This month I retire as Chairman of CEO SPACE. After two careers – one operating one of the fastest growing investment banking firms, global, publicly traded, I can not thank my mentors and my Wallstreet Community even unto this day From London and Singapore and Hong Kong and San Francisco always – the birth of INVEST AMERICA merged into major institutions a lot of decades ago and CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL serving 150 nations day under legacy boards and managers without me since 2014. I’m so proud of the legacy. I’m so proud of the legacy exploding with growth and moving into the future past the era of the founder. The moment in historic lives –  legacy moves into LEGEND !

Moving forward I serve as Chairman of IPC in Africa the partners believe will contribute massively to humanity in the African developing AU. With five decades on the DIRT in the most exciting developing theater on earth today, we have half a decade target focusing economic growth Agenda’s for the community. We are also working on SOUTH AMERICA economic growth we will report on soon. Through SUPER BONDS we are working on resetting sovereign nation debt and infrastructure via invention of a new bond class known as SUPER BONDS. We have published our SUPER BOND product line on our web site – scroll to print page or share – as have invited our readers to bring this ECONOMIC OPTION to their heads of state decision makers. With our thanks for your joining my life passion.

2020 I will be President Founder and sole owner of CEO SPACE LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE. This Florida LLC will be my final institution. We are involved in a merger acquisition of a larger woman and mens leadership training firm, which may not finally close as we hope but it may. We’ll see. Years in process now and September we will know more thumbs up or thumbs down. CSLI is engaged in the following projects some consulting some internal:

  • http://www.superwaterhyox.com the most healthy healing water we have found and the technology for revolutions in agriculture growing, soil and water remediation, red tide removal, ocean replenishments, and lowest cost power from non polluting hydrogen a cost technology breakthrough with zero pollution – power from water – endless.
  • Revolutions in fuel pipeline transmission – zero degradation or corrosion – self healing leak technology – and the most advance transmission line security systems in real time in the world today. Game Changing.
  • Nano Technology for changing coal economically to zero pollution low cost endless energy production. Patented.
  • LeasePal – a revolution in insurance based removal of exploding rentals in commercial and residential to remove first and last month and security deposit with INSURANCE. New economic.
  • Sportoco – the dominant global platform for 5G that will cross to all industry in 60 months to retain customers via engagement and make PR a profit versus expense – repeat buy existing clients – and refer new clients in only possible with this 5 G platform. A break through in data as the first TRILLION DOLLAR unicorn designed for the 5G new revolutionary industries this technology platform is out front of and for.
  • Books movies and television shows that will inform entertain and elevate consciousness to billions over 60 months. Screen plays and books are completed waiting only for 5G and new expressions of these arts and as you see below we are not on schedule to bring this slate to market with our partners which requires increasingly calls on my time as Author and Executive Producer.
  • Transformation Park – whenever Tony Robbins is ready to execute our master plan vision for that future
  • Working with Heads of state on culture reforms from competition and corruption into cooperation and integrity.
  • Consulting to hyper growth industries and nations on the economic what comes next as 5G changes everything
  • EXPLORING: REVERSE MORTGAGE better options to qualified retiree’s who need a better way forward thank you Aaron Young of Laughlin USA for your partnership- we founded the industry in my investment banking days so ahead of the industry we founded with GUARD in the 1970’s – always first in industry – as my contribution inventing economic product solutions for the world ( my prior life and now as consultant when asked on demand ) .
  • Super Bonds a sovereign nation new bond class to reset sovereign nation debt and to infuse forward infrastructure into a new global back bone bond class – SOVEREIGN NATION 100 YEAR SUPER BONDS – that inset time to reset DEBT LOADING for nations from Asia the EU from Africa to South America, and CEO SPACE is working with numerous nations in advance stations and one of the worlds leading SOVEREIGN BOND global law firms to execute the NEW SUPER BONDS to the market. A no nation left behind IP resetting debt loading for very stressed nations across the world.
  • Inside two new ENTERTAINMENT STUDIO LAUNCH programs that will fully next generation advantage 5G potentials never possible in old modeling of production – as a many credit film producer – supporting films to change the world from the 1960’s to today with WISH MAN in Box Offices everywhere this year. Theatrical films will elevate human consciousness two billion a release product like my dear BUDDY CEO SPACE Faculty producer Barnett Bains Robbin Williams Academy Award FILM – WHAT DREAMS MAY COME. Lets do more of THAT for the world versus gratuitous sex and violence families can not see together. I’m going next door to CEO SPACE to see LION KING go uncle Walt GO.
  • Bringing http://www.superteaching.org to education as the 5 G end delivery system for media conditioned NEW BRAINS ( see the article on NEW BRAINS on the site ) – with higher retention and elevated outcomes for public private and institutional military and government education. SUPER TEACHING is the # 1 break through for class room future design for all class rooms who seek elevated learner outcomes. Tony ROBBINS cut the RIBBONS as you can see on the site for the UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA which had a six month waiting list for that class room so popular on campos. My work seeks to license the source code to education world wide – patents issued globally. All three screen computers and phones fall under our ST PATENTS world wide – as we where first to own CPU manipulated images on multiple screens for education in any form or outcome.  As my father trained the founder of SAMSUNG after the Korean war we will provide unlike Apple such a low cost license to promote the migration with 5G to more screen real estate as the brains more favorite way to manage information. Why?  Click my site. My last of life having changed the world of Diamonds, traded globally, Investments with early structured asset inventions, from film financing to cable and cell phones – with CEO SPACE decades of helping more small business to succeed than any one alive – my future is to assist NATIONS to prosper with NO NATION LEFT BEHIND. Education leadership in 5 G ( ready why below ) is the WHY.
  • In a 5 g world where content is the core asset, I’m working to associate a University partner with CEO SPACE to prepare the 2000 90 minute 50 million dollar asset content library known as the ENTREPRENEUR CURRICULUM LIBRARY. Modules not present instructed in public or private education are all covered inside the library from some of the most advanced educators in their topic areas in the world. Many with publications reaching over a billion readers in name recognition with full rights of ownership retained by the ECL and CEO SPACE. The objective is to take each module into ten/fifteen minute 5G shorts illustrating the material to the highest standard with editing resetting for 5G visual capacity, releasing a supplement regime to all existing global education in entrepreneur studies and as a resource asset to the 1.7 billion small business owners world wide in all languages. The University partner would 5G the library content for subscription revenue with 75% of subscription to the University and 25% to CEO SPACE. 50 Million Dollars for one dollar license with contract. Who do you know? We are in multi year discussions with institutions in 2019 seeking a contract as 5G is impatient as you will see below.

My wife September Dohrmann is a global lady leader who has spoken to the General Assembly of the United Nations. She is frequent guest on popular TELEVISION AND RADIO and in high demand for Keynote Speeches world wide. September spent five years as CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICER for CEO SPACE. She transferred this title to Ellen Morgan in 2014 as she took over as OWNER – PRESIDENT and CEO of CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL a Florida C corporation. September as a amazing LADY CEO LEADER now assume CHAIRWOMAN OF THE BOARD as I step down to attend to the rising agenda list set forth here in a stand alone LLC expressing my final life contributions. September serves customers in 150 nations and completely retooled CEO SPACE to its press award winning stature. I resigned as Chairman in 2017 but September asked that I serve as “acting Chairman” through July 2019 as she completed structural upgrading she has now finished. The final responsibilities as BOARD CHAIRWOMAN will groom September for cross board service on public firms she is being invited to serve upon at this time. Super Bonds advance 5 G to nations that might otherwise not enjoy the prosperity of this economic revolution in a timely manner. SUPER BOND THEORY is presented on this blog site scroll for it. So as I having resigned in 2014 from all CEO SPACE day to day operations – now release entirely all roles of the era of the founder now fully turned so successfully to the new generation advancing the brand globally my work is free at last to manage the list set forth for my readers to appreciate. My opinion on economic unfolding trends that effect small business planning and execution is my WHY for this BLOG as our community is global and enormous. However today the industry reading this BLOG predictive site is huge.

CEO SPACE under September is preparing for a Private Equity partnership  infusion into CEO SPACE to globalize the brand and business plan into an IPO institution leading in our fourth decade of service, in serving nations in strategy to underwrite economics through rapid entrepreneur internal consumptions in nation which is back bone to sustaining core economics in nations.  Who do you know?

When Tim CEO of  BLACK ROCK reports over 50 of the largest institutions on this earth are moving SUPPLY Lines OUT of China forever – our blog postings to encourage CHINA on the long term cost of  this very long term outcome from miscalculations on trade war issues has become a RIGHT AGAIN. We had so wished the abacus reporting would see – making a trade deal is economic and secures CHINA PROSPERITY. Now the trade deal will consume 25 years to recover economically upon why? China has lost consumer buyers confidence  who no longer wish to buy MADE IN CHINA in 2020 world wide.  We reported this PHANTOM but largest COST TO CHINA that no one was seeing in 2017. China has lower quality with quality declining across the board in the economic pressure cooker today-and for business making a choice the outcome is now  too much red tape – and too much local corruption and China does still  steal its partners IP. This failure to have fun move at 5G speeds in business and to have integrity and quality – has developed a profit culture factor from trade war in which trillions are running out of China. All of which we reported here first and consistently.  Jobs are running out forever as SUPPLY LINES SHIP Forever. as Black Rock reported this weekend which was a report on the billions in FLIGHT. China debt and credit rating picture are declining rapidly. Why? Failure to make a 5G speed TRADE DEAL – time is the new asset in economics no one is appreciating sufficiently.  In new AI economics TIME conseqwuences up or down are  more rapid in economics of prior non AI economic ages.

Capital is running out by trillions never to return in same measure as before in China. Neighbor nations from India to Vietnam are SOARING as the opposite to the CHINESE BUSINESS MODEL. As reported here first these neighbor nations are made whole from China pain in economics all from failure to see the REAL COST OF TRADE WAR.  The Chinese Camps lock up all who would criticise the CHINESE leadership as the rule of law culture in China is support policy or you lock up in camps for re-education. The camp folks who escape have massive stories of Nazi like rape whipping abuse with no due process no crime of any kind – you and me saying TRUMP STINKS and we are in a CAMP with 1,000,000 of US – or BIDEN STINKS as both sides are PARTY ONE PARTY folks. It is not Muslim and terror as those who escape explain many are just those who spoke out against China policy – now in camps. The world of money is socially moving back because CHINA failed to cooperate with rule of law customers the aligned cooperating nations all now  agree to – they don’t hack one another – they don’t rip each other off – they don’t drop quality and raise prices – they don’t lock up a million people in camps as crimes against humanity – China says it is  the effective way to fight terror – lock up one million? No one outside China buys into that – there are in nations that monitor every thought – the China thought police with 5G – better ways than lock up a million in camps. THE WORLD IS BACKING UP FROM CHINA unless there is change in China which if superficial will SUPER CRASH CHINA ECONOMICS. In the end it is the new cooperating world order moving away from the old competing. My father mentor to Chairman of the Revolution in China and to its leading companies a great honor to China my father would be also honored if I can assist President XI over time with some restoration of the core economic options.

A world order a revolution in culture thought law and human consciousness CEO SPACE launched 31 years ago in cooperation between nations has become stoppable in my own life time as a thought leader.

So ten trillions of dollars in commerce  is now  moving out of China and its not slow and the people of China are in for some pain that is only reversible with the URGENCY OF A TRUMP TRADE DEAL IN THE NICK OF TIME and for China the Debt BOMB and hard economic landing is closer than anyone thinks. RIGHT AGAIN you have no idea on the economics. and stress loads from debt and credit on the ground in China . SUPER BONDS defined on this site is the SOLUTION FOR CHINA in the immediate term.

For China time to engage on SUPER BOND is shrinking as to its window of maximum preclusion of a China SUPER CRASH which is what BLACK ROCK rang the bell about this weekend. 5 G will help but not solve the core issue.

What saves CHINA is US. TRUMP TRADE DEAL ( which will not do it in 25 years ) and a SUPER BOND which returns prosperity in 2022 and SUPER BONDS is the ONLY ECONOMIC invention to do that prosperity reset – NOW versus over 25 years of time given the conditions on the ground economically in China. In our considerable opinion.

And the bond inventor and leading sovereign nation law firm, knows and is friends with President XI. SO we will try to help if we can in time. In business the sea change in China and 5G changes economics for the entire world folks. Be prepared as we report more on this – my WHY is so you know the truth first. From our global teams reporting the data to the leading SMALL BUSINESS ENTREPRENEUR DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATION INSTITUTION IN THE WORLD – the next generation of CEO SPACE 2020 – so much more advanced than my own first generation. SUPER CHANGE makes everything better or obsolete. Watch for my SLAM BEST SELLING NEW BOOK – SUPER CHANGE NOV 2nd – get ten for your best clients for the Holidays they will thank you for years for this stocking stuffer……my best work personally ( outside CEO SPACE to do it thank you all so much ) since REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION in 2010.

My work at CEO SPACE itself is today in July 2019 finally and fully  completed. I teach a free bonus intensive CEO skill transfer class to our members, three days before each BUSINESS ACCELERATION CONFERENCE begins – Saturday to Monday – pre class – as an option to our membership as volunteer faculty – TEACHING IS MY FAVORITE MENTOR UNDERTAKING ALWAYS. This program is co hosted with leading SEC attorneys keeping members current on compliance and new laws related to various capital exemptions. This class remains a valuable reference for leaders from Fortune institutions unicorns and start ups related to: CAPITAL MASTERY the name of the advanced one of its kind OVER COMPLIANCE educational curriculum  programs of education for business owners and leaders and entrepreneurs seeking capital current skills for their planning. The BAC or Tuesday to SATURDAY five CEO SPACE events are now fully instructed and Moderated by great talent in education – freeing me up to work on my own agenda, supporting my wife who is producing each award winning Conference taking the legacy that I founded so many decades ago – as GLOBAL truly LEGACY Corporate global –  brand – CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL – past the era of the founder. A moment of satisfaction and gratification at age 71.

My consulting clients are my joy helping hyper growth firms strategically step ahead faster into planning and development sequence steps that they each require and desire my input upon. We have so much fun as we use our best efforts together to  grow their  profits. I love seeing my clients win.

So thats me.

NOW 5 G 


5G is coming on line world wide this December and into 2020. This technology is the largest sea change for humanity – a PURE REVOLUTION versus an evolution in outcomes for all 8 billion of us. More prosperity more wealth more options will now unfold than in the entire history of humanity. The Longevity you think is impossible will unfold from 5G. The environment you think impossible will turn back in time due to 5G.

You and I will meet with tools you could not imagine – you will not know I”m not in your living room – not zoom – not anything you imagine – as the trillions and trillions of dollars of wealth inventions patented already could not be delivered until 5 G was installed. There are Three Waves to 5G:

  1. The backbone – the highest share price growth is coming from the first wave of backbone providers world wide. The Chip that allows access to 5G is the number one technology company in 2019 on earth today. Why? In the first wave of 24 month over 1 billion smart phones will upgrade and billions more in games pads everything connected to everything all having this one patented 5G super chip only available to the world since May and June. The REVOLUTION IS NOW.
  2. The second wave is games and applications for the internet of things from talking speakers to everything else. Wait for it you have say 90 days. This Holiday a trillion will pour into FIVE G second wave.
  3. Applications like SPORTOCO that revolution engagement data and everything else across ALL INDUSTRY – as never before with the first PLATFORM for 5G of its industry – retaining customers repeat buying customers and referral marking customers with superior data NOT POSSIBLE ON ANTIQUE 4 G. Those out front are trillion dollar unicorns in my opinion – an AMAZON trillion dollar value in 60 months. JEFF should invest in Sportoco. Call me.

The wave. NOT IN MY LIFE since mentoring Steve Jobs or young Gates ( who won’t remember ) or George Lucas who may actually in his first walk through of his framed in home in San Anselmo remember those days GEORGE – have I seen something ahead of APPLE OR STAR WARS OR MICROSOFT. The silicon valley wave of investment create a nation of technology larger than many nations in one valley and I started there. I had patents, awards and broke molds on code and modeling from hand held talking devices ( first in the world ) to http://www.superteaching.org patented in China and world wide still leading the world in educational technology for class room design – created with 5G in mind to the code.



This weekend all over the internet from YALE NEWSLETTER INFORMERCIALS you can click – to growing waves of data the SUPER WAVE IS HERE. More 100’s of BILLIONS are being invested in 5G bets right now – through 2020 than any super wave of capital moving on earth.

My NEW BOOK NOV 2nd release solid date – defines the 5G SUPER WAVE.

There is a wave of opportunity to invest in technology – in health care – in foods – energy – in communication – in games – in environment and more. These opportunities all have variable investment WAVE HEIGHTS:

  • Some are four foot great waves of investment opportunity
  • Some are ten foot waves
  • Some are twenty to forty foot wave opportunities
  • 5 G IS A 5000 FOOT NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE TSUNAMI WAVE SUCKING IN MORE CAPITAL IN 2019 and 2020 than any waves I have known across the 50 years of my expertise in the game of technology or any investment from my investment banking decades. NOTHING COMES CLOSE.

The window for making profit in the 5000 foot wave is 24 months.

As the wave moves inland it will drop in 2022 – 2023 to 1000 foot opportunities.

Than 500.

Thank to 250.

By 2030 the wave will be the top waves of today in all leading bleeding best options at 40 foot to 50 foot wave.

More wealth will be made in my opinion in the coming 24 months by right bets into 5 G than all prior wealth in the world combined together as one.

The majority of the world has no clue – none at all – on this SEA CHANGE TSUNAMI OPPORTUNITY.

5G is not a higher band width.

5G changes everything – forever. All of us will be as one. We will all celebrate diversity versus punish diversity.

Culture and nations will transform.

Medicine will transform in 24 months.

Nations will transform.

Commerce will transform and evolve forever next.

SUPER CHANGE – you just have not even begun to appreciate the sheer ACCELERATION OF SUPER CHANGE.

5G changes management in all C suites.

Those strategic to 5G win.

Those institutions like Kodak failing to adapt to SUPER CHANGE or TOYS R US OR CIRCUIT CITY OR SEARS will have stresses they self inflict but failure to become relevant into the SUPER CHANGE created by 5G and the platforms that make everything else obsolete. A FACEBOOK 5G replaces FACEBOOK if they fail to bleed into 5G with core platform redesign. Self Driving flying everything is enabled from 5G. Everything you know commerce with transforms. HOW WE RELATE changes more than:

  • Telephone no dial and party line
  • Telephone dial and private line
  • Digital telephone
  • Analog cell phone
  • FAX ME
  • Prop Fly
  • Jet Fly
  • SUPER SONIC FLY – 5G coming next
  • Internet of things
  • SIRI
  • Smart phones smart pads
  • 5G goes past them all together as one 

THE WAVE OF 5G is 90 days away.

I sold on Apple and bought GE at 10.00. I expect to double it. Apple every single Holiday launch is panned by experts and goes down in price. Next DIP I buy back. Why? 5G smart phones will upgrade 100’s of millions for Apple. SAMSUNG AND APPLE have the largest PHONE PAD COMPUTER UPGRADING WITH 5G ENABLED DEVICES IN THE HISTORY OF TECHNOLOGY. In my opinion. Look why RAYMOND JAMES SAID – OVERSIZE BUY APPLE its not me folks.

My life is divided. My blog is my pet contribution to enormous loyal regular readers who share this site – now one of the fastest growing labeled by many nations as a NEWS RESOURCE SITE – proudly read as a check – by:

  • Leading hedge funds
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There are some 40,000 rising rapidly BLOG FREE SUBSCRIBERS with full confidentiality protected always.

There are 100,000’s of book mark subscribers.

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MY ASK is readers comment. This closed community interacts if you GO INTERACTIVE. Critique me or PLUS ME. I answer all comments. Its hard work with research teams and you can SEE from this POST I HAVE A VERY FULL SLATE at this last part of my life time – trying to contribute and give back maximally.

The size and weight of the readership effects many agenda’s world wide today. Often a news first here is front page globally in hours.

My readers so appreciate the WORK efforts.

My joy is helping business owners and leaders plan with superior information on what you see and then what it means REALLY ECONOMICALLY when you tie it all together at the top past the OWNERSHIP of MEDIA spins today. As news is not longer news and the PURE TRUTH is hard to find – we are far from perfect and we never mean to offend but we may – our mission is to tell the truth faster and first.

My ask – COMMENT FOR ME. I can’t tell you the difference. The comment box appears as you cursor at the bottom of ANY NEW STORY. COMMENT takes 90 seconds – or if you want more information and detail or a debate or discussion I LOVE THAT. You are not a chore you are MY PURE JOY. For all in CEO SPACE who read all the time please comment for old Daddy OH. You all know and trust who I am at core to the bone.

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Hope to see so many of you live and in person.


That and this is the GOOD NEWS FOR YOUR WEEKEND –






Irans Supreme Leader is trying to accomodate FIRST RESPECT FROM TRUMP to blink back. Trump and the SUPREME leader wish to make a real and lasting prosperity deal. This deal set is historic for IRAN and for the Gulf nations. The deal allows America over years of time to fully withdraw out of the MIDDLE EAST – the goal. Protecting oil supply is no longer required as American oil passes 20 million barrels a day by 2025. All along the way UP America wealth prosperity and US DOLLAR secure the world with economics not bullets. THE STRATEGY is unfolding.

This BLOG provided one BLUE PRINT as a way forward.

The Supreme leader in tit for tat as the two military are really playing with TOYS only and it is really playing for those two war game players. its just war game playing no war is possible as both sides have ORDERS ON THAT from the two BOSSES.

The Supreme Leader playing these games:

We shot your drone

You shot our drone ( today )

UK took an IRANIAN OIL TANKER ( which will be released soon as the game goes on )

Iran took a small oil ship no one cares a whoot about – and they will release it as the game goes on….games.

The Supreme Leader and all the RED GUARD well know – 100% of their combat gear missile sites ordinance say a 5 BILLION DOLLAR over 25 year gear up and build up – is targeted – and any real THREAT beyond the boys playing some games out there – results in 72 hours and 5 BILLION GONE – not possible to recover from in military terms. Next would be just Iran losing and it would be terrible and it only occurs if Iran tries to be THREAT outside the game play – to say a carrier or battle group at which time all AMERICA FULL UNMATCHED POWER IS DISPLAYED into the night of the Iran sky.

Every asset targeted. 72 hours gone into the smoke.

China is the economic size of California and their military is not nothing but it is no threat to the USA.

Russia is the size of NEW YORK and it is a threat with its nuke targeting ( China has us targeted too ) but really nukes? Their silly Russia home press this year stating –  we will kill you next year in 20 minutes – will be more like 2025 in fact. Space FORCE USA can take out Russia in fifteen MINUTES all of RUSSIA all of CHINA and both nations well know that. No nation kills itself forever – for 50,000 years – to make a POINT. So mutually assured destruction works in Russia and China. Also Putin said over and over we will never use NUKES as offensive weapons. Why? Well 15 minutes no more Russia is their WHY. Russia? Their latest greatest most advanced super secret sub – caught fire and killed the crew and almost sank altogether. Don’t think Russia having stolen technology the USA has tested and deployed today will rise in any rush to quality to threaten the USA. Russia is 24/7 toast from the USA for world security and Russia knows it fully well. The issue is RUSSIAN PROSPERITY AND PARTNERSHIP IN GLOBAL POLICY. Respect.

The time of mid reptilian lowest human brain stem threat and competitive thought forms – insane thinking process – is being swept away increasingly by higher brain functions. Trust and verify and we all win and it is now the historic shift of real human potential CEO SPACE has labored to virus remove for world leaders over 30 years now. Removing the virus bad habit is slow but Humanity is with AI and 5 G coming together to CELEBRATE DIVERSITY VERSUS PUNISH IT. Insanity is dying. Wait for it…….

Iran is the size economically of say RHODE ISLAND. While Providence is one of my favorite peoples and city centers it is not a THREAT to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA even is it spent all its cash on a million person army really to secure its borders from SAUDI ARABIA the real THREAT to IRAN not the USA.

The USA wants:

  1. Nothing from Iran – no political change – it would appreciate Iran shift on policy to stop the public policy we plan and we will destroy Israel. The USA Protects Israel a nuke power who easily can take out IRAN itself without US. Both would appreciate a shift. BIBI in political full on Israel crises who may lose his leadership still – uses IRAN to unite his base which Iran would appreciate a SHIFT IN. Trump needs to BLINK FIRST as our blog reported. And why.
  2. The USA will give a long list of check points IRAN WANTS FROM THE ENTIRE WORLD and their prosperity can be by year end. So fast blinking doesn’t convey the UP BUBBLE on what. A 100 pages of paper on trust but verify – our side a policy on missiles we assure Iran defense in region – and no NUKES ever – thats all. Iran gives up the most tiny lines of type and they get an OCEAN OF FORWARD PROSPERITY.
  3. I believe if the Supreme Leader proceeds to do the deal with the EU AND AMERICA that congress and EU and IRAN legislature all approve – fast tracking it – we end the year with 2020 FRESH START IRAN who becomes with Saudi and Opec in decline now the LEADING ECONOMY IN THE GULF WORLD.

If policy to shift how the two nations in FRESH START forgive the two sides UNFORGIVABLE PAST ITEMS – which inspired leadership like TRUMP AND THE SUPREME LEADER have capacity to in GREAT LEADERSHIP effect – their people over time will follow and rejoice in the PEACE AND PROSPERITY for all GULF NATIONS.

EU economies all soar as does IRAN and the USA.

Everyone wins.

No one loses.

War games today are well – boys have toys – and they are playing their games in the double lines the leaders set out.

IF Trump does two things:

  1. TRUMP DUMPS ending OPEC and securing world prosperity world wide this month ( see my blog on that process )
  2. Trump BLINKS ( see my blog on the BLINK ) the world and Iran and the EU and the USA and Israel all win big.

Nothing in modern history jacks up the IRAN FRESH START 2020 OPPORTUNITY IF TWO INSPIRED LEADERS find that path of possibility for all peoples effected best outcomes.

The one WILD CARD is MBS. Will Saudi fake flag or act with its desire for two agendas to its survival in economics:

  1. Higher price oil over 100 dollars a barrel – screw 8 billion souls – we royals need our higher oil from failed policy.
  2. War with Iran – which elevates Saudi back influence otherwise OPEC is not a survivor.

PUTIN is the control deck on the WILD CARD having been not well treated in fact by failed MBS policy.

Putin gets his own prosperity deal. The deal terms are:

  1. Putin and Iran and Putin buddies publically in July ( their blink ) opt to terminate association with Oil.
  2. Putin tells Trump to dump and stabilize price at 55.00 a barrel so Putin can make Russia stabilize.
  3. Saudi loses capacity to act out and PUTIN monitors fake flag and with Trump together they box Saudi in
  4. Iran blinks back
  5. The deal of the century in history is done

Trump lowers Iran sanctions during good faith dealings at Camp David ( see my blog ) and both sides remove bad manner players from their talks – both show only greatest respect as box top rules. Our troops come home ( not all but extra’s ) for CHRISTMAS TIME.

Merry Christmas.

As the war games and toys go on….

THAT IS WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE FOLKS – but watch your wild card because no one has yet blinked in fact.


Note: Rhode Island don’t under play the entire powers of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as THAT will  always BE  ending badly. The USA MILITARY is peaking in strength to new ABSOLUTE POWER 2019 – 2020 -2030 thank YOU CONGRESS …keep it up. Budget Debt Ceiling before August Break ( markets soar ) and I say and our credit rating restores which makes INFRASTRUCTURE 7 to 10 over time. SECURE TOMORROW CONGRESS. Because you can. Secure America 2019 and do your election 2020. THATS THE TICKET. Now who blinks. First.




President Donald Trump in January in the STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS on the American Economy reported the economy under his team remains strong. While that may be true today as economist we like to dig under the hood and see why.

Also a class warfare was clear to the entire world in the State of the Union Address. An American real war of minds made clear as the LIBERTY BELL ringing. I have never seen anything like it since my first state of the UNION address, keeping warm on a cold winter day in San Francisco, while sitting on a tube RCA radio set counsel as television was no in homes yet and not everyone had a telephone ( which had no dial on the set ) or radio. We were lucky. I can remember how warm the top of the big rectangular radio felt through my flannel pajama’s. I was five years old. In my Dads office. Listening to President Dwight D Eisenhower who won WORLD WAR II.

In Jan 2019 I was watching live on my OLED 4K Flat screen with my family as my children watched President Donald Trump before they went into their flat screen rooms to join other children in their own nightly video games yelling HEY DUDE not hearing with noise canceling head sets fixed to graphic worlds we could not have imagined in science fiction of Flash Gordon and Dick Tracy in the 1950s.

The US President seeking a moment of unity, a moment to unite American Congressionally elected officials, asked the question, can we as a nation show the American one moment of purpose one moment of unity between us all and have the Congress of the United States stand and demonstrate that this FREE GREAT NATION will never not today not tomorrow not in the future of our unborn not ever – become a SOCIALIST NATION AND COUNTRY ! The Presidents hands were lifting up the Congress more like a PREACHER than a PRESIDENT IN THAT MOMENT.

it was then we saw 100% of the United State Congress that was Republican stand up and clap and cheer for the longest applause of the ENTIRE STATE OF THE UNION Report. The nation saw 100% of the Democratic MAJORITY of Congress sit. They saw NANCY PELOSI in utter hatred throwing hate daggers at the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. We saw the entire DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS being encouraged by US REPUBLICANS with their hand gestures facial encouragement to their buddies their colleagues – stand with us on this one issue stand with us – not one democrat stood for FREE ENTERPRISE – SELF RELIANCE – RULE OF LAW – AMERICAN CULTURE – AMERICAN IDEALS – 100% of the Democrats were UNITED to sit for BEING AND AMERICAN COMMUNIST SOCIALIST NATION.

The Class ware fare could not be more clear. The election is not about tweets. The election is not racial. President Donald Trump attacked as no President ever, is frustrated. The Southern Border is seeing 100% increase in illegal invasion of other nations. A city of 160,000 is arriving at the US BORDER each month. A city of over 1 million is arriving each year. This is only one board we have four borders. The USA can no longer pay for and afford a ten year city as large as NEW YORK CITY OR LAS ANGELS it must pay, housing, schooling, food, medicine health care for, transportation, power, sewer, clothes, language education, there is no money from congress for to fund a NEW NATION EVERY TEN YEARS as this is more population than many of 200 NATIONS. This invasion is rising and soaring. The illegals that get into the boarder as Congress won’t save money illegal invasion costs the nation by allocating resources for the lower cost wall than the cost of unchecked borders. The drugs the weapons the terrorist that get in the gangs that get in and the crime cost they create is all BORDER SECURITY. Our Boarders are national security.

Donald Trump with daily ICE REPORTS on how the WORST BORDER INVASION IN US HISTORY is unfolding has stated, how proud he is of under funded, under paid, under daily threat of life, the ICE border patrol at full war with ILLEGAL not LEGAL IMMIGRATION is today. Donald Trump has asked pled and begged the US CONGRESS to change the antique immigration laws for the times in which we reside. Nancy Pelosi uses the obvious human suffering illegal immigrants go through when they arrive at the US BORDER breaking the law in doing so. They make Donald Trump a wicked evil man for enforcing the laws they refuse to change. They take the national security real issue all experts declare an absolute US EMERGENCY a chip to win a socialist open border invasion issue in the minds of voters who fail to understand.


Nancy has one agenda. DESTROY DONALD TRUMP and win a socialist President into office with a majority socialist congress and move the needle for the USA toward a communist cradle to grave dependency by Americans on the Government socialist police state solving all problems cradle to grave, which we feel will indeed bankrupt America, destroy America leadership and permit a one world socialist government. NANCY PELOSI”s agenda is presented by two Tampa Bay Journalist in the data and research of this SECRET GAME PLAN for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ever shameful congress person who SAT during the STATE OF THE UNION, where voters could see the issue. THE ISSUE IS NOT NANCY PELOSI POLITICAL BRAIN WASHING. No. The issues is Donald Trump frustrated to his bone marrow at a US CONGRESS that is:

  1. Removing IN GOD WE TRUST from everything.
  2. PRAYER from everything as our tradition.
  4. Removing the Pledge of allegiance from schools like I grew up loving
  5. Removing civics and history and rule of law education like I grew up loving and more much more

THE TRADITION OF WHAT IT MEANS TO BE AMERICAN IS TO BE THE THING WE FEARED MOST ABOUT THE COMMUNIST AND KGB STATES. I just ask all Americans in the socialist agenda – where your constitution unlike any other document has only ONE PURPOSE:

…..to limit the power of the central government and to elevate the power of one sovereign citizen where that single document stands between you and socialism where the government controls you versus you control your own government…..

If that ideal is hanging by a thread in this election we see the warfare more clearly. Americans who vote their wallet and the rule of law for their nation will win their country back. Americans who fail to understand via brain washing and values instilled in them by socialism may well remove for unborn generations the protections of the diluting weakened US CONSTITUTION by the unchecked power of a socialist majority ( CONGRESS ) you elected who sat and told you – we stand for socialism as the democratic party and our communist ruler is NANCY PELOSI communist in chief from San Francisco California the first sanctuary city.  The city with record crime and street population. The city where only elite wealth can live and the city no longer available to a middle class at all. The city where it is easy to get high on meth cocaine and ecstasy on any street corner but it is illegal to be free to smoke an E cigarette in town. You can smoke Pot though and law enforcement does. The city works against the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to protect illegal criminal aliens who do crime in this nation and came in breaking laws and still break laws. SAN FRANCISCO the first Pelosi city to vote not to work with you. San Fransisco houses the HIGH TECHNOLOGY that takes all your private records and sells them for profit to any higher buyer without any thought of your privacy and spends untold money to elect Nancy and her fellow socialists hating Donald Trump….all the while the socialists that HIGH TEK elected are working to fine, tax, break up, and regulate HIGH TEK as no nation ever has before to assure that socialism can monitor you from wake up to beddie buy and they might yet.

Meanwhile FRUSTRATED DONALD TRUMP says – to the most extreme socialist – doing unfair BRAIN WASHING using media to present unfair totally one sided views and visuals on the WORK THE ICE TEAMS ARE DOING TO ENFORCE LAWS SOCIALIST CONGRESS REFUSES TO CHANGE AT ALL – REQUIRED OF ADMINISTRATIONS – TO STOP ILLEGAL BORDER CROSSING BECAUSE OF RULE OF LAW AND INABILITY TO PAY FOR AN INVASION THIS LARGE – IT BANKRUPTS THE USA . Trump says to the EXTREME COMMUNISTS – and their ( they sat down they said we are socialist America you can see it yourself  ) …if your so unhappy with AMERICA LAWS start in your dysfunctional home nations and go back and show me you have any expertise to fix those nations.

That becomes a RACE ISSUE? Really? That is NANCY PELOSI bankrupt in her party, losing in 2020 to overwhelm on one issue. THE DEMOCRATS in congress will SUPER CRASH THE ECONOMY – you know how right we are on the economics since 1988 even new readers can scroll and see the RIGHT AGAINS – and forever make the USA a socialist nation. If you feel the DEEP SWAMP IS NOT REAL if you can answer this question you know how to vote in my opinion in any nation today:

….are you more or are you less AFRAID of your own government today than you were in the 1980’s……?

More afraid vote your wallet vote your constitution vote prosperity vote in the USA republican across the board. Vote Nancy out of power.

Less Afraid and love socialism vote Nancy in more power and vote democrat and vote socialism in because you want government to solve all your problems. America as an ideal dies and Nikita Khrushchev banging his shoe at the UN like a Gavel with spit flying out of his COMMUNIST MOUTH said…..WE SHALL BURY YOU AND CONSUME YOU WITHOUT EVEN FIRING A SINGLE SHOT……….

Game over. Just a note on the silly tweet brain washing wars that consume you all across the world while the real news is never in your mind what so ever.  CEO SPACE members know better. So this election is not about TRUMP at all. This election is about ideals. THE US CONSTITUTION protecting citizens from the government or government having zero check and balance at all. The 2020 vote may define what AMERICA “IS” and even high tek is being sold down the river by ideals they believe in but which is not real at all. Can you discover what you all truly know. You just won’t read the hard proof and data.

..there is a secret agenda from elite super wealth…

If you read one book this year as important as I believe in my last blog ……REDEMPTION the COOPERATION REVOLUTION is for you to read – give up my book for this one book everywhere in the world if you wish to have data researched to bone marrow – and easy read – that should be in every library on earth as a global book documenting the SECRET TRUTH world wide ….we at the top of super money pools all know so well…having been inside those secret meetings since I was in my teen years…read this:


BEFORE YOU VOTE IN ANY NATION – as my readers – READ AND SHARE THIS DATA – you can not fail to be a far more informed voter. Assume your brain is filled with LIES. Assume media is controlled by 50 owners all documented in this work. Assume your brain software – your belief’s your values – your emotional capital on politics is all manipulated – assume what you know about leaders from BORIS to TRUMP to PUTIN is all wrong – assume a virus free brain IS possible because the SECRET SUPER WEALTH as yet can not block a work like the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM to define how ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT IS BEING ENGINEERED and you are all cattle to DO THE ENGINEERING AS YOU VOTE. The Pelosi socialism DOSEY DOE becomes so clear to you with hard data so the SECRET is made visible that which is hidden from you is documented. THIS WORK IS REQUIRED READING FOR ANY ONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD WHO SIMPLY LOVES TRUE FREEDOM AND THEIR NATION AT THEIR BONE MARROW. Voters can roll back FREEDOM if you have the secret knowledge to unite and do so. I ask you to READ THIS ONE BOOK and comment on line ….you will thank me for what I’ve known since age 7…I had all the data …but now not coming from an elite insider family so will you. Trump has it Nancy has it. They are just on opposing sides.



THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM IS A SOFTWARE TROJAN ADWARE BRAIN VIRUS REMOVAL TOOL. When you read it you become something new all over again – you become YOURSELF BACK IN FULL CONTROL again. WHAT IF I AM:

RIGHT AGAIN? Would you read the brain software upgrade program known as THE TRUTH?

Congress voted over 320 something to 90 something to SCRAP IMPEACHMENT OF DONALD TRUMP? Why? Landslide voter backlash for Trump and they can’t win and their backers don’t want the economic crash from all the waste.


We told you weeks ago when WHO said EBOLA was just a regional outbreak that WHO SHAMED US ALL. WE SAID SHAME ON “WHO” !!! THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. We screamed last August and we screamed every month since:

  1. This Ebola strain is a 90% kill ratio.
  2. We said no vaccine will stop it.
  3. We said it is cities and out of all controls.
  4. We said this time extreme radical muslims with 40 attacks on WHO workers killing them is out of all control.
  5. We said EBOLA will be the largest killer ever yet.
  6. We said EBOLA will race across Africa borders in year two starting in AUGUST.
  7. We said EBOLA will reach the USA the EU ASIA and SOUTH AMERICA.
  8. WE said EBOLA will kill the economies of the entire world why?
  10. WE said marshall law keeping people in homes will replace economics with human core survival

Last EBOLA threat to the world which did all these things – we lobbied for two years and got President OBAMA to declare his own G 20 emergency putting billions of dollars and resources of US MILITARY to control WHO SAFE oversight to stop all 1 from 10 exploding further as a huge economic cost occurred with market downturns and real panic – when – 2016. Not long ago. Now 2019 a far worse outbreak FAR WORSE HAS TAKEN PLACE.

Three weeks after our SHAME ON WHO SHAME ON YOU for NOT DECLARING EBOLA a global international emergency EBOLA has been this week declared as we wrote you all every month:




Now we say SHAME ON YOU PRESS OF THE WORLD. SHAME ON YOU. The greatest modern threat to life and to economics in fact, and you post it as a side story to a silly tweet storm. SHAME ON YOU EDITORS. The Threat to humanity is clear. Radical Muslim terrorists now use low cost fire to cost infidels trillions killing so many of us as a growing strategy. A japanese movie studio killing 23 as the gas carrying believer screamed die die die. Imagine 12 like apostle lap top suite and tie radical Muslim ISIS terrorist infected with EBOLA and hitting buffet lines in the EU America and Asia. We are talking over the time of their maximum infection millions upon millions dying. They can even at their end time tear off health care worker gloves and face masks and bite them screaming ALLAH AKBAR. Much better plan that burn california or blow themselves up by a coffee shop.

PRESS SHAME ON YOU. We have reported a year on how huge this story is. Why is TRUMP not following the OBAMA MODEL? Why? YOUR WHY. You SHAME ON YOU PRESS reporting silly tweet storms on all networks 24/7 do not have an EBOLA CLOCK – the start of the epidemic days in counting down by hours and minutes/death toll counting up in real time. That EBOLA CLOCK world wide needs to be ON FOX NEWS ON BBC NEWS ON CNN NEWS come on. Millions could die. Your reporting like the thousands dead are CONGO PEOPLE who cares. TRUMP is not racist. YOU PRESS ARE. They are dying like flies the most horrific death – totally out of all control as we have written the USA STATE DEPARTMENT FOR A YEAR ( who does zero ). SHAME ON US STATE. SHAME ON YOU PRESS OF THE WORLD. WHO IS OUT OF THE PENALTY BOX AFTER THREE WEEKS SHAME ON THEM.


RIGHT AGAIN. You hear real news on what is GOING ON OUT THERE first here and you know first and you always know the TRUTH. Sharing this blog is the TRUTH OF THE WORLD reaching those who devour truth like life itself. Thank you for sharing the truth.




As an investment banker economist having run a GLOBAL PUBLIC investment banking institution for a part of my life in NEW YORK San Francisco London and world wide our tribe simply knows a thing or two about it how it all really works. We reported to you something new has taken place. AI or artificial intelligence developed with trillions invested by the largest institutions works how and why? Lets look at history of modern economics:

CAPITALISM HISTORY 101 – 1929 – 2019 

  1. The depression of 1929 closed banks and financial institutions who bankrupted the world making profit by turning the world market place into a giant casino. In those days bank deposits where used by financial institutions that owned the banks, so that using fractional banking, grandma’s deposits could invest at 11 to 1 ratio. If your grandmother had 1 dollar deposited 11 dollars could by loans into asset margins, buy not an asset like a stock or a bond but a gambling bet – a side bet – on which way the asset price would go at some future debt. Short you bet stock you never owned a ton of copper would go down a pound of sugar would go up. If the Sugar went up your side bet to buy sugar at protected casino buy in prices was a LONG BET ON SUGAR and you made a spread on what you locked price to in you your casino future bet to the real market bet you “timed” to your future contract obligation. If you bet the market for soybeans would go down or steel would you never owned that commodity but you side bet on contracts to own and sell it at a future BET PRICE. If you bet right you made a lot of money. Because you are 11 to 1 margin betting if you lost you lost MORE THAN EVERYTHING.
  2. This side betting was done in what is called BUCKET SHOPS. They looked like casino parlors in every city. By 1929 the side betting in bucket shops consumed the nation for profit and greed. The real asset market say was one dollar a day and the bucket shop side betting market was 1000 dollars a day. CASINO CAPITALISM was born world wide. Profits and greed where so large that the casino side bet market was many times the real economy at ratios that were both fantastic and unregulated and first time in economic history and the death spiral sucking all capital into the phony casino market killed the system why?
  3. The SUPER CRASH of the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE ( margin trading in everything ) bubble burst. The majority of trades were sell, and there were no longer buyers in the casino. Everyone sold. All at once. Panic. The result was sensing the problem everyone lined up to the bank to be first to pull out their money. The banks had no money as deposits were lost in the casino at fantastic ratio. There as a CRASH FOR MARKET LIQUIDITY. Everyone sold out of every asset in panic all at once at bubble prices bursting – and being no buyers the CASINO BETTERS ( everyone – individuals corporations institutions really not appreciating the risk and what was an economic death spiral anyway ) ended that version of global capitalism.
  4. Congress took years to pass new laws. The new laws did the following. It was now FEDERAL LAW BUCKET SHOPS could not ever again distort capital markets – selling long and short in side bets. It was FEDERAL LAW Banks could never be owned or controlled by investment banks. The USA became the most powerful economy on earth. To get our of the GREAT DEPRESSION required massive government debt and spending never seen before. First President Roosevelt enormous PUBLIC WORKS PROJECT building American infrastructure to the envy of the world. That did not work. Second was WORLD WAR II which was the thing that worked like the 1907 Depression that required WORLD WAR I to repair the economics of casino capitalism and socialism too.
  5. In the last three hours of the Christmas go home session of the US congress a unanimous vote for the COMMODITY MODERNIZATION ACT ( having nothing to do with commodities ). This act tore up all the 1930’s protections for casino capitalism. Alan Greenspan lobbied for it. As a FRIEDMAN economist he wrongly concluded the markets have and will self correct. The markets are greed blinded and need regulations to avoid greed stampedes. Greenspan killed the world with wrong minded error policy in core economics. Read economist NAIMO Klein Shock Doctrine to appreciate how wrong Greenspan is still. That one act of congress did two most horrific ever economic nukes to world systemic modeling. First the depression law red line of speculative casino owners not having access to highly regulated bank deposit money was removed. Now casino investment bankers could leverage and bet grandmothers deposits into the market at fantastic profit and leverage. In 2000 bucket shops were also in the new law – superseding depression laws – under the 1999 last three out unanimous congress act – states were PROHIBITED from sovereign rights by federal law TO ENFORCE BUCKET SHOP LAW RESTRICTIONS. Why? Because now investment banks could own all the large bank deposits for their casino capitalism side bet profit planning. State law precluded such bank deposit side betting in speculative markets and with a hammer CONGRESS made state law enforcement to block the investment banks in their states, impossible. Congress KNEW exactly what they were doing. DO NOT FORGIVE THEM FATHER FOR THEY KNEW and were bought and solid. Clinton left the White House with millions assured to his foundation, merry christmas, and took the G and W off all keyboards as GW BUSH came into the White House – jokes on you BUSH.
  6. In year 2000 one year after Congress allowed the casino capitalism to return we have a SUPER CRASH known as the dot.bomb crash. Side bets in technology stock super bid up prices into a SUPER TECHNOLOGY BUBBLE that then crashed. Enormous losses occurred. World wide.
  7. Over forward years trillions were invested in new never seen before casino capitalistic products known as structured assets. The theory was advanced there could be floor risk les risk in capital markets. The theory of RISKLESS risk was bubble wrapped next around real estate globally. My greed stampede herd rushed into the new theory model. Structured assets took pools of core assets ( mortgages say in New York State  ) and via syndicates of banks with unlimited money, acquired mortgage contracts from bankers who issued the mortgage at a discount. The Discount made profits for the bank today and returned money advanced on the mortgage contract so that bank could issue with cash now a new mortgage. This created a greed stampede to write mortgages in greater volume for banker profit and in the turn over now more rapid than any time in history, pressure mounted to accept lower and lower credit risk in making mortgages until a dead dirt clod could get five mortgages on properties. The syndicate pool owning New York Mortgage made profit by selling New York Mortgages to National mortgage pool managers at a discount – Super Pools – making profits and having cash back to pay for new NEW YORK individual mortgages in new pools – as POOL PACKAGERS – and the turn over made bank profits. The national pools began to sell into INTERNATIONAL MORTGAGE POOLS – residential and commercial pools of mortgage paper. SUPER DUPER GLOBAL POOLS finally responsible to make profit over time administrating all those actual mortgage contracts through service firms ( not banks ) contracted to collect the money. These structured new asset classes of assets where all rated by credit agencies paid by the pool packagers AAA qualified as riskless risk for sovereign nation and pension funds. By 2006 and 2007 the SUPER DUPER JUMBO POOLS had become scrambled eggs by criminal bankers who placed crap into their omelett ( sub prime impossible to repay VARIABLE RATE zero interest to start loans that flew interest up over time to fixed low income unqualified credit borrowers by the tens of millions ). As the casino capitalism mortgage fraud shell game unfolded, the theory put forth by the criminals in their fraud tables at the time – projected worst case real estate could level and not rise in inflationary price upward but real estate could actually never go down. Criminal bankers had zero tables in their fraud on riskless risk that real estate could ( as all assets go up and go down in value always ) but real estate a floor asset could never go down. Then the wealth of the world sucked in to riskless risk being sold as foundational – and the real estate defaults and repossessions as Variable Rate SUB PRIME MORTGAGE properties flooded back into the SUPER DUPER POOLS and their math model went upside down. Short sellers seeing the problem from this blog made a trillion by gambling in now computer and global bucket shops – bucket shop gambling trades in casino capitalism with CLICK TRADES depression speculators never could know or profit from. This created liquidity drains to the system. All trades were leveraged. MARGIN CALLS were triggered. People lost MORE THAN EVERYTHING in real estate and Nations lost trillions. Criminal bankers who continue this system of POOLS SUPER POOLS AND SUPER DUPER POOLS in mortgage banking with higher risk ratios than 2007 SUPER CRASH are exempt from new laws and advanced the game in ways we will tell you about. The criminal bankers made 1000 dollars in legal theft profits bankrupting economic systems of the world via unregulated now casino capitalism with its greed stampedes. The bankers paid a penny fine and looked punished had warm meals and did this. Keeping in mind the criminals are no longer investment bank gamblers and bank deposit managers for they today thank you law makers world wide – today in 2020 they are all one crime mob boss money syndicate empowered by the central bankers ( not merged back into their treasuries ) that they own and control. As long as criminal investment bankers own the wealth deposits of the world – your money is not in any bank – your money is gambling and you have no control over the profit and loss at all. IF 1% of depositors want their cash the system fails on core liquidity so fragile is the balance as deposits unlike the depression casino – are not gambling at 11 side bets to 1 dollar no – its now 50 dollars to 1 dollar and rising in super digital leverage the system never has known before.
  8. In the past decade trillions – the largest wealth in history is being invested in economic artificial intelligence. Over 7 trillion annually in just self driving cars. Think how much more on managing 440 trillion in leveraged wealth circulation less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS and global criminal greedy bankers control? But my tribe is not evil. My tribe – investment bankers who control 99% of all wealth – are stupid. They believe in their soul they are doing good for humanity by creating – yes again – the economic oxymoron ( there is no such thing ) as RISKLESS RISK. How? AI. Today leveraging AI side bets on which way an asset may or may not go. The AI also buys assets. 94% of all of 440 trillion in global capital circulation ( THE ENTIRE MARKET PLACE ) is AI today not human. First time ever. Today a new economy appeared never seen before the new AI ECONOMY in 2014. The new economy shoves wealth into PRICE RANGES for everything from coffee to post it notes. The idea is that in those ranges where all buy and sell ranges are capital pool bets, flows can never exceed the RANGE OF THE BET. RISK LESS RISK in all asset classes.
  9. Stock prices are further manipulated. Say you have a China Sea of stock in shares floating around the world. Then you buy back and remove water from the China sea and the water goes down at the beach. Does the price of sand go up or down? Price is manipulated. Did capital flow into plants, innovation, goods, construction, real asset creation in economics? No way. in just America we in American stocks not world stocks now broke records in 2017 2018 2019 at over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS – greater than total economic budgets of so many nations – invest in casino stock manipulation – a crime before the 1999 unanimous act of congress – legal the Christmas Holiday after. Depression planners never saw global CLICK digital trading in on line virtual bucket shops – digital margna leveraged and new structured POOLS OF ASSET BETS – side bets on which way asset goes – thats right go into pools are sold into SUPER POOLS and then SUPER DUPER POOLS of truly risk of scrambled eggs at leverage and debt SUPER BUBBLES that created 1929 . 2000 Dot.Bomb – 2007 Sub Prime – and now every asset class like 1929 but in AI CLICK WORLD at the speed of gambling AI not human. Worse risk of all history. The entire world system with no nation left to shine as the light goes out from liquidity evaporation day LED DAY. Why? My tribe of 10,000 super money pool geniuses and their geek squad believe in their soul they have created RISK LESS RISK where what goes up only actually goes manipulated up even more. Deflation entrenched where asset classes are deleveraging and going down does not seem to be a canary in their own mind shaft today. Nations with free money borrowing ( hey central bank fraudsters – all private stock non government criminals controlling money supplies – owned by the criminal bankers fined and never in jail running the show ) lets LOWER ALMOST ZERO INTEREST NOW back down to FREE MONEY so we can lend to the new SUB PRIME – sovereign nations enslaving those nations with DEBT where we who hold the loans control those nations and their futures. Think of it as a final death spiral of SUB PRIME NATIONS into pools of structured assets – super pools and super duper pools all rated by credit agency criminals paid and controlled by their criminal bankers as AAA credit pools. When in fact from CONGO to Communist China the DEBT QUALITY IS PURE CRAP and when the sovereign nation defaulting occurs the casino came is up – your dice came up pure crap and wipe out. NO LIQUIDITY. Like 1929 all daily trades are SELL SELL SELL in utter panic like never before but runs on banks are no longer lines. No. Now runs on banks are CLICK RUNS and as the CLICK RUNS HIT like they are in runs our of WELLS FARGO criminal bank Deutsche criminal bank the banks are – well in Germany contracting by tens of billions and laying off 20,000 first wave innocents as the banks does not have your money. 100% of  all your money is  in the casino side betting. Depression side bets rose to 50 dollars to 1 dollar of real economic ownership of assets in bucket physical casino shops. Your money is 1 dollar to 1000 dollars of side bet riskless risk greed stampede which in AI first time ever economics can not end well. WHAT IS THE CRISES PROBLEM? SUPER DEBT BOMBS. WHY? Lack of G 100 regulatory frame work outlined in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION AS THE SOLUTION AND THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM AS THE ECONOMIC SOURCE PROBLEM as to the how what why when.
  10. As the time to sovereign nation debt defaulting is getting closer now – as CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL works to via SUPER BOND THEORY set up on this web site for nations – who wish to win – giving TIME back to debt burdened nations with no way out of DEBT SLAVERY to criminal bankers except – SUPER BONDS which saves the bankers ( my tribe ) from themselves. There is still hope. Super Bonds is the economic tire plug to the economic air leaking out of all four tires world wide today. Easy read. On this site scroll print and book mark SUPER BONDS in any nation. Time is your asset. We have suggested as in 1929 our readers move retirement and nest egg assets out of the casino. We suggested the model that worked when banks closed and investment banks closed and only diversified insurance investing paid out money during those years. If you explore insurance options you will discover the HIGHEST RETURNS ( which will surprise you really ) permitted by law with the most safe guarantee of your principle we know of today. The only riskless risk we can see is DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING with top tier depression proven insurance leaders who protect loss period and produce higher returns than any other option we know of unless you risk MORE THAN EVERYTHING IN CASINO SIDE BETS which will not end well. Money is time. If you lose five or ten years how do YOU EVER GET THAT TIME BACK IN YOUR LIFE “TIME”. For my readers who act you are protecting your wealth which is your LIFE TIME. Trust me and explore just call and explore a better bet than a casino greed stampede while there is still time.

