My long time readers KNOW we try and stand up for WHAT IS RIGHT in this news blog. Recently and worth a scroll we defined the THEATRICAL FAKE NEWS about Tony Robbins, a thought leader and pure heart we know personally and well enough. If you are a TONY customer or you wish to attend his products from personal growth to business mastery we strongly endorse and recommend you do so scroll and read what is RIGHT looks like. Celebrities are magnets for THEATRICAL NEWS.

We have long written about the moral ethical and we feel criminal stock price manipulation effected by STOCK BUY BACKS. Elites making bonus pay outs of tens of millions and more, elevate those personal bonus pay outs – all the while highly profitable companies are laying off thousands of human beings, by manipulating stock price, which was illegal pre 1999 and the Commodity Modernization Act from the 1929 Depression to 1999.

The massive reduction for CORPORATIONS was passed by congress to stimulate job creation as was the JOBS ACT 0f 2010 President Obama Signed into law. However unseen by congress or some new language in the tax law, such as NO TAX PROCEED MAY DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY BE USED OR APPLIED FOR STOCK BUY BACKS by corporations receiving them.

Why is this important?

Well, lets say you own stocks today, which I”ve told you run out of the stock market and move over to diversified insurance investing as SAFE HARBOR or you remain at SUPER HIGH RISK inside the longest boom, driven i part by STOCK BUY BACKS, and the largest ramp up of equity value in time frames, ever recorded. The RISK that created the GREAT DEPRESSION is in all matrix worse today than in 1929.

Although everyone is playing musical chairs in today’s market, singing WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN all the while your criminal congress, fails to discharged its duties under the US Constitution, that requires of congress, demands of congress, that they by law pass an annual US BUDGET. Congress has not passed a US Budget this decade outside being late by years from the every single September required discharge of this duty. They break the law when they pass emergency resolutions risking our credit rating and standing world wide.

The Congress does agree on one thing. STOCK PRICES WOULD BE 20% LOWER outside the ONE TRILLION DOLLARS of total economic sham, of stock buy backs. Stocks are 20% higher in price than they would be due to ONE TRILLION DOLLARS of wealth transfer from the US Government, into the hands of greedy few elites against 300 million of us.

FIrst the Corporations since 2107 2018 and now 2019 are each year raising the totals of STOCK BUY BACKS. Sheltered from tax to the USA these greedy elites are criminally taking cash from tax savings and buying stock to MANIPULATE THEIR OWN STOCK PRICE which was a crime not that long ago. Now thanks to the BOUGHT AND PAID FOR CONGRESS elite super wealthy, fantastically wealthy, robber barons are becoming ever more fantastically wealthy with zero cooperative capitalism, zero moral capitalism. Immoral capitalism driven by competition vs. cooperation ( which has integrity inside far more important than INTEL inside ) are investing.

In plants and growth? No.

In equipment and growth? No.

In jobs from both. No.

They are laying off.

They invest more in STOCK MANIPULATED PRICES by spending over one trillion dollars in stock buy backs in 2017, one trillion in stock buy backs in 2018 and more than one trillion of stock buy backs in 2019, which is criminal stock price manipulation, that benefits WHO?


If you invest THREE TRILLION DOLLARS IN THREE YEARS in NON ECONOMIC CONTRIBUTION which is not investing at all into stock buy backs what did was really going on out there? Well the Three Trillion created a casino capitalism on stock price. The tax windfall was used for NON ECONOMIC PURPOSES against the WILL and the INTENTION of Congress who voted for tax deductions to stimulate ECONOMIC INVESTING to great growth and output gains.

American workers have elevated their production, the most productive workers on the earth, by the largest ratios ever since since the GREAT RECESSION created by GREEDY fantastically wealthy elites by the super rich making the once safe and orderly mortgage market, a casino capitalism economic abuse.

Economics in Cooperative Capitalism ( outlined in my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION a five star book at Amazon always back ordered by they fill them in 72 hours ), resolves the economic abuse of Competitive Capitalism and Competitive Socialism. If nations continue to exist on World War II economics of an industrial military complex to drive economics at core, the march to WARS is always inevitable as an economic outcome by the design of a failed system model. Humans are not inherently bad but systems will skew human nature to their lowest outcomes via greed.

The utter break down of education on civics, rule of law, and what it means to be an honorable member of any society is a failed education system. The Crises today remains a CRISES OF INTEGRITY. Without integrity as a culture one can not pass moral laws.

The economic system is abused by layer after layer of immoral laws all out of integrity.

Economics in any system wishes to have laws that prevent:

  1. Consolidation of wealth so wealth recirculates for public good. Today we see no economy can last and endure when 1% own more wealth than 99% the point we are reaching in 2020 world wide.
  2. Unwanted speculations ( leveraged out of control short selling which was a crime up to 1999 as it is now legal today ) creating CASINO CAPITALISM. When more wealth is invested in “what way” will a price go than assets, you have a casino.

Casino Capitalism was created in the last three hours of the BILL CLINtON ADMINISTRATION just before at Christmas Congress departed for their holiday Christmas break. The vote was a UNANIMOUS ACT ( criminal act ) of the US Congress. This Act the COMMODITY MODERNIZATION ACT made economics a “commodity”. 800 laws of wisdom to assure another world depression could never occur, via the very hard lessons and wars in which these lessons were learned, over 100’s of millions injured and killed, where destroyed by a UNANIMOUS ACT OF CONGRESS 100% voting for it. Bought and paid for law making.

Today your grandmothers deposits can be invested at one dollar to fifty dollars in leveraged wild electronic AI trading, on which way a price may go, versus any real moral ethical social and conscious investing. The CASINO CAPITALISM today is controlled by less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS and is managed by every rapidly accelerating evolution of AI. AI controls over 96% of 440 trillion dollars in world circulations, in digitally leverage maximally side bets on which way any asset class price may go, manipulating price up or down.

In AI casino capitalism – a new economic not seen in human history – stock buy backs are immediately rewarded. AI calculates the math of stock float pools – how much stock is IN circulation – how much stock will be removed from the lake say of APPLE STOCK trading some of their 250 billion in cash off shore with almost no tax paid anywhere, to buy the stock back to manipulate the price of Apple Google Intel or Facebook. Then AI rushes in to buy the stock ( more demand upon less supply all engineered by the elites who have huge stock gains when this buy back effect occurs for their massive stock holdings ). More demand less supply all manipulated and legal.

This NON ECONOMIC use of THREE TRILLION DOLLARS is a crime against humanity pure and simple.

This aspect of CASINO CAPITALISM is raising the risk of a world SUPER CRASH and global depression to the highest levels known in human history.

The consequence will be shattering the core financial system, where all institutions fail, unemployment is massive, and wars rise up quickly as they always do when populations can no longer eat.Only the weapons have changed. Increasingly the weapons are being engineered to BE AI. AI control of weapons as in the movies we make is not far ahead now. No one asks the integrity question save for folks like ELRON MUSK Of Tesla ( plagued not by real economics but attacked by greedy short sellers with theatrical fake news to pad their own wealth ). Tesla changing the world is not instant rice or microwave transformation. It takes more time for a TESLA to engineer environmental space and moral capitalism than say TWITTER at a click and its long history or UBER with no profits at all. Tesla income is in fact soaring. However Tesla is punished in the casino capitalism by speculators who don’t own their stock or risk in their stock they rather fantastically super AI short the stock to make profits before AI makes profits again on the way back up through the manipulations. All the while steak holders have a wild wild ride from criminal stock casino plays to make ungodly profits from what is now in all market spaces SUPER VOLATILITY. See our report on that item below.

The Truth?

Casino Capitalism will fall. IT is going to be worse than anything you ever read about.

However it is not now. Today the ELITES NO NOT WHAT IT IS THAT THEY DO.

All economic system abuse must one day rebalance.

While everyone follows the SUPER VOLATILITY and reports fake news on why, the real culprit goes on notice.

China spends 300 % more than it earns an has for over a decade. The IMF warned this one abuse was a potential system killer – all banks close just like the depression – and warned many times on this item. No one does anything and the SUPER DEBT BOMB only gets to become hydrogen grade.

Seeing nothing is being done the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE is expanding. Endlessly.

The economic system is bankrupt today. But no one has that audit report. As long as bad loans by the 100’s of trillions are carried on institution books by criminal accounting in all nations, that exempt these same institutions from the rules we must live under – FAIR MARKET VALUATIONS – then these 100’s of trillions of bad non performing loans will be carried on balance sheets as fraud, as good and viable asset when they are nothing like good assets. GLOBAL ECONOMIC FRAUD.

How long can the institutional legal fraud of criminal law makers continue?

Well folks for a while yet.

However a trigger like a miscalculation by China using old economics into the new AI economic reality can be system fatal. One trigger event of debt default cascading topples the entire HOUSE OF CRACKERS. I wish it were as solid as a House of Cards.

One economic earth quake and cracker crumbs is all we have left and no one has food.

So STOCK BUY BACK legal theft of wealth is a pure manipulation. Stock prices are 20% higher than the real market by phony casino manipulations – THREE TRILLION A YEAR.

All economic abuse in all systems world wide must one day rebalance as the impersonal law of economics. Harvard to Stanford to Beijing know this is INTEGRITY TRUTH.

Never in the history of the world has stock been so over manipulated. Not in the depression of 1907 the Fed first massive failure. Or the GREAT DEPRESSION of the 1930’s the Fed second blunder. Today the Fed has lost control of all economics as has OPEC On OIL. Oil is diving as we told you when all experts predicted otherwise.

Those who went LONG on OIL are enjoying some pretty awful loss right now like OPEC ( again ).

There is no OIL BUY BACK although the USA is buying and passing 500,000,000 barrels of oil in strategic reserves a recent new record. The world is drowning in oil as demand super crashes and no end in sight on that. All reports of rising demand for oil are MBS SAUDI criminal FAKE NEWS and only that.

Fake news manipulates stock price without any oversight these days.

Stock Buy backs are sapping the wealth of the world into CASINO ECONOMICS where the resources to build real solid economic expansion is lost in the casino.

Pretend 3 trillion dollars in three years was invested in INFRASTRUCTURE TO REBUILD AMERICA. Pretend 3 TRILLION was applied to jobs that build a far stronger America.

Or you put your casino chips up and bet on price knowing in advance how price will go from our insider stock buy back.

Congress and Nancy Pelosy DOSEY DOE ( our policy for the nation is an inspired one – HATE DONALD TRUMP. Impeach Donald Trump. Frame and control news on DONALD TRUMP ). See any economic value in THAT? Infrastructure – well they talked about THREE TRILLION DOLLARS now on the side lines.

However over THREE TRILLION DOLLARS has been evaporated into non economic crimes against all humanity, by fantastically wealthy elites using casino capitalism to become fantastically more wealthy while the 99% of us see a middle class being nuked.

Congress with 6% approving of their crimes and 94% wanting them all put in prison – watch as less than 600 elites in office fail to discharge their duties ( a high crime and a felony ) to just pass the US BUDGET as required by law. A budget on line items they already approved. Today CONGRESS WILL RISK THE CREDIT RATING OF LOWER BORROWING COST and RAISE OUR BORROWING COST by simply not raising the debt ceiling to the US TREASURY. The US Treasury is running out of emergency funds to operate the costs and the expenses of the nation CONGRESS HAS ALREADY APPROVED.

Is it a crime to authorize spending and fail to authorized the debt ceiling to pay for authorized out flows by congress? That game is core to the utter DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA or any nation.

Is it a crime to authorize costs and then fail to pass a USA BUDGET as required by law each and every September but congress in recent times fails to discharge their ONE PRIME DUTY FIRST.

Is it a crime not to stop criminal wealth transfer of our nation to greedy elites by congress allowing those criminal stock buy backs?

Casino Capitalism is an economic crime. THE SYSTEM RIGGED FOR THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY. The world middle class is being destroyed systemically by criminals.

Perhaps Congress approval rating needs to move to negative numbers.





Note: See my blog this week on Tony Robbins and spread the word if you love Tony as we all Do.

I have long written about in this new AI economy – a first in human existence – I would not go LONG into the Summer. Would I sell my Long Positions? Yes as I made profits in doing so in the SUPER VOLATILITY. Not easy either.

My worry into the summer is liquidity sumps. The liquidity of this market can evaporate – which we call LED – or LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY – LED DAY. The problem with LED in this market is as you throw up your hands and throw in your towel is LOOK MA – AI has zero liquidity. In the next approach to global Super Crash with UK May resigning on June 6th – Trump about to sell Saudi whom many law makers regard as a rogue nation under a sociopath the murder butcher of Khashoggi and so many other King MBS – and China and the USA moving up the trade war ladder not down the trade war latter – that LED is possible. LED day is the day AI moves into all sell orders and AI has no buy orders. AI trading long and short always has enough liquidity until the day that it no longer has liquidity.

As a programer we believe the AI algorithms lack elasticity that human beings present as quantum computers ( our brains ) and that lacking that option YET – AI can trigger its own LED day. When algorithmic earth is flat borders are reached the market ( the earth is round ) lacking all liquidity resides in a fatal AI liquidity TRAP we call ALT.

ALT continues. What does THAT mean?

ALT day after day drops prices in all asset classes in a loop cycle of AI. The liquidity in the market has evaporated – prices go down daily but no buyers are present and buying as the prices crash. Think of ALT and LED as a kind of AI “panic”. When programing boarders are exceeded by SUPER CRASH TRIGGERS what happens.

The truth?

No one knows.

That is the truth.

We have a summer of lower liquidity which is seasonal.

We have a lower trading volume but may not this year. Another danger in fact.

We have China playing US ELECTION CHECKERS. Unking Trump and see if the new President China bought and paid for say Biden, will deal with China like a dolt and assure America continues under China’s plan of selling more than it buys to assure the USA Wealth Transfer into China continues while America is defeated slowly and no one see’s America is now bankrupt.

The timing of the Trump trade war may have been JUST IN TIME to stop the bathroom drain from sucking the brains completely out of America into China.

We have massive Win by strong man Modi as you heard first here ( scroll ) and you have India about to mop up in Kashmir and Pakistan is going full out to provoke in a Muslim nation Nuking India. Hair triggers exist.

Iran is not making a deal or even going to talk to Trump while Saudi having under MBS allowed our most advanced weapon systems to be taken into Iran and Russia when MBS lost the war in Yemen. We lost with him. Now Trump under emergency powers acts wants to sell enormous billions in weapon systems to psychopath MBS who wants to go to war with Iran and suck America in to that way plan he has. This act would by pass congress. Congress will go APE SHIT and the market positions you hold will follow.

That APE SHIT will open new powers challenges in a conveyor belt of red lines of where is the limits of Presidential powers and Congressional Powers? We are going to find out as time unfolds and SUPER VOLATILITY as markets hate – as in HATEE – drama and storms – versus spring calm and cherry blossoms.

I’ve been thinking and I’m right or I’m wrong. We’ll see.


Trump and Xi are talking. XI is taking the balls off his inside hard liners and oppossion using Putin JUJITSU to floor their enemy.

Trump is doing the same to Nancy Pelosi and team. Each impeachment sound bite ( say Trumps internal hard liners )  is Trumped by a sound bite how Trump is defining the BAD FAITH DEALINGS from China with fair dealings from America. Nancy gets a headline than Gulf or China steals it back by the tweet. How much is pre planned? XI is taking headlines in his nation with zero happens until America changes course in it’s own bad behavior. If they coordinate these sound bites until Christmas and market volatility is dramatic as we have predicted now is the time to SELL HIGH and buy diversified safe haven insurance positions. Fixed income Annuities – Growth Index and liquid assets making 300% more than bank interest compounding in permanent insurance positions all principle guaranteed paying the highest returns permitted by law with absolute PRINCIPLE guarantee we feel is superior to FDIC fraud warranties.

Will Trump and XI show their art and make a Deal by the Holiday. If they do you know it was all set up as I’m stating here.

If they do not an even more Tariff’s flow into 2020 – China is absolute toast economically and China will be manipulating American Elections with Biden and Nancy and you will KNOW THAT.

Those two defining events set you up to KNOW before you go further into Casino Capitalism.

Trump and XI and the markets grow for years.

XI and Nancy and markets will Super Crash supporting a Biden socialist win in America and China deals fresh with their own kind.

Keep a watch on these items.

The Financial system on 100% of matric is a CASINO CAPITALISM globally far worse than the 1929 depression – all matrix’s – where economics suggest RUN OUT OF POSITIONS AND BANKS – cash in your chips from the casino and return to SAFE HARBOR INVESTING in the highest returns permitted by law – outside casino capitalism – into what saved those who did it over the 1929 time line – DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING. Ask a licensed professional with a top ten insurance money manager that paid out when the banks were CLOSED in the 1930’s. SAFE HARBOR THIS SUMMER – sell high and buy SAFE HARBOR. Print this paragraph and give it to any licensed top ten insurance money management professional where behind the insurance sea wall the life insurance is really free for making the high return money choice…you get the free option Life Insurance too paid by the profits of high return principle guaranteed banks can’t match and won’t tell you about because the criminal banks make far more money cheating you – because the banks now own the CASINO itself. They want your chips in the Casino losing while they profit. You haven’t followed the bouncing ball economically have you ?

Those who take this step now are going to make the HIGHEST RETURNS WORLD WIDE PERMITTED BY LAW AND PROTECT THIER NEST EGG AND WEALTH where principle is in fact fully guaranteed – your safe harbor.

All higher returns in the casino capitalism RISK YOUR CAPITAL TO PARTIAL OR TOTAL LOSS read the fine print.

Money markets and mutual funds – all tell you about the risk of LED and not even being able to get out which is inside your contract small print.


If you leave your nest egg and retirement funds and institutional funds in the Casino you will make upside profits in the SUPER VOLATILITY – but those profits are never lasting long term – as you are in the CASINO. If you remain in the CASINO into the coming SUPER CRASH which is a ways off yet – you lose. You can’t get out and you waited until the CASINO CLOSED.

You head me right. Thats right the LED DAY freezes all markets and the economic system we know today closes due to AI economics destroying the core system do to liquidity evaporation. Can’t happen? When the casino musical chair game ends and the music dies…if your still sitting in your casino chair – you have no money left day NMLD.

