crude and take customers and market share from OPEC forever. AT one billion dollars lost in marketed share in 24 months – 5 billion in loss over a decade – OPEC has lost in demand and in price to real contracts OPEC never reports at all – closer to contract averaging pricin gof $ 45.00 the new oil price stability flow – price – versus spot prices at 10.00 higher per barrel low ranged today at 55.00 dollars.

OPEC deluded and in denial to SUPER CHANGE fail to understand the fundamentals of the oil market have now shitted do to SNAKE FLU and the shift is forever. THE SHIFT IN OIL is that oil is a buyers market not a sellers market and that as buyers move away from oil entirely, is a market in fatal decline as in no other commodity in history. DEMAND FOR EXTINCTION OIL moves in one direction over time – DOWN. DEMAND GOES DOWN. Opec says OIL DEMAND WILL PEAK IN 2040. OIL DEMAND PEAKED IN 2019. They are off by 20 years as LIAR CRIMINAL FRAUD. Before the summer is over ARMACO WILL SEE A SUPER CRASH in a fraud IPO the world’s worst from criminal KING MBS who cheated investors a no PONZI fraud has ever done before. GOOD JOB KING MBS you stole 34 billion in cash and regulatory agencies let you do it in the FRAUD IPO of the century.

OPEC is at the end of investing in PR to control perception on OIL with lies frauds and fake news from the only criminal gang to rival criminal central bankers like the FED in criminal cabal behaviors effecting national treasuries. OPEC held accountable by G 100 nations for BEING CRIMINAL FINANCIAL TERRORIST as legal theft of national wealth via rigging prices would do a lot to finally expose OPEC CRIMINALS which they all are in fact.

OIL is going down – with some fake ups along that path – trust me on that call. RIGHT AGAIN today on OIL. The one cost of everything else – energy – until it no longer is – coming faster than OPEC imagined. GAME OVER OPEC. Walking dead.





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