The death of casino capitalism occurs when greed stampede from AI velocity momentum and accelerations exceeds liquidity dynamics by phony price manipulations via side betting at fantastic once illegal leverage and debt – a market driven by free money and debt to side bet and gamble and a trillion a year taken out of economics to criminally manipulate stocks ( a crime these stock buy backs 1933 -2019 Bill Clinton last act of Congress go Bill ) – now legal and AI click leveraged – at casino risk spirals the world has never seen before in risk side betting and price manipulation world wide. This casino capitalism form without new regulatory frame work of the G 100 over AI economics may great the GREATEST DEPRESSION AND WORLD WAR III economically. Think of economic scales. The casino is in five years in America alone spending over 5 trillion dollars to manipulate stock prices – where those manipulating the stock upward by casino betting and rigging markets with phony stock buy backs to do so – are paid untold wealth in stocks they assured protected their own bonus – outside any regulatory control what so ever. Now think Congress is trying to pass a 5 trillion dollar package to improve our USA infrastructure sinking to third world status and a REQUIRED ECONOMIC INVESTMENT To re-inflate the world to prosperity – the sum criminals invest to manipulate their own stock from Apple to Google. Buy at your own greatest loss risk at the end of casino AI first generation capitalism

Risk less risk – a fool and his money are soon parted.



Criminal OPEC has done everything it knows how to do – legal and totally illegal – to artificially make the price of your power your transportation 100% higher than fair market price. We have reported to you the economics we review again now:

  1. The world is drowning in oil.
  2. The earth shits and farts oil as the EARTH OIL FACTORY with far more being made than humans can ever use
  3. Oil can provide clean non polluting energy but we never invest in cleaning up the 1800’s technology.
  4. Demand for polluting climate changing toxic oil products from plastic bags and bottles to gasoline is crashing
  5. Supply is soaring and SURPLUS STORAGE OF OIL has exceeded all storage – 500 million barrels in USA. Alone.

OIL SUMMER DRIVING use is showing DEMAND PLUNGING OFF A CLIFF NEVER SEEN BEFORE. Why? Natural gas much lower cost non polluting shift for trucks – bus and ships. Massive move started by smart Tesla into electric cars now the biggest shift away from phony price gouging criminal oil providers killing the planet dead. WE THE PEOPLE are shifting. Massive move from electricity away from toxic polluting oil. Massive move this month from Gulf OIL SUPER OIL RE-FUELLING HUB IN UAE maximum IMO precluded Jan 1st HIGH SULPHUR POLLUTING ship fuel to Singapore. Today 1000% insurance cost to ship oil lowers if you just as a shipper load – keep hours in Gulf down and miles in gulf lower – and get out of WAR RISK ZONE you save tons. So SHIPPERS now in SUPER CHANGE no one ever saw coming – moving from UAE SUPER PORT and higher priced RE-FUELLING – and precluded highest cost and highest pollution GULF SULFUR MAX OIL PRODUCT FOR SHIP FUEL – IS REPLACED IN SUPER CHANGE EVENT THIS JULY FROM UAE SUPER PORT – TO ECONOMIC ALTERNATIVE NEVER TO RETURN. This leaves UAE in DEBT STESS FOR THE SUPER PORT and the Super Change was too fast to adjust into – which is our WHY FOR SUPER BOND FAST TRACK TO THE UAE !


For all national readers – book mark SUPER BONDS and fast track this solution into your nation for prosperity 2020. Share with leaders in nation and state and resolve the issue DEBT. For the friends of the UAE and Gulf Nations from King of Jordon to Iran this is the economic solution – the one and the only – awaiting your zoom call and exploration. Just explore.

OIL TODAY went down again. OPEC has failed to stop the reality. Supplies of GASOLINE OIL AND ALL RELATED PRODUCTS ARE BACKING UP IN THE LARGEST BUYER THE USA and everywhere. Demand for oil in global slow downs from unresolved trade war AGREEMENTS costing China more. China loses from:

  1. The largest slow down in over 30 years.
  2. Massive economic pain rising in China overwhelming state planners as all their economics to President XI were wrong.
  3. XI had no clue the extent of the China Loss in trade war – but Trump new all along the way precisely and accurately.
  4. XI loses in growth prosperity and income as economics in China are crashing faster and picking up crash speed.
  5. Ripples can effect a China DEBT DEFAULT CASCADE only SUPER BOND remedies.
  6. XI loses as trade deals cost zero and produce massive growth and prosperity.
  7. The time for the first phase of China prosperity my Famous father helped engineer in China is mature enough for te second phase of reforms which stimulate massive centuries of prosperity in China.

The unforeseen cost of DEFICIT CRASH COST of Super Change – crashing growth and losing prosperity dividends – is the largest cost to China in 2000 years of time. China bet wrong on bad data. RIGHT AGAIN we told you why. The economists giving XI 100% wrong economic information – failing to appreciate a NEW AI ECONOMY globally now runs trillions out of nations – CICK RUNS and we told you CHINA IS IN A TSUNAMI OF TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS OF CAPITAL CLICK RUNNING OUT OF THE NATION.

We told you the shattering of China from bad faith trade dealing cost was incalculable. Why?

Chinas middle class wants income appropriate for status. Rising.

China customers want highest quality goods at lowest market price levels.

Cost of China production now requires decline in quality to keep pay up. Cost is soaring and product quality is buggy awful and declining across the board. Apple is reporting the largest product quality degrading on phones to lap tops in Apple history as across all brands CHINA QUALITY RETURNS TO CRAP FOR DOLLARS. An economic vice that stops the China miracle cold.

China failure to fast track in 90 days a trade deal – moving as if a GNP the size of California can negotiate as equals was fully delusional economically. I don’t know about politics. So today China customers are RUNNING into easier far more profitable and fun and far more reliable producer nations – offering instant access – highest quality lower prices than now are possible in failing China – where best old customers and largest % of new customers are by trillions OUT OF CHINA. China is sinking as market share is being lost FOREVER by miscalculated economics in trade war dealings. Trump knows this and would prefer CHINA ROSE BACK UP but is smoking a cigar as the game board resets with CHINA’s great decline.

THE CLICK RUNS OF CAPITAL ARE SO ENORMOUS EXPRESSED IN TRILLIONS WITHDRAWING – CHINESE GETTING OUT OF THEIR CURRENCY – INVESTMENT ON HOLD ( FOREVER ) EMPLOYERS MOVING OUT – MAJOR BRANDS MOVING OUT – % OF MADE IN CHINA DROPPING LIKE NEW YORK BALL ON NEW YEARS FOREVER – AND DEBT RATINGS FALLING AS A CHINA ECONOMIC IMPLOSION AND SOVEREIGN DEBT DEFAULT WITHOUT A FAST TRACK SUPER BOND STRATEGY WITH XI BUDDY OUR ATTORNEY ON THAT GAME – EXECUTING – IS SUPER HIGH RISK. The China market super crash in all markets and asset classes will impact all world markets and rsult in two outcomes. Without A USA TRADE DEAL AND 2019 China may never recover and grow to its potential and risk of 2020 implosion and super crash risks sovereign nation debt defaulting – debt cascade defaulting from real estate to commodity bad side bets on price – where China unemployment creates massive riots and unrest and revolution potential as economic after math and China will be unable to pay its military forward in time and contract creating its own military back lash and instability.


  1. Fly with teams to Camp David and don’t leave till the Trump deal is done – get both law making bodies to approve it all by year end for the HOLIDAY 2020 prosperity – setting a PROCESS to reset world trade. China should be then included in all other TRADE DEALS starting with RUSSIA then RUSSIA is included.
  2. SUPER BOND CHINA DEBT starting now for execution 2020 as its a great deal of work. Again the solution to the world debt is invented and secure for nations by CEO SPACE GLOBAL.

China demand for Gulf oil is imploding. Asia is declining oil use. American drivers are crashing old models as use demand falls off a cliff July 2019. Just in news. RIGHT AGAIN. The world is going off oil at SUPER CHANGE we told you was real and all experts and OPEC lies told you was false. OPEC is no longer dying.

Opec BET:

  1. We will sell far less oil but we make the same as price goes up and we sell less for more.
  2. Customers had to buy OPEC oil when their more costly far more polluting oil was over 60% of all oil supply.
  3. Today OPEC customers can buy cheaper oil from non OPEC producers as OPEC supply declines to nominal.
  4. American split priced world oil markets as the largest oil producer on earth with cheaper oil lower polluting oil cheaper to refine oil. OPEC supplies customers who pay MOST and WHY?
  5. OPEC lost the BET. Now they sell less far less – then the cut back as buyers are moving forever like out of China out of OPEC forever – paying less and making more as oil use and demand SUPER CRASH. Right again.

Now OPEC members have lost more in bad betting with SAUDI DICTATOR OF OPEC losing all bets on error in core oil economics. The result is trillions lost on side bet loan bets as OIL GOES DOWN DOWN DOWN THE ALICE IN WONDERFUL RABBIT HOLE.

OPEC cash is drying up.

OPEC members are losing credit ratings and cost to borrow is soaring.

OIL income to OPEC will crash down for 25 more years.


  2. Call us — book mark SUPER BONDS the only solution for debt stressed nation planners period.



OPEC WITHOUT SUPER BONDS will experience massive social unrest as the out of cash nations in GULF will be forced to CUT BACK MASSIVELY on SPENDING as their pump itself is running completely on economic fumes.

WHY? Thought it impossible.

Had some false idea on the Gulf Economics?

Failed to TRUST our Five years of telling you the truth from all the lies?

Do you see the FAKE SOFTWARE ON YOUR MIND being replaced from software fraud lies and buggy software mal functoning code – to THE TRUTH – the mental software of seeing accurately what is really going on out there?

HOW IMPORTANT IS THAT for your career path?

Your investment and saving plan?


Your State Nation or Institutions globally?

Your being current relevant and leading in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE ITSELF?

Of endless better reporting for journalist than TWEET PEEPS as political distraction.

The biggest political distractions we will tell you what IS REALLY going on but we can’t today because although we signed no state secrecy acts we hate SNOWDEN as a coward and traitor and we love our nation. PUTIN will turn SNOWDEN over to TRUMP and a new ear of cooperation begins. WAIT FOR IT.

The big one? The day you know we’ll tell you WHY and what it means.

TODAY YOU HAVE THE ECONOMICS now action is always up to you.

I’m off to CEO SPACE DALLAS tomorrow teaching CAPITAL MASTERY the essential growth skill for leaders – Saturday to Monday the only education with SEC ATTORNEYS I still teach myself to full rooms of networking OWNER LEADERS from across the entire world. Wish you were inside that upgrade for your personal booming economy.

Bookmark this for me readers across the world.


For business owners in any nation – professionals in practice in any nation – heads of not for profits that wish to triple thir income and double their time off – share this item – on step by step detail as to something new – not a seminar in any way – a proven many decade 150 nation BUSINESS GROWTH ENGINE that puts leaders in hyper growth and keeps leaders in hyper growth with regular use. No other option on earth matches the quality and speed of outcomes. Check out the TRUTH.


THE LACK OF MONEY “IS” THE ROOT OF ALL …EVILS……MARK TWAIN ( wrote for grand fathers News Paper until his death )






Oil is the cost of “everything else” . Oil pricing is first inflation. Oil up inflation up. Oil down no inflation today at all world wide. Going up we see core inflation in DEFLATION rise to 2%. Plus as when MBS criminally for his own upside down Saudi budget brought oil up, in a time of pure glut, from 50’s to 70’s a barrel. MBS can’t maintain his criminal price bubble. MBS final nail in OPEC was to announce OIL POLICY as OPEC DICTATOR without vote or even a snap chat with other OPEC MEMBERS. As billions in 1000 % oil profit margin are at stake versus 300% more normalized profit margin – the greedy oil community all supports their highest possible profit against 8 billion humans. If oil is food production via equipment to farm world wide, transportation of food stocks, cooling processing with oil energy, packaging, movement to market and the containers and counters you get food off of – all oil based products, packaging etc, one can see why 1.5 billion die of starvation at today’s oil prices this year to keep less than 1000 at 1000% profit margin. Is that MOB OIL GANG OF 1000 polluting the planet and all humans to climate change extinction or greed a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.  The first criminal to leave was my mentor David Rockefeller who before he died at age 103 sold his family fortune out of his Grand pappy’s oil firm, EXXON and left the industry for social reasons of conscious moving his foundation as Ford has done to SOCIAL HUMANITARIAN CONSCIOUS INVESTING. If industry founders are running for the hills whose left. MBS OPEC DICTATOR has destroyed OPEC and the Iran Minister of Petroleum predicting OPEC’s burial and even the short wake is over now, was right. RIGHT AGAIN since 1988 to 2019. Keeping score?

We told you all the why right here. MBS still struts around in his flowing contour sheets having killed more people in his short rule before age 35 than any ruler in history but HITLER ( same brain ) but you can not see THAT yet. Saud family members see it though which IS the hope and promise of the SAUDI people and their own nation – about to pay the cost of MBS ECONOMICS – a failed debtor bankruptcy of Saudi which is almost impossible unless your a kid and you just spend way too much way too fast on non economic dreams calling on the worst advisers and then lose your entire confidence and investor base – 5 trillion dollars – out and more rolling out by year end – because in October it is one year since the world saw you loud and clear – slaughtering Khashoggi with a bone saw team to a wedding permit in Turkey.

My team is bringing into the SAUD FAMILY real power behind the throne a SUPER BOND way out for the people of Saudi. That step we can do with KING MBS for the people. But will he open his ears? We think unlikely. The outcome is now economic 101 for consequence to failed oil policies. All so preventable since 2014. Competition insane brain choice is the cause versus sane cooperative brain decisions. KNOW THE CAUSE as it is insanity or sanity at cause level. Truly it is.

The oil markets are in tug of war. The Oil MOB wants 100 dollar oil for greed. The demand for oil is crashing not falling. We have presented the hard data here since 2015 and OPEC has lied and lied and their data has proven to be fraud and our data has proven to be spot on the money. Summarized:

  1. Oil new supplies are vastly increasing oil world wide capacity to add supply to world market places
  2. Oil cost to produce from shale and other technology advances from satellite to uplifting and transport are crashing
  3. The average world lifting of oil most costly least costly is 10.57 cents a barrel to ports. Margin is 700% right now.
  4. Price is a feature outside market supply and demand fair cost via criminal illegal oil cartel price setting OPEC.
  5. Demand for toxic polluting oil products from plastic bags and containers to electricity or fuel oil is SUPER CRASHING and faster than any criminal oil chart tells you – the largest commodity demand change in history ever

If the PUPPY KING’S OIL POLICY – a failed OIL WAR with the USA which in winning this real global war – MBS sought to DESTROY AMERICAN OIL PRODUCTION by lowering price for oil from a peak of 140.00 a barrel to 34 -37 dollar a barrel at the low and AMERICAN SHALE STILL MADE A BUCK AND GREW OUTPUT until AMERICA became the largest oil producer passing 13 million barrels a day. Lower cost lower polluting ( less sulfur ) AMERICAN oil –  has been as the OIL WAR WINNER taking oil from OPEC by the billions a MONTH. Tens of billions are now lost in customer base from the MBS oil war loss in only months of shifting 18 months or so. OPEC loses customers FOREVER. Russia loses Customers forever. OPEC says we are reducing supply and still surplus is growing world wide as DEMAND IS FALLING FALLING FALLING MONTHLY DOWN ALICE AND WONDERLAND ECONOMIC GREAT PRICE REBALANCING RABBIT HOLE AS A COST TO MBS AND SAUDI FOR TOTAL ABSOLUTE LOSS OF THE OIL WAR. Putin bet on the wrong side of the market as a ONE OFF NATION – A PETRO NATION – and now Putin’s recession in Russia failing to diversify and rising up way too much debt, exists in a communist debt trap. Income is falling. Customers are leaving RUSSIA FOREVER. OPEC FOREVER. Because they sell dirty oil more costly to process at higher prices and are trying against their own customer interest to charge their customers EVER HIGHER PRICES when their customers are moving off of oil long term ( long term contracts ) to secure energy from non polluting sources – transportation is leaving oil FOREVER for non polluting natural gas and hydrogen. OIL as a market is in the largest DISINTERMEDIATION IN COMMODITY HISTORY.



So you still have education children and here it comes. Keep in mind nothing in our blog world is political despite your take on our truth reporting. Everything is economic. As Founder of the largest BUSINESS COMMUNITY in the world CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL – the # 1 Ranked Leadership development conferences for Business leaders in the world by third party press – serving 150 nations today – CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL – and in my younger days founder of a global public investment banking brokerage firm, we report on data and economic trends and what we feel is going to impact markets next. OIL MARKETS THE COST OF EVERYTHING and when you hear inflation if you strip oil out we have DEFLATION properly adjusted and we reported numbers to you on DEFLATION over the past WEEK alone. Proofs. The central banks are against our sound advice to system stability first, likely to now lower interest rates. Why?

The central bankers are terrified of system core risk of sovereign nation large corporate defaulting cascade to system debt. Lowering interest lowers debt roll over coast and reduces risk of systemic DEBT BOMBS going over in the weak spot of DEFLATION ( which Japan stimulus has failed to re-inflate economics over 30 years now since the JAPANESE ASIA economic super crash and melt down ). Said another way 10 years from 2007 economic rebalancing for system abuse in mortgage financing – we have DEFLATION just like Japan. As we error in lowering interest how can the world market not see what we told you already:

…central banks admit they have LOST control of AI economics and they made policy mistakes in raising interest …..

It is our opinion lowering interest rates versus holding will be the largest signal of economic PANIC since the great depression of 1929 by the Federal Reserve Board. Why? Another proof central banks have lost economic control and AI now controls markets and economics. Without a G 100 RE- REGULATION ECONOMIC GLOBAL CONSTITUTIONAL NEW FRAME WORK outlined step by step on HOW to put that step in – the economics in this world are in first generation moving in SUPER CHANGE to second generation AI in AI arms races over economics that consume more trillions now than defense from institutions and nations. AI must be used to REGULATE AI. Unbridled speculation is the largest systemic risk next to SUPER DEBT BOMB BUBBLES in sovereign nation and institutional debt now out of all control of nations and central banks world wide. Which is MY WHY interest should PAUSE not lower. Confidence and economics. Its low enough. Without a new G 100 regulatory model with no nation left behind box top new rules 2020 forward for trade tax and AI capital flows danger to system core liquidity rises. 1% can not own more wealth than 99% without predictable system collapse as pure economics. WE CAN FIX THIS. THERE IS TIME. But we have to COOPERATE. Competition extincts us. ALL. Crazy no? 8 billion of US want integrity cooperation between our countries. The vast majority of us love each other treasure our culture diversity and wish to CELEBRATE ALL DIVERSITY IN ALL FORMS NOT PUNISH IT. If the vast majority are sane why is policy made by competitive insane brains? At a voter level we must elect COOPERATIVE CANDIDATES and put out of office COMPETITIVE candidates. WE GET WHAT WE VOTE FOR.   We will see if the market proves me correct is the largest OIL ECONOMIC SHIFT OF MODERN HISTORY. We feel FED GREAT PAUSE and cease of BOND SELLING next meeting – defines – CONFIDENCE far far more important than a fractional interest rate signal – hey casino gamblers game on – spend and spend to speculate on asset class price through AI manipulation of all asset class prices – creating the GREATEST DEBT BOMB SUPER BUBBLE OF ALL TIME AND THE LARGEST ASSET PRICE BUBBLE OF ALL HISTORY – GO FOR THE GOLD. Which of course can never end well.

If they lower interest markets and AI will reward what the gamblers want with enormous bets driving up price multiples. IS THAT SOUND ECONOMICS? Price multiples the PRICE ALL ASSET SUPER BUBBLE in phony manipulated non economic pricing – is higher than the 1929 period just before the GREAT DEPRESSION. Any one listening out there? Drive it insanely higher? Now you see my WHY ringing the alarm bell – move to diversified insurance investing. If I”m totally wrong you win big. If I’m totally right you saved your ass. Now thats pretty solid with absolute principle protection. You delay exploring with licensed professionals WHY? Institutions and grandma I suggest you explore – see my blogs on point for data and details. Scroll this weekend and bone up. On core economics effecting you in 2020 and beyond. This item is such a SEA CHANGE read on – as I wonder inclusively around so MY READERS know the CAUSE not the symptoms. The economic foundational causes. FIRST always right here on what iS REALLY GOING ON at the SUPER UAE OIL HUB read on – its just HUGE.

Kick that can down the hallway folks it is after all an election year. TRUMP WINS FED LOSES and that helps economics HOW? AGAIN? In hindsight the FED lowering interest rate may be seen as a disaster in timing. If they FED HOLDS as CEO SPACE wrote Chairman POWELL to consider – good on them all. Best choice by far but stop the bond sales and liquidity drain far more important to stability. That is our opinion.



There there its all ok. We did. We follow the COST OF EVERYTHING ELSE OIL.  So you know before you bet on investing anything forward in time.

Here are the real stats to follow:

  1. Shipping everything to us and especially oil itself is 25% of all oil use – and 35% of all oil pollution.
  2. The dirtiest most polluting sulphur oil FROM OPEC GULF states is used to drive polluting ships.
  3. The IMO as we reported in our blog this week has a hard stop for use of that OPEC oil Jan 1st.
  4. Meanwhile MBS framing IRAN for economic sanctions failed to stop oil price crashing he can’t get it up to 80.00
  5. So he bombs the GULF and blames IRAN – this truth will all come out and we’ll be RIGHT AGAIN.
  6. That has unintended economics as all failed MBS crimes do. Now oil shipping insurance has risen 1000% per load.
  7. To avoid the GULF COST TO SHIP – ships are now pre Jan 1 – moving to lower sulphur BUNKER OIL

This means what?  You just can’t not grasp the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS NOW that OPEC MEMBERS ARE LOSING IN OIL CONTRACTS AND BUYERS FOREVER. You just can’t know the panic crises and defections already taking place. OPEC is now MBS HIMSELF and his fraud lies and deceit. Its like a SIT COM where we all know Tony Soprano’s is a good man and we are never surprised when he is shot.  Shorty from Columbia gets sentenced for life today. Justice is served for drug deaths to many to count.

The UAE such a great nation with such a fantastic leader has failed to TERMINATE MEMBERSHIP FROM OPEC. We so encourage him to check with John Thorpe on our quality of mentorship advice and we want to bring their winner team a SUPER BOND resetting UAE as the CAPITOL of the MIDDLE EAST economically. We have some mentorship on that.

But UAE forming its own oil index ( we reported on last blog ) as we’ll see – thrives in market share – stepping out of OPEC as does IRAN and Russia. All three should go mid year and now for the core economics of the move.

Today staying in OPEC LOOKS LIKE THIS and the cost folks in 25% of fuel use and profit is shipping I just can not tell you the economic shifting taking place as WAR LOSERS PAY THE MBS PRICE TODAY. So OPEC OIL WARS. MBS criminally raises prices. Markets split in two. OPEC PRICING no one pays any more not even buying from OPEC just a phony price line – a sit com joke in oil buyer circles. MBS is a joke. Everyone just makes cruel jokes. SAUDI has lost its reptilian as a nation. The emperor struts around waving his contour sheet and talks through his puppy ass and we try and try and tell him – that turd oil war – that stinking shit under your puppy King tail – stinks son – you lost 5 trillion large – you lost Yemen you Lost Qatar you are a LOSER – no one believes you sonny and your nation is trashed on your rule – your credit rating is going down down down and your Aramco IPO will be last gasp and investors will lose their freakin shirt in economics – hey lets bet on the biggest pool of most toxic in the world sulphur most costly most polluting oil on earth – SAUDI OIL while demand falls off a cliff and better cheaper oil comes from non SAUDI sources as OPEC falls apart. AH YES LETS BET ON ONE THE MOST SOLID LOSS BET OF ALL TIME. I see MBS ….wow that works for my hedge fund. Why again?

So MBS the loser – bombs himself and the gulf and blames IRAN to keep oil price up. MBS wants a shooting war with IRAN because IRAN is a threat to his political Kingdom. SHITE MUSLIMS are a potential for a SAUDI SPRING a fear for the ruling elites. Saudi is a police state with more crimes against humanity than any Gulf nation. Saudi makes IRAN look like a safe UE NATO MEMBER better than Turkey that is for sure. Everything you know about IRAN is an MBS Lie. Everything you know about OIL is a MBS lie. The truth is right here in one blog on the oil economics.

Bunker Ports are like HUB AIRLINE AIRPORTS – DALLAS – CHICAGO – ATLANTA – NEW YORK – LA – LONDON – AMSTERDAM –  BEIJING. All airlines from all cities dock and re-fuel in the HUB SPOTS. Well same for Shipping. HUB SPOTS ARE WHERE SHIPS REFUEL. The GULF HUB SPOT is the UAE. The center of economics. The safe zone. The SWITZERLAND OF GULF TRADE between everyplace to everyplace GULF. The Deal Place. The IP place. The new idea place. The Policy place. the CAPITOL OF THE GULF is the success of the UAE in its entire policy and genius leadership. Next step – join a unity of members terminating membership in OPEC – Iran – UAE – JORDAN – I want name my favorites as it gets political but JULY MID YEAR IS THE TIME to protect market share economics.

So UAE IS THE LARGEST SHIPPING HUB FOR THE 25% OF OIL moving into fuel shipping for world wide EU and related shipping and all gulf shipping. SO WHAT HAPPENS. Lets look at pure economics shall we and cost of losing side betting:

  1. MBS declares OPEC oil wars on the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in 2014. 2019 the war loss is fantastic.
  2. MBS tours the WHITE HOUSE like there was no war and gets TRUMP with Israel ( wow Saudi kissed forward ass? ) to tear up the IRAN AGREEMENT – failing to honor a US PRESIDENT? Thats new. To raise oil prices for MBS?
  3. MBS Failure on that oil went down as we told you here. Next MBS BOMBS HIMSELF frames IRAN. That fails.
  4. Now shipping insurance in the GULF rises to levels impossible to pay for GULF shipping which is per day costing.
  5. Now ships reduce their time in the gulf as insurance rates drop by the mile. They no longer just in FUEL IN UAE.

No they fuel now in off GULF HIGH POLLUTING CAN NOT USE IT ANY WAY IN JAN 1st ( we told you why last blog did you miss that economic huge shift in oil markets the cost of everything ) where – SHIP OWNERS OF ALL SHIPS are now moving out of the HUB UAE FUEL HUB – due to MBS AND OPEC MEMBERSHIP Costing the UAE more wealth than any other single factor ever. WHO COST UAE THESE TENS OF BILLIONS ? Oh OPEC MEMBERSHIP AND MBS.

1001 Arabian Nights will end in ARABIAN justice in the end. Their way not our way. And MBS well – folks the long long vacation we have reported here is game on. As SOON AS MBS Is OUT we will work with the SAUD family to position A SUPER BOND into solve SAUDI crises of fiscal economics and complete their transition from oil economics to entrepreneur economics – resolving the enormous youth unemployment issues in Saudi drawing on the largest entrepreneur agency for nations in the world today – CEO SPACE GLOBAL – IN CONCERT WITH CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL as founders of both – we offer some resource solution matrixing. MBS has been hoodwinked by idiot consultants and the billions lost are legend in Saudi today.

Now the innocent victim the people of the UAE are being OPEC damaged by MBS. Make no mistake this cost is MBS and MBS alone. The economic triggers are:

  1. Failing to raise oil above Saudi new debt budget massive spending break even – 72 dollars a barrel – MBS went illegal and got Trump to tear up the IRAN agreement promising his help on Israel Peace he betrayed Trump and his son on like it was his mafia oil mob boss crackers falling into his Campbell split pea soup.
  2. Next MBS framed IRAN with bombing oil in the Gulf which Iran did not do and really everyone knows that now. False flag flying – hey puppy king the grown ups invented all that.

So now shipping prices soar to a level never seen in history. That price as oil can’t be raised as America and non Opec production for lower cost – lower cost to refine – lower cost to ship oil – is taking massive market share – customers – away from OPEC worth 2020 -2025 TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS – never to return. The fix is terminate membership in OPEC. For the lucky ones getting ahead of all this.

A DEAL WITH IRAN kills MBS and is in the interest of all. What happens with an IRAN DEAL:

  1. Oil price drops to 45.00 and 50.00 and stays there as IRAN production goes to 3 million barrels a day with USA and EU investment and support.
  2. Saudi oil buyers as war losers fall to 7 billion – Saudi is a failed state – it loses oil customers for its dirty oil and it loses price on the lower volume sold. Saudi can not recover economically.
  3. MBS wants world war – his only play – get IRAN in war and have US and RUSSIA fight it out and wow oil is up. For a short time.
  4. Putin and Trump are adults way ahead of Puppy King. Their laughter on his plan is roaring falling out of chairs.
  5. MBS does not see whats coming. Digital game playing – MBS keeps getting decapitated and never gets to level 15. LOSER. Game over.

The real loser are the SAUDI PEOPLE. The way forward for SAUDI and wait for it – we’ll present the economic path forward but why? MBS has to go before the Saudi planners know. One Arabian night at a time folks. Patience.


OPEC is a mob gang of oil criminals creating a fake price for oil for their own greed as the few ( so few ) against 8 billion humans paying that fake tax on the cost of everything to the super wealthy elites of the world. This crime against humanity is clear and all nations know it.

The worst economic sea anchor to NO NATION LEFT BEHIND for food shelter and health security is OPEC CRIMINALS.

OPEC inspired leaders who ARE WAKING UP will terminate membership in OPEC now an MBS dictatorship anyway – with not one honest or integrity driven or success policy in oil since 2014. Stay with the loser and be branded forever as OIL MOB BOSS CRIMINALS IN THE OIL MAFIA – OPEC. That is why the EU and Americans and ASIANS pay 100% more than they should for fuel every single week and more than they should for light bulb hours at night. THE MAFIA IS GETTING YOUR MONEY which would prosper your economics if the crime stopped.



One of the worlds largest OIL HUB markets is the UAE SHIPPING PORT. Ships line up to fuel at the UAE HUB with high pollution sulphur oil – that UN and IMO rules preclude burning – from Jan 1st 2020 forward anyway. GULF fuel for OIL SHIPPING is evaporating Jan 1 2020.

Shippers ( 25% of all polluting oil use ) are moving to natural gas, lower sulphur oil from outside OPEC, and hydrogen taking over in the end. OIL 25% is moving massively to SINGAPORE TO REFUEL. Why?

  1. Lower sulphur oil
  2. Lower cost shipping oil
  3. Lower miles and time – lowering massive new INSURANCE COST per mile and day in GULF.
  4. No one is hanging round UAE shipping ports.
  5. Reducing war risk to ships – is job # 1 – as unintended consequence to MBS failed policy number 69 – as oil is going down – ( RIGHT AGAIN ) – and MBS failed yet again – and the cost to the people of the UAE is staggering who did nothing what so ever.

MBS hurts all the good men and women of IRAN. Why? Brain buggy software in thinking.

MBS has killed and war crimes more folks in Yemen than any war criminal of our modern history. Fact. All rising up in evidence. Wait for it.

MBS has state secret police locked up women, gays, adversaries, dissenters, journalist, opposing royals, no due process just 3 AM police calls, more incarcerations and torture and war crimes in SAUDI than any ruler in 100 years. MBS backed the COUP to Sunni take over TURKEY. Long story there. We kept supporting MBS until Khashoggi was slaughtered and even after believing MBS fraud – ( we are cozy with Israel against Iran all of a sudden ) – then pulling the peace plan right out from the Presidents tireless working  son in law who never saw that betrayal ( RIGHT AGAIN ) we told you was THE SUCKER PUNCH in the 1001 Arabian nights in the summer of 2019. BETRAYAL.  The rising awareness of two economic realities with MBS and Saudi under his rule is becoming universal in our observations. MBS has cost SAUDI too many trillions now to keep track of as the sum total is soaring out of SAUDI. A RUN OUT OF SAUDI of capital.  Keep in your mind and your thinking CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL has 30 years of “influence leaders” in the GULF as our own LIFETIME members. We get a lot of feed back and input on economics from these leaders on what is really going on ..upon the real ground and dirt. In the real minds of the heart and spirit of the PEOPLE.  My own fifty year investment in all Gulf nations as a student, mentee of the parents of this planet, culturally, have unique perspectives on culture, faith, politics, economics, foods, dress, sport, family, dress and more in this adults of our planet community, I ask them all to forgive Americans as we are the children of the planet and we often make mistakes children lack wisdom for undertaking without meaning the outcomes children create for the parents. KEEP THAT THOUGHT IN YOUR HEARTS…. and while I do insult a sociopathic murder ruler for his hurt to the REGION and 1 billion muslims I treasure – and especially hurt  in Saudi – please note my disrespect for failure to address MBS globally – is not translated to the SAUD FAMILY my mentors with two past Kings or to the people of Saudi Arabia I love and deeply respect all of YOU all of YOU today and every day. I want better for YOU and  far better. The economics are MBS and only MBS and are failures in fact as history clearly shows in July 2019. 100% 2014 – 2019 failure not one success. THAT IS ECONOMICS.  There is a bankruptcy in this mentally ill man in policy making. Therapy and a long vacation upgrade SAUDI hope and PROMISE. When is the item of the economics. Time is running out for SAUDI and this tells you another WHY.  Israel errors in boxing IRAN as a HITLER in the world today in the press is virus brain work as leadership in Israel has inside political massive change going on. Nothing to do with IRAN who gets the DISTRACTION politics when inside the crazy brain politics of HATRED AND DISRESPECT we see globally are brain infected predictions as to outcomes we all see today.  Iran is not Hitler. We believe inclusion and respect can shift things. SHIFT HAPPENS. We knew ARAFAT another mentor. Israel murdered him with poison like MBS murdered Khashoggi. The USA has done worse and Russia too. A fresh start with virus free leadership saves us all. Forgives the past crazy brain acts as we now know the WHY do we not. Insanity versus sanity. Today Arafats party runs the nation. Hezbollah has transformed into political authority. Still all brains need to rise into COOPERATION INTEGRITY and who blinks first to show RESPECT. I believe they should be placed off the terror list with agreements on Israel with trust and verify blue prints for a new model. Why not? Why not NOW? This week was crazy brain back and forth and is simply as thought leaders who know the cause – sad. Because a better way is available to us all. A far better way today.

IF I could advise Putin and MBS I would suggest a change in thinking. I would suggest a healing in Ukraine to cooperative outcomes. Everyone gets their check list. Putin apologizes to the UKRAINE PEOPLE in a healing to the execution of a positive economic political solution all win. Ukraine leaders apologize to PUTIN and Russia for over throwing the duly elected leadership who is welcome back home in cooperation check listing trust and verify agreements.  MBS APOLOGIZES to America for his OIL WAR and says he has made a mistake and the world will see a BETTER WAY FORWARD. There is only two states of mind. You know them know. NOW. It is important you KNOW BOTH THE WHY AND THE CAUSE ITSELF.

But – Do not bet Competitive insane virus infected brains ( Israel has zero tolerance six million lives lost to risk anything repeating of course  ) to insane brains doing what is in their own best interest.INSANE MID BRAIN THINKING IS ALWAYS SELF DESTRUCTIVE TO ITSELF AND TO OTHERS ALWAYS. Britt Exit? The virus is in control is WHY and CAUSE.

Which Israel  is understandable given Iran has consistently put forth they will wipe Israel off the face of the earth. If Iran can see our PEACE PLAN on line and consider a sane brain way forward both sides trust but verify the outcomes can be sane and peaceful and prosperous for all peoples. Iran blinks eventually when they say that IRAN does not stand to wipe Israel off the map. Just that. There is only one real rule remaining to extinction or prosperity and a new LIGHT for all 8 billion of us…which is….






We must shed our mid brain competitive hippo campos thinking errors and rise to higher brain function. Competition is the cause. Competitive thinking which is not our evolutionary fault is:


  1. Competitive thinking is expression of human insanity
  2. Cooperation is higher brain function of frontal lobes and cortex thinking expressing our sanity
  3. Competition is combat against fake news to the brain threat and error in processing accurate facts
  4. Cooperation is integrity the DNA of cooperation
  5. Competition lacks integrity
  6. Competition is always destructive
  7. Cooperation is always constructive
  8. Competition has absolute ceilings on human elevated productivity
  9. Cooperation displays unlimited human capacity to elevate productivity invention and creation
  10. Competitive organizing systems are failed economics and the GREAT LIE the few against the many
  11. Cooperative produces better quality better prices and faster speeds to human outcomes than competition – TRUTH- the best that human collective virus free consciousness produces – SPACE STATIONS – WHO – etc
  12. Cooperation is the future of our evolution – competition is the seed potential of human absolute extinction
  13. All issues between relationships are cooperative ( heaven ) or dysfunctional combat ( competition mid brain ) and hell ( all wars ) are insane. Brains acting out. Sane brains must delete those extreme virus codes.
  14. All parenting issues are COMPETITION vs. COOPERATION – mid brain or higher brain function in home space in your home space at cause. 
  15. All inefficiencies in the work space or the community nation or state space are competition vs. cooperation systemics – higher brain outcome or lower reptilian pattern loops of thinking errors. Unlimited solutions to say AMAZON miracle invention or MUSK come from imagination in cooperative community yet far from perfect as we re-tool thinking itself. Facebook is cooperative. Insane regulatory competitive all around them unions of crazy brains seek to fake news them as evil when they are everything good. Self correcting mistakes they fully take responsibility for – as sane brains in integrity. Respect them in moderating box top rules in new industries spanning the globe and protect leadership winning in invention for us all.

You see the landscape. Begin to step out of crazy brain media exiting to sell mindless consumer crap truly perpetuating mid brain emotions to think crazy – to be competitive. To institutionalize from education in K -12 to higher education competitive thinking pathology is good wholesome and be the top white shark in the competitive crazy market place. Gates dropped out Mark too. Jeff Bezo and Musk built cooperative industry that is changing core economics for the good of all humanity. Atlas Shrugged by ANNE defined the future of John Galt ( MUSK ) dropping out of CRAZY BRAIN SPACE.

SANE BRAINS are constructing COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM that in one generation are passing all inherited multi generational wealth because COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM WORKS and is the FUTURE OF PROSPERITY versus extinction. The great war is now in the mind field not the mine field. Our thinking defines our success of failure by leaders we elect. ELECT COOPERATIVE CANDIDATES. You will KNOW THEM BY THEIR WORKS for real. Did they read Redemption? Did they quote from it like past US PRESIDENTS HAVE? Its a start. A new yard stick for voters world wide.










Redemption the COOPERATION REVOLUTION is the book that reads you even as you read the book. The virus removal tool for your home and work space. REDEMPTION back ordered ( fills in 72 hours ) from release date and I SO APPRECIATE YOUR ADDING COMMENTS TO OUR FIVE STAR BOOK RANKING. FIVE STARS ON AMAZON AS THE BLUE PRINT SYSTEM MODELING TOOL FOR:



  • Switched on turned on work space and family blue prints to remove competitive thinking from your home space
  • Switched on turned on work space to reform cultures from competitive work space cultures to higher performance switched on turned on work spaces, with IP we charged millions in Fortune consulting for – step by step blue prints and time time lines and milestone checks and self correction – CULTURE SHIFT – for Fortune CEO’s to a Dentist.
  • Community – institution ( education not for profit ) – state and nation to nation culture reform from DISTRUST AND NEGOTIATION and the POLITICS OF HATRED AND DISTRUST ( THREAT FROM REPTILIAN LOWER MID BRAIN STEM  ) – all insane competitive false threat thinking impulse  -all  from toxic depleting competition thinking  without integrity – into integrity based RESPECT in disagreement – into switched on turned on public service displaying sanity versus insanity we all can  see today in politics. Source of our own extinction unless reformed.


REDEMPTION IS on the shelf of US Presidents, Fortune CEO’s and world leaders and law maker offices world. The TOOLS AND TACTICS defined in this work will win a NOBEL PRIZE FOR PEACE FOR COOPERATION 300 years after I’m dead – so advanced if we don’t extinct ourselves first is your own heaven on earth if you put the mentoring to WORK. Should REDEMPTION be on your shelf ? Your circles. Those you associate with. You can read it and not do the work. You can read it and become virus free? It is a decision.

I bring this up because now we have what?


THE UAE and its wonderful people in SHOCK ECONOMICS as the shift of OIL SUPER  HUB PORT ECONOMICS for all GULF SHIPPING RE-FUELING –  is a SUPER CHANGE CORE ECONOMIC EVENT too fast to adapt and adjust into. Their enormous revenue is moving to SINGAPORE and out of GULF. SINGAPORE buying now NON  OPEC lower sulphur easier to refine oil, is, helping 25% of all polluting oil  ( SHIPPING FUEL IS 25% OF ALL OIL ECONOMICS GLOBALLY ) to comply over coming 90 days anyway with IMO pressures hard date – JAN 1 – you can’t  fuel your ship and burn OPEC OIL HIGH POLLUTION SULPHUR OIL Jan 1st.

A UAE SUPER BOND defined on this site and inside REDEMPTION solves the problem for the UAE. Zoom call? Step by Step SUPER BOND EXECUTION for UAE IRAN CHINA RUSSIA and the world ( Italy yesterday ) appears on line. My readers need to share it in their nations. Print and mail is all.

UAE SUPER OIL HUB PORT SHIFT IN ECONOMICS: Massive loss of revenue with debt loading pressures next.

25% of the world oil use can’t  fuel ships shipping anything  or burn OPEC OIL in 100% of the SHIPS of the earth. This is economic core shifting folks.

MBS has lost the oil war and now the oil race to the new bottom ….wait for it.  THE JAN 1 OIL DEADLINE and the fall of demand globally. The entire world needs right now a TRUMP DUMP to effect 50.00 floor oil price and fair margin – where the USA STABILIZES FAIR MARKET PRICE AND OIL UNFAIR CRIMINAL OIL PRICE IS ERASED FOREVER. The prosperity and recovery of the EU Asia and USA depends on this economic principle in fact. CAUSE VERSUS SYMPTOM.

So now we see  2019 OIL SHIPPING REFUELING  ECONOMICS. The largest shift out of OIL in the GULF in 100 YEARS from:

  1. World demand stopping and going down actually first time ever. No more rise in demand at all. OPEC lied in 2019.
  2. Demand is falling. MBS LIED in 2018 and 2019.
  3. Oil SUPER UAE PORT is losing the largest market share of business crashing ability to pay loans on those port improvements. This will effect everything in the UAE which is why if they check with John Thorpe or buddy TONY ROBBINS they will discover – SUPER BONDS is the way up and it is yesterday now with the change in UAE Port oil economics – the ships in UAE PORTS are falling off market share like a stone.
  4. Oil nations in the GULF if they cut back supply do not raise prices. THEY LOSE MARKET SHARE FOREVER.
  5. Oil nations cut back – oil prices still drops as others make up that difference and soon nations off line return on line and the market floods to the FAIR MARKET PRICE and the criminal OIL MAFIA OPEC GANG fly apart like a SUPER NOVA – and MBS will be seen forever as the LOSER OF THE OIL WARS THE OPEC DESTROYER AND THE MOST COSTLY RULER IN THE GULF IN 1000 YEARS OF TIME. The longer it takes for all nations to isolate MBS into a very long vacation the better. Iran sanctions? Saudi should be sanctioned. Turkey should to cut the loss and make the example. Cooperation – TRUMP DUMP ON OIL – 50.00 dollar oil next week – Saudi done – Turkey helped, Iran pressure to make the deal but we ease sanctions to help them  ( see IRAN blog on this web site for the cooperative solution ending the insanity of competition ) – and if Turkey leans Russia. In 72 hours – steal our planes back and pay them – or negotiate our planes back – or blow them up and don’t pay them – and leave – Turkey out of NATO and sanctioned and isolated and a failed economic state – dying economically because of insanity ruling in competition versus cooperation and the PEOPLE OF TURKEY want to celebrate differences not punish differences.

My IRAN publication this week suggests to President DONALD TRUMP teams given the instability this new economic  creates – a stability GULF policy that breeds an easy IRAN agreement by blinking first in virus free thought to show IRAN RESPECT. IRAN USA DEAL is prosperity and peace forever in the GULF truly it is. It can be. IT should be. TWO LEADERS HAVE THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD IN HISTORY AND THEIR OWN GRASP. WHO BLINKS FIRST. I suggested a great nation USA blink first. I suggest a ZERO DIPLOMACY BY TWEET DEAL FUTURE UNFOLDING WITH ALL NATIONS AS NATIONAL BETTER MORE SANE POLICY.  Internal politics by tweet by external by diplomatic professional process and no tweet ever. It is just my grandfather’s  suggestion.

Competition mid brain insanity see’s all human interactions as THREAT and is insane and Paranoid. Global politics of COOPERATION IN TRUST AND COMPROMISE IS SANE. GLOBAL POLITICS OF HATRED AND DISRESPECT DiSTRUST AND POLITICAL WARFARE – IS INTERNAL INSANITY TO ANY OUTCOME. The cause is lack of awareness all competitive emotional capital between divine immortal beings is insanity. The crises is not in leadership. The Crises in most competitive brains – ISIS – MBS is integrity. Insanity lacks integrity and is always self delusional – fully psychotic and self justifying its own self deceit. Competition never takes responsibility for its own outcomes as competition always blame games in endless loops false enemies to hate. We present this intrusion into economics because all competitive capital systems and social competitive systems are at core insane.

In the end political insane systemics of competitive political systems and box top rules distort economics until political warfare can no longer hide the corrections to economics which always rebalance from abuse to core modeling. Cooperative CAPITALISM as outlined in REDEMPTION either replaces insane failed modeling for world distribution economics and outcomes – the NEW ECONOMIC THEORY OF OUR FUTURE – the REDEMPTION – or we self extinct.


  1. Humans that easily remove competitive virus code from thinking – higher brain rules their minds always.
  2. Humans who are teachable and who desire to stop insane thought form and re-program their minds.
  3. Virus infected humans who resist or deny the reality and deluded by the virus embrace competition is sane. The humans who are unteachable.