If Trump and XI are playing CHESS instead of Checkers and time the Trump trade deal for the Christmas New Year Holiday after showing in China ( we STOOD UP TO AMERICA ) and Trump to American’s ( WE STOOD UP TO CHINA ) then prosperity between the nations will put my time issue on hold and we move into decades of prosperity – providing Trump wins the election which XI and Trump manipulated to happen. SMART really. Genius really.

If Trump and XI are not doing this – then XI and China made a Biden play and will bet and invest a billion ( cheap in trade war or more ) to manipulate the American election the other way – into Nancy Pelosi packs and Biden Packs and Trump loses the election ( maybe ). If Trump wins on this play China will melt to the floor on Trumps re-election – and XI may be killed in a revolution as China economics hard crash – which may create LED day and take the entire world with her. Is that the other possibility?

I see no other game plan in the forward game.

Either way we see SUPER VOLATILITY – a media following the tweets like follow the dancing ball – versus examining what I’m writing here and reporting the story of the century – HOW IS AMERICAN POLITICS being manipulated by media manipulations – by world leaders – versus a few silly face book posts that did nothing from some Russians. As voting goes all digital the hacking and success to manipulate vote counts may still exceed AI’s capacity to catch the hack. We’ll see on that as well.

So the unknowns and daily drama’s play out. Court Cases on powers that will not resolve into the election year and perhaps not even then truly.

Congress will play beyond dirty politics and has moved to pure filth. Congress will move to:

  1. Get Trump records and mine that data for Press manipulations to brain wash voters to win.
  2. Congress will create legal records using filthy politics all with lawyer law makers to place Trump family children wife and himself under legal oath to develop PERJURY TRAPS.
  3. Those mean spirited filthy political mine fields are being laid today to assure the data in the PERJURY TRAPS will imply Trump broke laws and lied on the record.
  4. That record will be used to if possible impeach Trump in the election year or force a deal to resign in the election year.
  5. Romney will run and may win because – America will be so disgusted or America may go socialist and elect Biden massively from the manipulation success Nancy and team have in mind to assure America goes fully socialist as Britain may do – although there may be a May back lash as there may be a TRUMP BACK LASH if Nancy miscalculates.

The socialists in America seek an American economic emergency they create – a SUPER CRASH into the election year – blame that event the democrats engineered into the market place – caring noting about the economic pain they created whatsoever. They seek to win and control the nation. Read Naomi Klein’s work entitled SHOCK DOCTRINE to see the economics of all this. You will gasp.

With so many unknowns – wars if China melts down too fast from trade war ( unintended consequences ) war with Nukes Modi the strong man is not going to take IT any MORE from radical muslim Pakistan controlling Nukes pointed at India.

Israel is not going to take Iran rising up nukes pointed at Israel ( kind of read the bible for the economics on that item ).

Sociopathic King failing at policy from 2014 to today – failing in oil policy as oil goes down and inventories rise and rise no matter how much failed destroyed OPEC cuts back – seeks full on war with IRAN and has threatened that war this week as he arms up with 100’s of billions in weapon orders from the USA to itself – for what? A perception of an Iran War. Iran has said reduce sanctions show us respect and we will deal with you. Our reply increase the MBS sanctions as the sociopath is investing to assure he has WAR ALLIES against Iran. Iran is easily able to survive and win anything but a nuke war which is why it is being protected with NUKES from Russia now five minutes to deliver to MBS and his sand castle ..five minutes Iran owns Saudi with nukes …what would we do if Iran Nuked MBS ? I don’t think much.

So stay in the summer casino capitalism with so many unknowns and did I talk about an EU and Brexit in total chaos to markets with London once the center of finance and no longer able to provide stability at all to markets? NO leader at all with May out June 6th. The UK is a government in full on crises today with uncertainty higher than anytime since world war II while Parliament fiddles while the UK burns and the EU is falling like a stone against the US dollar due to instability in the EU Super Debt market place. I hear the the fiddling of British seat of government dissolving into a socialist nation God Save the Queen ( who is not liking all this ). If the EU wins it loses. The EU is not survivable or sustainable awash in a sea of super debt rising and Brussels with its endless cost rising and socialistic modeling has no clue how to get out or move forward . We do with SUPER BONDS but they have yet to invite us in for the golden chip on the casino table we alone have as solution for them and the nations of the world. Thank God for Africa nations who are asking for the GOLDEN SUPER BOND chip CEO SPACE INVENTED.

CEO SPACE ( which may not complete ) long term is seeking a 100 million dollar pre IPO equity player to secure hyper growth for entrepreneur ramp ups in nations we serve globally and an IPO to drive the largest entrepreneur movement from COMPETITIVE CAPITALISM which brings you CASINO CAPITALISM back to sanity into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM the final solution in the new AI economics. We will see if the major Super Money pools invest as fiduciaries or into this forward market decline the social solutions our movement is presenting into our fourth decade as the leading ENTREPRENEUR institution.

Against all this back drop – protect yourself from SUPER VOLATILITY and in all markets I would join Warren Buffet to suggest and go farther – it is not foolish its in fact in these economic hurricane markets no – not foolish to BET AGAINST AMERICA – as your safe bet – it is in fact – INSANE.

Now is the time for the non AI players in the market – 6% is us – the rest is us in institutional money AI management not brains over money – but AI OVER MONEY In the casino playing those chips in new ways in new economics Crammer has no clue how to predict or time. His own wealth is at risk in the Casino along with all who follow old Model T Ford Economics like Buffet into the new AI casino market place.

The GOLDEN KEY to Safe Harbor…oh its here in this blog.

My advice….don’t act as normal…..RUN OUT OF THE CASINO FOLKS On Monday.

Happy Summer.

Berny Dohrmann – Miracles are taking place at CEO SPACE – July 20th is family CEO SPACE


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What is at risk?

China’s credit rating and borrowing cost up next. China borrows 300% more than it earns. This UNSUSTAINABLE economic borrowing will create a China Super Crash. The only question remaining is when. A trade deal postpones the Super Crash in China and may resolve it over time. If the Super Crash comes in 2019 or 2020 the entire financial system is a SUPER HIGH RISK of contagion and Debt Default Cascade. The Chinese SUPER DEBT BUBBLE is the economic PIG in the world system python. Counter party agreements between lenders make the China DEBT BOMB a rapid count down to system failure potentials as warned by the IMF.

China spend a year negotiating a 150 trade deal. China Communist next changed all 150 pages going back on every line item. Donald Trump appropriately slapped tariff’s as a RED LINE point in time to tax China goods as USA goods are already taxed – reciprocity trade tax – as a cost to bad faith dealings between nations.

Last week China top 100 Public firms reporting as the nation of China approaches their winter months with massive slow downs any, in annual audits of these firms, that over six billion dollars of cash was now missing from their accounts as in vanished. No other news is available as China is not transparent in economics but is opaque. No one can rely on Chinese reporting accuracy as to GNP or any of their listed firms real economic position. Investing in China is SUPER HIGH RISK.

The trade war is causing a run out of China. This week American and Japanese and EU firms stopped supplying parts and trading with Huawei the worlds second largest smart phone company, having ripped off Apple IP as Tim allowed China to reverse IPHONE engineering and patents and steal US technology. Apple is paying a enormous cost today for their CHINA BET.

China is having a RUN on their nation. Trillions of cash has left the nation. The shrinking dollar account, once 3.7 trillion and rising is now under 1.2 trillion and falling like a brick in free fall. When China runs out of US dollars the real pain begins. When China Credit Rating is downgraded their cost to borrow that 300% annual debt cost may trigger debt defaulting cascades such as the world has never known.

China communist are deluded and President XI is running out of time. Communist economists are failing to accommodate their current debt loads. China planners use endless new debt their news calls stimulus, spending far more than they earn in revenue, to accomodate attempting to forestall massive pending lay off’s and economic contraction.

China has been a down graph for 25 years with a growth economy rising to 25% a year annual GNP growth to only 5% today and falling. Growth in China has stopped like it hit a brick wall. Growth in China is falling. Folks you can’t pay rising soaring debt cost with declining income and revenue over time lines like 25 years. Economic abuse of this magnitude has never occured in a nation and must one day rebalance.

China is facing without an immediate trade resolutions with the USA a massive SUPER CRASH that will overwhelm Chinese economic planners. Why? They reside in an old world of opaque obsolete economic reporting modeling. The world today is controlled entirely by AI ECONOMICS a new economic unfolding as AI evolves, managing 440 trillion dollars outside nation and government or central bank control.

Pretend the central bank of China controls circulations of 3 trillion Chinese phony currency, the yuan. Which has fallen in value without let up since the trade war started and the US dollar has been soaring. This makes Chinese good cost lower than the US dollar by more than the tariff’s charged. However as this continues the Yuan creates a SUPER CRASH and a super inflation. CHINA HAS NEVER EXPERIENCED A HARD SUPER CRASH LANDING as in 2008 and China can not survive such a SUPER CRASH in economic terms.

AI controls 440 trillion dollars. AI economics is creating the following economics:

  1. A GLOBAL world wide tsunami of water leaving China ( capital and investment ) never to return if trade war continues. The error Chinese planners fail to see at all.
  2. The water ( capital ) is flowing out and the once circulation vitality of Chinese economics is now dry land without capital circulations in the never ending tide out of China for capital.
  3. This creates the DRY LAND of SUPER CRASH and DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADES which is only requiring a trigger event – the point of no return.
  4. China is unaware as the AI economy is new and unlike any prior economic model – that – an economic SUPER CRASH is a matter of TIME and that time IS running out altogether.
  5. China is facing a Super Crash of demand – of capital – drying up coming in and a TSUNAMI flowing out. No nation can survive AI capital punishment to their markets over TIME.

China insulted the USA by providing no courtesy or warning that they were by a bank wire to US Treasury reneging on 100% of what had been agreed upon as to critical path terms for a trade agreement with a year and 1000 folks on both sides working 7 days a week on the 150 page completed agreement. Both sides had said in their press we are close. China lied to the US misled the US dealt with the US in total disrespect.


Trump responded by placing a serious damage to China economics. The next step of never ending insults from China will be appropriate tax costing to all China Goods. American’s will stop buying China anything soon enough. China will stop buying US goods soon enough. Over time without a trade deal IN TIME this consumer ATTITUDE will Trump AI economics. AI as yet can not predict or understand human behavior accurately enough. AI lacks emotional considerations for how American’s and Chinese FEEL from the state manipulations in media.

The world is inside a REAL FULL ON TRADE WAR THIS WEEKEND as President XI states there will be NO FUTURE NEGOTIATIONS with the US until the US adjusts its bad behavior – which is an insanity. President XI has economic consequence for BAD FAITH DEALINGS WITH AMERICA and such BAD FAITH DEALINGS must never occur without such consequences.

President XI economic advice is simply bad advice and not accurate. China will SUPER CRASH if the Trade war Continues. The likely unfolding events:

  1. Markets will enter SUPER VOLATILITY such as the world has never known.
  2. China markets will contract to levels unseen in modern times.
  3. A sharp versus slight adjustment down of China credit rating is so long over due.
  4. The IMF may remove China Yuan from its basket and they should and they made an error taking the phony currency in anyway – 6 Billion of cash in two firms is gone – come on folks?
  5. A run out of China by core industry is moving to other nations never to return.
  6. China currency and markets will SUPER CRASH
  7. Debt Defaulting cascade will TSUNAMI destroy the economic landscape in China

Even wars will not help China as it is already too late.

The entire world is done with China cost of doing business, China theft of IP by state policy, and China being itself the BAD BOY NATION of shady dealings. Dealing with China is like dealing with the Mafia only the Mafia keep their word much better than China.

China media manipulation is not even working IN CHINA. Why?

Blogs banned like this item, get into China and circulate. You can not place an IRON CURTAIN around information and real data today.

Can you imagine if Apple and GM had six billion of cash disappear up in smoke – gone – for shareholders in one year with zero explanation? That one day of news is all you would see? No explanation. No jail. No anything. Just SIX BILLION IN CASH IS GONE and back to America must change its bad behavior ( doing what we said – if you deal in bad faith there will be consequences for business as usual ).

Trump gave China 90 days. In 90 days or befor massive new tariff’s come into play for China full on trade war firing over and over at the US in POINT BLANK RANGE. BAM. BAM. BAM.

In 90 days their largest state run business, controlling absolute information for all cultural activity from Huawei, will find the phone maker critical parts and software from Android Qualcomm and many others stops. The result is a hair trigger to CHINESE SUPER CRASH with 100’s of millions looking for work that is not coming back.

The problem today is Chinese growth has STOPPED on a TRUMP BUMP.

The TRUMP BUMP is creating a free fall in economic outcomes the Chinese going into WINTER ( Look what winter effects had on USA economic outcome ) will only magnify the flight speed downward. The combined economics of losing their national Chinese bad credit rating to worst credit rating is chilling. If you are struggling to pay your worlds highest debt SUPER BUBBLE, and the cost of borrowing on that massive DEBT SUPER BUBBLE soars, right as income in the nation falls off a cliff, and the borrowing is raising upward like a debt TSUNAMI something has to give.

AI is speeding up the RUN OUT OF CHINA. Companies are leaving in droves and new companies are on pause to come in. Capital is flying out – three trillion dollars in the past year and picking up enormous speed today. Couple this with failed May Britt Exit and EU debt super bubbles from Italy to Spain and more China may trigger an EU break up.

All this is an AI new landscape for SUPER VOLATILITY. Here is what is for sure. You can bank on this in our opinion moving forward:

  1. No chart of trend you knew makes sense today.
  2. The world is in a new economic environment that is punishing for error in time frames never seen before in downward time frame moves and rewarding performance in upward time frame moves.
  3. As the truth about China becomes more appreciated capital will fly into the USA the only solid bet remaining in the world.
  4. The USA dollar will soar in value.
  5. China is approaching a SUPER CRASH like the world has never seen before.

The GPS maps China is using to manage its economic path ways is a phony map and China is racing off a cliff with no bottom to it. Time IS running out.

America wins with a trade deal.
America wins if China Super Crash.

Is there any scenario where America does not win?


Is there any outcome in which China wins without a trade deal.


China in Super Crash may resort to wars to effect distraction to its own people from riots if they understood their leadership is the one and the only cause and has lied to them. China insulted the USA not the other way around and the insult continues to remain the worst behavior of any nation on earth.

China has a new truth. China can in 2019 not LIE ITS WAY FORWARD TO ITS OWN PEOPLE.

That day is over. The political volatility in China has not begun …just wait for it.







During eight long years of a Solid Presidency for the First Black President of our nations history, President Trump demonstrated a disrespect, to the office, by investing in endless attacks that the First Family were not entitled to their office all fairly won by majority of American voters, because, they were not legal citizens. There as more disrespect layered out for all eight years of a historic Presidency. No scandals and much of the PROSPERITY TRUMP gets credit for is from Obama solid momentum building it is not all just Trump.

Democrats are returning the favor attacking Trump, Trumps wife, Trumps children, Trumps circles, Trump associates. Arresting them. Circulating political wagons to secure a 2020 election at any and all cost. In this POLITICAL WAR like no other in our nations history – the endless dysfunction of the United States Congress is predictable. We told you during the election that if you elected a democratic Congress the result economically would be:

  1. Dysfunction
  2. A congress ceasing to govern
  4. Endless waste in investigations and cost without profit or return
  5. The business of the people would come to a halt

We predicted Nancy Pelosi would and will still impeach President Donald Trump.

No change in our correct pathology calls. We noted that markets would still perform well under Trump but volatility would be endless and unmatched in prior periods.

We also suggested the notion that the battle may lead to wars not of our own making – most dangerous now is Pakistan and India Nuke Wars – Gulf Nuke Wars from acquired nukes – Israel Bombing Iran and don’t forget we told you THAT first here – and China moving on Taiwan and don’t forget we told you that here.

Our replies on multiple fronts may be muted in fact economically and militarily.

The Tip for the weekend. If your investing for sixty months or sixty days I would in this market sell and move to diversified insurance investing. If you stay in the market follow the bouncing ball of unreal markets we call CASINO CAPITALISM. David Stockman and other economists have been screaming to Americans to get out of these crazy markets and protect yourself.

We suggest as a final TIP …DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE TRUMP TEAM. Donald Trump thrives on THREAT and is strategic. I would not wish to be Nancy Pelosi loosing the 2020 election to Donald Trump as her own future is self destructed.

Congress is failing in constitutional duties to govern.

  1. No budget is passed as required by law
  2. No infrastructure which is a national emergency
  3. No health care resolution
  4. No entitlement fix
  5. No immigration compassion and fix

Congress with a 6% approval rating and 94% hating them all, is in for trouble. There is no safe harbor for Congress. While Trump may win with a surprising landslide – given his abilities to predict and control outcome agenda’s in the end – we also can’t predict he may not lose or even resign instantly without warning.

The nation is in worse Shape with Trump leaving before 2025. Who says? Democrat economic leader Schuler me and others, from Yale to the Stanford economic leadership. TRUMP is good for business and take Trump out and nasty things are going to happen quick in new AI economics.

So remember we told you – do not underestimate Donald Trump in one corner and Nancy Pelosi in the other.

In the endless non governance mean awful unAmerican disrespect in government today – the NANCY PELOSI – DOSEY DO is round and round and where she goes and lands no one -can truly now.

Proceed at your own risk.

CEO SPACE is advising our CEO’s in Dallas – grow momentum in 2019 to assure 2020 keeps moving you up.

Or not.



PS: The extension of chip maker pull back by Trump to China with Google and others working with Huawei  is temporary and all outcomes are very unsure – From BRIT EXIT DISASTER to CHINA DISASTER it is full risk on with uncertainty not stable within AI economics.






I have a long history with Tony Robbins who started his firm – CEO SPACE endorses and recommends to our our # 1 Forbes Inc and others # 1 ranked business conference in the world for ten years in a row – and  for 31 years carries  as our highest top tier outcome praise and endorsement to our own membership in 150 nations  – in growth for leaders and their families.

My wife and I re-audited Tony’s relationship mastery in DATE WITH DESTINY recently. His improvements to his work brought tears to my eyes. My seat mates included Music Billionaire Usher and the founder of Air B to B and Leigh Simons leading Marketing company and many more. Rita who helps produced these events back stage is a holy friend. My wife and I with a great marriage found miracles that made our prefect relationship better stronger and with tools we use ever day as parents and married partners in a relationship movies are made about. Thank you TONY AND SAGE for your example to us.

