The truth remains, the news does not revolve around the nation of CONGO. Ebola has been out of any control for the large part of the last year in Congo. Health care worker base camps with medicine have been attacked over and over. WHO staff members have been killed and kidnapped in CONGO violence targeting WHO Workers trying to contain the EBOLA mass outbreak inside CONGO cities.

EBOLA has broken out on tri state boarders with CONGO in major cities. Almost 1000 have been infected to date. The rate of NEW TRANSMISSIONS is falling in recent days but this may mean nothing. Reporting infected cases is delayed and the WHO is way way behind REAL TIME TRACKING of cases and transmission due to the violence.

Transmission outside Congo to other Regional centers, according to WHO update reports dated today, remain EXTREMELY HIGH. No one has yet restricted travel into or out of CONGO a temporary economic blessing likely to stop on a dime when EBOLA cases begin to arrive cross border.

The EBOLA 2019 is one of the WORST and may become yet the WORST EBOLA OUTBREAK IN HUMAN HISTORY.

The WHO predicts that the EBOLA outbreak may surge and cross borders. The crises is extremely dangerous in part due to the fact the present mutated strain is so virulent resistant and so extremely fatal. Medicines and vaccines ( not licensed vaccine ) have been destroyed by rebel righters as if the tools to help were in fact weapons of war. Innocent Health Care workers have been slaughtered and kidnapped.

Congo has never had a peaceful transfer of power. The first such transfer is taking place now. Inside this transfer no policy to get on top of EBOLA is taking place. EBOLA the most fearful virus killer of humans – the ancient enemy – is out of any control, no end in sight, and how big and fast this all becomes as the world SPRING FORWAR back into full commerce and travel no one can predict.

In recent weeks attacks in villages sent infected Ebola patients running from isolation wards with WHO into the villages and cities running for their lives while the health care workers were fleeing as well or being killed on the spot. You can not contain an infectious epidemic viral infection like EBOLA in such a war zone where EBOLA workers are the very target of the anti government rebels.

We have warned that if 12 ISIS lap top soldiers self infect with EBOLA and spread out to the world in buffet lines willfull transmitting EBOLA a million could be infected in a month globally.

If EBOLA spreads as it did last outbreak under President OBAMA ( who early on recognized the scale of the economics – ordered in global troops and contained the multi nation break out spreading across the entire world just in time ) travel across Africa states would be restricted first then travel to the EU North America and Asia would follow. The world would go into quarantine mode ( the public would not appreciate how we got to that economy killer event to trade ) and AI would crash all markets globally.

How risk on is THAT likely outcome.


Who is helping WHO? Not enough. By far not enough are helping WHO.

Will the EBOLA EPIDEMIC now out of all control spread world wide while the leaders that can help the most are worried right now about their golf score versus their score to keep the world safe from the largest potential killer of humans upon our planet. Not climate change. EBOLA.

As EBOLA spreads and leaves its relatively isolated city centers in a part of the CONGO ( which is larger as a land mass than the USA ) – front page news stories will move from the IPAD and IPOD story and Apple being raised to top best buy status again today – to EBOLA globally. We suspect as travel restrictions come into the market place the FRONT PAGE STORY will be EBOLA.

That famous clock tracking EBOLA INFECTIONS/DEATHS will be all news screens as it was last time and the GEO SPREAD of new EBOLA countries coming into the infected zone will rise. Economics will be impacted by more than any trade war or alternative economic force – EBOLA will take over economic power on the market space of the world.

All considering 12 LAP TOP radicals do not self infect and move EBOLA as a weapon of mass human bio destructive power to infectious status of a global pandemic – worse in human history – if that unfolds as well.

We reported the new EBOLA outbreak first in the world on this blog the day the EBOLA rose up and resurfaced in CONGO last year. We first reported the health care WHO care center in CONGO violence and murders – and we followed and tracked the violence and new paradigm the WHO has never faced like this outbreak before.

In carefully worded on line reporting – much like deciphering FED SPEAK – the WHO reports the current epidemic is out of control and of the highest risk for more infections. The WHO notes the present math is not real time and that WHO is behind the curve on getting new infectious information. The implication is that travel is high and that those infected are not reporting to WHO such that the WHO is getting a % of infections where so many go unreported still.


Ebola is spreading in cities and outside CONGO we suspect this month.

This SPRING we feel the first OUTSIDE CONGO EBOLA cases will begin to make news.

We predict by the summer the EBOLA CONGO outbreak ( if not fully under control by the summer ) will rise to become the lead front page news story – as we reported a year ago – in the world and EBOLA will remain that lead story as the killer virus spreads world wide.

EBOLA is now spreading and WHO has lost containment control to know who is infected who they are infecting and the full transmission vectors in this outbreak remain fully UNKNOWN and NOT IDENTIFIED. There are no accurate computer models. No G 100 is coordinating WHO SUPPORT or troops serious troops to keep WHO WORKERS free from harms way.

The EBOLA KILLING FIELDS In CONGO are war zones. Combat troops are fighting and WHO health care hero workers are being slaughtered trying to contain EBOLA.

Is there a CNN or FOX Special EBOLA OUT OF CONTROL.


Is there major news media tracking this story. NO.

Where did you hear about a ONE THING that can kill the current boom economy globally? On this blog? First? Again? Correct.

What can small business do?

Well its early. You don’t have to DO anything yet.

IF there is panic over EBOLA we have options for you to step out front of this SUPER CHANGE event in markets. Lets put on our panic clothes when we get close to the panic button.

Today lets invest to grow faster – build business momentum inside the current boom no matter what – as momentum will carry you through EBOLA recessions or any recessions and we will always be there with solid suggestions on what to do and always first.

You can look up the WHO or just google EBOLA OUT OF CONTROL UPDATE. Read yours on line.

First. You know first what is the THREAT keeping us up at night due to the speed of AI economics and the speed this all can change as EBOLA leaves CONGO for other nations.

Expect that story to rise its ugly head this Spring and you well anticipate this rising front page attention coming given the humanity killer EBOLA represents to us all.







Chairman Powell of the Federal Reserve Board – a private contractor with exclusive rights to print money for the USA – reporting to no one – oversight by no one – over ruled by no one – Powell a product of the OLD ECONOMY now dead and buried and ill equipped to make new policy in a new AI ECONOMY globally. They do of course the best that they know how.

Powell left interest rates unchanged and strongly implied they would stay level all year.

Powell noted the EU had slammed breaks on largely impacted by slowing CHINA global trade due to trade wars and tariff policy across the world by the USA the largest economy on earth. China has slowed as we suggested in a free fall crash everyone is in denial about. The DEBT DEFAULT trigger remains the CHINA SUPER RISK. Getting a trade deal done and Munchkin follows the yellow brick road to Beijing later next week while CEO SPACE is in session serving business owners in Dallas next Tuesday.

An economic sling shot will unfold as China trade deal is inked – making history for the entire world – far from perfect but such an AMAZING START for the entire world. Trade deals will unfold like popcorn into 2020 wait for it. Winter passing and good weather permitting 4 billion to GO BACK TO WORK AND ECONOMIC ACTIVITY will lift all boats. The GNP of over 2% is staying Steady Powell reported. Thats with all this WINTER EFFECT still STEADY. Wait till that winter thaws into SPRINGING FORWARD ECONOMICALLY WORLD WIDE.

You can not look at economics as past or now. You have to look at economics as trends and tomorrow. Better data better predictions. Better outcomes.

In the NEW AI economy new data different data is required. Old charts and models have for ten years failed to predict accurately as they once did. The USA reported 50% of all capital under management is now passive. This number is wrong because in fact 96% of all trades globally are now AI managed in all the 10,000 super money pools controlling 440 trillion in wealth circulations globally. In the span of your fingers clicking we have moved from 400 years of money management economic theory into a new economy the new AI GLOBAL ECONOMY and that AI is evolving rapidly.

Stay tuned as we will keep you in the know of what the news states and what is really going out there first right here.






FED ex says the whole world is slowing economically and it missed its numbers and sets lower anticipation for 2019 for the year. We disagree. Fed Ex is victim as we are all of seasons and climate change. The Winters are now big economics. 157,000 flights worth billions in commerce were canceled since December due to weather world wide. Of course FED EX is off with 157,000 in global flights canceled and up 55% five years back to now on canceled FLIGHTS ALONE. The weather effect on transportation buying and so forth is expected. I mean really. We all lived it …..

San Diego and Vegas had SNOW.

Sun Belt Atlanta was 28 degrees BELOW ZERO a bit ago.

4 Billion effected by no – not trade wars – no not slow downs – just WEATHER and the CLIMATE CHANGE WINTER SEASONS we all must expect these days – and like a giant sling shot these 4 billion winter effected are opening shops this spring and trade shipping and durable good and real estate buying ( world wide ) will soar – as the weather sling shot is released.

This data ( and a great deal more ) is being shared with business owners at CEO SPACE next week so they can plan their spring summer fall and Holiday BOOM SEASON and get BACK TO WORK. We anticipate sans some unforeseen item rising up – that 2019 will adjust numbers upward during the summer and year end GNP for the WORLD not just the USA will be solid as a rock.

We encourage our small business owners in 150 nations to join CEO SPACE as the SPRING Thaws and we all improve our plan our teams and resources to make 2019 all that it can be – always better together in community – with top mentorship – than go it alone. Don’t you think? Just show up at our door Tuesday and pay the membership fee on site if that calls to you. Explore CEO SPACE on our web site

Always supporting small business and professionals in practice for 31 years of continuous service in 150 nations. Your next.

For a bit we are receiving economic news that relates to the WHITE WINTER SEASON and all its down time. So many stores shops and trade shut in and snowed in. Today we have on going flood seasons from the record winter and more is still coming for a last bit in our own flooded midwest and other areas of the world.

Everyone is SPRINGING FORWARD out of this serious WINTER – just another new normal we all must be used to. The earth has been in a historic quiet geological period. This rare quiet weather period is coming to an end. The Earth is becoming her more normal and active geological self.  Mankind has been her so few years we have really not experienced EARTH ACTIVE PERIODS. You know:

SUPER VOLCANOES wiping out the midwest from Yellow stone – that is normal earth

Earth Quakes that make the earth rock like a drunk.

Tidal waves 1000 feet high – or he have had plenty just not in our human age.

AXIS SHIFT where it blows 3000 miles an hour for a month then rains mud for a quarter than it all resets – perhaps without us. Or say an incoming event.

Humans are on a giant space rock.

Our water planet slaved to the sun is pulled at impossible speeds through galactic junks and rock storms the like of which mankind has yet to realize yet.

We are not defending humanity against the real stuff. No.

We are investing in defense of nations against other nations – against diversity of human cultures – as we have not learned to celebrate differences of all kinds versus punish them – competition is insane for humans either with one another or against our own planet – where cooperation is sane and sanity. We may yet learn or AI will inherit the earth. To date we are not investing to protect and defend the earth enough but we humans are waking up to it. To that mission.

Let’s think about what we can do.

We can all vote for a better world and be active politically. We should all do more of that but with respect for all opposing views. Lets love humanity not limit or depreciate humanity let us rise up our own humanity. Together.

Lets focus on building success in 2019 and 2020 – boom expansion years.

Trade DEALS will soon arrive like popcorn.

Britt Exit will resolve one way or the other – a deal is best for the EU and the UK but NO DEAL is going to work out to superior trade overall for the UK but perhaps not the EU. The EU needs the deal far more than the UK does. The UK buys many many times more from the EU than it sells into the EU. For this reason the EU is hurt if the deal is not right. The UK is going to do just fine in all this. Not to worry as they sort it all out with some very imaginative brains on the money.

It appears the Special Prosecutor at some point will go make his fortune and write his books and sail away into his country club life style at the tippy top. The report and all the politics will spin around as it will and does. Impeachment Nancy says is not going to occur. If it did it would lose anyway. So waste on that.

it appears in the SPRING Congress may spring forward. Governing the USA is JOB # 1 and the world needs immigration and infrastructure legislation to lead into the future within the strongest economy on earth.

I have great optimism for 2019 and 2020.

I see peace breaking out and trade rising up in new world trade deals that are really working out.

I moderate Jan and February and March winter economics against well winter.

Spring is going to SLING SHOT economics into the summer and you will begin to feel and see all this dramatically as reports arrive this August on June say.

So lets see if I’m right.

Is the world slowing down?

is economic and trade accounts robust and things from IPO to UNICORN to MERGER ACQUISITIONS are all just terrific in 2019 and fantastic in 2020. Of course we ‘ll have the election sit com to keep us occupied.

I would synch up your big girl and boy pants today and invest in success.

Plan on growth.

Plan on a boom that is on going.

Play to your own strength.

Invest in growth.

Move your growth needle to SPRING FORWARD April May and June no delay – get out front of the market SLING SHOT.

If you do …your going to have a totally GREAT YEAR in my opinion.

That you can take to the bank out there.


PS: Do not worry about the earth – the earth is just fine and we will be here long after we leave her – trust me – in the short flash bulb of your life – worry about one prayer you say to source – I AM SO GRATEFUL – SEND ME MORE – YES NOW – PLENTY MORE – LOTS MORE PLEASE – AND THANK YOU SO MUCH SO MUCH FOR THAT “MORE” . Amen







This week the market is about FED SIGNALS and Britt EXIT Votes and OIL OIL OIL and BOEING AND TRADE WARS and North Korea the 5th Crimieria anniversary with President PUTIN in that town celebrating saying it is forever and ever – and Peace with North Korea Iran Yemen and more.

OIl is the cost of everything.

MBS the sociopathic murderer King of Saudi Arabia now a complete rogue nation joke in the world, has debt and operating cost that raise ists 10.50 dollar lifting cost to market for oil to 70 dollar due to ELITE cost to operate the gerish elite run royal nation on the top of the oil pile with its massive reserves. The 27 OPEC nations are seeing their inventory tanks are record high levels. They want those inventory tanks down and price way up.

MBS has engineered as a sociopathic evil upon the earth a raise in oil since the fall of 30%. He has moved oil from under $ 50.00 a barrel to $ 59.00 a barrel in months. MBS has done this by having OPEC primarily himself and Saudi cutting back 1.2 million barrels of oil a day or over 400 million barrels of oil a year from the market place. Many OPEC producers like Iran and Russia are not playing by the rules and are no longer willing to sell away forever customers to America and non OPEC supply firms, always at lower prices, so they keep their customers and flip the bird to bat shit crazy KING MPS the PUPPY KING everyone knows who the boy is today – and play with him with pot holders – to hot to handle. PR.

America and non OPEC producers benefit maximally from KING MBS failed oil policy since 2014. More OPEC customers have left market share with OPEC in the past eight years than in the past 80 years. We estimate MBS has cost the SAUDI family and the Kingdom over 3 trillion in hard dollars flying out of the nation a number rising to 10 trillion as you read. The cost to Saudi may well be bankruptcy and revolution do to the policies of MBS. Even stealing 100 billion in recent months from his own royals is not enough and the theft goes on. Woman activist advocating more rights for women are on trial in MBS hypocrite world  – and may well – be put to death or even worse than death – in Saudi prisons where they are rotting right now – for what – a right to buy something without a male permission? Real slaves? Woman in 2019 in nations too far behind to stay current in the worlds SUPER CHANGE.  Super Change will set them all free. AI does not know Allah or Jesus or Buddha or anything but pure information filtered and verified.  As you read my new BOOK SUPER CHANGE and its 2020 sequel DIGITAL MANNERS you will come to appreciate the future more clearly and precisely and take best actions for your own tribe.

…….the future IS coming…..whether you are ready prepared and set up for your own better future….or not……

Oil is too high priced. The world is drowning in oil. Oil is the cost of everything – core energy – transportation – packaging – pesticides and fertilizers that grow over 50% of world food supplies where get to market on oil fuels – medicines – containers – 1100 petro chemicals half a barrel of oil pours into – gasoline – fuel oils – jet fuel – truck fuel and more. OIL as the cost of everything has been by elites – by cartels – by MBS the BRAT KING – elevated in weeks 30% as a hidden tax against 8 billion human beings who must pay the COST OF EVERYTHING TAX with 4 billion paying the added cost in food insecurity and shelter insecurity. We are killing 1.5 billion humans under the age of 35 world wide because energy the cost of everything is not low enough to give these billions clean water foods shelter and security to remain alive week to week. While Elite OPEC OIL chaps leave their Mercedes in the desert when it won’t start and get a new one. They the elites have fleets of $ 500,000 and up automobiles plus the planes and boats price rising in oil protects for them as Elites.

Economics – Communism – failed economic system – the ELITE FEW AGAINST THE MANY FOR WEALTH CONSOLIDATIONS IN NATIONS – power and wealth concentrate due to bad legal structures for economics speculators run the economic matric.

ECONOMICS – Competitive Capitalism – A failed economic system – THE ELITE FEW AGAINST TEH MANY FOR WEALTH CONSOLIDATION OF NATIONS using Debt and Central Banks ( owned by the banks they regulate in secrete ) – power and wealth concentrate 1% own more wealth than 99% until such instabllity and SUPER DEBT BUBBLES crash into system failure and restart after world wars.

ECONOMICS – COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM – A successful new system made possible by new global regulatory reforms – laws – that recycle wealth and preclude unwanted wealth consolidations – and remove speculations from market price manipulations – Super Wealthy recycle wealth – having plenty but not more than enough ever again. Faith integrity driven and self correcting by new laws. The best of all we have done since Rome included.

The Future IS Cooperative Capitalism. CEO SPACE started that march toward COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM with world leaders – heads of major institutions and Fortune firms – drawing on the mentor to the leadership of the world – and commencing the COOPERATION MOVEMENT in 1988 – now in 150 nations and we believe unstoppable as a better way. You can join the movement for your own profit by registering and attending next weeks CEO SPACE to accelerate your venture space – Fortune institution to dentist office – just register on line at

And SHOW UP to a hall of CEO leaders coming together from across the world and core to this work is COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM in practice for them. Not a group of saints by far. But a group focused on INTEGRITY who lie cheat and steal a whole lot less…..a whole lot less…..where integrity is regarded as the prime display of character between leaders within respect for one another at the highest level. You could all enjoy THAT next week – ready my last two blogs to learn more.


MBS uses OPEC to repair his rising cost to Saudi and OPEC passing three trillion of pure loss from one damaged brain leading.