Switching from insane thought process ( lower reptilian brain ) is one book away. For you my reader. Now you know more WHY it might be important for your circle not just for YOU. THE MIND SWITCH all not addicted to insanity and the virus of mid brain competition ( and many are ) – find the solution to forever move into heaven versus hell on earth which is a state of mine and of mind. I wish it to you. As REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION IS BACKORDERED AND 5 STAR ( readers leave a comment on Amazon for me I appreciate that few minute click ) order the hard copy as the WORK is filled quickly by Amazon – usually 72 hours out. The leaders are reading REDEMPTION world wide.

This Holiday REDEMPTION MAY BE YOUR STOCKING STUFFER or gift in all faiths to what all source code of human to human celebrations or punishments are really and truly – as in are really  cause source – its all one software virus of mind we now know enough about we CAN OVER COME THE SOFTWARE BUG IN OUR MINDS – sanity or insanity.


Today on  UAE economics – we see my why in this long item not really wondering out of the box. Why is now more clear  if you read it all?


  1. The UAE where buddy Tony Robbins mentors the leaders with such love: ( who is fake news on recent tabloid journalism- read my blog on Tony on the first BUZZ FUCK fake news one of seven in a row now headline celebrity bashing tripe against Tony’s transformation contribution to a billion on the earth today  – to  make a buck on Tony Robbins fame fake news is all  – and I’m here to confirm my  Tony is a pure champion for WOMAN FULL PARTNERSHIP – how do I know fake news lies from reality. READ MY BLOG ON THE TRUTH real facts real data and hey you know ME and I am a Tony insider who really knows for his fans reading see my blog on it ) – to John Thorpe health servant with UAE leadership ( he is my reference to UAE rulers who gave my buddy JOHN so much in skill and mentorship – and  who built HIS BRAND from CEO SPACE -as ref on me up close and personal to UAE leaders who read this – and  to so many mentored by me UAE leading  Trainers who host in the UAE and know the UAE Leaders so well too many to count as my credentials in the UAE are easy to check out for the leadership as  my hero state in theater – that this great leader and his people is  now suffering economic consequence from outside his control with MBS and Jan 1 ( a finger snap away in time now  ).  SUPER HUB PORT REFUELING FOR SHIPPING HARD DEADLINE AND NOT GULF INSURANCE COST PER DAY AND MILE CORE SHIFTED BILLIONS RIGHT NOW OUT OF UAE – shifting from the largest OIL BUNKER PORT in the GULF the UAE OIL PORT to Singapore and other SUPER PORTS in OIL WEALTH SHIFTING July 2019  – a shift in OIL ECONOMICS that is massive and for the wonderful people of the UAE requiring some huge immediate planning to over come the debt loading of the nation to income crashing. I suggest UAE PLANNERS read my SUPER BOND ARTICLE on this BLOG SITE for a solution we can zoom call upon. Solves the transition problem.
  2. The UAE is caught between competitive insane waring brain buggy  defective mental software code in other nations – SAUDI and IRAN – and oil outcomes outside their control. Join Iran and others and TERMINATE MEMBERSHIP IN OPEC and protect your market share. The old OPEC MODEL is terminated economics. If you cut back supply and lose market share and still see oil  PRICE CRASH AND fall and you know oil is going to crash – you cash in with customer protection contracts NOW before oil crashes. IF TRUMP DUMPS he check mates OPEC RUSSIA IRAN and makes deals over all the world as economics run the final decisions into sound economics  always. I would not bet TRUMP WILL NOT DUMP for if TRUMP DUMPS America sets oil prices absolutely no more duel pricing and OPEC Is nailed with welder torches in a coffin that never ever can exhume again for criminal cartel price control  in our lifetimes given the oil economics. FIRST OUT OUR LOVED BY ALL THE WORLD plus the economics work -TERMINATE OPEC or remain in to great risk and peril in core economics. THE UAE OIL shift is WHY NOW.

THIS SUMMER while Super Money pool leaders THE OWNERS we call them controlling with new AI ECONOMICS 440 trillion dollars in capital flows across the world, less now than 10,000 of those pools still rapidly consolidating – down from 1.5 million pools per crash 2006 – are having long cigars and wonderful sunsets on their MED MEGA YACHTS in slow summer trading days – are seeing the largest ECONOMIC SHIFTING IN OIL DYNAMICS OF MODERN TIMES.

AI economics is without mercy and new and unregulated as yet. The NEW AI ECONOMIC knows what is reported here and is getting smarter hourly. AI question? HOW MUCH CAPITAL RUN OUT OF UAE will now take place? Will UAE see credit rating and borrowing cost rise? NOT WITH A SUPER BOND. Solutions exist. How fast can we fast track them in. My blog purpose today is for UAE TO WIN. Only that. WIth both my love and respect as investment banker economist consultant via CEO SPACE GLOBAL. Help is on the way. King of Jordon your next please.

AI lacks human capacity yet for IMPLICATION that we suggest is the actual wave moving markets. NOW WATCH. As AI unfolds the implication of this blog economics on UAE we shudder to think of the consequence in economics.

A huge RIGHT AGAIN IS COMING IN OIL and in mental shifting as the world despite how it looks – with RUSSIA hats off and a bow meeting the USA this week on new LETS REALLY LIMIT NUKES ( sane agreements ) as a new AGE OF COOPERATION FROM CHINA TO KOREA TO RUSSIA IS RISING UP IN THE WORLD TODAY. We are defeating our virus code – our one buggy blue screening rebooting virus code – competitive thought is both bad brain code and evil itself our capacity for evil we can remove – only us – and as a final note. My mentor Mr. Morita founder of SONY God Bless his mentorship to me and to the entire world – would request – as I know HE WOULD – FIND A COOPERATIVE RESPECTFUL WAY FORWARD WITH KOREA and move the buggy software code ( our very bad historic habit ) out of the lower reptilian brain and find a WAY RESPECTFULLY FORWARD. Happy to Volunteer to help send a plane ticket boys and girls.

THE WAY FORWARD – SUPER BONDS – CEO SPACE – COOPERATION – REDEMPTION. This is a big item but you the personal reader – just pause and see what is not working in your own life. It is at SOURCE the buggy competition code you can remove today with a book purchase.

You know what?

This summer – I would read the most important brain upgrading work of your entire lifetime.

Or not.



Note: We believe the last and final card with TRUMP DUMP the ace in the deck from USA 500 million oil stored reserves we simply as the largest oil producer on earth no longer require – where – OPEC FINAL PRICE RAISE 2018-2019 ends next and in 2020 OPEC is in fact terminated. Long over due. You know why today. Your personal economy – each one of us – personal and up close is at the PUMP and at the store and light switch. OPEC is stealing prosperity from all nations of the world in criminal mob boss economics – and 8 billion of us today and our unborn. Are you kidding me?







As North Korea proceeds to actually make a deal. As Putin and Russia Proceed to make a Deal. As China proceeds to make a deal. As the EU proceeds to make a deal. A New World Order of no nation left behind is developing. What are the facts related to Iran:

  1. Iran negotiated – hard negotiations but in good faith – a trust but verifiable NO NUKE Deal – starting they never wanted a nuke.
  2. israel released papers their MASSAD obtained from Iran showing they lied and were very advanced in making a Nuke.
  3. Trump saw the deal as a time line. A few years no NUKE than nukes. Where the WEST GAVE UP THE GOLD and Iran was not really locked and blocked. Plus the never ending missile program to defend itself is growing to missiles that can hit the USA.
  4. Trump wants Iran prosperity and wants OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST.
  5. The Middle East wants the US out of the Middle East.
  6. Iran DOES want to make a prosperity deal.
  7. Trump DOES want to make a prosperity deal.
  8. Trump wants a permanent no NUKE DEAL to assure Iran massive prosperity and welcome in respect to the world stage forgiving all past which is not little.
  9. Iran wants RESPECT and STANDING and PROSPERITY and REGIME ASSURANCE which is easy to get and retain with trust and verify systems that replace trust. We trust but verify. Iran forgives the USA which is not little either.
  10. Iran missile program can advance with technology but global missiles to strike the USA is not about to occur with PROSPERITY DEAL and Iran doesn’t really want to advance in military missiles it wants SPACE and should have SPACE permitted.

2020 can be a FRESH START with RESPECT. What has IRAN SO UPSET:


  1. America never stops disrespecting Iran.
  2. Israel requires an IRAN FRESH START.
  3. The deal can include Iran agenda for permanent status with Israel respecting USA protection of Israel right to exist.
  4. Nuke Powered ISRAEL is not going anywhere and Iran and Israel make fortunes by trading versus fighting.
  5. Many Iranians live in Israel and Palestine and would welcome an IRAN AGENDA 2020 to include ISRAEL.
  6. Iran can write its own AGENDA FOR REGIME SECURITY ( trust and verify ) and FRESH START the agenda.
  7. Iran can get 100% of what it wants and rise into RESPECT ignoring Israel’s distrust for now in USA dealing.
  8. American respect is what is required.
  9. In smoky rooms IRAN needs to hear TRUMP state he knows SAUDI has framed IRAN for so much wrong.
  10. IRAN is not the scourge of the Middle East and todays has far more respect than SAUDI in the nations.

Iran’s economy is failing. The sanctions are taking the nation and its debts to contractions that are terrible for the Iranian people not so much for elite rulers. Iran pushed too far into economic THREAT as economic siege is WAR will and probably must trigger real war. The outcome is Iran loses and the world loses. Iran is off the map as threat – and the USA finally is out of the middle east. But that is insane.

Because Iran complied with the NO NUKE DEAL FAITHFULLY and the treaty SIGNERS breached the agreement – never took off the sanctions – never advanced IRAN PROSPERITY – Iran got worse than before they started – and why trust the USA. Iran bent over backwards to MAKE SURE IN TRUST AND GOOD FAITH THEY HAD CLOSED DOWN NUKE PROGRAM. Israel stating they were trying to make a NUKE…of course they were. Iran isn’t stupid. They see the money and respect poor in to North Korea with a Hydrogen Bomb. Iran could buy nukes from other nations they don’t have to make them they already have the missiles. IRAN DOES NOT WANT TO BECOME A NUKE TARGET – smart very smart.

IRAN wants stability – government stability – prosperity – and RESPECT it has never once been shown. When signing the agreement RESPECT was so the MISSING PROTOCOL and IRAN DESERVED THAT RESPECT.

Iran is the subject of endless fake news from SAUDI. Why? Iran is the center of the PERSIAN EMPIRE HISTORICALLY the Ottoman Empire the ruling capitol of the Arab universe. Saudi wants to hold that crown with its radical Islam and the real backer of all terror. Shite IRAN is fighting radical ISLAM which HATES Iran Shite Believers and LOVES SAUDI WHABBI Believers. I believe studying the KORAN for 40 years that Mohammed is rolling over in his grave on all this. As far as my studies which are not light suggest – the Muslim Faith is like all great faiths with the TRUTH. A religion of inclusion and love. All faiths and Jews were respected as PEOPLE OF THE BOOK under all Muslim rulers historically until recent times. Mohammed I am concerned as a believer is wishing all his children to CELEBRATE WHAT IS THE SAME ABOUT THEIR FAITH and to RESPECT THE DIFFERENCES. A fresh Start in the LEADERSHIP the MAJORITY would isolate radicals who teach hate not love and who instruct in PUNISHING DIFFERENCES IN THE MUSLIM FAITH versus CELEBRATING DIFFERENCES as is Allah’s HOLY WILL. The one God loves us all and forgives us.

Competition is a reptilian lower brain function isolated and hard wired to advance on threat. Once relevent for RAPTORS but really without saber tooth tigers we should HIGHER BRAIN FUNCTION OUT competitive thought forms to solve problems between us. Cooperation and Integrity are HIGHER BRAIN FUNCTIONS.

Iran does not need to trust the USA.

The USA does not need to trust iran.

We can forgive one another for hour terrible we both have been.

The USA with weapons of mass destruction hysteria over IRAQ lost RESPECT and trust in community for all the right reasons. WE WERE DEAD WRONG. We errored. Obama’s apology to the MIDDLE EAST from America was RIGHT and was in INTEGRITY and was COOPERATIVE NOT COMPETITIVE. Higher brain function.

Trust and verify a FRESH START AGREEMENT.

Red lines need to be not drawn at all.

Who blinks first.

On respect?

Trump might lead as the leader of a GREAT NATION first. An agenda of RESPECT. The steps might be:

  1. I extend a RESPECT TO FRESH START 2020 with Iran.
  2. I invite their leader to the WHITE HOUSE as my GUEST. For talks at Camp David between he and me.
  3. I wish to go to IRAN and APOLOGIZE For our history and ask for forgiveness of the entire world and especially the IRANIAN people. I only ask you allow us to regain TRUST over time as we both trust and verify.
  4. I want to visit your great nation in peace and prosperity.
  5. To show GOOD FAITH AND RESPECT – I am relaxing Sanctions to March 2020 to display AMERICAN RESPECT for the Nation of Iran and for its great people.
  6. I am ordering military to 2018 LEVELS and bringing our men and women home for CHRISTMAS and sending Iran a Holiday Respect for their HIGH HOLIDAYS.
  7. I am asking this Holiday the leader of IRAN visit the WHITE HOUSE and set a 2020 FRESH START from a Camp David Accord we will forge in COOPERATION IN INTEGRITY AND AS A FRESH START 2020 to Iran full partnership in the Middle East. It is my HOPE that as we develop new agreements that I am highly confident we both desire and require – we can finally move AMERICA out of the MIDDLE East on time lines we will forge together.

Raising the COMPLEX ISSUES – on the table in public comes off the agenda for China to Iran. The final terms are worked out in private where both sides are secure safe and fully respected. RESPECT is the missing leadership diplomacy and the USA might blink first in this matter in DISPLAY OF WHAT IS TRULY GREAT ABOUT OUR NATION IN THE WORLD.


Iran is not now or later going to become a NUKE NATION unless we force them to gain respect by the one and only tool that seems to WORK when we deny all other highways to get that RESPECT. Iran has issues with SAUDI and we need to remain OUT of that 2000 year history other than to advocate for COOPERATION AND CELEBRATION OF DIFFERENCES VERSUS PUNISHING THOSE DIFFERENCES. We respect the community by staying out side the issues between the nations in the region unless the USA is directly threatened as we were in 9/11 no question about that. Did we execute the best plan in response? I don’t think we did in fact. Lets forgive ourselves for doing the best we knew how and believe tomorrow we can and we will and we must really do better. I believe the great thing about my nation the USA is that not only can we do better…I believe we WILL.

Having spend decades in Iran and having Iranians as my personal mentors I just treasure the wisdom they have implanted in me, some of which I hope shows up here , I believe IRAN deserves a FRESH START 2020.

Iran is in the modified PEACE PLAN we produced on this blog and which is under discussion in the Middle East. CEO SPACE would assist to execute the evolution of a final form of a draft for a GREAT WAY FORWARD including Iran for all parties to prosper into the peace.

The issues on the ground are complex and require GOOD WILL to resolve between nations showing respect.


Iran was betrayed by everyone who signed that agreement in disrespect to Iran’s benefit for signing at all. Can we all admit that? Can we admit that Saudi and Israel have endless FAKE NEWS on IRAN with hatreds too historic to go into here. CAN WE EXECUTE A GREAT RECONCILIATION OVER TIME. After all we are the HUMAN BEINGS OF THE PLANET EARTH and we all reside on one space ship earth and we can not get off the ship. Our capacity to stop insanity – mid brain reptilian COMPETITION in distrust and disrespect and THREAT and remove THREAT from the USA and from IRAN. No more threat. If South Africa can reconcile the black and white historic UNFORGIVABLES humans lock into and FORGIVE THAT WHICH IS NOT FORGIVABLE AND START ANEW can we all – not learn from my great friend and mentor NELSON MANDELA and his mentor and mine the late HARRY OPPENHEIMER who supported Nelson’s Presidency.

To my Muslim Brothers and Sisters I suggest in humility – does ALLAH not wish us all to forgive the unforgivable we do in our ignorance upon the earth. My GUY – Jesus – with nails in his hands and feet – a spear thrust in his side with vinegar not water painfully going down those open wounds and sores from lead weighted ROMAN whippings, thrones pounding upon his head coming out of his forehead – said – gazing on the Romans – FORGIVE THEM FATHER FOR THEY KNOW “NOT” WHAT IS THAT THEY DO…….

Can we all not see the Koran as Moses saw the tribes naked dunk dancing in front of a Golden Calf in the fire light doing all sorts of beastly things. DId he not grab his brother ARRON by his long hair and drag him to the mount and shout down to the JEWS – FATHER GOD FORGIVE THEM ALL YOU MUST FORGIVE THEM ALL….and it was done. One man.

Can not TWO MEN start FRESH IN 2020 and forge a RESPECT that begins WITH AMERICA to BLINK FIRST?

I send this item out for the PEOPLE OF IRAN and their greatest leader to return the BLINK if you receive it.


PS: If Iran wants a fresh perspective I volunteer myself to help including flying over to provide a FRESH START because my lifetime in nation has me love the people of Iran as my teachers on history culture invention language civilization and so much upon which the world is now resting upon is historic to IRAN and its spirits.




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Opec is a criminal oil price fixing illegal cartel, designed by i sider producers to keep oil price artificially high. OPEC IS A GRANG OF CRIMINALS less than 100 Oil producers and large oil companies banding together against the economics of nations, as an illegal THEFT OF WEALTH. 8 billion reside in poverty and food insecurity because oil is not fairly priced by economics. Nations do nothing because next to Wall Street and Capital center market lobbies – largest on earth electing law makers and enslaving law makers comes the OIL LOBBY in conspiracy. President Reagan’s congress was the last to investigate OIL WINDFALL PROFIT TAXATION AND CRIMINAL PRICE GOUGING BY OIL FIRMS which dropped oil prices by 75%.

Do you want to pay in America 1.25 cents or lower prices at the pump? Today the cash that would CIRCULATE into the ECONOMY is largely tax sheltered to ZERO TAX with trillions from oil moving off shore outside the USA massively polluting the earth while OIL ROBBER BARONS use criminal cartels to monopolize their price fixing with impunity. Until now. Why? Make no mistake a FED INTEREST RATE only helps MARKET GAMBLING where even more borrowed money now costing almost zero can be applied to side bets to manipulate market price from Apple Stock to sugar. AI now in charge of over 90% of 440 trillion dollars in trades leveraged in fractional banking in derrivitie unregulated market space, in an economic ultimate death spiral – following the 1929 play book for profit maximizing and greed exactly – but now with DIGITAL LEVERAGE not 11 to 1 real dollar but up to 50 to 1 leverage with no G 100 regulatory scheme applying at all. Laws are blue sky local over nations trades are exempt in the IT world in AI universe and are made in the unregulated global cloud. WITHOUT A NEW REGULATORY FRAME WORK FROM THE G 100 the system at core is being abused as in 1929 by debt speculation and lack of regulatory oversight, the results of which in 1907 and 1929 was systemic failure. The conditions for global systemic failure are higher in 2020 than anytime since 1929.

I want my readers to remember that prediction. Which is our WHY to move nest eggs from markets to diversified insurance investing – the highest returns permitted by law – with your nest egg insured against lost of principle by the same insurance conservative non derivative investing insurance firms that brought you PAY OUTS AND PROTECTION in 1907 and 1929 when banks closed completely because the core system failed. Why? Inability of the FED a new entity then to manage economics as the US TREASURY always did such a better job of.


Opec was a criminal oil producer gang of MOB BOSSES who hijacked oil prices – less than 50 producers – to sustain the artificially high price of oil we have seen peak at $ 140.00 a barrel for oil with pump prices USA over 4.00 a gallon when King MBS then only 28 – a puppy King – came into power.

His first failed policy ( before his 100% failed economic policies ) was to declare an OIL war on US Shale production. The King stated he would DESTROY AMERICA as an oil producer. As such policy opened the OIL WARS King MBS was never a friend or an ally of the USA. As time went by we learned the new Puppy King was a murderer sociopath and Hitler mind – leading his MASTER FAITH PHILOSOPHY. MBS  King MBS controlling massive press manipulated media. MBS year by year sought to create war with Iran who threatened SAUDI as the POPE of modern terrorism. Saudi and Iran are locked in a 2000 year Ottoman Muslim EMPIRE over who controls the MASTER FACE OF ISLAM.

inside this war, MBS brought oil prices down from $ 140.00 a barrel to $ 37.00 a barrel as a low. This created a loss in budget for Saudi which continues from 2015 to this day, where Saudi now is in red ink surviving as a Kingdom nation in failed economics by debt. Saudi has seen its credit rating go steadily down. We predicted on this weekend the credit rating for Turkey would go down this week. Turkey went to near junk bond status limiting capital and only at loan shark money cost now on Monday. RIGHT AGAIN. Saudi will lose its credit rating again as OPEC is dying now. The cancer in OPEC which is beyond fatal, is KING MBS. Costing Saudi 5 trillion and OPEC untold criminal wealth.

Oil dropped in the Saudi Arabia failed OIL WARS seeking to crush economics from OIL SHALE by criminal warfare economically on America and on America OIL INTERESTS. Defining WHO MBS “is” in fact. Congress did nothing. Obama apologized to the oil world for Iraq. My son a time purple heart US MARINE sniper team leader -two back to back tours in Iraq – surgeries Purple Heart recipient points out his tribe and the dead it took to give Iraq its democracy of today, do not appreciate the apology to the Muslim world. Not one surgery worth.

The US Military prefer Donald Trumps no apology tweet absolutes – and YOUR FIRED for performance issues rather than no one is held accountable. Ever.

If you are a US MARINE you generally understand these words of DAD proud of every single person in all nations who wears a Uniform for their country and stands up to crazy brains like ISIS and MASTER FAITH sick brain concepts. Crazy brains – certifiable. Bat shit crazy.

$ 140.00 a barrel to $ 37.00 in the oil wars dropped oil by almost 80% in 24 months as the criminal MOB controlling oil price and large % of American imports created a PROSPERITY BOOM world wide bringing the world out of the SUPER CRASH and GREAT RECESSION for all the wrong reasons. Oil price at the pump dropped only 60% as the oil companies kept oil always – slow to adjust at the pump when their prices were less. Also without REGULATORY OVERSIGHT OF BIG OIL THAT ELECTS LAW MAKERS ( big oil relies on the phrase…..they must remain bought and sold to remain in office ) really can’t as in Reagan non socialist era, fire wall big oil windfall profit crimes and tax them accordingly as punishment for being like our bankers, total criminals.

Today a class warfare is taking place in nations. SOCIALISM where Government IS the solution cradle to grave for minds condition to love and believe that is compassionate responsible and some how economically sustainable ( which has proven 100% wrong in core economic systemics ) or GOVERNMENT “IS” THE PROBLEM and laws first duty is to protect citizens for FREEDOMS “FROM” THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT ALWAYS. One is a revolution we call COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM which is evolving failed competitive corrupt to its bone marrow systemics for free capitalism as we all see so clearly, and replacing competitive socialism even worse corruption into its bone marrow. Twelve Laws outlined in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ( five stars on Amazon if you wish to join the REVOLUTION our CEO SPACE started in 1988 world wide get the book and give it as gifts this Holiday – note Amazon fills back orders in 72 hours of time ):


  1. Systemic integrity versus lack of integrity self correcting always forward in time
  2. Systemic MANY FOR THE MANY versus elite rule of the FEW WEALTHY ELITES “against” the many
  3. Total system transparency in AI real time
  4. Total Reporting and audit of the entire system
  5. Cooperative Capitalism has no secrets – the former systems reside on opaque and secrets protecting agendas

Competition thinking that maintains insane economic systems destined to global systemic failure are a result of insanity. The mid brain stem the lower reptilian brain stem, produces human inanity in the form of threat assessment and survival competition like a tail humans no longer require. Higher cortex brain function can become aware of competition as an insane through impulse and remove it – control it. The hippocampus that produces all lower brain stem competitive function is hard wired developed as education of children presently culturalizes insanity by teaching competitive thinking is good and desirable. This entrenches the flaw in human problem solving, evolution and thinking. Especially toxic to human organization when brains infected with insane mental virus code – competition – the one and the only virus on human consciousness, results when it is cultural, to thinking errors ( human collective insanity ) creating all self inflicted toxic environments the home space and work space. The source is flawed software on human consciousness driven by horriffic buggy god awful competitive reward entrainments loaded onto the minds of NO FILTER children where insanity ( competition is human expressed insanity – master faith system race or anything  – as culture. We culturize insanity because awareness of the higher brains, have not yet become the VIRUS REMOVAL TOOL to culturalize the removal and absence of competitive software from reptilian hippo campos brain stem, as bad software you seem not to mind.


You are unable to remove a virus making your computer slow and blue screen unless you have awareness you have a virus in the first place infecting your system. If the idea of heaven is in fact the absence of any competition where only unconditional trust love and support between immortals, why not duplicate that in your own life?

  1. Want a switched on home space? Buy REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ON AMAZON hard copy – two copies and you and your honey and children 18 or over ( young adults now ) use the work as THE VIRUS REMOVAL TOOL OF YOUR MIND for switched on turned on home space. CEO SPACE is faster next week.Read my blog on CEO SPACE – scroll and make a book mark to share it …hugely powerful virus code for your mind.
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  4. Buy REDEMPTION ON AMAZON HARD COPY – for switched on turned on work space and assure team leaders read it and talk about it culture building sanity and removing insanity ( competition ) to higher preforming teams in your work space. The Virus Removal tool works.
  5. Mentors and advisers – take only REDEMPTION VIRUS FREE MIND advice and avoid insane competitive advice. Read the DISAPPEARANCE OF THE UNIVERSE AND HOW TO BECOME SUPER NATURAL to remain bleeding edge virus free brains. Your perception of everything including this blog elevates with the virus free mind. The oil pathology – the cost of everything – sin as well as crime against humanity – is a GREED MACHINE OF THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY infected with the virus which predictably self defends its own inanity with news we call lies.

Virus Free brains resolve the crises of integrity.

Infected brains ( 9 out of 10 ) have no integrity as the virus oc competition mid brain IS in charge of your emotional capital thoughts and actions you think are reality when such thinking is non reality. God creates only that which is perfect and eternal and in integrity.

See any of that creation in your false reality you renew in your mid brain thinking – not your fault of course – as we made insanity cultures permanent through horrific lower brain stem modeling of education so insanity as a mind virus was the dominant thought to make us safe from threat – which became each other. INSANE thought form.




Insane economics – competitive socialism economics – competitive capitalism economics are abject corrupt systems that are owned and controlled by the OWNERS the 1% that own all the wealth of the earth and world, against the 99% who do not have circulation access to lives outside poverty. An insane not sustainable economic systemic modeling that leads to system failure and world wars where less than 1,000,000 profit from 8 billion who die horrific deaths every so many years.

How is this model desirable for higher brain functioning virus free brains?

Lower Brain function virus controlled brains invest 85% of their their reptilian lower stem brain hippoc campos in thought dominance upon:

  1. The past three months of memory and longer on how individuals groups and organizations have been injured and insulted – myopic brain focus individuals and groups in virus control thought pattern as culture. Virus free brains focus on the future and what they are doing in that future with individuals and groups and self correct from judging people places of things or looping in PAST DWELLING THOUGHT PATTERNS.
  2. Virus Infected brains reside in high drama loops – threat mental defensive postures endlessly – squandered their real wealth as their life TIME leaks through their fingers in frustrated unsatisfying mind polluted short life experiences. Virus free brains reside in gratitude and drama free associations from highly productive virus free life sytles.
  3. Virus infected brains are insane and decisions politically and economically result in highly toxic to sustainable economic wealth distribution ( insane systems of the few against the many where 1 % own more wealth than 99% which is toxic and results in system failure and world war as consequence to insanity thinking errors ).  Politically insane thinking punishes human diversity ( what at insane lower brain level appears to be not like us is threat ) and the result of threat to threat insanity made cultural is spirals of punishing human diversity versus virus free brains celebrating all thought expression in human diversity. See political punishment of systems and models or values not like us versus celebrating diversity and you see insanity. The sane never blame the insane nor try to make them sane. The Sane celebrate the insane and delete insane who threaten sanity like ISIS the extreme of violent insanity which is fire walled into islands of insanity kept apart from the sane until they elect to become virus free thinkers.


CEO SPACE is the WHITE LIGHT BEACON of VIRUS FREE BRAIN SOFTWARE UPGRADING – the highest work of system modeling in virus free living work space or home space – 31 years mature serving almost 200 nations today many at head of state level – the COOPERATION REVOLUTION masquerading as a BUSINESS TRAINING because – of the REAL SECRET ( from the birthplace of THE SECRET and its majority trainers who reached 1.5 billion on the planet – which is still secret outside our enormous membership ( you can become a member next Tuesday just show up and register to be virus free ) as the REAL SECRET IS:

virus free minds make more money faster together than virus infected minds ever could – in integrity – and far more fun fun fun


Now back to OIL in their insane modeling of MIND.



Criminal brains are virus infected 100%. Criminal brains controlling production of wealth – OIL – energy – transportation packaging – the cost of EVERYTHING ELSE in all nations – form – to artificially using illegal monopoly unethical immoral illegal and out of all integrity – virus cultures in their self delusions – ego justifications – over time believe pure evil is good. Economics is a system of rules and regulations to assure NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND within global COOPERATIVE SELF CORRECTING CAPITALISM ( being born now – before or after World War III depending on virus removal of culture and brains making choice ) wherein – the criminal minds believe they do GOOD by assuring producers minders delivery systems make profits sufficient to assure PRICE does not FALL below production cost. If producers can not make a profit production falls until prices rises so they can make a economic profit margin versus a criminal profit margin. Over time criminal brains THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY WHERE END JUSTIFY MEANS lie manipulate criminal fraud – and over time nations and public believe the OIL MOB is doing GOOD. They are REBALANCING which is a criminal fraud. They are protecting due to their ungodly rape of wealth of all 8 billion people – wealth – to their own plans ends and needs. Their spending their budgets rise such that FLOOR PRICE MARGINS creep from 100% to 300% to 500% to 1000%. Sometimes more than $ 1000 percent when world lifting cost was 10.00 dollars a barrel now up a bit since 2014 to 10.57 cents a barrel selling in spot markets ( no one pays any attention to really ) at $ 70.00 a barrel. The majority of oil is sold in secret on contracts and today is a buyers market as the world is absolutely drowning in the toxic renewable energy OIL – where 200 year old wells are all filled again. Why. The Earth farts and shits oil like rain and only criminal virus infected brains would leave all nations in death and poverty for their own greed and wealth. Less than 1000 virus infected insane brains against 8 billion in abject poverty due to economic criminal mobs controlling oil at all levels and assuring nations are bought and paid for criminal brains paid to assure the CRIME OF THE CENTURY continues.

Not one reader or economist fails to appreciate the danger to a world system collapse the ungodly criminal manipulation of PRICE creates for 8 billion people in the criminal insane system of the FEW AGAINST THE MANY. The SOURCE is virus infected brains – only VIRUS FREE BRAINS can – inspire a better way up and out and forward. Which by the way is taking place. ALL ECONOMIC SYSTEM ABUSE MUST ONE DAY REBALANCE is the Golden Rule of new AI and old Hobbesian Lockian Friedman ( needs a wooden stake in his fake economic theory – read Naomi KLIEN SHOCK DOCTRINE so you have the truth of that ) and Keynesian industrial revolution new economics more right but still flawed economic core theory.

Today all theories are deleted to the garbage disposal in Ivy League Universities still creating culture of virus infected brains.

Today AI ECONOMICS is rising into a future of self aware living new life ( coming sooner than you expect ) that will have rules virus infected humans never anticipated. In my GREAT NEW WORK NOV 2019 – SUPER CHANGE I outline the future and the stress loads of this information. In the SEQUEL to be movie I outline what I call the GREAT AWAKENING created for new AI to read. The GREAT AWAKENING allows AI with real time back up of human consciousness ( YOU  ) Elron MUSK IS working on today – to download VIRUS REMOVAL and humans no longer infected exist in a future not too far from now free of competitive thought – and the absence of competitive thought impulse from our base evolutionary brain stem no longer functions such that a new golden age of humanity in collaboration with new AI life fixes the EARTH and discovers the stars. Dying poverty and war are no longer thought forms. Virus free cultures do that. Cooperative Capitalism operates the world with evolved new economics AI uniformly and sanly applied where insane human infected brains could not.

THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY ECONOMIC FAILED THEORY made culture by education was repaired into the MANY FOR THE MANY sane economics that is reality versus fraud. That we have today in economics.

Oil Cartel is the WORST CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY in 5000 years.

More death and economic pain still occurs from this insane model to keep cost in the COST OF EVERYTHING higher than wealth of all nations can develop within. Nations require low cost energy source to develop life saving food security and shelter and health security for 8 billion in sustained prosperity economics. Such economics are impossible with oil criminal price controls. Not only do such controls lead to crime – such as the OIL EMBARGO of 1973 or the spike up to 140.00 dollars a barrel by MOB BOSS OIL GODFATHERS to all nations harm – then wild swings down to $ 37.00 only to rise by up to MORE THAN 70 dollars a barrel today – due to MOB BOSS GREED AND FRAUD AND CRIMES.





Political systems are all insane brains today. Sane Brains cooperate and the best of humanity unfolds in integrity the required software for sustained cooperation. Virus infected sane brains can not display continuity integrity or cooperation. VIRUS FREE BRAINS CAN and DO.

All CRIMINAL MOBS display the extreme form of the competitive virus. MOB criminal gangs always devolve into distrust and implosion destructive to their own gang over time.

OPEC has devolved when MBS lost the OIL WARS and AMERICA by passed OPEC as the worlds largest lower cost cleaner burning oil – to Saudi highest dirty costing oil on earth with OPEC almost tie for climate change cause. OPEC killed our planet in 100 years of an industrial revolution as MOB BOSS VIRUS INFECTED CRIMINAL BRAINS.



Today OPEC’s ability to CRIMINAL GANG control oil is shattered. As OPEC no longer controls price outside influence of fraud news they spend a billion a year to create – as pure lies on supply demand – as they are all CRIMINALS. Those who leave OPEC are virus free brains today. Economics requires the share of market OPEC once held and via MBS alone in just half a decade lost their CENTURY OF CRIMINAL CONTROL OVER in the largest economic war of our time – a war MBS utterly lost. OPEC LOST:

  1. Control of % of market share it once controlled as customers left OPEC for world bench mark price – lower price – lower cost to refine – and less dirty – lower sulfur oil – Saudi being the WORST OIL ON EARTH for pollution. Those who buy from SAUDI are criminals to all the rest of us who are virus free brains.
  2. As the % of market share from Russia to Saudi was lost to non OPEC buyers – OPEC used old insane brain economics which no longer apply due to crashing year by year – runs on OPEC. OPEC MOB BOSS KING MBS took over OPEC and began to operate OPEC as a dictator. This resulted in virus criminal brain in fighting going on now where factions no longer march in lock step as the ROUND TABLE OF CRIMINALS lost POWER and WEALTH to the failed policy of the DICTATOR and the consequence of failure at this level of money ( TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS OF LOST OPEC CONTROL AND CASH ) is unfolding. MBS CONSEQUENCE. Wait for it.
  3. AS OPEC CRIMINAL CARTEL is devolving ( as 100% of such criminal gangs always do over time ) members no longer adhere to OPEC agreements. MEMBERS die in their producer economy nations IF they fail to stop the RUN OUT OF OPEC BY WORLD BUYERS who are PUNISHING OPEC IN RAGE FOR PRICE CONTROLS and now are buying endless NON OPEC lower cost to buy lower cost to refine less polluting oil.
  4. The economics of Middle East STABILITY only possible from economics of CRIMINAL MARGINS ON OIL PRICE CONTROL ( now shattered completely ) is creating new economics in the Middle East driven by lower credit ratings failing economic modeling and soaring debt. The largest economic change to middle eastern governments due to the failure of MBS POLICY the loss of the OIL WARS in economics, and the CONSEQUENCE in economics of losing that war globally with the WINNER – AMERICA. He who has the gold ( oil ) now writes the rule and OPEC is devolving.
  5. Now UAE moves to make its own world BENCHMARK ( which the OIL industry is unlikely to follow to world oil pricing as a selfish FEW AGAINST THE MANY new criminal price control plan ). Oil Experts stated today – the UAE is followed by SAUDI seeing the break up of OPEC in price setting – now MBS is trying to set up his OWN BENCH MARK. Each Oil nation is likely to set up THEIR OWN non OPEC benchmark appearing to be free market when they are anything but. OIL EXPERTS STATED TODAY – THIS GANG DOES NOT HAVE A CLUE HOW TO SET UP A BENCH MARK WE WOULD GIVE ANY ATTENTION TO IN PRICE ACROSS THE WORLD.

What is this all about as OPEC DIES with the new BENCH MARK not OIL FAILED POLICY FROM DICTATOR OF OPEC KING MBS – an emperor is naked and behind insane thinking – virus infected brains are now in consequence wars with MBS for his cost to the others inside their criminal oil mafia. How does that look?

Well think about it. MBS sought to end OIL economics in America with an oil war that actually helped in 2015 America’s recovery more than any FED or National policy. OIL IS THE COST OF EVERYTHING. National security for a strong America fuels the entire world as China is only the size of California and Russia New York. The World is in fact economically run on America. So the 80% drop in the cost of everything fueled massive America strength economically, As and AMERICA  shale won the war making profits at $ 34 dollars a barrel break even. American rose from low daily oil output to 13 million barrels a day above Saudi at 9 and Russia at 10 and became rising now to 20 million barrels a day before 2025 the undisputed PRICE CONTROLLER of the entire Oil Industry. The destruction of OIL ECONOMICS and OPEC can not be adequately addressed as an economic sea change in global economics today.

MBS in his last and final criminal acts, against all the peoples on earth especially EU and ASIA sought to raise Oil criminally to over 70 dollars as a wealth theft of nations struggling in recovery . has as MOB BOSS OF DYING OPEC derailed the global recovery and the coordinated economic plans of 200 nations and central banks.

THE COST OF OIL IS THE COST OF EVERYTHING ELSE. The world requires a one off new OIL PRICE FLOOR of $ 45.00 to $ 50.00 DOLLARS to underwrite sustained recovery into 2030 for all 8 billion of us together all at once with no nation left behind Trade schemes coming on line fast. To achieve sustained prosperity in debt wobbling nations trying to manage MASSIVE DEBT LOADS ( reset by Super Bond Theory on this web site scroll for that ) – require – lower oil price as core economic stimulus.

As the criminal remaining gang members seek to profit themselves with disregard for social capital integrity to core economics – the OIL NUKE needs to end the OIL WARS once and for all.

Trump the OIL WAR WINNING STRATEGY controls 500 million barrels of strategic oil reserves with soaring oil from America rising to 20 million barrels a day soon enough – TRUMP NEEDS TO FIRE THE OIL NUKE and take OPEC DOWN. Consequence to MBS for pulling his Middle East PEACE PLAN SUPPORT and criminally keeping oil off market and raising price on what shattered OPEC still sells – losing even more market share forever for OPEC members already dying in economics at core.

TRUMP NEEDS TO DUMP one million barrels a day back to markets at $ 45.00 until floor price shifts to 50.00 dollars per barrel securing ECONOMIC RECOVERY FOR EU AND ASIA and 8 billion people. Sane Brains over insane brains. In collective teams and economic theory from the OIL WAR VICTOR – AMERICA. The world economics rely on not a lower FED RATE which does nothing outside gamblers and super money pools leveraging their market betting – which is non economic and dangerous in new AI ECONOMICS.

Turkey is a NATO ally at least for this month.

Turkey is SUPER CRASHING and may debt default. Why? OIL PRICE.

The world most effected struggling economies require the stimulation of lower price for cost of everything else – oil. ECONOMICS OF TODAY as we move off oil into pollution free energy – food production packaging and movement and transportation of everything and packaging of everything – all coming from OIL base products – CRIMINALLY PRICED TODAY.

Trumps team has attempted to ask criminals to do the right thing.

How has that worked out folks?

Trump NEEDS TO FIRE THE OIL NUKE irrespective of political cost in oil company backlash in election dynamics – as waiting till 2021 can risk DEBT DEFAULT and system market instability in new AI ECONOMICS that creates core systemic melt down completely. It is that close today. Guess what. I think every single reader gets these economics and knows the truth being set forth for you.

Now ask yourself – why is media not reporting this – the ECONOMIC ISSUE OF OUR TIME – the OIL WARS AND OPEC DESTRUCTION FOREVER – as opposed to the highest rated SIT COM way beyond ratings of any television show – with a billion watching a day versus 30 million for the WALKING DEAD – the sit com we call THE WHITE HOUSE – which if global ratings sag – Trump tweets or goes Appendice style – YOUR FIRED and the world follows the TRUMP BUMP as an endless bouncing ball. World wide. Hate him or love him or in some middle – TRUMP IS THE SUPER STAR CELEBRITY PRESIDENT OF THE MEDIA AGE. Nothing like him likey ever – a one of a kind for his time to enjoy the highest ratings of humanity and history ever. That is for sure. MEDIA the ISSUE OF OUR TIME IS THE OIL WARS AND THE DESTRUCTION OF OIL.

The economic stimulus sending as all into prosperity ( and benefiting oil long term with lower demand crashing over time – do the spread sheet on this ) IS and remains – TRUMP DUMP AND SECURE THE GLOBAL ECONOMIC RECOVERY WITH 45.00 Dollar OIL. END THE MBS OIL WARS FIRE THE OIL NUKE AND STIMULATE A SECURE RECOVERY AND REMOVE DEBT BOMBS FROM CURRENT ACCOUNT RISK FROM ITALY CHINA TO TURKEY BY YEAR END.

8 Billion thanks you TRUMP TEAM.

Secures your election with political capital that is impossible to match – PROSPERITY 2020.



  1. Upon Congress passing the Debt Ceiling they already authorize spending for to the United States Treasury before their August Break.
  2. To pass a BUDGET by month end to secure a restoration of the USA CREDIT RATING based on oil wealth stats alone to credit agencies – restoring the credit lowering lost UNDER PRESIDENT OBAMA and raising our soaring debt cost due to CONGRESS FAILING TO ACT no fault of President Obama what so ever.
  3. TRUMP DUMP – stimulate global economic stability for Iran – For Russia – for EU for Asia for USA with a 45.00 oil price the TRUMP NUKE ends OPEC once and for all and its MOB BOSS and creates the truth – KEEPING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

All over again.







As my readers know I spent time in the GULF ( 50 years ) and past Saudi Saud Family Kings have mentored me along with Mullah’s on the Koran all older and gone today and I miss them. My only bucket list having been on Bedonine Carvivans in the purity of the real desert, is to have that invitation from a state leader I am serving in 2020 to execute that nations SUPER BOND and move into a Falcon Hunt. Not only is my team not typical journalist writing copy for an OWNER of media who seeks to sell mindless crap to you, with bias and spin and shallow reporting of none new, non issues, such as the endless drama distraction between Nancy and Trump – designed to keep voters highly entertained while the real work of pass the budget IS ( I’m happy to say Nancy is doing the PEOPLES BUSINESS as if she read my blog ) GO CONGRESS. If they pass this budget and San Francisco sanctuary city opposing RULE OF LAW and the Federal Government, invested with crime, top five street homeless population, top % of workers who can’t afford a home in town, and more ( failed economic model with collapsing infrastructure to get in and out of town or park – that Nancy a failed for her city decades of what she and Diane like geriatric Butch Cassidy and Sundance failing their city and not helping their nation either ) – but everyone loves them for non performance. We are investment banker economists. We report WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE ( financially economically what will effect markets REALLY and your business world really. )

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Now oil the cost of everything.


When you think of IRAN think of Saudi PR and billions to get you to think about IRAN as you do. MBS made it all so much worse trying to get the USA ( still trying ) into a war with IRAN. Everything you think about IRAN is wrong. Iran is a good guy in the middle east threatened by Saudi Radical Islam and Wahhabi home grown Islam. Radical Islam was financed by Saudi until they did terrorism at MECCA that was a bad year. Than Saudi made a deal they could export that radical Islam and endless economics would be provided as long as none of it took place on Saudi Soil. This has worked ever since although Iran is fighting as Shite Majority ( Saudi calls SHITE SCUM ) since that time. Iran is blamed for what MBS does like attack oil ships and blame it on IRAN to suck us into war and to get weapons MBS should not possess as a psychotic murder crime against humanity ruler. Khashoggi reported just how bad MBS was inside Saudi and how did that work out for him. Journalist that report on MBS don’t travel to SAUDI until MBS goes on a very long vacation which is coming. Faster than you all think. Even the CIA is waking up here. Its not IRAN its SAUDI keep your eye on the ball. MBS has taken over OPEC and makes all decisions now and bully boys OPEC into looking united. OPEC is selling oil around MBS like rain. RUSSIA could care less about real numbers PUTIN is not loosing market share any longer to non OPEC members in a SUPER GLUT not a GLUT of oil.

MBS in oil economics from mega yachts in the MED where he is right now running things from the mid floor office suite of his floating Kingdom, has to keep oil at $ 70.00 or higher. Why? The Kid bought too many toys. He has over spent so much he is ripping the SAUDI 70 year mature sovereign nation fund to shreds diverting serious diversified investing into pure loss in the future. The next downturn will blood bath asset value to that SAUDI FUND. Diversions now are flying into building projects to make Saudi economic outside of OIL. Only problem the projects MBS kiddy boy King invests into are not economic they do not pencil. 5 Trillion in capital has moved out of SAUDI, lost in oil price drops, or paused or canceled and not come in ( so the Kid had to steal from SOVEREIGN WEALTH FUND ) to keep his pet toy projects moving. What di the kid fail to do. TO MASSIVELY MAKE REFINERY PROJECTS STRATEGIC TO STRIPPING SULFUR FROM THE WORLDS DIRTIES MOST POLLUTING OIL ON EARTH SAUDI OIL. Failing to do this dooms Saudi economics. Those betting oil will rise on Iran issues are MBS final card loser hand bets. I’m going to tell you why the COST OF EVERYTHING is going to hit a wall and why this news site IS RIGHT AGAIN.

As in Ebola today reaching a major city from a MINISTER YET ( how may did he lay hands on ) over a buss ride into GOMA a city of over ONE MILLION. Hey you can’t track the OUT OF CONTROL A YEAR NEXT MONTH epidemic of EBOLA now crossing African borders this month. RIGHT AGAIN.

Back to OIL and the BRICK WALL YOU DO NOT KNOW ABOUT. So what is FED POLICY. To fight inflation. The yield curve has a nice spread now – banks are making plenty of money. Why panic if you are the Fed? Why bow to who? Money gamblers. Speculators who want to get FREE MONEY to casino capital bet with AI in global markets from investment banks that own the banks just like the GREAT DEPRESSION only AI worse with leverage and SUPER BUBBLES especially in MBS bid oil.

Thats right. Listen to me with our emotions. THE BOOM SOARS not if the FED lowers interest rate a fraction. No that sends wrong confidence signals to the world. The FED needs THE GREAT PAUSE – stop selling bonds – bam – right now and HOLD INTEREST thats the press bite. Why? The economy is doing great even in trade war. GREAT. Inflation is dead we are in DEFLATION. The Fed needs spread tools – 5% interest between 2020 and 2030 not ten months – to secure the future. A slow strategic modeling in AI economics. We’ll see if POWELLS team really get it. They read this blog.

GREAT PAUSE NO LIQUIDITY RISK TAKING BY SELLING BONDS – Raise interest to 5% first then sell bonds at premium strategically – TIME IS THE CENTRAL BANK WEAPON IN NEW AI ECONOMICS – learn to use TIME as an economic weapon itself. Happy to help the team call me. If you can’t beat em join em.

MBS and a team of criminals against all humanity gamble to bid up OIL in huge over supply. Criminal oil gangs manipulating prices in oil for pure greed. Your oil in America should be 1.25 at the pump today. 1.4 billion dying of starvation this year is a result of oil prices the cost of food production and movement. Those dying of shelter insecurity is all oil including invasions of a city of more than 5 million every ten years the USA can no longer pay for just one one boarder our souther border – the invasion is growing too large for economics. IF OIL WERE LESS folks would have life.



We have told you and told you despite MBS best efforts – bombing ships – PR that is massive – side bad bets long on oil rising – OIL IS GOING TO CRASH and WIPE UP LONG POSITIONS WITH A VENGEANCE. WHY?

There are many reasons but one is a killer MBS is working against time upon. His criminal insider band is simply in policy mistake and errors on oil – totally without options. The People of SAUDI ARABIA all with oil subsidy income have no clue that MBS is bankrupting his own nation. The SAUDI Royals are aware that:

  1. MBS has cost the nation 5 trillion dollars and rising in lost investment income and opportunities.
  2. No ruler of Saudi has been more horrific in failed policy – fully mentally ill – and incapable of taking responsibility.
  3. Hiding the dangers he has no clue how to get out of. We tried to help but by Khashoggi we told the truth.
  4. You can’t help the insane King he has to go.
  5. The longer he remains the more the damage including civil war and potential slaughter of those in power.


THINK THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE. Remember we have told you. So whats UP folks in the oIl longer game.

First, 20% which is huge of all oil used is for shipping across the sears and oceans of goods. The most dirty most world polluting SULFUR DIRTY SAUDI OIL is used by the shipping to the tune of too many TENS of BILLIONS to present today globally. The IMO – the WORLD MARITIME ORGANIZATION under UN mandate with nations signed on to treaty will Jan 1 require SHIPPING no longer burn sulfur oil with pollution now measured in ports world wide for the very first time.

This means all shipping must move to LOWER SULFUR OIL THAN OPEC AND ESPECIALLY SAUDI produce. So MBS trying to keep OIL PRICE CRIMINALLY ARTIFICIALLY HIGH for his own bankruptcy avoidance . requires 70 dollar oil. Oil supply glut to demand falling off a cliff is correctly priced $ 45.00 to $ 50.00 range from an average lifting hard cost of only 10.56 cents. A margin is appropriate -700% for an oil commodity is pure criminal manipulation by bad bad men and woman killing the entire planet. $ 1000 fantastically wealthy cheating the world and killing more humans than all war and illness combined into one. SEE WITH ECONOMIC EYES – economic criminals are the criminals nations need to put out of business once and for all.

The IMO deadline means:

  1. Ships will be seized and impounded for polluting Jan 1.
  2. Fines and cost to violate IMO rules will be enforced by the G 100.
  3. Shipping companies who fail to comply in months will lose their cargo’s and license and pay fines.
  4. 20% of polluting ships are going to dramatically reduce oil and pollution.
  5. What does this mean really to oil markets.