I have had the pure joy of mentoring Tony on some future issues in his work from Business Mastery formation where he attended CEO SPACE with his management teams to draw fuel for his own new product – highest praise – and he as always coached  and mentors my wife and I – and we assocaite with founders of McKinzie Accenture and Booze Alan prior board leadership on our faculty – Tony’s mentorship makes all the others bow if your fortunate enough to have his pure heart. WOW is all you say when Tony mentors you – just WOW and I mentor the mentors myself at Tony’s level and I say WOW myself ….never have I seen anything like that quality and gift Tony tirelessly gives to those who ask him.

We know Tony Robbins from inside with staff on our mutual  team such as Alan Dobbs my own personal assistant for years traveled and worked with Tony as I encouraged Alan to trade up to the LEADER,  and David Phillipson a life time adopted son and Club President with CEO SPACE for 11 years working in Tony’s home office, and BILL Ganz who helped produced our Super Teaching and produced the advanced audio video for Tony’s events for years, along with lead camera man Hannibal who has invented CEO SPACE visual experiences and is another Son I’m blessed to have. I know Tony from the start – his ex wife – children – inside – outside – behind the scenes and inside the scenes. You know everything at those inside levels and you know Buzz Feed is THEATRICAL JOURNALISM TRADING ON CELEBRITY FOR PROFIT ADD FEE’S AND RATINGS USING FAME FOR SELF ENRICHMENT. How do you KNOW THAT? Read Tony Robbins letter below is HOW YOU KNOW. 

We are all smart and we all spam filter FAKE NEWS TODAY when we read it on celebrities. Pour in support to Tony – I’d like to see brother Tony get one million snail mail letters saying Tony we pledge to come back with two guests in a TONY ROBBINS BUZZ FEED SUPPORT RALLY LIKE OUR INDUSTRY HAS NEVER SEEN in the slow mail world wide – what would mean more to his heart today? I can’t think of anything……

Being famous you are the target today of THEATRICAL JOURNALISM. This form of journalism defines slamming celebrities in any possible way. Within intensive experiences that push personal growth, celebrities have open targets on their backs. Of the 99.7% Satisfaction records we all have with Tony’s work and outcomes – there is always a few that you can’t move from negative to positive. Those negatives have their FAME DAY by bashing the leader celebrity with FAKE NEWS. The Humah potential industry has no higher customer applause and satisfaction than TONY ROBBINS.

CEO SPACE is the # 1 press ranked business conference for ten years in a row world wide. WE ENDORSE TONY ROBBINS PRODUCTS TO OUR MEMBERS WORLD WIDE.

Buzz Feed has enjoyed republication in media trading clicks and audience that only Trump could hope to match – for as a brand in human potential – those of us who lead the industry that my own father started – the HUMAN POTENTIAL INDUSTRY mentoring such notables as Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale, Martin Luther King, Jack Kennedy, Walt Disney and too many to name hear,  Tony Robbins to all of us- is the POPE OF HUMAN POTENTIAL INDUSTRY WORLD WIDE THE LEADER HANDS DOWN ON QUALITY ON WHAT COMES NEXT FOR GROWTH IN YOURSELF. . No individual not my buddy Les Brown or Jack Canfield or Bob Proctor, or Greg Reid, Or myself, Or John Gray, or Sharon Lechter, or Lisa Nichols, all combined have influenced and benefited a fraction of the millions upon millions of lives Tony Robbins effects in one single year ( 20,000 in Moscow setting records recently for their human potential ). Tonys’ work has influenced over a billion people world wide and that number is unmatched in history.

I read the FAKE NEWS and almost always ( knowing the truth myself for sure ) just let this stuff slide. They have done it to me and so many others so I know personally. I reached out with Love to Brother Tony and let him know we are ALL and I mean ALL behind him.

The notion if Buzz Feed NAZIS IN SUITS approach to Theatrical journalism for ad ratings and money – using Tony, was right ( which their trash  is not accurate as you see from Tony’s frustration to even get a balance into the record they applied in standard we call MALICIOUS EDITING ) as the following from Tony himself shows you so clearly – what the heck? Decades ago who cares. Say it was all true ( and it is not fact true or accurate ) Tony decades later is for God and this World….

…redeemed from all youth errors  of all types…. from his long long sacrifice and contributions and integrity today deleting all error…….of any younger years anyway…..truly which of us can looking back cast stones if BUZZ FEED reported on YOU for example – come on folks spam filter TAKE NEWS.

Tony never went to Prison or anything close ( I did ) and I”m good with Presidential DInners cleared by Secret Service – and I say –  nor decades later does anyone have a RIGHT to just without recourse or consequence – slander liable and invade celebrity privacy this way but they all do it. New laws are required for SLANDER LIABLE THEATRICAL JOURNALISM hard consequence, and when Politicians take this up Buzz Feed and tribe will be in pain like you can’ not imagine and they will because it is FAKE NEWS on their lives all the time as every politician knows.  Standards by law no cesure. DOES FREE PRESS also require checks and balances – we think why of course they do with NEW LAWS. We filiter spam fake news – and to BUZZ FEED  and in Tony’s case I stand up to say: 

  1. I know Tony Robbins as in love and husband with Bonnie Pearl.
  2. I know Tony Robbins as father and his devotion to family children and their children.
  3. I know Tony Robbins as mentor and sage. Respecting woman and out front on female rights.
  4. I know Tony Robbins as we communicate week to week as HUMAN POTENTIAL LEADER in peer to peer work on what comes next in industry making each other better for others.
  5. I know Tony Robbins as having gone on a BONO Road Tour in his teens ( 7 days a week more demanding than you can imagine in sacrifice givin ghis life away to others )  and never once coming off that tour into his sixth decade no breaks – on a schedule that is health effecting today as he transforms futures for the leaders and Fortune 10,0000 firms world wide.
  6. I know Tony Robbins soul and his heart and his pure intention – never happy with his work and always making Great yesterdays work even more MAGNIFICENCE to the next moment he goes on stage – tirelessly improving himself –  there is no one with his gift or purity to contribute.
  7. I know Tony Robbins as Friend and in THAT he is unmatched  FOR when he chooses you

As my blog is read by Tony Graduates in 150 nations and the press world wide and law makers I wanted to shout out and share Tony’s reply to BUZZ FEED and their pick ups by national media loving to bash any celebrity for . Folks. During all Tony’s years I have been by his side in human potential. Tony at his own cost, flew into Huntsville Alabama and just because I asked, cut the ribbons on the opening of their SUPER TEACHING CLASS ROOM with global network news for the UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA  as a give back to public education. That is the generous giving  thought leader I know. When the bible says ASK and you SHALL RECEIVE Tony Robbins has always said one word – YES !

I remember his call from this private jet saying….I can’t recall the last time at these Jet costs I paid the trip from West to East coast without a free offset……you must be special in my life you realize THAT. We take turns trying to pay the other back. That is MY TONY ROBBINS. My Friend. I champion Woman rights causes. My CEO SPACE is owned, run and operated by WOMAN as an example of our pledge to industry to put woman in charge on boards and leaderships. Our films all denote our leadership in woman rights and FULL PARTNERSHIP world wide. We would not champion Tony if we did not KNOW from INSIDE that the BUZZ FEED THEATRICAL JOURNALISM is more of the same.  I can’t imagine how it is for say Trump and their families Obama and their families before and Biden and their families.


I don’t have many friends like TONY ROBBINS  over so many decades at the TOP with Tony’s integrigty. As I have lived the back stage life personally and with my staff who I introduced and traded up to Tony’s larger events for their futures, I know the back stage and the one stage of my fear precious friend and thought leader TONY ROBBINS. BUZZ FEED IS THEATRICAL FAKE NEWS JOURNALISM.

I would appreciate it if any one world wide reads this one TRUTH REMAINS…at tony’s age and time of life he is the leader and the POPE of the HUMAN POTENTIAL INDUSTRY today where every TONY ROBBINS PRODUCT is fresh bleeding edge and new every single time – that you rally today. Tony is not a good husband Tony is a GREAT HUSBAND and Tony is not a good father Tony is a MAGNIFICENT FATHER and Tony Robbins is not a good man Tony Robbins is A GREAT MAN.

If anyone gets the opportunity to attend a Tony Robbins event, now in his sixth decade, that experience is the superior growth for you and your family on the planet today pure and more advanced serving millions upon millions.


To the millions upon millions upon millions of us –  who can never repay Tony for his gifts poured into your life – make no mistake. Now through 2020 is when Tony needs US. During the Buzz Feed moment in May 2019 already fading into press dust bin – to Christmas 2020  let us all commit – millions upon millions – to flip the FINGER AT BUZZ FEED and return to a Tony event now to Christmas 2019 and assure we bring two guests. Let US  all GIVE BACK TO TONY. He would never ask at all. SO CEO SPACE IS SETTING UP A TONY ROBBINS SUPER ONE YEAR RALLY making this blog go viral.  Lets make 6000 at any Tony event a distant memory as we move Tony Robbins events world wide up to a new record average of  20,000 into  stadiums thanking BUZZ FEED FOR THE WORLD WIDE TONY ROBBINS RALLY FROM NOW TO DEC 2020. FLIP off this jouralism we know the truth. Folks attend a TONY ROBBINS EVENT THIS SUMMER FALL AND WINTER AND FLIP THE FINGER TO BUZZ FEED…LET TONY ROBBINS FEEL “US” THOSE WHO TREASURE HIS CONTRIBUTION AND LIFE WORK…NOW IS THAT TIME EVERYONE …THE TIME IS NOW !

THE TONY ROBBINS RALLY OF SUPPORT IS GAME ON….personally I wish he’d run for President when Donald Trump retires in 2025. Then the BuzzFeed Ratings can soar as they help us win the WHITE HOUSE.

THE TONY ROBBINS RALLY FROM ALL WHO LOVE HIM….IT IS TIME TO GIVE BACK TO THE GIPPER FOLKS…and I”m calling on you – delay is what we can’t give Buzz Feed – its game on.

Tony replied which I have copied to you – and I feel every sentence and word for him in my heart and I hope in your heart – the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE and that IS the REAL NEWS – from Tony’s leadership you need no explanation for – you only need to READ THIS:



An Open Letter to BuzzFeed Editors and Board of Directors from Tony Robbins

This letter is one that I would have preferred not to write.

I have been the target of a year-long investigation by BuzzFeed. Unfortunately, your organization has made it clear to my team that you intend to move forward with publishing an inaccurate, agenda-driven version of the past, pierced with falsehoods. It is intended to disparage me personally, my family, my life’s work, and the efforts of the millions of individuals around the globe who have taken this journey with me over the last 40-plus years.

Please see this video with one person’s account of how your reporters so eagerly tossed her truth aside: https://youtu.be/xJ3kWMBJE5Y

To put it in the words of your own reporters, you are preparing to publish an article with the malicious intent to “take Tony Robbins down.”

You have denied my team’s requests to meet with you in-person to present key evidence that contradicts your false allegations. You do not seek the truth; you seek to further your own agenda.

After more than a year-long investigation by your online entertainment company, you allege that approximately 20–30 years ago?—?when I was in my 20’s and early 30’s?—?I was negligent with both my employees and individuals who chose to attend my seminars. You also allege (through anonymous sources) that I pursued conflicting intimate relationships. Your claims range from indistinct to ridiculous.

We have evidence to prove that your reporters rejected and otherwise ignored factual accounts from several individuals you contacted. In some cases, those individuals were even harassed and lied to when their accounts did not align with Buzzfeed’s predetermined thesis.

What stands out?—?even in today’s sea of mis-representation and journalistic corner-cutting?—?is the 2014 report by the industry-standard, non-partisan, Pew Research Center which cites Buzzfeed as “the least trusted news source” of them all. So, it stands to reason that you are presently facing financial, organizational, and management troubles. BuzzFeed is unapologetically fueling the current cultural divide by targeting well-known individuals with false allegations to boost its readership and serve its shareholders.

Let me be clear, while my open-classroom therapeutic methods are not for everyone, and while I am on my best day still only an imperfect human being, I have never behaved in the reckless, irresponsible, or malicious manner intimated by false, unfounded, and incendiary allegations suggested by BuzzFeed story-tellers.

Several individuals have contacted us to let us know that you attempted to manipulate their testimony and, in some cases, even ignored their legal counsel when they pointed out inaccuracies and mischaracterizations of their client’s personal accounts at the hands of your reporters.

Why didn’t you listen to what these individuals had to say and instead choose to proceed with inverted truths as your central narrative?

Your organization cannot claim objectivity or journalistic integrity when your written ethics and standards policy claims that in “activism” issues “there are not two sides.” As we all know, in the context of a just democracy, there are always two sides.

In my six decades on this earth, I’ve had the privilege to work with leaders like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, presidents of countries, and international companies, not to mention millions of dedicated human beings from over 100 countries around the world. Never in my life have I witnessed a cultural climate quite like the one we’re living in today. This is an era marked by deeply-divided environments where click-bait headline news is designed to instigate a polarized public, grab their attention, and incite minds on constant-alert, waiting for the next notification to react to and believe the worst.

The foundation of what we teach in my seminars and audio programs hinges on understanding the power and impact of human belief systems, the importance of clarifying one’s values, and the constant effect that language has in shaping our emotions and our lives.

To understand how our country’s discourse has deteriorated into constant conflict, consider the world’s foremost dictionaries recent Word of the Yearselections:

  • In 2016 Oxford Dictionary chose: “post-truth”
  • In 2017 Collins Dictionary chose: “fake news”
  • In 2018 Dictionary.com chose: “mis-information”

The very heart of my life’s work is empowering others to find the TRUTH that sets them free?—?the honesty and authenticity to breakthrough and expand. For more than 40 years I’ve encouraged people to seek the tools of transformation to grow into the men and women they dream to be in order to live the fulfilling lives they envision for their highest self. Through the course of my career, more than 50 million people have utilized my teachings?—?this includes more than 4 million people who have attended live events in-person.

My record is nearly a half-century long. I stand on that.

We need to start having a different nature of conversations in a very different way. Real change is nothing but finding new patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that meets our collective needs on a deeper level than the previous pattern. This current pattern is no longer serving our highest good. We demonize human beings for simply being human. If we learn from our mistakes we will evolve into better human beings.

Amidst all the divisiveness in the world today, I truly believe there is a yearning and a calling within all of us for a kinder way?—?a life of compassion, forgiveness, and a desire to live as brothers and sisters. I pray that, out of all of this, we can choose to unite rather than separate; to drop our judgments and criticisms, and look for the goodness in each other. We are all human beings doing the best we can. It’s time we come together.

Millions of people have experienced life-changing breakthroughs and transformations on our journey of growth and I invite them to join me now to stop BuzzFeed and others from tearing our society down by denying and mischaracterizing the truth. Enough is enough.

-Tony Robbins

Below is a link to just one example of an individual who is frustrated by the way your reporters tried to take two minutes of seminar footage out of context in order to frame my two hours of work with her as “abusive” rather than acknowledging her direct experience and testimony to you of how it positively and profoundly changed her life.





The tea leaf that tells you in your final sip, what is really going on out there takes teams and contacts globally to diciper the bottom lines. You have to read with new reading glasses. This site is a new prescription lense for our readers. If your new to our site our readers will confirm just how accurate this site is for those using the information as background to other choices and decisions.


Ignorance can be fatal economically……..

As you all know Modi won by an enormous margin, picking up incredible seats in India. Pakistan has been pushing the strong man with his finger on the NUKE BUTTON in India during the race feeling, hey the old man can’t do anything to us during the run phase of all this. Now the strong man has ABSOLUTE STRENGTH with his nation behind him by this weekend’s vote.

ISIS has entrenched in Kashmir and has been doing its CRAZY BRAIN horrors against Indians. Pakistan is fostering terror against the USA and against India. India is not the USA. India has Pakistan’s dial up number. The civil government in Kashmir has no control over its own nukes. A second government ( we fund in fact ) in Pakistan – the Pakistan military – no friend to the USA is in charge of the Nukes. President Trump has been whacking billions of dollars of foreign aide to Pakistan each time they break agreements with him.

The situation in Pakistan with its borders spilling over and close to China are complex. India recently had a border road show down with China – both armies lined up at that check point. President XI blinked first – Modi would have used all India might against China in that dispute – as in all.

Pakistan has all of its nukes pointed at India cities. The on going war between the nations – neve ending – in Kashmir – is at ISIS flash point. Modi may end the ISIS once and for all in Kashmir. Modi has to make a choice of first strike cost against being struct first cost against increasingly crazy brain radical muslim outcomes in Pakistan. China is capable of joining Pakistan against India or at least invading Pakistan after a Nuke – to MAINTAIN ORDER and in fact take over 400 million people and a nation as large as the USA to strip Pakistan of minerals China badly requires. This GAME OF THRONES is playing out this summer stay very closely tuned, while the world follows the TWITTER IN CHIEF on Iran trading jabs that truly mean zero.

The danger in Iran is Saudi. Saudi wants a war with Iran. Saudi can not win this war unless the USA comes into the war. Iran has a lot of room to rattle sabers as long as they don’t directly attack USA interest. Trump said today – if Iran does it WILL BE THE END OF IRAN. Trump made it clear he has nukes in theater and will use them if Iran acts. That was the clear message today.

Against all these unknowns and moving parts, at peak tension, far higher tension in India Pakistan than you think. We have predicted the first Nuke Exchange will be Pakistan and India as risk given the threat of miscalculation on MODI RESOLVE from Pakistan. These complex issues are rapidly unfolding. Modi’s absolute strength, being the absolute strong man in theater, sends a clear and compelling message to Pakistan already crossing MODI red lines. Watch Kashmir very closely. Kashmir may well become Pakistan’s ALAMO.

Meanwhile against this backdrop we told you how the currency in China is at risk for a SUPER CRASH in coming days or weeks. This crash once AI routes a trillion out of currency can run USA dollar reserves to zero in China. Why is this a danger. First – China out of Dollars can’t pay its bills for trade oil minerals and more which must settle globally in the world reserve currency, the Dollar. China has attempted to suggest its own worthless currency should be the world reserve currency – economically at war with the USA on many digital levels.

