The last swan song. The leader of OPEC and its inventor, has had a fork in the FAMILY TREE. The Civil War we have suggested is simmering into a boil soon, is unstoppable in Saudi Arabia. Why? One must have offices in the Gulf and local mentor teachers for 50 years to even begin to KNOW the WHY. You have to invest life time to appreciate the culture, the tapestry of tribal histories and prides the majestic contributions to humanity world wide from this region over history of thousands of years that include:

  • Language
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Politics
  • Economics
  • Art
  • Inventions
  • Culture
  • Foods
  • And more so much more

As America must be forgiven as its wealth estate reside within fifty miles of a burger King – super size it all and a BIg shake please. Roll tide and another beer sir. Any sheppard tending bedoin flocks knows more about America by far than America knows about the Gulf ( really ). So it is always complex. Our smarty pant policy makers get it so wrong in the belt way and then for generations we are slammed with inherited layered policy belief’s ( bad software ) of the mind – we can no longer know the WHY of or the WHO? Buggy awful software.

In the ideal America as a nation would have a NASA like Oil institution – which would pay off our national debt. This effort would suck in the engineers of tomorrow and America would immediately embark on:

  1. Oil as national security
  2. Discovery of oil with new safe technologies and improved clean up technologies just in case as SHIFT happens.
  3. New refining that is mirco – low energy in – and much more friendly results for the 1100 products oil provides that there are no substitute for.
  4. The NATIONAL ENERGY AGENCY NEA would foster Hydrogen power and driving us around and electricity would all be from water – non polluting planet self renewing abundant and killowatt lowest cost. Oil could no longer compete on cost alone for transportation as truck and ships would fuel from water. No pollution using motors and engines the NEA as national security would release within 36 months.
  5. Massive new NEA oil reserves would lower monopoly CRIMINAL CARTEL pricing effecting food and health and shelter security for 8 billion humans for a few elites to greed steal in massive tax to energy – the cost of everything – as a crime against humanity.

This ONE HIGHLY PROFITABLE – NATIONAL SECURITY ENHANCING – DEBT REPAYMENT PLAN rips the obscene windfall profits from CRIMINAL PRICE MANIPULATION OF OIL above 80.00 dollars – which is a THREAT to the prosperity of the entire world as OIL today remains the “cost of everything” its packaging and processing with energy – its movement with energy – its entire idea to market with energy cost manipulated to criminal high’s. The PR of the small elite crowd against billion of WE THE PEOPLE presents lies as truth and the public buys the CRIME IS GOOD and pays the cost – one cost 1.5 billion will die of starvation this year because of the elite few in OIL having warm meals in their mansions. It is all a crime and no one in a bought and paid for corrupt den of broken national system models will oppose the MONEY. Now thats the truth folks. There you have it. But hey already knew all that.




So the young Kind in his 30’s but 20’s only as he is elevated to powers is from the family tree fork, where in Saudi one family the founders ruled until now with an iron hand. In five years the family tree forked and the new folks always under the founding family rose to power over that family tree – and those family OWNERS are not entertained with the new branch ruling. So what happens. As we oppose Iran leadership and Syria leadership and we just align up with Saudi …why is that? Lets look at Saudi in five years:

  • Still stone woman to death who marry their love versus the family arranged marriage.
  • Still stone gays to death. Or push them off buildings.
  • Still arrest this year 100’s of woman rights activists never to be seen again – no trail rule of law or life
  • Go to war with Yeah MAN their neighbor – and kill as many civilians as Sadam or King Huesain in Syria
  • Saudi bombs schools hospitals hotels stadiums and slaughters non combatants without apology and thats growing
  • Internally massive lock ups of oppossition to the Throne of any kind – no process trials lots of death and torture though
  • This year the puppy King locked up 1000’s of the wealthy leadership fo the other family tree.
  • He locked up the Bin Laden’s the largest wealthiest builders in the nation.
  • First he asked the boss for 36% of their trillion dollar empire and while they thought about that
  • They locked them all up – some still locked up – no trial no due process – but the Puppy King took their billions – their castles their homes – palaces – jets – yachts and you know kept them for their side of the family tree.
  • The nation is in such debt that they go bankrupt – yes bankrupt – at 39 dollar oil – which is coming without the NEA trust me
  • They have before oil demand globally as we all go off oil – faster than anyone every suspected – crashes utterly a time window
  • In this time window they plan to make a cushion from oil even it it destroys the world system and order as we know it
  • In the end Jordon and UAE are our Friends and the rest we can play with but they are NOT our friends
  • Oh the terror in America from 9/11 forward is SAUDI kids – bought and paid for with Saudi money and we remain their friends why?
  • The Puppy King wants the USA to attack Iran destroy Iran and make Iran economically dependant on Saudi – the kids pipe dream
  • Iran aware of all this and frustrated why America won’t openly deal with it and furious at the Saudi brain washing of America policy makers – can’t seem to get their message right to change the landscape
  • Internal to Saudi the old family tree and its wealth power and HUMILIATION in Saudi – ruling Royals for 70 years of pride in nation – are not bowing down outside force and in power – the Puppy King has some things to learn as this civil war begins to really break out for real. Long memories are in play today.
  • Not in Saudi History has internal dynamic been so massively filled with Hatred one family unto the other and all that is hidden from the world outside but not those of us who have lived inside…not to us.So…it is always follow the money. Today we have the largest wealth transfer in Saudi by criminal theft. We have atrocities in human rights violations – far far from American and EU traditions and values in civilized society. We PR Saudi to be something it is not. Saudi is like Syria and Iran and is not like Jordon as to rule of law and values we can embrace in alliance.