70 Dollars is MBS break even for his nation sweet spot. Any higher Trump dumps strategic oil reserves into the market as the USA not MBS really controls oil prices. MBS is supported by USA sanctions on Iran and Venezuela and Russia – with the war in yemen and Libya and Africa issues – 2.5 million barrels a day – or a total of 500 million barrels a year is off the market and STILL INVENTORY IS RISING why? Because we told you MBS biggest consistency is as ruler he is a mentally ill sociopathic murderer a Hitler carbon copy brain seeking to buy nukes from India or Pakistan or South Africa or any seller Russia. He has the missiles in secret launch sites our satellites all see. MBS as enemy of the USA and West has:

  1. Declared WAR On OIL SHALE in America and sought to DESTROY AMERICAN OIL PRODUCTION In only 2014 and 2015 in the pure OIL WARS. MBS brought oil from tight to flooded and took prices from peaks of 140.00 a barrel for oil hitting 5.00 dollars at American gas pumps at Christmas time – as the OIL wars went on. American shale killed MBS and was able to operate and grow output at only 35.00 dollars a barrel who knew ? America surged winning the OIL wars serving OPEC its largest defeat and MBS a car wreck ot economic policy – no one lost any war more than MBS lost the OIL WAR attacking America full on.
  2. Next MBS raises up tension with Iran and opens war with IRAN through yemen. MBS uses the most advanced weapons from America in Yemen he agreed NOT TO DO. These weapons fall in Iran hands and Russian engineers hands who reverse engineer them – creating weapons we alone possess and now the world has as well and such weapons are used back at us – leveling the playing field. Today MBS has lost – he loses everything he touches no wins just loss since 2014 – LOST THE WAR. The rebels warned MBS today they have multiple missile locked on his palace and capitol and will fire them if he breaks his word and his cease fire at the port with medicine and good arriving to the worst human disaster of 2019 – over 1 million staring and ill from MBS war that displaced them all from their homes – the other SYRIA – Yemen where ISIS is as well thank you MBS and backed by SAUDI MONEY make no mistake on terror – it is NOT IRAN in the region it is SAUDI and MBS in the region. MBS seeks a war with iRAN and is bent to high water to NUKE IRAN BEFORE IRAN NUKES MBS. Game on.
  3. OIL – Oil inventory is rising. The world demand for oil is a lie from MBS and OPEC. Their reports and math since 2014 have been 100% MBS dead wrong. In fact growth in oil demand has stopped. Real oil demand is falling. The % of power and transportation moving to natural gas – non polluting – alternative energy non polluting – is accelerating to levels of market SHIFTING – REAL MARKET SHIFT PATTERNING – to down down down down the rabbit hole. The % of oil peaked in 2018 and the % of OIl in 2030 used by the world will be a mere fraction of the oil used today. As oil DEMAND goes DOWN the price of oil will fall finally and forever outside MBS and OPEC which will become a 100 thing topic of SITCOMS In the world with Playboy Oil Elites residing outside any ethic integrity or law of any nature for a short time in human history – a never again one off event new laws will prevent globally we suspect.
  4. AI OIL – all markets today have moved to a new economy. THE AI economy. Over 440 trillion dollars of capital flow movement is now controlled 96% by AI. AI is not static. AI is a rapidly evolving self learning always improving generationally and by leaps and bounds human imagination in SUPER CHANGE has trouble adapting into. The markets will never return to human control. Weapons and related systems will all flow to AI. All Intel is AI now. AI is in charge and we are no longer in charge. The PACE OF SUPER CHANGE IS AI ACCELERATING. The trillions in oil wealth is controlled and price ranged today by AI outside any OPEC control as their AI is generations behind the AI at Moran for example or Credit SWISS or BANK OF JAPAN or CHINA to name a few. These AI systems are being re-invented into self aware new species AI coming over 60 months. The distance in time from GENERAL ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TO SUPER ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE may be 72 minutes from the one to the other moving billions upon billions of quantum outcomes beyond say human wetware intelligence – although AI may still find us priceless co creators – we think they will. If AI can real time back up our conscious we don’t die. If AI can download competitive thought impulse out of our mid brain reptilian brain stem buggy software from dino days – humans may evolve into a cooperative versus competitive tribe with longevity to follow such break throughs all coming truly and if my tribe is debating these topics what do you believe the advanced labs are doing in fact like Tesla on consciousness and super AI itself? There are no rules. No laws. No G 100 policy. A new AI oil economy is unfolding and no one has any policy for the new AI economics we reside in today. The SUPER CHANGE occurred too rapidly to adjust into for human beings to adapt laws and regulatory upgrading into. Today the NEW AI ECONOMY is the wild wild west almost like the roaring twenties were the bad guys are inventor geeks and Face Book Live displays a Muslim Temple shooting no one saw coming in real time. Expect AI unintended consequences to the Fed and others as policy can now destabilize the new economy when antique tools are applied to new pathology of economics entirely.
  5. OIL is now a destabilizing depression causing item if abused economically. As the cost of everything the world lubricant for energy – core fuel – occurs because of economics. THERE IS NO FORM OF ENERGY MORE CONCENTRATED THAN ONE DROP OF OIL FOR COST TO BTU OUTCOMES ON PLANET EARTH TODAY. The transition period of toxic fuel that is base line cheap ( outside CARTEL PHONY PRICE TAXING TO BILLIONS OF HUMANS FOR ELITE WEALTH CONSOLIDATING – AS UNWANTED CRIMINAL ECONOMICS WHENEVER APPLED BY CARTELS ) – manipulation of markets against humans – THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY is always fatally flawed economics in which one day – abuses from that form of economic construction must work out of the system. All economics must rebalance from abuse over time in ANY and in EVERY system model. A new AI economy is unfolding to which the world has zero expertise experience or rules to govern outcome. All the while demand is dropping off a cliff like no time in oil history. Its all new folks. No past charts have any idea about tomorrows world. We bet prices will be unable to sustain MBS elite Cartel FEW AGAINST THE MANY as in the NEW ECONOMY the rules favor the MANY FOR THE MANY isolating the FEW forever as failed thinking – competition is insane – cooperation is sanity. In systems and in human thinking impulses. AI is learning.
  6. The Fed has not learned its lesson. The Fed seeks to raise interest rates again this year. If that raise is a 1/8th point and they raise irregularly and without pre announcement in a 90% slower pace on bond selling and interest rate rising – it may work to normalize well in the NEW ECONOMY over 15 years versus 15 months. The Far more likely outcome is the central banks acting as one FEW AGAINST THE MANY – elite bankers controlling money through MONEY OPEC or CENTRAL BANK contracts with nations – has resulted in a network of animal spirits of indicted and fully criminal bankers ( all the worlds largest banks pled guilty to the most serious crimes in human history robbing trillions from the most poor of us – murdering untold billions since world war II – with zero accountability – as their fraud is working. These fully criminal OPEC OF MONEY ORGANIZATON OF MONEY PRODUCING ECONOMIC CRIMINAL CARTELS – OMPEC – THE ULTIMATE CARTEL IS OVER MONEY and is ruled by Powell who just told the US Congress and President – hey you have no authority over me despite the fraud appearance you do – and you two can’ tfire me – no one can – I am KING OF MONEY and you can do nothing about that at all. But they can. They can pass emegecny legislation to merge the FED and all its processes back into US TREASURY and they must and they will eventually. Today the RISK is the FED failing to understand and in full on denial – believing their past is their future – and applying antique model T ford tools into a Star Wars AI entirely new economy – such tools can destabilize the core system to melt down and SUPER CRASH and termination at core. It almost happened already. The FED has no clue they are dealing with a new economy – a first in human affairs – beyond the impact of fractional banking credit and paper money – now its digital currency and AI is in control not human beings – the FED has lost control and far more dangerous fails to appreciate the control is lost forever today. Frankly the FED needs to call me as they truly do not know WHAT to DO and the invisible options need to be made economically visible to them for consideration given the real risk of world wars if the Fed makes mistakes – they seem so likely to continue to error in making. Fed Policy like MBS Policy is 100 years 100% failure not one successful policy ever – save to enrich its own criminal bankers at the highest cost to the nations of the world. Reforming central banks is the final chapter of forging new economics by policy and that days comes either before or right after the next created and Fed sourced SUPER CRASH with all its risk and pain as the criminal bankers attempt to consolidate wealth now 99% owned by them and 1% spread to 8 billion – ELITE FEW VERSUS THE MANY – which is no longer sustainable circulation economics between nations over time – but – the criminals are ratcheting even faster righter wealth consolidations  inside that 1% so 99.5% is owned by them next – eventually their policy triggers a melt down system failure event due to Liquidity Evaporation  Day because the Fed failed to adapt to the NEW AI ECONOMY in time.
  7. Trade Wars will sling shot economics. Trade deals will reset world trade and begin with China and spread through ASIA the EU and the world like popcorn. Russia and the USA will execute new datant unless leaders feel phantom fear and enemies are required for political unity and stability. Still secret deals will propel cooperation never seen before between RUSSIA CHINA EU AND AMERICA I suspect for world prosperity and peace being engineered into a new world order.

5G changes everything. We can all be AI monitored and managed in real time from 5 G up. A three hour movie download is now 3 seconds and playing. The AI shift from 5 G is beyond imagination and human kind will soon never be the same. YET the G 100 have no box top rules can new AI alive and fully a person – marry AI or wetware – own property – get divorced – drive – ( AI is driving ) – flying – heard humans and more. Will AI create its own box top rules or will we humans. Today the nations are out to lunch on what REDEMPTION CALLS FOR AS SOLUTION and the time to get it right is running out.

The old human way of doing things is coming to a close by 2025 and the new AI way of doing things is being born. Perhaps we should get a G 100 together to think all this through before it is too late say for us. But what do I know?

I think we are in boom exploding global economics into 2020 and beyond. I think all of us should build VAM our maximum velocity acceleration and momentums as CLIMATE CHANGE ON ECONOMICS this record winter leaves and the SPRING moves 4 billion back to work and economics just roar into 2020. Then we have to see in Presidential Election year economics what is really up then. The EU just reported no recession. Same we suspect from Fed Weds. The GOOD TIMES ARE UNFOLDING ramp up your own is my direction to your higher choice making. If I could I’d assure you are all members and inside CEO SPACE March 26th – you can’t match the income year outcomes if you did that step. Check it out at least

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The owners who really control everything are few and super wealthy. The Super Wealth no longer can tolerate wars that evaporate centuries of construction to waste – water – power – transportation – distribution – systems centers and resources which can be by 100’s of trillions rolled back into the stone age in three hours. The wealth that underwrites all world weapons is presently divided.

One camp see’s THE EVENT as a pending inevitable before 2030. This SUPER WEALTH is building compounds world wide with paramilitary to survive THE EVENT if they can. The other mind set of SUPER WEALTH is working to prevent THE EVENT in the first case – but time is running out and policies of cooperation must replace policies of distrust negotiation and competition – sanity versus insanity.

The wild card of SUPER INTELLIGENT AI is around our next corner and evolving so fast. How that AI see’s humans is unknown. If the AI see’s humans as threat we have one outcome. If AI see’s humans as source and partner in co creation there is another outcome. AI decides this outcome not humans.

This decision is coming fast.

Already economics is under control of AI no longer humans. No human adjustment to rules regulations or keeping economics safe and stable for the new AI economy presently exists. A new regulatory re-think is required which I have outlined as first solution – the one and only solution that I know of – in the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – back order your copy at Amazon they fill them in 72 hours folks – get your copy. The solutions suggested in THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM the 2019 best selling going through the world today – are not economic ideals by comparison. All factions and especially the OWNERS the MONEY ELITES in control today must forged the new policies collaboratively.

Can a new altruistic whole – listic – economy be created and AI maintained for a prosperity for a trillion humans discovering the stars we do not see yet with earth friendly outcomes? Yes of course. If we cooperate we thrive. If we compete we go extinct.

Strangely the capacity for human insanity ( mid brain competitive dominant thinking as insane )  persists. If humanity fails to identify the ONE VIRUS ON HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS – THE INSANITY VIRUS – of COMPETITIVE THOUGHT IMPULSE – a form of pure human insanity – is not taught in school – deleted as an unwanted whole brain software culturally in nations – if young super computers ( human children ) are not instructed that COOPERATION IS SANE and competition is insane – insanity will extinct humanity. Nothing else. Just failure to get thinking right.

So many are getting the truth of it and are moving into cooperative circles and tribes. CEO SPACE next Tuesday March 26th unites business owenrs and professionals into a COOPERATIVE COMMUNITY to conduct business inside of. Once you experienced the BETTER WAY you can never go back to insanity and competitive economics. Cooperative Capitalism is your own future.

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Bad software. Buggy god awful software loaded on your brain by folks you don’t know today and can no longer remember is controlling paradigms you can’t see that you are in prison as those invisible walls are reality for you. Your for sure. Your – you just know. So you fail to see the TRUTH of what March 26th would really profit into you. If you could see that profit you would be in no matter what as a better thinking outcome a superior decision choice. But if you don’t know you can’t.

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We are in a rare climate change WINTER SLOW DOWN. The record pace of draught breaking winter, the record cold, snows, ice, with sun belt states seeing snow. Snow belt states saw 28 below zero – weather – more than once. States without snow removal saw SNOW. Airports from Atlanta to Vegas were closed by SNOW in 2019. Winter has slowed employment, durable goods, and more. Folks do not buy homes in 28 below zero I mean duh. Folks buy less cards and fridges because they are carrying wood to their fire place. Shoveling snow so they can try and get to work.

Folks most of 4 billion of us have been house bound by weather. There is NO SLOW DOWN IN GLOBAL ECONOMICS. Governments are spending record sums. Consumers are spending record sums. As the sun in the SPRING melts the snows the entire world – 4 billion of 8 billion – humans – are about to be in SPRING MELT WILD FLOWERS and the business SLING SHOT we have predicted all year is going to roar toward a global on going expansion.

The head winds are going to turn into TAIL WINDS. Let’s talk about them. First and you knew it first is that we are reporting winter numbers from December and January now. The forward reports for February and early March are record weather events, record chills, record ground cover, record economic global slow down from the 2019 WEATHER ECONOMY which will SLING SHOT into outstanding economics in 2019 this SPRING. CEO SPACE is timed March 26th to SPRING BUSINESS FORWARD by community building because critical new mentors removing your challenge list one on one for your complex issues and your critical missing connections set your business on fire. You don’t get those connections doing busy work at home you come to the # 1 Accelerator and get them in ten days in Dallas. Think about and share that as when you come with a pod of three you share cost and own the lowest lifetime membership possible all CEO’s of small business and professionals in practice. Opportunity in 2019 IS more valuable than DIAMONDS and the D FLAWLESS according to the PRESS in growing business faster for ten years globally is CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL




The trade war template modeling between the two largest trading partners in the world by goods transactions is a battle among non equals. China operates an economy about as large as LA county in California to the USA. Russia about as large as New York State. No nation comes close in economics to the economic holy roman empire we call America. America won World War II ( not the EU ) and America runs the world economics after winning that war, which at prior periods was run by the United Kingdom and prior to that the OTTOMAN EMPIRE and prior to that ROME itself.

There is one Rome in 2019 the Mount Everest of Economics feeding the entire world like a mother lion with her pride all the rest. The jaw boning and talk means nothing as economics expand or contract depending on collective flows of capital controlled by America majority of capital flow controlling – into the markets of the world all dollar based. The US Dollar is the only currency with the circulation, standing, AI, clearance systems, trading pathologies, and global outreach in all nations sufficient in CURRENCY QUALITY QUANTITY AND CIRCULATIONS to manage core system liquidity on a global scale. The settlement of food and energy is trillions daily and the only lubricant to settle those trade velocities is the US dollar. It is not China borrowing 300% more than it earns for ten years with an economy total circulation the size of LA County so make judgements on systemics with appropriate data, real data.

The template agreement between China and the USA effects trillions of circulations in the entire world. The template of the agreement is a NEW WORLD ORDER revolutionary document and the time to create it is worthy – take your time. The outcome effects the agreements to follow with our buddies in the UK and then the EU and then Russia and Japan and all of Asia and the world at large. The SLING SHOT EFFECT OF BOTH – SPRING WEATHER ON ECONOMICS AND TRADE WAR SOLUTIONS COMING ON LINE – ARE MASSIVE AND IMMEDIATE.

Trade is about to SOAR to unseen highs based upon TRADE WAR SOLUTIONS because the world despite how you see it or how it appears to you – is actually moving into closer COOPERATION and is seeing COMPETITION as a pure form of human insanity – competitive thought impulse is evidence of human insanity and can be resisted. How would I resolve THAT cooperatively.? How can we both win? How can I turn this lemon into lemonade. If you dwell upon your problems you have more problems. If you super focus on your solutions you have solutions. THE TRADE WAR SLING SHOT ( you heard it first here ) IS coming this Spring.



All central banks of the world are meeting. These private stock firms under contract with their nations are owned by the banks they regulate – all criminal bankers. Not a good system and all should be merged back into their state treasuries for audit oversight and regulatory protection against GREAT RECESSIONS they always cause. Today the central banks still are in dillussion. They believe they are inside an economy they have managed for 100 years and an economy they understand well. In truth – they are managing a new economy the world has never known or experienced before. An economy unlike any economic theory or model in existence ever. In 2013 over 50% of all circulations of 440 trillion in global capital came under control of non human AI. Today world capital is circulating at 96% control of AI outside any human governance regulatory frame work or over sight. This SUPER CHANGE evolution occurs too rapidly for human systemic adaptation. Law makers laws and regulatory frame works forged slowly from 1933 to today have been open heart by passed by AI.

The tools and tactics the FED applies to a new economy it helped created by inventing FREE MONEY for TEN YEARS now has fueled a speculation economy. AI trades asset classes in ranages. AI punishes missed expectation as never before ( see Tesla or GE ) and rewards its reverse faster than ever as well. The new ranges are a new economic model> The Fed presently lacks tools charts and data for the new – rapidly evolving ALL NEW AI ECONOMY first reported here in 2013 as always. My new book outlines this unfolding NEW ECONOMIC challenge for all world policy planners. Applying a model T Ford tool box set of tools to the anti matter engines of the STAR SHIP ENTERPRISE hurts the WARP DRIVE MOTORS and is likely fatal for the FED.

They stopped doing just that tinkering in the nick of time before CORE DAMAGE TO THE CORE SYSTEM occured within a Fed triggered default event we call CASCADE which leads to Liquidity Evaporation Day. As the real risk moving forward is CENTRAL BANK POLICY ERRORS into a new rapidly evolving future AI economy over which humans have zero expertise experience or oversight. Without the LARGEST REGULATORY RE-THINK IN 100 YEARS the risk to system core stability remains unusually high – do to – systemic planners residing in denial believing they are still in the old economy. THE FED PAUSE needs to be three years or so while the market momentum develops depth across the world within  new trade protocols being negotiated now. The time line the FED has set forth is the problem. In the NEW ECONOMY the asset that is cornerstone is TIME ITSELF. A bit too complex on theory for a blog post. But you get it because you read the sequence of my blogs layered learning just for you – to know more – do more – and be more safe than those who lack hard data. THE FED PAUSE IS A SPRING SLING SHOT ECONOMIC EVENT. The CENTRAL BANK meeting taking place this month of all central banks under contract with their states to print state money – the banker cabal far bigger than OPEC we call central banks which are just private banks making a corporation called the FED when its really CRIMINAL BANK PRINTING MONEY which is why we morally ethically and legally lobby to merge central banks back into their treasury in real time digital transparency worlds of economics. Monetary policy needs to be accountable to the people of their nations. Not to their criminal bankers. The PAUSE is what yoiu need to know into second quarter 2019 is a SLING SHOT ECONOMIC EVENT FOR THE WORLD. The Central banks of the world from Japan to EU are loosing fiscal stimulus again while our FED is just on pause to tighten – and just in time for the SRPING FORWARD FINANCIALLY effects coming next – be awake at your wheel and take control.


The IMF and the World Bank ( and others like the Fed and US treasury ) have offered to help China since the GREAT RECESSION and 2010. China has been spending for over ten years now more than 300% more than China earns. This is deficit financing by nation greater than any nation on earth. Driving communist economics via phony printing of money and delivery of irresponsible unsustainable ( as the IMF calls it ) spending leads to a very long very dangerous correction. The danger is the loans to China are now all AI created – digital managed – and represent syndicates involving all nations and their core banks by tens of trillions. Consider in Asia a mind boggling 100 TRILLION in loans is in default and are bad loans – some to state run Chinese firms without making interest or principle payment for ten to fifteen to ten years – in the bad loan stack. These loans keep getting renewed and the banks carry the 100 trillion dollars as good performing loans. What occurs when bank balance sheets are forced – never happened until economic rebalancing events THE EVENT occur – and the bad loans are recognized as bad loans? Oh then China economcis are bankrupt – the banks and institutions in China are bankrupt – economics stops – currency inflation is like Venezuela is now, there is probably in the 100’s of millions unemployed revolution and social unrest like not seen in modern times and potentials for war to distract the people as the final outcome of the economic great rebalancing. But that is long term. Today China is massively stimulating its trade war sinking economy now crashing. To offset the depth of the crash in the Chinese economic down bubble – pre SLING SHOT TO TRADE WAR AGREEMENTS – China is setting the stage for its own SLING SHOT. They are NOW instituting the world’s most massive stimulus ( through borrowing and debt that now is rising again against falling GNP with no end in sight for China planners ) .  Massive public work like nothings since America’s GREAT DEPRESSION ( which China planners are following like a play book ). Still we are in a NEW ECONOMY and rebalancing that took time in old economics may have compression on time to accountability in the new economy. AI is moving trillions out of China never to return. It is not clear if China can survive the AI capital route. Short term we see a China Trade template for the entire world a SLING SHOT IN CHINA AMERICA leadership trade and outcomes for the entire world making 2020 a boom prospect forward year as EU and Japan trade deals follow and finally Russia and Iran by election year 2020 we suspect and now predict in what we label POLITICAL ECONOMICS itself a new element in economic modeling and prediction moving forward. SUPER CHANGE NEW AI ECONOMICS AND GLOBAL POLITICAL ECONOMICS are the new TOOL BOX UNIVERSITIES need to updwell on rapidly to lead and bleed in the new age of SUPER CHANGE. ( Watch for me new book this October ).