No one wants the phony Yaun that has a down graph that is impressive as a leading currency being totally trashed in the world as to value. China has lost almost 3 trillion that took 35 years to build, in the last five years. How? Well almost 4 trillion in USA dollar based assets China had accumulated by wealth transfer and criminal abuse of trade with the USA, has shrunk to 1.2 trillion and is running down to zero. Why?

China has to defend its own phony money in world markets from a SUPER CRASH. No one in the musical chair game wants to be stuck as the last nation holding this phony currency. The result is that evolving AI has all the data and will pair its risk by shorting the Yuan say – right now and tomorrow. The shorts will make the movie THE BIG SHORT look like a cake walk. The bet will force the currency for China down and down. To defend targets to avoid a CONFIDENCE TRAP that triggers a real SUPER CRASH in the currency – already down down down the rabbit hole by huge % from five years ago – can trigger any SECOND NOW.

The market this week in Chinese currency will be wild.

How much of their shrinking ( must have dollar asset account ) will China be forced to sell off to resolve their crises in their currency.

Over the weekend Trump labels Huawei China’s fastest growing tel com firm a black list firm, because if you use their technology China knows every aspect of your clicks. China can also fake news you. Spy see record conversations and more. Your privacy is total toast if you use a COMMUNIST PHONE with technology stolen from Apple.

To do business in China “partners’ must work with Chinese Communist rules. Technology – hardware and software must be transfered to China and the partner ( the Communist government ) must know and have access to your billions upon billions of confidential trade secrets – your secret sauce – on how your hardware and software function. Now with those designs and codes they can rip you off and form their own model. They have done this with Amazon, McDonalds and Apple. Whose stupid?

Google this weekend stopped being totally stupid.

They terminated working with Huawei – hours after Trump’s black list – such that Google will not share their hardware and software with Huawei. This means i you own a android Huawei phone you can’t get updates any longer and access to Google resources is no longer open to YOUR PHONE. Huawei shares will plunge because of this as others will now follow.

Two firms in China this weekend – top 100 Chinese listed public firms on a stock market down from trade war in China by say 60%. The two firms in annual audits have over 6 billion in hard cold cash that “disappeared” in a year. SIX BILLION evaporated with no record is a criminal conspiracy in a market that is CRIMINAL as we have told you. The Chinese market is opaque. All entities in China are under government communist control one way or the other. There is NO TRUE FREE ENTERPRISE or privacy in China. You are tracked from birth and plane arrival to departure. You are monitored in your hotel bathroom. Everything every company does in China is monitored. To lose SIX BILLION DOLLARS OF CASH in public firms, requires coordination with criminal bankers to blank out the digital foot print and more.

WINTER is coming to China their slow period. Their timing to CHEAT AMERICA by changing 150 pages of agreements all teams already agreed to is an INSULT to the AMERICAN PEOPLE. China thinks Trump with the 2020 election had limited POWER. Trump who gets the largest pay raise of any President ever if he just loses in 2020 – Trump is losing in deal making and brand bashing millions and millions a year ( as released to the nation required financial reports set out this weekend ) by just staying in as President. What an economic pay raise if he just lost in impeachment which is impossible.

In fact. Just political theater if Nancy does the PELOSI DOESY DO again.

China may discover what all who cross red lines with America – real red lines – find out – AMERICA IS ONE WHEN IT COMES TO THREAT . If confuses outsiders.

China coined the phrase – do not wake the sleeping bear of America.

They forget.

China markets in coming AI days are going to ferciously turbulent. The RISK in China from these events is as we told you for two years now – GET ALL ECONOMIC EXPOSURE IN CHINA OUT.

You an’t seen nothing yet.

It will take all the skill of the best minds to preclude a SUPER CRASH IN CHINA.

Watch Real Estate as the trigger to China’s economic dynamite. The Super Bubbles of economic abuse that must rebalance economically in China include:

  1. Super Debt Bubble – borrowing 300% more than they earned warned by the IMF repeatedly
  2. REAL ESTATE SUPER BUBBLE – their 2007 IS coming but it is much worse than sub prime
  3. Commodity SUPER BUBBLE
  4. Phony currency that is worth less
  5. Failed economic model that SUPER CRASHES without shock absorbers the USA has

The only way to offset Chinas terrible error in changing the 150 trade deal versus completing the trade Trump and XI approved – is to quickly make a trade deal. It may be too late for a trade deal. The TRADE WAR may end with Chinese implosion into civil war internally. In China historically this massive civil rise up occurs without warning and is almost instant. Historically.

We are close now to a CHINESE IMPLOSION if markets SUPER CRASH in China.

No one wants this.

China believes if they create a Trade Deal with the USA as framed in their model may SUPER CRASH anyway.

We believe that if they make a trade deal as we had in our hand China will have prosperity for decades.

But the time for this to take place is being TIMED ( by idiots ) who believe in dillussion old eonomics they know understand and more importantly rely upon still apply. They do not apply.

If you scroll and read up you’ll see that the world is in rapidly evolving new economics unknown to human beings before.

THE NEW AI ECONOMY IS HERE and policy makers are fully flying blind because a) SUPER CHANGE occurs too rapidly to accommodate human understanding – b) SUPER CHANGE economics is accelerating an c) those who see what is taking place is NEW deny the new AI economy exists at all.

The speed of outcomes to China economically is AI DRIVEN and now beyond traditional support for their markets or their currency.

As the economy in CHINA – SUPER STRESSES – which began May 20th 2019 for sure – monitor how rapidly things deteriorate and trace it all back to the POLICY BLUNDER OF PRESIDENT XI on trade dealings with the USA – bad faith trade dealing. DIsrespect by sending a cable no warning or heads up that 100 million invested by the USA and teams working forever on the 150 page final agreement, where cruise missiles with no warning of any kind by a cable? COME ON? Like we start over from Day 1. Trump is not mad for all of America Trump is furious with the insulting manner of the insult to AMERICA itself.

Gloves are off.

China can not survive this.

THE TRADE WAR IS CRUSHING CHINA faster than XI had any idea about. Unintended consequences to their risk taking.

Consumed with how to re-stabilize an rapidly unwinding phony baloney communist economy the entire world is moving to reduce CHINA RISK and exposure.

Google lit the fuse and others will follow the model of what it means to BE AMERICAN. Google showed us THAT this weekend – I pledge allegiance to Google who red lined Huawei. GO GOOGLE AMERICA.

Apple is going to have some hard days with Tim betting all his chips on sharing his software and hardware with chinese partners ( communists ). Huawei is one example of the outcome, Rip off.

China if the SUPER CRASH OCCURS will use war in our opinion to keep internal order. Taiwan or Pakistan or something else. Watch all that rise up as distraction to the Chinese economy falling off a cliff. Soon China will lack funds to pay its military its fastest ramp up of spending is the largest military build up with nukes the world has ever experienced


As we reported in our first blog so long long long ago….all economic abuse in any system ….must one day rebalance the abuse.


Confidence in economics in China has shattered completely when they insulted America with a disrespect between nations that is total. Like spitting in Trump’s face in an election year. Pelosi likes it as socialist leaning politics will let China steal from America forever. Then we go bankrupt. Not saying Nancy is bad saying Nancy is in error.

Will China continue its failed economic modeling which will freeze out its 300 million new middle class in the middle of 1 billion in abject poverty.?

We’ll see. Won’t we.

Berny Dohrmann – Pay attention to China and watch MBS trying to create a war with Iran

PS: Remember the Nuke hair trigger is armed with fingers on the trigger in India and Pakistan this not FORTNIGHT folks this is the REAL DEAL.







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Our teams however are world wide following the news and information so you know what is really going on out there. What is really going on is President XI made the most enormous mistake of his leadership when he permitted a systemic wide change to the agreement hammered out over a year of very hard work by 1000’s on both sides – and subsequently changed all 150 pages as if that work was a joke. President Trump understanding that such behavior is no longer acceptable in global dealings, sent a message to all trading partners, and drew his own red line, and Trump red lines are not crossable, in the sand.

Since that occured LAST WEEK only the American markets have been volatile but steady recovering most of the expected light sell off with following recovery we predicted accurately right here – read back and see.

This weekend released so world press would minimize we have a TSUNAMI event in China. Two public companies, ( always state controlled in China ) had their annual auditor updates. The auditors noted in the two firms a seismic event has taken place.


As the enormity of the fraud which requires collusions of the company officers and the banks, to move that much cash and criminally digitally erase all records the long investigations and the emergency need for a political scape goat are roaring across China. These are China equivalent to 100 Fortune Firms in the USA. Can you imagine if MORGAN STANLEY OR GENERAL MOTORS reported on one day in annual audit that SIX BILLION OF HARD COLD CASH WAS GONE NOW ?

Chinese phony markets are now seen as PHONY MARKETS and no value is safe in their opaque and wild wild west regulatory fraud. Chinese stocks already hammered down some 40% now can not recover. The RUN OUT OF CHINA is going to be in trillions next. The run out of china is on and we warned you about this for two years now.

SIX BILLION IN CASH EVAPORATES IN TWO OF CHINA’S LARGEST FIRMS WITH NO ONE HAVING A CLUE ON SIX BILLION UNTIL A YEAR LATER ANNUAL AUDIT TURNS UP THE CASH IS GONE GONE GONE and no one and I mean no one has a record ( all digitally purged by the crooks ) where that Cash has gone.

The spin on this will be the BLAME GAME DANCE to shed blame as heads will fall meaning folks will disappear over this. Timing? The timing in confidence in President XI’s leadership and China’s communist system of economics is now rising to sit com JOKE level world wide.

Now then it gets worse. The timing is making what is next worse.

The trade Red Line by Trump with game changing American cost to China insanely unfair trade practices with America – matching their tariff’s to us more precisely with matching tariff’s they charge us back to them is a) a pressure to run business out of China forever into neighbor nations b) to run investment and cash out of China.

First hit is China’s phony currency. China has lost of its almost 4 trillion in 2010 of US DOLLAR RESERVES the one asset China must have to settle trade for commodities and vital to its nation goods like OIL, settled in US DOLLARS as the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY for 100% of global trading, has plunged to only 1.2 trillion. Now china trade accounts to settle trade in dollars is also evpaorating. Why.

Again we told you for two years why.

China has lost trillions supporting its terrible phony paper money, floating on an ocean of China Debt. China spends 300% more than China makes for a decade or so. China economics are slightly lower than the GNP of one of our states say CALIFORNIA. China is now the # 3 Economy where Japan has moved back to # 2. India will pass them both next year and become the # 2. It will end up USA – India – Japan and China sinking to # 3. As this reality sinks in President XI and China prestige will suffer world wide. Russia economics are about the size of one of our states say NEW YORK. No nation is “close” to the economic stability and productivity of the United States OF America not even close.

So the Chinese Yuan has had a run failing to make a deal on trade out of the nation. The currency has fallen and fallen. Lower Yuan means tariff costs are paid in fact by making Chinese goods cheaper as their currency is worth less. Soon the risk is the Chinese currency the Yuan may be worthless for real.


Monday as the entire world trades and today on Sunday half is trading the Chinese currency may fall under the 7 Yaun critical level for global price support. If the 7 to one dollar ratio breaks in world currency markets the YUAN could see a full run, given that public firms in China can lose without anyone knowing a thing, SIX BILLION IN CASH just evaporating trust, confidence, in the controls and management of nations begins to absolutely SHATTER. This creates and fast what we call cascade.

Cascade looks like:

  1. A run of capital – massive run – out of China defensively.
  2. A run out of industry to neighbor nations ( two years and on going )
  3. A Super Crash of the Yuan itself.
  4. A Super Crash of Chinese markets.
  5. An inability to pay debts and a DEBT MASSIVE DEFAULTING CASCADE to world institutions that hold Chinese debt.

China will be forced to sell its dollar accounts – selling dollars to buy its own phony money – to support the phony money price in the markets as traders just sell. Unrelenting selling as confidence is shattered at core. This creates panic real panic in all world markets.

China can not recover. Real Estate SUPER BUBBLES crash and real estate prices collapse – say over 60% from today. This creates China bank bankruptcy. China has no US reserves remaining having lost already 3 trillion getting nothing back to support is phony currency globally. China will be in such an instance unable to pay its military cost for one and food and food security will dry up in such a SUPER CRASH. Political instability will massively unfold.


XI holding two twos ( no economic cards at all ) has played his bad hand against the Trump Teams FULL HOUSE ACES HIGH unbeatable hand of economics. NOT MAKING A DEAL is silly. CHANGING A DEAL YOU WERE MAKING – lying and misleading – saying we agree to 150 pages then back off all pages all 150 pages with a cable to the White House no warning – is insulting. Trump rose to the occasion where Chinese leading teams BET THAT TRUMP POLITICALLY COULD NOT DO WHAT HE IN FACT DID..put America ahead of his 2020 run. He kicked those folks in the balls and hard.

Doubled over now we wait and see what 440 trillion in US Dollars all controlled by AI in a new economy will DO to protect itself from RISK in China.


Is the SIX BILLION OF CASH from the largest PUBLIC FIRMS in China the nail in the capital coffin to the run out of China …where now no one can trust anything economic in communist phony baloney reporting and rigged markets.

As we have told you forever…..all abuse of economics must one day rebalance in economics.


Watch their currency and markets this week – it will NOT be PRETTY folks.

Berny Dohrmann – Proudly faculty on CAPITAL MASTER FOR CEO SPACE IN DALLAS TEXAS





No evidence to do anything to Trump. They tried. Two years. Unlimited money. Unlimited man power from FBI and Justice united to GET TRUMP. As we all have witnessed world wide. Now they want to apply what they apply to MOBSTERS when they can’t get them either. They then FRAME CHARGES off their income tax returns, framing up under payment and then crafting their own frame works as only nations can – that that under payment they say is their final math audit – is criminal. Then they put Al Capone and countless parties they wish to frame into jail. America is the jailer nation. Once the home of the free. Now America is the world highest lock em up nation and lock em longest nation in the world. Per 100,000 more innocents – non violent – no victim – folks are locked up – than say China or Somalia. America the land where the fastest growing city population in the nation is PRISON CONSTRUCTION. America where the industry of PRISON had the smallest armed employee group – the employee’s of the bureau of prsions known in America as the BOP. Today the BOP is fifty years later only the largest community of armed employee ahead of FBI US MARSHALS or any federal non military employee group. Rising fast too. We don’t win the wars on crime by building more and more prisons now a PRIVATE INDUSTRY it is so PROFITABLE. Usually largest employee tax base for any community lucky enough to bid and land a PRISON near them – county state federal or city prisons. We win the war on crime by tearing prisons DOWN.

So now the rabid policial dogs in the democratic controlled senate, without any regard for respect of a sitting US President, explore tax return pathology to issue criminal charges against Donald Trump as a floor to impeach that even Republicans must think about on what – Trumped UP tax return charges when Trump files with armies of Tax law firms and CPA big eight leading accounting firms to comply with the law? Who among them all could stand such political attacks that have no end or bottom to them? As Trump said we don’t govern through the LAWS OF INVESTIGATION…it is not how these things get done….he said in his State of the Union message. Nancy said she wanted to find a way forward. I now view that as a bold face fraud to the American Democratic community. The idea desert coming out of the largest field of candidates for US President soon to make history in sheer numbers – setting records – have no platform no brilliant way forward – with a may pole that has all ribbons circling round on issue only – HATE TRUMP AND KEEP FEEDING THE HATE TRUMP CONVEYOR BELT. Will those fringe voters be enough to win in 2020. We will all see if Hate is a wining platform in America. It failed miserably in the last election but lets try that failure all over again…perhaps we democrats didn’t hate enough in 2016 lets all hate more now. SO we’ll see if that platform manipulates enough voters to win.

Meanwhile consumer confidence from Spring moving forward to empower the economy – can and will – create enough summer economics to move 3.4% growth up to 5% by 2020 a platform of prosperity that if America votes its wallet versus its hatred may present 2020 with a Trump victory and a congress that can actual function versus todays total dysfunction. Voters will get what they voted for. Prosperity or an amazing Super Crash. As Yale economists now predict – one vote or the other. Hatred or YOUR WALLET become the issues – PROSPERITY OR ITS OPPOSITE.

For 15 years CONSUMER CONFIDENCE has never been THIS HIGH as it is now under Donald Trump whose approval ratings are soaring into 60% and that is CNN Polls not FOX.

Now then on Credit Cards. The interest rate is so low that cost to obtain capital to lend by institutions is the LOWEST CAPITAL COST in a century.

Congress running on HATE and TRUMP TAX RETURNS fails to govern. In the past to assure prosperity Congress explored WINDFALL TAX APPLICATIONS to institutions who price guaged American consumers without mercy.

Having the LOWEST COST OF MONEY TO LEND the institutions now charge into May the HIGHEST INTEREST RATES over 17% on bone averaging many at over 23% interest – a record high not for 20 years 30 years 50 years but EVER.

THE HIGHEST PRICE GAUGING IN HISTORY ON CREDIT CARDS that American’s are now drowing inside of.

Should CREDIT CARD FEE”s hold a relationship to cost of money to the institutions such that cost of money at its lowest lever EVER does not next equate to the lenders HIGHEST CHARGING EVER AND HIGHEST PROFITS EVER WITH BONUS PAYMENTS TO THE ROBBER BANKERS IN THE MANY TENS OF MILLIONS. Now that is not their 100 million dollar total compensation that is their bonus only. Off your 17% average credit card criminal abuse of economics charging today.