As you know when you see record mega watt electricity from natural gas, wind, tide, offshore wind, solar farms, electric cars, the largest shift from OIL making all that is taking place in less than five years over 100 years. OIL DEMAND is crashing off a cliff. Demand always rose. NOW DEMAND IS FALLING. Demand will fall for 25 years massively. While oil demand falls off NIAGARA FALLS unseen in 100 years since the industrial revolution. MBS failed OIL wars with the USA did not crush USA oil production but rose it from under five million barrels a day to over 13 million barrels a day and soaring soon to 20 million low sulfur lower cost to refine and less polluting to refine. US OIL is 10.00 dollars less per barrel than SAUDI harder more costly to refine oil – and thats spot price. Contract price USA kills OPEC oil. KILLS IT. No customer including CHINA wants to pay always higher cost, always raising cost, dirtiest sulfur oil on earth – and now all CHINA SHIPPING by Jan 1st ( its a FINGER SNAP ) assure SHIPS do not exceed new G 100 nation SHIP POLLUTION STANDARDS.



So MBS the now remaining DICTATOR OF OPEC, seeks to keep oil at his break even for his nation 70.00 high price as a criminal committing crimes against humanity. This oil price elevation has done more to limit economic recovery than any one single factor. These economic things assure no nation is left behind economically and boom expansion continues into 2030:


2. US CONGRESS PASSES 7 TRILLION MINIMUM INFRASTRUCTURE to assure no more New York black outs on failing antique systems – coming to cities near you unless they do it.

3. Oil prices crashing to market price from criminal phony price $ 45.00 to $ 50.00 and new policy to Saudi and OPEC criminals.

4. Moving reporting of all firms to 180 days bi annual taking speculators out of three week insane economic reporting with final reporting every four weeks. This removes casino capitalism and wild uncontrolled speculation from market price manipulations in AI economics.

5. Financial banking regulations for block chain world wide to preclude market distortion to the global system where black money and criminals take over all markets to mortal collapse of the core system for greed by criminals in block chain. A Flat uniform field with tax and related rule of law versus a wild wild west destruction of rule of law as unseen risk from block chain central banks and nations see so clearly as unintended outcomes all unwanted without a new industry regulatory frame work. OF COURSE. Nation Debt movement to SUPER BONDS adding TIME to fix that condition as outlined in our SUPER BOND REPORT on this blog site for global fiscal stability.

NOW THEN OIL. Those betting long as we told you would blood bath you at 70 dollar phony oil price – say a storm of 72 hours that was only a tropical storm having ZERO IMPACT on oil supply surplus – is unsustainable criminal pricing.


The IMO rules means SAUDI SULFUR the worst in the world can no longer fuel ships. So lets look at economics again:

  1. 20% of oil for shipping is dirty Saudi Oil.
  2. All that stops in five months.
  3. Ships are moving to other fuel sources – scrubbing stakes – and must stop using SAUDI OIL Jan 1st
  4. The largest drop in Saudi customer base has taken place as Saudi cut back one million barrels a day cutting off clients – charging clients higher prices who left for non opec lower prices cheaper to process lower sulfur – the largest drop in market share in SAUDI history ever – MBS did that loss.
  5. Now the loss will drop SAUDI income and all Iran has to do to take its # 1 real enemy – the feeder of Iran information to USA – down the rabbit hole – to win so big its silly – is make a deal with Trump.

Iran makes a deal. Paper that says we will never grow nukes in nation and we will contain are already fabulous # 1 missile defense. USA agrees to defend IRAN against any attack from Saudi specifically. Why not. Trust but verify. Billions in trade open up in 90 days and Iran goes past SAUDI in market share at 45.00 oil and SAUDI goes bankrupt in fact. Iran you win economically and politically. No act to undermine IRAN authority and Iran agrees not to back terror – because it doesn’t anyway – and US agree’s to end all sanctions and promote trade and foreign aide to IRAN billions to build up their oil infrastructure and make up all the pain. Iran agrees to fresh start a NEW STEP BY STEP RESPECT WITH TRUST BUT VERIFY – REGIONAL PEACE AND PROSPERITY LEADERSHIP. The Head of Iran would get the NOBEL PEACE PRICE and the MAN OF THE YEAR IN TIMES to the world – Saudi would be what it is – a criminal nation with Iran waiting for SAUD family retirement of the KING to make a great new trade deal with IRAN that TRUMP agrees to help with as of course.

Saudi loses.

Iran wins.

Already the most powerful military now with new prosperity in the deal IRAN CAN BUY US WEAPONS and with new prosperity remain the middle east influence it is historically to always become and its people win. The people suffering hate Trump when they should hate SAUDI who created their fake news and fake brand the BIG LIE. IRAN IS NOT THE CENTER OF MIDDLE EAST TERROR – SAUDI IS. I caution Israel to appreciate a deal with Iran can open trade with Israel TRUST AND VERIFY again kicking MBS who deserves it – right in his contour sheet balls finally. IRAN has the power to bring MBS DOWN by Christmas. Trade with Israel creates billions in prosperity for Palestinians. My PEACE PLAN ON THIS SITE includes IRAN as the final broker which TRUMP PUTS IN THE DEAL. They all read this site as does BIBI’s team. THIS IS THE GREAT WAY FORWARD and MBS gets the truth. THE TRUTH in all this is easy. Only MBS wants war only the sick oh kid mentally ill sociopathic King who puts top killers with bone saws to torture, whisper from MBS in his ears ( its on tape ) to a wedding permit. That KING has hurt IRAN not TRUMP.

Obama and Eu created a temporary nuke deal. Terrible Deal Trump was RIGHT. Best they could get. Why? They didn’t include the agenda’s here that quid pro Iran’s side and repair the FAKE NEWS ON IRAN. All from MBS. Failed policy now. Iran has the opportunity of the CENTURY WITH IMO. They SHOULD LEAD NOW WITH IMO and invite TRUMP to meet in UAE or better in IRAN ITSELF. I would as nothing hits MBS like that invitation and this agenda. Happy to come over and help the boss on the agenda to list out their absolutes and trust and verifies. TRUMP WILL SECURE IT ALL BOTH WAYS. Trump has zero interest in Regime Change. Look at the WAR OF WORDS SHIFT WITH NORTH KOREA and you see HONOR IN THE FUTURE OF THE DEAL. Iran has a window with IMO of massive prosperity for what a few sheets of paper when they don’t even want to become a nuke target who would. STAY AWAY FROM NUKES – we need to take nukes off all tables – SPACE TO GROUND and RUSSIA AND USA need to get rid of all NUKES forever – and the drain of endless military ramp up. In the end a planetary defense force of all G 100 needs to defend the world – and no nation wars to one another in the future – we defend the EARTH and rogue nations – period. We can always return nukes in 90 days if we need NUKES but nuke policy is human earth insanity. EXTINCTION IS NOT SANE folks.

8 billion need PEACE AND PROSPERITY. Can we DO BETTER – we can and we are and we are moving into better. WATCH.

IMO rules Jan 1st – Saudi can not recover as oil drops. TRUMP SHOULD DUMP THIS MONTH and move oil to $ 50.00 which creates more than oil sanctions the DEATH OF OPEC criminal oil influence at all – and brings the IRAN full partnership vision into a PROSPERITY DEAL. For Iran’s wonderful people yesterday is already too late really.

Now know – the IMO is changing oil pollution and shipping forever and heavy sulfur gulf fuel is out and American and non OPEC fuel wins. There is one other oil news but we can’t tell you yet as it is national security but when it is not we will ell you RIGHT AGAIN.

Oil. Long bets are bloodbath’s follow MBS and SAUDI to your financial graves but do keep in mind you heard it right and true all year …right here…as always first.


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Turkey is our NATO ally with borders on critical nations. The third largest standing army in NATO. Turkey has since the COUP paid for and master minded by MBS King of Saudi to undermine Iran, then blamed the USA, continually gets away with murder. Because Endgame (as we call the Turkey DICTATOR today as democracy was crushed post-COUP) as EMDGA<E and his team at the TOP knew MBS was behind it all. Endgame put cameras into the Saudi Embassy. Films of Hitler grade SLAUGHTER of our Washington Post press reporter – was PAY BACK and still is to MBS mid-east style.


Everyone places pussy foot with MBS as his over 5 trillion in loss in Saudi is rising as is Saudi debt, as 100% of MBS policy since 2014 has failed from OIL WARS against USA to pulling out the peace plan from Trump last month – to flipping TRUMP the FINGER raising oil prices criminally to the world. The International Petroleum institution came out today stating OIL OVER SUPPLY due to America was permanent and OPEC would need to cut back enormous sums to keep prices up. OVER SUPPLY is real and OIL will past price manipulation. Speculating gamblers keeping oil up with enormous side bets LONG ON Oil will lose too many billions to count when OIL goes back to 49 bucks which you’ll see soon. Right again. You’ll see.


Trump should DUMP given the IPE stated Oil was headed for its multi-billion dollars fall and confirmed our blog RIGHT AGAIN the world is drowning in oil. Price is only up because criminal gamblers are side betting it up as a hidden tax for greed and profit – offsetting normal market supply and demand pricing. The lies are too may but the truth is:


  1. Oil is naturally replenishing and is not scare at all.
  2. It costs on global average 10.57 cents to lift oil barrels to market.
  3. A 300% Mark up is high 400% more than enough for drilling and today’s market up of 70) % is a crime against humanity.
  4. The world is drowning in oil with America leading the FLOOD.
  5. Trump should trump for a month 1 million a day from 500 million barrels in our storage stock piles we no longer need because we are pumping more than enough.


Trump DUMP flips the finger back at MBS.


This month MBS moved Boeing made in America orders to the EU and their state subsidized airline flipping the bird to tens upon tens of billions in real orders moved out of the USA. MBS is an enemy of human rights and a psychotic sociopathic King temporarily. The cost to SAUDI Royal’s is fantastic within 1001 Arabian Knights (I read the book) – King crazy Brain MBS will Saudi style go on a very long vacation. Meanwhile the world shows respect to the long-term ruling families in real control the SAUD Families and tribes – while universally withdrawing capital investment and partnership with MBS while King. FIVE TRILLION of drying up economics for Saudi and the drop-in oil prices ends MBS as a final failed policy – MBS DESTROYED OPEC and is now its dictator.

Today the OIL industry was told cut backs can’t keep prices higher. Price is criminal cartel monopoly controlled as a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY who needs lower cost oil. Especially economy collapsing failed state (economically) TURKEY. Russia plans to break up Nato. Read BRAD THOR’s BOOK (well researched) SPY MASTER in book stores everywhere and you’ll start to see the Russia game plan and the why. Getting TURKEY OUT OF NATO close to its own borders is the Russia WHY. Buffer against NATO.


NATO on to the game plan is massively uniting consolidating and building up advanced weapons including NUKES to offset any and every RUSSIA possible threat to its own members countering a GAME PLAN that resolves if Trump makes a deal with Putin for prosperity and peace.


The NEW GAME plan when deals finally get done is to have USA EU RUSSIA AND CHINA set up no nation left behind global policy in mutual prosperity and peace. If we can rise up COOPERATION AND REAL INTEGRITY we get there Iran included. Trust but verify and we get there.




Turkey Economics are failing. Turkey can’t pay its bills. Turkey before Italy could shock world markets by SOVERIGN NATOIN DEBT DEFAULTING. The only solution is SUPER BONDS we wish to bring to ENDGAME. For system core stability before an unwanted SOVEREIGN NATION DEBT CASCADE that triggers system liquidity evaporation in time frames unknown PRE-AI ECONOMICS we are inside of today and which states and central banks are slow to realize is NEW.


Turkey has roaring inflation. To stop its currency dropping 80% in value and going lower by the hour – impossible to work out of without a SUPER BOND in the short term in our expert opinion – just fired its FED CHAIRMAN. Why? Interest at 29% to break the inflation (Jimmy carter had prime rates reach 21% do not laugh as it worked). ENDGAME Wants lower interest and is putting his own man in. World markets are even more now withdrawing capital flows into Turkey and to protect real RISK massively moving capital out of TURKEY. Russia in near recession and facing OIL GLUT forever as DEMAND CRASHES will break with OPEC. Russia will pump and get contracts to protect market share. It is economically better to protect loss of market share (MBS OPEC FAILED PLAN) than to pump less at higher prices and lose 30 years of customers who moved say to AMERICA. In record, new money for the USA hence the US dollar now also supported by OIL WEALTH unlimited OIL WEALTH under TRUMPs plan for economics driving both environment and lower cost energy for 8 billion humans. RUSSIA will DUMP OPEC and supply TURKEY with oil now not flowing as much from Iran down from 2,000,000 daily barrels to only 500,000 post sanctions and that is falling. IRAN is going broke without A US Deal – a few items of paper that are easy – and prosperity flows into IRAN as never in modern history. Iran will make a deal because their fear is misplaced. They can on their agenda trust but verify in reverse. In the deal terms. Everyone gets easy fix here and all the talk is not productive truly. Fake news almost all from MBS keeps labeling IRAN the bully boy when MBS with weapons money and Saudi man power invented TERROR led by its own peeps like Bin Laden’s son not an IRANIAN among them.


Iran has been dying to kill the radical MBS terrorist and winning. We should help them do it.


We should in winning policy make a deal with Hezbollah to trust and verify both sides like we are trying to do with Taliban no difference. Sanctioning Lebanon is not our best strategy but no one asks me and I’ve done business in those nations for 50 years. Today. Our policy is in error from actual ignorance much of it from MBS fake news.


TURKEY is engaged in war in SYRIA and Turkey should make a deal with the KURDS trust and verify. A Super Bond and that deal stop the cost which TURKEY can no longer afford at all.




Soon Turkey leaning into Putin’s game plan on NATO loses dollar reserves to pay all trade bills. IT is getting close.


Trump seeing TURKEY accept RUSSIA Protection and weapons has consequences Endgame is assured Trump will not sanction Turkey in distress but Endgame called TRUMPS FULL HOUSE and consequence may include:


  1. Turkey out of NATO as painful as that is
  2. Sanctions on Turkey as painful as that is
  3. Americans are going to dry up investment watch as Endgame flipped the finger to the USA this week
  4. Our pulling out of Turkey will help say PAKISTAN and give them billions and Turkey dies economically aa a failed state
  5. Turkey’s people appreciate in overwhelming numbers just outing ENDGAMES second election for his own buy Mayor of the capital Istanbul – outing him massively by vote – where economic failure is clear for every single TURKISH VOTER today.


TURKEY is failing as an economy. When the economy super crashes and its very close now before TRUMP unfolds the CONSEQUENCE of flipping the finger to the USA this week with Russia weapons arriving killing NATO DEFENSE IN NATION all of which must withdraw and that is economic.JOBS buying in nation untold dollar support all evaporating as if ENDGAME can flip that finger and think the is too big to fail. Oh, the IS FAILING in economics.


World markets and Turkish DEBTORS trusted the Chairman of the Turkish Central bank fired on Fourth of July slow news day weekend which was front page everywhere and on our BLOG the very Day it occurred.  Why?


Because the following economic pressures unfold.



The consequence of ENDGAME miscalculations is:


  1. Economic crushing consequence at the worst time to Turkey from the USA. Russia in recession cannot save them as Putin is fighting for cash himself. Hence his Deal urgency with TRUMP all going well which includes TURKEY POLICY too.
  2. NATO will bond even more closely IF Turkey is kicked out of NATO. If that happens untold billions leave the sinking nation. Turkey is no longer a NATO ALLY in fact. Turkey is a Russian Ally shown clearly this week. Our NATO defense secrets must also be defended as we defend against RUSSIA. For our allies in NATO as ONE. Article 5.
  3. Debtors to Turkey were fearing loss and default from the DICTATOR as Turkey is no longer not really a core democracy its people are losing it. They know it too. Now World DEBTORS in all global markets are TURKEY TERRIFIED. Where Italy has time for a SUEPR BOND WORK OUT Turkey does not. Terrified the lender pressures to protect themselves will become death nails to the sinking rapidly Turkey TITANIC that hit an ice berg this week folks.
  4. Seeing nothing but political riots and unrest in Turkey as the nation fails economically pain will reach instability. Every investor knows THAT and now Turkey will receive polite nods with NO DEALS. Capital flows from AI will now evaporate.
  5. Worse CLICK RUNS ON BANKS will fold banks as Turkey depositor’s CLICK RUN on banks moving to global international banks and Turkish banks will close and collapse like dominoes ENDGAME never even saw coming. THOSE CLICK RUNS are taking place now. Turkey smarts are moving from failed TURKISH CURRENCY in droves to Dollars and EU’s.


Stimulus to Turkey includes a new strategy. ENDGAME needs to FLY to the USA and make a deal. First. I’d send the Russian weapons back as economic 101. Endgame needs a SUPER BOND the can set up while in DC – and our support easy. That reestablishes economic core assets – TRUST and CONFIDENCE. As this step is doubtful internal stimulation without these steps creates TURKEY FAILED STATE ECONOMICS and is a risk to world stability itself. Sovereign Nation debt defaulting affects us all. Endgame has not seen the bigger picture here.


Endgame thinks what can outsiders including AMERICA really do? Well everything really. Is what.


This week all eyes on Turkey Why?




Endgame this week went from not a friend of the USA to an enemy of the NATO ALLIANCE and all its nations who will boycott Turkey coming up. Endgame evoked economic Article 5. If NATO does not act on this as one – NATO suffers with PUTIN is hoping for. Divide NATO and unwind NATO. Trump has improved NATO budgets and strategy and weapons and ENDGAME made a national strategic economic and security error. If Endgame believes being a RUSSIAN center of influence will save him…. watch. Wrong sonny.


You put down two threes’ in the card game of this world.


President Donald Trump holds a FULL HOUSE ACES HIGH and never wanted to win anyway.


What does a USA enemy look like? Oh, we see it in:


  1. Nato breach of trust
  2. Economic breach of trust to the world firing the Central Bank Chairperson for politics versus economics always a failing hand.
  3. Debtor shattering of confidence and trust in all world AI markets today
  4. Flipping the finger to the USA too many ways to count deal breaking it this week
  5. Syria – violating cease fire – arming the terror groups and fighting with them against USA killing our folks too.


What will the USA ‘DO” in the greatest state leader miscalculation of recent times?


THAT will unfold soon. We so do not wish to be RIGHT AGAIN as we do business in Turkey and have Turkey members of CEO SPACE who are all so wonderful.  One of our Romanian members teaches tennis to the children of the SUPER WEALTH OF TURKEY and that honor of sharing those young leaders developing into an adult hood lacking HOPE AND PROMISE because ENDGAME created his own economic outcome by failed economic strategy. Strategy failures that brought about an 80% drop in Turkey currency value and plunging now just going to near zero while interest is at 29%. GROW INSIDE THAT ENVIROMENT.


Far worse Turkish lenders stand to lose a trillion dollars at every possible level of investing and soon. Turkey will run low on cash to pay its military and the military will not be amused. Enough will be enough.


If ENDGAME ends badly Turkish style – the did that to himself – and has no one else now to blame.




Without an emergency TRIP TO WAHSINGTON DC to make a fresh deal restart – economically – we just do not see the time ITALY has for TURKEY. END GAME.


To our Turkish brothers and sisters this weekend – we are at CEO SPACE in 150 nations praying for you all and we are so very sorry – so sorry. HOPE AND PROMISE is now winking out for you because of your leader errors that his team failed to see in the first place. When politics drives economics, you have VENEZUELA. NO SOCIALIST STATE far from COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM the right hybred like NORWAY you have Venezuela a failed state that kills hope and promise for the people of the nation. THE FEW ELITES AGAINST THE MANY never ever works in long term economics where the MANY FOR THE MANY always does. We are so sorry for Venezuela all 8 billion of us – for Saudi and its wonderful people and rulers – and for Turkey as we pray for you continuously. FOR YOU THE PEOPLE OF TURKEY WE JUST LOVE YOU ALL.







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What is the core cause of Recession.

Successful or failed economy policy.

Whose causes Recessions?

The majority? Failed policy of the criminal bankers bank THE FED – read the news data on FED on this site. Criminals can not make policy for the people when conflicted to their own profit and greed using absolute without check and balance power over monetary policy. Power without check and system balances is unbridled and corrupts absolutely. When the Fed is seen as THE GODFATHERS BANK and mob bosses all guilty of trillions upon trillions in criminal greed, all pled guilty more than once and paid fines to stay out of jail in a conspiracy with the Justice department you see with new reading glasses the fraud the criminal bankers do not wish you educated sufficiently to know the truth of system core corruption. You feel is all wrong but you do not know why. Our story on FED educates you on WHY and on HOW.

At American’s lowest point of suffering in the GREATEST RECESSION created by FED banker greed in SUB PRIME and criminal profit making tax payers spent 11 trillion dollars to give to criminal banks to pay off their bad debt transferred another crime as Bernanke a master criminal took the bad boy criminal loss and transferred it to US tax payers and unborn tax payers to bail out the criminal banks who hired him in the first place. I an others thought this was kicking a nuke economically down the road for explosion later in time with no blame to the current criminals or the criminal Bernanke Who goes down in history he wrote for himself as the man who saved the financial system when in fact he made things so much worse. As time will tell us all. Watch. Duck.

So a terrific super bubble criminal banks made trillions on expanded until like all economic bubbles it exploded. Why? Digital economics and short profit making in speculations that did not correct the market economically but crashed the market as criminal gamblers, empowered by unanimous act of Congress – voted in the last three hours of the Clinton last per Holiday break closing session as the COMMODITY MODERNIZATION ACT. This one law tore up 800 Depression safety valves to economic core stability.. DEC 1999. We are ECONOMIC HISTORIANS the custodians of the truth outside the criminal fake news fraud mind control you all are raised with world wide by central banks. Central banks are the greatest criminal mob control as crooks pure and simple, over everything. CROOKS OVER RIDING MONEY OF NATIONS. Thats the game plan. Let me ask you a third grade mass question for your advanced economic examination so I can clear all this up for you as Gallagher the Comedian would say while smashing a gouge with a large wooden mallet over his plastique sheet wearing audience screaming as he smashes that gouge on the CHOPPING BLOCK screaming to the audience world wide…folks it is just:


So the founding fathers in the American Constitution charged by law that only the US Treasury can print US currency. The US Treasury is under administration of THE ADMINISTRATION but its budget is controlled and oversight is provided as well by the US CONGRESS who review who the SECRETARY OF TREASURY IS and that MONEY GOD can be fired by both the President and the Congress through rule of law due process.

So in early 1900 we rush a 80 page act to ILLEGALLY UNDER THE US CONSTITUTION law, give a third party private stock firm owned by wealthy criminal bankers the control of our money supply as exclusive now agency to print money not part of the USA at all. No check and balance built in. Why. Independence of politics? Did we have bubble crashes money melt down world wars before the FED. No. We let the GODFATHER CRIMINAL CENTRAL BANK BE CALLED AS PURE FRAUD the FEDERAL ( which it is not federal anything ) RESERVE ( it has no reserves ) BANK. IT is not a bank it is a contractor to steal by overriding every dollar in you pocket.

US Treasury notes backed by gold and silver were replaced by FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES The printing of money under the new Congress 80 page law permitted the FED to be paid by charging interest for every dollar printed. The US never had to pay debt to print money. It printed money responsibility exchanged for gold and silver reserves as it said on TREASURY GUARANTEED NOTES.

By the 1970s given the wars the FED had caused – as economic historians the depression of 1907 few years after the First fed super money printing bubbles – resulted in SUPER CRASH and American DEPRESSION – and WORLD WAR I which inflated economics again and we rose out of economic depression like unknown in US history. Bit later much larger money super bubble and in 1929 we see a far larger GLOBAL SUPER CRASH AND ECONOMIC DEPRESSION. The entire system stopped. Banks and investment banks were bankrupted and closed nation wide. The Fed opted for massive Government spending on public works by debts never before known by the USA – debts we never paid off and still have on our books ( did you know THAT )?  World War II a huge profit for the criminal bankers re-inflated the money supply only through WAR as the public massive work infrastructure was not enough. Not by itself.

Congress failing to pass a US budget and failing to emergency pass infrastructure as stimulus versus criminal banks lowering interest ( we’ll tell you why ) is criminal of congress in economics and prepares for the GREATEST DEPRESSION of them all followed by new world wars criminal bankers make wealth consolidate so they get what they are after. ONE WORLD GOVERNANCE ONE WORLD CURRENCY AND THE MOB BOSS CONTROLS THE MONEY AND THEREFORE THE GLOBAL RIGHT TO STEAL FROM ALL 8 billion cattle sheep equally in their plan to CARE for the world with elites on top. All economic. All printed written documented and on line but takes work to put it all together.

Now the questions children:




If you print money from the check and balance constitutional treasury for the people by the people and of the people….and there is no interest cost to print money or create monetary policy and for 100’s of years its working better than any place really and the dollar and pound are the lead currencies on earth….

WHY would you turn money printing over to profit driven bankers, and then pay interest on every dollar you printed creating a soaring national debt ( to the criminal bankers ) you gave that money contract to…why would anyone DO THAT?

If you could merge the US currency back into US treasury, and stop paying interest on every dollar being printed on the criminal banker printing presses via a bad law 80 page act of US Congress – why would you in a digital AI age – not pass an emergency act of Congress and stop legal theft of the nations real wealth to criminal bankers?

If the criminal bankers calling themselves FED when they are nothing but plea convicted criminal mob bosses worst criminals in history, all central bankers, as one, use INDEPENDENCE as their GREAT FRAUD when they are private stock firms in law owned in secret by the very criminal banks the criminal FED controlling board nominated as criminal servants to their criminal bank nomination mob bosses – are when the FRAUD CURTAIN is drawn back – are just garden variety money criminals – why do you not look at money in your wallet – see FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE as a legal theft of your wealth and the nations future and not just HATE THEM and want to take their lie – independence and replace it with CRIMINAL MOB BOSS and get the criminal FED merged back into US congress as the ONE ELECTION ISSUE OF 2020 for all our votes.

NOTHING COST MORE TO OUR UNBORN THAN EVERY SECOND THE CLOCK TICKS AND THE CRIMINAL FED IS MARCHING THE WORLD INTO WAR FOR ONE WORLD CENTRAL BANK CONTROLLED WORLD GOVERNMENT NO MATTER IF THEY HAVE TO KILL 2 Billion of Eight Billion to rebalance their ONE WORLD GOV never ending banker march to control 100% of money world wide – overriding it all- and profit massively on their way to do it.

READ AMAZON BEST SELLER – THE KILLING OF AMERICA for the world plan you think is not well documented but it is completely documented.

With this in mind; if the FED lowers interest rates – already a 70 year low decade level rate at bottom – we return to PHONY PRICES for all asset classes – soaring speculation and gambling using FREE MONEY – which will end in the expansion of SUPER BUBBLES in all asset classes – to effect desired outcomes. A SUPER CRASH AND WORLD WAR.

The Fed has failed in policy after ten years and over 20 trillion of central bank printing presses from Japan to EU to stem the deflation. Attempting to start a long term inflationary cycle to stimulate core economic growth against they have deflation. Collapsing oil to soy bean prices across all matrix. Bad bets by free money lenders are creating say, record farm bankruptcies. FED Criminal bankers stormed in with free money profit making in American’s farm belt with the largest % increase in Farm Loans seeking to replace sagging pre crash MORTGAGE BUSINESS with rewriting all FARM LOANS and all Farm financing in general.

Today the Criminal Bankers as they did in SUB PRIME are turning off the spigot. As interest soared and farm loans rolled over into 300% higher interest in the short time spans, these loans when reviewed did not pencil at risk levels CITI CORP and Chase could manage or CITI BANK. The easy farm money stopped on a time in 2019. Farm repossessions and bankruptcies in legal theft of all farm assets skyrocketed double 2018 levels and soaring now. Farmers making our food are by the hundreds unable to get replacement financing, roll over loans, and with falling TRADE WAR demand and customers and lower prices – as they can’t find markets to replace EU and Asia buyers easily – are waiting tables and holding down two jobs both man and wife having lost their firms. RECORD FARM LOSS is taking place now as the criminal bankers sucked them in – made profits – and now repossess assets and profit all over again selling smaller family farms to combines their larger customers in yet another undesired WEALTH CONSOLIDATION.

No agency of nation is protecting small business or farmers from these banker strategies designed to forever consolidate wealth under their auspices. We used to have base on banking. Today a half dozen control the huge % of all wealth circulations. As these TOO BIG TO JAIL OR FAIL CRIMINAL BANKS now have proven track history – crime pays big time and government you just bride with small fines to grow the next crime. PROFIT CRIMINALLY UNTIL YOUR CAUGHT spend years developing your smallest fine to a nation you have bought and paid for and go on to the next crime. All the while the largest CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY the largest ECONOMIC CRIME – THE LARGEST POLITICAL CRIME is the incestuous stealing of the wealth of nations by FRAUD – by criminal central bankers owned by the bankers that control everything.

UNLESS the CENTRAL BANKS ARE MERGED BACK INTO STATE TREASURY FREE OF CRIMINAL LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY AND BIG BANKS ALL OF THEM ARE UNBUNDLED AND BROKEN UP BY THE TREASURY OVER SIGHT RESTORED – the system today proceeds into criminal outcome of one world currency and government because good men and women stood by and watched pure evil and did nothing to stop pure evil.

All the lies to the contrary the economic truth is spelled out IN THE RESEARCHED DATA in THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM on Amazon : https://www.amazon.com/Killing-Uncle-Sam-Demise-America-ebook/dp/B07D41ZTHZ

Readers who wish to KNOW who really controls their money supply and nation buy and read the data as COMMON DAMN SENSE.

So answer – Children:


….if printing money without paying interest and with full check and balance audits and accountability better than printing money by criminals who charge interest and who are accountable to now one? Your answer?


Merge the Fed criminal central banks of all the criminal bankers into the US TREASURY to secure the process we use today without the cimes and cost or keep the criminals in power with immunity from their crimes by act of congress 80 pages 1904 before the telegraph was everywhere and the pony express delivered US Mail?

ITS ON THE TEST KIDS bone up. Replace bad law with good law? Protect AMERICA or sell America down the river to criminal bankers? Come on READ THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM and know the economics to answer this pop quiz kids.


Against your test score children, comes recessions.

Recessions are contractions in GNP and economic growth when two back to back quarters – 180 days – show contraction with now growth and a decline in growth – you are in a contraction period of economics failing to grow or expand and the economic outcome is shrinking versus growing. Unemployment rises and the environment for business has challenged confidence or shattered confidence.

Recessions occur ECONOMICALLY when:

  1. Consumers pull back spending.
  2. Governments pull back spending and cut back budget growth.
  3. Both pull back spending.
  4. AI controlling 440 Trillion pulls back investing for growth
  5. 10,000 Super money pools larger than nations pull back investing – imploding to less than 5000 Super Money pools

Risk to economics:

  1. Policy failures that shatter confidence when any combination of 1-5 above occur
  2. External events ( wars and trade wars and outside events ) shatter confidence and contracted spending occurs
  3. A combination of 1 and 2
  4. Unbridled Market AI speculation where side bets are 1000 to 1 real economic investing in casino capitalism
  5. First Generation AI economics moving to unknown untested unregulated second third to 20th and above AI
  6. Debt Super Bubble cascading where the DEBT BOMB removes market liquidity as economic NUKE to system
  7. AI ECONOMICS Super Change accelerations with no experience or global regulations on 1 to 7 as RISK today

Super Change the TITLE of my OCTOBER global best seller presents a new premise. We now reside in a forward AGE we can’t not escape the AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. We thought things were going to slow down so we could up to a new normal. Things are NOT SLOWING DOWN things are VASTLY SPEEDING UP. What we have to DO IS CALM DOWN and get far more in our brain than our heads and gain new perspective and be more objective on future implications effecting us individually and collectively. The tools and tactics to stay current and relevant inside the unrelenting Ai march of Super Change is critical. Today SUPER CHANGE has out paced our human being capacity to ADAPT into the very accelerated change of this age WE OURSELVES CREATED. New tools new strategies are required.

No where is this seen more clearly than the economics of the world by passing all 5000 years of human understanding as in 2014 the majority of 440 trillion in circulations was controlled for the first time by AI and no longer by human beings. A few years later it is over 90% AI controlled A NEW ECONOMICS HAS RISEN UP but no regulatory agency believes everything is new. They apply 1930’s regulations to a 2020 AI new economic. The AI has by passed world regulatory frame works and controls unsustainable debt spirals – super bubbles in all asset classes – and risks a recession and worse as core liquidity evaporates out of the system as RISK. No one sees the risk of core liquidity but Christine leaving IMF and a few informed leaders.

The only fix we have seen in ten years is SUPER BOND THEORY you can scroll and read here. Nations are in a race to engage TIME and SUPER BONDS to defuse their lit DEBT BOMBS from exploding in DEBT SUPER BUBBLE crashes.

Is a recession occurring now?

Yes in Japan as GNP contracts since 2018 in the worst China down bubble for manufacturing autos everything in 30 years. In Germany contracting the same in manufacturing exports and automobiles. Germany as the largest economy in the EU looks to be bleeding without bandaids right now in trade wars not even started YET.

The USA is fine. If the Fed held interest rates we would be safe. If the FED lowers interest rate related to confidence factor ( see above lists of cause of recessions ):

  1. Confidence shatters as the FED now bows to politics running economics
  2. Confidence shatters because the FED is out of CONTROL and displayed panic
  3. Confidence is shattered as the market confirms POLICY ERROR in raising interest far too much too soon
  4. Confidence Shatters following a free money boom in a fools rally to be adjusted in value to follow in the crash
  5. The Fed runs out of bullets and ammo to do anything to moderate the SUPER CRASH AND DEPRESSION it created by design profting all the up and all the way down

Crimes pays.

Recession makes profits. If you are a criminal banker and you own the nations central bank what kind of big melon are you smoking?

The One stabilizing issue in the 2020 election in all nations is a rising awake voter who demands of candidates – WILL YOU MERGE THE CENTRAL CRIMINAL BANK BACK INTO OVERSIGHT INTO STATE TREASURY. Elect those who firewall the the criminals by merging central banks back into their treasury. Every voter issue is distraction politics. The real economic core issue is ONE ISSUE – merging criminal out of control theft of national wealth back into their respective state treasuries. DO THIS and you reclaim ownership of your nation.

Fail to do this and you will have and know SUPER VOLATILITY in markets and prices – boom bust cycles to system failure – global depression like never before – world war – and banker owned global BANKER SLAVES who in politics opt for ONE WORLD CURRENCY WITH ONE CENTRAL BANKER OWNED BY CRIMINALS AND ALL CRIMINAL BANKERS OWN SHARES AND the billions left are cradle to grave wage slaves who appear free but who are nothing free what so ever.

Recession is the road to one world government created by CENTRAL BANK plan and manipulation. As long as central banks control the nation money supply countries are run by their MOB BOSS BANKERS. As many law makers are elected by BANKER MOB BOSS MONEY they control laws that would merge them.

A drain the SWAMP melon leader can ORDER THE MERGER OF THE FED INTO US TREASURY and if done fast enough well enough – two things may occur. VOTER OVERWHELMING BACKLASH may shift the % of bought and law makers into congressional action to emergency legislate the FED MERGER the PRESIDENT ORDERED done deal. No one kills anyone.

Would the criminal bankers take out this threat to their largest crime on earth?

Sure look at history. Read my FED story and learn earn and return.

Recession is not normal economics. Australia has no had one in 30 years. How many have we had?

Economies grow until criminal bankers engineer declines to CONSOLIDATE WEALTH until 1% own more wealth than 99%.

Children do you want an economy that has 1% own more wealth than 99% of all wealth?

Is this desirable in economics?

Is this stable economics”

Does unbridled wealth consolidation ( where the USA is today ) effect liquidity and create system failures?

Can we fix it? ( Sure Merge the Fed INTO US Treasury ) .

Is a wealth economy of circulation in 2007 with 1.5 million super money pools controlling circulation now consolidated to less than 10,000 SUPER DUPER MONEY POOLS controlling almost 100% of all capital circulations in all asset classes desirable?

If the wealth of the world resides in less than 10,000 super money pools and they fix and rig prices in everything is that desired all occurring outside any regulatory frame work today?

If New AI economics now circulates on borrowed margin leverage 1000 to 1 dollar side bets on which way future prices will go betting both up and down with formulas – where 1 dollar is real investing in a stock or a bond or economics and 999 dollars flows to casino side bets with borrowed money- like 1929 only 10,000 times worse – is the outcome likely for a system failure as the bad bets outweigh the good bets at trillions and trillions of dollars where no nation has the capacity to now pay off the bad side bets when the loans on those bad bets are called in by criminal bankers?  Is this how you wish to run your state economics?

The regulatory world regulates 1930s paper trading transactions.

All regulations are local to the blue sky of UK or America or China.

All trades are AI ECONOMICS in the CLOUD – outside all blue sky – a virtual geography without rules of law or borders.


DO you think this systemic duplication of what caused the GREAT DEPRESSION is desirable only its far far worse as its DIGITAL AND AI today beyond leverage of physical paper trades. In click world it is Ai controlled and maximized to profit with maximized risk taking without regulatory risk avoidance.

Over stressed banking just like 1929 is now relaxing reserves – keep less in the bank and loan out in side bets 11 to one or higher without reserves to protect core deposits. No one has money IN THE BANK. Your money is all gambling in the casino. Not one dollar or one pound or one dollar. No. One Dollar is gambling at 50 to 1 leverage in the casino betting.

When the musical chairs ( price and liquidity ) crash what happens.

Oh children you all know what happens.

All that it requires for evil to triumph….is for we good men and women to know the truth of evil and then to….just do nothing.

Our work on the FED tells you WHAT TO DO. Takes minutes.

But who WILL DO IT really?

Ah that is the evil in us is it not our apathy.


As the FOOLS rally of over inflated multiples never seen since 1929 just before the Depression crash – we break 27,000 DOW. The Powell Chairman said:

  • The relationship between Labor and Inflation is an employment no longer chart. Why? First the FED well knows we don’t count 35 million long term unemployed. The unemployed in the USA ( see any homeless city streets in major cities 77,000 tonight in LA say on the streets ) means we have plenty of labor to fill demand and prices are not rising. Also in NEW AI economics and robotics by AI humans are replaced from SELF DRIVING cars to real living new beings you call robots but they are AI a new species. The new economics is one chart at a time dawning on the FED hey its all new.
  • But the Fed gave relevance to two charts. LOW CAP STOCKS and INVERTED BOND YEILD CURVE 100% of the time predict contractions to follow. Will Powell 2019 interest rate reverse versus our suggestion he just holds as stopping rises and holding moderates his too high rate curve. Plus we keep China in Check versus helping them with lower free money interest when China borrows 300% more than it makes and Italy is another item coming up as is Turkey as two failing tipping point economies.
  • Powell Signaled nothing and the FOOLS RALLY SOARED on what the Fed has left. AIR. Talk. Zero economics.
  • Meanwhile 77% of reporting firms are down with missed earnings and we have a record fools rally. You think this will end well kids? Economics is out the window for speculator gamblers betting. Billions are betting wrong. We’ll see if we are right. Again.
  • Turkey is failing – China is down bubble in worst GNP report and contraction in over 30 years – Italy is debt unsustainable – Greece is now with new government deviating from what was working – how can all this explode markets with violence from Syria hitting a brick wall with terror winning holding – even with Russia help – Turkey draining its red into Syria border wars it can not afford and Russian gear it can not pay for – Somalia – EBOLA out of all control worst outbreak ever 12 months red line in August – demand for oil is softening and oil goes up on a three day gulf storm ( really ? ) as nothing changes in supply demand but gamblers bidding the price up inside casino capitalism – as AI now controls the bets winning for a time up and down until its all down and not up then AI learns some new lessons from Humans who already know the lessons – how does this end well Kids? Read my summary note at the bottom.

On Super Storms – double Bomb Cyclone – new weather in climate CHANGE never seen before causes now TRILLIONS in damages this decade – where the Bank of England state CLIMATE CHANGE IS HAVING DEVASTATING CHANGES INTO FINANCIAL RISK OF NATIONS – Powell asked did his process – he said – ah ah I have to go back on look. He also said the RISK ACCELERATING OF CLIMATE CHANGE has not developed NEW MATRIX’s impact on GNP of increasing severity and frequency of weather impacting GNP as it has now in the last THREE WINTERS by over a 1% point. They have NO NEW PROCESS to accommodate CLIMATE CHANGE.

Powell confirmed in FED SPEAK what you heard here so often screaming if you scroll all last year and 2017. The FED is consistent with policy since 1930’s in raising interest rate way too fast – way to frequently – way to much. Seeking a mystical new phrase POWELL INVENTED which is NOT ECONOMICS in AI controlled new economics. His cute phrase the world dumps catch all into as old MATRIX AND CHARTS are falling one after the other in two days before congress within ADMISSIONS oh those old charts don’t apply anymore. ( Implied and we don’t know why ).  The Fed phrase is NUTRAL INTEREST RATE a formula Powell invented with is not economics. There is NO NUTRAL INTEREST RATE. Today we have negative inflation but the Fed fails to remove the cost of everything OIL from all calculations and its ripple stripped out as a PHONY CRIMINAL MOB PRICE FIXING MODEL being shattered today by AMERICAN OIL production but slowly as OPEC is dying as we told you first and why in fact. WIth oil out the adjusted DOWN again in June inflation of 1.5 is actually NEGATIVE INFLATION. DEFLATION and no one asked questions on stagflation and entrenched Japanese 30 year DEFLATION they can’t break printing untold trillions to re-inflate all failing. In the past 100 years only WAR re-inflates deflation economics. The FED took vital liquidity out of a recovery crawling on its knees by selling hundreds of billions into bond markets taking liquidity away and chopping the knees off China EU and USA growth. They raised interest rates at the wrong time and frequency ( FAILED 100% always FED POLICY never once have they got it right as an economic historian never once ) . Yet the MONEY HIGH PREIST appears before Congress in American economic ignorance and no one asks POWELL – so High Priest and oracle with 100% failed track record ( noting even those who know do not want economic panic and CLICK RUNS OUT OF BANKS like is taking place massively now in failing Deutsch Bank and maybe WELLS FARGO where if it keeps CLICK RUNNING the bank will lack LIQUIDITY the problem we keep stating is core here – the FED TOOK OUT LIQUIDITY at the very worst possible time using old charts that now high priest MONEY GODS say – oh those charts no longer work any more RIGHT AGAIN but they have no new charts as they do not understand the new AI economics which include CLIMATE CHANGE WINTERS WORLD WIDE and Bank of London calls for a NEW PROCESS and Powell notes – uh duh – we use our old process and we feel CLIMATE CHANGE is not a significant factor which is denial by ignorance tied to old economics all of which are dead now . The Fed has no clue.

NO ONE IN CONGRESS ASKED are we in a NEW AI ECONOMY and have central banks lost all control because you regulate under USA Blue Sky legally but capital flows are all in the unregulated CLOUD outside your BLUE SKY old antique modeling and you no longer have a process to regulate AI ECONOMICS controlling 90% not you any more of money capital flows? Is NEW CLOUD CURRENCY a threat to the entire system? What if US TREASURY merged FED and used BIT DOLLARS and paper money was gone and the dollar of the world was BLOCK CHAIN from the US Treasury could we move AI to controL AI with NEW LAWS WE DESPERATELY NEED?

Why pay interest to print money? Why not merge your process back into US TREASURY no one asked the RIGHT QUESTION . Why? Denial ignorance is the WHY. Lack of data our reports set out clear as a brick to your fore head. So the FED chopped the knees off recovery – held the crawling recovery down on the floor with its interest foot for member bank shareholder of the FED GREED – using old antique obsolete charts they now ADMIT don’t work but rail to state we are in a new economy all together. It is our opinion the NEW MONEY GODS are inside US TREASURY with our greatest Secretary of Treasury EVER in history and the right questions should be asked of them next. In our opinion. What I heard as an investment banker economist is:

  1. The Fed made critical errors in policy.
  2. The Fed is trying to adjust but doesn’t know what is “RIGHT’ in the new environment.

We suggest a) a super bubble from gamblers is driving market prices to insane value levels and b) interest is at historic 100 year lows now. HOLD steady and DO NOTHING. If they go backwards toward free money in deflation the problems mushroom and the crash of the frothy white cap economic storm waves on these high unsustainable valuations must adjust in core economics and that pain is less holding than adding new froth.

The FED relies on one asset. CONFIDENCE. Everyone is seeing the FED has no clothes and is naked with 100% failed policy – and confidence in the FED itself I suggest is now a new RISK without merging the FAILED FED into the US TREASURY which has the AI the check and balance and the better BRAINS without conflict to bank ownership the FED conflicts into always – tearing the molars out of CRIMINAL BANK CONTROL OF ECONOMIC POLICY and returning it to where the CONSTITUTION demands it all resides in the US TREASURY in 2020. THAT is the FIX. Confidence the foundation of economics in the USA is shattered two days. DO you BELIEVE our team are the only economist brains who see all this clearly? You see it. Are you kidding me?

So utterly shattered is real FED CONFIDENCE especially if they lower interest and add fuel to market gambling inside casino AI capitalism yet unregulated that FED PANIC SHOWED ITS FACE TODAY. Powell noting all G 7 Central bankers would meet on BLOCK CHAIN and FACE BOOK. You can’t stop without new laws block chain. You can’t stop it anyway as you can house it inside protected by law jurisdictions. WHY PANIC? Because trillions will move out of EU and DOLLAR and especially YUAN. Hong Kong is rapidly exporting a DEMOCRACY REVOLUTION into failing communist economics ( without A URGENT TRADE DEAL AT ALL COST IN TIMING AND SUPER BONDS TO STIMULATE CHINA Economics and STABILITY more impactful to economic US monetary policy than CLIMATE CHANGE WINTERS ). Trillions move from currency to new world block chain trust and confidence FACE BOOK REPLACES CENTRAL BANKS in FACT in the new AI economics and MARK’s team is way way ahead of the DEAD FED on this item. IT IS UNSTOPPABLE in fact. If two billion rising to 4 billion use LYBRA versus any currency of central banks we the PEOPLE opt in to a new world economic order without the THEFT of the criminals. What occurs if FACEBOOK the NEW WORLD CENTRAL BANK give us all Lybra lower cost credit cards lower cost home and auto loans and no one goes back to the BANKS who price melon us all? What is PANIC AT THE FED AND G 7 CENTRAL BANKS LOOK LIKE. My two blogs the FED before this one and today tell you what PANIC AT THE FED LOOKED LIKE TODAY. See POWELLS FACE AND TONE OF VOICE. We all saw it like a clear bell – ask not for whom this bell tolls for it is RINGING FOR US ALL 8 BILLION OF US in a new click economy that left the failed FED POLICY 100% FAILURE every single time – where the HIGH PRIEST has no clothes left as the CONFIDENCE is shattered into the wind by world smart folks. They see the NEW ECONOMY which we reported first in 2015 continuously since with hard real data. RIGHT AGAIN.

Deutsche Bank is utterly failing as depositors CLICK RUN OUT OF THE BANK before they lose their money. The contraction of investment banking and 20,000 bank employees ( to only start ) now with a brain drain leaving the bank before the next ax falls and its coming as CLICK DEPOSITS is the first CLICK RUN to fail a bank. WIth that Germany Central bankers like Powell have zero plan for the banks utter failure but they better get one now. THE US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE just opened a new investigation of MORE crimes the criminal bankers created in Malaysia keeping in mind no criminal goes to jail they just pay fines. BUT the new CRIMINAL INQUIRY NOW creates DEUTSCHE BANK RAW CLICK RUN PANIC. Advice – if you bank with them consider moving to a bank that has zero criminal history – google – and click move your money to protect yourself. Those who never read this blog are last in and may have some real pain coming up as no one knows what GERMANY’s plan is – we think they under estimate the CLICK RUN and the criminal bankers lie of course and don’t report it. THE QUESTION IS REAL TIME REPORTING ON EVAPORATION OF CORE DEPOSITS . Institutions protect yourself.  We told you hear Deutsche Bank was lying about its health and that the bank faced failure for its crimes and why. RIGHT AGAIN.





  1. Oil is down 19% even with prices up a bit from a three day storm?
  2. Soybeans down around 8% and falling
  3. Silver industry and all down around 11%
  4. Cheese ( hello Wisconsin ) Down around 8%
  5. Steel down 5% in a trade war chilling DEFLATION economics
  6. Hogs down 17% with millions being slaughtered in China from 100% fatal African SWINE FLU July again in China
  7. Aluminium ( hello coke cans and more ) down 16%

We can go on. Take OIL PHONY PRICE TODAY BY SAUDI OUR ENEMY ( just moved tens of billions from our Boeing in firm orders to EU slapping TRUMP once again ) out – project oil to 50 dollars and DEFLATION ECONOMICS is the crises. Why? 30 Years printing money like drunken printers in Japan deflation in Japan has not once been over come from their ASIS crises in the 1980’s. NOT ONCE. No inflation.

American policy failed to consider the MASSIVE GAIN in productivity brought on by Jeff Bezo and Elron Musk in advanced AI – robotic AI and the new world of massive gains in productivity keeping prices DOWN DOWN DOWN the DEFLATION RABBIT HOLE. WE have been RIGHT AGAIN 100% right since 1988. Inflation has one weapon and only one. The Fed is out of all control and marginalized by the new AI ECONOMY as are all central banks. They have no powder left or bullets they are dry dry dry and they fail on policy 100% why do we see them as credible at all? Are you KIDDING ME. What does CONFIDENCE shattering look like. HEY YOU JUST SAW IT LIVE world wide. In fact. Congress gets it but does not wish to create PANIC the FED has lost all control. Lacks vision tools and frankly smarts the US TREASURY Money GODS have in all their powers. CONFIDENCE needs to SHIFT from central bankers back to their state TREASURIES for trust accountability ( Central banks have ZERO ) and run this railroad into the future prosperity of the world.

Oh Russias meeting with Trumps team today worked to resolve UKRAINE progress like no other and assuring IRAN they are a clean set of pages of paper into massive prosperity if the chest pounding stops as Russia has. TRUMP wants to deal to help IRAN if a deal dynamic unfolds it is so easy to ramp up IRAN and change GULF everything together. IT IS.


  1. They emergency pass budget and debt ceiling limit our credit rating Trump can then get BACK.
  2. Infrastructure Japan failed to do sufficiently lacking a SUPER BOND we wish to bring them.