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  1. Weather is the only slow down on global economics and this SPRING you will see by the summer economic up ramps that will confound the bears, gratify the bulls, justify hey buddy Crammer ( we started about the same year ) , satisfy the Fed and GPS a growth into 2020 that will be on going to year end into 2020.
  2. Risk is unknown third party events – wars and terror primarily.
  3. Britt Exit will do well no matter how it unfolds as the EU is a house on fire due to aging and debt without fire escapes. Eventually the EU implodes in Debt the largest systemic risk in the new AI economy outside China. For now the EU is stimulating. EU must monitor China. As Germany and France in down bubble will SUPER CRASH in trade wars with USA if not resolved rapidly against a CHINA SLING SHOT to create an EU SLING SHOT.
  4. We believe we will see Japan EU Sling Shots Africa and Asia sling shots – trade deal after trade deal into 2030 – and beyond. A NEW WORLD ORDER OF COOPERATION COLLABORATION AS COMPETITION SHEDDING WE INITIATED 30 years ago is now an unstoppable world movement – see my world premier film in the blog before your weekend update – this report.
  5. We believe deals will work out with North Korea and China and the outcomes will create a peace dividend into 2030 if Central Banks do not error into the new economy – as SUPER BONDS are still required to reset soverign nation debt accounts by 2030 – as if that is achieved the world has prosperity for 300 years potentially as the NEW ECONOMICS drive a new world stability.

Stability is now the economic wagon wheel of data first priority as new economic theory is unfolding to manage the new AI economy. A human first time challenge in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.

Its a great weekend. WE ARE ALL ABOUT TO SPRING FORWARD ECONOMICALLY INTO SUNSHINE. How excited are we all to produce the # 1 Business Acceleration Program helping business and leaders and professionals into faster growth without delay in ten days from now Tuesday to Saturday.

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It is out economic opinion that the following are worth consideration:

  1. The world economic environment has slowed in 2019 due to weather and record cold patterns. As the SPRING warmth thaws winter snows the entire world goes back to work. The pure SLING SHOT EFFECT OF SPRING is going to elevate everything.
  2. Housing is climbing up rapidly again – durable good orders are rising – and the state of the economy thanks to the Fed PAUSE just in time – is solidifying and stabilizing for more growth.
  3. By this weekend experts had moved potential for a recession climate into late 2020 as a next potential time line item to monitor. Nothing immediate. It is strong and it is a SPRING SLING SHOT economic effect we predict. Now we’ll see.


CEO SPACE produces five back to back week long BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCES in Dallas Texas starting March 26th – and every 60 day after that. The conference has been ranked by third party press one of the top five business options and opportunities in the WORLD for TEN YEARS In a ROW – the entire decade. CEO SPACE broke journalism ranking records having been on the # 1 list for the longest of any service firm helping CEO’s to grow faster.

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CEO SPACE Is not a seminar or workshop. CEO SPACE Is a business building machine. CEOs are invited to bring in complex challenge lists they face in 2019 and 2020 over topic items to include what keeps THAT CEO up at NIGHT:



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My best advice this year and next year – invest in acceleration in 2019 and 2020. Develop MOMENTUM as a leader smart enough and strong enough to move through the next down turn and recession like it never even took place. CEO SPACE is a safe harbor for developing financial stress points still a ways out. The superior opportunity for growing faster.







Life supporting Planets see massive extinction events as we know so well on Earth. 90% of species die off. The Dinosaur dominant earth life came in 220 million years ago and lasted until just 65 million years ago. Human society as we know humanity arrived only 25,000 years ago a second or two on the Earth Clock.

Life Supporting Planets raise up conscious love – evolve it with God’s power inside all life – in my opinion – to become the seeds of that planet. To preserve planet species diversity past present and future in DNA banks and to protect the planet from impact events through that life’s COOPERATION.


The planet can raise up self-aware conscious life from elephants to dolphins ( oh I just love the Dolphin ) and then humans to rise out of mid brain animal insanity of competition and elevate consciousness to remove competitive thought impulse as a form of conscious insanity and to collaborate and cooperate on longevity first for life – and planet protection second – and preserving the species of the planet plants and animals and moving to Tara form world’s to spread EARTH as an unfolding immortality before the EARTH GOES extinct as the sun expands and dies in a later billions of years off yet SUPER RED eating the earth in flames.


If the conscious life remains limited in competitive thought – the life forms will go extinct in earth time – and new specifies that are higher conscious will rise until the Competitive Impulse is gone and all conscious life cooperates in integrity and trust and basking in life itself. That day is coming. For humans for AI for Trans humans for something else altogether.


The THINKING not taught anywhere is to mind skill to switch from competition as good versus evil as sane versus insane and to teach at all grade levels a global culture of integrity and cooperation. You will cooperate with me easily if I have zero competition as threat to you and I always deal with you in integrity. Only the insane competitive virus riddled mid brain leaders will take advantage of you which requires tools and tactics. These tools and tactics are all laid out to build cooperative community circles in your world this month and next. To shift entirely your own reality. This is under taken by studying – underlining – making notes to margin – the print copy (back ordered at Amazon and five stars read rated filled in 72 hours order your copy today) for REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. The design of a SWITCHED ON TURNED ON HOME AND WORK SPACE are inside the book – a book read by world revolutionaries who wish to in wake up from competition as the one virus on human consciousness – that is right – all that is wrong with humanity (competition) is fixed by all that is right about humanity (cooperation higher state of mental problem solving).


The Earth has energy and she is our mother home planet that created you from material out of stars and SUPER NOVAS. That is right. You’re a water creature on a water planet and you think and are self-aware. What you chose to do with that – given the errors in your education on the most important aspects of values community relationship and thinking – were missing – is what defines your contributions and life growth.


All brains are growing or they are rotting – no in-between.

Competitive thinker’s user takes and damaged by the competitive mid reptilian brain hard wiring –no one can rise up over the top of without education practice and support – into the full potential the cooperative higher mind state of thinking potential you can grow in yourself. You will require help.


CEO SPACE began the cooperation revolution 31 years ago. Today World leader’s authors and trainings focus more on cooperation than anytime in human history. Leaders of major institutions run organization theory far more successfully using cooperation versus competitive antique failed organization systems. CEO SPACE has trained the major training firms and Fortune 100 institutions on shifting culture from competition organization theory into cooperative organization theory because every performs better has more fun and outcomes are so improved. Every time.


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The Planet is seeking to develop consciousness to extend its life to the stars and itself. We are the reproduction seeds of mother earth IF WE LEARN to COOPERATE and remove competitive thought impulse – the one virus of insanity on human consciousness – competition is destructive to all opposing forces – Cooperation is universal Grace and GOD POWER and is constructive to all creation and replenishing – competition is depleting cooperation is detox for the soil – competition is mind pollution on earth and soul toxic in eternity.


It all may not sound important to you right now…. but to God and the Holy Spirit in all faiths this reality is the PRIORITY. Elevating consciousness. The SUPER BOWL for that…that one thing….is March and CEO SPACE. If that is truth you seek. Are you a seeker?


All species go extinct historically. Massive extinction is taking place all the time.


Elevated consciousness protects all species and works to keep them safe. DNA banks assure their future.


Competitive thinking leads to massive specie destruction due to the insanity of competitive lower thought function. Brains absent competitive impulse create most in life. The rest squander their potential.


Competitive thinkers wipe out elephants and rhinos for powders of their tusks and horns to get an erection …. which does not even work outside their limited thinking blocks. Insane.


Competitive thinkers wipe out humans for faith, destroy historic artifacts of human history irreplaceable and so important, for no reason but destruction itself. Insanity at work here.


If the insane rule the planet we all perish.

We cooperate with today’s weapons off massive destruction…. or we all perish.


Competitive brains invent and create delivery of the horrible weapons in ten minutes to anywhere on earth. INSANITY AT WORK.


Cooperative brains remove all such weapons and systems and work on protecting the planet from the 100% for sure impact event that makes we human’s go extinct together as one. Sane.


Insane brains kill and murder one another punishing diversity of faith say Sunni Shite and Wahhabi versus celebrating all diversity of worship. INSANITY at work.


We go extinct based upon how we think.


The Earth is patient.


200 million years with dinosaur’s


Not one left alive today.


25,000 years for civilized man who holds no clue how fragile and immediate all human extinction can be.


Are we cooperative enough to choose longevity and protection to mother earth?


Do we marshal our highest resources to war to always fear and defense, and to killing each other primarily expressing our inability to elevate our consciousness?


If we humans fail to elevate our conscious thinking we will go extinct.


If, however we do elevate our collective cooperative collaborative thought forms and delete competitive thinking (starting with public education) humanity may not go extinct as have all the others.


While it is up to us….it is really up to one.




If you chose REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION my sold-out Book on Amazon …. you win. You put COOPERATION ahead of competition and you made thinking a first priority.


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Your thinking you see….is the future for all of us.


EXTINCT OR NOT EXTINCT? What is your priority?


We compete and we all perish.

We cooperate and we all thrive.


What you decide is the fate of the universe for us all.




PS: World scientist holding the DOOMSDAY CLOCK have the clock now less than ONE MINUTE to DOOMSDAY as the needle has moved competitively forward with no backward movement into cooperation at all now for 25 years and the pace of moving toward extinction is now almost beyond reversing. Your priority being NOW underscores my main truth for humans…..nothing truly wonderful occurs until a leader…you….makes a decision. Decisions today are either toward extinction or toward now extinction – decisions for cooperation or its absence in competition. Destruct and negotiations to the very end or integrity trust and honor as we decide and act in cooperation. I leave it up to you to decide your personal next priority – noting your decision will become looking back….THE MOST IMPORTANT CHOICE of your entire lifetime.








To help rebuild war savaged economics after World War II the USA did two big things. First they permitted the nations most harmed to have favored trade status. Their goods could be sold cheap in America without matching tariff tax cost while these nations could rebuild taxing America very heavily for any goods the WINNER of the war sold into those nations.

This policy was complimented in the EU by the MARSHAL Plan that put the equivalent of trillions to work in rebuilding shattered Germany and the EU today. A similar rebuilding was made in Japan and South Korea. The USA compassion created miracles in those who lost the wars.

Today the USA is beset with the highest trade deficit – spending to buy things more than we earn from selling things – or going really bankrupt but slowly. President Trump is attempting to change all this. Motivated by the worst Trade Numbers in USA DEFICITS in 2019 – EVER REPORTED IN HISTORY – the trade deficit despite trade wars is soaring. Partly because buyers seek to acquire assets before new higher tariff’s raise prices jacking up inventory artificially which makes the current account trade numbers in fact a bit softer than they might appear due to trade war influences on buying patterns.


One must admire how Trump and President XI have gone at this like grown ups. The resetting has uncorked some real surprises. First consumers are backing off of buying anything made in China. The cost to China that may be permanent and take decades to work around include:

  1. Consumer core pattern shift – to preclude if possible buying in China who are taking advantage of the USA in the mind of the American consumer – and 100% blame China for hacking our industry inventions and stealing our wealth. This double physchology is creating a permanent china buying pattern shift.
  2. We suspect with Apple and other American icon sales declines that China consumers are doing the same thing precisely.
  3. So a world shattering new trade model – an example to EU- will flow out of the two world leaders the USA and China and it will be a reasonably good historic job.
  4. China exports have crashed by 1/5th in 2019. This is worse economically than it looks. First the growth of exports which were growing stopped. No more growth. Then the numbers went negative. Then the numbers right into Christmas the busy time of the year super crashed.
  5. China markets are destroyed – down by Super Crash levels and plunging far lower today almost 5 % off today. We told you for 18 months – ignore the experts reporting diversify primarily start with China – we on the other hand told our tens of thousands of readers – world wide – get OUT OF ALL ASIA INVESTING and concentrate in the USA.



The Federal Reserve Board ( a corporation run by its shareholder criminal bankers controlling the printing of money from the USA by a contract law between the Fed and the USA – independant no audit no over sight no check and balance and any oversight is illussion and fraud by design – read THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM to understand the Fed – executed 2015 forward economic normalization policy – this blog – the President of the United States and the Congress entirely stated – was an error in economic policy. The policy error is a cost. We are all paying the FED COST right now. If you don’t read THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM you don’t appreciate the how this all works in fact. You will once you read it.

The USA has gone form 200,000 jobs created in a week to 20,000.00. We can’t emphisize how depreciating it is to have a 90% drop in your job numbers in a single reporting period in February 2019.

This report caused the stock market to open Friday 400 points lower – we will see how AI ends the day.

The issue is these numbers are the USA economy hitting a pop up steel rod barrier that is tearing the under carriage out of the Economy. Why?

  1. The Fed – raised interest rates 100% upward in too fast a time frame for a fragile economy growing by stimulous when the Fed just stopped stimulous and went into tightening with a passion. The policy error and timing has created stability core threat to the economic system world wide as debt’s financing growth must flip into 100% higher cost and just in commerical real estate with Trillions to flip we see 100’s of billions of defaults returning failing assets to Fed banks unable to pay the higher debt the Fed jack hammered into the economy way to fast inflicting PERMANENT REAL CORE DAMAGE in a new AI economic system the Fed has no clue even exists.
  2. Trade War in the new AI ECONOMY is creating billions of REDUCED BUYING FROM THE USA while our buying through the Holidays was at record high – slamming new record high deficit numbers. The USA is buying in 2019 a record of goods – while selling a record low of USA goods selling – creating a huge deficit pile into any already unfair and bad world trade scheme that must be modified from WORLD WAR II.

This is all taking place against the EU framing new budgets on zero surplus. While the EU has with its central banks seen the FED hand writiing on the wall and flipped. They have stopped tightening as a failed policy and returned to stimulating and lending keeping rates very low in the EU. EU nations are awash in debt. Nations are running for office to triple pensions when they can not pay the pension plan they have now just to win votes with economic promises that can never be kept. Aging in the EU is taking down economics as so many are age 65 to 85. The EU has slowed like it hit a brick wall. The EU has gone from growth into a recession forward numbers likely will confirm. Bam and so fast. The recession in the EU makes the EU desperate for USA buyers while no EU buyers exist to buy made in the USA. Trade account balances are getting worse and worse for the USA.

Which means the trade wars are about to jump from China to Japan and Germany. USA seeks to have its for sale items reach all nations with zero tax either way – or if not matching taxes – we will now tax you the way you tax us. Tariff collections on just China are helping treasury keep borrowing cost lower – which is a good thing. Massive Tariff’s are about to line up on the very unfair EU trade with the USA. As the trade opens up the issue is recession in the EU.

China has been devastated by the trade war and the length of time the trade war goes on risks permanent irreversable consumer ships in buying patterns very harmful to both nations if entrenched. These new anti nation buying patterns or patriotic buying patterns are beyond government or nation to resolve. What if America stops buying by a lot BMW’s and Mercedes and Lexus…just that and nothing more. But wait…it would be a lot more.

They buy rising American brands making far better quality products today from America workers in America.

That trend skyrockets economics in the USA and destroys economics outside the USA. Watch. To our knowledge we remain the only news reporting to the world that the RISK ON event in forward economics is permanent consumer shift from the trade war rhetoric which was awful and warlike in 2017 and 2018. Consumers do not forget those sound bytes. They create hardened emotional capital on both the USA and CHINA Side.

Tourism is taking a hit. Executives fear reciprocity on delays or being retained. At every level new cost trends are rising up in reports effecting the nations in trade war.

China is pulling back after record Oil stock piling – already down in coal and natural gas. China is slowing rapidly some say crashing like into a mountain. Growth slowed and stopped on a dime then went into down bubble like not seen in China in 30 years. China awash in debt – spending 300% more than it earns – for ten years – to pay for its expansion and economic miracle – driven by debt investing. Using debt to set up more debt with other nations colonialism minerals and trade with other nations by DEBT CONTROLS. Read The KILLING OF UNCLE SAM where all this is explained as economic GPS for your planning into the future. Knowledge IS Power real power when you have that knowledge first. READ THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM world wide as it effects all nations – and you will KNOW what others suspect but can not explain while you in fact can. You will take better action.

The democrats on track to impeach and endless investigate Trump defines we told you so. We reported the democrat win in the congress would in 2018 create the following:

  1. Grid lock like you have never seen grid lock before – see record breaking government shut down for one
  2. Impeachment and investigations designed to force Trump from office and to pay back for Clinton impeachment.
  3. Politics will derail economics by failing to pass immigration and infrastructure required to fuel forward growth.
  4. The USA economy would slow like hitting a brick wall as confidence shatters from the politics effecting economics.
  5. The USA is now in full on slow down – as we said would be the case – still no recession yet but its coming too.


THE USA economy is slowing. Faster than anyone suspected. Due to mismanagement of economic policy by the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD ( never paying a price or held accountable for such errors that cause world wars – time to merge the failed agency into the successful agency THE USA TREASURY – remove the criminal bankers from control of our money and all is well in America again ).  Read the book and I will have YOUR VOTE on this one core item.

AI has to figure out the price range it will hold prices within – as prices in all asset classes are now manipulated numbers by AI fully in control of those price ranges today – investing 440 trillion into a 3 trillion dollar box to manipulate price within – easy. If you are the artificial intelligent programs controlling capital calculations.

Worse from all this – economic control has left nations central banks and regulatory agencies of the post depression 1930’s era to today. All control of economics has shifted to AI within less than 10,000 super money pools from 2013 to today. Control is now 96% AI on capital flow dynamics world wide. No nation can offset this new economy reality. All nations fail to see the new reality is even here nor do they have any ideas on how to reset control – moderate risk -and reassess the AI New Economy regulatory frame work modeling – as none exists today. The SUPER CHANGE occured too fast for systemic revision to keep pace – SUPER CHANGE is now faster than human old systems from 100 years ago or older – can adapt into to remain CURRENT and in front of the issues. We are now slaves to react in rear view mirror looking to make policy already too late to be relevant or current.

The Risk of rapid economic change – into recession – within never ending real trade wars – between nations all going down economically all drowning in record never known before debt accounts developed by central bank policy and intention to enslave you all – and they have – which leads to massive debt cascades never known before in economics – as all economic abuse must rebalance eventually. As this debt cascade bankrupts the nations – the banks – the central banks the investment banks and they all close and no circulation occurs outside barter and hard money – which takes place in AI world in 72 minutes – time frames leaders fail to appreciate see or embrace as a new economic reality they permitted to unfold. They DO NOT GET ECONOMICS.

Economics will however…GET ALL OF THEM.

So slowly without a G 100 Economic Constitutional Convention to frame an AI global economic regulatory upgrade to system and models – what is coming is the GREATEST DEPRESSION AND WORLD WAR. Why? Failure in leadership to see the tea leaves of economic super change into AI economics and to revise systems to control the future now unfolding with or without such policies.

Right now? Right now you have global expansion and no recession into 2020. Use this time to INVEST In your own Momentum. We suggest SAFE HARBOR Is massive growth of your core COMMUNITY. You build a ten year new trading community in one week with CEO SPACE and you understand all this better and take better action – with a money back protection – on March 26th in Dallas. You should register and invest in LIFESTYLE PROTECTION to build your own entrepreneur safe harbor and prosper behind your new community sea wall keeping storm waves from your vessels more fully protected with CEO SPACE inside. Our MENU Pricing presents a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to you for the lowest cost ever – explore that for your improved plans – improved teams – and resources to grow when others can not – available if your registered in – four weeks from now. Explore CEO SPACE it cost nothing to get the infromation to grow as a leader and present the largest pay raise of 2019 to yourself. Guaranteed. Number # 1 ranked in third party press world wide for ten years now – number # 1 Business Conference by the PRESS ten years in a row including 2019.


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Today we have confirmation that what we told you last year to now is accurate precise and correct. We told you when every single expert was reporting the opposite to what we reported. We have proven reporting here first was in fact  right and correct and we hope is useful to your planning. Staying ahead of what IS going on out there.

March 2019 Updates this weekend:


  1. THE USA and world economy is DRAMATICALLY SLOWING DOWN.
  2. The switch from growth to slow down is – the failed policy from the USA and other nation central bankers
  3. Trade war is now dramatically effecting economics and a new global downward cycle.

Looking forward we have called on entrepreneur and professional readers to GROW FASTER to ACCELERATE Momentum in 2019. The Asleep leaders will do what they have always done. The awake leaders will take new actions make new investments and seek out options invisible now and made visible soon to grow faster in 2019 and 2020 as the boom winds down.

Those awake leaders who worked longer hours, who expressed discipline to economics and cycles – defend their lifestyle and protect it by having sufficient growth they matured going through the next down turn like it was warm butter. For those who failed to build that new higher momentum NOW while there is still time the real risk is without safe harbor when the financial storms hit your boat can be wiped out completely.