No one is indicting the bank criminals who stole untold billions and no congress is investigating. No they are trying to block obstruct justice and stop cold:

  1. Investigations of their own criminal wrong doing and their CRIMINAL BREACH Of Constitutionally defined executions – say passing a US BUDGET which they have politisized criminally to their own agenda throwing the Constitution of the USA into the trash bin. WHO HOLDS THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR CRIMES IN CONGRESS? At 6% approval rating falling to 4% the 90% plus of all democrats and all republicans real AMERICANS just hate those 500 plus criminals in office. WE HATE THEM ALL. SHAME ON YOU ALL.
  2. Investigations into criminal wrong doing at Justice and the FBI. Today the democrat house organ releases a political book into 2020 stating from a Navy Seal that the biggest threat to the USA is Donald Trump? How ? Trying to return the constitution to law? Holding congress ACCOUNTABLE for the first time in 100 years? THAT? Nancy and insiders will do anything to block investigations that define her criminal role in illegal attacks on the PResident of the United States – so that such illegal politics is precluded for 500 forward years. Real evidence shows that bad apples in the FBI and Justice worked outside rule of law to GET TRUMP as a coordinated illegal unconstitutional triad of agena’s that broke the laws of the nation. For the first time in decades the Truth will replace TRUMPED UP news and fake news to distract everyone from the truth – it is the US CONGRESS THAT IS CRIMINAL STEERING JUSTICE AND FBI TO JOIN THEIR CRIMES thinking they will all be immune and protected from such high crimes in office. You can appreciate the CONSTITUTION WARS TAKING PLACE as new red lines on the limits of powers for the Admiistration the Congrss and agencies is about to fall down and hard. WATCH THIS NEWS UNFOLD as battles will be lost and who wins the CONSTITUTIONAL POWERS WAR will define the nation forever probably.
  3. For the first time in American history the war includes public embrace of SOCIALISM where government solves all our problems into US bankruptcy for sure eventually – as with all bankrupt socialist forms of government over time – or AMERICA FOR FREE ENTERPRISE AND AGAINST SOCIALISM COMMUNISM IN ANY FORM WHERE GOVERNMENT “IS” THE PROBLEM NOT THE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM. Voters will get what they want not understanding the long term economic issues which are complex and beyond NEWS bites.

Today America is reeling in debt. Consumer individual debt, mortgage debt, credit card debt, student loan debt, auto loan debt, all at highest levels ever recorded in USA history. The American consumer is awash in debt at ratio’s never seen before in history.

As the inflation is not present since 2009 – ten years – and money cost is the lowest in centuries to institutions at near zero cost – and Americans now pay the HIGHEST INTEREST EVER RECORDED one would turn to Congress to INVESTIGATE and windfall tax income to institutions unless they drop cost to credit – immediately.

Who is the biggest lobby world wide?

Who is the biggest spender to 500 in congress by the billions to those 500 in their paks?

Well Banks and investment banks – WALL STREET by far. Outspends IT and Pharms combined.

WALL STREET OWNS CONGRESS well bought and paid for.

No investigation of the all time history worse gauging of consumers in US history.

Congress lets 400 million Americans drown in soaring cost of credit payments at a time when the money cost dropped through the floor boards and by WALL STREET LOBBY EFFORTS has remained at the floor boards. Now WALL STREET lobbies the FED to drop their cost of money even further lowering their FED RATE ( which will not happen trust me ).

Would if they had lower rates CRIMINAL WALL STREET all of whom  pled guilty of the largest financial crimes ever reported – making AL Capone and the Mafia look like they stole a snickers bar from a 7/11 store along with Berny Madoff by comparison. Only TOO BIG TO JAIL is yet another win for the WALL STREET ownership of bought and paid for congress. The biggest threat to WALL STREET unending soaring charges to American consumers – is the TRUMP TEAM – who birthed in New York City has the Wall Street formula cold and they know it. So unlimited money to HATE TRUMP.

Unlimited money from TOO BIG TO JAIL and RECORD ALL TIME 400 YEAR HIGH DEBT CHARGING TO ALL OF AMERICA BY CRIMINALS WHO RUN WALL STREET – I KNOW I WAS ONE OF THEM. It has been 20 years since I got out of Prison. I was a broken window. Criminal contempt of court over an 87,000 junk bond with prosecution stipulation I never benefited indirectly or directly from 12 accredited investors buying a total ( small sums for each ) into a high yield junk bond. The Bond was current paid in full to the date my public brokerage firm was sold for a price of ONE DOLLAR. The buyer contractually agreed to pay off the junk bond given his reduced sale price for the global public brokerage firm. The buyer did pay the bond current after purchase. He stripped the assets into his other firms and then filed bankruptcy as an attorney for the institution he acquired for one dollar. The BK judge through out the bankruptcy as fraud. I appeared at that hearing to assure the buyer tripped over his pants being down. While his terror ran him out of Chicago and almost disbarred him he was TOO BIG TO JAIL. So they jailed me the broken window charging me on Christmas Eve years later with contempt of court the lowest federal violation level on their books. The crime carries zero jail time. The prosecution illegally ( can’t be done today due to Supreme Court bars on enhancing sentences ) where they sentenced me not for contempt but for enhancements they constructed to maximize punishment. ENRON crooks who stole and had 100 million in their banks got less punishment where I had no gain or any funds in my bank. BROKEN WINDOWS go to jail the real crooks eat a warm stake meal and donate to the paks in America.

JUSTICE IS FOR SALE unless Trump Reforms it because no one else in the system that pays them from Wall Street WILL pay them for Justice Reform just the opposite. Those of us who learned and work for Justice reform – WE KNOW WHAT THE ISSUES ARE – as we work in both justice and prison reform giving back our lessons for the better good. It is not easy either.

The truth.

Folks the truth wins really.

Software of the mind.

After decades of FAKE NEWS to load and manipulate desired software on your brains main CPU. The problem in Super Change and new AI is that your profile can be acquired, and software most appealing sent to you in repetitions you can’t discern any longer, so pervasive is the digital AI brain washing, that masses no longer know their values positions and votes were manipulated into their brain as software updating that is daily and endless into your profile as a voter. HATE TRUMP is emotional software that out appeals to C drive permanent filing to any GOOD NEWS TRUMP because the brain is hard wire to deeper file THREAT than a hot dog party which it quickly forgets. The two billion dollar election industry of 2020 will invest record sums to define, embed and manipulate brain software into voters.

Those who read this blog are immune.

You are constantly assuring your brain software has more advanced AI code, to THINK at higher states of consciousness than brains who fail to invest in data and the truth.

The truth is economics Trumps political agenda’s in the end.

Even blame games where those who cause economic damage seek to shed blame unto themselves – WALL STREET IN 2007 – for one example – with 11 trillion put out from tax payers in debts for 100 years from today – with no budget passed to approve the money already approved by criminal congress ever passes. No budget passing is a congressional crime. Voter brain washing keeps the focus off Congress and Wall Street as our saviors. THE ONE WITH THE WEAPON AND MASK ROBBING YOU AT EVERY CREDIT CARD SWIPE – IS NOT YOUR SAVIOR FOLKS THEY ARE YOUR ECONOMIC KILLERS.

Too big to Jail.

Congress seeks to indict Trump on criminal tax return frame works like they have used for any criminal rules of evidence fail to indict or convict as no evidence of crimes exists – no matter the game is to TARNISH THE TARGET WITH PRESS AND FAKE NEWS UNTIL THE SLIME IS SO GREAT THEY CAN TRUMP UP A CHARGE OF CRIMINAL TAX CRIME AND PUT THE OFFENDER AWAY IN THE TRUMPED UP CHARGE FROM A TOTALLY CORRUPT PROCESS IN US JUSTICE.

The majority of Justice employees want JUSTICE REFORM.

The majority of Congress want Justice Reform.

The Majority of congress want to govern and stop this circus and its crimes in congress.

The minority ruling are focused on whatever crimes are required to retain the status quo of eroding the constitution of the United States to move the nation into full socialism and forever legal theft of public funds the largest stream of money in the world to steal from.

if you think something else is going on think again.

Trump is a reformer with enormous team of wealthy genius reformers sacrificing to restore the US constitution, REBUILD AMERICAN INFRASTRUCTURE, while Congress fails to pass a budget and works in one subpoena after another acting politically as if Congress was the justice department and the sitting President their employee – which is all untrue in fact and in law.

The game is have the criminals label the President a criminal by 2020 in the minds of the winning hands of voters.

The risk is the TRUTH will over come the fake news and create a back lash.

The criminals are confident their AI new digital tools to manipulate votes ( beyond any minor Russia fringe postings on face book a joke on manipulation had no effect at all and proven ) where it is the criminals in office having billions to spend, to manipulate your mind and brain software.

This blog is not political. CEO SPACE is a leading advocate for small business. We work with wonderful leaders in both parties who are dedicated public servants. All with brilliant input to public policy which is so complex way beyond sound bites. We are economic. Always. Issues that hurt economics we tell you about. Nancy Pelosi has hurt growth and economics and we tell you. Its not political it is economic. It is the truth.

Trump and Trade war news is all FAKE NEWS by the 90% media owned by less than 50 socialist who want a legal theft of public funds to preclude reforms to stop that economically. The FAKE NEWS is that American consumers pay the tariff tax. That is FAKE NEWS. In fact suppliers and chain of supply eat most of it and a fraction moves to consumers which have ZERO IMPACT on your buying an IPHONE or anything else – as in zero. America does collect billions to balance our trade imbalance one way or the other . Trump and American win in all outcomes.  CONSUMER CONFIDENCE THIS WEEKEND – HIGHEST IN 15 YEARS FOLKS – back to 2004 and that BOOM into 2007 – which was our best ever. Repeating again now.

So media endless suggests TRUMP is raising consumer prices to end the boom. The boom is soaring and will continue to soar except in down bubble losing the trade war in fact – CHINA. No deal and China falls off a cliff. Deal and China has prosperity for centuries. China leaders will abacus this math soon enough as the economics never lie.

So consumers are fed endless HATE TRUMP daily and why.

My readers have a magic FIREWALL TO SUCH TRIPE and BRIAN SOFTWARE which never reaches their far more informed and data rich brains. My readers THINK where mindless millions world wide no longer then they simply embrace FAKE SOFTWARE ( NEWS ) FED TO THEM TO MANIPULATE THEIR THOUGHTS.

Today Orwell’s BIG BROTHER and MIND MANIPULATION is in fact for the first time here and alive and well. You are monitored as never before – from wake to sleep and what you eat in between. Your Porn clicks to all your clicks and that data feeds you special FAKE NEWS made just for your attitude to control your vote outcomes. Trillions are spent fo manipulate your mind as a consumer and voter.

San Francisco the first city ( my birth city and leader on human rights always ) voted to preclude FACE RECOGNITION in its cities – have no fear in SAN FRANCISCO where you are FREE. Though HATE TRUMP rules in a FREE ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY CENTER built on FREE ENTERPRISE AND CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOMS now backing SOCIALISM which I find odd choice making but I bow to the brain washing by the constitutional criminals. Because BRAIN WASHING WORKS FOLKS.

Or they would not do it.

So guard your software one week at a time. THINK about your fake news and draw more informed outcomes of mind. YOUR MIND. No one else’s manipulation.

Obama is a US citizen and TRUMP owes Obama and his family an apology as truth.

Trump is not a criminal and Nancy owes him an apology as Truth.

Consumer confidence driving the American prosperity is highest since 2004 itself a record.

Credit card interest is at all time HIGH EVER with money cost at all time low.

What does this tell us?

Wall Street Criminals are criminally gauging Americans and using that money to elect their own champion so they can keep doing these crimes which is not TRUMP.

Attorney General Barr is one of the greatest constitutional champion of JUSTICE IN 100 years.

Barr will not allow a criminal fringe in justice to go unpunished he is cleaning house and cleaning up.

Those involved as the tracks lead right back to Nancy and a criminal cabal in Congress – have a last gasp as real criminals to circle their criminal power brokers and distract the BARR hard evidence from their camps and throw sand in the GIANTS EYES to frame TRUMP for crimes. Even thought such efforts fail they may tip the election and they may derail their own prosecution when deals are made with BARR Later.

Today Nancy and her criminal co conspirators in the Justice spot light now – are working in panic to develop enough political capital with TRUMP THREAT to make a BARR DEAL to remove themselves from TOO BIG TO JAIL.

That is what is going on today.

Did you see it some other way?

Check your software and reboot.

Think again.

We have worked in lobby work in DC from the 1960s’ before 90% of our readers where born, both from a large public Wall Street global brokerage firm I ran and I sold for $ 1.00 to protect stake holders, and CEO SPACE from the 1980s to today serving 150 nations. As Farmers Insurance adveritising in America states in their mass marketing….over the years we have seen it all and we know a thing or two….

Protecting your SOFTWARE is our BLOG FIREWALL world wide for readers in all nations as what is good for the USA economically is always best for your nation and all nations as the core pump to all things economic. 440 TRILLION IN USA DOLLARS run the world and AI controls the flows not humans.

The new economy the AI economy is what you know is true and news reporting old economy information is denial and in error in reporting.

You have kept score?

97 Predictions since 1988 and a winning forecast site unmatched world wide by track record.

This weekend report is to scan your software – to remove virus code – to free your mind to think on the truth – of what is really going on out there you only read here – from EBOLA as real threat – and we promise you the real risk into 2020 economics – you’ll see – and the truth on data and economics and political agendas all economic – so you SEE TASTE AND FEEL THE TRUTH from the FAKE NEWS.

Which is your WHY we hope to spread this site – this weekend – to your walls – boards and share the URL and the mail lists you have to join new FREE READERS who want better SOFTWARE OF MIND.

This blog is the only firewall for the truth against brain manipulating incoming we know of in the world today.

Your anti virus of your own mind is served free right here. THE ONE AND THE ONLY BLOG SITE – that reads your whole brain software and purges your mind of trojans fake news and virus of the mind with the anti virus software that has no resistance to all known virus of mind -known as the TRUTH.


Note: Why is a criminal bought and paid for by Wall Street my tribe as an investment banker economist failing to INVESTIGATE as required by law – the criminal price guarding of WALL STREET who has bought and paid for law makers to protect itself and its crimes in a co conspiracy now unwinding under BARR/ No wonder they are in full on panic – can’t you feel the TRUTH OF IT right now?





In the new AI economy – the questions asked are so different than in the old economy. For instance, the PR that makes markets go up and go down source from where? First the President and Tweets as Donald Trump controls market ups and down as core source in the new economy – not so in 2016 but all new AI economics in 2017.

In the NEW AI economy the sound bites next controlling billions and billions of profits are from Wall Street the largest Lobby and PR machine in all nations the world has ever known. Say Larry Fink at Blackrock and Carlye both put out PR that moves markets. Their AI will profit maximally over more stable markets.

The PR may be FAKE NEWS – find out who paid for the PR. Tracking those source of PR is now a new AI subroutine getting smarter and smarter. Why?

Well if your AI can out guess and position to the other chaps AI then you win more profit for your lake of money. With Caryle and BlackRock we are talking 13 trillion dollars of cash. By comparison China once only a few years back in the OLD ECONOMY had 3.2 trillion in reserves in its cash account.

Today since trade wars, Trump has changed things. China now is not buying new DEBT from the US like they once did but other nations profiting from the RUN OF FIVE TRILLION CAPITAL OUT OF CHINA since 2014, say India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore and so many others, while China Bleeds the others LEAD in the NEW ECONOMICS – scroll and read up on that Super Change event. AI ECONOMICS.

You lead as leader when you know secret knowledge before others have that secret truth and knowledge. Masters protect the new truth from error. Teachers of Masters ( TM’s ) Bring new truth into ages that require such GPS to prosper and survive.

Stay ahead as leaders.

China is now falling under 1.2 trillion dollars in US debt and dollar held accounts. When China pays for goods world wide they have tried their communist phony currency now down some 70% since Trump won in office. You been tracking that free fall in new AI economics?

China to support it’s currency from a Super Crash in which its own citizens already running as they can, out of Chinese phony currency the yuan, 70% down in two years, and into dollars though it is so hard do so when every transaction is AI computer tracked. Every Chinese is given social credit points for conforming to Communist behavior modeling. If citizens attempt to express free choice their state credit account like a 5.0 credit score, removes you from community as everyone shuns you for hurting the social whole. Who long this THOUGHT POLICE the first of its kind ever – in new AI economics will work, is yet to be seen.

Financially its a mess.

In the new economics China has crashed its dollar reserves which is needed to buy billions on commodities and goods like Oil China must pay for in DOLLARS. If China uses Yuan as most trades only settle in world reserve currency – the US dollar – the ratio of falling yuan value to each dollar – is weighted and eating up Chinese dollar reserves.

Said another way if this trade war goes on long then China will run out of dollars and then all shit is going to hit the real fan and for China not the USA.

As China supports it yuan by massive buying of its own crap currency with value based dollars now soaring in value – soaring since Trump got elected – highest ramp back up in 15 years – as the dollar is king again world wide – everywhere. Everyone wants dollars. No one wants Yaun. China tried to replace the dollar in an economic warfare move with the IMF which has failed so badly they still have burn bandages all over their ten communist fingers.

NO COMMUNIST ECONOMY HAS EVER SURVIVED LONG TERM OR BROUGHT PROSPERITY TO ITS PEOPLE TO MATCH FREE ENTERPRISE AND CAPITALISM FOR DOING JUST THAT ….China is also 80% export economics and driving growth from internal consumption will take decades and is not possible today for 1.4 billion people, 68% over the age of 55, four men to one lady in lower age groups, and not enough workers at ten to one retiring to the one left to replace the ten – this aging economics and failure of communist one birth child for fifty years – as skewed China demographics such that economically,  there is path forward.

China has to:

  1. Pay off all state debt with a US dollar based Super Bond ( call us )
  2. Develop ten trillion of forward SUPER BOND infrastructure for 25 years ( call us )
  3. Massively stimulate jobs and employment from the SUPER BOND
  4. Ramp up a 5 million dollar China DOLLAR RESERVE account for the much larger GNP and economics of the future
  5. Massively stimulate internal sustained rising consumption from NEW ENTREPRENEUR LAWS to jump start 1 million new ventures in China forming a year to drive the ever rising consumption in AI economics.

The problem of WARP DRIVE ECONOMICS on a demographic of youth MAO and my Father engineered in the 1950’s and 1960’s -is that in WARP DRIVE ECONOMICS the growth under Newtons what goes up must come back down – always slows and then declines. Chinese Communist economists trained by Universities of the world in antique and dead now old paper trading economics and theories for capital flows is fully replaced starting in 2014 by AI. New AI Super Change Economics have in just one economic sector, oil the cost of everything else entirely, food, transportation, packaging, electricity, has seen growth top and growth contract now. This SUPER CHANGE was too fast for pundits world wide to adapt to the SUPER CHANGE.

Steeped in old economy theory which no longer applies to SUPER CHANGE rapidly evolving new economics, present bad buggy god awful data to leaders of nations upon which they rely, also addicted to old models with human brains wired to preclude any change or risk elevation on their watch time face.