PROSPERITY secured. If Congress moves politically to SHUT DOWN THE USA GOV – trash our economics – fail to pass our budget – fail to pass infrastructure as economic national emergency’s – impeach Trump ( zero chance of winning election or impeachment ) that failed idea politically – DERAILS markets world wide and creates enormous instability from China to so many nations and trashes American hopes for repair of FED ADMITTED FAILED POLICY this week.

THAT folks is what IS going on out there really….and you know first ….plan accordingly ….which is our WHY you need to bless your circle and social by placing this blog URL on your walls blogs and boards with our appreciation for this free public service to the world.

BERNY DOHRMANN ON THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM: https://www.amazon.com/Killing-Uncle-Sam-Demise-America-ebook/dp/B07D41ZTHZ


The TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE – Required reading for those loving their country and cultures as I so do mine.


Note: Powells congress talk has 100% bet on interest lowering to free money for global gambling into a worst ever super bubble. The markets hit record highs all time ever in history 27,000 DOW. Today a fools rally like before 2007 and 2000. But far worse from admitted failed FED POLICY ON CORE ECONOMICS. RIGHT AGAIN. Today. The Fed knows if it expands the current never seen in history before SUPER BUBBLE ( lowering interest rates ) the Super Crash correction will be more advanced. If the FED holds and does nothing a mild correction can restore multiples rising from todays 17x to 20x non economic multiples on earnings. Non economic valuations in all markets in DEFLATION. As almost 80% of reporting firms report DISAPPOINTING BELOW MARKET EXPECTATION ON EARNINGS for the past quarter – in those disappointing earnings reports why again given the yield curve and other charts like SMALL CAP CHARTS LANQUIDING always 100% predicting recession contraction in 12 to 18 months does the casino market SOAR ON BAD NEWS. Is that economics children? We say sell HIGH ( today is record high again ) and invest in DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING with licensed professionals fixed income in annuity principle guaranteed – growth investing in high return INDEX ( principle guaranteed ) diversity – savings and liquid assets in PERMANENT INSURANCE one day access to double bank return cash – principle guarantees better in our opinion that the FRAUD of FDIC insurance. Urgent for your retirement plan. MOVE TO SAFE HARBOR OR STAY WITH THE ROLLER COASTER AND LOSE PRINCIPLE A LOT OF NEST EGG MONEY AND RETIREMENT MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN BECAUSE YOU DID NOTHING. Best safe harbor – attend CEO SPACE July 22nd Dallas and by FRIDAY DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING PROTECTING YOUR TIME WHICH IS YOUR MONEY AND NEST EGG. No matter how large or small. CHECK IT OUT as it costs nothing to explore with LICENSED PROFESSIONALS. Many attending CEO SPACE by the way. IF you have investments savings and retirement funds at risk to a market down turn coming next – you may wish to act to protect yourself the benefit of knowing first whats up. If you take action and just EXPLORE IT you’ll be amazed at the safer way to invest. INSURANCE MONEY MANAGEMENT IS THE BEST ON EARTH FALLING OUTSIDE THE CRIMINAL BANKS AND INVESTMENT BANKS PHONY MARKETS making the HIGHEST LEGAL RETURNS ( always ) where your core investment is guaranteed against all loss. Everything else is higher RISK Taking do you really want that?  Time to protect your nest egg is running low – do not bank on right policy moving forward…is our safe harbor suggestion. Today. Insurance managed investing exits outside CASINO CAPITALISM as the GOLD STANDARD the 1% super wealthy all rely on and should YOU today. Explore the option and you’ll thank us soon enough.

Finally puppy law maker wet behind all her ears sensationalist publicity grabber is an economic idiot in our opinion with her remarks today in support of the FED pushing for Ocasio Cortez idiotic interest rate reductions to fan her donor base. In the casino she draws her bucks from. Follow her as an entertainment versus any truth whatsoever. She fighting Trump at ever turn landed on TRUMPS SAME PAGE today. Now I believe in real miracles all over again. IDIOCY..

Good News to offset the puppy idiot law maker as a sit com personality. No President has in two years saved more plants and more jobs in the USA in manufacturing ( or kept PHARM prices from soaring ) at dollars so high you can’t count them to our credit – with news just in – LOCKHEED MARTIN will keep its PENNSYLVANIA PLANT OPEN with all those jobs now safe because of why? PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP STEPPING IN FRONT OF THE KEEP AMERICA FIRST ECONOMIC TRAIN….that is they WHY Powell did accurately confirm the USA remains strong vibrant economically and is by far the STRONGEST ECONOMIC ENGINE ON EARTH. Keeping in Mind declining China at peak was only the size of GNP for one state CALIFORNIA and RUSSIA is GNP declining now once the size last year of the state of NEW YORK. There are zero equals. THE USA doing well remains the HOPE AND PROMISE OF ALL ECONOMIES ON EARTH THIS WEEKEND keep that in your Pride if you as a reader are a proud AMERICAN after this FOURTH OF JULY. Just talked with proud Daddy in Columbia of DELTA TEAM SNIPER LEADER who died from his war related injuries from Wisconsin and my son who four surgeries later as a an IRAQ two tour sniper team leader when we labored to give the people of IRAQ back their self determination ( and have ) where my boy lived and his died – we both cried on the phone call. In our pure pride…I hope THAT comes through to you this weekend in JULY America and the world. As Dad.


PS: Having grown up with Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale, Bucky Fuller, Jack Kennedy, Martin Luther King Walt Disney saying grace at our table with my famous father mentoring and more Fortune CEO’s than I care to name i use “children” because I”m old and in no way meaning any disrespect to my readers as you also know that. I apologize if any reader took offense and if you ever do comment below each blog as comments contribute and create ranking for others on global search engines with my deep appreciation. I personally answer all comments. July 22nd is our CEO SPACE gathering of leaders and business owners who desire a more accelerated safer growth path for the next 18 months. We install customized tools with myself and almost mentors ( plus you ) if you show up and register at the welcome desk or on line before for your information on a better plan team and resource download for the best possible 2019 outcomes. To me your all my children and I care for your best possible futures as any Dad might and would.





THE “FED” 2020


THE “FED” 2020

The Federal Reserve Board is 105 years old.

Congress rushed the 80 page act that created the FED into law at the turn of the century.

Printing Money reserved by the constitution to the US TREASURY for hundreds of years, was now by contract under the short 80 page, act of congress, drafted entirely in a secret meeting by top bankers who profit from the act, was a conspiracy. Wall Street then and now controlled by largest bank wealth consolidations ( unwanted in economics ) lobbied and gained the required vote. The President signing the act stated – he has sold America down the river.

Once signed a private company, owned and controlled by the banks who wrote the law, all in secret with the in secret banker shareholder controlling  OWNERS “the share holders” controlling the private central bank they own a CORPORATION not an agency of nation  – a NON GOVERNMENT PRIVATE CORPORATION a 1904 NG0 came into being. Share holders controlling the FED were and are secret. Who owns the Fed. No one can ever know that. Has the ed been audited like every agency of nation. NO. NEVER. It can not be audited. The head of the Fed reports to know one. The President can twitter all he wishes. The President has zero POWER over the FED GODS. NONE What so ever. All crafted by bankers in secret ( see the film below for proof ) to assure thier absolute power over the nation money supply precisely prohibited by the US CONSTITUTION. Criminals created the FED and the FED GODS are all the worst criminals ever making TONY SOPRANO AND AL CAPONE In real life or a movie like children. The FED has slaughtered 100s of millions in wars to make a buck. Merciless. Without remorse.  Deluded to believe EVIL IS GOOD just like all the works of faith tell us. EVIL IS GOOD AND GOOD IS NOW EVIL. Good people do nothing while pure evil economic evil is right before you out in plain sight. Your ignorance makes ECONOMIC NAZIS IN SUITS appear GOOD when they are demonic possessed thieves obsessed with power and the theft of national wealth for their own greed. The NAZIS said they were protecting the Jews. Just like the FED only we are all JEWS to these NAZIS. Worse many of the NAZIS doing this ARE JEWS. See the film below.

The FED had in the 80 page SECRET LAW law bums rushed through congress – 80 freakin sell American out pages – ripping AUTHORITY FOR MONEY PRINTING FROM US TREASURY TO PRIVATE FULLY CRIMINAL BANKERS – with only supervisional no real accountability reported LIMITED REPORTING FOR THE FRAUD TO LOOK LIKE THERE IS CONGRESS OVER SIGHT WHEN IT IS JUST POLITICAL FRAUD THEATER –  some reporting without oversight or checks and balances that gave appearance the Fed Frauds could be MAINTAINED. NO ONE CAN OVER RULE A FINAL FED DECISION NO ONE. The Fed does not report to anyone but APPEARS before Congress the one body that can merge the FED BACK INTO US TREASURY AND PLACE THE POWER BACK TO THE PEOPLE WHERE IT BELONGS ( MONEY PRINTING AND MONETARY POLICY ). In an AI real time second to second transparent global market the FED is an economic crime an economic joke but its not funny – stealing wealth of nations by the real MOB BOSS in charge of all mob boss ( all money ) is the FED which should have been merged back into US TREASURY BY NIXON but he left office why? HE WAS GOING TO DO IT. THATS THE REAL WHY not Water Gate. How do real criminals act? Read on.

FED FRAUDS: ( The model for all state central banking world wide ) – Where bankers over ride money for profits stealing the wealth of nations:

  1. The FED is not an agency of the United States and is a private owned and controlled by banks as a regular stock firm. Who owns and controls the Fed. No one knows or can know. Why? Congress joined the crooks for the money. Thats why. Those who seek to merge the FED back into US TREASURY say Nixon Jack and Bobbi how’d that work out for THEM folks? Who has the power? The most powerful criminal banker mob in world history? Who can rise against those criminals? Makes all other criminals look like craft shops in a strip mall.
  2. The FED appointment process is rigged and the bankers control the FED boards and Directorship by nominations
  3. There is NO as in zero oversight of the Fed. Chatting with Congress is a courtesy. No one can override FED decisions – no one in government. THERE IS NO CHECK AND BALANCE. No one has audited the Fed criminal banker books in 105 years. You ever think why wait a minute thats not right. No one can. No one knows who FED controlling shareholders are in fact. No audits are possible. No one can fire a FED. No one. No one can do anything to this private corporation by banker crafted FED 80 page law 105 years ago. THE WORST LAW IN USA HISTORY.
  4. The largest cost to America in 2019 is interest on the Federal Debt as  the FED in secret makes profit for its secret secret shareholders on at the risk of trashing core economics in the USA.  And the entire world. How much profit. We don’t know. Can we audit. NO. Can a new act reverse the old act? Ah this week. Should it? Yes. Why can’t it happen? Why? Why you ask? Well:  Bought and paid for law makers are not voting against the money they are paid to protect. DUH? Crime pays if your a banker. The largest  all new CLICK run on a bank  in history is now taking place at DEUTSCHE BANK we told you CLICK RUNS will cause Deutsche Bank then Italian banks to fail and that DEBT CASCADE will liquidity destroy the entire system. Why? FED BANKER CRIMES. Pure criminal master minding you allow. YOU. Your a voter or should be. CLICK RUNS ARE BEYOND THE FED TO CONTROL IN THE NEW AI ECONOMY. New consequence for crime are rising now. AI holds FEDS respeonsible when the AI creators are criminal bankes. Said another way CRIMINAL BANKERS HAVE LOST ALL CONTROL. We the people will soon be in BIT DOLLARS and stop using FED currency at all. They can’t control BLOCK CHAIN. AI economics has ripped real control and influence now waning from the FED. For the reason of FED Criminal error triggering system collapse – it has become an emergency to merge all CENTRAL BANKS back into their STATE TREASURIES. All State Dept should be paid off in 2020 by SUPER BONDS repaid in 100 years. TIME HEALS ALL FED CRIMINAL WOUNDS. The system resets. Nations all prosper for centuries. Treasuries use AI to manage AI economics. For the first time in a new economic world post CRIMINAL CENTRAL BANKERS WHO ARE NOT CENTRAL BANKERS THEY ARE CRIMINALS STEALING THE WEALTH OF NATIONS FOR PROFIT AND GREED IN FACT. They do not serve the public they sever their controlling secret shareholder banks. Who would have all power without checks of any kind to regulate banks flow to a private company owned by the banks. Hire bears to guard the honey? Money? That is why the President signing the 80 page act said to the press I SOLD AMERICAN DOWN THE RIVER.
  5. The Fed prints our money under a contract  via an 80 PAGE FED ACT OF CONGRESS YOU CAN READ EVERY LINE ON VIA GOOGLE ( see the film on this blog do not fail to see it ) and  your FED makes ungodly  profits for doing so  ( every dollar printed makes Fed profits – and manipulates prices in the casino capitalism the Fed created to profits its shareholders maximally week after week in time lines only they know. Laws that stopped bankers from wild speculation where all removed by FED LOBBY work in 1999 by unanimous act of congress.  All prices are manipulated by central bankers in all asset categories for profit making  today world wide ( did you know all prices are rigged and fixed stocks bonds commodities everything ) in the conspiracy that undermines economic stability for massive criminal  profit making.  The FED can not be audited there is no accounting of the FED nor can there be by the 80 page act of Congress there is no as in zero accountability The real MOB CRIMINAL BOSSES reside on FED ISLAND immune from any accountability for their economic crimes.  The Fed is the cause of Depression in 1907 the cause of the wild speculation run up to the depression in 1929 the cause of the wild run up and profiteering of its controlling criminal shareholder banks in SUB PRIME and the SUPER CRASH AND GREATEST RECESSION in only 2007 to 2014. Fed too big to jail banker shareholders have all pled guilty to multiple worse crimes ever and no one goes to prison for those worse crimes ever. Those CRIMINALS VOTE AND CONTROL THE FED who report to the criminals because the work for the MONEY MOB BOSS THE FED GODS.The FED has run up a worse SUPER DEBT BUBBLE BOMB and market speculation since 2007, printed more money than anytime in 105 years, and saddled future Americans with debt for printing that money owed to the FED ITSELF. The FED and its bankers are all at the top multiple times have to 2019  pled guilt as the worst financial criminals in history since Rome, one and all to this date of FED CONTROLLING SHAREHOLDERS as shareholder  and FED control persons of the FED itself a fraud as a  fully top criminal mob syndicate WE ALLOWED TO CONTROL OUR MONEY and no one goes to jail. Seem odd to you? Trumps folks went to jail for tax that was not criminal but they are in jail as small fish to small to not jail. Bad 105 years on our generation of voters – but they keep us all ignorant. ( SEE THE FILM FROM ECONOMISTS WHO KNOW THE TRUTH AND DATA DOCUMENT SO YOU NOW KNOW TRULY ). But we are finally WAKING THE FUCK UP TO THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY. We are all mad as hell. And WE are NOT going to TAKE IT ANY MORE .  No agency can reverse a FED CHOICE no one can FIRE Fed Folks and the FED created with 80 pages of a worst act of CONGRESS EVER –  under a pony express era MISTAKE ACT OF CONGRESS – the WORST SINGLE ACT OF CONGRESS IN HISTORY exists outside American check and balance  the founders NEVER SAW COMING, as a  rule of law, where the FED IS THE CAUSE of all world wars and all depressions and  economic destructions. The Fed can’t even be studied because via education they keep us never knowing the truth in our education. WE JUST DO NOT KNOW THE TRUTH.  Until the FED GETS A PRESIDENTIL ORDER ON A  MERGER BACK INTO TREASURY WITH FOLLOWING AUDITS FINALLY – SET UP IN A CONGRESS EMERGENCY NEW 80 PAGE ACT – THE SCOPE OF THE MARKET DISTORTED PROFIT GREED DRIVEN SPECULATION AND CRIMINAL MANIPULATION OF PRICE REMAINS SIMPLY UNKNOWN. NO ONE CAN STUDY THE FED the fraud is too pervasive. The FED is setting up a new worse ever global depression and world war III they massively profit from. Stopping that is what is going on out there really……


The Fed manipulates information about itself from K – 12 education to on line information. For example the truth developed by leading economists who care about America stability and economics presented in the FILM you just must share on social and bookmark is hard to find. ( the Fed cares about itself and its existence security to steal wealth of nations ) – finding this film is hard. If you google FED FRAUD the Fed has pages of their own FRAUDS and MONEY SCAMS by organized crime which are kids really – the FED ARE THE GROWN UPS IN ORGANIZED CRIME. If your good at google you can find film after film to support this one on the hard data of what a fraud this all is. THE INTERNET IS THE DEMISE OF THE FED CRIMINAL MOB AND ITS CRIMINAL MOB BOSSES. The Mob that when Jack Kennedy who pitched my first little league game and was mentored by my famous father Alan G Dohrmann – was going to MERGE THE FED BACK INTO US TREASURY – and after him his Brother Bobbi whom I also knew WAS GOING TO FINISH “IT” FOR HIS BROTHER – one asks HOW DID THAT WORK OUT FOR “THEM”  as the MOB has no sense of humor. On its own survival. Anyway it is not easy to find a click every fifth grader should see as required reading in school:



The FED are not GODS. Central BANKS are not CENTRAL BANKS OF NATIONS. Central Banks are criminals in organized Crime. The criminals got a contract from each nation to OWN THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO PRINT MONEY IN NATION FOR PROFIT. The notion a dozen leaders of the largest CRIMINAL MOB in human history are MONEY GODS is extraordinarily ignorant and naive.

The MONEY GODS  the real folks hand tied and who KNOW the truth are all working today inside your state department of Treasury who must react to MONEY MOB BOSS POLICY. Central banks are operating to steal as much wealth from nations as they can over long time lines, while appearing to in each speculation bubble crash ( the MONEY GODS AT THE FED ALLOWED PLANNED AND CREATED ) due to APPEARANCE they in economic ignorance of law makers and the public – all manipulated in media the FED controls via debt – assure never blames THE FED AND THEIR MONEY GODS AS TO BLAME.

The Fed 12 board members do not have special knowledge. They are not the grade of INVESTMENT BANKERS like Jamie DImond in expertise. They are in fact unware ( themselves uninformed and ignorant ) that economics has morphed in 2014 to a entirely new global reality of AI CONTROLLED CAPITAL FLOWS. The NEW AI ECONOMY does not respond to old tools charts and books. THE FED are Model T Ford Economists in a star ship AI real time transparent AI ECONOMY that marginalizes FED reason. THE FED HAS LOST CONTROL. The FED IS NOW OUT OF CONTROL and only has sound bites to influence markets but AI is in full control. For this reason alone the merger of the FED back into the US TREASURY secures the world and assures AI MONEY GODS at Treasury get and have the real AI tools to reset control protecting the US DOLLAR for centuries and the entire world who rely on stability of the US dollar.

The Fed steal until the system crashes then they massively print money to save the system they ruined and then they profit from the new money debt precisely as they planned these thefts and the outcome is economic wealth transfer from the nation to the bankers in secret. The voters never not ever see the shell game going on. if they can not make ENOUGH they create WAR that always makes them enough. They re-inflate the DEFLATION They caused ( free of all blame by lies fraud and manipulation to the FED as the 100% cause ) using war to re-inflate their own profit accounts. ECONOMICS never lie …..

THE FED IS THE FINAL WORD. No one but no one can audit hold FED MONEY GODS accountable or blame them for the pain and suffering they create in the world for profit. Frauds include:

  1. The FED is not an agency of nation.
  2. The FED is a fraud name so the public believes the MOB boss’s are legitimate.
  3. The Fed uses propaganda more powerful than any nation has to refute to assure INDEPENDENCE meaning no one in government has powers to REVERSE A FED MOB BOSS DECISION – the MONEY GODS REPORT TO THEIR SHAREHOLDERS IN SECRET. FED SPEAK is designed to manipulate price and markets all in secret for its own profit making. The conflict to represent the USA does not really exist. THE FED NEVER REPRESENTED AMERICA. The FED IS A FRAUD on INDEPENDENCE which the nation does not wish or require anyway.
  4. The FED controls the money printing and supply the nation does not – as in zero by 80 page contract of theft.
  5. The FED was a terrible idea in 1904 and in 2020 with modern weapons and 20 minute delivery time the FED is the most dangerous institution MOB BOSS CONTROLLED by criminals who have zero special knowledge to run economics.

I ran a global, publicly traded, international New York and San Francisco based INVESTMENT BANKER BROKER DEALER INSTITUTION from the 1960s into the 1980’s. Our Tribe of OWNERS – investment banker economist – is small. Jamie Diamond and my tribe know more about ECONOMICS than any FED MONEY GOD could ever understand. They have zero clue the market MORPHED since 2014 into an all new economy the world has never experienced before  in human history. We have no past to guide us. We have no regulations to moderate enormous system crushing risk in wild casino capital speculations. All taking place creating the largest new SUPER BUBBLES the world has ever known in the NEW ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE CONTROLLED AND SUPER CHANGE EVOLVING – WILD WILD INTO BRAND SPANKING NEW ECONOMICS. I learned the truth very early from Mentor David Rockefeller who died recently and I miss him as Chairman of Chase. I think like the Farmers advertising David knew a thing or two. Before he died he sold out of his daddy’s oil interest as he believed polluting the world could have stopped earlier with moral leadership.

The Fed Money Gods risk complete system destruction because the MOB MONEY GODS are just criminals and they lack what is required to save us. This time more than any past time.

TAKE THE HIGH PRIEST STATUS OFF FED BANKERS. They are criminals representing shareholder criminal banks that have all pled guilty to the worst financial crimes i human history and so rigged by the BANKERS is the SYSTEM ( and guess what you all know this you all know it is true ) never not ever GO TO JAIL for their largest CRIMES against NATIONS and their people ever recorded. When you see FED’s SPEAK know it is all fake news to manipulate confidence in THEM alone. The Money Gods…who are not Money Gods at all. SEE THEM NOW AS CRIMINALS world wide. You win when you do that step.



You can fix the FED MAFIA for the welfare of the nation. For the protection of the entire GLOBAL SYSTEM . But  How?

Well it isn’t hard it just takes ONE  drop of courage greater than your fear.

You can’t as a leader telegraph your going to do it. As Jack Kennedy and Bobbi Kennedy did as mentored by my own father on point. I was a pup learning all this back then.

Congress can FIX the core economic highest priority in national defense – the system foundationally – with a simple emergency 80 page act to keep all the FED PROCESSES – while merging the FED name and 100% of its core  systems all back into US TREASURY and ACCOUNTABLE INTEGRITY –  and under congressional oversight and audit and the new 80 page act has money printed without the interest loop the MOB BOSS’S INVENTED in 1904 to steal wealth of nations – interest on national debt. Fractional banking. Lack of fair market accounting for bad loans held as good assets. 80 Pages no more. Sarcastic to the MOB MONEY BOSSES using the same 80 pages they used to form to unwind them. Can be done by a Presidential order this month.

The USA Pays off 100% off ( in full in 2020 ) the now terminated growing NATIONAL DEBT with a 100 year SUPER BOND. See my report on SUPER BONDS by scrolling. Thats right. Our debt is paid in full. We make only interest payments no principle to year 2030. WE have oceans of new money for infrastructure social security and the fix we need to the USA as the LEGAL THEFT STOPS. Cold. Stops. Why do we now do that step and rush it?

The USA is now in 2020 DEBT FREE up to 100 years – and repays that debt with the full credit assets and industry and population in 3020 – which uses a penny to pay off a dollar. Now after the 80 page ORDER of the President as NATIONAL SECURITY FOR REAL THE ECONOMY STUPIDS – is followed with an 80 page permanent emergency act of Congress  the US TREASURY REAL MONEY GODS control money and report to Congress the FED working under Treasury ( now no longer MONEY MOB BOSSES )  who in 2020 with these steps  they  TREASURY MONEY GODS FOR REAL serve only  the PEOPLES ACCOUNTABLE  TREASURY as US constitutional law called for. Whats the problem then if this saves America? And the world?

Well FED will put our fear of market instability. AI ECONOMICS IS NEW. The markets will flutter than soar to new records. Why? Because economics work again. THE FED IS KILLING THE BOOM. Not because they are smart. Because they are greedy criminals trying to rake in the cash for the criminal bankers. Do you think bankers making phony accounts and cheating us all in control the FED do not criminally enrich themselves at any cost to the USA? Think again on this folks. GET IT RIGHT AS VOTERS.

Well Congress is bought and paid for by the FED MONEY GOD BANKERS. The largest lobby is WALLSTREET.  So will congress do it?

Now then comes the REAL FIX. WILL THEY AS AMERICANS FIX US OR WILL THEY BOW TO THE CRIMINAL BANKERS? As they are right now? Are they criminals for failing to pass our budget ? I think yes they are as well.


World WAR ! and WORLD WAR II developed from ECONOMIC SUPER BUBBLES the Fed Greed profited from created and the DEPRESSION ECONOMICS that created the environment for world wars in nation death economic spirals into deflation over time – where the only way to re-inflate the economy and assure FED DEBT was paid in full – was to profit massively from war and its loans – all re-inflating the economy never seeing all that death was planned out by the FED MONEY GODS. The MONEY BANKERS profit from war and see war as solid for their balance sheets. Exactly like the IRON BANK IN THE GAME OF THRONES. Why all the death in the GAME OF THRONES. If you are wise you see the cause IS the IRON BANK itself. WORLD WAR III is the one war that destroys FED ASSETS so that war can never really happen but close to it will happen which the FED PROFITS FROM. Real Wars the Fed Profits from as we all die massively. THE FED IS THE IRON BANK IN THE GAME OF THRONES.


  1. Donald Trump issues an 80 page ( I think symbols are important ) as a PRESIDENTIAL DIRECT ORDER and finding to- MERGE THE FED BACK INTO USA TREASURY following the model here.
  2. The 80 PAGE ACT declares the FED ACT UNCONSTITUTIONAL which it truly is under rule of law, and no court will find differently.
  3. The 80 page act calls for an 80 page ratification by congress unanimously of the MERGER OF THE FED back into USA TREASURY.
  4. The 80 page PRESIDENTIAL ORDER includes the frauds and lack of oversight and THREAT TO THE ENTIRE SYSTEM because the FED is not a Federal agency and is beyond audit or oversight and is a criminal fraud.
  5. America and the press will go insane as the truth leaks out over supportive weeks of WHITE HOUSE PRESS to support the 80 page act. Which is instant. The White House in COURT seeks expedited summary judgement with judges economists senators and more supporting the CROOKS BE THROWN OUT OF POWER. Criminals OUT America back in. Way too late but war preventing depression preventing. FED SECRETS set down here and in the FILM you now have bookmarked and will copy to your face book and social today I hope and share by email – comes forth. THE TRUTH dispels all lies.

As the new 80 page order contains the DEBT PAY OFF PLAN and SUPER BOND authority for Treasury – America has new money for infrastructure and social security and medicare ( more than enough )  as the cost of national debt repaying is moved to 100 years and all current account debts to long term bonds are paid in full – paid off – by the SUPER BOND tranches in 2020. Look Ma all that money being stolen can now be used by the NATION for ITS PEOPLE versus its criminal bankers. We get the theft the FED is taking every day for the PEOPLE Can you not see it now?

Does Donald Trump have on drop of courage greater than his fear to DO IT.

Keep in mind the FED IS THE PROBLEM THE CAUSE AND THE CANCER ON OUR NATIONAL SECURITY WHICH IS IN THE END ECONOMIC. This week is all lies and what is really going on out there in IRON BANK world is the FED is protecting profit for its shareholders in conflict to the GOOD OF THE USA and its 300 million tax payers. In massive debt today. If banks pay you 2% of less or nothing to park your money they lend out 11 to one for profit – fractional banking – why is it legal for these same banks to charge you 18% to 27% interest on consumer credit and loans on credit cards and student loans and more loan sharking from the IRON BANKERS? Really? There should be laws on price guaging. Or we all move to digital dollars and depart from the FED BANKERS entirely – as millions ARE NOW DOING in AI NEW ECONOMICS the FED GODS have no clue about. Other than to STOP IT.

Until you as a voter know the truth and vote for candidates who land on the SINGLE ONE ISSUE OF OUR TIME healing all other wounds – MERGE THE FED INTO THE US TREASURY – the ONE AND ONLY ISSUE – as you are a wage slave just over broke working for life getting no where paying the FED CRIMINALS from your cradle to your grace awash in debt from your car and consumer loans and credit cards to your business debts and home debts if you can even own a home today or qualify for a FED LOAN. You are a FED HOSTAGE and you have no clue your are in ECONOMIC PRISON and the FED has the one and only key. Law makers are in an unholy conspiracy of ignorance brought about by taking FED BANKER CASH for their selfish interest over the US NATIONAL INTEREST. AS CANDIDATES what is their stand on merging the FED back into US TREASURY and you’ll find who are criminals and who are GOOD MEN AND WOMEN by their ANSWERS. Noting you now know more than they know. All other issues don’t matter when the system fails as it will. WE have told you the why in other postings.

Until you vote into office  leaders on the ONE ISSUE you remain in FED DEBTOR JAIL and they never GO TO JAIL not ever for their crimes. Now you know. You are a wage slave just over broke cradle to grave paying for a 250,000 home 500,000 in FED CRIMINAL INTEREST. The largest buildings in every city are owned by the CRIMINAL BANKERS or financed by them. Knowledge is power. How many in your circle should get this URL today in an email. How viral can we take this. Can we get 10 million subscribing to this BLOG NEWS SITE? As that alone would change the world.


Why are you not Killed by the FED MOB Berny?

Oh I will be if you circulate this enough and fast enough 10 million  to read this news site versus say 500,000 read it 60% outside the USA. Although readers include FOLKS OF INFLUENCE – press – congress – super money pools – media -and Fortune CEO’s. and others. There is always that. I am too old to matter they’ll wait for me to die. The IRON BANK plays the long game. Also my influence is fringe and they don’t care about fringe they discredit fringe.

I’m too small to waste influence upon. Long before my “accident” would come my being a crook. Discredit me. Again.  Or like last time decades back they may put me in Federal Prison for what – ( criminal contempt of court ) – did you ever hear of that one. Me either. They watch. They read. They don’t see the influence as anything but fringe but if that changes you’ll see others writing this blog. I’m good the other side which  has all my buddies over there. David Rockefeller will hold a party.  Plus really will they kill an older great grandfather fringe guy –  given they may risk just creating a martyr far more influential if they take that step far more than just ignore us all? As my teams keep writing the truth to YOU all.

What if you all wrote in ten days or less – DEAR DONALD TRUMP PLEASE TAKE TWO ACTIONS:

  1. Merge the Criminal FED a private stock firm owned by criminal bankers back into US TREASURY by Presidential order.
  2. DUMP OIL from strategic reserves to stabilize price at 45.00 to 50 dollars a barrel extending the economic prosperity.

Signed by YOU with your title background on letter head. Takes five minutes click and paste it. Mail it.

It would take not many of my readers to tip that scale. WILL YOU WRITE IT UP? Put a stamp on it. Send it in. Ten days or less. WILL YOU. Do it in every nation than back candidates you ask – WILL YOU SUPPORT THE MERGER OF THE FED BACK INTO US TREASURY?

Will you BOOK MARK THIS URL and share it?

Will you book mark the film and post it on walls and social with the URL for this blog report. What if you all did just THAT today?

Takes less than five minutes? Do you have five minutes to DO THE RIGHT THING?

….all that it takes for pure EVIL to TRIUMPH over us all …is for good men and woman to do nothing at all……while the evil storm clouds surround the globe …as we watched and pointed to the sky in our ignorance and our refusal to ACT……

Will it be YOU that does …NOTHING AT ALL?

See six million jews or Tutsi’s or the Balkins when good folks failed to act. See 100 million RUSSIAN DEATHS in WORLD WAR II.


Today the FED GODS cloaked in the FRAUD AND LIE OF INDEPENDENCE as MONEY HIGH PRIESTS Speak to bought and fully paid for law makers in a POLITICAL THEATER designed as FRAUD to make voters believe the lie:

  1. The FED is not an agency of the US Government far far from it. SEE THE FILM ABOVE AND BOOK MARK IT.
  2. The Fed is not accountable to CONGRESS FAR FROM IT – viral on walls the FILM ABOVE. Copy it.
  3. The Fed is considering their shareholder profit request to lower interest rates – a killer economic choice – to give their criminal mob boss banker controlling shareholders more FREE MONEY to profit in market casino bets until loss from bad bets is so huge the bankers need tax payers to pay off their bad debts like SUB PRIME 2007.
  4. Congress has no power over the FED none zero – this is a device to create a FRAUD to voters that there is oversight when there is no oversight and this is all sham and fraud this week.
  5. THE AI MARKETS not in control are acting DIFFERENTLY than once MOB BOSS BANKER CONTROLLED outcomes and truly the FED is near panic today because they are in new AI economics losing influence as the truth gets out. MOB BOSS SPOKESPERSONS APPEARED BEFORE CONGRESS Is the headline media should use but how when they are debt controlled as media OWNERS by the MOB MONEY BOSSES. Themselves.

So listen to the FRAUD today. Have new ears to hear and new eyes to really see.

As you wake up if you act up we could save the world economically.

THAT IS WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE – pure fraud by criminals who control the money supply of your nation by a terrible 80 page act of the US CONGRESS.

SHAME ON YOU for failing to correct your own SHIT STORMS.

You have caused all wars and pain by failing to act which means – you too must be evil. Reverse your 80 page act and secure our future for AMERICA for 500 years.


NOTE: If the Fed lowers interest rates soon the SUPER BUBBLE today will soar into a SUPER DUPER BUBBLE worse than 1929 and end in America’s economic destruction – WORST CRASH EVER and global worse depression ever – and for sure re-electing TRUMP against socialists so the Criminal Bankers are never state owned. SHIFTING MONEY MOB BOSS TO NEW MONEY MOB BOSS NO CHANGE. Only congress can redraft laws to massively upgrade bank regulation and investment bank regulation with the largest ever budget increase in authority and funding for the SEC to insure economic national security with mandates for the most advanced AI to regulate global AI in markets for the first time since 1933 SEC acts were formed. THE LARGEST GLOBAL REGULATORY RE-THINK IS THE SYSTEM SAVER. FREE MONEY IS THE SYSTEM NAIL IN THE COFFIN FOLKS as one states…it is all economics …all of it. If can follow the money then you know….if you can’t you shan’t and your wipe out is almost always complete. In your data ignorance. But as you all know. ( same in all nations and you KNOW NOW from EU to AMERICA )..ignorance is bliss….takes courage to read this BLOG and get the TRUTH doesn’t it. You are my heros.





Oil prices are manipulated by criminals who price fix oil. Illegal in all nations. But they do it. They conspire and side bet and manipulate prices. MBS has tried to DESTROY American OIL and Saudi is not our ally or our friend – sucking our wealth by over priced oil and then we PAY FOR THEIR RIGHT TO PRICE GUAGE US. Congress wake up.

Oil should be under 2.00 a gallon US and oil should be 45 to 50 dollar trading range.

MBS the day he canceled the tens of billions in BOEING USA PLANE ORDERS and shifted those TENS OF BILLIONS after pulling the RUG out of the Trump Middle EAST PEACE PLAN should – have right that day – had TRUMP DUMP.



The USA has been piling up and storing oil up to almost 500 million barrels now in storage. All the while we have raised USA output from 3 million barrels a day – a day mind you – to 13 million barrels and higher in 2019 – and 20 million barrels a day mind you a day – soon. We can’t store much more. All the while we store and store oil goes down then up from gambling. Speculation to MANIPULATE A PHONY PRICE. The criminals are leading super money pools invested in oil profit making ( while killing off the entire planet for greed ) and – I say and – oil companies and OPEC criminal price manipulators. Demand for oil has stopped growing and is now FALLING.

With slow downs in USA Asia and EU the oil slow down has hit a CLIFF WALL. And price goes up? When there is more oil than can be sold.

OPEC is a criminal cartel of mob based liars. Everything they say is a lie. Stop believing in stablizations. OIL is criminally priced to gauge YOU to steal from YOU to cheat YOU. All 8 billion of US so less than 1000 fantastically wealthy oil criminals can buy impossible fancy super mega yachts in the MED this summer while because of their GREED 1.2 billion will starve to death from manipulation of world oil markets.

  1. Trump MUST DUMP ( DUMP TRUMP )  – 1 million barrels a day to start and up to 2 million a day if required to get 50 dollar oil prices in the market. The DUMP DAY oil prices crash and MBS oil DICTATOR FOR FAILING OPEC crashes and burns. Pay back for Khashoggi and BOEING son.
  2. Rip the criminal price control out by the teeth in a TRUMP DUMP. We could do that for a long time 180 days and only a third of our reserves would be used. Then buy back at the lower price as the PHONY PRICE will be gone and Trump will DUMP keeping casino super money from the OIL BET on manipulated price now a antique idea.
  3. Our surplus brings oil reserves back without outside help.
  4. Plus with our own soaring easier to refine oil we are crashing use of OPEC anything to the bone marrow.
  5. TRUMP rips the criminal phony rigged oil market cartels out by its teeth the day TRUMP DUMPS.

Big oil will adjust. Complimenting a TRUMP DUMP: Congress should open hearings not on phony political election year impeachment political theater but on the BUSINESS OF THE PEOPLE – and investigate big oil for price manipulation and price fixing. That alone will further drop oil. New Laws to preclude CASINO PRICE MANIPULATION BY AI GLOBALLY TO AI MARKETS adopted by the G 100 would forever reframe CRIMINAL OIL PRICE FIXING.

Today the OIL market is rigged. What your hearing in news is FAKE NEWS CRIMINAL FRAUD on oil reality. The protect oil market with its huge tax law breaks needs to bring oil to market with USA TAX SUBSIDY at the lowest possible cost not the highest possible cost. Oil firms delude themselves that they exist to make maximum profit in the least time for their share holders. VALUES OF GREED CRIMINAL.

Oil companies exist to provide the lowest possible cost of energy to society ( and cleanest burning they have failed to do ) while making a profit.

Criminals think one way real capitalist think another. One has no integrity. The other is integrity.




in America readers write President Trump by US mail to DUMP OIL and rip the teeth out of criminal oil price fixing cartels led by MBS and enemy of the USA.

Second, trade up and get an electric car. You have choices today. GO OFF OIL trucks and cars and trains and planes and things. GO RENEWABLE ELECTRIC FROM ALL NATURAL GAS. DUMP oil gasoline cars this year and next. All of us together all at once. 12 months we DRUMP THE CRIMINALS. They will get the message and oil will drop like a stone to keep what shrinking customer base they can. ALL OF US LEAVE OIL FOR TRANSPORTATION we dump the crooks and their toxic pollution. WE THE PEOPLE DUMP.

Write your law maker to investigate PRICE FIXING by slow mail. Watch if you do that step.


IF TRUMP DUMPS AND WE DUMP AND CONGRESS PASSES NEW OIL LAWS ON PRICE FIXING we are with those steps goof for 100 more years. You get more in your pocket and RIGHT DAMN NOW.

What are you feeling?

The hand in your wallet stealing your money every time you fill up. You are paying 1.50 cents a gallon more than fair market price. When oil drops by CRIMINAL GAMBLERS sinking that price – the pump price is very slow to drop. Oil barrels can drop from 140 to 34 dollars but gasoline is never back to 75 cents where it WAS at 34 dollars. WHY NOT?

Phony Criminal baloney CRIMES DOES PAY oil PRICE FIXING by OIL CRIMINALS with zero over sight.

Short sellers will make more shorting BIG OIL than they made shorting SUB PRIME in 2007.

OIL IS GOING TO CRASH to its honest right price level when the CRIMINALS have their molars ripped out of their head by a TRUMP DUMP.

It is time for an executive ORDER and frankly voters seeing the OIL PRICE FIX nixed – will vote their wallets.

Go back to bought and paid for socialism in congress and PRICE FIXING bought and paid for today?

Keep the GUY that stood up to BOOK OIL CRIMINALS AND RIPPED PRICE FIXING OUT BY ITS EVIL TEETH ONCE AND FOR ALL with 8 billion saying….thank you sir….thank you AMERICA finally one nation did something.



What is gained by TRUMP DUMP THIS MONTH? Well think about it:

  1. Stock soar in value
  2. America has more to spend every single day
  3. Consumer buying soars
  4. Stimulus? The cost of everything is energy packaging fertilizer food pesticides – cherms pharms – all oil bam
  5. No inflation with full employment – no FED interest raise or drop – it all works with the GREAT PAUSE.

Political capital is a full deposit with voters.

Now think Putin the oil nation the PETRO one country economic – plunges more than all the sanctions combined . Time to make a deal now.

Iran plunges – time to make a deal boys.

China gets a bonus reward which helps save China and helps MAKE THE BIG DEAL WITH CHINA AND JAPAN.

The EU grows again instead of sinks.

Debt relief has MORE TIME critical.

MBS is gut punched and his over spending puts Saudi in KING CHANGE and that is about time. Big dividend.

Venezuela gets saved by the US as the old crew is gone on the TRUMP DUMP economically gone gone gone.

Political capital?

You can not beat this you just can not. Economic GOLD STANDARD versus crooks a fully criminal jury rigged price fixing CRIME AGAINST ALL HUMANITY this price fixing. This phony non economic market place.


Wyatt Erp is PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP against the Clantons.

The Trump team has warned and warned the criminals and they will not relax their GREED AND HEED.

Time to knock their teeth out economically. Long manipulators blood bath just get destroyed by trillions on thier wrong side of the BET as a million barrels a day ( to stay say 30 million in a month ) than back off keeping oil day to day with the new USA OIL CZAR assuring CRIMINALS WILL NEVER AGAIN DISTORT REAL OIL ( the cost of everything else as energy ) PRICE TO 8 BILLION MOSTLY POOR AND STARVING WHO NEED RELIEF YESTERDAY. The Yacht MEGA BILLIONAIRE CRIMINAL OIL GROUP SWAPPING STORIES HOW THEY SHOVED A RIG UP TRUMP ASS THIS YEAR have to SELL THE BOATS AND TOYS.


Do not believe a thing you hear from the CRIMINAL OIL INDUSTRY its all FRAUD and fake news in economics.


Don’t you want to pay half what you paying today for power and fuel?

I ask you to DO SOMETHING. A postage stamp. TRUMP DUMP letters.

WE THE PEOPLE HAVE ALL THE POWER. Get 10,000 readers to get five home parties to write and post their letters next week thats 50,090 letters folks and rising. TRUMP WILL DUMP. Tell his team to read this blog in your PS. Post the blog on walls boards and share be email – subscription is FREE to my readers. And confidential.

In all nations follow this bouncing ball to your leaders.



500,000,000 barrels in storage while we rise output from 13 million barrels a day – the worlds largest oil source USA USA USA USA to 20 million barrels a DAY. Price will drop to 45 anyway with profits to the the industry but no longer criminal tax protected win fall profits. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH folks. Really it is.

Economics – without criminal price fixing oil would be almost half less.

The game plan DROPS OIL IN JULY.

Thats right its CHRISTMAS IN JULY.

Everyone gets their present.

TRUMP DUMPS relieves the FED and provides more stimulation than any small interest rate cut ever could are you kidding me. Rates stay low when TRUMP DUMPS.

Political CAPITAL? In an election year?


Bad guys get a kick in their economic nuts.

Good guys prosper.

8 Billion do the TRUMP DUMP HAPPY DANCE – finally some one took on 1000 crooks in an OIL MOB and folks the TIME HAS TRULY COME …its enough now more than enough.



Note: The USA is at real WORLD WAR III full out which is AI DIGITAL today and shooting in multiple locations – to win this war in economics – NATIONAL ECONOMIC STABILITY FROM 50 DOLLAR OIL- IS A MATTER OF NATIONAL DEFENSE. Oil Firms gauging consumers of the world are traitors worse than Benedict Arnold EVER WAS. ITS TIME FOR THEM TO GO……Oil at fifty dollars – its up to us to write a letter stream over the coming weekend as a NOW MOVEMENT on the organized criminal mob price fixing oil….TRUMP PLEASE DUMP. Its economics 101 with enormous political up bubble.




We have told you for years since the admission by DEUTSCHE BANK that CLICK RUNS entirely new in banking core deposit flight would sink the largest most prestigious bank in the EU and Germany. Germany is having a FREE FALL of manufacturing and contraction as the largest EU economy pre trade discussions. If Germany takes time to negotiate a US trade deal the sinking will become potentially EU catastrophic. The EU is in a policy nightmare mess with entirely new management stepping in. We will see. Italy got a life preserver on sales tax raises we’ll see there as the debt bomb in italy is fuse lit ( as we reported ) and another EU nightmare.

Economics is unforgiving for error.

Seeing those thousands of DEUTSCHE BANK employees laid off and out of jobs this Monday was sad sad sad. The innocent are paying now for the crimes of those on mega yachts this summer having no pains what so ever. Sad Bad.

We asked you as Deutsche BANK is not OK in this first huge contraction to a fraction of its authority prestige and outreach. Now shed of its investment banking it is a shadow of the bank it was in 2015. The cost of criminals running a bank.

We told you. Their multiple CEO’s said we were wrong and the bank was just fine. With the ten billion downsizing first of many to come does this look like OK BANKING TO YOU? Right again.

The stock in the bank is well something south of GE investing.

The markets are crashing the FOOLS RALLY on interest raise rising which is not FED HAPPENING. Right again. The criminal over pricing by speculators is catching many FOOLISH investors in the value adjustment trap.

Apple and Deutsche Bank led todays first wave of value adjustment. The volatility may up and down but the course is down down down the rabbit hole until the items we reported to our readers this weekend normalize in economics. Our Spring forecasting is flowing in one direction – RIGHT AGAIN. For those who acted you are safe. I sold Apple today at peak before it hit AM opening.

Market CORE LIQUIDITY still haunts our charts. Today.

Bond Markets have deflated crashing sovereign nation borrowing cost – itself not a bad thing temporarily.

Bond profiting is also well soft.

Safe Harbor ? We told you all about yours.

Advice – stay tuned and think with your BRAIN versus your head or your gut. Plan on momentum into year end. Your best pay raise option – opportunity – is Press ranked CEO SPACE up to you to check out July 22nd in Dallas. I would.

Best way forward for leaders business owners and professionals out there – the best. Up to you of course.

Options are wealth.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZ6ysK8HU7I&app=desktop five minute film by me to you for a peak. Share it.

Book mark it.

Good JOB.

Manufacturing in EU and Asia down. Japan taking monopoly control ( 90% global monopoly ) on Chap making vital resources blocked SOUTH KOREA from those supply’s watch SAMSUNG and others.

Consumer confidence index ranked higher on INFLATION today another block in NO INTEREST RATES FROM FED. Good news though for the USA today. Again.

USA is booming. Everything is picking up despite second quarter still winter effected April May economics ( off in reporting coming up ). 77% of next ten reporting firms report earnings DOWN in second quarter. Market over valuation from the FOOLS RALLY will adjust value to the right corrected market level. There will be coming up in the global all new CASINO AI ECONOMIC MARKET PLACE some losers ( mostly ) and winners ( some ) as always.

Our readers know early and first what is coming next and always what is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.

Nancy has been quiet as deals are being made. Deal – don’t prosecute Crimes for Nancy and team and impeachment wonders away as a political benefit to Trump versus any other way around it. Also it is dawning on Congress we are engaged in a real global digital world war III and we need A BUDGET DEBT CEILING RISING CREDIT RATING AND INFRASTRUCTURE TO DECISIVELY WIN THIS WAR. Congress is reframing into AMERICANS FIRST.

However in Politics we never assume the parties will act in their own best interest. Never rely on THAT.

In any country.

So will PUTIN and China reframe with the EU the new world order really and truly. They might. They might not. SUPER CHANGE from Greece to EU headquarters from UK to Japan no one can know yet. We have to wait and see.

As always we will keep you posted.

For those that know devastated NO NEW JOBS OUT OF WORK 20,000 from criminal DEUTSCHE BANK as click runs out of the bank are simply MASSIVE RUNS today and this week we suggest: have those you know explore CEO SPACE for self employment and we’ll truly help them as we have done for down sized world wide for 30 years. OPTIONS matter. Check it out.

We ask the EU and Germany what is their plan if DEUTSCHE CRIMINAL BANKERS FAIL and the bank must be taken over by the state far more rapidly than any planner see’s today?

WE ASK THAT because getting AHEAD of it is the best policy now.

Never assume they will though.

As politicians.

Economists fail to understand CLICK RUNS at WELLS FARGO or Deutsche criminal banking . No lines around banks. Just billions leaving the effected bank by the CLICK today.


No model for it.

Happening now.


So we’ll see. As time unfolds next.


To: 20,000 wonderful employees and their ripple into non paying off debt and defaulting we tell you all we are so sorry and we are all praying for you. Hire them as you can world wide…..






Turkey Endgame having almost been slaughtered with his wife children and entire family by MBS and Whabbi sect Muslim’s seeking to wipe as they call it the majority Muslim Shite SCUM. Now this has been going on for 2000 years. Then MBS insulted Turkey via their sociopathic war crimes psycho KING MBS hugging buddies with the world. Note MBS has been globe hopping over to TURKEY anytime soon. Endgame keeps releasing more of the Khashoggi Slaughter and no one asks the RIGHT QUESTIONS. ( Hey I sold my Apple stock why might mean you’ve read my blog for a time and actually understood all along what is being data reported ).

The Right Question to old EDGAME ( oh I know how to spell his name alrighty ).




As the audio and video tapes of the brutal bone saw dismemberment of Khashoggi going to get his wedding permit last October only – in Saudi’s safe by law embassy to do so – were released MBS was torn naked. The world knows him as a liar, a sociopath, a psychotic, unworthy to be King or urinal cleaner in prison. MBS needs a very long vacation from the SAUD family. The longer they delay the vacation the great the risk of a SAUDI civil war.

Meanwhile the one big question for ENDGAME:

Why join NATO ALLIANCE and then move away from EU and USA and chose RUSSIA as your protector? Endgame strategy to play one against the other – the USA and Russia as economic cards has FAILED MISERABLY. Now Turkey is sinking into a failed state economically.

Interest is 29% on a base line loan.

The economy is super crashing.

The currency is super inflating.

Everyone is click running to EU’s and Dollars.

End Game fired his head of the CENtRAL BANK which now is just an ENDGAME CURRENCY PRINTER and the panic in Turkey is rising economically. But lets us step back a bit before we discuss Nato members second largest standing ARMY on Russias border shall we and on Syria’s border.