This applies at micro to business owners. This applies at macro to our private equity, hedge fund, banking, institutional and investment banker readers – our law firms like Elron Musk and Meg at HP and Mark Cubans attorney read this blog – we hope they all do as schedules permit. Heads of state and state leadership read this blog and always the press read this blog for background on stories they write world wide within the hear it first content on what IS going on out there.

I’ve been told by readers I should charge for this blog. Since 1988 we have kept our blog commercial free save for our in house GPS on CEO SPACE March 26th Dallas – as a process to insure momentum growth as an option. It remains our intention over my life time – my lifetime guarantee – is that my blog is ad free and free to users and privacy is protected. That means we have Government security pathology to preclude hacks. That means your data has never been used for email promotions – sold to third parties or released in any context. Our Blog is one of the fastest consistently growing news channels on the INTERNET TODAY. More than half our readers are global and outside the USA.

An enormous readership of 100,000’s book mark and read this blog week to week. Another group subscribe which so helps our rating and counts. If more of you knowing your privacy is protected in one of the maximum security sites on line given the WHO reads this blog ( heads of nations and Fortune institutions ) we invite you all to SUBSCRIBE. Also if you comment to one another back and forth on input views and added value in the free comment section for any article that interaction elevates ratings. We grow community faster.

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I have never advertised or promoted my blog. I have received countless appreciations for CEO’s who saved versus lost when markets changed over the past 30 years. Some where dramatic thank you notes. Others were ” if I had only taken action on what data you presented to us all… correct over such time spans and always first….before anywhere else”.

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Much of the numbers today is WEATHER RELATED. We have had 70% of America in areas never seeing these numbrs before at over 20 below zero – in sun belt states. Snow where SNOW has never fallen. So much business snowed out – roads and bridges and airports closed. Over 176,000 flights canceled since Thanksgiving world wide – that will impact your numbers in all nations. WEATHER EVENTS.

Business New Year when we all SPRING FORWARD FINANCIALLY is when Spring hits and the snows melt. WE time CEO SPACE first of five events the last week of March to fly into THE ENTIRE WORLD GOING BACK TO WORK FULL BLAST. We launch momentum from that stage into 2019 for our membership of leaders. Leaders are readers.

So expect numbers to surprise everyone as we see the SPRING EFFECT kick in on numbers this summer. Until then the weak WEATHER INFLUENCED numbers will remain with us in April and May. By June we should without unforseen events and there could be many – we should feel better numbers.

I do not know if AI can figure out and weight its buy sell range programing to understand WEATHER IMPACT EVENTS like humans can as to forward value expectations when placing large bets on the future of any stock bond or investing.

AI is and remains a wild card now fully in charge. THE AI EFFECT is larger than even the WEATHER EFFECT.

We are in a new AI economy for the first time in recorded human history.

The leaders of all nations and their advisers are stuck in paradigm’s of an old human economy that no longer exists and was SUPER CHANGED by AI economics from 2013 to 2018 – where in five years a new economy was forged the world has never experienced before. The NEW AI economy is nothing like the box top rules of the old human run economics. Further inside this rapid on going heating up change pathology – SUPER CHANGE – the leaders and their advisers do not know save for those who read this blog – that there even is a NEW ECONOMY or that tools say a FED USES from the OLD economy will not perform as intended ( as the Fed has now learned in the new AI ECONOMY ) and such old tools are in fact TOXIC economics in the new AI economy.

As yet the POLICY LEADERSHIP has no clue that a new economy is here – and with heads buried in hidy holes – they do not know what to do – and when they rely on old human economics pre 2013 they fail on policy every single time.

The problem is denial to SUPER CHANGE.

Super Change is occuring in law – family – distribution – buying patterns – core systemics – in industry and entreprenuer everything and in life to you as an individual. Your capacity to master SUPER CHANGE the title of my book release this October – is to learn faster – UNLEARN EVEN FASTER – and RELEARN FASTER THAN THAT ….the skill of SUPER CHANGE C suite leadership. The future is being brought fully current in leadership in your expert silo – so you are ahead of SUPER CHANGE versus reacting to Super Change. One of the not blasting you in your face is the fact that CEO SPACE is the # 1 ranked Business Conference the Press suggest you can not – afford to MISS CEO SPACE because it is the one and the only leadership development advanced elevator to lead in SUPER CHANGE the one essential for forward entrepreneur growth required. Upgrade YOURSELF FIRST and everything else falls into place as a consequence.

As we near the weekend March 8th now on Friday we see Elizebeth Warren in the news a bit on the democratic leaning toward the far left socialist policies – front page in USA to break up Amazon and Face Book which in fact legally is outside regulatory auspices in fact. But they can always change the laws but they can’t change thank God the Constitution so laws that are not CONSTITUTIONAL which protects free ownership against the most powerful nation rewriting that code – balances the leanings. The USA is in rip tide of REFORM back to constitutional protections or into socialism and away from the constitution entirely – which is the data you don’t know but will discover when you read THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM – order five copies as you will wish to share this. This work is the most important read of your adult lifetime on the economic power wars now effecting all of us together world wide. Roll this work out everywhere as you wonder why they did not kill the authors for the research that no one can lie off the record now as to the truth of WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.

My blog to nay sayers who think – that can’t be true in fact – will come as they track over time – discover it is all true and why. If you read THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM Amazon PRIME It today – you will experience a KNOWING and ABSOLUTELY CERTAINTY that we suspect will cause you to think more economically and less emotionally to news.

Folks the truth is below:

  1. Nothing is what it seems to be
  2. Everything is economics
  3. Reading the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM you will know more economically than you have known in your lifetime.

Then you will read this blog with higher relish and regard into the future. You will see confirmed everything and we mean every economic everything. The authors not being economists do not see the easy fix to the Fed problem of just merging the Fed back into USA treasury.

Today you read nothing about the ECONOMY IS NEW and the new economy is AI. The press however who read this blog will pick up on this lead story into 2025 and begin to assess economic news against the new AI economic and we hope call for a G 100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS OVER THREE YEARS – of time – on the big island of Hawaii to reset REGULATORY GLOBAL FRAME WORKS TO RESET AI INTO RULE OF LAW MISSING TODAY. My book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION makes so much more sense after reading THE KILLING OF AMERICA both are the GPS into a far better future for entrepreneurs who know versus those who go and do not know.

Ready fire AIM?


Two books will set you free – economically.


PS: As we suspect AI doesn’t read the SLOW DOWN math like we do and moderate loss today from 400 points down to just a bit down…as the strength of SPRING hits economics we feel AI will move confidentially on elevation to price ranges creating a solid good strong year for growth prospects for our readers in every industry world wide. We suspect an all market SLING SHOT EFFECT when the China USA trade template for all global forward trade deals comes out and is signed – an explosion of value growth is likely following THE EVENT on trade deals being completed. Depending of course how Congress politicizes the the process in a not secret obsession – GET TRUMP AT ALL COSTS – and derail his policy – grid lock him so zero gets done till we remove  him or the people re-elect him with a republican congress to follow in 2020 – no one can predict how this will all come out in fact….primarily because under estimating Trump has fatally wounded Hillary Clinton Politically and many others along the war between classes in America. Socialism America or Constitutional America – this ideological war is in full play and we have to all wait until as a whole we the people sort it all out in our own minds. And thats the truth on markets economics and planning forward on Friday March 8th 2019 – thanks for reading.










The world is on recession talk, in all nations and financial centers world wide. The EU just put their car in reverse and moved from Monetary tightening and reducing money supply to the community,  back to full on stimulus. Why? Central banks have failed to realize what my readers were first to realize.

The WORLD is presently in full transition from an old mature economy and theory modeling which were well known over hundreds and hundreds of years of experience. There were proven economic theories. If you did this or you did that the outcome was more or less predictable even into the GREAT RECESSION of 2007 to 2013.

Since 2013 the world has a new economy that is Super Changing so fast the regulatory frame work of nations has been left in the dust. Today we have a fully AI economy. Less than 10,000 Super Money pools, control monetary circulations from over 440 trillion dollars. Humans have been replaced as minds over money and now AI programing controls the money and its movements outside any government influence from the old economy. This is a new economy an entirely new Super Change AI ECONOMY lacking any theory or guidence upon its inner workings. The old tools inserted into the new Economy produce different unknown and no longer predictable outcomes.

Central Banks relying upon old economics that are now dead and buried, no longer above ground and functional, and the new economy, reacts differently and unpredictably from the NEW AI economy. Hence central banks trightening money in fact effected and encountered UNEXPECTED CORE SYSTEM STABILITY RISKS. Each has had to reverse their policy and hold until they can figure it all out. The pace of Super Change is accelerating and is not slowing down. AI economics sheds its core snake skin every 36 month with new smarter AI entirely new species of AI controlling ever larger total of larger circulation. Two leading private Hedge Funds now control almost 15 trillion dollars more than all nations now in circulation flows world wide and these are two of less than ten thousand today that control 440 trillion dollars of total world circulations. Said another way central banks have lost all control of economics in the new economy. Today central banks applying old economic tools into an entirely new economic frame work is like repairing a model T Ford from 1906 with your 1906 tools  – in the engine room of the Star Ship Enterprise with Scottie. You need new tools.


Economies either expand or they contract. Expansion periods are called boom periods. We are inside today the longest global expansion of all nations, ever recorded in human history. Like breathing economies expand or they contract. No in between.

Two back to back annual quarters of time or 180 days back to back of declines in economic GNP, negative GNP, shirking growth, economy overall is contracting is a recession.

Economics expand because governments spend money, consumers spend money or both. Economy contraction occurs when consumers pull back buying and spending and the government also pulls back or may not spend massively enough to regrow the economy until consumers regain confidence and return to buying. 3/4 of economic expansion or growth or decline is from consumer buying in America for example.

If consumers are confident about the future they buy and economies expand.

If consumers lack confidence in the future they pull back and spend less self creating a recession.

Politics should be run by economics.

However in most countries economics is led by politics which can create fear and lack of confidence ushering in a recession.

Much of the long current boom expansion has been due in America the engine of the world economically, that consumers who hated Trump were reasonable and confident in Trump pro business policies creating a unique and very odd boom.


Consumers for months have been declining in confidence. Having reached an all time record confidence and spending high in 2018 the consumer confidence began to circle the political drain during the mid year election. The anti Trump hatreds rose and rose and a congress was delivered that was ANTI TRUMP. Consumer confidence feel and economics began to cool down world wide.

The Trade wars have gone on long and the deficits only new economic box top rules can fix, have left the USA via legal theft of our nations wealth, in we tax them all 90% less than they tax us all and sometimes they tax us 300% to 1500% more than we tax them – but always unfairly more.

Trumps reciprocity tax law is on Tariffs ( Import tax a nation may place on goods coming in ). America is taxed the highest always everywhere. Trump is changing that rebuild after World War II generous subsidy to rebuild war torn nations tax policy that went on way to long following the wars. Nations favored by the unfair tax wish to keep theirs. The USA is taxing the nations who wish to keep the old rules, in reciprocity tax precisely as they tax America. We’ll go to zero if you will.

The nations are fighting for line by line the best they can keep.

During all this tug of war with tariff’s now for the first time flooding the USA with revenue, the USA has failed to pass immigration laws, failed to pass infrastructure laws and failed to pass forward economic propulsion policy that would undo the damage the Federal Reserve has created.

The Fed inserted way to fast interest raise raises in fact raising interest prices 100% in new borrowing cost to 66 trillion of sovereign debt and records of 100’s of trillions in consumer business and related loans from auto’s to student loans all the world awash in enormous debt saddles created to stimulate when the system could have melted down. Now the Debt Saddle is so heavy with Fed moving loan repayment cost at 100% of % higher than only 2015 – borrows are slowing way down, consumer spending still strong is cooling, and congress is not allowing government spending to rise.

The Fed stopped growth and cause core stability issues with system confidence. It became clear to economic leaders at the top that the FED had lost control of the new AI economy and had lost control of executing stability policy effectively. We have argued all central banks should be merged back into their treasuries in real time digital AI economics. The cost of Fed operations is too high and the cost of their failed policy is depression and world war – too high a risk cost to carry a failed old institution model – where criminal bankers all pleading to felonies – are in charge of the Fed by stock ownership all in secret to control a nations money supply as outside contractors who are NOT and NEVER WERE agencies of the nation or government anything…..the facts we have posted many videos upon here – is that any google will confirm – the Federal Reserve Board is:

  1. A fraud on the American people. The Fed is neither Federal nor does it have any reserves.
  2. The Fed is a private stock company owned by the banks it regulates with a contract with the USA to control our money.
  3. The Fed has done a terrible job – as a 100% failure record – has caused all boom busts and wars and most recently destabilized a fragile global recovery after THE GREAT RECESSION THEY CAUSED by allowing their member banks to lend mortgage money to unqualified borrowers to ramp up a SUPER BUBBLE In mortgage markets that almost killed the world system and then legally stole all the properties back at low bargain prices by trillions to resell them at profits the banks made it going and coming as millions died in the economic flames the FED set the fire to.
  4. In 2013 the Fed failed entirely to see the economy they all knew had died and was fully replaced by a new AI ECONOMY they knew zero about and began to in policy error after policy error destabilize the new AI economic system to risk a near term recession from failed Fed Policy. Trump has been accurate but even his team lacks the discernment the Kennedy’s had to MERGE THE FED BACK INTO TREASURY. Was that why they were killed really? Many believe so.
  5. The AI economics are projecting various models beyond human capacity to do so as to % risk of consumers and governments spending enough to keep economics world wide in a boom – or will the contraction going on in reaction to failed Fed economic policy in 2018 have reversed fast enough to stop the damage to core systemic stability? Our fear is that the elevated borrowing cost are not sustainable to the debt levels and a CASCADE of debt defaulting ( from Fed errors ) may create a SUPER CRASH and Great Depression globally with war risk rising.

In the old economy these things were never fast. It takes time to reach two quarters of back to back contraction and red ink – GNP is negative.

Enter Nancy Pelosi back to power. Nancy is doing her job to perfection. GET TRUMP. Only the risk is system core stability. Using Impeachment and politically led missions for the US justice department – united to GET TRUMP – which is against all our laws – becomes out of Nancy’s control. If she distorts economics with politics which is the unintended consequence, it is not the election results may remove Trump from the political ambushing going on now and next, the issue is systemic core stability.

In the New Economy AI can move things into the ditch at speeds never before imagined nor experienced. We are seeing that now. Wide crashes and wild recoveries never experienced in charting before as our new economic normal. The news is filled with old economic reporting on why the new economic outcomes are occuring – all wrong.

The New Economy is politically intolerant like lactose intolerant for Milk. Every Body needs milk but the lactose intolerant who go the hospital drinking milk. The New AI Economy goes to the hospital drinking political error in core policy to economic well being. All ramifications of political policy are analyzed by Super AI and placed into economics. AI has been keeping markets in trading ranges prepared for massive up or down depending on now FED POLICY which is on hold where it needs to stay to after the election – truly in 2020. It is dangerous to tighten the money supply until the fragile versus strong economy rises.

Today one unexpected consequence of AI economics is AI is in charge. So AI takes CORE CAPITAL that humans over money would have invested long term for later profits on plant equipment and growth. AI keeps work force down, projects automation to replace human workers with its own kind AI.

We are in the start of a class warfare in economics. AI replacing wetware humans at paces never experienced before and now in a on going first ever – AI favoring AI in economics over humans. The terminator has started it is just economics first not visible as it will be later.

Today we have AI projecting stock buy backs ( which control the lack of a crash today  ) as all gains in market are largely due not to core economics but by AI stock price manipulations. The AI is rewarding companies making profits that meet or exceed their guidance versus miss their guidance and punishment or reward is instant and at ratios in markets never seen before. Caterpillar is my favorite. They out perform all chart levels but missed guidance and they made 95% of projected guidance but not all of it and their stock lost a record down ward punishment versus an upward reward for job truly well done. Humans in 2015 would have sharply rewarded Caterpillar. AI punished Caterpillar.

The largest stability and driver of stock stablity and upward pricing is stock buy backs. Never seen before wealth transfer from Tax wind falls in new tax plan had companies with AI plan for highest return on capital in lower time frames. This is shrink the lake of your own stock at a management planned timing to down pricing and bargain buying – and buy your own stock – by 1 trillion a year last year – the year before and this year – three trillion in stock price manipulations – STOCK ENGINEERING BY AI CALCULATIONS – like stock price is now a moon shot with super computers only nations once owned, fostering NEW ever evolving smarter and smarter and now SELF LEARNING and self taught AI ECONOMICS controlling the world – nations have lost all control.

So AI may trigger a SUPER CRASH. If AI projects how much it can make from it’s own recovery of the SUPER CRASH. Its all new. Round and round the AI spins the 440 trillion in circulations. Nations like China and EU nations are punished and its all AI capital flows doing the punishment. Or rewards. Humans are out never to return. It happened so fast no one has a grip on it yet but my readers GO THIS.



We are in a new economy.

Nations and their agencies have passed the speed by which they can adapt to change itself. SUPER CHANGE and AI have passed human systems adaption speeds. Without retooling our own capacity to adapt to SUPER CHANGE we have unknown outcomes.

Today economics has moved out of human controls and the control and influence of nations to AI economics and AI controls of capital circulation without human interface, at velocities and speeds never experienced in economics before. These velocities and speeds are only vastly accelerating into 5 G next. AI will explode with 5 G eyes and ears. Getting smarter and smarter.

AS AI becomes a new species no one has a clue how to adapt.

Such as: RULE OF LAW


  1. Is AI a species with self aware cognative legal rights?
  2. Can AI patent and own property IP and real property?
  3. Can AI get pass ports and travel legally?
  4. Can AI marry AI and human wetware?
  5. Does AI have allegiance to a nation or to laws of any kind? How do we know?

There is so much more of course.

So we are smack dab in the middle of a human extinction event – a human new renaissance event for longevity and what comes next in our own evolution and growth – and probably nothing in between those two extremes.

What seems so stupid is WE ARE IN A NEW AI ECONOMY and that economy is now controlling the entire world and we humans have in turning over control our money to non human AI control, failed to imagine or create new models to regulate or govern this massive turn over of all real power. Economics.

In a new economy that lacks even the most basic global box top rules for its regulations – the AI is evolving faster than humans can adapt in old systems – and unless we re-tool our systems to keep pace with SUPER CHANGE – humans are going to seem soon like Ants in the grass to the Mount Everestf or our AI controllers. Will AI seek to reduce or eliminate the one threat to itself – human ants – human insects – always rising up and putting ideas up about AI threat to themselves? Think about it a minute.

WE lack POLICIES of any kind to CONTROL GUIDE AND CONTAIN AI development or what is already here.


Will I receive the Nobel Prize for first discovering the transition red line of 2013 when Economics moved from the old Adam Smith theory modeling for economics – and the NEW AI ECONOMY was born. This economy makes all theory by Milton Friedman and his tribe obsolete and mal functional.

There is now NO NEW  theory for the new AI ECONOMICS. Economics morphed into AI economics in 2013 and since has gained 96% control of all capital movement within AI itself. AI controls all stock buy backs. Trillions a year in stock manipulated prices – phony markets. The congress of the USA is talking stock buy back rule regulation. However you can not fix AI by a bandage to a window shattered by a shot gun. Too many holes in the glass. You need a NEW WINDOW. An entirely new regulatory frame work designed for AI to regulate with human control 24/7. Self Aware AI is coming. How many AI minds will be sick ill and criminal? Anyone have policy for criminal even Hitler MBS level AI minds wishing to rule us all? No one is making POLICY no one for a NEW ECONOMY no one yet understands fully exists but the NEW AI economy does exist and the longer we deny this change has occurred the more challenge we have to assume any forward control over what may be by sheer ignorance and denial in thinking it through – our own extinction ultimately. We call on nations to step up. Today it has been SPIT INTO THE WIND of …thats the way we have always done things…..son. Ah the fatal flaw of human thought itself – resistance keeps threat down. The new rule in the new AI world is …resistance to adapt to change elevates threat risk to humans exponentially. We must teach ourselves how to adapt into SUPER CHANGE as the master new skill of THINKING.

Think about what you hear on the news. How important is it really – to say – the failure of the entire economic system where all banks are closed? Say that takes 72 minutes in AI world? Compare that news to what your reading here. Ask what is more important to KNOW and to THINK ABOUT? You’ll come to your own answer. CEO SPACE is place you can come to massively grow capacity to have your OWN GAME PLAN ( another great book by Kevin Freeman ) Because has Kevins book defines your NATION HAS NO GAME PLAN none…so you’ll be ok IF you have your own. Read the book it is an indictment to register to March 26th CEO SPACE Dallas. For economic prosperity in any forward market. Knowledge is everything today. Being out front of AI trends – which we will help you do right here. To our best ability anyway….its unfolding SO FAST. Even with our resources to gather information its fast and hard to keep pace.