The idea…no change on my time on the watch towers,…even if it kills me …where inside SUPER CHANGE such buggy thinking . failing to be brought current inside the Age of Super Change will kill you. First financially for a small enterprise or a nation like China. Today over 7 trillion dollars is invested globally in self driving automobiles. In one small sector of economics. AI controls over 440 trillion dollars of capital flows at a 96% trade completion is now AI in all economic sectors. 100’s of trillions of dollars are invested in AI from the internet of things, to your ear pods and smart speakers, to your health care and all asset classes and prices. AI is fully in control.

China is not dumping its US dollar holdings. They are 1/3 what they where when Trump came into office. They are down because the dollar has soared in value – have you not kept score on the DOLLAR ELEVATOR under Donald Trump into the Penthouse Floor. Every trade globally must be paid by all nations. Getting DOLLARS is the oil the lubricant for world trade. China has a ENORMOUS DOLLAR PENALTY in this trade war.

The Trade war is hitting China as follows:

  1. Trillions of capital both parked in China and committed or committing to future projects has dried up and run OUT OF CHINA. Experts say we are passing 5 trillion dollars in capital flight out of China since the Trade War began.
  2. GNP in China has fallen – growth is no longer existent – the 25% growrth of the 1980’s has plunged on any chart or graph to 5% right now – does anyone know how to read a chart from the high only a bit of time ago at 25% annual growth soaring to 30% doing an about down bubble from failed chinese economic policies, where now growth 80% down from peak is falling the rest of the 20% and really fast as well.
  3. The Dollar account required to trade at all has dropped by 2/3rds from 3.4 trillion in dollar reserves to only 1.2 and falling fast reserves as dollars are required by 100’s of billions to support China Yuan from the RUN ON THEIR CURRENCY by World new economic AI’s. This trend down with 80% of dollar reserves as loss over less than five years, is a crises depreciation of China WEALTH.
  4. The Chinese economy now is contracting into the risk of a SUPER CRASH starting in Real Estate in forward years and moving into commodities Super Crashing wiping out China current trade surpluses and placing China into an impossible new AI economic vice with capital still running out of China. Firms leaving never to ever return.
  5. China Debt Super Bubble, borrowing in the ever crash plunge from 25% growth rising to 30% crashing into 5% growth and going to zero growth – if a trade deal does not materialize. This is the TRUMP TEAM economic outcome. China in revolution Spring and break up with civil wars and riots all over China as totally unwanted by the world and the USA or a trade deal and sustained prosperity giving CHINA planners TIME the key asset now to work out of the economics of failed policies – and failed demographic outcomes to its worker populations. China does not admit its failures and that is the problem of integrity for any nation on earth in the new Economy. INTEGRITY is the new currency.

So Wall Street is manipulating market prices why? Well because they can in AI Economics. The manipulations and fake news outside any nations regulatory frame work today, produces volatility never seen before over SOUND BITES driving price up and down. This ability to move prices up and down provides profit benefits to AI ECONOMICS never seen in markets before today.

We see today:

  1. Soft winter math on manufacturing.
  2. Auto’s
  3. Homes

We have told you and told you CLIMATE CHANGE WINTER was record breaking and really the USA did ok. We had two BOMB CYCLONES Over 50% of the USA with snow and ice. Anyone go buy and shop for a home a mall item or a car in a BOMB CYCLONE LAST MONTH? Masses stayed by a warm fire I know our family did in Freezing OHIO last month.

Economic activity in May is soaring – auto’s homes and consumer goods all surprising everyone but our teams. We are laughing high fiving and saying 31 years of prediction accuracy we really see no comparison for on accuracy past to to tomorrow. Some one has to be number one in accurate GPS for what comes next.


You hear it first.

You see it become accurate.

Over one year you see it as amazing.

Over five years a kind of magic.

Over a decade a MIRACLE SIGHT.

Long time readers thanks for singing our praise we are adding subscribers who just want the economics of what is going on OUT THERE explained. As the truth is always the sentence – FOLLOW THE FREAKIN MONEY – whether it is MBS attacking himself to raise oil prices – or it is China trying to rally its population seeing failed economics as growth slides into recession and SUPER CRASH – the ploy is to throw sand ( fake news ) into the giants eyes ) voters and the population – so the masses fail to fixed responsibility on the 12% communist rulers failed policies that have screwed it all up.

With President XI make no mistake. The corruption purge ( still going on ) has swept through legal theft more “corrupt companies” not ascribing to Communist principles ENOUGH – into new owners who are NOT CORRUPT and will run those firms faithfully to the communist drummers. Thousands of companies have been purged of corruption and acquired by PARTY INSIDERS under XI who now all owe XI while his opponents in the huge nation of China have been for years jailed, to never be seen again. If their families complain too much they go to jail as well or at least Communist RE-EDUCATION CAMPS where 1,000,000 are now locked up under XI.


Wall Street Fake News:

  1. China can win the trade war – no chance in hell – with AI economics
  2. China is dumping its Dollar accounts – China is trying to stop free fall for its YUAN.
  3. China won’t have a SUPER CRASH if trade war goes on – YES THEY WILL & SOON

So you heard all that first here.

Now then China has one road forward. Make a best possible trade deal with the USA as rapidly as possible. If you elect to delay trillions in buryer demand will shift from you by September never to return to China. Your future will then be the worst economic recession since the Mao revolution. So sad for the Chinese people.

The cause is advisers residing in the old economy that does not exist any longer and applying tools and tactics from that old economy into the new AI economics. This wrong minded denial policy approach is a failed model and will be toxic to desired outcomes. China can avoid a SUPER CRASH and DEBT CASCADE as the CHINA SUPER DEBT BUBBLE will burst and this China has no ability to repair if it takes place. Why would anyone allow such risk in economics?

They allow the risk because the policy makers are making policy based on buggy software of mind that is in denial of new software upgrades required to make successful policy.


  1. Biden declares and back doors – back me and we’ll unwind Trump and your back in business.
  2. China policy makers assess risk to go slow – unwind the 155 page deal terms – and election wait.
  3. Economics will punish failed policy so fast, that China may never recover in fact.

ECONOMICS are unforgiving for error and abuse.

China economic planners are WRONG and exist in old economics.

Treasury Planners are AI economic aware, and offered a way forward strong deal to China.

Trump falsely led to rely on the 155 progressive deal was blind sided by a full unwinding of all the time to agree on 155 pages together.

Trumps Team correctly moved the BAD BET from China back to the core came raising and calling.


China after its final dealer hit at its table globally even with the secret BIden deal – has two two’s.

If China shows its cards Capital will fatally leave China for 100 years.

China needs to FOLD EM no longer HOLD THEM and make a DEAL which saves face  and more importantly their economy for 1.4 billion chinese and 2 billion unborn chinese.

You got to know when to fold them and know when to hold them.

The USA Wall Street Fake news puts out “mounting pressure to lower interest rates? There is no mounting pressure. There is mounting pressure from us to keep interest rates level at one of the lowest PAUSE points in 100 years. Interest RATES ARE LOW ENOUGH. Lenders are making record all time profits – have you been watching Wall Street STOCK PRICES and STOCK BUY BACKS? Warren Buffet in lower earnings is Massively buying back its stock.

Would Wall Street – make massively MORE PROFIT from the ungodly profits and bonus money you see individuals earn in the tens of millions as just a single bonus – IF WALL STREET COULD PAY EVERYONE LESS FOR DEPOSITS ON LOWER INTEREST WHILE CHARGING THEIR PEAK RATES UNCHANGED TO THE MARKET?

If they could lower their supply of raw material ( money ) and keep they charge to the market in the recent high loads from 2010 to today – high – would their profit account not soar? If the boom with a trade deal created more volume, would they make more money if during the TRADE WAR Wall Street the Bridal Falls of FAKE NEWS to market to manipulate price for its AI ECONOMICS and TRADES day to day – lobbied for LOWER INTEREST ( to while things are trade war volatile and the Wall Street FAKE NEWS FACTORIES are all in election year high gear to lower their cost of commodity cost ( money acquisition ) and keep their cost of lending or placing money at all time ten year highs – they make the most money possible ).

Said another way nothing can make Wall Street more money than lowering the cost greedy bankers pay to acquire their trading asset ( money ) while keeping the cost they charge others for that money high.

You see it now?

Alright now you see:

  1. Fake news on first quarter business softening – which is only winter nothing else.
  2. Failure to report Spring up bubble in same asset classes across all charts.
  3. Calls to lower interest for FAKE NEWS on 1 and on 2.
  4. Lobby Pressure to the Fed to lower interest rates to avoid a China Super Crash.
  5. If they can lower the value of the US dollar the USA sells more of everything as everything is cheaper – so lowering the cost of money – lowers the dollar in value – globally and lowers the cost of American everything for trade. The better outcome is a strong dollar leading the world and US trade is soaring with a strong dollar as it did 1950’s to new Economics in 2007 as AI began to take over in version I. We are in AI economics version 100 today as AI evolves in hyper super change time frames never experienced by human beings till now.

My NEW BOOK on SUPER CHANGE will upgrade your brain software and fast.

If you fail to embrace and make SUPER CHANGE work for you….Super Change will bury you.

The American economy is growing faster than you think, is far stronger and more robust than you believe, and is diversifying into industries never seen before, faster than you ever have witnessed and America is re=inventing economics into AI economics and itself and the entire world in time frames never known in any other age.

Super Change as a pace of change is exponentially accelerating. Impossible to slow down.

We all have to calm down to catch up. We have to become far more objective about data. We have to read with new reading glasses and learn how to follow the MONEY bouncing ball to markets. By being better informed your outcomes are more secure.

If you lack the better information….your outcomes? In the future? Well….not so much.

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Nothing WONDERFUL HAPPENS INSIDE YOUR OWN LIFE until a leader ( you ) makes a DECISION. Miracles flow from action and not from considerations.

Decisions make wealth and nothing less ever does.

Make yours. You have better information …


PS: China is dumping USA debt – fake news – who benefits from the bond market volatility – there there your new reading glasses will kick in….China benefits by making up trade war tariff costs in market profits from volatility who created ? China created for the profit of it….now you starting to see the truth?





The Oil wars began in 2014 when MBS then in his twenties, the new PUPPY KING of Saudi Arabia, declared, “HE” the KING OF SAUDI would next totally DESTROY the American Oil INDUSTRY. He would using OPEC bring oil down from a peak of $ 140.00 a barrel, as a tax on 8 billion people. Oil creates fertilizers and pesticides and many transportation and storage containers or movements. Oil is the largest DOLLAR perspective of food production packaging and movement in the world. Said another way OIL ELITES – less than 100 fantastically wealthy individuals – control overrides and profit every time you swallow food in any nation upon the earth. If you ever get health care the ingredients of the shots you take the tubes that hold the blood they draw and the syringes that give you the medicine that saves your life come from OIL. Half a barrel of oil we burn up in a toxic soup over the industrial revolution in just 100 years, Mankind and our unholy alliance with toxic oil, have brought the planet and planet wide environment, into a CRISES EXTINCTION MODE, while we pedal to the metal.

Across this entire spectrum of oil USE the demand for toxic oil for the first time in 100 years first slowed and then and now is in full on decline. Thats right. Growth For OIL USE Is being revised monthly now in the direction growth for oil USE has never gone since the 1800’s. DOWN DOWN DOWN. While this DOWN DOWN DOWN DEMAND FOR OIL OCCURS PRICES ARE MOVING UP TODAY. Why? Well they move up on King MBS OF SAUDI.

So what from 2014 when oil moved from 214.00 a barrel to 36.00 a barrel ( any one track what losing an oil war looks like ) ? American oil shale production has risen from 4 million barrels a day in out put to 13 million barrels a day rising up to 20 million barrels a day faster and faster. Oil UP means more RIGS in America. Rig count was up but not as much as usual due to four months of brutal CLIMATE CHANGE WINTER over US oil Fields – two bomb cyclones in April alone normally Spring. As the snows melt with interest inside the Fed GREAT PAUSE continue for years the likely RIG COUNT RISE into December will set records. American production is soaring. We added over 5 million barrels of oil to our strategic oil reserves THIS WEEK AGAIN  having no other buyers for that much added oil….and the price goes up. Why?

Well the price went Down Weds based on demand being adjusted downward from March and again in April by world tracking agencies. DOWN DOWN DOWN demand is plunging never to return. What is SUPER CHANGING in the oil markets of 2019/2020? WHAT? IS? CHANGING?


Oil Price is shifting to $ 45.00 – $ 55.00 a Barrel and holding why? The loss of OIL demand growth and the start of oil demand net negative over supply annual use. THE NEW DAY OF OIL SUPPLY GREATER THAN NEVER ENDING PLUNDING DEMAND NOW CONTROLS PRICE AND MBA PRICE MANIPULATIONS ARE FAILING – HE WINS FOR A DAY BUT LOSES FOR THE WEEK AND THE MONTH. Oil peaked at 72.00 and spiking in AI oil new markets to $ 200 on manipulative speculations with cost averaging at $ 45.00 dollars a barrel – get ready for declining average prices – go short – and volatility like oil markets pre AI economics have never known before. THAT.

You heard it first and repeatedly right here – now learn earn return using this information for your forward game planning in ENTREPRENEUR SPACE – the space CEO SPACE ( registrations to Dallas May 22nd Wheels up Tuesday ) leads within: just for you……..


  • The electricity moving off toxic oil to never return is cutting off pipe lines of oil demand forever
  • The transportation moving from toxic oil to never return is a global plunge off oil use
  • The containers and packaging moving from toxic oil – plastic bags to shringes is forever

The day of rising oil demand is over. Now with Trade war and manufacturing down for month three in the USA and year three for China to name only two world oil demand from EU to everywhere is a) moving off OPEC highest price most costly to refine oil to b) Cheaper non OPEC Oil less costly to refine ( forever shifting market share wars MBS lost as in being economically nuked ).

No oil price is a fair market price for a scare and non renewable commodity right?


Oil price is a complex unregulated web of unholy shadow bankers including oil producers around the world oil refiners and oil shippers and oil storage investors all investing with AI DIGITAL LEVERAGED SPECULATIONS to FULL MANIPULATION “YOUR” PRICE OF OIL. This market illegal and criminal fix, the worlds largest HIDDEN TAX UPON THE COST OF EVERYTHING IS UNWINDING. Less than 100 sociopathic fantastically wealthy elites, manipulate the price of oil, to gain even more fantastic wealth accumulations outside any oversight regulatory frame work or rule of law. The wild wild west of oil pricing.

The Gulf Nations led by Saudi have a problem. Saudi spends more than it earns depending on oil price. Today the debt load and forward diversification experiment – with zero controls – or known outcomes – seeks to create economics outside oil for GULF NATIONS. To do so spending – massive spending and risk investing is required. Due to abuse of Powers by MBS – for example locking up over 1000 royals and criminally stealing through extortion over 100 billion dollars back to his Royal Vaults, is one abuse. Another might be the inability to address the question – why again if you had 18 assassin highly trained Kings “men” in Turkey at your embassy to talk sense into Khashoggi or kidnap Washington Post Journalist Khashoggi –  ( the question ) – if that is all it was a) why did your team bring multiple bone saws to the embassy? b) Why did you say your Saudi embassy staff confirmed to you that Khashoggi left the Embassy – when not knowing it was all on both audio and full video tape by the Turkish Government itself illegally filming in your embassy because they well know YOU MBS backed and financed the coup to kill the leader of Turkey his wifie and his children America did nothing to stop you. Now you have Saudi at a break even to run your annual budget requiring 70.00 a barrel oil and 72 dollars a barrel only helps you a bit. When you cut back oil to raise price to this level other OPEC members cheat and sell for less to KEEP MARKET SHARE AND CUSTOMERS. You have cost OPEC more customers and market share in two years than in 100 years. Your charts saying growth for oil is soaring are wrong growth for oil is DECLINING NOT RISING AT ALL. You have lied and OPEC has lied and now you are all caught in your lies. This MBS accent on fraud and MORE BULL SHIT ( MBS ) where everyone inside OPEC and outside knows these things for sure:

  1. MBS is a sociopathic ruler who will be removed by the tribes who deserve to rule
  2. OPEC is destroyed by MBS as demand falls and market share wars are badly lost.
  3. MBS has cost Saudi 3 trillion dollars in capital flight out of nation since 2017 only
  4. MBS has lost the oil wars attacking his own ships and rigs and blaming it badly only Iran
  5. MBS has lost the battle with Iran and Iran has won it all including a deal with Trump watch

In Dealing with Trump Iran is able to settle all scores with Saudi. Again watch this coming up next and remember you heard it first here. Today OIL went up a bit over what it went down yesterday. OIL will fall from new peaks at 72.00 from MBS bullshit – while 100’s of millions of barrels of new oil is added by America to our own 500,000,0000 barrel storage farms because we can’t sell 500,000,000 oil barrels to anyone today. If TRUMP DUMPS any part of that stock pile in stead of buying more and more – like the USA not importing oil at 87% now say 13% and falling – like we need a BILLION BARRELS in storage come on? Trump is opening up more oil in the worlds largest reserves ( unlimited ) on Federal Lands we the people own. No wonder Saudi currency is falling and US Dollars are rising.

Today China currency is free falling as the same trillions running out and away ( forever ) from Saudi investing and oil – is taking place in China. China sitting on commodity bets that will lose a trillion dollars for them along with trillions spent to support its own paper community money. If you spend 300% more than you earn ( China does ) for over ten years ( China has ) when does such debt economics and the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE IN CHINA become a SUPER CRASH unfolding. In Slow Motion or instantly in AI world? As demand in manufacturing in China drops like a stone – as it has in our first quarter as China now in FALL moves into full on WINTER. Lets see how far WINTER ALONE and CLIMATE CHANGE slow Chinese GNP for real – the debtor run economy that is not an economy in fact.

MBS has no clue his largest client – China – is not amused at ever higher SAUDI OIL PRICES. As China negotiates price of its own oil at $ 45.00 these secret market share contracts by SAUDI work against OPEC other members who all find out. When they do find out MBS betrayed them all, yet again, OPEC dies. OPEC members nod and make nice press smiles as they all cheat, pump whatever protects their market share and sells at whatever price protects their market share. OIL IS NOW PRICED BY THE BUYER NOT BY THE SELLER.

