Half of 2019 is gone. The best part for SMALL BUSINESS and professionals engaged in Practice is the 2019 July to December – economically. CEO SPACE is the largest community of small business owners in the world. We are advising our membership in 150 nations to embrace the following principle to prosper in the coming critical super change six months. July we see the LONGEST BOOM EXPANSION PERIOD the world has ever recorded. Economies rise when consumers or government or both spend expansively. Economics contract when consumers contract their spending and government tax receipts fall in that contraction and their spending lowers. Recession. Contraction.

All economic cycles expand and then contract. the length of the boom and the breadth of the expansion have economic relationships to the contraction period that follows. If there are abuses in the core economic structural aspects of the boom period, such as immoderate debt, political box top rule changes, ( Trade wars ) , and or speculation that is unwanted or liquidity consolidations as unwanted wealth consolidation occurs, then the rebalancing of economics – where all accounts one day rebalance also will occur.

A GREAT REBALANCING occurred in 2007. Economists well know the core abuse was however never addressed nor was the abuse issues in economics fixed. Politicians ran the economics versus economics running the politics. The result was that massive debt was exchanged for new and ever more massive debt. While we as investment banker economist by historic expertise and experience, can not say the answer the question the GREAT WHEN the actual GREATEST ECONOMIC REBALANCING to adjust accounts from decades of economic abuse in the areas of:

  1. The largest Debt Super Bubble in economic world history
  2. The largest speculation bubble in prices in world history
  3. The greatest consolidation of wealth where 1% own more wealth than 99% in humanities history

Will CORRECT and REBALANCE all economics as to a final time line. We can suggest the GREATEST REBALANCING is coming and that time is the only asset remaining to that great rebalancing.

We also can suggest that will the good times ( you are inside them now ) are rolling along – you use the old American saying – make hay while the sun shines. Make profit. Make sales. Grow your business. Invest in acceleration. The safe harbor for all of us – as the worlds largest complex multi layered economic SUPER DUPER BUBBLE is growing and expanding – is to have a strategy.


If you watched GAME OF THRONES the safe harbor was to be “behind THE WALL” so the rising threat could not reach “you”.

In economics globally the protection of that sea wall from the rising storm clouds ( on the distant horizon – economic storm clouds ) we feel is – community. Grow your business to business community. We have suggested one option is CEO SPACE July 20th. If you prefer Tony Robbins BUSINESS MASTERY we recommend that community. If you prefer Bill Walsh Power Team or George Fraser POWER NETWORK we recommend them as well. Growing a B to B community is THE WALL – the missing safe harbor – as there is safety in numbers.

Growing a stronger business to business community creates cross buying from ONE ANOTHER. This collective cross buying creates VELOCITY ACCELERATION AND MOMENTUM. If you fail to invest in smart right growth now to year end you increase risk when the GREAT REBALANCING OCCURS. Building MOMENTUM NOW is the critical cornerstone asset while times are reasonably good.

Keep in mind this recovery is not roaring and remains far from booming recoveries of many prior economies. This recovery is anemic and just over a recession number. Also keep in mind GOVERNMENTS LIE. They do everything to skew numbers so you see economic lies.

In America under a prior President we changed how we count UNEMPLOYMENT for 400 years. Thats right. Listen to me. We stopped counting LONG TERM UNEMPLOYED. That was say the higher priced jobs at over 30 million out of work. We just no longer COUNTED THEM AS UNEMPLOYED. That group had no jobs and still has no jobs. Unemployment in the USA would from the GREAT RECESSION be – around 10% now versus 4% ( the lie number ) nations give to their people. The mass of people are economically illiterate on purpose. The more you lack economic perspective the more stealing right under your eye balls can and does occur.

This legal theft depletes the wealth of nations.

Those who have economic education and understanding have all the wealth. Those who do not never get their own fair share. Also keeping what you have is dicey if you bury your head in fake news and fail to understand WINTER “IS” COMING ( a Game of Throne term ) that for SHOW WATCHERS just meant something else to those who read it – but everyone who never saw the show gets CLIMATE CHANGE WINTERS are not helpful to grow a business. They all appreciate that.

We recommend small business and professionals in practice:

  1. Register into CEO SPACE July 20th and upgrade their second half of year marketing and planning to get more customers now.
  2. Register into CEO SPACE July 20th Dallas to cross buy and sell B to B in a cooperative market place without competition.
  3. Register and bring the entire family on a tax Holiday to CEO SPACE to exit July 28th with a Switch on turned on work space – far higher profit in the second half than outside your safe harbor sea wall – and to gain the advantage of a fully switched on turned on home space.

Leaders from around the world are coming together on July 20th to associate new skills ( capital new law mastery is one on opening weekend I teach and instruct with SEC experienced attorney’s ) – as one skill transfer – attorney’s come to upgrade on this aspect of execution in all global markets – as you transact business the entire time.

CEO SPACE is the # 1 Business Conference in the world for ten years in a row for a reason. Our business owner and professionals engage in a transaction B to B cross engagement model unlike any other. Explore on line and see short films to see with your eyes, listen with yours ears, but HEAR WITH YOUR EMOTIONS.

CEO SPACE is not a seminar nor is CEO SPACE a work shop. CEO SPACE is a massive skill and plan upgrading technology – a business growing machine – a business building machine – where you pay ONCE for a lifetime membership into an ON GOING PROCESS to grow faster than you can grow in other options.

GROWING FASTER July to December is my first recommendation on timing as the longest boom in history will move into contraction and when that occurs your added MOMENTUM is your SAFE HARBOR. Grow momentum faster in the second half of 2019.

If you fail to get this momentum installed risk to your own forward options may become more limited. Network more effectively. Grow your customer base faster. Forge more powerful business to business associations and communities. Invest in growth and invest in growth right now. Chose your best options and make choices and take risk to grow faster.

Do that and the coming contraction will not effect you as it will….for those who failed to do this work now.

Berny Dohrmann – WINTER IS COMING and we have TIME to make HAY while the SUNSHINES…….