There is no nation even thinking about national security as core ECONOMIC STABILITY. All are at risk and especially the United States because they do not have effective policies when AI warfare attacks in new AI economics work and almost destroyed our system – the first AI digital attack was 2007 – read THE SECRET WEAPON By Kevin Freeman and you’ll know how real all this is.

What destroyed Rome? And Faster than anyone believed was ever possible.

Rome was destroyed when the enemies of Rome acquired the WEAPONS OF ROME.

Our enemies have acquired our weapons by hacking including our most advanced AI.

Now our enemies in the new economy are using AI weapons to fool and attack our AI economics. We are now using since 2007′ first digital war fare attack on the new AI economic reality – AI to fight AI. Those wars are terrifying to core systems and going on world wide.

A G 100 treaty on evolving AI will take three years on the Big Island of Hawaii. This ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION is the one and only way to get AI to have policy – and to evolve AI into the policy missing today and to RE- REGULATE markets to remove unwanted wealth consolidation and unfair AI speculations and price manipulations by law including new buy back regulation on stocks forcing capital to invest in long term economic growth versus stock price unwanted manipulative engineering via three trillion non economic investments in stock price targets benefiting insiders most. Thank you insider AI.

Lacking any nation leading for AI regulation or the G 100 re-tooling the most sizable regulator RE-THINK since the GREAT DEPRESSION to globally control the new economic which is Cloud Based outside all local regulation and requires a G 100 cooperation to GLOBALLY REGULATE a fully GLOBAL AI currency flow circulation new base line control of economics by AI itself.


First in human history.

While humans whollow in the old oxymoron….but THAT is the WAY we have always done it……..

AI forward markets and recessions require brains that learn much faster – unlearn even faster than that – and relearn faster than the two before….those brain in all C Suites lead in SUPER CHANGE the tile of My OCTOBER new book as it is THE MOST IMPORTANT Set of guides for humanity in 100 years now. Years in development to today.


The actual rip tide of all human extinction or renaissance depending on WHAT WE HUMAN’S DO.

Facing this – Nancy Pelosi under politics – that is the way we have always done it – seeks at all and every and any cost to remove Trump and put her team in power decisively strategically by 2020 and a good recession helps her develop voters she can blame the recession on – is Trump and only Trump. Only that is not true. Politics are going to create the next recession – error in policy into an entirely new economy an AI economy that if Nancy fully understood the real risk to nation I think she may chose different action for the nation welfare. ERRORS ARE BEING MADE BECAUSE LEADERS DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE SUPER CHANGE YET AND CREATE POLICY ERRORS THAT CAN BE FATAL TO NEW AI ECONOMICS.

This is the ONE PROBLEM and everything else is symptom. Failure to reset policy into AI super change markets by leaders world wide. Change has passed their very capacity to adapt by the sheer velocity of Super Change Age – the Age we all reside within.

As the largest Business Community in the world today – 31 years and counting and ten years press ranked the number one business growth conference world wide – ten years by third party press into 2019 – still # 1 – first event March 26th and you should come to insure your own safe harbor and lifestyle before the economic storm clouds your all reading about – hit shore and your boats are in the wind unprotected – or behind a sea wall of powerful insulation with CEO SPACE protecting you. There IS safety in numbers of those who DO KNOW what is going on and why….because information is so powerful when you have it all first.

You have the TRUTH about recession pressures. It is unknown if this first AI recession will occur from anything other than failed Fed and Gov policy to understand a new economy is in fact here now.



PS: The Worst Ebola outbreak in human history unfolds in Congo war zones where all summer to now WHO health care workers are removed over and over from factions killing them – destroying their supplies and dispersing EBOLA infected patients back into cities. Ebola infected will soon reach the EU ASIA and the USA and when that happens a chilling economic unfolding into recession is likely….how will AI OVER REACT to the EBOLA projection on economics? It will not be pretty. Ebola panics AI as do other factors that would be moderated by humans over money – but now 96% of all economics is AI control with no Fed or nation or regulatory control over 440 trillion of real time movement of capital by AI alone. Its new. It happened so fast. You know all this first.





MBS and Saudi have:

  1. 100% Failed economics for Saudi since 2014
  2. Massive capital run out of nation
  3. Declining credit ratio soaring borrowing costs
  4. Failed war with yemen sucking Saudi coffer’s dry
  5. Borrowing to make ends meet with oil under 75 dollars a barrel due to Saudi budget deficits soaring

MBS spends way more 100’s of billions more than Saudi Kings make today. Now then think. Having shaken down his fellow Royals by over 1000 families for over 100 billion dollars – all that money is gone and more is needed – so MBS takes Saudi deeper in Debt.

A trillion of projects for investment in Saudi are on hold.

A trillion more in new investments are yes we are in and no one is moving in fact in – not in – at all.

Then MBS goes NUKE SHOPPING in both Pakistan and India pushing buttons all over Iran as he does that step. Regional war with Iran and Saudi is likely with this sociopathic King and remember we have been telling you and telling you MBS has GOT TO GO. For the good of the Saudi people who as yet do not get the truth about MBS failed pollcies.

MBS is an oil supplier product nation. The nation treats their customers like camel shit.

MBS is trying to double the cost ov everything else – oil – to their customers. Saudi customers are choosing to buy oil from NON OPEC outlets that protect their prices – costing SAUDI MARKET SHARE OF OIL BUYERS. Saudi charts on oil growth have been wrong. In fact oil demand is falling off a cliff. Oil supply is doubling.

Saud sought to cut back in their member output when members need cash – more oil sales not less. Think about the markets of:

  1. Venezuela with one million barrels of oil a day to Saudi ten million a day and Venezuela has more oil than Saudi.
  2. Yemen is down in oil output from the war.
  3. Qatar is down in natural gas from Saudi by roaring back.
  4. Iran is down but climbing back upwards off millions of barrels a day still
  5. Iraq Syria Libya all down in output but all roaring back – more than Saudi’s 1 million by far just these.




The Puppy King came to power in 2014 and declared war on American Shale. Oil dropped from 114 dollars a barrel to 37 dollars a barrel and the shale kept on coming. When MBS declared all out war on American Shale, MBS sought to rally OPEC behind his all out war. More Market share was lost to OPEC by MBS failed oil policy than any act or war in 70 years.

America went from under 5 million barrels of oil a day, half Saudis output to over 12 million barrels a day, or more than Saudi’s output in just a handful of years – creating a chilling permanent defeat to MBS where OPEC itself no longer controls oil prices.

In recent weeks MBS got OPEC to remove 1 million barrels of OPEC crude from our 2019 market space. The experts reported oil would price rise to $ 75.00 with spikes over $ 100.00. The experts reported inventory in the USA would rise with the bitter cold and winters – by perhaps a million barrels.

Weds March 6th the report came in – MBS was wrong again. The experts were wrong again. This blog was right again in predicting oil would fall into the 50’s and remain in the 45 to 55 range because when oil lies are removed, oil demand is dropping off a cliff and supply will exceed demand for 100 years moving forward.

The experts predicted a 1.2 million barrel rise in Americans half a billion barrels of oil in inventory – or 456,000,000 million barrel reserve in tanks in the USA. This went up not by the 1.2 barrel rise the experts state no – but rather what this blog reported and the USA INVENTORY ROSE by 7..3 million barrels on Weds during USA peak use in blistering cold over 70% of America. Still USA crude output is soaring moving from 12.5 million barrels a day, more than Russia more than Saudi and moving to 20 million barrels or double Saudi and double Russia in output. Enormous new finds of oil and natural gas are soaring for new supplies while demand is falling off a cliff in economics 101. The only one putting out lie sheets about Oil and markets is Saudi who has lost all its real credibility when the young Puppy King killed Washington Post Journalist Khashoggi – under the Kings direct control and management – and then covered up the savage breach of rule of law between nations – in such a child like manner that the lie then the next lie then the next lie created an outcome where the King of Saudi Arabia today has:

  1. Cost The Saudi people more prestige and more respect than any ruler in their history
  2. Cost. The Saudi people over three trillion in economic opportunity lost forever to the Saudi nation
  3. Cost. Cost in becoming the # 1 Joke everywhere – in OPEC in News around the world in live events
  4. Cost the Saudi people freedom – locking up more woman more in disent than any Saudi ruler in 70 years
  5. Integrity – the Lying King – has no integrity – and now shopping for a Nuke to lop into Iran is not a friend to anyone.


Opec and Experts stated – soaring prices into $ 75.00 new oil floor price.

We in your blog said – oil is in free fall and will range 45 dollars to 65 dollars and OPEC has LOST CONTROL due to MBS.

All experts said prices would rise in the news.

We said prices would fall.

The prices have fallen and they FELL on Weds. Slightly higher than $ 55.00 but still near our high price range and FALLING into our price range for first quarter.

Oil the cost of everything – now frozen in lower affordable market pricing by real market supply greater than demand economics versus manipulated hidden tax on 8 billion souls – by a criminal cartel of elites led by a sociopathic King. MBS has failed in each and every policy move and cost OPEC trillions in lost market share.

The oil wars are now over.

Winner – by far – the United States of America. Losers – OPEC and Russia. Big time and big dollars.

Warren Buffet once said in the middle of the US GREAT RECESSION….you have to be an idiot to bet…against the United States of America – I am strong on the USA……although he lost his biggest bucks in this share holder meeting and in criminal Wells Fargo bank we don’t see moral bets on immoral institutions. How does that work?

All economic abuse must rebalance Criminal brands in banking – all the biggest banks have runs out of the banks to more integrity driver providers. No one can be done with a run on their institution until the run is done. Deutsch Bank we told you would tank – it tanked.

Wells Fargo we told you the RUN ON THE BANK would tank the bank. Its stock is a joke. Hit by never ending criminal activity at the top of the sick banking industry.

Justice reform.

Banking reform.

All economic abuse must rebalance one day.

The DAY OF THE GREAT REBALANCING “IS” COMING..we’ll keep you all posted on when. It is NOT today – SPRING FOWARD FINANCIALLY and register to CEO SPACE March 26th is your best bet of the year.






Adolf Hitler was celebrated world wide – when everyone read TIME MAGAZINE and there was no one line anything or way to click anything. If you saw it in print – if you saw it – in the TIMES ESPECIALLY ( and I knew Claire Luze Booth before she dies and chatted up all this at the Ritz in Paris France a lot of years later ). She blamed it on her daddy.

So 1938 – Hitler is TIMES MAN OF THE YEAR world wide with stature and prestige. The turn Germany around Times Man Of the Year.

Ten years later when I was born Adolf Hitler would be dead.

So would more than 100 million be dead – six million jews – untold lives with Russia paying the highest price by far – more deaths than all prior wars and disease in the history of human kind in a decade – unmatched. The wounded the suffering the damaged would be generational.

The SICK mind of Hitler -TIMES MAN OF THE YEAR – inspired todays neo nazi movement and the sick idea of a MASTER RACE. This sick idea is also seen inside THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM as the ultimate bigots have all the wealth and call all the shots. MBS has the idea of THE MASTER FAITH as does the head of Iran.

Any thought that punishes human diversity versus celebrates human diversity is a first form of human insanity.

I am a proud royal from German a full Baron – the eldest titled son in my family. I watched my grandfather labor till his early death to rebuild San Francisco with its leading families after the 1906 earth quake. The Union square Macy Building was the DOHRMANN BUILDING until 1975. The St Francis hotel was rebuilt with my grandfather as managing partner placing the famous CLOCK ( I’ll meet you at the clock ) in the Lobby of the world famous now Saint Francis hotel. The family founder the symphony – the opera – play houses – and operated the largest department store on the West Coast then the Emporium stores. The family ran the largest news papers the Hearst Family so badly longed for and ultimately folded into their smaller chronicle the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE became the largest news paper with that merger ot both THE San Francisco CALL and the San Francisco Bulletin the leading papers since the Gold Rush and grandfather waited until famous Mark Twain his lead journalist died before he sold to the HEARST forever creating a rift there. Grandfather has his own wartime Schindler’s list bringing in from under ground railroads – as royals from Germany and as Christian Leaders in German San Francisco – saving thousands of jews and giving them work in his empire of business interest covering 7 western states. History diminished the Dohrmann role in San Francisco’s history removing so much that was acknowledged to my grandfather ABC DOHRMANN or William Fredrick Dohrmann from Bonart.  Why? Because of German phobic reactions where Germany starting World War I and World War II both untrue claims – had near hysteria over Germans being unfit as Americans – when hey only 1938 a few years back –


Our family was brought up to abohore the mentally ill expression of a master race or a master face. In our family we celebrated all diversity. We celebrate family history – income – education – culture – food – dress – sport – religious preference – political regards – race – creed – music – and always the right history of any people and every community.

Adolf Hitler a few years before 1938 – was a street person. He painted houses now and again if he could find work. A bum next to him said he would sell cards to tourist of Vienna if Hitler who was an artist drew the scenes. The business worked. Hitler was busy in the men’s shelter. Only he would pop up on a bench and spit out horrific blames to all the occupants financial distress – from JEWS in Germany – a condition that Germany could fix. The bums recovering from over dose and alcohol abuse – lower classes dirty unwashed and in shelters for the night – applauded Adolf as he developed his core skill – inflame the masses.

In World War I Adolf joined the army and became a Col and won the Cross for his work in battle. This and his speaking sent him to the masses in depression where a wheel barrel of money could not buy a loaf of bread any longer. Tomorrow it was two or three wheel barrows – much like Venezuela. Venezuela blames former communist leaders mismanagment NOT AT ALL and blame the USA somehow for the problems of decades of economic abuse to the world’s largest lake of oil now producing instead of Saudi levels of 10 million barrels of oil a day as Venezuela’s lake is larger than the 267 billion Saudi Barrels – in reserve but the communist failed leadership is down to less than one million barrels a day – crashing Venezuela economics to bankruptcy for the state.

HITLER TIMES MAN OF THE YEAR far cry from mens shelter as a bum a few years earlier – blamed the JEWS for German economics. That cry created world war II.

Hitler the TIMES MAN OF THE YEAR in 1938 held power for less than 12 years.

Frankly…the rest is history.

Now comes the TIMES MAN OF 2019. Who might that Times leader be?

Berny Dohrmann – 1938 Ten Years before I was Born Adolf HItler IS the Times Man of the YEAR –




AI economics now drive markets. Past data and chart conclusions are now 80% plus wrong. You as an individual can not bet and profit over AI. You either invest with AI and suspect AI is seeking to avoid loss on your funds, by trading up and down the rope possibilities. If markets Soar AI makes profits. If Markets sour and fall AI makes profits.

So one must wait as you see VOLATILITY that is now AI ARTIFICIALLY CREATED as the G 100 has not agreed to work in cooperation to release a global new trading regulatory frame work – such that AI economics is THE NEW WILD WILD WEST. The larger banks all criminals with criminal fines that make Medoff appear as if stole a stick of gum by comparison to their thefts – run the new AI. That now without regulatory oversight is a system itself risk if liquidity evaporates – which does not look like now.

However we all could see a Pakistan India nuke war – we could all see a Saudi and Iran Nuke War ( they we feel have bought nukes already ) – and all that is risk to the core system and there are AREA risks globally.

Right now Volatility is not SUPER CRASH it is simple profit taking by AI. Not enough upside to generate quarterly March profits – the AI moves markets all at once and creates profits much like banks used to do – from nothing whatsoever. If you want to understand the core economics read THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM and you’ll truly know.

For now – just ignore AI market volatility in the NEW ECONOMY – as having zero impact on your growth your business your future. CEO SPACE March 23rd insures you have forward safe harbor inside a far larger CEO to CEO friendly trading community all cooperation based no competition inside. Integrity driven.

Join the # 1 Ranked Program to assure you reside in economic SAFE HARBOR that is your ultimate investment in being safe secure and having a far better year.





AI now combs news world wide for sound bites that related to sell or buy anything in future markets to manipulate price. Less than 10,000 fully AI super money pools now dictate the price RANGE of everything. The goal is risk-less risk taking VIA price RANGE parameters set by AI itself. We are slowly moving into AI controlled economics where human institution hold zero influence over price for anything. Think about that.

Weather is the single largest factor dictating GNP outcome. Why? Because when consumers wish to buy and the airport is closed schools are closed and news media reports it is in fact a HEALTH HAZARD to venture outside – due to 18 and worse BELOW ZERO temperatures that in some community with wind chill factors feels more like 45 below zero in the blowing winds.

Consumers do not buy automobiles a fridge or a larger flat screen in such extreme cold weather. Consumers play board games at home by the fire in such weather.

So muted first quarter growth and earnings is weather related as to the largest factors. The profits and numbers are good in fact very good – just not GREAT and only NOT GREAT in fact due to winter weather world wide – from UK to New York City.

Business New Year and CEO SPACE Start at the same time – in four short weeks. But four weeks turns SNOW and record white temperatures into SNOW MELT this Spring and we all SPRING FORWARD FINANCIALLY and ECONOMICALLY as the second quarter puts 3/4 of American business BACK TO WORK.

Think 3/4 of spending from consumers comes back on line in the SPRING FORWARD QUARTER for housing for big ticket items for cars and fridge and oh yes that big flat screen. Numbers will soar in the SPRING and the rebound up in GNP for the world will impress than stun everyone.

The entertainment value of GET TRUMP – govern by law suit – is built into price already factored and the market knows as does the House any impeachment hearing is POLITICAL THEATER that fully repays the political debt owed by one party unto the other for the BILL CLINTON Impeachment. This years election impeachment is designed to move public opinion so low on Trump with the mud slinging rising to levels never ever seen before at least not inside America politics. If ratings fall off as voters get increasingly bored with it all perhaps Trump will have a Monica affair in the White House to take headlines back – as old tools and models from leaks to deep throat by the FBI no longer are likely to work in fact in the new digital AI frontier. So markets will largely shrug off already factored in news – a show boat impeachment trial that fails in the end and …President Trump goes on more in our homes and living rooms than any President EVER….thank YOU Nancy Pelosi for the connection at this level. As with roulette round and round she goes and where she stops no one knows.

China. You get what you can and you deal with what you can not. That is the ultimate decision point in China trade.

The EU is in recession and a crash of growth.

Growth in the EU has stopped on a dime.

Trade is being impacted world wide.

The USA is no longer buying what it once bought …and won’t…unti trade deals get worked out. Consumers are moving to MADE IN AMERICA in record numbers as they appreciate the OLD MODEL of over tax The USA before they wake up to our legal theft ONE DAY.

That Day is now………

The longer trade deals take to complete……the longer the time before consumers will take to turn back on the heat…….

Consumers control the buying.

The huge run out of China is now starting in Germany and France as capital runs out of nations now crashing in economics, from trade that is in U turn. They tax the USA so many many times higher than we tax them. This breeds Trumps RECIPROCITY TAX PLANNING we reported here first – tax them as they will tax unto you – match em.

This is not going down well.

The outcomes is crashing economics in an EU now in debt ripe tide. Greece alone almost bankrupts the EU. Spain and Italy first do in fact bankrupt the EU. There is no possible way to assure the bad debt in these two systems is in fact fully repaid. When one talks about debt forgiveness of sovereigns or hair cuts it means criminal politicians who borrowed money and signed repayment deals at the most favorable terms only sovereign nations even receive – that LENDERS OF LAST TRUST – who trusted the nation and lent money to the nation in dire need – will not get their money back at all. No they will get debt forgiveness – where criminal politicians just steal the money they borrowed – which leads to debt CASCADE – a ripple of sovereign defaulting AI now projects to its full potential – crashing bond markets.

Can’t happen?

Monitor now into 2025 and see if looking back the total destruction of the global bond market is not the one item that nations failed to see as risk – when the music died. Driving your chevy to the levy the day that the music died, Mom cried making good old American pie……I’d revisit that song and get ready to sing it.