MBS has destroyed OPEC in the midst of the largest fall off a cliff for oil – a forever decline in demand where 50% of current oil use will be off the table entirely by 2050 or before. Never in any commodity market has the demand peaked and fallen like this commodity – oil the price of everything else – save perhaps ask Holland about Tulip speculations a century back. The Dutch have long memories. GO DUTCH.

Now consider that inflation, the policy driver of central banks ( but should it be in AI economics ) is not rising nor has inflation been rising as old economics and trends once saw, why? Because the cost of everything oil – the main inflation driver – fuel to move everything – packaging to hold everything – energy to report everything and turn on your lights – is now in demand decline. The lowest price to move everything – package everything – and turn on your lights – way under climate change toxic killing us all oil produces – is here now and cost are dropping.

INFLATION OR OIL that was a nickle a gallon ( 5 cents ) then 10 cents than 25 cents when I pumped it first – then 50 cents then 75 cents then 1.00 a gallon than 1.50 a gallon then 2.00 and all the way to 5.00 dollars a gallon. Now back 50% from that outside California or 2.18 cents a gallon when it should be 75 cents.

HAVE YOU NOTICE RECORD EARNINGS FOR OIL COMPANIES AT 36 dollars a barrel and 72 dollars a barrel?

Perhaps you missed that tracking but we have not.

WINDFALL EARNINGS HEARINGS in the congress in old days rolled back price and stunted inflation far more than central bank policy which gave us such enormous recessions and crashes. We no longer regulate big oil.

MBS policy and oil wars have:

  1. Soundly defeated the puppy King in economics – Saudi is now a debt driven economy borrowing tens of billions in 2019 alone.
  2. Destroyed OPEC forever the real industry views OPEC as a joke today – howling laughter
  3. AI speculators control oil price
  4. Oil price unlike other markets goes UP as it did today when DEMAND goes down and supply exceeds supply
  5. Oil moves on sound bites influencing AI capital flows, as to long and short mountains of side bets on oil price. Now MBS PR that Iran attacked his ships and oil platforms over 24 hours when Iran did not nor did their proxy. It’s all smoke and mirrors from MBS who attacked himself.

First reported here.

MBS believes as he wrongly concludes a) the three trillion loss and capital run out of Saudi going on right now – is temporary and will pass over – because he KING MBS got away with butchering Khashoggi trying to get his wedding paper work thinking he was safe in a Saudi embassy in Turkey – as a crazy brain self deluding. The run is not even started and is forever to Saudi investing. MBS believes he still has control of oil pricing and OPEC is as it was before his reign. Now that is like Hitler seeing himself kill Stalin and rule in Moscow – on each line of cocaine Hitler snorted to feel all that. MBS is a sociopath with delusions in his crazy ass brains.

….THE LONGER THE SAUD GREAT FAMILY TAKE TO REMEDY THIS MISTAKE IN FAMILY LINEAGE THE HIGHER THE COST ECONOMICALLY ( TRILLIONS MORE ) AND THE HIGHER THE COST POLITICALLY ( THE KINGDOM ERA MAY FALL AND REMAINS AT FULL RISK WHILE YOU FOLLOW MBS INTO YOUR OWN TWILIGHT IN THE SAND CASTLE ). …….remember you heard this truth first here and keep adding the cost on your abacus as the cost to recover in transition soars as TIME ITSELF is added into the matrix………think about it my mentors for 45 years ……

So oil went up which returned oil almost to the price before it went down in days before. Oil is AI price ranged but as data to AI rises showing – sound bites on supply issues over Gulf drama have zero effect on surplus supply over never ending fall in growth and demand for oil – it is a one way direction – demand is diving off a cliff the size of niagra falls as supply of oil is soaring just like spring Niagra falls – this means price must go down…as all abuse in economics must always one day rebalance – and crimes against humanity phony baloney manipulation by speculators fully leveraged to artificially hold oil prices up high – damns billions to starvation with food insecurity and shelter insecurity and health insecurity so some fat oil cats can buy super yatchs. To say that is not right is to under position the crime.

The crime is the few oil elites hold 8 billion hostage to the cost of everything else, raising oil costs in a pure manipulation for their own budgets and spending requriements, artificially manipulating energy prices causing SUPER CRASHES and wars, worse killing more humans from climate change and toxic pollution of waters and air and soils where in 100 years of oil industrial revolution – against 4 billion years of earth history – we humans have created more extinction events from oil use – than any planet impact or earth geological event in all her billions of years of history. Oil Elites covered up and failed to pay for the pollution they have created inside every human body, all soil and water and all air, none of which are free of oil and plastic micro particle pollution for a million more years.

Who pays for all this damage when solutions where known?

Who pays for the economic suffering and cost for high priced ELITE OIL to MARKET versus a 75 cent oil at the pump as we all stop using oul and move to electric cars where energy comes from renewable non polluting sources.  The acceleration of the SUPER CRASH IN OIL DEMAND is now unstoppable. Driven in large part by the final failed policy for oil – MBS driving a price nail in his own coffin as the run out of SAUDI OIL and MARKET SHARE is so fast and so includes MBS false belief he has gotten away with murder – so what – bomb his own ships and rigs for no oil loss or loss of life – just show and move oil price back up from its plunge ( for what a day or two as the market finds out – oh it was him – all his PR to distract as with Khashoggi now has an MBS finger print OPEC well knows and TRUMP well knows ). DENIAL is a final discussion of Hitler ( you lost the war ass wipe  ) which is the same thinking process MBS in denial is leading Saudi down their own yellow brick road. Good luck when the reach the real wizard of oz to only discover it is PUTIN XI AND TRUMP all united together as one against your crazy brain …

Do you think with your ten minutes of having oil back up MBS and then shopping in Pakistan and in India and now in North Korea for Nukes that your crazy ass brain is going to get a Nuke? What do you think Trump would really do if you did sonny? Ever thought that part through? Ever thought about the most powerful military force ever conceived of and those brains gunning just for you sonny – how much worse than your war loss in Libya and Yemen and Qatar would be.

MBS worse denial? MBS has lost the proxy war with Iran? MBS thinks he hoodwinked and checked mated Donald Trump.

Now as IRAN really wins the war with Saudi once and for all …and the USA does absolutely nothings – until the Saud family faced with their own real survival – ( oh and right this minute they are and its real and they all well know it ) do not castle their King – in the Chess internal civil war going on inside the San Castle we have reported on first and repeatedly – ) and fast – Sand Castles can and do fall. MBS has lost face and trillions and the war with IRAN – the Gulf knows what LOSER LOOKS LIKE. Loser in economics, – loser in oil wars – loser in OPEC unity – loser in geopolitics – loser in Saudi prestige and image – loser in real ground wars Qatar – Libya – Syria – Lebanon – Yemen – loser with Khashoggi – loser with IRAN final and fatal loss – for Puppy Crazy Brain sociopathic KING what a shame for Saudi’s people.

The longer this all takes to fix and resolve the greater the cost in price wars and outcomes.


You an’t seen nothing yet – imagine spikes to 200.00 a barrel and back to 25.00 dollars a barrel. Space Mountain for OIL….folks this is NOT DISNEYLAND…..this folks is real…and crazy brain Hitler only got the truth hours before he and his honey elected to cowardly bow out with poison….why face the truth at all? Crazy brains do not – follow them at your own greatest cost.

We haven’t even reached the weekend yet – with peace breaking out between Iran and USA assuring each other – no war – we’ll just pound our respective chests a bit if you do not mind. Thanks MBS oil going up helps us through the sanctions your help winning our wars with you and you alone is so appreciated. Oh and MBS says the ruler of Iran this week……CHECKMATE !

MBS is investing a 100 million of his borrowed cash into OIL PR to manipulate prices with news that is FAKE NEWS and truly the man that brought BONE SAWS to a WEDDING PERMIT INTERVIEW – does not care with his crazy brain about social responsibility or climate change anything. For you see in this Matrix story MBS does not believe there is THE ONE ( Donald Trump is the ONE ) and or that the ONE can bend the matrix ( oil prices ) to his own will ( Dumping oil reserves and setting market price ) such that when THE ONE shifts the MATRIX the crazy brain will die never seeing the matrix has shifted for him and him alone into his new terrible final reality ( which IS coming to a news bite near you sooner than you think ) as the one thing driving crazy brain is one thing…..personal survival.  THAT.


PS: Media is asleep at the wheel for not at least daring to tell the TRUTH about MBS attacking himself as a final card to play against IRAN – spark war sucking the USA in – where his PR blames it all on easy target Iran – who also knows with Trump what is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE. Crazy ass brain.







Ebola broke out in major city in Congo in August 2018. What unfolded has never occured like it is today. Today Radical Muslims are strategically using Ebola in two ways. First suicide INFECTORS get infected and spread the fatal illness in Congo. We stated last year and this year what KEEPS US UP AT NIGHT is that ISIS or the other crazy brains spread Ebola world wide. The outbreak in 2019 remains fully out of any control and is now rising to be the #1 WORST OUTBREAK OF EBOLA in world history. Precisely as we predicted last August – as all Ebola news is hard to find – as a Tweet from President Trump takes over all news. Trade wars are having zero impact on Global Markets as AI economics moderates riskless risk against real economic data, which is red ink for China and soaring revenues for the USA. Ebola on the other hand is a global depression breeder reactor as nations infected begin to quarantine and stop travel and all commerce to control the EBOLA FIRES which will be like nothing humanity has faced in modern times. The notion we have technology to manage this is so silly. We have dodged this bullet by acting in TIME. Today with TIME being the primary and shrinking OUTCOME to virtual control – the sands of TIME are rapidly slipping through our fingers today. We have advocated that all media and news lead with EBOLA stories daily. All news and media have an EBOLA CLOCK since August showing the daily infection totals and the % of new infections growing/August/Today. On the media wide EBOLA CLOCK and that WHO publish an EBOLA CLOCK. WE encourage institutional and private donor support in the billions – this is far more important to human kind than one billion raised in 72 hours to rebuild NORTE DAMNE. We call for G 20 world leaders to rally round a call to PROTECT WHO WORKERS with a SWAT TEAM RESPONSE right now and to channel in resources and people to assure while TIME still on our side is not lost beyond all hope which will occur in fact by the 2020 election. What is the driving election issue of 2020 that candidates fail to grasp – nothing like their silly sound bites of today – it will all become EBOLA. When Did Donald Trump know, when did Donald Trump act or fail to act? The issue will be far more important than a tax return or investigations into political kitty litter by the insanity of the most liberal leader in USA History Nancy Pelosi. Conservatives in the democratic party leadership have lost ground to very far left liberals which has the party shattered into fragments. That shattering of any unity is clear in the number of candidates running for office. Biden is seen as super conservative and has from the base led with unheard of poll numbers over all other calls or voter appeal – at record paced 25% – lead. That lead is deceiving as polls also show the lead is more from NAME RECOGNITION of the former Vice President under Obama. The enormous field including Mark Cuban and Schultz from Starbucks, WILL SHRINK THAT LEAD. Today the race is silly to bone marrow. All tricky sound bites to manipulate you the voter. Soon EBOLA and the strategy those running have on EBOLA will take over all issues.


We predict that lacking a President Obama swat team response as President Obama led the world into for the last outbreak ( this one being the most VIRULENT EBOLA _ WORST POSSIBLE STRAIN and in a city not a hut village in Congo – its so much worse ) and no response. Vaccines are experimental and having very mix results when applied to this rapidly mutating strain.

Ebola like small pox is fast, enormously contagious to humans, and death is rapid and very high percentage who contract Ebola WILL DIE – and the death is from bleeding out through your eyes ears nose and mouth as your internal organs turn to mush. Nothing could BE more horrific or painful to a human being.

If families bury their loved ones – in traditional tribal manners required, they all become infected. They are all told DO NOT BELIEVE THE EVIL WESTINERS that it is all lies and there is no Ebola. The death is a curse only lifted by witchcraft and tradition – the terrible death is from sins. More than half communities locally believe the World Health Organization – the WHO – is – a western tribe of liars. Infidenels. Christians. Not to be trusted and more. This propaganda is going on in villages all around the city outbreak where Ebola is now spreading all over congo no check or containment of any nature. None. Why this time no containment?

Ebola is so super contagious the only way to contain Ebola at his level of a Congo epidemic is to a) isolate and quarantine all local communities effected first and b) Track every infected person and all they connected to isolating those contact trees until Ebola burns itself out by terminating those infected at enormously high % up to 87% can die from this strain.

Radical Muslims have highly organized coordinated rebel attacks that are far beyond Congo intelligence or military to police control or stop. WHO declares an emergency this week ( no headlines anywhere no EBOLA CLOCK ON ALL NEWS STATIONS WE HAVE BEEN CALLING FOR – COME ON FOX someone has to lead this story and keep this story concentric – and why?

A rising number of WHO health care workers have been killed by contracting Ebola, passing 34 and rising rapidly. If you have not read the Pulitzer Prize winning work on these pathogens HOTZONE get your copy from Amazon PRIME next click. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PUT THE TRUE STORY DOWN OR BE ABLE TO SLEEP. HOT ZONE never thought of Radical Muslims – attacking and KILLING WHO STATIONS during a live epidemic – threatening those in the HOT ZONE with bullets if they work with WHO – all labeled as liars and infidendals.  These bad bad players then attack and kill just slaughter rape and plunder WHO CAMPS. Priceless supplies and medical controls required to manage EBOLA OUTBREAKS are destroyed – and stolen to never be recovered.

Over 35 WHO WORKERS have been raped tortured and killed since August and countless more shot hacked and wounded.

So we have a rising WHO body count never seen before. Getting VOLUNTEER AND LOW PAID PROFESSIONAL nurses and doctors, facing terrible deaths from one mistake day to day with EBOLA – itself being the threat – now face a historic record body count of rape death and torture for trying to help contain the outbreak. This strategy IS working.

EBOLA is out of all control and the spread pathology is not like any prior outbreak. Keep that fact in your mind and do not compare this to any other outbreak. We have predicted ( noting the accuracy we have shown you just this year alone ) with our 97% accuracy in predicting future events since 1988 – our bleak forecast:

  1. NO WORLD LEADER is stepping in front of this economy killer and depression breeder.
  2. Ebola is spreading Congo wide and is now in other nations in Africa not yet diagnosed properly.
  3. As EBOLA is diagnosed in other countries quarantine for travel will explode.
  4. Ebola will reach all major continents when travel and commerce will implode economics.
  5. If ISIS or Congo Rebels infect an apostolic 12 radical Muslims in suites with Lap Tops to travel to buffet’s sporting events concerts and places of worship by plan, the infection rate for EBOLA could in less than one month reach and kill ONE BILLION and stop commerce cold.

Not since the BLACK DEATH in Europe or since the Spanish Flu killed 20 million in 1900 with no planes just sailing ships – the predictions for OUT OF CONTROL EBOLA become ever more costly to contain.

The lowest COST today is a G 20 Response to swat team WHO WORKER CAMPS so these camps are safe and the health care workers already at SUPER HIGH RISK from EBOLA ITSELF no longer fear rape torture and death in the night from radical muslims at war with this EBOLA containment for strategic global outcomes they desire.

Bin Laden set up the manual. Why we can’t defeat our enemy with strength and weapons alone, the enemy is vulnerable. For we CAN and we we will …BANKRUPT THEM.


Begin to use the primary terror weapon of choice. Fire. Bring back pack kerosene to the right wind and season and LIGHT UP THE SKY. No one catches you. No one claims credit. There is no enemy. 2018 studies show over 70% of all EU and USA fires are ARSON? Do you think the fires every more strategically placed are utility pole fires at random or nut jobs? WE told you in 2015 2016 2017 2018 that FIRE is the new choice of terrorist. No one need suicide for Allah. Just LIKE UP THE SKY in the right place. Terror Cells are LIGHTING UP THE SKY about to begin this summer all over again. Watch. Who can catch a back packer on a trail in the summer, when the FIRE STARTER takes 60 minutes from taking off his packback to back tracking against the wind back to transportation and they are gone. The uncatchable crime and act of terror. How many billions are now bankrupting institutions and states one fire at a time?  How can we stop it? Well when you deny IT is even taking place you can’t.

Terror will use EBOLA. Today Terrorist are assuring EBOLA remains out of control until Ebola fully works to bankrupt their enemies. If they can spread EBOLA far enough long enough – quarantine of travel between nations does what no TRADE WAR could ever effect. All trade stops. Economics fall to SUPER CRASH LEVELS of 1929. Marshal law rules. National health services become fully over whelemed as most of us die in tents in parking lots.

Timed to peak in the election year 2020. Everyone will blame President TRUMP for not acting as our lobby work influenced President OBAMA to act with G 20 support massively. FAILURE TO ACT “IN” TIME” IS THE BLAME GAME.

TIME is the weapon. If radical ISLAM can only keep EBOLA out of any control until Jan 2020 the cat is out of the bag. The deaths will pass all prior outbreaks. The infected will be quarantining travel one nation at a time into the election. No news story no trade deal no tweets will come close to matching a civilization low technology crushing event. The numbers spread so fast, too fast – for any agency to track monitor or have the epidemic die out. Everyone will be quarantined into their home under Marshal law for months – not days – until the soaring EBOLA epidemic burns itself out. A billion can easily die and more than one billion in less than ONE YEAR.

The public thinks THEY have this under control.

The public thinks THEY have weapons they lack in fact.

The PUBLIC has not read the book HOT ZONE so they have no clue what they are dealing with. They are treating this ancient enemy as if it is a mutated FLU like Swine Flu when it is not. There is no way to educate my readers into the reality of this TRUTH outside reading HOTZONE. What is insane in HOTZONE is US. We just do not get IT. Like weaponizing small box or ebola as Russia has and we have as a form of our own insanity.

If EBOLA in massive human epidemic mutates like AIDES the outcome for humanity can be near extinction. Civilization falls into the GREAT DEPRESSION.

What creates a SUPER CRASH? In all markets?