WHY DOES AMERICA AND . THE EU BACK SAUDI in a proxy war with Iran…how is that in OUR Best interest with Saudi organizing 80 dollar oil….it is a SIN.

Oil price should be fixed at a HUMANITARIAN MARKET PRICE not a CARTEL PHONY CRIMINAL PRICE by the New National Energy Agency – where the world drowning in oil supply with crashing demand – has global prosperity assured with NO NATION LEFT BEHIND because – the cost of everything – energy – is no longer under CONTROL AND PRICE FROM CRIMINALS commiting pure crimes against humanity. Rebalancing markets and PR from Opec is all fraud and all lies. Period. The only truth is – Opec is in debt up to their eye balls and borrowing 100’s of billions more – to try in a race against time to crashing oil demand – get diversified economics in thier one wealth governments – PETRO NATIONS – because if oil drops to 39.00 a barrel where they make 300% profit on their product from cost – versus 1000% profit today they need to pay debts – these nations go bankrupt.

IT IS LIFE AND DEATH THIS STRUGGLE. Economics. And it is brutal over there and not OUR VALUES.

Does the Press report the truth on any of this? No the Bought and paid for Press reports OPEC PR …follow the money – who pays for their advertising – oil firms – their client chemical firms and their circled wagons of PR by the billions to BRAIN WASH ALL OF YOU?

So don’t be surprised when these things occur without America doing the one step that pays off our national debt and drops oil from over 80 dollars rising back to 120 under SAUDI CRIMINAL MASTER MIND PLANNING – to say $ 55.00 in a week – with America stating it is FORMING THE NATIONAL ENERGY AGENCY for NATIONAL SECURITY and dumping half our strategic reserves we no longer need with SOARING SUPPLY and CRASHING DEMAND – over two years – prices crash in ONE HOUR. ONE HOUR. We empower the criminals ( the majority of oil firms and the unholy union of producers ) to 1000% margins in a GREED FEST that is going to kill 1.5 billion this year alone – under the age of 35 mostly – that all could be saved with LOWER PRICED ENERGY THE COST OF EVERYTHING and everyone makes a profit. A fair profit. Not a criminal profit.


  1. Oil will crash utterly and never ever recover – when do you short oil – oh right NOW.
  2. Supply sources will soar beyond anything known
  3. Demand will crash outside all global projections which are pure OPEC lies a giant fraud
  4. The speed and depth of the oil SUPER CRASH in demand will stun experts and projections world wide for decades to come
  5. The largest wealth transfer out of oil to other energy sources with LOWER BTU KILOWATT cost – zero pollution- is NOW

There has not been a market shift of this monumental scale since oll came into energy utility in the late 1800’s of the Industrial revolution.

…..the criminal conspirators of this planet killing toxic energy chemical industrial CABAL is the most damaging to humans and the planet beyond all wars and violence known to man for greed and profit alone clouding all sane decisions…the industry is insane and the principles of the industry are insane with zero investing to self correct or dis-intermediate – and todays leadership of that insane industry will see a ECONOMIC SHIFT to the landscape beyond any earth quake known to man in the history of humanity ….in our generation on our watch…the panic in oil leadership globally ….is apparent and their last card trick is WORLD WAR III to have on last swan song slaughtering us all for the elite profit maximizer war breeds….as it approaches do not be fooled…because now you know….the truth of it all….and bought paid for government is powerless to oppose their planning….in fact……historically…..only way can delay their day of the pending SUPER CRASH OF OIL in our generation….you will live to see these words are prophetic……

Meanwhile we don’t know:

  1. Will the Puppy King win or lose
  2. Will violence in Saudi civil war break out
  3. Will they kill the Puppy King and his father ( their fear )
  4. Will they bring prosperity to stabilize and include waring factions in nation
  5. Will the entire Region break into full on Regional border resetting wars

My opinion? NO one in the WEST can answer any of these questions nor an we influence these questions. I personally think we should withdraw cost and presence in the Gulf entirely. Just let the CIVIL WAR inside the Muslim Faith unfold. Will Lap Top Muhla’s win or will 350 AD Muhla’s win? Only Muslims can decide the outcome and it make take generations – their normal history. We need to stay Out . We need to respect all factions and line up with all factions taking sides with no factions. We celebrate diversity with our values not punish diversity which they do with their values.

The savings of pulling out 100% of our foreign aide military and presence – is so great we could allocate 10% of less to ramp up the NEA to clean low cost oil for centuries – new tek to refine and use oil that is non polluting – new tek lower cost and break through new global low cost energy so NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND In energy development food security ( energy dependant¬† ) health security ad shelter security all from low cost energy the NEW develops and makes available FREE to all Oil Firms….keeping them profitable in lower cost for energy – ending crimes against humanity and CRIMINAL PRICING OF OIL BY ELITES the many against the few – 8 billion of us paying that price to the few….sin ? You can see sin.

Can we do better?

You bet.

One idea can and often does change the entire world …..and so many unite to this one idea.


PS: We are not taking sides we are economic and wish the New King success we are on the side of the PEOPLE of the GULF and their prosperity but not at the cost of the rest of the world…..fair just prosperity…we should all share helping them to achieve economically – the present way leads to WORLD WAR and GLOBAL DEPRESSION …we are against THAT ……