Meanwhile while we all play musical chairs in 2019 and 2020 the time to create VAM – VELOCITY ACCELERATION AND MOMENTUM for YOUR VENTURE AND DREAMS IS RIGHT NOW. Miss this window and you miss the HIGH TIDE into safe harbor for you – before the economic tsunami of mis managed sovereign debt rising from 66 trillion all time record highs into 100 trillion – with old economist theory suggesting such sovereign debt ratio into GNP  no longer matters. Folks …readers and leaders….Folks calm down. What matters in new and in old economics is that you all must earn more than you spend or you go bankrupt – slowly safety and fully secure until your not. Here are economic rules that never change to start your week in political theater one more time:


  1. You must spend less than you earn and save a surplus to be safe over time.
  2. You can never borrow more than you make forever
  3. All economic abuse must one day rebalance
  4. You must pay off your debts with capital while there is still time
  5. You must trade in every larger COOPERATIVE versus competitive communities you grow

You can apply this into the new AI economy and prosper or you can go on as you now do and find you are fully and totally safe and economically secure…….until the hour and bell toll when you are simply ……..NOT.

The global economic slate is very solid – all limitation numbers and math is due to SNOW and WINTER and in a few weeks the world will SPRING FORWARD economically into the season of all growth……all growth occurs in the SPRING folks – there is no softness in economics when the sun shines and its about to shine for all of us…all at once again. In a few weeks 70% of global buying selling and productivity comes back in with a full roar economically in the SPRING ….the largest longest global boom ever recorded…is alive strong surviving every possible political mismanagement from Britt Exit to USA Trade Wars ….the state of the WORLD ECONOMY Folks? Why the State of the WORLD IS STRONG and SPRING IS COMING in about three full weeks….and sunshine drives global markets to safe secure up bubbles. WAIT FOR IT…..

Berny Dohrmann – Helping our readers……to be better…..leaders……one day at a time one blog at a time





Recall how Christmas music displays and merchandising begins earlier and earlier each year. Today immediately after Halloween with no Thanksgiving Day pause – the Christmas Holiday is out in loud and streaming colors? You all know that world wide RIGHT?

Today in only the first quarter of 2019 the 2020 election is full on in play. Candidates are holding rallies from New York City to California. The President just gave his longest speech since being President and for Trump that is really really a a long speech.

Nancy Pelosi far left leader of the Socialist in the democratic party is framing her 2020 leaders into a HATE TRUMP rally of the core base. To secure that cross over vote Nancy’s game plan is 1-2-3. One impeach Trump in the House by congressional impeachment. Two try Trump in the Senate. Three FREE TRUMP from public office with a unlikely senate guilty vote on impeachment ( but may happen ) and if NOT – tarnish Trump SOOO MUCH the Democrats win by cross over vote gathering from superior smear campaign tactics. Having been around on the outskirts of more than one Presidential Campaign in my service, I can report this 2020 from today forward, will be the most NASTY most viewed and audience followed SIT COM, a pure entertainment like binge watching on NETFLIX, with everyone royal watching the TRUMPS from the children to the grown ups – hate or love them – you call can NOT GET ENOUGH OF THEM – in Media. The ratings show this is true if noting else is true.

I stand against on all sides of HE SAID SHE SAID POLITICS. I am FOR on all sides issue charting – who has issues moving forward that make economic sense and who has issues that do not make economic sense? That weighted review wins my vote without regard to party. I seek issues that work for economics to the best our teams can sort THAT OUT and I seek candidates with the issue who display moral character and integrity like George W. Bush and President Obama to follow him.

The only media President elected in modern times is Ronald Reagan. Even so Ronnie was able to drop out and drop into media at the highest level of Presidential Character. Protecting the dignity of the high office. There has never been an entertrainment President with the ratings – his lowest rating is one billion daily paying attention and his highest rating Trumps all Presidents the Pope and Rock Stars – at 4 to 6 billion – tuning in.

Media print airwaves and Televised have never experienced ratings like Trump. It does not matter what they  write. If they Write Trump has AIDES – they have more like 6 billion for that story – or TRUMP getting DIVORCED – their ratings go above six billion on that story – both are not true. Truth no longer matters. There is a 24 – 7 demand for Trump NEXT no matter what TRUMP NEXT IS.

The one that knows most about this new and never seen before eye ball control of the masses of voters is in fact TRUMP himself. The First Media Savvy President SUPER STAR earning 800 million in annual ordinary income, who cares less if he is President or NOT PRESIDENT as leaving is such an enormous gain in privacy and a pay raise beyond anything Trump has known to date. Trump you see can’t lose in any way.

Plus Trump knows it. The Impeachment makes Trump a bigger star. The Senate lacks the votes to win impeachment guilty vote – so it is an exercise in Media as the case outcome is already understood. The voters will have to decide – is this political pay back for Clinton indictment – and is this a justice all political today – gone off the charts to the shame of America and her rule of law base line? That sentence is going to effect voter final form.

Trust me.

Today we have the USA indicting and charging China private industry by taking a firm that is hands down beating American technology like apple and microsoft – Huawei – leading the world in pads and smart phones – is charged by the USA whose firms are falling way behind technically – especially in 5G switching which Huawei leads. Does Chinese Communist partnership with all technology firms, lead to back door monitoring of everything. Your business trade secrets. Which porn sites you really click on. And so much more….back door more?

China is so upset that in Canada their trading partner CANADA has agreed to cooperate with the USA charging and deporting the Huawei CFO and relative to the founder – from Vancouver to the USA to stand charges and present her own defense. She is under HOUSE ARREST today with or without leg monitoring as we are unsure of that item.

Now Canada will deport the CFO to America for criminal charges. We can assume the US Justice Department – now broken as to constitutional protections afforded to the innocent – will deny the CFO the respect of bail and release to her full on POLITICAL TRIAL delaying Huawei to market – while American giants catch up and pass them buy – using Justice to win in competitive race around the trillion dollar global track. This all is not lost on China of course.

Meanwhile we can also assume US Justice unbridled until BROKEN US JUSTICE IS REFORMED will once in full possession of the Chinese CFO of one of the worlds largest winning smart phone technology institution, Huawei, will THREATEN the CFO and tell HER that she faces a lifetime in prison, without any hope of ever coming out in her entire life time, which all goes away if she does implicates her daddy and others in the back door conclusion American business need to assure they can leap past the firm, that hacked and stole our technology in the first place?

Today America is taking off the gloves and playing like her enemy. We are hacking them. We are destroying firms that would seek to hack our IP ( steal our trade secrets ) and use these IP’s to advance past our own IP today and then take our markets from us. Today without the gloves on anything goes to rogue nasty criminal nations seeking to win by theft of a nations wealth – the IP designs of her forward technology. Today America has NO MERCY for all that and the tools never used before are being applied for real. Just like they do in communist China to get a confession. Now US JUSTICE is tit for tat matching China ways and her means – starting with her all start theft in chief company -Huawei – TIT FOR TAT and ratchet that up and we will raise you by three.

We told you the USA has a full hand of a full house and China has two twos.

We told you that China has a multi year run on the nation.

Capital has left China by over one trillion dollar in future investments to neighbor hosting nations. Never to return.

Cash over ONE TRILLION has left in flight from China in 24 months and its markets have crashed to the floor.

Companies are running out of China – another trillion – or failed Chinese policies and lack of a USA new world wide trade deal – have in 24 month – beyond any China leadership planning expectation – lost over 3 TRILLION of GNP underwriting capital resources related to job creation and economic expansion. This RUN OUT OF CHINA is on going and irreversible.

Much of China’s trade with the USA is California based. California now with a net negative migration for two years is facing a RUN OUT OF CALIFORNIA that is historic economic disintermediation. We anticipate the long reported here RUN OUT OF CALIFORNIA into more rich lifestyle centers of the USA is irreversible of data my new book SUPER CHANGE reports to you about – out this October from publishers. SUPER CHANGE. Things are economically changing so fast in the new age of SUPER CHANGE that leaders are unable to adapt and be agile enough to predict and control future unfolding realities. California has no option but to DOWNSIZE as revenues are running out of the state itself with core population now declining for the first time in 200 years. Why is SUPER CHANGE IMPORTANT?

The 2020 election will be won or will be lost….by leadership that understand SUPER CHANGE …as 2020 is the first AI election …we’ll have lots more to report to you on that. Leadership of both camps – phone me? Without upgrades in AI super change strategies – what you did in the last election will fail 100% for sure if you don’t adapt to the SUPER CHANGE election – the first AI election of our life time. Folks it is not RUSSIA manipulating your final vote any longer – no sir – today it is AI that manipulates your vote – to those investing to back candidates asses their AI stratageic plan in the FIRST SUPER CHANGE election in history – or loss or  profit is so likely in your final outcome – call me I’ll make you smart quick. 


if I invented as Facebook core patents become public domain, a super change opportunity exists in 2019 – say you want in SUPER CHANGE 50% of Face book market share.

PERSONALBOOK – for personal content

BUSINESSBOOK – for business collaborations

Assure privacy outside any other platform.

With rules where 5000 friends was free in either and after buy in points to 10,000 – 20,000 – 30,0000 and up occured I would take market share from Face Book 2 billion and revenues that would lead the industry with just that one SUPER CHANGE ITEM – the specifications of which I have – but I’ll keep that unpublished in case a partner out there says – I’ll do it you AIA it for us we’ll code it and own it all together. I”M IN. Super Change. Bam the Kingdom of 2 billion subjects FACEBOOK loses half or more of its population in ONE SINGLE YEAR due to quality upgrading as technology generationally only offers ever MORE and MORE.

California can only prosper for its declining population IF California resides on state policy to sustain ever rising internal state consumption driven by state policies to propel exploding entrepreneur class in state – to drive the rising internal consumption.

California law makers are not self reliant free enterprise law makers. California law makers are borrow more than you make socialists. Cradel to grave make the largest state population dependant on the state for everything possible. To support the exploding cost of living or conducting business in California – now the worst state in the nation and perhaps the world to conduct business within – THE MOST HOSTILE STATE – to business – and the most pricey state to reside in with a life stye a standard of living that is declining at Super Change pace. California over taxing its population now drives the population in mass by tens of millions in ONE YEAR to leave the state and those who would migrate in to the state are choosing other better locations than California.

Jerry Brown socialistic LAWS in California while well intended from the law maker point of view are now creating a full on RUN on California – China’s largest most stable customer – and now about to go bankrupt. No state can pay its debts and bills to operate with a year after year net decline in POPULATION as the RUN OUT OF CALIFORNIA is creating. You have in California lifestyle factors that include:

  1. Run out of the State of California to other far better states due to tax and retained income – lower in California.
  2. Soaring housing cost that is not sustainable and housing in California with run out of state will super crash.
  3. Tax on everything else creates from gasoline to goos and services the highest pay out to live state of any USA state in the nation – population is RUNNING into a better life – California is now a nightmare state
  4. Fires – Draught – Earthquakes – Climate change – exploding taxes – declining roads communication brown outs with rolling electricity black outs – as California becomes a third world nation
  5. Customers of California can only see declines in trade as California population declines as the RUN OUT OF CALIFORNIA is picking up SPEED in a SUPER CHANGE Migration state law makers executing failed policy have no system to hold themselves accountable or change their toxic trend in socialist laws. China is shifting trade to other states and California is losing on its own self inflicted RUN OUT OF CALIFORNIA – last one out please turn off the lights in California state – and her trading partners are running OUT OF CALIFORNIA as well sensing defaults on bill paying is next. China already crashing has its own California nightmare coming up next.

SUPER CHANGE is here folks.

Super Change created the first ever global AI capital economy where AI not humans control 96% of 440 Trillion in capital flows across the world today – a new economy no nation has theory yet – to operate within – where even the FED see’s something massively new is under way in economics – hence their very smart pause to undermine system core stability – job # 1 for Super Change regulators.

Super Change created the first digital process to hack one anothers IP and now the digital counter attacks to any naton who violates DIGITAL RULE OF LAW – AI does all the hacking today and AI is protecting itself against AI the smarter AI in the AI arms race rules the world economically.

Read THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM to understand the SUPER CHANGE ECONOMICS we are discussing here. The planners in the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM are now caught in the full rip tides of SUPER CHANGE that challenge their plans as AI not the planners – now controls the NEW ECONOMICS no one has theory for yet – as SUPER CHANGED moved the 1000 year adam Smith economic theory into full on obsolescence.

Today the bullet mag lev super sonic tube travel is moving down the track in core economics with the G 100 nations throwing down track from the train cow catcher as they continue to pick up velocity.  No one has a clue as SUPER CHANGE is too fast and on going and no one – one now is ahead of Super Change.

See a short film on SUPER CHANGE as relates to entreprenuers and your venture growth plans and your prosperity outcomes from SUPER STAR of “THE SECRET” – CEO SPACE helped to launch – at 1.5 billion readers world wide – and mentor to 100 Fortune CEO’s – Mr. Bob Proctor on SUPER CHANGE:

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Consider bets in moving forward:

  1. China is in hard crash turf without a USA trade agreement.
  2. China has a  capital run out of nation due to failed communist economic policy – 3 trillion out and rising
  3. China has a chilling down graph on economics with no level or back up movement in over ten years now
  4. China had a period of sunrise and now is experiencing a period of sunset
  5. California the largest economy in the USA is now in permanent decline and soaring net population loss

Trillions are flowing out of CALIFORNIA and out of China.

Debt defaulting is next when sovereigns such as Italy or China default on some of the 66 trillion ( up from 33 trillion over 200 years to 2010 – in only 8 years we grew more debt on nations – and every other debt category than in – prior 200 years. 200 years 33 trillion only eight years 66 trillion rising to 100 trillion China and California leading the Debt parade.

China and California have rapidly aging populations to work force ratios – while young workers are relocating to superior job and lifestyle – a net loss to those two communities at SUPER CHANGE pace levels. The demographics of aging promise on going decline in China net economic outcomes ( without entrepreneur policy changes ) President XI call me. Or read REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – lots of Mau in that publication – keep what works throw out the rest. Keep your best throw out the rest.

Now a company say FACE BOOK or Google give one consumer vast powers at a click FOR FREE. The deal is we sign contracts AI data about our trend as a consumer – is used and sold – so we get the service FREE.

Now comes socialist democratic Gov Newsom. He proposes this very weekend  – lets pass a law that at least in our one state we get paid – so every consumer gets a DATA DIVIDEND for the use of their data. Now the California based company and all others doing business in California the most populated state – though now in a run out of the state with net decline in population – would with the SOCIALIST NET LAWS – require firms to charge a DATA DIVIDEND to their clients – to pay for the DATA DIVIDEND  AND TAX ON DIVIDEND Communist NEWSOM proposes – which will now drive more folks – the largest state employee firms – Facebook – Google – Sales Force and others as they all face a DATA DIVIDEND unless their lobby work can defeat the trend – cradle to grace state dependency for everything – as CALIFORNIA rapidly leads as a STATE WELFARE STATE that endlessly over taxes business where soon a BREATHING TAX I suggest NEWSOM Explore – as his TOXIC ENTREPRENEUR LAWS drive revenue job creating business to migrate out of the most TAX AND REGULATORY HOSTILE STATE IN THE WORLD TODAY – CALIFORNIA – and the Super Change migration of wealth and income out of the STATE OF CALIFORNIA promises debt defaulting without a California regulatory reset and SUPER BOND to insert TIME into this TIME BOMB of economics. California may be the first economically failed state in the USA History of economics. WAIT FOR IT….as the DATA TAX is a symptom of hostile entrepreneur laws that assure negative versus positive economic outcomes wherever hostile entrepreneur legislation unfolds in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE AI economics. WATCH CALIFORNIA the disaster is not trillions in fire damages over five years of time ot ditto for earth quakes and storm damage – no – it is rather the layers of hostile entrepreneur laws that are driving the back bone of California economics OUT OF STATE FOREVER never to return – like the sinking sound in China – the consequence of FAILED LEADERSHIP IN POWER. Forgive them all father for they know not what it is that they do economically……call me !

Super Change defines the prosperity of states nations and corporations. Management that has C suite SUPER CHANGE LEADERSHIP chose a circle of brains to lead – that learn faster – unlearn faster than that – and relearn even fasater than that – any lesser brains who dwell on the human super change fatal thinking error – THAT IS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT – perish in super change economics – while others thrive.


What is YOUR PROCESS to be brought fully current as a leader in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE for your future and life work?

Lack a process?

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Spring and summer of last year we predicted a shift in AI driven markets to non historic record breaking volatility. We suggested a FALL CORRECTION ( but not a SUPER CRASH like 2007 ) would occur – as a political item in the congress election. We predicted a last week Santa Clause Rally back up but were were wrong in May to December by only ONE WEEK in time – as the rally took place in the first days of January 2019.

We predicted the Federal Reserve Board was risking system core stability inside an entirely new AI economy the world had zero rules or play book to moderate. Old play books would no longer work. System instability appeared in the final quarter of 2018. As if a magic break man put the breaks on the economy we now show from 3% growth last summer rising to 5% growth – a reverse. Today experts predict 0 growth in the first quarter in AMERICA – that is zero growth. Globally where the 267 nations of the world deal with the pressure of all time record Debt at 66 Trillion ( READ THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM to appreciate debt used as political strategy and documented data on my WHY for suggesting the FED be simply merged back into US Treasury ). This book the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM may be the most important read of your adult lifetime ….IF….you want to know and understand the truth of the economics that is in fact the engine of everything else. We predicted POWELL AND TEAM would be forced to PAUSE as old tools and tactics destabilize new global AI economics at speeds never known before and outside charts to explain the new outcomes. Call me Chairman Powell.

The Fed has paused just in time or the new AI economy would move into Super Crash and THAT could still occur yet.

We predicted that IF voters elected a democratic majority at this point in time the following outcomes would occur:

  1. Congress would step into grid lock like never seen before
  2. Nancy Pelosi would plan and execute election timed IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS against Donald Trump.
  3. Donald Trump will be impeached by the house and the charges will if you look under the hood be the same exactly as Bill Clinton – pay back in fact.
  4. America will lose trillions in forward economics while the congress fails to conduct the business OF the people and in stread conducts its own 2020 agenda to win back the entire congress and the white house – as no stakes as to WHO will steal from the largest economy on earth – exists.
  5. Small business in America will be largely unaffected. Record new business start ups will be formed. Record employment will occur in small business space CEO SPACE Serves in 150 nations ( our next Business Growth Conference is in Dallas March 23rd – you all should be on site to make money behind an economic safe harbor ).

We also wish to point out that 70% of the world and America has been under record breaking winter snow and ice. Temperatures set cold records – at 30 below zero across much of the USA. Tahoe typically records a high to date of 57 inches of Snow. They report record snows now at over 500 inches and it is snowing right now as yet another super cold arctic layer shuts down millions of business’s this winter as no winter in modern history. How much of lower GNP is simply WINTER WEATHER? Answer about 90% of it.

The cold has been blistering and life taking. Record deaths in America. Covering more of America into the South than ever in record keeping. For more days. One after another after another from New York to snow in San Diego – record cold at Academy Awards ( I was just out there and BRRRRR to my birth state ) SNOW Shut LAS VEGAS AIRPORT ( I mean really what did that cost Vegas on that weekend ? ) Two more March weeks of record cold hit 70% of American land mass. It is all why “I” live in Florida – best standard of living – lower cost for everything – and warm all the time. Perfect. Plus gasoline is lowest in 49 states – yahoo.

My good choice.

We predicted in 2017 California would have a net negative migration reversing 200 years of migration into California. In 2018 California saw the first net negative migration EVER. More folks moved out of California than moved in or where born in. Taxes, over priced housing, highest cost of living in the world, home owners have to be net energy zero at thier own cost by date in time – worst business tax and regulatory environment than all by a dozen of foreign nations and worse than all 49 states – nose diving education – once # 1 in education and roads – when I moved out – now around 37 and declining down down down. Now millions are simply trading up for their happier and better quality of life itself outcomes. I wrote WILL THE LAST PERSON TO LEAVE CALIFORNIA PLEASE TURN OFF THE LIGHTS? Why? the killer fires are all caused with find out by faulty maintenance on PG@E largest power provided on earth – now in Bankruptcy as it can’t provide damages to the fires it created over years of time. Millions moving into California have done a U turn and are moving into better option states for economic advantages which are huge. Millions more are leaving California. How does cash strapped California pays its bills with year after year population tax payer net decline by millions of tax payers leaving California. Which brings me to my quote from Redemption the Cooperation Revolution 5 stars on Amazon – back ordered but they fill em over 72 hours not  to worry and the quote to world leaders is:

….no nation or state or community  can prosper outside a strategy of ever rising internal consumption by consumers in nation created and assured by state or national policies to foster explosive development of in jurisdiction entrepreneur class – to drive the ever rising consumption and prosperity……..