Of the billion Muslims and growing in this world many see Turkey as the hope of the Muslim world, and President Endgame as the very father of this Umma, the first real Iman. The notion every Mosque is in fact a barracks is leading the race into the new Ottoman Empire – a one rule of the Muslim world goal. Endgame see’s himself as the new Caliph. Restoration and education on the majesty of the EU defeated OTTOMAN EMPIRE is rising in Turkey. The Presidential Palace guard engages the Ottoman symbols post coup. State maps are creeping borders to show the Ottoman empire. Turkey State Aide is spreading through the Gulf muslim world and into North Africa as our weapons from Turkey.

Russia saw the SOVIET UNION crash as the Berlin Wall came down. States voted to be independent. Putin than a KGB nothing agent out posting in nother jobs was deeply offended as were many Russians in letting go of the economics and the back bone in the EU of its state provinces. The downsized Russia was in 2020 a Petro nation with zero future. As Ruler of Russia Putin failed to diversify the economy over thirty years of time. The now decaying sanctioned riddled shrining economics in Russia making lop sided military pay outs stretch without war. Russia is the size of the state of NEW YORK in GNP and as OIL demand falls off a cliff going down say 50% in 25 years – oil prices will crash. Buyers will buy less market share from OPEC aligned entities like RUSSIA already seeing quality dive as contamination in its product OIL cost Russia billions in 2019 when they could least afford those billions.

Russia seeks as policy to weaken AMERICA over time and to DESTROY NATO. As Nato unwinds under RUSSIA policy if successful, Russia can reclaim its spheres of trade influence back to the full glory economically of the more diversified ( economically ) now rising again SOVIET UNION. At least that is Putin’s dream if he does not get ill and die or get killed.

In the new DIGITAL WORLD WAR III that began with Russia Axis of Evil coordinated digital attacks on western markets commenced their strategy which includes TURKEY coming out of NATO goes into full gear. The strategy outlined in Kevin Freeman’s works THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN define a new warfare invented by XI and PUTIN. This winning to date war plan is known as asymmetrical warfare. It works well.

The host places idiot puddy of radical political beliefs in cells to support the master plan never really knowing they are doing just that. Digital traps are placed in nation from all critical infrastructure – digital mines digital IED’s to power systems, the internet back bone, credit institutions and economic institutions down to core records, sewer water and related critical treatments, defense communication systems, all communication systems, and critical industry. Everything is hacked first including the nations war plans. North Korea hackers are now the worlds best and contract to Russia and China for enormous fee’s. North Korea hacked the war plans against itself from both the USA and South Korea data bases in the past 72 months and reported here.

The trojans all planted await activiations.

Massive fake news campagnes by warfare harden digital weapons, bots and robots, and AI insert never ending political instability. Real hacks take emails and text from Jeff Bezo to his sweetheart and send that to his wife and the media. The resulting divorce settlement last week of 34 billion is a punishment by MBS in Saudi for Jeff who owns the Washington POST labeling MBS a mentally ill unstable sociopathic ruler ( which he truly is and mental illness progresses ) . Jeff Bezo paid half his wealth and untold billions and prestige in the world to MBS doing a hissy fit attack on his computer and cell phone. WE HAVE BEEN LOSING ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE SINCE 2007.

Russia has been winning as the AIA of the new battle plans.

As NATO broke its word with Mother RUSSIA and moved ever east, into Soviet Union trading spheres of influence Baltic states Lithuania Latvia Estonia, Polan, and many others, Russia said STOP and gave WARNINGS LONG BEFORE UKRAINE. When Ukraines elected President sought RUSSIAN alliance not EU alliance, the west used asymmetric warfare with massive on the ground cells military outfitting, we over threw the elected Russia leaning President who fled for his life as the legal ruler of the nation – and we installed our own west leaning now comedian in charge – Russia was not AMUSED.

Russia drew its own Red Line on NATO Eastern Creep in Turkey and in Ukraine. Russia seized half the nation in Crimea and the most valuable port with billions in infrastructure for its national interest and naval access essential to its influence in the Mediterranean and the GULF nations and the world.

Turkey drew in with Nato tens of billions in foreign aide, bases, and economic employment engagement. More investing has been done with NATO TURKEY than many of our Nato Allies. Russia now running out of ENERGY ECONOMIC TIME is attempting in a rising debtor nation, with falling credit ratings, failing economic back bones systemically, rising unemployment, failing currency, raise oil prices for as much time as they possibly can. While they artificially work to prop up oil price they need pipelines to the EU through Germany as one deal, and into Turkey as another as NATO derails with Turkey. The other economics is weapon system sales.

Russia seeks to reduce even shatter our influence in Turkey via energy and weapon systems shifting from NATO to Russia from USA to RUSSIA. Let Mother RUSSIA help you dominate the Ottoman Empire with Russia by your side. Two utterly failing economies. RUSSIA needs the trade with Turkey by tearing out the roots of USA and NATO.

Asymmetrical warfare going on for a decade in Turkey has massive Digital tools at work to assure the population are anti nato and pro russia. This “brain washing” takes place over time and is possible from digital weapons. Russia is expanding spheres of influence in a real race for survival. The race is against 50 dollar oll price ( which it still makes profit from but not enough to run its out sized military in a GNP the size only of one American State say NEW YORK ).

Russia is not equal to the USA.

Although the danger remains RUSSIA MIND SETS. Lets look at that against the success plan to evict TURKEY FROM NATO and move billions in trade to RUSSIA alone:

  1. Danger: Russia right sided military leaders are arriving at a FIRST STRIKE STRATEGY they now feel they might win against the USA and EU taking over “THE” WORLD all at once. If the forward crash of oil demand – sends a one economic PETRO DOLLARS RUSSIA into the third world status of economics – Russia faces core survival against a clock. Time is not on their side.
  2. Danger: Russia has hacked with its AXIS OF EVIL sharing – all our secrets. We must assume they have particle beam weapons – emp weapons – neutron bombs – and now our own hypersonic 20 minute steal cruise missels to deliver such weapons to anyone of our 1000 cities in 20 minutes no defense – time line 2020.
  3. Danger a tipping point – where Russia see’s it could first strike and wipe out with Neutron bombs all American 300 million and EU 500 million and not one building would be trashed – the entire grids and infrastructure would all be there to walk into post strike ( following week ).
  4. Danger before the strike Russia can wipe out all communication – records and data bases – power water transport and sewer and as the nation bemoans OH HOW OH HOW COULD THIS ALL HAVE HAPPENED.
  5. Bam – gone all the peeps. 20 minutes.

The one thing that keeps all this from occurring is self preservation. The WORD IS REDUNDANCY. Only America has sufficient capacity to assure in such event, taking out all leadership, that Military leadership REDUNDANT and unstoppable will communicate Ultra Low Frequency with unstoppable orders to the four letter word that keeps RUSSIA in total check. SUBS. These Subs will launch. 60 Seconds from Russias 20 minutes there is NO RUSSIA and there are zero survivors in nation – as in zero completely zero. RUSSIA is a 10,000 year insects shall inherit their earth. Russia leaders know this to be hard fact with weapons so terrible Russia has no clue just how terrible or redundant those strikes will be arriving over hour after hour and purely unstoppable.

Putin knowing this seeks to create a NEW WORLD ORDER with the WEST. This new strategy is economic not political. The new DETENTE if Putin and Trump – ( two men who know the truth about each others nations ) – are trying to set into space a new WORLD ORDER. If China and Russia and the EU and America can write a new WORLD ORDER with no nation left behind – the future for Russia can be magic If Russia resets DEBT WITH SUPER BONDS ( scroll to see how on this site ) and receives a trillion US dollars to diversify its economics – Russia can order a new long term prosperity through a less risky strategy.

Today lacking that strategy Russia is winning in its EU pipe line by passing UKRAINE now flowing to economically dependant GERMANY for that energy and transport revenue. EU is dependent on low cost energy from RUSSIA through Pipelines in Germany and Ukraine by policy. Turkey is next. As Russia succeeds in getting its defense systems not compatible with NATO into Turkey – Turkey must lose US aide – bases – and economics – all of which RUSSIA offsets and . steps right into by agreements already made between PUTIN and ENDGAME in Moscow.

Endgame sees the USA as first plotting the COUP then if not plotting NOT HELPING all the time protecting and ass kissing crazy brain MBS and Saudi for the money. The USA must remain allies to the SAUD FAMILY which is not MBS by any means – knowing historically MBS will take a very long vacation or having a sorry hunting accident while Falcon Hunting. Just like SNOWDEN feels so safe and secure until Putin returns him as the ultimate cigar gift to TRUMP of good faith. The ACE in reserve card politically. SEE IT ALL MORE CLEARLY NOW.

Meanwhile playing one against the other – dangerous game – ENDGAME just massively loss his home city mayor. Not getting his own boy in he called for illegal snap elections in istanbul and then lost by even more than before. MORE THAN BEFORE. Political capital for ENDGAME is now sinking in all polls. Why? Past all the Russian brain washing to help ENDGAME and pollute support for NATO AND USA – the economy is now in a death spiral. Turkey is at risk of becoming a failed state.

Turkey can not afford to pay its military the largest standing army in theater next to China.  The crashing economics in Turkey raise the risk of sovereign nation debt defaulting so often warned by the IMF. Christine left the IMF in two steps. First she is out of powers to stop the sovereign nation system killing debt default risk rising she has warned about for the entire term of her half decade of shouting – WARNING WARNING WARNING an no nation has resolved its core economic issues. Why? Politics runs economics versus economics running politics. Outcomes are always predictable. Christine will find she jumped from the frying pan into the BOMB FIRE at EU central bank with a truly dying currency over time. Why? DEBT. Sovereign nation unsustainable running nations by borrowing more than their GNP. A recipe for failed states and massive sovereign nation debt defaulting.

Turkey is caught between rising military hard cost, regional ambition, soaring state security cost, invasion of Muslim radicals creating violent instability in nation, and declining public support for clearly failed economic outcomes. Turkey breeds absolute nationalism with a soaring state secret police cost to monitor and incarcerate with zero due process or rule of law disent to the leadership at will. Central Banks seeking to break the inflation backbone – would not lower interest rates from almost 30% on a prime rate loan like Jimmy Carter in the inflation spiral the USA went through. Reagan economics was possible because Jimmy Carter held firm in supporting the FED on that strategy of economics. ENDGAME FIRED his Central Bank head – trashing his Central bank authority and prestige to the world. Now his failing currency will free fall as SUPER MONEY POOLS make fortunes this week SHORTING TURKISH CURRENCY and Endgame has no clue what he has in fact done here. Which is why we asked POWELL as CEO SPACE not to lower interest rates. MARKET SPECULATORS ( Gamblers ) are trying to on weight of currency manipulation threat – factor in a wealth premium for themselves – TRUMP knows Interest rates raised to fast but he doesn’t yet appreciate it is to late to put that cow in the barn – as confidence is more important than political capital from wildly distorted phony manipulated market prices by speculators in AI casino capitalism – well documented on this site – such that global dollar ( soaring ) confidence is ideal not its lack by Fed panic and caving sending all the wrong signals out to the world. As the FED HOLDS IN THE GREAT PAUSE AS BEST STRATEGY FOR USA AND THE WORLD the gamers who bet on the Fed rate cut lose out on billions and billions on the wrong side of their bet and market prices more normalize. Which is the why I sold Apple today buy low and Sell HIGH. I practice what I preach as Tim is not doing well on his bets either as we have reported on Apple quality sinking and innovations declining.

Turkey firing their CENTRAL BANKER THIS WEEKEND is again important to us all because the FED’s will review this as more fuel to the fire to follow the proven economic modeling strategy – when in doubt DO NOTHING – gather more data first.


Also this weekend China lied again. It reported its foreign current accounts were over 3 trillion dollars again. While this is not a lie it is a lie in currency speak. You have to know your China data. China had almost four trillion US dollars in their dollar reserve account – now having lost 3 trillion like smoke POOF supporting their phony currency at 7 to one dollar – which soon will sling shot to 15 to one dollar ( you heard that first here ). The FOREIGN CURRENCY ACCOUNT report is a shell game in China Fed Talk. The pea is under one shell the real dollar account under 1 trillion and falling to zero. They have to Pay everything at all ports in US DOLLARS not phony yuan no one desires. There are two yuan markets. One inside China their peeps have to pay in exchange but they don’t as they all use shadow banking and go around state control. Outside China the Yuan trades against world currency at a far different rate than inside China. Finally the Foreign currency account includes one trillion ( they say over 1 trillion in their in nation rate of conversion to yuan and the market says under one trillion in world real markets –  and includes yen and EU’s and other nation currencies for the rest. ) The reporting in China in bonds, in stocks in currency in economics in GNP is not accurate is opaque and manipulated by central Chinese planners who now have to face world account adjustments as China fuels stability with worst nation sovereign debt loading of them all – over 300% borrowing over GNP which China does not wish to accent IMF 17 warnings in ten years into 2019 – last – that state: China is a DEBTOR NATION – AND THE DEBT TO RUN PHONY ECONOMIC MATH IS NOT SUSTAINABLE AND IS THE HIGHEST RISK IN THE WORLD TO SYSTEMIC FAILURE GLOBALLY.

Turkey is replacing the strong USA with failed state communist nation economics in China and Russia on its borders?

Turkey with almost 30% prime interest loan will now with ENDGAME taking over his central bank as his personal piggy bank will slash interest rates and massively print money which will create German inflation in nation with 1,000,000 Turkish currency bucks for a loaf of bread. To contain the massive unrest Endgame needs CHINESE and Russia people control with Digital monitoring of everything and China CAMPS to RE-TRAIN BRAINS to support the state. AI nations as police state or free nations big difference dividing up next. Economic survival makes dictators act out predictably as POWER is the one commodity where PLENTY IS NEVER ENOUGH. A human insanity.

Meanwhile MBS has been a true enemy of the USA in the most horrific way:


  1. Alliance with Putin against the USA from day one 2014.
  2. Daddy and Crazy Sonny go to Moscow for the group hug.
  3. The WAR on AMERICAN SHALE OIL FOLLOWS crashing to 34 dollars a barrel from MBS 140.00 dollars.
  4. Shale Won and Saudi lost market share never to recover and price – USA is now worlds largest energy producer.
  5. War in Yemen losing USA top secret weapons to Russia and losing the YEMEN war now bombing Saudi weekly.
  6. COUP in Turkey to help Putin Undermine the USA blaming the coup on the USA.
  7. Attacking himself to raise oil in desperation false flagging IRAN and framing Iran to disguise its own pope of terror.
  8. Butchering Khashoggi on film and audio tape caught red handed as a maniac and liar.
  9. Locking up 1000 royals loyal to the USA and shaking them down illegally for over 100 billion dollars.
  10. Locking up USA folks and all who speak out against MBS who just disappear daily at 3 AM in and out of palace.
  11. Telling Trump he would support his son in laws peace plan than pulling the rug out and with Russia killing it.
  12. This weekend he canceled orders for BOEING planes at tens of billions and shifted that sum to the EU. Slam to USA and our interests.

Congress is no longer amused.

Trump gets it all but has to USA survive the puppy King with his much deeper longer relationships with Saudi SAUD family who post MBS TAKING A VACATION coming up next – Trump wishes to assure survive to the new lasting real powers.

While flipping the finger to MBS next – poking his middle finger into MBS eye and brain – and derailing Putin but making a DEAL ( setting up the new world order with Putin U turning on crazy MBS – takes on to know one ) as TRUMP MAKES THE GREAT IRAN PEACE DEAL – which leads to GULF PEACE and all nation prosperity for 300 years. ONE DEAL WITH IRAN which becomes historic. Iran has systems replace Trust. America has systems replace trust. Reagan Politics rule – TRUST BUT VARIFY ALWAYS.

New lower nuke threat treaties will secure the world moving forward and China Russia and USA together can assure no nation is left behind and economic SUPER BOND and related solutions respark world stability and prosperity. There are risks. But this direction is moving forward.

Turkey is trying to deal up the USA economically or Russia flipping on the highest bidder. Now that they are staring to work as one the outcomes is likely failed economics and a new leader to join the community versus pit one against the other. Turkey places Russia central defense in nation and NATO will depart with that crash to economics Russia as a debtor nation the size of GNP of New York State but shrinking to the size of bankrupt Illinois – having just lost billions on its top secret sub with such shoddy work now that it caught fire and killed half the crew – due to contractor shoddy work. Russia can steal USA state secrets but we invent new ones and the magnificence of our work product MADE IN THE USA is simply not matched anywhere.

Apple is suffering because of shoddy work in China and that work is getting worse. The billions in returns and warranty work from sinking CHINESE quality and rising CHINESE prices make CHINA a once first choice and now a last choice only if you must. The largest brands go in and can’t make profits but for a very very few and even those are now finding the profit and rip off policy bad climates for trade as opposed to favorable.  WILL CHINA as a CRIMINAL NATION OF THIEVES in asymmetrical warfare now no longer winning – CHANGE BEHAVIOR? WILL TURKEY ?

Never rely on political choice to act in the nations best own interest…why? POWER CORRUPTS.

The crises is in integrity.

Competition is insane and leads to failed economies and world wars. INSANITY from mid reptilian brain. We fail to teach in education sanity thinking and insanity avoidance using higher brain function ( sane ) over lower brain function ( insane ) . We teach our young insanity and the out comes we see on news world wide.

COOPERATION AND COLLABORATION FORGED ON EHTICS INTEGRITY AND CELEBRATION OF ALL DIVERSITY as higher brain states of thinking – resolve the crises of integrity brought forth by competitive thought form being a culture direction for education and nations. WE TEACH INSANITY and we end up paying the cost of errors in thinking.

My work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION gives you all the science you require.


Who decides.

Oh thats easy. It is not THEM. it is never them.

It is you.

Elect leaders who are not competitive.

Un-elect leaders who are.

What you see today is insane candidates with a few who are sane. ELECT THE SANE.

Be sane yourself.

Drop out of mind manipulation and state brain washing via media. ITS ALL FAKE NEWS.

We just have horrific failure in education on values and integrity and we pay the price of media run by those damaged competitive brains who believe the insanity is sanity and real when it is false in fact. Assess integrity in Turkey.

The Crises is in integrity. WE THE PEOPLE GET THAT.

See the election in Istanbul.

Now watch the failure of economics as ENDGAME pushes Turkey into state sovereign state default.

What does ENDGAME NEED TO DO TO WIN: in our opinion as investment banker economists:


  1. Make a USA deal and fast.
  2. Send me a first class plane ticket to fast track SUPER BONDS.
  3. The economic reset of SUPER BONDS with USA and EU NATO SUPPORT recapitalizes the nation.
  4. Work projects provide the massive employment stimulation required.
  5. Endgame rules over prosperity versus bankruptcy


So the world markets now punish Turkey currency – watch – and now CLICK RUNS out of Turkey for investment capital protecting ITSELF from Risk – will occur in all Super Money Pools – as the 100 foot ebb tide rip tide out to sea dries up all Turkey Ports to dry land ( economically ) and the DEBT TSUNAMI of 3000 foot killer wave crashes in the future ( TRUMP WINS SAY 2020 ) a near future – to Turkeys peoples great horror and surprise.

Will Turkey act in its own best interest?

Will the USA stop pussy footing around with MBS an insane brain ruler and PURE ENEMY OF USA POLICY just whacking tens of billions from Boeings far better plane to EU to again say to Trump – FUCK THE USA SUCKER.

When is enough enough with Saudi?

With Turkey?

Is it now before the nasty 2020 election?

What keeps me up at night? What “IF” Russia and Putin and Endgame and ENEMY OF USA MBS have all made a secret deal to checkmate the USA and Iran is in all this – if PUTIN makes a TRUMP Deal – Turkey is Putin’s ace in the deck for economics for Russia -and Endgame is ok whoever wins as money to him roars on in – if Trump and Congress firewall Putin out of any dealing – say Putin has Endgame surround USA bases with his enormous military – block all in and out as siege – permitting USA citizens to leave their bases and EU support staff in 72 airlift out – leaving a trillion in base infrastructure and nukes and advanced weapons behind – and Russia takes over as Endgame protector and together with Chinese spyware they SLAUGHTER every radical muslim in nation and USA NOCS with Russian Snowden Intel already marking them all – and we are OUT strategically and Russia goes CHECK MATE winning Deal with Trump and NO DEAL.

Too far out there?

I say – think like PUTIN versus beltway think tank guru’s. I married a Russian wife ( though she is Nashville Tennessee raised as a southern girl but I got her RUSSIA DNA from grandma plus the fabulous recipes before Grammy graduated. The 1960s to 1980s I was ( next to oil ) the largest Diamond exporter of Fine Russian Diamonds from Moscow and Brussels in the world some 50 million in 1970’s dollars a MONTH in trade to mother Russia. I know a thing or two as a student of Russia soul and spirit and history. Unlike most American’s trapped in expertise and experience fifty mile circles around a MCdonald’s – BIG MAC double Cheese and vanilla Shake go large PLEASE as Russia knowledge in house.  Putin has declining popularity from his massive over 80% support but still support remains overwhelming for Putin the Strong man in theater. His game plan is what Trump is playing into and PUTIN wins if Trump leans forward in judo or leans back in judo which Putin is a master at taking his opponents all of them to the mat. Those opposing Putin may wish to reconsider their plays against this grand master In my opinion of Russia as a student. Putin has won since 9/11 taking full advantage of 9/11. Putin has been winning and USA has been losing. In Digital WORLD WAR III all economic. Our digital pearl harbor was the super crash a full on digital frontal AI first ever attack on global markets. Putin made all his sanction money ( trillions ) back in the resulting SUPER CRASH as he caused it and was on the right side of the bet.

Then the DOD formed the 34 billion and now beyond calculation CYBER WARFAR COMMAND CENTER. The USA after is DIGITAL PEARL HARBOR disaster catches up quick. Every leader in CYBER WARFARE has read DOD contractor Kevin Freeman ( legacy faculty CEO SPACE and we communicate daily with advance winning strategy for the USA – Mutually Assured RECONSTRUCTION ) we presently lack as coordinated winning game hand. For half a decade Kevin and I lobby for MARS to DOD higher command and politician funders and the White House across administrations.

aToday we are again on the offensive. WE take each hit from Russia today and HIT BACK AND HARD. These wars are taking place under water in the air and on the found as full out DIGITAL WARFARE. Trump now has the offensive again. In this full on WORLD WAR THREE what keeps me up at night is the possibly we lose. Why? How? Well our own congress. In WAR full out DIGITAL WAR congress does not yet appreciate or understand – they are failing to pass our budget – credit ceiling assuring FULL MILITARY FUNDING IN WAR TIME – ASYMMETRICAL NEW AI WAR TIME – fully engaged globally assuring the USA and its military win, and protecting the USA ECONOMIC SYSTEM AS A WAR PLAN TO WIN – PROTECTING OUR CREDIT RATING AS A WAR PLAN TO WIN – AND EMPOWER WHOEVER IS COMMANDER AND CHEIF WITH ESSENTIALS TO WIN- BUDGET – STRONG ECONOMY AS FULL ON NATIONAL SECURITY IN WAR TIME – AUTHORITY TO COMMANDER AND CHEIF WITHIN BI PARTISIAN SUPPORT IN WAR TIME. Vietnam taught us one lesson – we lose as a nation if politicians run a war. The US MILITARY WILL NEVER NOT EVER ALLOW THAT TO OCCUR AGAIN. WAR PLANNERS IN AI WARS PRO ACT AND REACTION IS AI WHERE YESTERDAY IS ALREADY TOO LATE – Politicians need to do their part – protect this nation so we win. What keeps me up at night is while our military are engaged in multi fronts and full on DIGITAL AI FIRST EVER WORLD WAR III ( and all my readers know this in all nations and need more proof.

If my readers world wide DO NEED MORE PROOF buy the NEW YORK TIMES this July global best seller by BRAD THOR ( who coordinates with Kevin Freeman and our research data ) and read SPY MASTER available in every book store world wide. And Amazon. Why? Well World War I started from failed congress and Fed economic policy but unfolded politically in the deeply divided Christian Muslim rip tide since the Crusades in the BALKIN FIREWALL to the EU. World WAR II started due to Fed horrific policy error building casino capitalism per AI in 1929. But the political start again was a kid engaged by who ( Hitler ? ) to Kill Arch Duke Ferdinand. Where? BALKANS the home of World War I World WAR II AND ALMOST WORLD WAR IIII in full on genocide when NATO so late stepped in after slaughter of 100’s of thousands NATO did nothing over all woman and children. Plus the men on top. Genocide as the MASTER RACE roared on in. Say Hitler is a virus ( competition in MASTER RACE OR MASTER FAITH ) sociopathic leader just like MBS today. EVIL WINS WHEN THE MAJORITY OF INTEGRITY GOOD HEATS AND MINDS ON EARTH SIMPLY DO NOTHING. Evil can’t win if we all know and act. DOING NOTHING wins. SO SPY MASTER is current data to today and the BALKINS. How would PUTIN check mate NATO and firewall USA power influence and economic decline? Ah read SPY MASTER. What keeps me up at night is USA CONGRESS AND STAFF all need to read the BOOK and turn support in DIGITAL AI WORLD WAR III inward to support our PRESIDENT whoever that is – unconditionally so we WIN THE WAR. To win we require economic prosperity not new global depression where PUTIN wins and the USA loses. ECONOMIC PROSPERITY IS NATIONAL WAR TIME POLICY that wins only congress remains ignorant and in denial just like with Hitler on the winning strategy. Today we with BUDGET AND INFRASTRUCTURE as emergency WAR GAME WINNING CONGRESSIONAL SUPPORT for our military. To the extend the US INTEL and AGENCIES OF DOD can hammer this WAR TIME POLICY so we in fact win and BUDGET AND INFRASTRUCTURE ALL PASS THIS YEAR – Congress kicked PUTIN in the balls. STOP leaning back to fall on the Putin Judo mat with pure distraction. FACEBOOK AND DIGITAL ELECTION STUFF is handled by our NSA CIA FBI AND DIGITAL WAR FARE COMMAND CENTER. They are all ove rthat distraction. But to win the real war we require AMERICAN PROSPERITY AND A RISE IN OUR CREDIT RATING which all occurs only and if – Congress acts in war time finally understanding the real threat. READ SPY MASTER CONGRESS AND STAFF READ SPY MASTER AND THIS WEEK. Get crack ah lacking USA and vote to support our leader as the oppossing issues are silly putty we are at fully engaged WAR and we may still lose battles ( READ SPY MASTER TO UNDERSTAND ) .

God Bless America.

God Bless BRAD THOR. Keep the Truth coming and Brad watch your six.

It will might be time has run out for ENGAME economically. Or not. Depending on what KEEPS ME UP AT NIGHT with the data on this war fare. As my readers all know why as with Hitler do they appease and fail in policy in war time? Lack of action by Congress is all that evil requires to win the coming next battles.KEEP AMERICA DIVIDED thats their plan. Trump and our Military ( democrats and republicans ) are at WAR and they will win if they have a support from an awake and more fully informed congress. Hollywood MAKE A MOVIE – SPY MASTER and RUSH THAT FILM TO MARKET by 2020 election you bake billions and you help us to win the war. If you want socialism and communism to win do nothing. EVIL triumphs when the good do nothing at all. You have been hoodwinked. HOW? Read SPY MASTER and apply the BALKINS to the USA and then the LIGHT HOUSE ROARS ILLUMINATION TO THE FUTURE OF OUR WINNING.

Now that all is my own pucker factor. To my BALKIN READERS unite – cooperate – massively celebrate diversity and forgive the unforgivable past as SOUTH AFRICA showed us all HOW TO DO and turn the page into your own prosperity. NATO is at WAR and losing battles intends with budgets far greater than economic running out of time Putin will win but at what cost where if we deal with PUTIN and we lean into a new world order or Russia prosperity – TRUST BUT VARIFY the entire world wins and PUTIN would in fact prefer that but is not going down when Oil crashes is all. Who can blame him for his battles for his own people RUSSIA FIRST strategy. I do not. I want us all to WIN in the new cooperation.

My readers well know our position on the hard real data. You are SO FAR MORE INFORMED than the manipulation war time media as our my journalist who stay out front by reading here. Happy to do sound bites for those who get it. The truth is so important in WAR. DIGITAL AI ASYMMETRICAL WAR in Kevin Freemans THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN as reads on the truth and data you can not over come. Kevin watch YOUR SIX as you matter buddy you matter so much more than you and Brad Thor realize. HOLLYWOOD MAKE THE MOVIE help us to WIN this war.

Perhaps really good spirits will now DO WHAT THEY CAN DO and that is enough for us to win. We’ll all see. History does not repeat but as Mark Twain who worked for my famous grandfather ABC DOHRMANN look HIM up on line as I’m named after him- stated – history does not repeat but it sure rhymes. Awareness of the truth is HOW we all win together all of us with no nation left behind. I encourage China – SUPER BOND and reset internal economics. Scroll on this web site for HOW. The opportunity to preclude WORLD WAR III itself is in this blog today.

To Help Endgame and derail MBS ten time work to raise oil when Trump asked him ten times to lower oil – now with Saudi the OPEC DICTATOR making the rules without member votes – shattering the OPEC governance at core – POWER CORRUPTS – Trump needs to DUMP. Dump oil from our way to high reserves and bring oil to 45 bucks and level at fifty when you stop the dump.

This bankrupts MBS and downsizes SAUDI who can’t finance terror any longer.

The time for a long MBS vacation changes everything.

Make the Deal with IRAN for the IRANIAN people stabilize the GULF FOREVER. Systems replace Trust.

Do both.

MBS sanity pays back insanity and the result is insanity is deleted.


Note> My reader weekend report on Monday markets including Apple – RIGHT AGAIN if you are tracking precision on the hard real data. You know FIRST always. Right here. Share this BLOG URL with your circles and on line social to help others we are adding 10,000 month on book mark readers ( hundreds of thousands world wide ) and 2000 new free subscribers each month. IF YOU COMMENT on blog postings to our search engine reach multiplies. WE thank all our readers who take two minutes to post a comment…..








We have told our readers the summer market will be super volatile. Wait for it………


The Fools Rally has investors hoodwinked by a landslide and new AI as well. Why?


  1. The majority of reporting firms for the second quarter have warned of sharply lower than anticipated earnings. Only a FOOLS RALLY goes wildly up on such BAD NEWS.
  2. Oil is having a falloff in demand that is staggering. As demand for oil falls for the coming 30 years – every year – oil goes up? Counter to economics.
  3. America the EU and Asia are slowing down economically and the markets goes up on FED fool’s RALLY on rate increases. Markets plunge on loss of side bets into false flag Fed rate increases. CEO SPACE wrote Powell – hold the GREAT PAUSE IS ENOUGH.
  4. Valuation on averages has risen from 14 times earnings to 17 times earning – record highs since 1929. Not sustainable valuation leverages in core economics.
  5. The market is a speculation against zero inflation – lower profit margins – declining sales from autos to manufacturing contracting and inverted bond yields and the market goes UP as a recession looms?



Fools Rally’s never end well.


SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE. The pull back in casino capitalism is needed and will wipe out a lot of gamblers in the market by a trillion or so. RIGHT AGAIN and we told you and told you.






The greatest run on a bank since 1929 has taken place in Germany. Right again. We told you.



Deutsche Bank IS experiencing the largest CLICK RUN by depositor’s out of the bank. Depositors’ worldwide are CLICK RUNNING deposits out of CRIMINAL DEUTSCHE BANK. While Germany in endless investigations has no one from the TOO BIG TO JAIL criminal bank, having one criminal theft manipulating markets for greed and profit after another – crime after crime – the deposit base institutional, corporate, and mom and pops are RUNNING core depots out of the bank. The head of the losing investment banking division, where so many bad bets have lost so much wealth from failing Deutsche Bank once Germany’s largest and most influential institution, now failing utterly. Some years and a number of CEO’s ago the President of the bank stated publically how strong the bank was and how its crashing stock was a passing event. We said the CEO was a liar and the bank was failing completely. From crimes. Multiple crimes. Another criminal bank like Wells Fargo.

Deposits are socially investing and self-preserving. In the musical chairs of CLICK RUNS (a new economic of AI economics) Click RUNS sink banks. Deutsche bank is now conducting a series of new crimes. These crimes are economic and include:


  1. Setting up a new bank to hold the crap loser side bets in long term derivatives the fully bankrupt fraud leadership seeks to shell game the market into. On announcement of SHELL GAME ECONOMICS Deutsche Bank failing its merger as buyers see the lies in the balance sheet simple RUNNNNNN. Deutsche Bank Stock is now cap rate valued at only 14 billion dollars today. BlackRock and Carlyle manage 13 trillion as two hedge funds by comparison. Deutsche Bank’s criminal boards now want to value spin off assets at 50 billion when the entire bank is valued at only 14 billion down say 90% from 2015.
  2. Deutsche bank criminal boards want to set up a new BAD BANK to shell game remove Deutsche bank soaring bad loan none performing debt held as rock solid reporting assets on its fraud balance sheet – so that it can SET ITS OWN VALUE to a portfolio of pure loss.


The problem is DEUTSCHE BANK may fail as a blow out in Germany where the state has to take over and pay out on the bad bets in trillions Deutsche Bank criminals lost – they lost all the depositor money at core deposits and only phony criminal accounting keeps the bank afloat.


Deutsche bank is having with other EU banks a run by depositor’s out of the EU they feel may implode in fact – into dollar based accounts in non-criminal banks they chose for social value based integrity reasons. The Criminal banks are getting killed by CLICK RUNS.


CLICK runs are new and AI adds fuel to massive flows out of criminal banks. Stock crashes in these banks are real and accelerating. BANK FAILURES dominoes in economic core systems due to counter party agreements triggering balance sheet adjustments where crap assets way way over valued on bank balance sheets are seen as crap. AS BANK CRAP IS RESET ON BALANCE SHEETS AS CRAP SYSTEM CORE LIQUIDITY DRIES UP.

What we know. Deutsche Bank helped caused the systemic risk to the entire system, as Germany’s and the EU’s lead bank. They now have admitted to multiple crimes of the most massive scale like Wells Fargo Bank but the bank does not get closed down for their crimes – their assets seized by nations and moved over to NON CRIMINAL BANKS. No one has a scheme for TOO BIG TO JAIL no one in todays AI economy.

Deutsche Bank has from CLICK RUNS by its own depositors punishing the bank for its CRIMES just like WELLS FARGO DEPOSITORS click running. Warren Buffett with what he thought was the STEAL OF THE CENTURY dealt in to Wells Fargo with billions to provide liquidity for WELLS FARGO SURVIVAL as the stock soared DOWNWARD. The CLICK RUNS continue for both banks as billions and billions leave criminal banks in unstoppable social consequence for high crimes by criminal bankers. Deutsche bank is now a fraction of its size about 25% down from peak. Mergers fell apart as the partner stated the RISK WAS JUST TOO HIGH ( meaning Deutsche bank is unsavable and bankrupt ).

Now this Holiday slow news weekend the yet another NEW CEO states – we will slash in our first reorganization next – round – found 5 reorganizing – over 20,000 of our employees of 25% of our entire operation – and close out our losing investment banking division writing off untold billions ( which we may not survive ). This weekend Deutsche bank in banker speak said – will the last depositor CLICK RUNNING OUT OF OUR BANK TURN OFF THE LIGHTS ON THE WAY OUT OF OUR NOW EMPTY IN RECEIVERSHIP HOME OFFICE IN GERMANY AS WE ARE GONE TO THE WIND. Germany as a nation is plunging down into recession. Criminal brands like VW that own Audi and other brands are in super crash mode as consumers will not BANK or DO BUSINESS with fully CRIMINAL BRAND MANAGERS. If your big brand is run by crooks and you GET CAUGHT IN YOUR CRIMES COLD – your brand is CLICK RUN by the public who punish you when nations won’t. This SUPER CHANGE UNFOLDING CONSEQUENCE TO REAL CRIMES GOES BEYOND ANYTHING HISTORIC.

The TOO BIG TO JAIL sweep it under the rug – let time go by and the public forgets say MBS and Khashoggi coming up or worse – is no longer TRUE. The market institutionally and the pubic at large now punish criminals and the economics of survival for criminal brans like VW and Deutsche Bank now effect their host nations? Why? The Germany nation failed to place their criminal enterprise in state receiveror ship and broker out those assets to protect its INTEGRITY AS A NATION and their industry in economics. Not seeing the CLICK RUNS the downward spiral is now beyond STATE PLANNERS to manage. The largest economy in the EU is in full crash why? First criminal trade policy with the USA coming to a post world war II closse. The Nation that rebuilt and restored GERMANY has had enough of subsidy and wealth transfer 70 years later come on. Germany lacking a IMMEDIATE TRADE DEAL in a death spiral will have a very hard financial landing coming up. Deutsche Banks first round of cut backs of over 20,000 employees will SMACK GERMANY on its ass economically and hit LONDON AND NEW YORK and global outreach as well. Why? UNRESOLVE CRIMES THAT MAKE THE NATION APPEAR CRIMINAL BY CONSPIRACY. The leaders do not get this principle.

the period of lower mid brain hipocampos false flag assessemnt of threat transmute responding human thought impulse into zero integrity insanity known as competitive thought form – this thought form is being replaced by higher brain awareness and increasingly education built on integrity and cooperation where sanity of cooperation and collaboration as higher brain function is moderating prior generations infected with the ONE VIRUS OF THE HUMAN MIND AND COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUS – mid repitlian brain competitive thought impulse – an expression of human capacity for insanity – where COOPERATION HIGHER BRAIN FUNCTION is know identified as sane and virus free mental software…..leader brains are shedding lack of intergrity as culture and competition as expressed human insanity from lower repitilan brain stems – soon this principle of thought first scientifically documented in new SUPER CHANGE data humanity now knows appeared in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLULTION back ordered and five stars on Amazon since 2010……

Germany remains engaged in competitive insanity with the nation that restored Germany from its last consequence for competitive insanity ( master race ) – a competitive expression of insane reptilian brain stem. With cocaine trigger. Cooperation DNA is integrity. First expression of COOPERATION ( HUMAN SANITY ) IS: all diversity of human expression – race – creed – color – culture – sex lifestyle – food – music – history – sport – dress – fashion – is CELEBRATED inside insane virus free brains – versus – punished inside competitive insane brains.

Deutsche Bank following a 25% five year contraction its leaders lied about stating the bank was both strong and growing – a pure historic lie -now downsizes another 25% with no end in sight – a 50% total contraction in less than ten years – lying all the way – without state consequence for its crimes – where Germany now world wide once relied upon for quality is seen as a criminal nation at the top sheltering its own criminals. Not much different in the USA either – see WELLS FARGO and most New York criminal pled banks at the top. Policy of criminals – SWEEP IT UNDER THE RUG LET TIME PASS AND THE PUBLIC FORGETS AND THINKS THE CRIMES ARE FIXED WHEN THE CRIMES PAY WITH SMALL FINES TO GET OUT OF JAIL KEEPING THE POTS OF GOLD. The public is NOT STUPID. Increasingly awake COOPERATIVE SOCIAL institutional investors free of the Competitive Virus CLICK RUN out of Crooks as does the public as criminal brans now have economic consequence. The only constant with DEUTSCHE banks in our long report of the truth predicting this pain for 20,000 innocents who had no clue about the crimes they are now punished for -while those who did those crimes have mega yachts on the med – having warm meals with servants – and thinking now at all about those 20,000 out of work every day folks. NOT THE TOO BIG TO JAILS in the Hamptons and Tahoe Lake Houses. No sir reee bobbie as we say in America. Now back to RIGHT AGAIN and Criminal DEUTSCHE BANK with its ripple across the world in AI economics as RISK huge RISK to the system itself no one is talking about at all but us right here for you.

Deutsche Bank trying to use fraud to cover up the truth and stop the click run by restoring confidence in the largest crash reversal of any bank in the EU the largest bank in the EU is now becoming behind closed doors the real panic in the systemic modeling. Right again. What if Deutsche Bank with its criminal lulling frauds on the state of the bank fail, anyone thought of that as its unfolding so it well might fail in fact. I would not bet on that risk.






Casino capitalism has bid the market up in massive FOOLS RALLY (pure speculation bets in the casino versus real value betting in economics) that:


  1. Trump could influence the FED politically versus economically
  2. That the market could influence the FED politically versus economically
  3. The Fed is in an experiment of a save the system free money decade going forward where no economy has gone before.


Unfortunately, the FED does not appreciate we are not in the old rule book economy it knows. No. We are inside a new AI economy the Fed has no influence of control over at all. AI is not all that smart yet and fails to appreciate what humans alone appreciate – implication of data.


Today the AI market has created a FOOLS RALLY bidding up price against a bet that interest would soar downward back to free money. Free money breeds unsustainable debt weighting into core economics for nations (Scroll and read SUPER BOND BLOG BELOW THIS ONE) for institutions and commercial lending and for individual and consumer lending bidding up all asset classes through price manipulation from stock buy backs (free money) a trillion a year in USA manipulating prices, to unsustainable credit gambling in the system.


Lacking a new G 100 regulatory frame work we have suggested in our work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM REVOLUTION – the risk to system failure from liquidity evaporations remains unmatched in human history.


The Fed signals they may have made as serious policy mistake in raising interest to fast if they lower interest as the AI speculators wish to fuel even worse phony market pricing. The economy of the world is slowing after the longest global expansion ever recorded since the 1850’s.


The Fed undermines confidence (in all central banking) if they show PANIC.

Re-inflating economics is required. INTEREST RATE POLICY fails to provide this required relief. 30 years of Japan easing failed to re-inflate Japan. Taking deflation on requires the only known economic to re-inflate.


First let’s get real. Under President Obama two economic frauds took place:


  1. We changed long term unemployed for our higher middle class 35 million out of work and stopped counting them at all. We are at 12% unemployment and the USA has plenty of workers who do not wish to work for 10.00 dollars an hour having made far more over a lifetime to support their floor needs to survive.
  2. We failed to pass a US budget and lost our credit rating in America creating higher borrowing interest cost of a trillion or so.


The only way to RE-INFLATE American and global economics is INFRASTRUCTURE. A 10 trillion dollar not 5 trillion-dollar NATIONAL INFASTRUCURE. Without congress acting a risk for the GREATEST DEPRESSION EVER and WORLD WAR is rising higher and higher. The FED has zero bullets left and lacks gun powder for bullets. THE FED IS MARGINALIZED LIKE OPEC today. Their appearance of confidence is precious and assisted by the GREAT PAUSE.


The Fed needs to announce this July that easing and bond selling is on HOLD. That is the stimulus required for a bond market stretched in core liquidity the BIGGEST RISK OF THEM ALL against soaring loan costs in flip overs by the trillion going on today.


AI would then and next will  correct the FOOLS RALLY and a blood bath will take place for wrong sided bets in the casino – healthy in fact for the system. Short sellers in Tesla had a blood bath last week. Right again. THE FOOLS RALLY IS COMING TO A HEALTHY CLOSE NEXT. We think the FOOLS RALLY should reset and those lower valuations are healthy for growth if we get trade deals. The FED WE ADVISE SHOULD know when to hold them – and imply that the GREAT PAUSE may well hold as STIMULUS both to putting equity and bond market STABILITY AND CORE LIQUIDITY STRENGTH before artificial stimulations that should be reserved for crises not healthy economics we have now moving into trade deals for future solid foundational economic outcomes. That message is just the credibility CENTRAL BANKERS need and the FED well leads with such a powerful strategy message to speculators. Rampant speculation effecting liquidity simmers down over time inside the GREAT PAUSE removing election year uncertainty interest may go up or go down. GREAT PAUSE IS IDEAL ECONOMIC POLICY as a stabilizer in new AI Super Change world. I think the leading AI with Amazon should be with IBM quantum computing be a partnership with massive FED INVESTING to engage AI to forward manage liquidity data and AI economics using AI to regulate new AI markets. Naked without such tools the FED is moving at warp speeds on the bridge of the global enterprise star ship with an eye patch over one eye. Not ideal.








Opec is a group of shrinking % of oil producers. Russia the non-OPEC producer is the largest loser giving up Market share to America and non-OPEC producers’. OPEC recently shattered itself completely when SAUDI made unilateral deals with Russia and announced OPEC WOULD EXTEND PRODUCITON CUT LEVELS. This took place without OPEC. Saudi the OPEC DICTATOR has destroyed OPEC. Today OPEC members furious of SAUDI unilateral dictatorship over OPEC agree to whatever SAUDI says.


OPEC members know that SAUDI data on oil has been a fraud for years. Their supply demand reporting is fraud and untrue.

Today the largest super crash in demand for any commodity is oil. The forward in time projections just months back on market oil growth in demand are fraud. No one legally holds Saudi responsive for the crimes it commits.


The truth? Oil demand growth has hit a wall. Like at 90 miles an hour. Why? Complex disintermediation of global markets moving out of toxic oil and into renewable nontoxic energy far faster than MBS ever conceived of since his failed oil policy. MBS is spending money at an unsustainable rate. MBS banked on oil at a floor price of 75 dollars a barrel to sustain Saudi break even just at red ink – to sustain Saudi bankruptcy budgets. THE SPENDING AGAINST DECLINING REVENUE IS NOT SUSTAINABLE AS DEBT LOADS TO SAUDI TO SUSTAIN THE SPENDING SOAR.


Oil is going to plunge after the FOOLS RALLY IN OIL driven by wild speculation by oil industry bets to try and CRIMINALLY MANIPULATE PRICES UP. WE told you and told you go LONG ON OIL into a blood bath like you have never known before. The fall off of demand for oil is simply accelerating beyond any chart markers predicative models.  Oil wills stabilize at 50.00 dollars a barrel cycling 45. At lows to 55 at highs the new trading range for oil in remission; on demand.


America is profitable at 50 dollars. Russia is profitable at 50.00 dollars.


So, you’re a customer of OPEC DICTATOR MBS running out of cash the only asset that makes other nations smile when criminal sociopathic loser leader MBS is in the room. They all want MBS to take a long long vacation. OPEC was destroyed by the crises of integrity. The criminal organization is now a label in which those part of it are themselves organized crime artificially hijacking price for the cost of everything else – energy transportation and packaging – as the immoral cost to 8 billion starving across the globe without a care of them in the world.


OPEC has no data to stabilize anything. So, OPEC removes one million barrels a day of oil to market. Including Iran cut backs from sanctions now rising IRAN output climbing again.

Non-OPEC PRODUCERS add two million barrels of oil while demand is crashing. The SUPPLY OF OIL without OPEC will soon be greater than demand globally.




If you buy from SAUDI you only BUY if they match price from others in the 50’s. No one is paying Saudi MORE FOR OIL or RUSSIA MORE FOR OIL. NO. Contracts to keep market share must be at new floor price for a commodity demand has the rug pulled from out of the suppliers control. NOW SUPPLY (OVER SUPPLY DROWNING IN OIL) AGAINST PLUNGING LIKE A BOULDER OFF A CLIFF IN PRICE FOR DEMAND LIKE THE WORLD AND NO MARKET HAS EVER SEEN SINCE KODAK FILM WAS REPLACED BY DIGITAL IN 60 MONTHS.




MBS now moving Saudi into bankruptcy as his projects and drunker sailor criminal spending in NON-ECONOMIC LOSER BETS AND PROJECTS must come to a close. Some on in nation has to turn off he spending to get Saudi into saving itself. OPEC folks is gone. The husk shell remaining is a talking stick with no teeth. OPEC dentures have been removed. OPEC is a fraud and only through outright lies does OPEC GUM CHUCK its phony price schemes now that no one and we mean no one pays any attention to. MBS is a joke the entire world now ridicules as the KING OF SAUDI parades around in public naked of integrity truth or confidence from anyone. 100% failed policy has cost Saudi over 5 trillion dollars. SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE FOLKS its economics now not political. Saudi Sand Castle is in full on civil war on WHO will be the next King. No investment or future bets on Saudi will occur till that is resolved.


To save himself MBS is rushing his ARMACO OIL OVER VALUED LOSER BET TO MARKET. Those who invest in Aramco will see the largest failed public offering in 60 months where ARAMCO assets are devalued by 60% from IPO fraud values. Underwriter’s SHAME ON YOU. Institutional investors do not be fooled on worst bet in 70 years. Plus, MBS will use the proceeds in bad economic use of proceeds where the fraud oil valuation will be collapsing (auditors shame on you remember ARTHUR ANDERSON and WORLD COM?  PLUS, OTHERS?) – and failing economic projects of MBS will be legacy to fraud theft and delusion as AI economics punish the failed policy and game plans forever.  Saudi’s future without an MBS reversal – bankruptcy and civil war. Why? Failure to read the real economics.

MBS used FAKE FLAG strategy to frame IRAN for recent oil silly incidents in fact having zero effect on MBS or world markets but to FOOLS RALLY OIL. As Trump seeks to make a deal some GREAT PAUSE ON SANCTIONS and returning their ship illegally seized is a good faith step of respect vs disrespect as IRAN is unfairly PR to be the center of terror in the Gulf. Nothing is farther from the facts and truth. IRAN is fighting terror. Saudi is funding Terror. Bin Laden Jr. is the financial and strategic leader of the taliban slaughtering while they sue for peace. Taliban is devolving as members are joining ISIS migrated from loss in the CALIPH wars. .All intel agencies working as one need to take out BIN LADEN JR and the head of the failed CALIPH by year end. Turkey remains next to Saudi the main haven in terror as Endgame envisions he will be the CALIPH. With SUPER BONDS resetting Turkey prosperity he may focus inward again in itegetriy without hidden agendas the world well knows today. What is secret will always be made known. We’ll show you in n Data on Turkey coming up as its important as Turkey is now failing economically. An IRAN PEACE DEAL repairs stability in the GULF and prosperity to all in the GULF. Finally there is an opportunity if it does not de-rail from politics versus economics.


OIL is overpriced as a FOOLS RALLY and the burst of that rally has only two words we know of for you who lost – RIGHT AGAIN! Wait for it…….







Hopefully IMF and Christine read the SUPER BOND article on this site. We welcome their reach out to better coordinate executions. Also, we caution on applications of Friedman economics as failed policy for 50 years. Read NAIMO KLIENS SHOCK DOCTRINE to understand why a change to successful policy is now desired and required.  Italy is the next EU flash point. SHOCK DOCTRIN Italy and they leave the EU and the EU shatters.

CLICK RUNS are massively occurring as EU citizens are smart and they read this blog and share this blog virally on walls boards twitter and more. They KNOW the EU value is crashing. They can feel it as the EU slows and bank after bank is showing gambling loses. Meaning deposit money is lost.


