CEO SPACE is the leading highest third party ranked  business accelerator  within an entirely new model of NEXT GENERATION  BUSINESS TO BUSINESS – CEO TO CEO – all COOPERATIVE ZERO COMPETITION –  TRADE SHOW for CEO to CEO deal making –  made possible via membership of the most prestigious CEO to  CEO at the top entrepreneur community, including professionals, in the world serving 140 nations of current CEO membership. Ranked # 1 by Forbes On Line Magazine in 2015 and 2016 – THE ONE MEETING IN THE WORLD CEO’s CAN NOT AFFORD TO MISS – globally….ranked by FORBES two years in a row – historic leadership.

CEO SPACE enrolls new CEO and professional  members who pay a “one time and low tax deductible”  life time membership fee’s  established in 1988 and unchanged today 30 years later. Family members are price subsidized for employees and family groups attending together or over time with group package rates.  Our Web site is populated by short video’s that demonstrate our money back warranty and value proposition for every industry category at CEO level from billionaire to millionaire imaginable.

We seek relationships with business owner CEO’s  who wish to accelerate their forward growth and who wish to a acquire superior mentorship to achieve desired hyper growth  –  reducing time and money costs to grow faster. Our customers tell our story better than we can via our on line testimonial films.

CEO SPACE is the most awarded highest ranked CEO exclusive club to remain bleeding leading edge relevant in todays SUPER CHANGE markets keeping CEO space decision makers current one quarter at a time – while substantially growing bottom line EPIDA through CEO CLUB transactional velocity. CEO SPACE is the ultimate master mind and trade show for accelerating CEO PROFIT RESULTS GUARANTEED – in the world today.

We welcome new members into the highest ranked CEO private membership club, devoted to hyper growth member to member, in the world today.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman/founder