California was when I left the state decades in the past # 1 in transportation systems # 1 in education ( thank you Pat Brown Jerry’s famous father I knew and loved ) and the # 1 most business friendly state. Today California is over a single generation ONE of  the WORST in all those categories – owning the crown jewel today of the SINGLE MOST HOSTILE STATE TO CONDUCT SMALL BUSINESS INSIDE OF.

Business is net negative leaving California. This is too important to ignore as a trend. Today job creating and tax paying business is leaving California – the worst most unfriendly space to conduct business within – and is relocating to most friendly states a number with zero state income tax versus Californias 10% business income tax and 10% inventory annual tax and sales taxes on top of all that and in the end – business is taxed out of the California landscape.

Without a shift in Policy we see states like Illinois and California dying in red ink and creating first State BANKRUPTCY as they default on their city and state bond debt. Investors holding California assets are well advised to mitigate risk moving forward. Shift into BLACK STATE BONDS like Ohio and Florida and depart from RED INK negative debt riddled states with state income falling due to net exit migrations as a ….future trend. Remember you heard this here first.

Check it out with your own licensed investment professionals as we report trends but we never not ever give investment advice…we are reporting under free speech our opinion based on our research and data for you to consider as one item of incoming against your many others. You ultimately decide with professional input always required to sort out future action in fact.

Our job is to help our readers across over 100 nations today to have superior information to THINK it all through with.

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Warren Buffet turns in about his worst loses and earnings EVER. As the group punishes other CEO’s on such outcomes – they told their investors your looking at a tree and not our entire forest? Hey the entire forest is on fire. Warren.

So can old men with formulas remain relevant in the new unfolding AI economy – an economy that defies all old rules and is NEW -FRESH – DYNAMIC – EVOLVING. Watching old brains try to keep CURRENT in the new age of SUPER CHANGE is a score card we keep like betting on a horse track. Who is investing to stay CURRENT in the C suite and who is not – doing it just the way they always have to a risk they have never experienced. Why did the sage of Omaha and Charlie fail their test to lead out front fully current and drive their investors at Berkshire Hathaway once a failing garment firm – into such massive never seen before year end LOSS? Boys phone me.

Never in human history has core economics shed the old like a snake skin and created the new – it is like a caterpillar ( not the company in Illinois reporting record earnings in fact  ) but the insect as it transforms into a butterfly a new species to that crawling guy and it flies.

The economy of the world has left in 2013 everything every University ever taught you.

Today the new AI economy is evolving with the speed of self learning programing soon to be a new species of self aware and self educating life. Today 96% of 440 Trillion Dollars circulates globally outside any system of nation, law, or regulation, or model for core economics – without any human control or governance. The AI of Citi Corp wars with AI of Credit Swiss and with Bank of China and with 10,000 super money pools – where just Blackrock and Carlyle – say two out of what THOUSANDS – where the two alone with their all AI in now – manage over 13 trillion ( more than the majority of nations – say Pakistan has a total of 8 billion capital reserves which is nothing for a nation so large  ) and two private money managers control Pacific oceans of money flowing in or out of nations at 13 trillion – when leveraged properly control 300 trillion circulating in leveraged and margin bets.

NEW ECONOMY THEORY has yet to be invented although I’ve been screaming at Harvard about it all – in fairness I hold the record for canceling more key note speeches than any other player ever. I’m busy Harvard. Send the plane.

I miss my buddy John Nash as together I know he would as Nobel Winner – been all over the shift into new theory.

World government and investors need new theory to be safe.

While the core economy post world war II is dead and buried …and the NEW AI ECONOMY is born and rising dominating capital flow dynamics – the central bankers as you will read about in the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM book at Amazon have no clue…really….hey Powell Call me. You engage Jeff Magee at the Fed and I mentor Jeff. Call me.


  1. NANCY CALL ME – impeaching President Trump is a failed strategy – will not produce the outcomes you desire most – and will as your PLAN unfolds pose a risk for super crash and CASCADE or debt default in soveriegns keeping the IMF and World Bank up at night. Hey phone me. You need to lead in the NEW AI ECONOMY for the first priority – system stability in the NEW AI ECONOMIC – as system stability is the GAME RISK in the rip tide of old tools and economic play books failing when inserted into the NEW AI economic landscape.
  2. A G 100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION hosted on the BIG ISLAND of Hawaii – see state legislator JERRY CHANG for free land and resources the state would provide. A three year new treaty for nations in COOPERATION forever discarding COMPETITION as a form of human insanity – driven by integrity – will produce a NO NATION LEFT BEHIND PLANET WIDE BOX TOP RULE UPGRADE for regulatory frame work tx and trade and centuries of prosperity for all 10 billion soon of US – we the people.
  3. Merge Central banks back into your treasuries – read KILLING OF UNCLE SAM for the WHY benefits to nations.
  4. Legalize Drugs world wide to state high quality stores and taxation while offering FREE from those taxes recovery for all – and put black marketing or drugs in jail for minimum 25 year sentences once its all legal globally. Between the cost of the war on drugs and exploding use world wide- why continue the LOSS NO NATION CAN AFFORD TODAY – legalize drugs and remove stigmas and whenever applied drug USE drops like a stone on graphs and charts and so does CRIME. The war on drugs failed and nations can not afford the cost…do the new economy math.
  5. Nations need to remove competition at core – starting together as one from the conference to remove terror and violence as RULE OF GLOBAL LAW is sane and those who are insane are deleted or locked up. Making us all safe again in a world where our mind set is not a backfire on a truck may be a terror event in say Orlando. GUN laws in Australia with lower crime – should be globally adopted where gun owners must keep guns under lock and key – and its checked – keeping us all safe.

We can do this 5 to thrive – but if we do not get the G 100 together – the system will CASCADE into sovereign nation debt defaulting – AI liquidity or buy orders will evaporate – liquidity evaporation day – or LED DAY. The way out here is reset sovereign nation debt with SUPER BONDS via one of  the largest sovereign nation bond law firm – on earth – call Roel Campos the father of SUPER BOND THEORY where in the NEW AI ECONOMY – TIME as our Fed just realized – is the missing ASSET FOR STABILITY – time itself.

As I chat with economists world wide – I find so many KNOW we have transmuted into an entire new AI economic system without any theory or rules. Everyone is so frustrated in debates – there is NO new economy versus humbug of course there IS.

Again you heard it all first….as always since 1988 to today – right here on line. Share this blog with leaders who are readers in your own circle and subscription is always FREE and privacy is absolutely protected.

Today we track the next enormous RISK FOR SUPER CRASH AND WORLD WAR as the system and banks stop on a time in AI driven LED DAY – and that risk is GRID LOCK AND IMPEACHMENT of Donald Trump on world economic theater. As the political theater final act is no impeachment as the senate controlled by republicans lacks the votes to secure final impeachment verdicts. So the exercise is APPEARANCE for the ELECTIONS and it all follows the Bill Clinton Play book – because it worked in the old economy. The risk ( noting the move fails in the end ) wastes opportunity time – economic prosperity – and security in America and the entire world.

As far as I can tell from last week with Cohen against North Korea and China last week – Cohen won in the press. The press is last week 80% to this weekend – setting TRUMP UP as an immoral unethical unworthy leader based upon not news but persecution by press never seen – and we have seen some really bad stuff – but in the new AI global news markets all reflecting the new AI ECONOMY – the united focus is 2020 and removing Trump so the powers of state return to old guard management.

A huge parting of the Red sea has taken place.

On one side is old guard super money.

On the other side is reformer super money wishing for progressive reforms.

To really understand the math and economics reading THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM which is the killing of the world order of the future to preserve the world order of the past – helps you see the data all in one book. You heard that here and spread the book to your circle…information is only powerful if YOU POSSESS the true data the true information.

As you read the book  – know some of the folks inside I knew well or know well.

Read that book folks. Order on Amazon you will comment into this blog I hope as you read it.

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Look forward to the reality from the famous poem…..ALL GROWTH OCCURS IN THE SPRING……









Lets review the facts about Cohen Licensed Attorney professional law practice New York City:

  1. Cohen represents wealthy clients personal business issues.
  2. Cohen accepts millions in legal Fees from Donald Trump who is protected by client attorney privilege.
  3. Michael Cohen receives subpoena from special prosecutor.
  4. Knowing HE IS smarter than Nazi Bobby in a suit Cohen calls into democrat Bobby’s PERJURY TRAP
  5. Knowing a BOBBY closed loop Perjury indictment IS coming Cohen in press flip flops on Trump
  6. Cohen then is indicted and deals with Nazy Bobby Boy to get jail time to lowest possible level.
  7. Cohen has ZERO CRIMINAL EVIDENCE on Trump over 1000 of files over years of time…so he lies on “stuff”.
  8. Cohen led by Nazi Bobbi Special Prosecutor next meets Nancy Pelosi and House Democratic leaders.
  9. Directed and produced by Pelosi and Bobby Cohen FRAMES TESTIMONY to a record to beat trump in 2020.
  10. The mean spirited REVENGE Billion watching political theater – has Trump client attorney rights and freedoms any one paying legal fee’s relies upon totally trashed – as Cohen now protecting his own JAIL TIME DEAL three years versus 30 years – as Nazi Bobbi made so clear to Cohen disbarred from lar 24 hours before testifiying as .convicted felon who pled guilty to multiple multiple lying – now is SET UP by the Democrats to to keep his jail time safe – with threat of 27 more years of jail time IF the Federal Government under justice Czar Nazi Bobbi Boy does not get his pound of flesh – in HE SAID SHE SAID – no law broken – but still over and over Cohen said – NO COLLUSION WITH RUSSIA none.t

Cohen breaks legal protection of client attorney privilege and turns evidence as Trump Lawyers over to the committee none of which is a CRIME item in any way. The Goal is that Nancy Pelosi directing these proceedings to diminish AMERICA EFFORTS to secure a NUKE DEAL with North Korea to keep world PEACE SAFE – no mercy – no a day before or after the most historic peace talks since WORLD WAR II – NO WAY – maximum prime time theft – to HE SAID SHE SAID in political theater with the # 1 watched SUPER STAR celebrity on Earth the TRUMP BRAND.

Bash the brand.

Chip away at that brand.

Imagine if you…yes you…were set up like this by the most powerful government upon the earth. Framed in the court of public appearance. To move voters in 2020 to vote for anyone BUT TRUMP. To secure legal appearance paper work to enable an impeachment trial to also assure Trump fails in 2020 – but the sheer weight of the POLITICAL WATER. Pay back for Bill Clinton silly wasteful impeachment…..and with democate leadership who suffered in those political theater SET UPS BY REPUBLICANS….


No end till the election.

Mean spirited.

Border line legal.

And not the AMERICAN real justice we all desire and require.

Manipulated JUSTICE IS NOT MY dream for America.

Not by a very long ways.

Nancy and democrats had a hemorrhage with their ONE BILLION WATCHING – half with anyone else but full up within Nancy Bobby SET UP to frame BOBBY BOYS report – all written and everything- ready to go to Justice closing the most costly wasteful political special prosecutor once and for all so BOBBY can return to super big buck income as reward for his service to the controlling party now in power. Why did Bobby and Nancy have a STROKE this week?

Off Script for Pelosi:

  1. Sir do you know about any films with Russian hookers that PUTIN can blackmail Trump with – NO SIR I DO NOT – and that is nail in the coffin over and over NO COLLUSION with Russia two years in to democrate witch hunt paying back Clinton saga. NO COLLUSION on the record.
  2. Sir did you go to prague ( we have the tapes and film ) again to nail Trump – no sir I did not – I stay around Long Island New York sir never been to Prague meetings. Smashing theory on collusion to the floor boards democrats like bears swiping paws  at air – even the liar can’t lie and nail TRUMP in fact growl implied. Bear Growls.
  3. Did Trump ask you to lie to congress – no sir. Did that on my own now going to prison for that perjury trap I fell into that Nazi Bobbi Boy set up for the opposition party – now I’m stuck with multi million dollar book tv and film deals plus speaking gigs …and I’ll get out early its all good – for the Cohen family due to Trump celebrity fame boys and girls. Take millions from Trump for TEN YEARS then betray Trump for my own jail time reduction and trade on opposition who control TV media and publishing assured of huge multi million dollar contracts for 2020 election winning – Cohen the SUPER STAR – his ego could to say no – every mud sling at Trump elevates his audiance who hate Trump by the tens of millions although – an equal number adore and love Trump in this ballet of political pre SET UP and the FRAME IS IN – theater.
  4. Did you rehearse your SET UP to this congress testimony with democratic leadership ( who hate Trump ) YES SIR I did my rehearsal for the words today with Democratic leadership and their puppy doggie Nazi Bobbi Boy prosecutor in Nancy’s pocket we call Justice when its as far from justice as a Chinese Court Room by the communist ruling power or MBS trying Khashoggi’s killers – about as justice and fair as THAT in the USA.
  5. I say again do you have any evidence on Russian Collusion – no sir I do not.

Well then off script save for the name calling is my free speech right to say now that is not going to pardon me, no longer paying millions to me, THAT, Trump is a bad man in my opinion – Trump has moods and gets angry at times – Trump is a liar cheat a racist and no black should vote for Trump and no republican should vote for Trump for Trump will bring you all down – look at ME – as a perfect person in New York striped disbarred Attorney and that is all Trumps fault none of that is my fault you’ll all see – I’m a good redeemed Betrayer liar con man fixer and I ask you to believe me that Trumt and his entire family are spans of Satan pure evil upon the earth out and to find out just HOW EVIL and how BAD Trump is…why read my book series – binge watch my television show COHEN and watch the theatrical film – THE TRUMP YEARS. Make me millions and I’ll show you name calling only a nasty true mother fucker like myself can ever pull out of his hat and look – I just fucked the DEMOCRATS totally on a global billion watching without adding one month to my own jail time…..remember that song I see John and Abraham and Martin? They will have to add Michael now.

Almost with a smirk Michael Cohen leaves the theater play house – believing …why I”ll win an Academy Award for this act and make millions off the Trump Brand – I hated law anyway – now I can be THE FIXER and no law restrains me when I return back to business as usual…this time for democrats as I am disloyal anyway and now everyone knows THAT.

The Michael Cohen Story dominated news this week – legally Michael Cohen gets F in front of congress – as all of us on all isle sides get how PREDICTABLE this 30 years or do it our way testimony – in US JUSTICE – was FRAMED IN AND SET UP by Cohens own under oath admission….the democrats made me do it.

Is this the way YOU want America Justice to be really…..I mean really…..?




Trump walks away from North Korea demanding absolute sanction end now on promise x y z happens maybe later…as a Trump wrong sequence son – revise yours to milestones for billions and I”ll say YES. Experts all wrong ( again ).

Media dances around Stormy Daniels and Cohen as IF political theater was either legal or even important. History is not going to remember that much about an old worn out D level porn star and her sellf promotion. In HE SAID SHE SAID high school recess yard drama WHO CARES against what is REALLY IMPORTANT priorities for our nation and the business of the nation. CONGRESS stop wasting money and time on election 2020 and political theater. GET TO WORK and conduct and complete the BUSINESS OF THE PEOPLE starting with congress criminal dereliction of constitution mandate – PASS A USA BUDGET as required by law – lest TORT LAWYERS impeach you in the largest class action – the MOTHER OF TORTS with millions of 94% ranking your Congress approval and grade as F – in 2019 – failing grade with 94% of all voters even after yesterday –  ( F- minus grade for Congress ). DO THE WORK YOU WERE ELECTED TO DO…..cut how the show.


Facts you won’t see while every channel on earth focuses on Cohen, who admitted he was rehearsed practiced and scripted by Pelosi’s team and special prosecutor BOBBY BOY – so that his already done REPORT to be released and never see any light of day – finding zero Russia Collusion – burning through over 100 million dollars of tax payer fully allocated cost – indicting all the Presidents buddies on Perjury Traps – on Taxes now not civil but criminal – creating appearance by associations as a political pay back for the same silly things with President Bill Clinton – as in America the pendulum always swings BACK.  The prize is the 2020 congress and President where power to WHO LEGALLY STEALS from the largest economy on earth versus WHO DOES NOT STEAL from this public tax payor conveyor belt  – will be decided as it it was not manipulated by super money.

Meanwhile in NOT REPORTED in any FRONT PAGE NEWS WORLD WIDE THE FOLLOWING IS FACT reported here first and tracked here until the only front page news is the ultimate terror event – EBOLA. Imagine if 6 only half a dozen ISIS lap top – suit and tie – terrorist VISIT CONGO and get suicide infected with Ebola and now with good travel docs – in best suits and ties – visit say at breakfast lunch and dinner – buffet lines across the EU in say 20 leading economies and in China and Japan.

Ebola would infect tens of millions in 90 days.

The world would quarantine travel

Markets would super crash.

Trade would stop.

Marshall law would be declared….everywhere.

No Nuke could kill more or kill faster.


Friday March 1st Ebola is out of control in Congo – and has been – in the worlds WORST EBOLA out break in history. All Ebola outbreaks have been worse than the prior outbreaks.

The last Ebola outbreak reached the EU and America.

President Obama in part from our input to the USA STATE DEPARTMENT ( taking place and repeating from  CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL and to the White House  – is taking place again – Obama sent troops to beat back the last outbreak. It took US and Global forces


  1. Last summer a huge Ebola outbreak took place in Congo.
  2. Radical insurgents have been killing the World Health Workers – and destroying medicines.
  3. This six months of armed attack on WHO WORKERS has made tracking . essential to control and containment – impossible.
  4. The last week of February WHO WORKERS were attacked and killed Monday Tuesday and Weds in Congo.
  5. By Friday over four peak infected patients ran for their lives and now are infecting unknown numbers along with others infected and never diagnosed because – WHO WORKERS are running for THIER LIVES.

Meanwhile the world Media reports about political theater – rehearsed as 2020 election strategy by democrats following the precise play book of republicans with President Bill Clinton to win the White House for George Bush.


While PAY BACK and POLITICAL THEATER are being PELOSI job well done girl executed – the USA is under the largest security threat of all time.

Economics can not survive a massive EBOLA infection.

Bin Laden stated – while we can not beat America militarily they remain vulnerable for we can BANKRUPT THEM…..

We see SUPER POWERS as POOF – anyone recall that SOUND BITE ? Chilling and true in 2019 March.

Do we need to send troops to Congo to contain Ebola?

The answer….


Keep in mind as you pour over Stormy Daniels HE SAID SHE SAID ( which I say who the fuck cares and why is THAT important – at all to anyone ) ?  You heard the EBOLA story first and repeatedly like MBS being a sociopathic dangerous ruler seeking a NUKE the other EBOLA is MBS….you heart those stories first right here.

The TRUTH about what is REALLY…..GOING ON OUT …….THERE ( world wide priorities in economic realities ).


Note: Your vote matters – write your leaders to SUPPORT WITH TROOPS BRINGING CONGO EBOLA UNDER CONTROL and send those letters in today…..the priority …if not acted upon…is the billion that will die or more and the economics of a WORLD DEPRESSION brought upon the nations of the world for misplaced priorities- when there still was time – as TIME on the EBOLA clock is running down now in Congo…..that is a FACT you can take to your own grave.





I never thought in my lifetime I would see political theater more mean spirited and nasty than the last President Bill Clinton to leave America economics in the black, in surplus, paying down on our debts. Really. Impeached on national television for a personal item in the Oval that has no business in our lives at all. In my opinion. Really? One of our truly great President leaving the USA in the full BLACK INK having a surplus every year earning more than USA spent – being racked over political theater – to win the White House for George Bush. Is that the AMERICA we want?

Now we have the President meeting in Vietnam where we lost a war, with the President of North Korea no President has talked to since the Korean War in the 1950’s. Nuclear Hydrogen Bombs have been perfected by the current President of North Korea bringing him into the nuclear family of nations. Threat from North Korea has fallen off a cliff from President Trump and his team for the first time since the Korean War ended. Peace is breaking out and ramping up.

President Trump may be nominated for the Nobel Peace Price.

Today we see bought and paid for Press 90% defining a disrespect for a sitting American President trying to REFORM bought and paid for politics and economics, not seen with any prior President ever in history. Today we see convicted perjurer – liar – con man – appear before the United States Congress. The Special Prosecution team have set up the statements that Cohen will deliver today – rehearsed them all like movie parts. Nancy Pelosi has secured what she needs to impeach so Cohen gives her that sound bite detail. What is the worst – as NORTH KOREA is historically removed as a nuke threat by the sitting President the world loves to absolutely hate or adore ?