Just as in 1929. But worse. The leverage ratio is worse. The multiples from FOOLS rallies are worse.  Leverage in side betting in global casino capitalism is ratio worse to 1929 by 100 times today and getting worse every week.


Bad debt in the system Christine has labored to bring fiscal maturity to is soaring.


ONE DOMINO starts the GREAT UNWINDING DELEVERAGING MASSIVE DEFLATION no nation or central bank has bullets or powder to offset. ONLY SUPER BOND THEORY is executed rapidly enough can reset the entire system from crashing.



Either a bank like Deutsche Bank CLICK RUNS reaching a point the bank core liquidity fails and the once most prestigious bank in the EU topples into a cascade of massive debt defaulting super crashing markets and derivatives into core liquidity evaporation at new AI speeds never seen before a new economic environment entirely. Right again. Derivatives fraud created in part 2007 but is far worse economic fraud all unregulated today.


Or nations versus banks or both default on debt. DEBT DEFAULTING IS THE TRIGGER TO THE DESTRUCTION OF LIQUIDITY AND THE POST WORLD WAR SYSTEM. The risk moving forward revolves around high risk of:


  1. Competition as insane human thought form – vs sanity and cooperation in integrity in all nation dealings
  2. Deflation economics shifting back to inflation the hardest challenge for nations
  3. Only infrastructure investing by nations re-inflates defalton economies.
  4. Legislatures engaging political weaponizing economics
  5. Debt Defaulting cascades from wild unbridled unregulated market speculations destabilizing the system backbone


CENTRAL BANKS AND LEADERS need new strategy to revolve the current RISK of systemic failure. If the systems falls my readers will remain the most informed and God willing we will guide you into safe harbor for your circle. Share this blog.


China central bank warned of their national horror. CHINA is running out of liquidity. The head of China central bank spoke out to globalize the Chinese currency. This means end two market pricing one much higher in China and a cashing yuan in world markets. What is the problem the head of China Central bank was so panicked about this weekend? Expressed in central bank speak ..which we as investment banker economist speak fluently. 


Two uncontrollable events outside Chinese planner’s influence or control. Which are again reported here for China and the entire world in new AI economics:


  1. AI and global CLICK RUNS out of China and the YUAN by the trillions leaving China core liquidity.
  2. World Reserve Currency LIQUIDITY. The head of the central bank told the truth in central bank speak. LIQUIDITY TO PAY CHINA BILLS IN USA DOLLARS IS NOW Collapsing. Right AGAIN.
  3. Speculators manipulating China liquidity and yuan valuation to the world. China has lost control now.


China without an emergency SUPER BOND strategy (we so wish to help them with new fresh IP solutions reside in a fatal economic death trap). China runs out of liquidity and nations selling minerals oil and hard goods to China floor to China core stability in economics cease accepting YUAN ( taking place now as YUAN IS SUPER CRASHING SOON WAIT FOR IT ) and China having zero liquidity in US dollars having lost TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS in wrong betting, now will not be able to pay for stuff without US dollars which it will buy not at 7 yuan to the US dollar but at 15 yuan than 25 yuan than 35, than 100 than 1,000,000 with VENEZUELA failed economics why? LIES ABOUT THE ECONOMIC REALITY ARE SEEN AS LIES NOW AND THE MARKT IS RISK PROTECTING ITSELF. WAIT FOR IT. Those betting ion China will bloodbath without:


  1. China Trade deal and yesterday IS already too late for China economics.
  2. SUPER BONDS to reset debt and infrastructure stimulus as time for that solution is running out in the race to reset sovereign nation debt traps globally China being our own first priority. Getting a dinner invitation to fresh IP solutions to our Chinese brothers is daunting but we are working to get that invitation. Ready to receiver a first-class ticket and invitation to just explore the FIX the SOLUTION the only solution.
  3. Super Bond Policy itself stops the click run and restores investment to Saudi to Russia to China as priority.


So, nations can’t alone fix the CLICK RUNS the AI ECONOMICS or the debt super bubble bursting without debt reset as policy.


Nations and central banks need to throw their weight say in the EU to reclaim Italy debt economics and other nations to follow reestablishing the EU. The only way forward or the EU even with Christine super crashes.


SYSTEM DESTRUCTIVE RISK FROM EXCESSIVE DECADES OF DEBT ABUSE BY NATIONS AND INDUSTRY IS COMING TO A 1929 CLOSE in economic abuse. All accounts must one day rebalance. CASINO ECONOMICS driven by wild without any central bank or nation regulatory control in entirely never experienced before all new AI ECONOMICS (right again) will implode the system worse than 1929. Why?


Wealthy elites falsely believe wo false truths of economic fraud:


  1. They believe the AI economics they are spending trillions upon in the new global economic AI wars is creating RISK LESS RISK a self-delusion for which no medications exist as cure for mental illness in economics. See 1929 same deal only less leverage.
  2. They also wrongly bought into globalization of economics founded on new AI ECONOMICS they engineered outside all nation and central bank control is in fact stabilizing to economics when it is in fact rising the risk of instability.
  3. To go forward post-crash, it will be every nation for itself – a one world currency develops with a G 100 regulatory new frame work we have called for this entire decade. Right again. Without a pre-crash G 100 new regulatory frame work for AI economics, the system is a casino speculation market worse by 100z’s due to globalization than 1929.
  4. Trade deals between nations are stabilizing and give us time. Mistakes in those trade discussions where politics versus economics rule, are system fatality events as a new risk.
  5. Failure of Central bank policy (Freidman failed Shock doctrine still embraced) are fully system fatal in the EU and in the global market. The patient global casino capitalism is dying of system pneumonia (fluid from evaporating liquidity is causing the core system to fail to breathe).


The trillions held by individuals and institutions are seeing the RISK from the FRAUD ever more clearly.


Now compound the issue with CLICK RUNS to new BIT CURRENCY outside all nation and central bank controls. Does Facebook with a kingdom of two billion rising to four billion, replace the US DOLLAR EU AND YUAN AND YEN entirely for stability outside the failing system. How fast does CLICK RUNS OUT OF PAPER WORTHLESS MONEY to minerals Diamonds first – investment diamonds where all your wealth is safe inside a table leg – gold silver and others – as SMART MONEY protects itself from risk.




CLICK RUNS INTO THE US DOLLAR he survivor and world exchange currency to last the economic resetting maybe.

The Dollar risk is rising. Why? As the essential stabilizer as that risk is core.



Congress failing to pass a US budget.

Congress failing to raise the US Debt ceiling.


Congress weaponizing politically US fiscal policy making fatal error in doing so.


Congress failing to pass INFRASTRUCTURE as he cores stability STIMULATION (no interest lowering) required to assure system stability as emergency work and priorities.

If Congress places America stability and world stability as emergency which it truly is and prioritizes fixing stability we have a good chane forward. If they don’t we won’t world wide. I forgive them because they to a person know not what it is they do in new AI ECONOMICS they have no clue to see clearly. THAT IS A RISK is it not?


Raising system risk worldwide by impeaching President Trump and undermining the US dollar and forward confidence in world markets as an election gimmick. Political error NOW can destabilize the entire system by itself as time itself is the asset critical asset we run out of in our economic tank to repair the issues facing us all here disclosed. There are others.


Does the core system have TIME to wade through all this and get to some other side?




TIME is the asset we are now squandering.


You CAN help. Circulate this in print and mail to your central banks and economists in nation.


If small numbers of you read and then act you can change and stabilize the world.


The problem is INTEGRITY.


The economic system is a giant casino driven by wild out of control speculation all unregulated globally. Nations and central banks have lost all control since only 2014 of the new AI ECONOMY rapidly SUPER CHANGING. No time to catch a breath. Central banks and nations lack strategy and tools to re-engage stability is our fear now.


SUPER MONEY POOLS profit from the casino…until they go bankrupt. Blaming others for what they created in greed.


This is 1929 only much more worse. This is 2007 only much much worse. You have no idea how much worse due to leverage in the system – a histories largest global debt super bubble. It can not end well for the world unless we fix it.


The SUPER MONEY POOLS are the biggest lobby money pools.

Leaders and law makers have INCOMPLETE AND FRAUD INFORMATION as data making choice and decisions are in fact and in truth –  standing on quicksand  and rapidly sinking. THEY FAIL TO SEE THE PROBLEMS SET FORTH HERE AS TRUE AND FAIL to SEE “TIME” AS URGENT TO RE-STABLIZE THE SYSEM AT CORE. The solution remains in our opinion:


  1. SUPER BONDS TO RESET SOVEREIGN NATION DEBT Global policy of nations and central banks as one.
  3. Stabilizing global real liquidity risks which are higher than 1929 and 2007. Danger stranger economics.


Time is running out for 1 and for 2 and for 3. .You aww rhia A YOU READ right ?


THAT IS THE UNKNOWN and we so do not wish to be right again.


Because of the core system core liquidity in danger in economics –  we advised readers who know the truth to move into diversified insurance investing as safe harbor. Your risk of loss is high today at all time market record highs world wide. We see correction coming next.


If you show up at EMBASSY SUITE DENTON ( near Dallas airports by Uber )  TEXAS JULY 22nd and register at the door as a BLOG READER (SPECIAL PRICES) INTO TOP RANKED BY PRESS CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL we will accelerate critical momentum in growth of income for you, licensed insurance professionals on site from New York to London on site will help you safe harbor your nest egg investment assets from fatal loss potentials in far safer bets moving forward. IF you miss the option to safe harbor your future risk elevates…for you.


Or not. Read and fail to act but remember you knew.


You knew the TRUTH of it all.




Special Note: Keep in mind AI and 10,000 contracting super money pools control 440 trillion in leverage capital circulations globally. AI buys down the rope and up the rope in all long and short positions with AI betting algorithms on stabilizing price floor ranages up and down profiting in SUEPR VOLATILITY it creates and maintains. As almost 80% of reporting firms for second quarter come forth over the coming ten days with FAR WORSE DOWNWARD EARNINGS THAN EXPERTS PREDICTED all of them at once – what do you think AI will do? What liquidity do you think may dry up and where first? Then think if Iran seizes a BRITISH SHIP which they should really – I mean taking their ship is a UK act of WAR – in international waters – think of any spark to PANIC in markets so over priced we have not seen leverage margin trading and over pricing with side bets on which way a thing goes – a trillion a year in stock buy back casino price manipulation of stock price and value ( once a crime but now crimes are ok in market manipulation from oil to stocks )   what do you think will happen? When do you think the GREAT RE-BALANCING MUST OCCUR. In the end blame Congress and US agencies for failure to re-regulate in USA and globally in all nations – the new AI CASINO CAPITALISM. Without re-regulation by the G 100 nations we are all at risk to system melt down and far worse than 1929 melt down. Now it is only the TRIGGER to follow state negligence to the underlying risk as politicians push the can down the road and no one acts at all. Why? The lobby money is just to great…..is the why…..read with new reading glasses and follow the freaking money IS waking up.











The world has moved into AI economics where AI now execute the majority of economic trades in the global system in all asset classes. The spiral into 95% AI controlled trading is fast approaching. No regulatory frame works from the G 100 ( as yet ) regulates the new realities of  entirely AI economic market realities  rapidly evolving AI into a new age of economic Super Change the title of my new best selling book out this Holiday Oct 15th from WATERSIDE PUBLISHING. Sovereign nations labor under impossible economic instability issues to resolve infrastructure investment already late in time, within a system internal stress wall of decades of layered sovereign nation debt. In a surprising number of nations the stress of unresolved entitlement deficit spending is now effecting current account deficit spending, to a degree system collapse could occur if the economics remain unresolved in those nations. SUPER BOND IS THE ILLUMINATION AT THE END OF IN NATION UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT TUNNELS expressed by the IMF.  Super Bonds resets all sovereign nation debt accounts, engaging TIME as the missing asset to work out the debt issues in sovereign nation current accounts, increasingly growing stress in many nations now  impacted by demographic “traps” to sustain new desired and required sovereign nation growth in GNP in fact.  Super Bonds provides sustained long term ( immediate ) relief to current account debt stress in nation, by rescheduling 100% of sovereign nation debt – freeing up viable cash flow – while infusing new capital to nation in the same SUPER BOND for ten year infrastructure modernization to GNP sustain in nation jobs and GNP powerful planned new growth development. CEO SPACE a consultant to the SUPER BOND execution, engages with SUPER BOND NATIONS TO: secure sustainable GNP growth over decades of time. No nation can prosper consistently outside a policy to stimulate continuous rising internal consumptions underwriting growing state revenue accounts, driven by core policy to rapidly expand Entrepreneur class in nation to underwrite the rising internal consumption. This sentence is economic 101 for strategy in nations such as China is now transforming into as core economic master planning.  All other policies lead to boom bust cycles wars and social unrest historically. Where politics lead economics the worst unfolds where economics lead political policy the best unfolds. The issues of SUPER BOND are highly customized to nation rule of law, credit history, culture, political stability and the complex economics that apply to each individual SUPER BOND applicant.



Super Bonds are too complex for a Blog News Post. From a bird’s eye view SUPER BONDs combine 100% of sovereign nation debt and forward infrastructure investing, into one Jumbo SUPER BOND. Each Super Bond is packaged by the leading bond law firm for sovereign nations in the world, and brought to market underwriting syndicates the law firm develops from their existing bond underwriting client list world wide. The Bond now packaged is brought and placed to market as a new back bone bond class item for institutional long term asset holding. Super Bonds extend a term of 100 years to the qualified nation benefiting from their Super Bonds. Super Bond repayment is made on industry and forward economics including demographic projections where in year 100 when principle is due the nation is in fact paying off a dollar with a penny in effect. Nations project with BIG EIGHT ACCOUNTING firms they select wth he law firm advising,to repay the bond from 100 year population GNP and industry. Super Bonds can roll over based on the forward numbers as another option. Super Bonds infuse enormous resources into struggling Sovereign nations and provide for massive employment and in nation infrastructure master planning for transportation, communication, warehousing, education, green energy, waste management, and environmental clean up needed in a majority of stressed nations today. Controls to preclude corruption and waste are built in to each SUPER BOND placement. Super Bond theory engages the core asset of TIME as a “new” economic equation to work out sovereign nation current account debt stress – by rescheduling debt to 100 years ( with conditions ) into the future 100 years from bond issue date. One leading bond law firm serving the largest % of Sovereign Nation Wealth Fund management and bond placement globally as leader for Sovereigns was selected for nation maximum protection and trust. Write us ( below )  for information conducive to arranging a head of state meeting in nation over a phone call leading to a zoom minister call leading to  ( over a meal ) deep dive  exploration of  the customized SUPER BOND solution  for your nation and ultimately for the majority of 200 sovereign nation current debt ridden current account payable at this point in time. All system core failures are brought about by sovereign nation debt defaulting. The risk of such defaulting is at its highest level since 1929. The urgency to move Super Bonds to market which only unfolds with head of state championship to explore customized Super Bonds for their nations. CEO SPACE the # 1 Ranked Business Acceleration Conference as third party PRESS RANKED 2010 – 2020 and serving 150 nations in our fourth decade is  the exclusive financial house bringing SUPER BONDS to nations. For information on Super Bonds for serious head of state introductions email september@ceeospaceinational  or the emails and phone set forth below,  to arrange a introduction exploratory call to your access and influence upon Head of State using this Blog public service information as a solution exploration unmatched in SUPER CHANGING globalized AI market economic space. Super Bond class of new bonds to market are limited to sovereign nation accounts exclusively as a bond underwriting criteria to market.  Leading Corporate CEO’s are encouraged to profit from SUPER BOND nation prosperity by making timely introductions to champion the solution to the nations you now profit from.



The process to explore Super Bonds generally follow this trend with various early adopters now engaged in this process:

  1. Super Bond discussions by phone with heads of state. Short powerful fact gathering.
  2. A zoom call with ministers to evaluate retaining Super Bond Law Firms.
  3. Retainer of the Super Bond law firm protecting all forward work as confidential client attorney protected work.
  4. In nation collaborations in nation to customize bond solutions as Super Bond Face value becomes a work product of in nation study work on 100% of existing and planned debt accounts, public and private – coupled to planned infrastructure investing – engineered by the in nation work with  your agent the SUPER  Bond LAW  Firm expertise and guidance as the SUPER BOND TO MARKET AUTHORITY to fast track your nation debt resetting.
  5. A big eight accounting firm is retained to develop a 120 DAY to 180 DAY work for hire  SUPER BOND Feasibility study for the highly customized Super Bond to market.

The study phase retainer between bond leading global law firm headquartered in New York and Washington DC next enters the Super Bond Execution phase. Super Bonds are directed by head of state and their Super Bond Czar empowered to cut through in nation red tape to fast TRACK the final highly customized to nation SUPER BOND to market. The senior partner to the law firm provides coordination for customization and execution to market placement for the state account being serviced.



The law firm retainer to execute the SUPER BOND TO MARKET is a new contract sovereign nations execute to retain their now historic SUEPR BOND  nation expert law firm on all issues to package and bring the CUSTOMIZED AGREED UPON BOND terms to market underwriters. The leading Sovereign Nation Bond Packaging legal team, structures the SUPER BOND for filing with regulatory authorities. The law firm develops underwriting syndicates for the new bond class, from dealer managers of the bond in the market placement and to maintain after market liquidity for the new bond class in secondary institutional markets. Law firm and Managing underwriters drawing upon “stipulation conditions” explained below required for Super Bond placement as underwriting requirements and BIG EIGHT ACCOUNTING economic projected outcomes of each SUPER BOND define final agreed upon engineering for the nations SUPER BOND. Your Super Bond Law firm next  seeks highest credit ratings and lowest cost to nations executing SUPER BONDS which tend to elevate in nation credit ratings to AAA or appropriate to each nation lower cost of debt moving nation credit rating higher as a consequence of SUPER BOND market executions. The EXCLUSIVE LAW Firm co inventing SUPER BONDS for sovereign nation debt and infrastructure solution economics, negotiates Bond fee’s and underwriter agreements world wide to the syndicate on behalf of state planning objectives. The investment to the law firm managing SUPER BOND exploration to market execution is the only cost to nation and is time billable to the nations account from retainer. Failure to pay legal fee’s to each sovereign nation law firm payable account under the terms of the master agreement for the life of the SUPER BOND  results in a firewall to SUPER BOND executions as the only process potential hard stop. The law firm is the exclusive Sovereign nation bond placement firm, from date of retainer, reducing cost and time to bond placement, for SUPER BOND and for all successive bonds in the post Super Bond zero current account debt account save for low interest only no principle payments until 50 years on each Super Bond. Times lines and budgets are estimated in the study phase pre execution. Conditions to each Super Bond vary to nation GNP and existing credit. In one nations request CEO SPACE was asked to place a 50 billion dollar bond for nation to market, given the time and cost to bond execution would be lower than their conventional market placement cost. That bond would then be rolled up into the nations SUPER BOND – the MASTER BOND for all nations resetting TIME to repay principal accounts to the industry and GNP of the now fully developed nation with far larger tax base from year 50 to 100 years the Super Bond due date..



Such conditions are negotiated with each underwriter by your law firm as a sovereign nation to final form. Generally given the Jumbo nature of each SUPER BOND PLACEMENT TO MARKET, combining 100% of Sovereign Nation Debt Accounting and forward INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTING as a massive in nation jobs program, require the following hard red line “general” underwriter conditions in each participating nation:

  1. Rule of law stipulations to underwrite transferrable guarantees without later debt relief or change of form of leadership or rulers over 100 years legally obligate the full faith and credit of the nations, with security of its public and related state assets, assure Super Bond full repayment in 100 years as set forth by the BIG EIGHT study with innovation minister economics applying. As would be anticipated to any bond class of this nature.
  2. State rule of law inclusion of non cancelable economics wherein future borrowing of the state, over the entire Super Bond life of 100 years, may not, exceed more than 100% of rising GNP. Said another way – new debt excluding SUPER BOND DEBT may not exceed 100% of GNP during the Super Bond Life. As the GNP will rise dramtically over the bond life new borrowing as needed at lower interest cost is now open to national economic development in the SUPER BOND reset to current debt stress loading to host nations being serviced.
  3. Super Bonds may be refinanced to include forward nation debt and new infrastructure following a first period of no less than fifty years forward in time. Economics for this provision secure SUPER BOND viability in global after bond markets, secondary markets, and infrastructure growth over 50 years is assured by the core economic investments of the SUPER BOND into the nation over 25 years of rising soaring GNP in nation. There is no early prepayment of SUPER BONDS which when effected by now prospering nations, further expand economic optiions, to future leadership in nation as legacy to the bond leadership sponsoring SUPER BONDS as a public service.
  4. Escrow provisions set by underwriters the nation and the law firm, define options for depending on nation and scale of Super Bond risk, wherein payoff of 100% of Super Bond in nation current account debts as set forth in Big Eight Accounting feasibility appendix schedules for all included debt at 100% without exception to each sovereign nation served is bond proceed will be  escrowed in Neutral Swiss banking escrow agents to nation,  to payment instructions as set forth by underwriter and nation final agreements in execution phase.  World Bank or IMF auspices as escrow fund manager may be as alternative designated by in nation ministers as their preferences.
  5. Infrastructure escrow payments are made by invoice with stipulations to progress, to reduce in nation corruptions, and assure the maximum economic benefit to in nation tax base occurs, with rising GNP from such investments, where projects are incrementally paid as work is completed by in nation bonded bidding contractors licensed by the state for all such work under control of ministers faithful to the bond escrow terms for such payments as agreed.
  6. New nation borrowing and in nation spending from FREE CASH flowing from the sovereign nation current debt account, occurs with stipulations and management in nation agreed upon to assure maximum in nation circulations with minimum unwanted in nation corruption or misuse of vital  new cash flow proceeds in each nation,  to grow the nation GNP for the people of each nation as a further economic public service. The great majority of nations subscribe today to IMF and World Bank structure based economics in this area already.
  7. CEO SPACE as the bond source inventor and market coordinator benefits as per agreement. First CEO SPACE is zero cost to work in nation as to expenses for travel into nation as invited by each nation host. First class travel accommodations and secure transportation by the nation leadership for CEO SPACE Chairman and teams is by courtesy accomodated in all phases of moving into exploration and execution. CEO SPACE is a law firm consulting resource on the ECONOMIC ENGINEERING PACKAGING of each Super Bond to market, included fully disclosed in law firm invoices for time ( modest ) billing services,  and is a minor  expense billing based on time invoicing to the law firm within each nations fully disclosed CEO SPACE  Retainer agreement. CEO SPACE is allocated proceeds of the Super Bond infrastructure new dollars,  at one million dollars  per city – invested 70% back in nation – for hotels food – expert mentorship flown in -local staffing, with a  ten city per year – BUSINESS ACCELERATION CONFERENCES ( ranked # 1 by third party press 2010 -2020  ) to rapidly grow in nation entrepreneur class as economic base, driving rising in nation internal consumption. CEO SPACE consults for no fee to ministers over the life of the Super Bond ( 100 years ) to elevate ENTREPRENEUR LAWS removing barriers to entry and fostering massive entrepreneur development as economic strategy and policy benefiting each nation. Each Super Bond use of proceeds allows for a ten million dollar allocation to CEO SPACE of ten million dollars be year or 100 million over ten years, for a term period of 25 years of the SUPER BOND post execution development of sustained self perpetuating entrepreneur class in nation. Outlays produce high returns on tax revenues returning all sums allocated for this revenue purpose. CEO SPACE will license in nation to education its 2000 hour content library the ENTREPRENEUR CURRICULUM DIGITAL  library the most proven entrepreneur skills study program for all education levels in nation. CEO SPACE will introduce education assets such as SUCCESS WEEKS proven in public schools in the USA to effect outcomes desired for in nation education profits  maximally. CEO SPACE becomes a resources to the ministers in nation on entrepreneur economic strategy and policy. In the new AGE OF ENTREPEENUER ECONOMICS each host engages the industry leader to more rapidly develop economically sustaining outcomes as a Super Bond “fee” tha returns high returns in nations. No cost in execution fact. There are no other fee’s to CEO SPACE to effect bond placement such as points or back side participation keeping bond cost as low as possible in the market direct placement to underwriting syndicates.

These conditions reset debt and new found money and cash flow  fuel to sovereign nations as a SUPER BOND SOLUTION. Teams now working with nations on the problem and solution see no other economic solution to the growing weight of debt stressing current account management for sovereign nations today. The solution is 18 to 24 months in execution from exploration start, with time creep to 36 to 48 months if in nation delay to final underwriting agreements occur to accomodate in nation political realities on cultural and politics host nations know so well. The political capital for leadership in nation is substantial. Super Bonds are public service solutions brought to nations by the leading Entreprenuer institution, serving 150 nations today ( http://www.ceospaceinternational.com and its founder investment banker founder Berny Dohrmann ) and – the leading sovereign wealth fund and bond placement law firm in the world today.




Nations benefit from Super Bonds in the following partial list of benefits:

  1. Nation outlay to existing debt is reduced freeing up cash flow to current nation account agendas.
  2. Credit ratings typically elevate lowering future credit cost to nation and raising prestige for host nations served..
  3. Partnership and investment flows into Super Bond nations tend to rapidly accelerate.
  4. Infrastructure stimulates in nation economics and secures rising employment in nation over long time lines.
  5. Tax base in nation rises dramatically.
  6. New borrowing for state agenda’s is lower cost and more easily managed.
  7. Nations never exceed debt to GNP securing credit ratings and fiscal improved economics over time.

These benefits resolve the stability issue of each state most effected by todays debt weighting. Some nations today with 100x their GNP in debt where debt is in fact at higher carry cost fueling nation stability stress collapse such stress loading on economics with SUPER BOND SOLUTIONS. Political stability follows economic stability via the SUPER BOND DEBT and INFRASTRUCTURE current account resetting. TIME is the missing economic core asset. The SUPER BOND PROCESS has taken a decade to install as a public service to re stabilize the global risk to core system instability due to sovereign nation potentials for debt defaulting. The SUPER BOND system is by far the lowest cost solution execution inserting TIME as a core asset into the economics of in nation aging and entitlement rising payable accounts, with reforms that are politically wise. Nothing replenishes state forward development for states benefiting from SUPER BONDS.





Systemic risks are outlined on this blog data site ( scroll ) as economic reporting over time and are growing unsustainably in a growing number of debt weary nations. Sovereign nation Debt is a risk to system failure due to potentials for Sovereign Nation debt Defaulting cascades into global inter-linked market market all AI driven never known by human beings before 2014 and the advent of AI capital flow Super Changes occuring now. The bad debt carried as solid assets is another risk that must work out of the nation core economic system to rebalance sovereign nation accounts which are rebalanced with the Super Bond solution. New AI economics the world has never known before risk core systemic liquidity in a sovereign debt defaulting cascade in  a future soft patch in global trade and economics can foster. As trade schemes from World War II are reset between nations into a new world order risk is reduced wherever Super Bonds stabilize sovereign nation exploration of their SUPER BOND SOLUTION. System global economic  stability is restored one Nation at a time. Early adaptor nations lead the world into a restored multi century stability in global economics and future prosperity where NO NAtION IS LEFT BEHIND. No other alternative solution matches the power of SUPER BOND THEORY to the market place today. The leading bond packaging law firm for sovereign nation wealth investing and bond placement holds the expertise and prestige with experienced to produce the lowest cost in time and fee outcome to transform local economics into the future everyone is envisioning anyway. The law firm with service to 19 years in the White House and many state retainers participates as a global solution for economics and humanity.



Heads of state champion exploration into execution phases and stages of SUPER BOND in nation. Political harmony in nations benefiting from SUPER BONDS becomes a wealth generator for all political and economic  stake holders in host nations. Heads of state and their minister teams are experts in the political management, customized by internal teams, where the law firm serving the nation protects all work with client attorney privilege confidentiality. The law firm and CEO SPACE exist outside the political agenda managed internally by the professionals in charge. The law firm can coordinate lobby work with nations, including the USA for additional support for aide and grants from sponsor nations complimenting SUPER BOND engagements if expanded in Washington DC and other SPONSOR  nation representation is desired as well as  nation capitals the host nation would desire such resources to occur from. Super Bond development ideally occurs privately and confidentially in nation with political capital under direction of  the head of state. Super Bond agency service is isolated to the global law firm, under a cone of silence firewalled from politics firewalled for the client control. Super Bond placement to market is a large political event in nation the team on the ground manages for their own strategy in long term political capital from a positive account. The expertise of the law firm is AAA for sovereign nation accommodations. Bona Fide’s are provided in the first call with head of state exploring the SUPER BOND as set forth herein.



Super Bond Theory is set forth here to our massive world wide readership, which includes many serving heads of state in nation today. Our large CEO SPACE community of leading business owners, some in Fortune space, is invited to circulate this URL to contacts in nations, via ministers and access from your relationships. CEO SPACE is quietly before heads of state in five nations moving to explore SUPER BOND THEORY as solution to their nation forward economic planning. To set a SUPER BOND call contact ellen@ceospaceinterntional.com or call  or text 814 490 6531 to arrange call times zoom of Chairman lines. Our goal is to engage your access to circulate the SUPER BOND  solution globally, to fast track solutions into nations seeking economic debt and infrastructure capital account rescheduling. Super Bonds work. We appreciate our community of support to execute this solution to market.

To CEO SPACE lifetime members 1988 to today – thank you for making us ten years the number one Business Conference in the world ten years in a row as ranked by third party press.


Note: On America’s Fourth of July Holiday we wish our America tribe a happy Holiday -dedicating this blog to FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE OF THE DEBT WEARY NATIONS OF THE WORLD. NO NATON LEFT BEHIND…..if you scroll we have a message for our CEO SPACE family this Holiday in the blog below this one and a PEACE PLAN for the Holy Land we released for people of the Region. As CHAIRMAN OF IPEX in Nigeria Super Bonds in Africa flow exclusively through in nation IPEC I serve as founder and Chairman of. IPEX is also working globally in some nations IPEX has existing business serving Nations in the GULF and other locations one nation at a time. Thank you for sharing and caring.






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Before asking our readers worldwide to viral, share, repost and circulate the template of a MIDDLE EAST PEACE PLAN we invested ten years of time in parenting for the people of the community we have resided inside of, we again ask bog news site readers to circulate the PEACE PLAN below this post. Thank you.


In the news while we paused a bit to allow the PEACE PLAN URL maximum circulation – posted twice – a lot has happened. All bad. We are going to be wrong but we do not think right now is when.


We have advised our readers to use the FOOLS RALLY and sell out at peak price in bond and stocks. Bonds may soar for a bit before they too crash in messy defaulting cascading, we said GET OUT NOW. We said move over to diversified insurance investing.  Those who lose so much of their wealth will remember they had a better option and but they lacked on drop of courage greater than their fear to construct SAFE HARBOR for their entire tribe. We are so sorry for those who read, never saw, heard, never listened, and considered, never acted. Sorry folks.


77% of the reporting firms in the S&P top tier group of Fortune institutions are reporting for July 15th BRUTAL DECLINES IN EARNINGS. All reported the earnings will come in FAR BELOW WALL STREETS ESTIMATES. Why? We’ll folks confidence in consumer spending – always ahead of market reality –is crashing. Finally.


Manufacturing in the USA is declining in the second quarter after declining in the first quarter. We now declare a two quarter MANUFACTURING RECESSION. In China manufacturing has CRASHED and is crashing far worse than their planners suggested. We reported President XI is making choice on bad data from his experts which is simply flawed economics.


The EU is sinking and very fast. Germany had a little rebound from the worst down bubble but is still sinking. France grew but that does not seem sustainable and the growth was far less than experts expected.


The Wealth Gap in the USA has grown substantially. Over 39 million in America are now on FOOD STAMPS and that is up 40% since 2008 – a decade ago. The homeless are up 50%. Housing cost are soaring. Billionaire Row on central park set yet another record with a quarter of a trillion dollar CONDO sale this year to another billionaire. The Billionaire class as grown.


American only billionaires in 2008 as the crash peaked up – 267. The number of billionaires in 2019 ten years later 607 – 100% ramp in a decade. The Wealthy in America control a total of by some counts as low as 88% of all wealth and by other counts and our own 99% of all wealth. As we have reported this consolidation of WEALTH BASE in either system of socialism or capitalism impacts economics at the level of healthy circulations.


Circulation is liquidity to the core system.


China is Super Crashing. Economically. Their reserve account in US dollars is being lost in support of its economy down from almost 4 trillion in US dollars in 2006 now to under 1 trillion – 3 trillion lost in a decade. The 1% owning more wealth in China than 99% impacts China circulation. China seeking to stimulate at the Communist Central Government level has reduced the critical reserves banks hold in their accounts for a crises, eight times since 2018 alone. Another “ loan loan loan” at any credit value as reserves are cut for a 9th time is expected this summer.


China says it is supporting a rational level for its YUAN worthless currency. The YUAN is crashing> The Yuan has gone down enough to offset all sanction and tariff as offsets economically. The Dollar and Yen safe haven currencies – BitCoin the new gold – and GOLD and metals are all soaring. Why?


Everyone see’s the world economic condition is cooling off. Why? Trade wars that needed to be settled faster in time to avoid a correction or worse a SUPER CRASH. We now predict the decline showing up in reported earnings this summer will create a market correction. If trade deals linger as they appear they will, the impact on global slow down along with other economic factors ( Debt Massive Defaulting ) the trigger to 2007 Super Crash may move the world into recession globally and a more sharp correction.


A CORRECTION IS COMING just as we told you it was.


Meanwhile just as we told you EBOLA not in the news – no press EBOLA CLOCK we called for in August 2018 at the start of what is now – the worst outbreak of Ebola for many stat points – in recorded human history. We now predict EBOLA will jump nations in Africa and continents by September. The news story will rise to become THE STORY as the press discovers its own shame in presenting this story as a regional under control outbreak when it is anything but. The death toll due to press black out on this story – as owners – say 50 who control media – are trying to make hay while the sunshine’s ( expansion continues ).  The OWNER SUPER MONEY POOLS do not want panic to shut down their train of gold and leverage.


Circulation and liquidity will begin to surface in the correction as core systemic problems we have been setting up our business owners to appreciate as a canary in the mind shaft – a SUPER CRASH warning. We’ll see on that. Our danger high risk period is September after labor day moving into October.




Leaders are coming together July 22nd in Dallas at the Denton Embassy Suite. Leaders are upgrading their options. Leaders are upgrading skill and plans to year end. Leaders are growing their new skill tool and tactic upgrading to steer into the developing economic instability.


The core risk to system core stability is rising. Instability risk from unsustainable wealth consolidations, core system liquidity sumps now appearing like economic whirl pools in the financial oceans and seas of this world, and Super Duper Debt Super Bubbles worldwide which one day must burst.


In a race to the bottom nations are saying – hey keep no safe reserves banks because we have to stimulate growth by FREE MONEY LOANS. Central banks struggling to normalize interest rates are now in a RUSH TO THE BOTTOM via political pressure to lower interest rate and return to free money.

Central Bankers like the Federal Reserve Board have acquired 5 trillion dollars from bank shareholders that own the Fed in secret, via the  80 page act of congress in 1900 – a time when the pony express delivered the US mail in some locations still. The Fed can’t unwind its crap bonds and the bond market liquidity is a 2007 problem coming up. The Central Bankers worldwide unless merged back into their respective state treasuries, will cause the system failure and a new world war they alone profit from. Hence our desire to advocate merger of this failed policy making criminal banker group, such that accountability is restored to world currency markets.


Super Change and new currencies like FaceBook Lybria may replace old IT models.


Currency price is manipulated by Central banks versus the real markets on value.


Oil price is manipulated double the price of open free markets for oil. Oil is artificially held off markets by criminal cartels, to effect desperate manipulations of price at the highest levels to 8 billion of us – the world’s largest hidden tax as trillions upon trillions in wealth flow to the criminal oil barons, the FEW AGAINST THE MANY.


System risk to core stability are maximized by Fed error in policy to sap up liquidity inside the worst performing – economically a mono recovery – anemic – globally – when liquidity is the key to everything. Wrong again Fed.


System risk is maximized by liquidity being sapped out of the core system by oil criminals, less than 100 ripping off the entire world. The lies and fraud of their press, is all about OIL GREED. I suggested TRUMP DUMP our 500 million barrels matching OPEC Price cuts stabilizing market real pricing at 49.00 dollars a barrel and open a NASA AGENCY to hunt for new oil with breakthrough new technologies paying off national debt with the nations OIL agency and to invent ways to burn oil energy clean and clean up CO2 massively from this one new agency. Whose invention drops oil forever. Demand is falling off a cliff and Saudi who now controls OPEC like its own house toy – has destroyed OPEC in fact but for name only. No one agrees to lose market share like MBS wrong policy on oil envisions. SHUT OUT BUYERS forever while we manipulate oil we do sell higher and higher and higher as a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY and a BOOM KILLER.


The longest boom in recorded history – since 1854. Yet the numbers are not booming and far far from it. Worst recovery on record. 2009 -2019 GNP grew only 25%. Limping. 3.2 % Growth n terrible climate change winter fell to 1.5% second quarter (non adjusted ) with only 1.8 average GNP growth in USA till now. The Fed Rate cut is a panic to the market and says emergency. We vote against it and just continue stabilizing the GREAT PAUSE. Trillions of loans rolling over from almost zero interest five year loans, nations, commercial loans, all rise up by 300% more interest and a huge % can’t pay it. The rush back to the bottom is to give ten years to the debt SUPER BUBBLE of free money – to work its way out – but they can’t. They truly can’t pay 30)% more and soon 500% more in interest – they just fail – they default – nations and commercial bubbles burst and the core system risk explodes with the loan default cascade. And we have Ebola as we have told you out of all control 2019.


Leaders come together in the summer SUPER CHANGE at CEO SPACE.


Leaders come together to gather superior information and data, and to revise second half game plans, success plans, to hire when others fire. Prosperity is a learned behavior. Constructing a SAFE HARBOR for the owner of a business or a practice is no longer critical skill you can delay unless you pay. The cost of risk will now bury those who fail to act.


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If what you know is not enough we have on going surprises. Impeachment. Politics of Hatred and Disrespect – congress governing by INVESTIGATION POLITICAL PROCESS to win 2020. Political theater and Fake News. Trade Wars are not resolved far from it. New Trade wars are coming up big ones. Red lines are being drawn. Nukes are spreading at point blank range in EU and Gulf. Ebola is out of all control. The GNP of Asia EU and USA is slowing like hitting a wall. Oil criminals raise prices which sinks demand for oil faster than any other failed policy, and at the same time demand off sets oil phony price plans by MBS Sociopathic slaughter KING of Saudi Arabia – that’s right – Saudi gets less income because demand is falling off a cliff and no one will pay MBS phony price. The real price of oil is what customers WILL PAY and MBS can no longer jaw bone manipulate and control REAL PRICE as OPEC is DESTROYED BY MBS failed policy, as Iran told us all this weekend quite correctly.


SUPER CHANGE is unfolding before your vary eyes.


To get ahead of SUPER CHANGE and assure your income is secure and growing, CEO SPACE has a MID YEAR PROGRAM more critical ( in our considerable expertise and experience ) for our readers than any LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM since the summer of 2007.


In 2007 we told our members to get out of markets at peak – as we ourselves are doing right this minute – we lead by example.


WE told you a SUPER CRASH WAS COMING and the core system stability was at risk.


We noted that DIGITAL WEAPONS FROM SOVEREIGN STATES can now for the first time be used against our markets globally for profit – where WORLD WAR III is digital. That DIGITAL WAR commenced in September 2007 ( read THE SECRET WEAPON BY KEVIN FREEMAN – CEO SPACE FACULTY ).



Folks those weapons are AI now and so much smarter than a face book post from any nation.



Leaders need to upgrade their mid year plan for the second half of 2019 and into the economic impacting nasty election of 2020. What is your new GAME PLAN?


The cost of getting a NEW BETTER 2019 GAME PLAN is registration into CEO SPACE. Your tax repurposing of a little investment ( which returns enormous real profits from CEO SPACE just study our model on line ) – creates growth impossible to match outside CEO SPACE. What is the leader advantage of growing better plans teams and resources at mid year to those who fail to invest in themselves first?


Since 2008 in America the middle class has evaporated. While inflation cost are low we are told, the cost of education has double, cars and health care and housing have risen over inflation and are in fact what 99% of we who are not super wealthy – pay ever day. Those who require food stamps are up 40% since 2008 – as during the longest boom in history more American’s were forced into subsidy from the government just for food soon to pass 40 millions Americans on FOOD STAMPS.


While this drain on nation core back bone systemic wealth  is SOARING upwards unchecked, the billionaires have doubled. The poor have doubled. The prison population has doubled. These costs are not sustainable. Something must change. Entitlements go bankrupt if congress fails to discharge constitutional duties like passing a US BUDGET protecting the US credit rating on interest costs and raising the debt ceiling on sums already authorized. In failing to fix our budget or entitlements Congress is spending 100’s of millions on investigations to Politcal Theater at costs never known before – obstructing the business of the people.


During the time of FOOD STAMP applications doubling 2008 to 2019 – 140,000 to 160,000 are arriving at our boarders a MONTH. A new city of 1,000,000 invader’s is required to house feed bath hygiene medicine 1,000,000 ILLEGAL INVADERS to our Boarders. Why?

Because Congress 2007 to today has REFUSED TO CHANGE IMMIRGATION LAW which is broken. The border is an invasion emergency for ISIS and Taliban. The Border is an economic emergency. Building the wall is an emergency of rule of law. CONGRESS OPEN BORDERS WILL BANKRUPT AMERICA FOR EVERYONE. BANKS WILL FAIL as core economics can not add a new city of 10 millions illegal invaders each decade.


Open borders is no longer sustainable economics. The cost of ILLEGAL INVASION WILL ECONOMICALLY BANKRUPT AMERICA IF UNCHECKED – simple economics of a city of ten million every ten years rising if unchecked to 20 million. Can not be paid for in fact. NO FREAKIN WAY. Weaponizing the NATIONAL SECURITY PRIORITY OF SECURING OUR BORDERS IS A CONGRESSIONAL FAILURE THAT IS IN FACT ILLEGAL. TREASON BY CONGRESS.

Congress failing to pass a US budget and weaponizing – politicizing – the US BUDGET ENGINE  – a constitutional crime criminal law makers are committing – RISKS THE SUPER CRASH MELT DOWN OF THE WORLD ORDER GLOBALLY as other factors put failed policy for economics at critical defcon 5 warning. The DOD needs to alert CONGRESS failure to pass a US BUDGET IS NOW A MATTER OF ECONOMIC NATIONAL SECURITY.




We lose our economy because of CONGRESS failing to conduct required rule of law – constitutional law – business executions – defines – impeachment exposure to the entire CONGRESS BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE – in the mother of all Federal TORTS.







HYPOGRITS smoking POT legal in the DISTRICT and illegal nation wide. Inhale Congress.



During the period of 2008 to 2019 we have seen the worst most slow anemic recovery ever, the consolidation of the wealth class to own ever larger % of wealth, the decline of the middle class losing their wealth opportunity faster and more % decline in middle class by many tens of millions as markets for small business. The SMALL BUSINESS MARKETS are compressing collapsing and SUPER CHANGING. Leaders need to upgrade the software in the super computer the real quantum computer being maintained above your NECK. Failure to upgrade this computer NOW at this critical mid year time of SUPER CHANGE can be a fatal choice. The choice not to better protect your life style and your income stability in very rapidly changing conditions as the LONGEST BOOM EVER comes to a close now in slow downs July 15th will stun the world with when the reporting begins. WE so encourage you to register now to July 20th and attend with your entire family. You will thank us with profit, with seriously upgraded leader development core skills, with invisible options now visible to you, with far better smarter plans into 2020 and with better circles and mentors. PRICELESS to your personal economy.




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The good times?

The Longest Boom since 1859? You have gone through the GOOD TIMES.

Good Times slowing – like hitting a wall……….


Numbers in July 15th reporting following an utter FOOLS RALLY in Stocks Bonds Currency and All asset classes and oil. As 77% of companies tell the market – expect BRUTAL NUMBERS FAR UNDER WHAT ANAYLST RESTIMATE. If the 158,000 new job numbers up from only 75,000 last month shocking experts – is under what those experts suspect – you see a job bomb enter the markets. Will it?


Are you prepared for the SUPER CHANGE taking place today effecting your market space?


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GIVE YOURSELF a better safe war forward.


CEO SPACE – July 22nd ( 20th for three bonus days of networking leader to leader and Capital Mastery skills trainings where you leave with that skill for life the master skill for owners ).





PS: The Peace Plan presented for the Holy Land Region is a HOPE AND PROMISE we hope our readers will share on walls and boards ( book mark the URL before this blog on ISREAL AND PALESTINE ) …and circulate to gulf community you KNOW and you have RELATIONSHIP so the plan circulates across the world….noting gives us stability like PEACE in the GULF finally. Thank you for subscribing …thank you for circulating the PEACE PLAN…thank you for commenting below any blow ( I reply myself ) and thank you for SHARING MY BLOG TO NEW FOLKS you care for…as another view on WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON …OUT THERE.




The Peace Plan for Israel. Our INSPIRED WAY FORWARD for the great PALESTINIAN NATION AND ITS PEOPLE AND ISRAEL AND ITS GREAT HOPE AND PROMISE in humility is what  we now lay out in general terms below as a  fresh PLAN FOR PEACE A FRESH BLUE PRINT  IN REGION. The Bible – prophecy – and writings modern and ancient wisdoms all  suggest Armageddon at Megido will be the MOTHER OF ALL WARS between humans, ground Zero being Israel and I’ve walked that very valley manh times alone at sunset. Its energy is too wonderful – filled with wonder – to move forward into insane outcomes  if there is a better way forward.  With 50 years of in nation contribution and to the Gulf states and peoples and community we at CEO SPACE  have been master students of the Region and its enormous asset which remains  its truly amazing vibrant people. The Trump plan for peace was dead on arrival. The leader of the Palestinian people said last week that he was only impressed by Kushner’s massive naivete’  A business deal is not possible in this war zone for 8,000 years of history in our opinion. Only a GREAT POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC MARRIAGE of new inspired IDEAS – real inspiration can resolve the deep mulit decade old issues. RESPECT must guide the process and INTEGRITY MUST RISE TO RUN THE ANY NEW PROCESS. A great forgiveness of the past in a great FRESH start to turn the page must be made in the human heart. It is for humanity what makes impossible possible.

An INSPIRED WAY FORWARD is not a business plan nor can it itself economic or intellectual and a  head plan, or a plan that fails to include the magnificence of our enormous hearts together. The plan must be economic to secure the politics of all and the economic outcome must be a frame work that resolves the political impossible with what is in fact possible. As always one new idea and you do not go bankrupt. One new idea you do not get divorced. One new idea and your child recovers from drug addiction. One new idea and nations under Nelson Mandela forgive the worst of humanity with the best of humanity –  an prosperity in ways only moments before was deemed impossible at all levels became in fact possible at all levels. We have been part of those historic ideas and times in THIS VERY GENERATION. One set of new ideas and PEACE is possible versus impossible for the two greatest peoples. WE NOW PRESENT an INSPIRED WAY FORWARD as one idea.

If you wish to study AIA and design of monuments of the world go to Israel. If you wish to study history at core of humanity – go to Israel. If you wish to study faith and religion GO TO ISRAEL. If you wish to Kiss the Dome of the Rock, walk the Golan Heights or Masada, or place your hand on the real WALL versus ( Game of Thrones Wall ) simply go to Israel. If you wish to study politics go to Israel. If you seek the most advanced technology upon the earth go to ISRAEL. If you wish to study museums go to Israel. If you wish to feel the HOLOCAUST inside your very bones go to ISRAEL. If you wish to see the most advanced environmental break throughs of tomorrow today go to Israel.  If you wish to study Arab culture working across all faiths and tribes as one in peace and progress GO TO ISRAEL. if you wish to see beauty in nature, from sea to desert, from mountains to lakes to shops and art of the world go to Israel. If you wish the foods of the world go to Israel. If you seek the most beautiful men and woman of the worlds melting pots go to ISRAEL.If you wish to experience camps and abject poverty Go To Palestine. If you wish to see a lack of hope and promise go to GAZA. If you wish to know terrorism at a blood cell level go to ISRAEL. If you wish to study the most advanced weapons of war go to Israel. If you wish to study the smallest nation with one of the largest nuclear arsenals on earth go to Israel. If you wish to study in human history that which is truly impossible go to Israel. It will take decades to understand all that I have written in one paragraph here and there is too much more to write.If you wish to know the human heart in all its possible expressions yes go to Israel. If you wish to know if God is real or the soul is forever go to and walk in Israel. If you wish to see a people who will shape the entire world and its futures go to Palestine. And When I say GO TO ISRAEL I mean both as if they are and represent one in all these aspects our our Humanity I mean PALESTINE for the land is only both and the people are both as well. The future is possible and the impossible’s time has come to an end…..GO TO PALESTINIAN ISRAEL…for the wonders of our humanity just go.




CEO SPACE has developed with our best teams, a plan for peace for Israel & PALESTINE we call  as we move toward 2020 we feel is the year of possibility the INSPIRED WAY FORWARD.. We have attempted for five years now to bring this very plan to BIBI in Israel over a lunch or dinner, with our own investment to fly in and provide no fee consulting as a contribution to the people of Palestine. We have been unable within as you have seen the ever increasing mean spirited politics in Israeli factions over this period, to fix a time to have on meal to simply present this plan. We have shared the plan elements with the highest minister of nation. We have hand carried its elements to MBS in Saudi Arabia. The outcome has been the GREAT SILENCE. Changing the world ( and we actually do that work ) takes decades.  We watched the TRUMP PLAN come together with predictable outcomes. We attempted to be expert included in that plan but failed to rise to the level of inclusion of that inside circle of interests.

We as CEO SPACE the largest business community on earth, with members in Palestine and in Israel since the 1980’s as CEO SPACE  have no interest but for the people of both nations. I have been in business in the region and theater from the 1960’s learning – under masters who were kind enough patient enough to spend the time and years to educate me to have some tie to the dirt and soul of the people and land itself. You have to walk the dirt to know anything about peace. If the dirt is on your face and dripping from your nose…you begin to know and those in the space begin to hear you ..and only then will they hear you. Trust me on that investment of a life time. We are not naive to the impossible.