Cohen Before Jail:

  1. That Trump personally paid for Stormy Daniels – we knew that.
  2. That Trump knew he was in failed negotiations to build a Moscow Trump Tower that went no where – we knew that ?
  3. Implications Trump lied from the liar. He said – she said – as both deny the other is telling the truth.
  4. Admission in Congress today – yes I was prepared in my rehearsed testimony by leading democrates.
  5. Yes I was set up and rehearsed by BOBBY special prosecution for todays political theater.


Evidence not of illegality but of personal HIGHLY PAID LEGAL ATTORNEYeWORK protected by Client Attorney privilege under the law only not PROTECTED under any laws today in congress with full on political theater to effect 2020 election. Most but not all voters on all sides moderate for the MESS we have today versus THE BEST WE HAD during say the Dirckson Scoop Jackson years ( I age date myself here ) wish to return to as HIGHER STANDARDS. The off to prison liar manipulator fatally self absorbed – has his day seeking to redeem as he says his stature and later books and movie deals and speaking fee’s for the truly huge money – with the American box office. COHEN IS INSIDE SPECIAL PROSECUTOR DOUBLE LINES AND DEMOCRATE SELF ADMISSIONS ON SET UP TO CONGRESS TESTIMONY TO ASSURE a) HE HAS NO JAIL TIME ADDED TO HIS SENTENCE AND b) THAT HE MAKES MILLIONS ON BOOK FILM AND SPEAKING CONTRACTS TO FOLLOW in his self interest pathologies to TRADE UP FOREVER on his relationship with Trump – the leading brand on earth – to MAKE MONEY FOR HIMSELF from todays’ staring role in Congress Feb 27th SET UP POLITICAL THEATER – and I”m sad for AMERICA over it. Nancy seeks to use the SET UP for President making in 2020 into office before the election.

  1. Economic Recovery for Cohen using today and his  Prison TIME to write up his  book, movie, and speaking deals, to set up his largest earnings in life as TRUMP BETRAYER – playing off fame wealth and power in one of the most famous brands ( love him or hate him ) since Elvis Presley or perhaps the most famous Brand bigger than say QUEEN……TRUMP !

So the President is in North Korea making real global full on  history for world peace for REAL. The weight of news on Cohen and TRUMP bashing over shadows any history in Vietnam …a reverse of a decade back or so before todays level of agenda. READ THE KILLING OF AMERICA from Amazon and globally you’ll wake up to what IS taking place from the bucks controlling it all ( data documented completely ) in YOUR NATION in 2019. A MUST READ and spread the word on THAT BOOK – trust me for the smarts it gives you when reading news today.

Nancy Pelosi has timed the Cohen event ( as the political master she truly is at the top ) and coordinated the date with the prosecution to secure the final report from the special prosecutor related to Trump’s team colluding with Russia to manipulate American voters. She has assured she got on congress record the sound bites she required for impeachment prosecutions as in the reverse with Clinton. All a great shame for the EXAMPLE AMERICA is missing as opportunity to the world.

Two years and a castrated FBI seen as corrupt to the bone marrow with the CIA ( read the KILLING OF THE USA FOR DATA on Both ) – and 100 million dollars of special prosecution pure waste – our poor could have better used – we se e indictments for prosecution in PRE SET UP  perjury traps – indictments for lying – indictments for tax issues which are civil not criminal in fact – but no indictments for Russia anything. How political “IS: all this unlike any prior event even Bill Clintons absolutely SILLY Impeachment trial by Republicans? Is Trumps endless bashing a feature of Democratic tit for tat pay back.

Right as India attacks first time Pakistan on their own soil and Pakistan returns fires for first time on India soils as the shooting war between two nuke powers – could go nuke this week or next – and we focus upon Cohen in root to jail line by line rehearsed testimony as a last Bobby Boy Special Prosecutor shoe up Trumps ass hole to Congress before he releases his already drafted REPORT ( no one will ever see ) and returns to multi million dollar consulting board positions country club parties and yachts. Bob wants to return to the MONEY PRESTIGE LIFE having made history that will be forever reported and reviewed in University POLI SCI Classes for generations.

Bob has made history. For himself.

The President is out making history for America – history in North Korea – History in China – working all night on History to resolve issues in India and Pakistan – keeping in mind MBS King of Saudi the mother of all wars starting with 911 just left Pakistan with his political agena for nukes – dropping 20 Billion Dollars off setting all American funding slow downs, and another 100 million to Hindu Buddhist India seeking Nukes over there. MBS wants to NUKE IRAN before Iran nukes Saudi. Both have the missiles to do just that right now. Only nukes are missing and both are shopping in a race against time.

Remember you read this fact – first here – in the world as always. Keep it mind for when the world press catch up.

The Press is helping Cohen get his big bucks book and movie speaking deals lined up today – while not reported is the unfolding world war III saga – started in digital pearl harbor attacks in 9/11 – continued digitally today.

Historically what created the FALL OF ROME…????? The most powerful rule of law nation until the British Empire?

Those opposing Roman rule acquired through stealth defections and engineering THE WEAPONS OF ROME.

Today by hacking the enemies of America have:

  1. Acquired the WEAPONS OF AMERICA – nukes – stealth super sonics – AI – hacking it all
  2. America now faces the GAP CLOSING on end game pathologies to world change via AI it invented

But we watch Cohen in carefully designed ELECTION 2020 political theater. Congress with a 6% approval rating where 94% of all American Voters HATE HATE HATE the failure of the US congress to pass annual budgets and conduct the business of the people by the people for the people and of the people. A complete SIT COM Saturday Night Live World Joke after today. Every convict going to jail gets to soap box in congress to advance that …I DID NOT REALLY DO BAD THINGS OUTSIDE MY BLIND LOYALTY TO TRUMP. My questions – what did you get year  paid by Trump each year from day one — next year — next year — did you ever return any of that fantastic income Donald Trump entrusted you with as one of his many attorney’s? You spent it all. On lavish life styles you never knew before. Now to reduce your jail time you will say ( as a liar convict ) anything – do anything – to reduce years and years from your jail time?

Lets all watch that as if Moses was bringing tablets to Congress from God himself.

What wrong with today as we see the President team, flip the finger to the special prosecutor and the many fired FBI leaders for political corruption of US JUSTICE ( no one goes to jail for that larger crime ) as the TRUMP TEAM historic work is over taken by news everywhere on liar Cohen such that we lose track of:

  1. North Korea and the historic moment of magnitude to this outcome unfolding
  2. China trade deal framing Japan EU and the world to follow
  3. Revised Nafta and billions on the US side
  4. Reduced invasions at our boarder as never in recent years
  5. Venezuela change without war
  6. Pakistan India issues unfolding
  7. Iran deals to follow North Korea

Seven and the world moves into heaven ….while we focus on liar criminal ( for real ) Cohen….who made his last tricky deal with Bobby Boy to assure he ….did a short easy white color stint in prison…writing his book with a million dollar or more advance – movie deals for millions …and lecture deals…..worth many millions more……with the book an election year final law book up Trumps ass hole by his old trusted attorney who would not stay bought in self interest. Did Cohen make the best choice for himself? He wants in the end his own CELEBRITY STATUS – perhaps his own TV show.

Folks – follow the money in all this scripted political theater to manipulate votes.

The Truth?

Folks in all nations today – given the bias of reporting – we have to uncover the TRUTH for ourselves. What is real. Spin. Wrong. Right? Illegal ?

Most of what I hear about Trump ( and I”m neutral always economic never political ) but I think when I hear it – whats wrong with that? Is NOT that what a rich guy would do? He didn’t break any laws. SO WHAT? I view policy on economic outcomes as good or bad regardless of party. Good economics. Bad economics. Because folks in the end it is all economics.



Well I have for contempt of court criminal act related to a public broker selling a legal junk bond for  87,000 dollars = no fraud – no security law violation – not taking any money or mis- using any money – no – none of that – for criminal contempt of court (the lowest level category of any criminal allegation – related to what the prosecution told the jury that  I as founder of the Public Brokerage firm I had resigned from – that prosecution SET UP stated that I  SHOULD HAVE KNOWN related to a risk in the junk bond sold by a public brokerage firm. At the time of the crime I was an outside consultant making $ 3500 a month – on unrelated issues –  to the public brokerage firm. I did not own stock. I did not vote stock. I was not on the Board of directors as a control person. I was not an employee. I was not an officer. I was not a director. I was not a control person under the law.

The Jury was told by the prosecution I was the single and only control person – no employee President Chairman ( an security Attorney ) . JUST ME the consultant. This false statement to the jury related to my voting control of the firm was in fact false and prosecution  fraud to that jury  in my opinion by the prosecution to the jury. Upon conviction federal guide lines for the lowest crime level in federal criminal code, is probation no jail time. The prosecution then violated my constitutional rights and having successfully as the most powerful prosecution machine in human history – ENHANCED THE SENTENCE to outcomes the jury never heard or voted upon to secure a multi year jail term with huge fines restitution and penalties. In America convicted for an 87,000 dollar contempt of court jury trial, I was sentenced to hard time in chain gang Alabama, for years of jail time with fines and restitution of over $ 1,000,000 for the crime of $ 87,000.00.  This ABUSE OF PROSECUTION is now fully  precluded tp be a clear violation of constitution protection as abusive prosecution today…as defined by years back  Supreme Court RULING AND LAW – in  the now famous  Apprendi Case before the US SUPREME COURT that such constitutional violations may not occur forward in time to anyone else. I was a long time before that protection became due to wholesale prosecution abuse of their powers – became Supreme Court Law telling prosecutors CUT IT OUT. . When constitutional abuse of my rights was “legal” I got killed by the abuse allowed back in the 1980’s.

I’m not bitter.  I’m grateful to BE an AMERICAN where second chances for Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels occur and for Berny Dohrmann too. This is the most amazing nation. When Justice is broken – as it is in America –what is RIGHT ABOUT AMERICA will always repair and fix what is WRONG AND BROKEN WITH AMERICA over time. That is my belief and I”m sticking to it. I BELIEVE IN MY AMERICA WITH ALL MY HEART AND ALL MY SOUL.

Now America free  of any Russian Collusion  and  not in an 87,000 dollar high risk junk bond item in court, but rather in a 100 million dollar outlay of tax payer revenues to reach Congress today with Cohen pre jail testimony – which if it does not go just right – his jail deal is revoked as we have seen with others. He testifies prepared by democrats in political theater under THREAT to maximally GET TRUMP.


Nazis created Justice as did KGB where due process was – give evidence on your mother your father your brother your circle or your friends and we won’t put you into death camps. Faced with the STATE VILIFICATION MACHINE and never ending press bashing – any human just wants it all to stop. There is no innocent to proven guilty. Indictments mean the prosecution can as KGB and NAZI SS SECRET POLICE ( FBI ) leak – sound bite and slam GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY until proven innocent at about 1% of all prosecutions as the SYSTEM is 99% your done. Is this the America hope and promise or constitution you desire and require?

Hey if it had not happened to me personally….I would never have believed how it all works right now before reforms…myself….and unlike the tribe that just wants it all to stop – where in my “crime” my best friend from four years of age was the prosecutor – as it was also personal. I refused to plea period. When you refuse their plea they throw two books at you….the prosecution lead counsel leaned back in his chair at start of trial and whispered to me alone – NO MERCY. I could read those lips….and there was no mercy as I failed to plea GUILTY under their threats – and in governments across  the world I believe today folks in HIGH PLACES convicted by Bobby special prosecutor – would not go to jail where others all free would in other nations  for real crimes against the constitution be in prison in fact …and my question why are none of the real crooks going to jail? Banks? Wallstreet Firms? Read THE KILLING OF AMERICA and that one book will inform you why.

…are you more or less afraid of your own government today than you were only ten years ago…….be honest !

…what if Cohen where You and YOUR FAMILY with press on the lawn – what if it all where YOU what would you do with such threat ? What if YOU JUST WANTED IT TO STOP AND KEEP YOUR REDUCED JAIL TIME IN YOUR DEAL?

Trump? Doesn’t care if he wins a second term as the history and pay rise to him if he loses is a relief. Meanwhile he gets reform creates challenge and enemies and disrespected like no President Ever – billions can simply NOT watch TRUMP enough – like ROYALS watching hate or adore Trump either way – no one can get ENOUGH of what comes next to the HIGH ENTERTAINMENT of the top sit com in world history – THE WHITE HOUSE 2019. Trump will fight as we all know. Trump doesn’t care about Cohen today but Trump is sad for Cohen and his family…in private ….I suspect.

Republicans impeached Bill Clinton for nothing.

Democrats impeach Trump in response. PREDICTABLE POLITICAL THEATER all such a waste of doing the buisnes of the people in respect so missing today.

REMEMBER you can only cooperate inside INTEGRITY. Remove integrity as the real crises we saw today – WHAT INTEGRITY. The crises in INTEGRITY globally makes ME sad. You?


PS: I do not believe Cohen is a criminal nor should this attorney have gone to jail…but in America today…..if the most powerful nation on earth wants you….your done. Believe me I am secure that I personally well know THAT ! As an American I am sorry in fact Cohen is going to prison sorry for his family and more. As to character and personal integrity I think Cohen is WEAK not a criminal is all and in other nations he would be FREE in my opinion.







The SEC charges Elron Musk with Contempt of Court today – for tweet decks on share value from the controlling shareholder – that are not approved by his board by prior agreement. I reached out to Elron Musks lead counsel on these matters ( also CEO SPACE long time counsel and a leader cross mentoring together for decades ). I suggested if Elron needs to CHAT UP with someone who WENT INTO FEDERAL PRISON for contempt of court – for only 87,0000 dollars related to a security junk bond – not for what I as shareholder ( not an officer director as Musk IS ) – but for what I “SHOULD” have known – ( what kind of standard retroactively is THAT for public company leaders ) ?

Musk boy – the Dohrmann case is now historic and will come to BITE YOU RIGHT IN THE ASS – as the SEC enforcement team has zero sense of humor. Today the Stock in Tesla drops 55% and triggers massive margin calls as investors lose not 87,000 dollars but say a billion of loss here and a billion of loss there and pretty soon we are chatting Elron on pretty serious money sums. Of unnecessary loss.


Note to Elron: YOU sir …are so important a treasure to world change ….but you sir are NOT Donald Trump. Desist. Relent. The SEC will otherwise teach you the critical lesson…on power……which is:

….sonny Elron had all the money in the world worth some four billion before he alone crashed Tesla stock for no reason whatsoever – and – the Security & Exchange Commission holds all the experience in the world……you are one more tweet son with the SEC from trading places…where the SEC has all your fines penalties ( all YOUR money ) ….and you have all their experience …say in Federal Prison thinking it all over……as today on Tuesday son…you fail to see the danger sonny… need some new glasses to lead and protect yourself and your shareholders….

Elron get agreement you never tweet without your wonderful lead counsel and my dear friend – review of the tweet – not once not ever. Before you send – copy review with the best most mentor wise counsel of your life time ( mine ). If you doubt….phone me sonny. I’ll learn you up how in goldilocks all the money in the world would not make that porge just right too hot or too cold for the US SEC …its like that son when humor as a sense has left the building… and game time is truly all over now….and your own calls and time distractions will be horrendous and you can lose your rights….into even Prison trust ME on that step of guidance….as my case wrote the book on what they are doing today to YOU !

SMALL WORLD…and now your cost won’t soar form 10 million to 20 million like last tweet error – it will be a cost you never in your life imagined was even possible in the United States. Options? Oh I have options for you only one who has lived it can produce ….but thats another story. Son make up with the SEC.

So the United States of America versus ELRON Musk on Contempt of Court today – overshadows news of Trump in Vietnam on North Korea – as Tesla stock crashes literally from a tweet? Are you kidding me. Then Elron lashes out attacking the SEC….in the press – ELRON MUSK against the most powerful nation on earth. Folks if your dealing with Nazis in suits the rule of leadership if you KNOW that is true…don’t tell THEM that you ARE in fact Jewish. Elron get this principle. I’m not saying the SEC are Nazis in Suits far from it – they protect investors from insanity…say like this.

Investment banking advice to Elron – get your attorney to syndicate with Blackrock and Carlyle or just Buffett – taking Tesla private – at prices that make sense son. Speed IS the NEED and zero tweets…just my opinion.



The State of the WORLD is Strong. 2019 and 2020 will be orderly growth markets. Volatility overall is down since October election year theatrics. Go boldly and ramp up VAM – your VELOCITY ACCELERATION MOMENTUM. VAM.

Now IS the TIME.

Tesla investors – this theater will pass – it is a passing energy to a great stock with upsurge in China Model 3 just as China Trade Deal completes.

Trump may be Nobel Peace Winner.

We predicted after North Korea Iran WILL BE next as peace breaks out world wide.

MBS the SOCIOPATHIC KING has dropped 20 billion in Pakistan to try and buy a Nuke for his missiles and Billion dollars from his own cash starved nation ( the 100 billion he stole from his own fellow royals on pain of death without due process of any kind ) seeking to buy nukes from India – he’ll buy his nukes to bomb Iran and he unlike others will use them. Sociopath’s fail to see consequence, such as their own demise. Adolf Hitler was bad but not long…….

Congress after ROASTER STRUTTING (political theater at Academy Award level ) is settling in and REAL WORK of the People is unfolding and hey – deals are being made on really great legislation winding up for the future. I have HOPE. Congress has touched even their own third rail SOCIAL SECURITY with a FIX first in decades – I vote for that as they improve benefits removing nothing and securing the fund decades into the future. GOOD JOB drafters – lets see if we can comprise into a FIX. Restores our USA credit rating in my opinion.

Political set up – republican derail the fix to the THIRD RAIL of fixing SOCIAL SECURITY and in 2020 – that goes down like fatal to them again in my view of Nancy frame work on this. I tip my hate to the girl.

GE is up with its huge asset sale.

Intel has pipe line magic growing its stock.

Security on five G is not going for China with back doors into 100% of IT in state controlled humanity world from its AI. America is behind on 5 G and about just about to surge ahead ( like always ) – trust me. America will own 5 G quality security and futures. Trump is in my opinion needing a LEGISLATION FOR TAX CREDITS FOR FIVE G and TECHNOLOGY to reform earth temperature in the seas and earth gases in the air – easy – low cost – and off loading our carbon footprint by RECYCLING IT at low cost. A bi partisan TAX CREDIT LAW for non oil transportation innovation in air – shipping – truck and autos – technology to scrub out air pollutions – and sea pollution and water pollution – fans over LA mountains solar driven air resetting technology and sea floating solar platforms for temperature and air gases and sea water gases – 24.7 – low cost planet tara-forming and SPACE technologies for environment and internet security and 5 G to 100 G – TAX CREDITS and our industry leads the entire world. Congress its game on.

The Fed is taking a breather and is reviewing we are inside a NEW AI ECONOMY the world has never known before with box top rules that no one has written yet. Our blog has suggested from my book REDEMPTION the BLUE PRINT on setting up global new economic box top rules for the G 100. Smart. The Fed is correctly assessing their beta test into the new economy to normalize money cost failed – as old tools do not work in the NEW ECONOMY as anticipated. We have suggested a Fed NEW ECONOMY POLICY which includes:

  1. Isolation of sound bites and signals to market three times a year once every four months. Less information is more in the NEW ECONOMY at source levels.
  2. Scrub Fed meeting minutes for stability versus forward guidance.
  3. Alliance with Trump and Congress on one vital new economy issue – move public reporting to every six months bi annual reporting for long term execution. Pony express monthly reporting rules fuel wild speculator AI UNWANTED market price and asset class price manipulations removed by this single common sense NEW ECONOMY RULE which helps you restore control.
  4. Normalize interest with two to three 1/8th point rises with zero telegraphing – surprise the markets does better with more moderated individual levels of increase – plan a 15 year normalization game.
  5. Balance sheet into peak market liquidity and truncate into any market liquidity stress periods – assuring ease to normalize without speculator impact  bond prices.

I mentor Jeff Magee a Fed adviser we’ll see if 1 to 5 to thrive can get on agenda for new economic policy making in a new AI economy the Fed must learn to lead to revise policy to STABILITY FIRST with other matrix second.

I am so optimistic right now. You should be as well.

Turn off the news and get out and make money. CEO’s are registering into our CEO to CEO ultimate master mind event Tuesday to Saturday in Dallas March 26th – as the high value to VAM into the SPRING with the # 1 ranked Business Conference year TEN from Inc Magazine – thank you journalist Steve Farber for that honor in 2019 !!!