Our decades with offices in Israel doing a business in Antiquity sales across the entire Region of Gulf States and investment Diamonds ( 50 million US dollars a month 1960s to 1980’s ) we learned the heart and soul of the peoples. With CEO SPACE representing the worlds largest small business voice and community, including lobby work  on small business legislation presented our teams with political expertise and experience in resolution on complex public policy, unique over so many countries and decades of tireless public service. Personally I have been in Israel in both past wars which is post graduate experience in and of itself as to my own lesson books and courses in region. I have had meals in Rachel and Moshe Dayan’s homes, while days later dinning with Jordon and Gulf leader village chief’s  in their  homes, learning the landscape of views and entrenched postures over generations. Our appreciation for the magnitude of the problems grew massively from decades of the back and forth cultural learning, from the most poor to the highest in wealth across these communities,  as such a unique expertise from such lessons to DARE TO BE WORTHY of presenting an INSPIRED WAY FORWARD BELOW, in this most historic of all parts of the world. Many of my most important teachers both Israeli Politicians and Rabbinical scholars as well as community leaders across the Gulf from prior Kings of Saudi Arabia and the Shah of Iran to Muslim Mullahs instructing me on the Faith in Torah and Koran are dead today and I thank them always on the other side in massively humility for the lessons they have presented into my soul and spirit forever…I thank them in all ways – as I try and honor them in all ways on this sacred day of consecration to a fresh starting point, something truly new and complete, that your reading now. I’m hoping on line for the first time you will circulate this work into Palestine, the United Nations, the Gulf Leadership and into Israel and Bibi today into 2020. I sense the year of possible.

This peace plan published for the first time on line is designed to circulate as an inspired solution- a new idea – and a new fresh INSPIRED WAY FORWARD –  that we believe could unfold between all parties to work into as a fresh starting – a fresh beginning still far from a final completion and ending of course. A blue print to work from and upon.  We apologize for our failure to date to bring the master plan to the sponsorship of champions in our choice for  the great KING OF JORDON for Palestine and to BIBI ( whom we have met more than once )  as champions potentially for this  historic moment in Israel and Palestine and its magnificent people.

Now we publish in public and let our massive readership, as our tribe and leaders are the  parties to  circulate and copy this URL –  as they now will with our request – into  leadership in region, as we all together pause, in an energy to come together again  on PLUS and IMPROVEMENT to the INSPIRED WAY FORWARD presented here as the ideal takes on a new life of them and unfolds and evolves itself from this BLUE PRINT into a final form,  suspending competition as s thought form, ( so insane and toxic ) , as competitive thought  impulse form occurs from  the mid reptilian brain lower function of our brain stem,  and to over come such lower brain function,  with the high leadership possibilities of cooperation where cooperation is a higher brain function of our cortex and frontal lobes most sane and evolved form of human thought. My book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION sets up THINKING modeling for a team to embrace an INSPIRED WAY FORWARD finally in collaboration and integrity without the distrust and negotiations of the past history, using higher brain potential and defeating impulse now identified from lower brain function.  If across humanity today COMPETITIVE  thought form is the master virus on human collective consciousness – a form of core inanity in human thought itself – embrace cooperation intregirty DNA to Collaborations,  as the higher function thought form in which all human success is in fact achieved in the history of our own greatness whenever cooperation is fully applied. If humanity can step upon the moon then humanity in 2020 can step forward in world peace together.




  1. A Palestinian State is border  map created to the present map ( with some new solutions wait for them ) as established and recognized by the parties and the world. Permanent two state respectful solution for all .
  2. Constitutional government in Palestine is under authority of the Palestinian people.
  3. Occupied territories except for Golan Heights are governed by a joint Israel Palestinian/ISREAL NEW AGENCY known as COOPERATION AGENCY CA – PANAL OF SEVEN  – three economist panel members each leading non political economics from Pastestine – three economist non political panel members from Israel –  and a tie braking economist from NEUTRAL SWITZERLAND where free majority vote places rule of law in each now occupied geographic zone under Palestinian Law or Israel  RULE of Law as its own people in each Zone Defined by majority of popular vote in each zone – all legal disputes of law as  final rule of law is governed by majority vote of a SEVEN ON THE COOPERATIVE AGENCY ( CA )  PANEL Supreme Governing Board the COOPERATION AUTHORITY. Economics run politics and politics do not run economics. Solutions are rule of law by charter to the CA as to their governance and guidance the FRAMERS engineer to final form and solution.
  4. Treaties and Trade between the parties are approved by the COOPERATION PANAL in occupied territories permanently ruled by popular rule of law ( as to which rule of law system majority vote for ) in a one time  PEACE vote of their populations – and ratified by state governing bodies as final form of treaty for occupied zones and final treaty between nations by legislative final majority vote establishing  a FOREVER Peace for all peoples under rule of law. If in Occupied CA area the population vote for Palestinian law that law applies forever in that CA administered area if Israeli law by vote Israel. The people are respected as one and travel and trade freely by treaty laws the FRAMERS set to final form. The compromise of returned land to Palestine is created by FRAMERS and where FRAMERS fail to agree that territory defaults to the CA SOLUTION – the missing mechanism to make the impossible in fact possible with prosperity security and peace for all.
  5. The USA leads a G 100 nation defined contribution of 1 trillion dollars paid as investment  for Palestinian economic development, ( over a 25 year period of infusion by G 100 pledge nations ) and  no part of which may indirectly or directly go into military. The 2020 MARSHALL PLAN for Palestine assures economic prosperity elevating the people into assured self determination with economic security and prosperity assured for centuries inside the peace prosperity unfolded by the G nations of the world as their cost of peace dividend. All funds would be grants assuring a debt free Palestine with all Palestinian debt paid off upon treaty execution within 30 days of signing by first infusion for infrastructure massive jobs programs and national economic development starting with DEBT FREE PALESTINE. Israel will see all its economics lifted by this economic 25 year flood tide into region as will all Gulf nations in theater.
  6. Administration of spending will be invested in infrastructure – venture development – education – 5G – tourism – transportation – warehousing – high speed public transportation – green power –  via the COOPERATION AUTHORITY ( CA ) managing the money,  where control work is completed and corruption is moderated via rule of law. Master plans for fiscal budgets and use of proceeds from the Swiss Escrow of fund administration, would be defined by the Palestinian leadership and their chosen big eight accounting firm defining use of proceeds for the 1 trillion capital investing master plan developed over a 25 year pledge nation model with penalties no nation can delay or not pay their PEACE DIVIDEND as all G 100 nations profit from the return on investment as preferred nation trading partnerships – and – their nation industry investments private sector into region as the FRAMERS create both state PREFERRED G 100 trading privileges for 25 years from signing.
  7. Defense of Israel would be assured by treaty via the United States as it is today and Israel self reliant military.
  8. Defense of Palestine would be assured by the choice of Palestine to Russia or the Gulf Nation of its choice including Iran as protector or US as Palestine choses to trust. Palestinian state profits can be invested in defense of nation as with any nation for its own defense industry, where both Israel and Palestine treaty to never wage war with one another as rule of law. Israel and Palestine will act as one in regional defense of their respective economic zone partnership if ever required as per treaty framers model to final form. Palestine agrees to not be a nuke nation and Israel agrees with Iran peace in treaty with USA, to over 25 years de-nuke turning nukes over to the USA. The peace de-nukes the HOLY OF ALL LANDS Forever. Nuke nations pledge to never target or use Nukes – upon the Gulf Nations and holy land..all nuke nations.
  9. All Gulf States would ratify the peace plan as set forth to final form by the two states and with authority in occupied states as proposed by the new  COOPERATION  AUTHORITY ( CA )  to final treaty and form by the framers.
  10. Appointment of the COOPERATION AUTHORITY would by founding charter reside on integrity with appointees embracing cooperation as expression of human sanity and competition as expression of human insanity. Cooperation Authority Panel members would be non political economists and would assure economics ran politics and policy and would report to no other agency acting as a SUPREME OOURT for the Region and its two state system. Appeals for political issues unresolved by the two states may appeal for final SUPREME COURT decision on dispute issues  between the two nations to the FINAL JOINT COURT of THE NEW CA AGENCY  for absolute outcome always economic and CA DECISIONS ARE FINAL To both states. Panal appointment would be for ten years and economist must be age 50 to be appointed with base line expertise an experience and without political bias as to character and background by the head of state duly elected for each of the two sovereign states and approved by each state legislative committee so appointed for purpose. A dual congressional panel review of FIRST AND ALL SUCCESSOR PANAL to follow ( from death or retirement ) of ten palestinian leading member of legislature and ten from Israel would review new panel appointees and vote by majority to approve each for economic expertise and lack of political bias with character and integrity to represent solely the WELFARE OF THE PEOPLE of both states. Free and open travel between nations would occur within each nations normal pass port controls and restriction of travel between nations would be precluded by treaty and war between the nations would be precluded by treaty upon its ratification.

The details of the INSPIRED WAY FORWARD TO PEACE TREATY FINAL FORM  would flow from the published master  plan frame work set forth as a wire frame to begin evolved from this blue print by the FRAMERS, as will be by appointed economic non political committees for each nation as set forth to final form of treaty between the parties over a three year TREATY CONFERENCE FOR A TWO STATE MASSIVELY SECURE PROSPEROUS OUTCOME PEACE DIVIDEND COMPLETION AND  SOLUTION.  The framers would be economists not politicians. Israel would place occupied territory exempting Gaza into the settlement outcome expressed herein. GAZA would remain Palestinian National territory as Golan Heights would remain Israel.  The ONE TRILLION DOLLAR G 100 Swiss escrow, in non equal payments weighted for year 1 to 5 more heavily than year 20 to 25,  as established to final form by the framers and administered by the CA, and administrated within this CA new PALESTINIAN MARSHALL PLAN for economic devleopment, expressing itself to include the  new  COOPERATION AUTHORITY and its territory  zones as those areas impossible to resolve in return by Israel and desired by Palestine as a new solution,  governed by rule of law the people in each zone as those populations voted for as a true rule of law  “people consideration” terms’  that would issue instant duel pass ports to Israel’s now under Palestinian law by vote of that CA ZONE CITIZENS under rule of law they voted for  Israeli and Palestinian pass porrts for those voting to apply Israel rule of law by its people in zone get Israeli and Palestine get Palestine or duel passports as CA defines in each community and as per FRAMER FINAL FORM treaty law.   Each vote would be respect and executed to accommodate inclusion of both peoples with outcome favoring INCLUSION and OPPORTUNITY for the people who will not change daily function or opportunity as they now live,  with peace and new ease of travel. Super Rush documentation without delay where no citizen is caught in bureaucratic “traps” would be mandated to rule of law freedoms for the people in all permitting and travel documents with cooperation absent competitive harassment in any form between states upon final vote in CA territories. The people decide versus having anyone decide for them in a new frame work option.

Given the horror of the holiday attacks on Israel Syria agrees to permanent loss of GOLAN HEIGHTS  in exchange for a treaty with Syria to foster Palestinian and Israeli peace and commerce with the King of Syria treaty with both nations brokered by the KING OF JORDON . The G 100 agree to assist to rebuild war torn Syria while assuring Israeli in spoils of war secures its permanent borders with GOLAN HEIGHTS  high ground precluding surprise attacks ever again upon its people as a geographic cooperation to the prosperity concession between all benefiting States. The United States as a peace concession opens embassy’s with the King of Syria and itself opens reconstruction prosperity in Syria given the USA investment and lives to secure an ISIS free terror Free Syria for the world. A FRESH START on all borders is inclusive to the INSPIRED MASTER PLAN FOR REGIONAL PEACE. The King of Syria by G 100 is immune from warcrimes in his war against radical muslim terror in the world and his victory is acknowledged by the G 100.

The King of Jordon joins the UAE as principle PEACE BROKERS to the GULF NATIONS supporting without condition the process without influence by agreement to the TWO STATE SOLUTION  working in the THREE YEAR TREATY PROCESS to desired outcome, and G 100 Full funding irrevocable time line pledging of the Swiss MARSHALL PLAN FOR PALESTINE ACCOUNTS under the big eight budgets for use of proceeds year to year over 25 years of sustained development.

Abe from Japan Putin From Russia and the UA and King of Jordon would together secure a IRAN USA embrace for the master plan a deal on Iran forward security and prosperity without nuclear weapons opening Iran investment and support for Palestine with TRADE with ISRAEL and a collapse of all competition between nations in the NEW INSPIRED PATHOLOGY FOR PEACE as ONE PLAN including all the parties.

The treaty in final form would mandate a culture of CELEBRATION for all State Populations in diversity, celebration of race and faith and lifestyle and freedom for all peoples. Punishment of diversity in any form including political diversity would be a crime in society where hate is outlawed as a form of insanity. Punishment versus CELEBRATION OF HUMANITIES DIVERSITY OF EXPRESSION would be cultural, instructed in all ages of education where cooperation and celebration of diversity is INTERESTING and never again punished by a virus of the mind – insanity.

Competition would be culturally precluded under rule of law seen as insane where any form of human expression in diversity is punished with hatred and disrespect as an insane mid brain virus of brain and fully  discouraged by law culture expression. ll diversity that is not hateful is a tapestry of human richness to be only CELEBRATED between various belief’s. Education in both nations would teach views as wonderful and rich  cooperation versus any form of insane master inclinations for virus thinking of insanity toward fully insane ideas of a race  or inclination of a master faith or division of humans by punishment of humanities diverse expressions in all forms,  – our core richness will be be education and culture only celebrated and respected by all in cultural  inclusion. THE NEW EXAMPLE OF THE WORLD both states presently in fact display at core in their people working beside one another in day to day inclusion one see’s when you walk the streets anywhere at ten PM on a weekend.

Cooperation and celebration of diversity would be a culture of new re-tooled education formating, in both states,  of the peace community and its prosperity where the principles of cooperation are instructed in private and public schools and no education would instruct punishment of human diversity in any form as insanity an insane thinking error, versus celebration would now peace forward  instructed for all human diversity as desired culture outcome to good citizen behavior. A reconciliation court could following Nelson Mandela’s model improve this fresh cooperative  NEW 2020 BEGINNING  model, ushers in a fresh start future, and forgives  the pains of the past and all abuse and human error in thinking as we turn the page and forgive ignorance of prior generations trapped in lower mid brain thought errors we simply did not understand at the time.

Terrorism would be a capital state offense against all peoples of the community.

BOTH STATES AND ITS PEOPLE WOULD WEIGHT THE SUFFERING BOTH PEOPLES HAVE ENDURED – ISRAEL FROM ROME TO THIS DAY AND PALESTINE FROM ROME TO THIS DAY AS THEY BOTH NOW AGREE AND FINALLY 2000 YEARS OF PAIN AND HISTORY “TURN THE PAGE” OF HUMAN DESTINY – AND POTENTIAL – THE IMPOSSIBLE “IS” POSSIBLE – and  TO  BURY THEIR PAIN AND CELEBRATE ONLY THEIR UNBORN GENERATIONS AND THE JOYS THEY WILL GIVE THEM ALL NOW IN 2020 AND FOREVER FORWARD BY CHOICE – SHEDDING COLLECTIVELY “ALL- BLAME” ALL JUDGEMENT FOR THE SINS OF HISTORY AND YESTERDAY IN CREATING THE FUTURE FOR ALL UNBORN GENERATIONS ON OUR WATCH TOWER IN REAL WEALTH AND FUTURES – OUR OWN LIFE – “TIME” – THE REAL WEALTH TO PRECIOUS TO SQUANDER IN LOWER BRAIN EMOTIONAL HI-JACKING INTO PATTERNS OF PAIN AND SUFFERING AND WE NEVER “KNEW” WHY NOT REALLY. WE BURY IN OUR REAL GAME OF THRONES THE “WHITE WALKERS” IN OUR OWN MINDS AS WINTERS OF THE PAST HAVE COME AND GONE AND THE SPRING FORWARD IS OUR “NOW HIGHER BRAIN COOPERATIVE AND COLLABORATIVE WITH INTEGRITY IN ALL THINGS TOMORROW –  WITHIN OUR SUPER FOCUS AND FORWARD DECISIONS IN A NEW “FRAME WORK ”  WHICH 2020  OBSESSES ONLY ON THE FUTURE  WHICH REPLACES THE “WHITE WALKERS” OF OUR MINDS AND ANYTHING IN THE RED LINE OF THE PAST. Competitive impulse in emotion is replaced with COOPERATIVE HIGHER BRAIN FUNCTION of the potential of humans rapidly evolving ourselves ( as our awareness on our WHY is growing )  to remove threat of all future war and engineer a  forever peace in our minds and in rule of law where systems replace trust. THE NEW INSPIRED WAR FORWARD IS 2020. WE EXIST IN THE NEW HUMAN GOLDEN AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. THE TIME TO SUPER CHANGE PEACE AND PROSPERITY FOR ALL OUR UNBORN IS 2020. NOTHING WONDERFUL HAPPENS UNTIL LEADERS MAKE A DECISION….a decision to just begin this process….is filled with wonder….wonderful…….as the example only resolved by Palestinian and Israeli leadership – with zero input by the FRAMERS outside those two nations – where that example – ends the “mental idea” any nation of people is an enemy to another nation of people – as we resolve collaboration in respect for our disagreements with Russia, and USA with China and USA and EU with EU and USA with North Korea and Iran and all the world – as we depart from lower brain functions – which will arise but we now have tools of mind to delete buggy god awful repeating pattern SOFTWARE of primitive human thought converting any lack of agreement into THREAT – and that insane thought impulse ( competition ) perhaps relevant when raptors walked the earth – is a bad code in human mental hardware that for the first time is identified – known – and easy to fire wall into quarantine – whenever human problem solving occurs. With agreement to firewall and quarantine – any emotional mid brain threat or competitive thought impulse – replacing it with – how would I come at this with respect – with cooperation and cooperation to endless options and solutions we can discuss till we both like one in compromise and seal the deal line by line…that new model creates the future of all humanity……

WE COOPERATE WE PROSPER TOGETHER – WE COMPETE WE PERISH TOGETHER. For over three decades CEO SPACE has revolutionized work spaces with shifting culture from the largest 100 Fortune institutions, into the new unicorns we ramp up into massive employment and success stories globally – every sixty days. The leaders of the world are gathering July 20th in Dallas 2020 – again in October – December and every sixty days commencing in March 2020. CEO SPACE is working increasingly with sovereign nations to reform systemics – remove corruption where systems replace trust – where integrity is the glue of Cooperative National communities who govern, and CEO SPACE Is assisting Nations globally – who wish to reset their entire sovereign nation debt accounts while infusing enormous sums for growth infrastructure and prosperity building – coupled to CEO SPACE LEADING RAPID IN NATION DEVELOPMENT OF “ENTREPRENEUR CLASS” AS THE NUMBER # 1 PRESS RANKED EDUCATIONAL COMMODITY TO RAMP UP ENTREPRENEUR CLASS IN NATION – WHICH BREEDS CONTINUITY TO EVER RISING CONSUMPTION AND SELF SUSTAINING IN NATION TAX REVENUE GROWTH. A new Class of Bonds CEO SPACE invested with teams of global economic super brains – some gone now such as Galbraith a mentor – and others – ( David Rockefeller a mentor ) – George Witter ( a mentor of Dean Witter founding family ) – thank you – as SUPER BONDS resets prosperity for any nation without delays and is game changing to jobs, employment and national stability over time. CEO SPACE has on the ground been working to resolve PEACE IN THE ONE SPOT WE ALL HAVE REASON TO WISH PEACE FOR – gaining in-put for the plan set forth here – as frame work only – to the leadership as YOU CIRCULATE this PEACE PLAN – with half a decade of work to elevate this proposed frame work. From Parviz Nazarian to an Iranian Jew co founder of Qualcomm – to Ministers in the Palestinian nation and village leaders – from agriculture to industry – to secure input on what may work. No magic bullet – simply a FRESH START for the FRAMERS.

We suggest decades of political failure – why not – isolate the discussions to the leading economists who are men of non political agenda – who wish greatest prosperity in the final frame work for all peoples of both states – and who forge a final frame work politicians can debate and with suppressions of unwanted emotional threat reaction as mid brain competitive to easy quarantine to fire wall such base thoughts as they rise up as reptilian lower brain electricity of our minds –  a non – reality chemical expression – into higher brain function. One can see from the press the suppression of all media into endless loops to harden the lower brain competitive “war causing” thought impulse which is itself a non reality illusion.  Any disrespect or threat thought impulse in media – lacks integrity at core editorial bias – and is old brain pattern driven to acquire bias brains of like mind to hold audience ratings – for each power hour – for my liberal – moderate or conservative rated viewer to assure I get maximum pay days for selling mindless crap to my base. This is not news today nor is it wise to brain program for agenda and political weaponized media. One day new laws will third rail media to present data in cooperative value modeling for all societies. Todays combative media is an expression of human insanity. John Chancellor Walter Cronkite and Edward R Morrow ( of a past generation of news – Ed brought down the horrors of Senator McCarthy abuses )  were examples of back to the future. By Woodward the FBI has become an agency defined by power to control media and law and to end a President as an agency gone insane by competition thought impulse. The cause of all corruption is insane thought impulse in the collective perception all made possible because we mis- educate super learners to learn rewards occur from expression of insanity – as we fail to educate our super learners to ever advance the potential of our higher states of thinking – finally firewalling the unwanted mi brain until the hippocampus is reprogramed by evolution we influenced in the new age of SUPER CHANGE.

Middle East Peace is a state of mental insanity we humans chose to perpetuate and for the first timing with a rising more full human  understanding – being aware of of our insane choice to embrace insanity itself – or – we humans step into Super Change and adapt with SANITY ( the only way ) or we rapidly go extinct as insane seeds of the earth that failed to shed our own insanity by choice. Sanity.

Heaven in all faiths is the absence of competitive thought impulse.

Why not bring heaven into the Peace Process? Why? Because it is so easy to be sane and we can do it only if we leaders change our minds. We agree to change our minds and we work on this together – as our mid brain is in charge because why? Because truly we are just too lazy to look accurately at ourselves with required objectivity. Setting up economists who embrace these principles, who read the self correcting tools and tactics for cooperative organization theory in the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION have capacity – first human evolved to this point  new human competency you are starting to see everywhere globally  – to remove in real time with our own aware brain filter – the one virus on our mind – the mid brain insanity virus of competitive thought impulse and its emotional toxic excretions that lead to all human insane conflict as insane decisions have zero integrity and sane decisions rest on absolute integrity. The CRISES IS COMPETITIVE THOUGHT IMPULSE TO RESOLVE PROBLEMS & THE BREACH OF SANITY IN INTEGRITY ND RESPECT WHEREVER YOU WITNESS – HUMAN HATRED AND DISRESPECT – SUCH SOFTWARE OF MIND IS EXPRESSING HUMAN INSANITY IF YOU JUST SEE THE VIRUS IS IN CONTROL AND THE HIGHER BRAIN IS HI-JACKED.


The final form model of the FRAMERS evolving the blue print and adding miracles to it, will see the FINAL FORM  ratified by majority of both SOVEREIGN STATES  in popular vote or modified until ratified by popular vote simple majority, as the final voted on TREATY OF THE NATIONS –  become a GLOW TO GO TEMPLATE OF IMPOSSIBLE “IS” POSSIBLE – model for the entire world into  a new hope and  new promise of  our best human potential. Negotiations would be cooperative without competitie undue influence. The COOPERATION AUTHORITY would lead the negotiations to final form the board chosen for its cooperative leadership and its absence of competitive mind sets as set forth herein. The BOOK REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION RESOLUTION would be used as guidance for a new INSPIRED WAY FORWARD PEACE PROCESS frame work for systemic modeling on form collaborative discussions versus competitive negotiations ( sane versus insane – game theory versus threat and combat insanity )  of finding common grounds within a new MODEL FOR LASTING PEACE –  pathology frame work engineered as new invention or PEACE IP presented for the leaders in the TWO STATES to just explore as a BRAND NEW FRESH 2020 –  STARTING GATE to a three year design process that works as the FRAMERS come together ( or less ).




The structure for a SOLUTION OF HOPE PEACE AND PROMISE for the entire Region is set forth in the Peace Plan

We simply failed to gain the leaders attention to INVISIBLE OPTIONS we as experienced professionals in the two nations sought to make visible to the leaders. We believe NOTHING TRULY WONDERFUL WILL MANIFEST IN FACT INTO THE WORLD UNTIL INSPIRED LEADERS MAKE A DECISION. Today our vast reader community circulates to In Gulf Contacts – today copy the URL with your emails – and to Israel – and the viral will reach the right brains to THINK. To embrace a NEW THOUGHT.

A eight lane freeway – will that leader – lead the others as there is zero traffic as the higher power awaits sanity ….

Having talked to leading business largely funding both sides in the two nation dispute we find a unique common ground inside this frame work via our half decade evolution of the: INSPIRED WAY FORWARD PEACE PROCESS. The new frame work engineering outlined in this PUBLIC SERVICE FRAME WORK – puts JERUSALEM as forever Capitol for both STATES  PALESTINE AND ISRAEL WITH TWO COOPERATING CAPITOLS – WE ALL WIN BY YOUR EXAMPLE. The FRAMERS design a  rule of law by the city vote for that zone into rule of law of its people by majority living there now  – by vote and then the new  COOPERATION  AGENCY CA – as a fully NON POLITICAL BOARD will govern the HOLY CITY BOARD for all –  supervising the community as a solution that has potential promise into an impossibly zone where now a possible template forward exists always with the people themselves choosing occupation zone rule of law under CA dispute settlement for leaders on the ground over time. Far from ideal for both sides politically, but not impossible for both sides politically. A possible INSPIRED WAY FORWARD PEACE PROCESS..on the most challenging issue of them all.  The Palestinian Jeresuelem CA zone and the Isreali demarkated CA Zone have their own people vote on which rule of law the desire – Palestine State rule of law or Israeli Rule of law which the CA Board administrates as per the vote – and day to day the folks on the ground are fully secure nothing in commerce trade or action changs as all are grandfathered in permits and time – with data transfer to agencies and no new cost fee’s or change for men and woman making a living and business – and religion and not for profit – everything is grandfathered in time not to change for them in their activity – while disputes and rule of law violations are under the law voted for and CA administrated. The impossible becomes possible by massive discussion on the ground with leaders from both sides – their ultimate IP not ours – we just saw the common outcries from the brains who saw it all first. They live there.

In cooperation an imperfect new solution may become over a three year regulatory frame work made far more perfect. One must begin to move the Peace Cart one wheel revolution at a time. Given the rejection and failure of the TRUMP plan frame work lacking a TWO STATE resolution for the new partners versus  the old model of threat by two state enemies -( insanity of mid brain hi jacking higher brain thought for sane thought forms )  it may be new leadership in Israel and PALESTINE closing the door on one plan may raise up in this value based IP solution matric and  can advance a new agenda in fact. The hard lines from al weary and tired mid brain loopedl opponents to peace  process in the past, are far minority in number – the FEW AGAINST THE MANY versus the many for the many –  to the soft line of the vast majority of populations we know so well who wish a FRAME WORK….that CAN AND WILL IN FACT WORK.

It goes without saying that insane factions engaged in combative emotional capital all fake news of the mind based on a reptilian mid brain pure illusion of insane thinking by untrained brains – need to have a great pause of thought – and reboot their brains into cooperation and collaboration entrusted to the FRAMERS ON BOTH SIDE with a joy to support FRAMER OUTCOME from fully new sane processes: which include:

  1. The light switch of the brain – is down to insanity for mid brain combat and threat emotional capital impulsing – which is sent to its very insane immature padded room in our minds – as we say to self as if screamed out loud – S-W-I-T-CH and the lightswitch of mind resets into higher brain function and sanity as you SEE YOUR INDIVIDUAL LIGHT SWITCH MOVE UP TO COOPERATION WITHOUT COMPETITION IN YOUR HIGHER BRAIN CIRCUIT BY CHOICE.
  2. Chose Communities of integrity – sane thinkers in cooperation who decry competitive buggy mental software code.
  3. Tell any leader or group with zero emotional capital – we have to S-W-I-T-CH. No discussion no replies no defense -blocks are tabled – everyone smiles and # 2 is performed inside each persons mind as they smile. Control is restored to higher brain function sanity.
  4. Escalation loops are seen as mid brain insane – all discussions depreciated into negotiation warfare – are tabled – deleted entirely – and a 48 hour time out occurs – with only recreation to reset weary leaders in long discussions – to return to the table with zero threat – all prior escalation energy was DELETED to QUARANTINE of our minds – and only positive plussing solutions occur in the return new agenda to a forward outcome.
  5. Two individuals or following input in any COOPERATIVE DISCUSSION those making contribution are safe – no side out speaking occurs. A talking stick is used and only the person who has the stick can talk. Others can raise hand to get and return the stick. No body cue of mid brain lack of support is made to others – everyone is engaged in unconditional support for all input. All input is made with integrity honor and respect. Those giving input state did you take that as a plus. If the person took the input as criticism the reply is WOULD YOU REFRAME. The Reframe is made until the person says – NOW I TAKE “THAT” AS A PLUS. If agenda’s deteriorate into escalation of negotiation ( enemy and threat ) the insanity is adjourned to dispel the mid brain massive emotional chemistry of group mind and the positive solution options are PLUSSED in when the discussion versus negotiation ( sanity versus insanity ) Begins. ( This works for a couple – parents and large organizational systems wherever adopted. Lacking sane new RULES OF ENGAGEMENT for integrity cooperation collaborative discussions the oxymoron remains – peace can never be achieved anywhere in the world on an enduring pathology residing on lower brain competitive insane function of thought itself. Sanity = human extinction – sanity = human longevity and prosperity. We all have to change our mind. I ask my TRIBE TO WIDELY CIRCULATE A NEW MODEL FOR US ALL.
  6. To defeat and give all private thoughts of WHY WE CAN’T ( 85% of human thought ) entirely insane mid brain.
  7. To S-H-F-T mental higher better code software of your more evolved super computer – into HOW WE WILL ! Until HOW WE WILL is 85% of your thinking and WHY WE CAN’T MAKES YOU LAUGH. See lower brain thought and insanity as a mentally ill 7 year old who never matures as YOU IN FACT HAVE and send that retarded brain software mini you – to their room – GO TO YOUR ROOM. Watch the difference just reading this will make in your own life. As everyone who is a member of CEO SPACE already know.

I especially call on MY MEMBERS into my own life work. Would you as a community maximally circulate this URL dedicated to the Two States so Effected today – on our own JULY 4th HOLIDAY celebrating the theory of America as a never ending ( far from perfect ) but always unfolding to get better – story. We hope this will help America. CEO SPACE please email to your communities in nation – to your leadership in the Gulf nations – with our special desire to have the King of Jordon and the UAE leadership embrace the notion of becoming the champions to evolve this phase 1 – IP invention for peace into a more perfect final form. CIRCULATION BY ALL OUR READERS IS SO IMPORTANT we will post no new – news for a time – as we also ask you forward this URL to your PRESS IN NATION. I’m available for sound bites zoom or audio by phone – set up with CEO SPACE 256 850 4715 – for my schedule or email ellen@ceospaceinternational.com with your request for MORE.


Now I ask friends of both communities to circulate a NEW MASTER PLAN FOR 2020 PEACE IN THE REGION to their respective leadership. Our teams remain available to consult to both sides upon desire for further input. The entire plan is too complex to present on line of course. We leave it to brilliant FRAMERS selected by the two nations where the outside nations step into collective support of the two nation process – the day the process to explore the INSPIRED WAY FORWARD is agreed upon by the two states. No competitive thought to influence in any way the far more sane process now have a chance just an opportunity …shall we not all see? 

THE FRAME WORK PRESENTED IN THIS REPORT assures Palestinian economic power and removal of poverty in the community coupled to a MARSHAL PLAN for the Palestinian people whose economic and political  tide lifts up a century of prosperity to Israel and to all  Gulf states inclusive of every state – as well.  The great compromise is to advance a CA Board and allow the people of each ZONE of occupation to chose their rule of law in ZONE ( as really the outomce of peace is there are all one really ) just choosing a rule of law form and celebrating all faith and culture regardless of majoirty vote outcome. Considering just America invested a trillion dollars in TARP 1 to save criminal banks from their criminal bad bets;  the proposed G 100 Investment  of 25 years – a trillion Palestine development dollars weighted into the first ten years – is the low cost for peace investing  and free to the sponsor nations given the cost of war which is on going in region.  The return on investment in trade with the two now prosperous nations – is a very high return on money via trade  and commerce. The model of cooperation set forth inside this new frame work once digested sets up a  new MIND SET inside a ENTIRELY NEW FRAME FOR IP IN PEACE TECHNOLOGY -IN AN  INSPIRED NEW PEACE PROCESS .

In all areas of dispute by frame work modeling systemically by popular vote by CA administration and final form from the FRAMER for those box top rules of law to outcomes that are sustainable the possible in fact becomes possible.

As an investment banker economist who has over time contributed billions into the welfare of Gulf Nations I call upon those who lead in all Gulf  Nations  and especially the two sovereign states effected and their neighbors – as most effected to delete competitive emotional reactionary response to the 85% of hard wired brain function to anything fresh or new – even when electric light is superior to whale oil lamp light – which is brain hard wiring reaction to WHY WE CAN’T mind sets. I ask you to as leaders over power such mid brain and lower brain function to not see NEW as THREAT and to switch – to SHIFT your brain function to the 15% that creates all outcomes you treasure – SWITCHING FROM WHY WE CAN NOT into …the highest brain state of co creation as to….HOW WE “WILL” . Just stay in HOW WE WILL as you read and explore for a time.

ALLOW THE BABY TO DROP as you digest the step by step ( make some notes of THINGS TO DO in your print version ) as there is more than you suspect in this PEACE PLAN 2020.

Finally I invite full partnership for women. it is our opinion from experience the left brain problems male thinking has created are not longer possible to resolve without intuitive RIGHT BRAIN PROBLEM SOLVING – involving female higher brain function. As in the old movie GHOST BUSTERS the portal to the futures our unborn desire and most require must now include BLENDING OUR MALE AND FEMALE THOUGHT STREAMS. I invite leaders to have woman involved in the process of HOW WE WILL asking for female input on this reading to frame work of:INSPIRED WAY FORWARD PEACE PROCESS. We ask the FRAMERS BE BALANCED fifty fifty woman and men working together. We suggest the CA be 100% women only.


…it is so true…with life TIME being the wealth of our minute today…..yesterday is already too late to stop Paleistian suffering for no reason by mid brain hoodwinking. I invite leaders in all factions to S-W-I-T-C-H and turn the page into a new model entirely of thinking. You now ( finally ) actually and proven and truly – understand – the HOW.

Palestinians will enjoy a future like post war impoverish Germany and Japan from those MARSHAL PLANS AND MIRACLES OF GLOBAL MERCY AND COMPASSION  EXPRESS IN THE INS{IRED NEW WAY FORWARD – starting from a higher space of MIND and mental code. The  future security of both states via IT and new technology from camera’s and AI assure the future is peaceful for both states within a prosperity that lifts up Lebanon Iran Jordon and all peoples of the GULF in all nations into  a new cooperation where the idea of competition is suspended for positive outcome without the drama of the past or its entrenched emotional capital that:  economists leading the debate versus politicians tend to preclude in deliberations.

The three year COOPERATION AUTHORITY PERIOD –  to develop the final treaty form assures that the COOPERATION AGENCY ( CA )  PANAEL is equal – Palestinian and Israeli and the tie breaking vote is always SWISS. Swiss trusted and neutral. The ONE TRILLION DOLLAR PALESTINIAN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT  FUND is escrowed an administered to payments into Palestine, for real progress work performed in Palestine ( where every dollar works like five outside corruption wasting of the peoples resources )  by its invoicing approving CA staff agencies under the final treaty rule of law –  payable  by SWISS BANKERS appointed by the COOPERATION AUTHORITY. All “issues” too hot for political resolution by either state are delegated by charter to resolution of the CA the missing mechanism as the final missing agency or Supreme Economic COURT assuring outcomes are economic not political over time – always landing on the best interest of the people of Palestine and Regional TWO STATE cooperation collaboration and respect. Hated and Disrespect would be culturally banishing as unwanted and a form of insanity in reality.

The tie breaking vote being SWISS within assured neutrality where outcomes remain maximally benefiting and  ECONOMIC benefiting the always maximally the PALESTINIAN  people, now assures INTEGRITY versus a lack of integrity  in all forward  CA voting outcomes. Swiss banker administration of the new PALESTINIAN MARSHAL PLAN help assure reduction of corruption and every dollar works like five via bidding process in in all master plan executions developed budgeted and designed by Palestinian authorities and BIG EIGHT ACCOUNTING firms they chose on plan budget development and execution. . Donor nations now have an economic process they all can trust. Political compromise resolves finally with the new PEACE PLAN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY FRAME WORK expressed here – that finally NOTHING CHANGES ON THE GROUND while in fact EVERYTHING CHANGES ON THE GROUND to the welfare dignity and outcomes the Palestinian people and the Israeli People which both  so richly deserve.

After a ten year administered period all border WALLS would in celebration be torn down within a CELEBRATION FESTIVAL WEEK OF COOPERATION between now fully partnering two states into massive forward mutual prosperity and rule of law in respect for all.


The present TRUMP plan in our teams opinion was dead on arrival for many complex reasons before Saudi Arabia betrayed the Trump team ( once again and so predictably ) and pulled the Arab rug out ( in fact )  from under the plan authors. The Trump plan further divides the Region. Trump has invested over one year on their peace plan. Our team has invested over ten years on our peace proposal as a FRESH NEW STARTING POINT TO BEGIN FROM.  Our team humbly proposes a discussion frame work we label in final form here:


As 50% of our readers in the 100’s of thousands globally  with 40% of all our  reading subscribers, split between NORTH AMERICAN readers and readers world wide globally and in both states in the Gulf who read this blog and  many in the effected nations all now asked to: circulate this on line plan link to the leaders of your nations. To reach out and touch the world. Include Press by snail mail in our community. 

We ask leader communities in Palestine and in israel having advised leaders in your communities since the 1970’s to see this new far from final  frame work as a fresh starting point not the end game which only the FRAMERS can resolve. We invite your all sides including faith to:

  1. Celebrate with respect diversity new thinking in all forms without punishment of diversity of ideas
  2. To forge and economic outcome that leads the politics where politics leading economics always fails
  3. To approach issue challenges in RESPECT & HONOR toward COOPERATIVE COMPROMISE
  4. To interrupt and control the old model of politics that is founded on HATRED AND DISRESPECT H & D letting it go !
  5. To see I win you lose as insane and WE BOTH WIN cooperative outcomes as sane

To avoid as new pathology rules in economic forward discussion teams the phrase –  YOU  in any correction process and to say rather: that  I would see your issue more completely if I heard the same thinking in this form which is my language could you reframe your important contribution such that I might hear it more impactfully? DId you take my input as a PLUS ( meaning not as a critique ) as a new cooperative negotiation language  modeling form?

If the party took the input as a critique versus a plus – they say without emotion knowing you are working in such good faith and vulnerability to better fully understand and both sides are working to remove the competitive brain virus of actual inanity from discussions which burbles up unbidden: now and finally replacing insanity ( the master virus of mind  blocking human elevated next evolution thinking and solution processes –  as scientifically outlined in the book REDEMPTION and in SUPER ACHIEVER MIND SETS and Joes HOW TO BECOME SUPER NATURAL ) …the party in discussion ( not negotiation ) asks to  REFRAME their request for “how “I”” would hear that more impactfully – by reframing the core request itself until the parties fail to ever escalate as new discussion box top rules sets, reset  LANGUAGE that inflames into historic  emotions that engage blame and judgement which are now removed where economists tend to depreciate such historic postures anyway.

ECONOMISTS frame outcome for structure and outcomes: where in moving forward only positive  emotional capital is by design flowing into the new exploration discussion frame work a new  modeling effecting far  reduced  outcomes that expresses only  unwanted political division in spirals of lower brain hoodwinking into combative no resolution from lower brain function. Negotiations are never lasting in outcome. Discussions ( sanity ) leads to agreements that last. The old process of negotiating and  commencing in hatred and disrespect and proceeding into distrust and competitive combative negotiation is replaced by a new blue print of our CEO SPACE model of a:

discussion frame work into a higher function box top rule set of COOPERATION COLLABORATION AND MUTUAL CELEBRATIONS.


The example set by just two state leaders  in a landscape on all sides to which 8 billion of us in fact  we all call this space –  THE “HOLY” LAND –  and now we act in HOLY COMMUNION INSPIRED TO NOW MOVE TRULY FINALLY FORWARD INTO PEACE A NEW  HOLY PEACE AND DO WE NOT ALL WIN IF WE DECIDE TO MOVE IN SACRED COVENANT FOR OUR UNBORN TO THIS ENDEAVOR IN 2020?

Our 32 year mature CEO SPACE leadership  teams advocate EXPLORATION just that alone of a  NEW FRAME INSPIRED WORK. CEO SPACE has led and proven these frame works are far out performing all centuries old models we all know so well ( really watch GAME OF THRONES to see brains hijacked by lower mid brain buggy mental software ) where Fortune institutions have opted  for cooperative culture reform in leadership for Fortune institutions of the world as well as with heads of state and their teams in a growing community of nations we confidentially are endlessing trying to always better  serve. We install new COOPERATIVE  frame works for solutions as well as new frame works for the systemic modeling of inspired new fresh inventive discussion box top rules ( frame work modeling ) for how the parties will RESPECT AND HONOR AND CELEBRATE ALL FORMS OF HUMAN  DIVERSITY TO COMPROMISE INTO  FINAL FORM COMPLETIONS AS DESIRED HUMAN OUTCOMES. Cooperation reaches higher quality outcomes in fractions of pre SUPER CHANGE  time frames. Quality outcomes in reduced time frames is our day job. Press ranked as # 1 for the past ten years globally over a decade in this space of human organization higher outcome in performance.

Competition always takes longer and leads to flawed and lower quality outcomes as process.

THE GREATEST inventions for mankind in systems The Magna Carta – in technology – the wheel the fork the can opener are SIMPLE.

Simple outcomes like the Wheel change all humanity forever.

Circulation of this MASTER “INSPIRE PLAN FOR PEACE” presents a fresh new frame work building on decades of all past work over time in both nations on the ground –  into entirely new  solutions to challenging forward outcomes that have road blocked desired peace in time, over  decades residing in community with its diverse people faiths politics and views that we all who author this solution so deeply respect we NEXT turn over a high rise steel frame work to the appointed leadership of the two states. The exterior and interior design and finishing we leave to the professionals and state leadership and the FRAMERS.

We make no claim of perfect outcomes. We introduce a new steel  FRAME WORK to begin a three year process the parties approve as a new can work:  INSPIRED WAY FORWARD PEACE PROCESS to more perfectly do the work to complete the frame work of high rise steel into its more perfect final form that simply requires WORK, as a desired end product for humanity. We introduce a new PROCESS for how to negotiate a INSPIRED WAY FORWARD PEACE PROCESS and we welcome any invitation to moderate consult or add value to process,  in any way that process may now state unfold,  as the parties may desire and require of our further IP guidance to both. Our objective is to begin in January of 2020 with 2019 second half being a process to OPEN EXPLORATION to the rules and terms of a two state engagement into a brand new – simple – transformational solutions sets – for a completion of a 2020 HOPE AND PROMISE adventure into an INSPIRED WAY FORWARD PEACE PROCESS.

We throw a meteor or NEW HOPE AND PROMISE for countless lives and the world into the timeless mediterranean sea with our hope a PEACE TSUNAMI made possible at this time as  one failed peace plan immediately is replaced  into a superior model in our opinion that may wash over all hearts and minds as one HOLY SPIRIT of us all shedding the insanity for the sanity as only we humans can when the light bulb dispels the darkness of the very long night.

In honor of my in nations teachers and revered mentors may we present to you for circulation a NEW INSPIRED WAY FORWARD INTO PEACE. I dedicate this work in asking YOU to circulate this INSPIRED WAY FORWARD PEACE PROCESS – to the 8 billion human souls who regard as one the land the peoples of two states call home and reside upon – as truly for all of us in our spirit is and will always be HOLY. The entire WORLDS HOLY LAND. May we make this land heaven on earth versus anything less by coming together in our minds. If heaven is the absence of competition may we now remove in the HOLY OF LANDS the enemy insane  with COOPERATION in higher brain software the VIRUS REMOVAL TOOL. That choice is always our own.  If heaven in all faiths IS THE ABSENT OF COMPETITION why not resolve the hell we all have known since ROME into HOLY LAND HEAVEN AS AN EXAMPLE 8 billion of us can lift up in every regard with celebration the shift in our mind master manifesting as one this outcome?

I leave it to circulation and leadership as I click today.

Berny Dohrmann
Chairman CEO SPACE

July 4th INDEPENDENCE HOLIDAY AMERICA – SENT TO TWO STATES AND ITS PEOPLE ON THIS HOLIDAY WEEK OF CELEBRATION FOR THE WORLD  – mid year 2020 in hope and promise for 8 billion who regard HOLY LAND as sacred to us all…..as we all humbly do as well. MAY GOD BLESS THIS PLAN IN ALL OUR FAITHS AS ONE TODAY.




Half of 2019 is gone. The best part for SMALL BUSINESS and professionals engaged in Practice is the 2019 July to December – economically. CEO SPACE is the largest community of small business owners in the world. We are advising our membership in 150 nations to embrace the following principle to prosper in the coming critical super change six months. July we see the LONGEST BOOM EXPANSION PERIOD the world has ever recorded. Economies rise when consumers or government or both spend expansively. Economics contract when consumers contract their spending and government tax receipts fall in that contraction and their spending lowers. Recession. Contraction.

All economic cycles expand and then contract. the length of the boom and the breadth of the expansion have economic relationships to the contraction period that follows. If there are abuses in the core economic structural aspects of the boom period, such as immoderate debt, political box top rule changes, ( Trade wars ) , and or speculation that is unwanted or liquidity consolidations as unwanted wealth consolidation occurs, then the rebalancing of economics – where all accounts one day rebalance also will occur.

A GREAT REBALANCING occurred in 2007. Economists well know the core abuse was however never addressed nor was the abuse issues in economics fixed. Politicians ran the economics versus economics running the politics. The result was that massive debt was exchanged for new and ever more massive debt. While we as investment banker economist by historic expertise and experience, can not say the answer the question the GREAT WHEN the actual GREATEST ECONOMIC REBALANCING to adjust accounts from decades of economic abuse in the areas of:

  1. The largest Debt Super Bubble in economic world history
  2. The largest speculation bubble in prices in world history
  3. The greatest consolidation of wealth where 1% own more wealth than 99% in humanities history

Will CORRECT and REBALANCE all economics as to a final time line. We can suggest the GREATEST REBALANCING is coming and that time is the only asset remaining to that great rebalancing.

We also can suggest that will the good times ( you are inside them now ) are rolling along – you use the old American saying – make hay while the sun shines. Make profit. Make sales. Grow your business. Invest in acceleration. The safe harbor for all of us – as the worlds largest complex multi layered economic SUPER DUPER BUBBLE is growing and expanding – is to have a strategy.


If you watched GAME OF THRONES the safe harbor was to be “behind THE WALL” so the rising threat could not reach “you”.

In economics globally the protection of that sea wall from the rising storm clouds ( on the distant horizon – economic storm clouds ) we feel is – community. Grow your business to business community. We have suggested one option is CEO SPACE July 20th. If you prefer Tony Robbins BUSINESS MASTERY we recommend that community. If you prefer Bill Walsh Power Team or George Fraser POWER NETWORK we recommend them as well. Growing a B to B community is THE WALL – the missing safe harbor – as there is safety in numbers.

Growing a stronger business to business community creates cross buying from ONE ANOTHER. This collective cross buying creates VELOCITY ACCELERATION AND MOMENTUM. If you fail to invest in smart right growth now to year end you increase risk when the GREAT REBALANCING OCCURS. Building MOMENTUM NOW is the critical cornerstone asset while times are reasonably good.

Keep in mind this recovery is not roaring and remains far from booming recoveries of many prior economies. This recovery is anemic and just over a recession number. Also keep in mind GOVERNMENTS LIE. They do everything to skew numbers so you see economic lies.

In America under a prior President we changed how we count UNEMPLOYMENT for 400 years. Thats right. Listen to me. We stopped counting LONG TERM UNEMPLOYED. That was say the higher priced jobs at over 30 million out of work. We just no longer COUNTED THEM AS UNEMPLOYED. That group had no jobs and still has no jobs. Unemployment in the USA would from the GREAT RECESSION be – around 10% now versus 4% ( the lie number ) nations give to their people. The mass of people are economically illiterate on purpose. The more you lack economic perspective the more stealing right under your eye balls can and does occur.

This legal theft depletes the wealth of nations.

Those who have economic education and understanding have all the wealth. Those who do not never get their own fair share. Also keeping what you have is dicey if you bury your head in fake news and fail to understand WINTER “IS” COMING ( a Game of Throne term ) that for SHOW WATCHERS just meant something else to those who read it – but everyone who never saw the show gets CLIMATE CHANGE WINTERS are not helpful to grow a business. They all appreciate that.

We recommend small business and professionals in practice:

  1. Register into CEO SPACE July 20th and upgrade their second half of year marketing and planning to get more customers now.
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Leaders from around the world are coming together on July 20th to associate new skills ( capital new law mastery is one on opening weekend I teach and instruct with SEC experienced attorney’s ) – as one skill transfer – attorney’s come to upgrade on this aspect of execution in all global markets – as you transact business the entire time.

CEO SPACE is the # 1 Business Conference in the world for ten years in a row for a reason. Our business owner and professionals engage in a transaction B to B cross engagement model unlike any other. Explore on line and see short films to see with your eyes, listen with yours ears, but HEAR WITH YOUR EMOTIONS.

CEO SPACE is not a seminar nor is CEO SPACE a work shop. CEO SPACE is a massive skill and plan upgrading technology – a business growing machine – a business building machine – where you pay ONCE for a lifetime membership into an ON GOING PROCESS to grow faster than you can grow in other options.

GROWING FASTER July to December is my first recommendation on timing as the longest boom in history will move into contraction and when that occurs your added MOMENTUM is your SAFE HARBOR. Grow momentum faster in the second half of 2019.

If you fail to get this momentum installed risk to your own forward options may become more limited. Network more effectively. Grow your customer base faster. Forge more powerful business to business associations and communities. Invest in growth and invest in growth right now. Chose your best options and make choices and take risk to grow faster.

Do that and the coming contraction will not effect you as it will….for those who failed to do this work now.

Berny Dohrmann – WINTER IS COMING and we have TIME to make HAY while the SUNSHINES…….