China’s surprising April down numbers in trade, manufacturing, market values, consumer spending and all numbers. Before the TRADE WAR ESCALATION IN MAY China was in free fall economics, as we reported to you first here. China has a TIME ISSUE. First they must make a smart trade deal now. If they delay the cost to CHINA is likely SUPER CRASH and worse than the first China recession as instability from failed policy errors will rise up. A DEAL assures China forward prosperity. As TIME goes by as TIME is now the core hub for all global AI economics, China reaches a capital flight out of nation that can not be restored. China sinks backward and political instability occurs. The USA may have an election year but playing to manipulate the 2020 election would be a fatal economic error by President XI and team XI planners. The outcome would be very uncertain and may well backfire helping Trump not hurting Trump. More importantly President XI fails to see what EBOLA in Asia and China will due. If China is quarantined from EBOLA – America suffers and China economically is burned at the stake never to recover at all. TIME is the issue.

Ebola spreads when out of control exponentially. Say business folks traveling to the EU and other locations without an ISIS or Hezbollah self infection as a war strategy ( so easy and so low cost ) reach various markets and cities. They worship some where. They attend an event convention or someplace. They use buffets at such events. They have no clue they ARE INFECTED AND HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS. it takes TIME. As the symptoms occur they think they have the flu. As the Flu gets worse they are misdiagnosed several times. Health care workers are all infected and spread the illness collapsing health care world wide to contain or stop it.

Ebola IS out of control.

Ebola IS the risk to global economics beyond all other risks.

Fire is the new TERRORISM and most of US already know that. They don’t want to inflame it or make it worse or create FIRE PANIC.


Media is not reporting on this lead story to drive G 10 action and without that MEDIA spot light Ebola is rising like a Saturn ROCKET to the MOON – where EBOLA TIME is running out in Human. We have told you first. We have predicted all this.

Now we will see how right we are as TIME passes stay tuned. First and ahead here.

Finally what can YOU do to have safe harbor. To insure your life style – your income and security you enjoy right now in ANY and in EVERY FUTURE market? WE have told you that as well. Register to CEO SPACE next week http://www.ceospaceinternational.com

That builds a ever growing COOPERATIVE NEW TRADING COMMUNITY for your new customers and alliance partners and ACCELERATES YOUR GROWTH while we still have TIME to build that GROWTH. If you build GROWTH faster than you can do it alone – you can get through even quarantines without the impact others will experienced because your SAFE HARBOR is protecting your lifestyle.

Or not.

If you read and feel better informed God Bless you.

If you read and take ACTION then YOU become the BLESSING for your entire circle.

Or not.

Safe Harbor. Time to build your own is not endless.


Think about THAT.





What is the BIG WHY?

Well we told you.

Then we told you we told you.

Those at the top the less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS OF CAPITAL are steeped in box top rules say Crammer economics which like Crammer with the fastest ratings decline save CNN ( gosh their lay off’s and down sizing as folks stop tuning in is amazing really for a network that started it all now gone bias – known as the COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK – is now with its caste – playing to the fastest ebb tide of audience departing in broadcast history. Murdocks bets paid off with FOX the industry rating leader and the fastest rising audience beating BBC itself.

Old economics are dead.

New AI economics are denied or not understood at all by planners which is a problem. Programers who write the software or smart AI, to electronically leverage your trading account up to 50 to 1 margin – which was in 1999 a felony – are open for future lightening flash trades like the world has never seen before. Now AI software is at full on war with other AI software. Look like self driving Tesla’s we have for the first time but only since 2014 DRIVERLESS MARKETS. Who is responsible? Boards? CEO’s? Who ? When AI software made the trades with no human involvement.

Keep in mind AI makes money all the way down and all the way back up. The more volatility the more profit for AI. Also short selling is now a nation economic weapon. China sold massively to send Trump a message – 1000 point down in 72 hours – take that TEAM TRUMP. Is the message.

Now it will adjust that a) more pain is on the way for China and b ) China is firing blanks our economics are strong strong strong and we don’t need China at all to stay there. China needs us.

China’s economy is growth stopped years ago and growth is declining into real recession and contraction unknown in China for 35 years now. However the HARD LANDING the China SUPER DUPER CRASH and the wipe out of China wealth starting with phony currency ( that hit the toilet bowl just like the whirl pool sucking sound in the Pacific Ocean we told you all about this weekend ). In fact we told you HOW to protect YOURSELF. We told you China was toast and Oil was toast and MBS is in pain for the rest. Silly King tried to attack his own boats ( remember you heard that truth here first ) but not too bad – to raise oil only that failed making MBS OIL policy since 2014 F GRADE – total F – 100% failed policy and we stay with MBS WHY? As the entire world including OPEC has flipped him the birdie finger. By By Miss American Pie – one Saudi owned the America Market share – now Saudi owns zip. Why has 3 trillion fled Saudi – well – MBS that is the WHY. Someone over in Saudi grab a scimitar and as with Alice and Wonderland from the 1800’s – cry out not Allah Allah Akbar but scream out “OFF WITH HIS HEAD” that seems French revolution appropriate for Saudi and MBS. I’m waiting for it.

Meanwhile AI over reacted as AI has no ability to infer meaning that humans all know how to do. So now we have massive CHINA for real trade war pains and the WHY? China planners are steeped in old economics. The economic landscape they advise President XI for Life upon is flawed in data accuracy. The false information gives us the market of today. First China totally mis read Donald Trumps team the A Team for the USA. That team is ending the USA criminal trade pathology China has scored upon since Richard Nixon in the 1970’s to 2018. In 2018 Donald Trump drew a red line and unlike other Presidents his red lines are ABSOLUTE RED LINES no wiggle room what so ever.

Misreading this read line – on communist rule book 1 oh 1 – press with bayonet always forward into the core body of our opponent until serious resistance is known then withdraw and try again later. Trump read your play book and Trump wrote art of the Deal. His first deal is best for China. All change orders get so much better for TRUMP’s team and America. Watch. The good even great deal China had on Saturday is now off the table and the new deal is hard enforcement no cheating by the China that said we had a deal and then changed it all. So we just assume they will cheat on everything not verifiable and with money teeth in each and every breach.


China playing economic chess thinks – hey will invest billions in defeating Trump in the election to get our most friendly Biden in the White House. This ploy will backfire with a landslide for Trump and the Chinese will be in 2021 crushed into a SUPER CRASH and major recession as their financial institutions go bankrupt. Bad loans carried by the trillions of dollars as GOOD ASSETS can ‘t juggle any more in the down turn coming.

Think the AI 600 POINTS was brutal – hey we had 400 points up on Friday its only 200 really China get an abacus.  Count beads.

But China markets are a full flight of capital. Capital is fleeing from business – from Chinese – from investors and from Super Money Pools.

So XI authorized a slap Donald Trump right in the nuts as his trade war chap comes to the USA now lacking any authority to do anything but look regal as XI’s man. Zero healing to the 100% revision of all the work up to now. Trump will never forget being sand bagged and blind sided flowing into the general Presidential election timed for maximum impact.

Trump does not care if he is a one term President. Trump enjoys the largest pay raise in American history – IF he is not President in 2021 but odds are – China you miscalculated. The USA is so terrific at following the money. China backfire will be fatal if they do not make a trade deal. China is in a SUPER CRASH.

America is in a China manipulated with AI sell off that they will buy right back into for their own reasons. Stepping up where china options to sell massive america market interests for a day or two to punch at Trump only to buy right back in lacks clout. China lacks capacity to influence American market dynamics. America is solid. The sell off is a pure AI buy into the DIP. BY June you will wish you bought the dip.

So the rumors will swirl around and the two nations like roasters strutting in the sand box may weil crow now and again Trump to XI and XI to Trump – can’t make this all seem too easy – but in the end they feed in the same grains and diet cokes. China has to make a USA Trade deal or go bankrupt and have revolutions where China may break up. Those are the economics Trumps correctly seeing.

China has time but not much time. If China opts to challenge Trump into the election year without a trade deal China may Super Crash into a major recession hard landing before Trump wins and when Trump wins ( which right now we see no stopping ) then China is burnt English Muffin after. Their best trade deal is NOW and their worst nightmare is Trump 2021.

America is unstoppably rising and China is never again going to command the WEALTH TRANSFER they once enjoyed – criminal and unfair. That red line is a Trump line and China may never again cross back over that line.

We all know that from Sunday – Trump was clear and Trump ACTS and he acts FAST.

In AI economics that is just what the world market needs – the new box top rules are unfolding and Trump just told Japan and Germany and the EU….do not mess with Mother Nature and for capital flow dynamics MOTHER NATURE “IS” the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

More pain in sell in May and go away – but June is going to bring a summer repair kit to values that all summer long will have investors saying….WHY DID I NOT BUY IN THE DIP THIS TIME? I missed the best fortune making since 2016 and Trump running into Trump WINNING. China gave the world the GREAT GIFT of dollar cost averaging into the most amazing boom cycle of any adults lifetime.

Check with your broker and have read this blog. My father started consulting and mentorship in China during the 1950’s with Chairman Mao at the helm. Mainland Chinese were in our home since I can remember as a child. I was always fascinated with Chinese culture, politics and history. I still am. I have so many dear friends and mentors who are Chinese. I can never thanks mentors like I can’t name here for the honor of mentoring me over decades of time spans.

China is well advised to retain CEO SPACE to consult on all this as their back channel to help them in the one job I really do not wish to undertake. I prefer to advise nations on economics and strategic outcomes versus anything political. Politics is a form of insanity to economics. But we see that do we not this week ( already ). I’m so excited from nations around the globe business OWNER CEO’s and professionals in private practice will JOIN miracles at CEO SPACE live May 22nd Tuesday to Saturday as we load in the best software upgrading in the new markets of SUPER CHANGE available in the world today. Now that is something to look forward to as I pray for China….China can not survive fatal mistakes to their core economics today. Its close now.

The largest capital run out of China took place 2017 to 2018 in modern times. This run is on going and the scale of the RUN OUT OF CHINA is beyond any prior history in our research and knowledge. The breaks on that San Francisco Cable car are throwing all passengers into the street.







The real risks facing us all are outlined in the blog you scroll to under this blog. Your welcome. Think about it. Create your own safe harbor. For those who agree with this data and wish to DO SOMETHING versus be frozen with zero action to protect your own future, read on. For those solution minded leaders register into CEO SPACE May 22nd in Dallas at http://www.ceospaceinternational.com

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Now a SHATTERED Democratic Party with factions that just can not join the Nazi in Suit Nancy Pelosi on her never ending windy illegal road to regain the White House takes on new models of illegal. Hillary Clinton lied to the FBI  39 times. Congress even more. Martha Stewart was convicted of lying to the FBI once and went to jail.

So the Attorney General of the United States is being set up for a political prison in America? Why? He methodically is uncovering crime in a law breaking cabal inside the FBI is evidence gathering. The Cabal with their source of criminal activity INSIDE CONGRESS are in FULL ON PANIC Mode. As slow and patient Barr will indict and charge and CLEAN UP THE FBI arrested or not they will not derail the truth of their crimes. Arresting Bar is yet another abuse of power and crime as you shall all come to find is what IS GOING ON OUT THERE. The FBI is in the worst scandal since the SHINE MCCATHY Hearings and Hoovers crimes were uncovered. He got to just fade away.

So that sit com is unfolding and watch for more.



Saudi was asked by Trump over and over and told over and over BRING DOWN Those phony oil prices – raised from 38 dollars a barrel to 73 dollars a barrel by MBS – stress on the BS for the puppy King – in his own vision of his future, OPEC he has gutted and no member follows MBS as the leader today. MBS is toxic for all oil producers. MBS wishes to force WAR with Iran and the USA as Saudi could quickly fall to Iran’s million person army. And may in fact yet.

Iran does nothing and oil is being well sold by Iran with Syria picking up US sanction Slack. Iran is ok.

Saudi knowing the China trade war weekend will dump oil prices to levels under 70 dollars a barrel that red ink Saudi and they only avoid massive economic sinking by debt borrowing which they are doing by tens of billions right now to keep Saudi going. MBS has trashed his country and cost them in five years over three trillion dollars and that run out of SAUDI by capital is soaring today.

So MBS attacked his own ships but not too bad. The result oil fell off a cliff. Game over MBS. Your royals will one day lick their falling bank accounts and deposit you into the sands of time. MBS you will meet Khashoggi face to face sooner than you anticipate. Trust this Blog on that news item.



China is a bad loser.

China raised the USA in poker and changed every line of a 150 page trade agreement, reversing all those agreements thinking as they flew in  – we start back at ground zero.

No no Trump said – we start with 200 billion now tariff taxed which causes demand going down the worlds longest water slide to pick up speed. Down bubble China and Oil falls off a cliff Monday where we told markets SHORT OIL going long is a bloodbath for capital as it was today on Monday.

Then China raises taxing 60 billion of American goods still made in China. This will push those contracts to slide as massive forever movement out of China is unfolding right now. Also China is spitting into the Trump wind. Trump will now tax and fast 300 billion more in China goods with Tariff – which had the Chinese ever “grocked Trump” the President does what he says he is going to do – and he does that in all ways. Now he will tax that which is not taxed down to basics and everything and the American buyer will confronted with UNFAIR DEALINGS TO OUR COUNTRY simply stop buying Chinese. While Chinese can stop buying American – the ratio is nothing to our GNP and catastrophic disaster for Chinese debt economics. Borrowing 300% more than you earn for decades and re-lending such loan proceeds to third worlds with 100 Billion now in non performing loans. That 100 billion in non performing loans is the number they report. We state the number of 30 years of non performing loans for thousands of STATE RUN ORGANIZATION IN COMMUNIST ECONOMICS exceeds 100 TRILLION DOLLARS. Worse these assets are shown as good and performing loans on investment and bank balance sheets in China. Worse a good part of that 100 TRILLION is in non reporting shadow banking lenders of tens of thousands in China. China economics are rotten to their core as China is institutionally – the fate of 100% of communist nations like Cuba suffering now – lead their people into. Always. Trump’s team know all this. The way forward is TIME to adjust the economic debt traps plaguing a not yet modernized China. The CRASH of China economics hits defense where the bills can’t be paid. War is one possible outcome – a huge mistake for China. Time is two assets. One a TRADE DEAL and QUICK TIME with the USA. The Second is a SUPER BOND we have defined here many times. China needs both to avoid SUPER CRASH ushering in the WORLDS GREATEST DEPRESSION EVER inside a Debt Defaulting CASCADE across oounter party agreements. Wall Street should and must really – shed CHINESE EXPOSURE across all capital boards.

China operates in old economics.

The world markets operate in a new AI economics China lacks brains that know the difference.

The outcome is Chinese miscalculation based on faulty data.


When? Stay tuned we’ll tell you first right here. But the worst is yet to come and Trump has no intention to take BAD FAITH DEALING and reward it. He told XI you broke faith.


Now continue to monitor as events are heating up. The big risk before China:

Pakistan and India go fire their nukes – could happen at anytime on any day.

Iran fires on USA misled by Saudi PR and MBS as a trick on them.


Its heating up spiraling up and the USA GNP is 5% but with full on trade war maybe only 3.5% – terrific for the USA not so good for Asia and the EU. Why? China is making economic errors on outcomes that are in their own best interest. That is the WHY.

XI playing to internal factions has miscalculated. What he was told is not real.


Watch China SUPER CRASH in a market report near you soon.

Berny Dohrmann …on what IS really going on out there folks – biggest jump in measles ever right now.



PS: Safe Harbor inside CEO SPACE – the risk – missing coming together to better plan ahead – THAT !




My tribe of 50 year investment banker economists are dying off. As is our historic perspective. The new corp of University Grads and investment bankers are residing within the title of my new book entitled SUPER CHANGE releasing pre Holiday in October. Watch for it nation wide. You’.ll be able to buy first copies of SUPER CHANGE the new age we reside within, featuring the first GPS ever on HOW TO navigate the new economics of SUPER CHANGE in 2020 and beyond. Years in research to bring you a double hitter SUPER CHANGE a required read for 1 billion entrepreneurs and 40 million in the USA alone and rising. The Sequel will become a feature film I wager entitled DIGITAL MANNERS as you learn your own. Two works with the research inside present the NEW ECONOMICS we are evolving in the age of SUPER CHANGE. Super Change is where events and technology unfold CHANGE DYNAMICS that pass systemic elasticity to properly adapt risk management into.

For example today the unholy NEWBIES to core economics – Joint Ventures, Private Equity, and Hedge Funds – are consuming market share in time frames and in value’s the world has never seen before. This giant sucking sound of DISINTERMEDIATION OF CAPITAL has created almost 10 trillion in wealth consolidation with two of the leading HEDGE FUNDS – greater than GNP of most nations. These two control price ranges in all markets today. The leverage of capital moving into managed new economics outside conventional 500 year circulations is taking place outside any regulatory frame work.

Said another way the markets we know – stock and bond markets are now the tail of the doggie world wide in economics. The tail is vulnerable to the liquidity evaporation day or LED DAY in which liquidity to sustain healthy markets disappears in say 72 minutes of time to not return. The trigger and danger to market circulations is the DEBT SUPER BUBBLES OF NATIONS. Debt underwritten not by conventional markets. Debt for the FIRST TIME IN ECONOMICS underwritten for nations and larger institutions in new largely unregulated markets in HEDGE FUNDS PRIVATE EQUITY AND JOINT VENTURE FUNDS both public and private. If Two leading funds Carlyle and Blackrock consolidate capital all AI placed to market ( in new never known before AI hybrid markets evolving rapidly ) lacking historical charts and data guidance of any kind. Past guidance and Charts say applied by Crammer and tribe as we have been seeing over and over are simply WRONG today. There are 10,000 super money pools controlled by rapidly evolving AI like the world markets have never known before. Two of them named here control over 10 trillion dollars. That sum is soaring in new consolidations of wealth in wealth transfer to digital rapidly evolving AI soon to be self aware AI we predict – that the world has never seen before.

So rapid has the shift in box top rules of economics unfolded the market regulations have failed to adapt. Said another way the regulations are layered, slow to arrive, reactive to past decades of abuse, far behind current evolutions of ever smarter AI. Regulations are all local since 2007 and trades are all in the AI clouds outside any regulations.

A spiral of unregulated capital pools guided by ever smarter AI is now in charge of markets. In 2014 55% of fully leverage capital was controlled by Artificial intelligence. Today the markets moving into 2020 are 96% controlled by much more rapidly evolving intelligent AI maximally leveraged outside any regulatory frame work.

The market for stake holder investing of prior generations, owning a stock or a bond, has returned from the 2007 Super crash of 2.7 trillion dollars in stake holder trading – to over 3.9 million in stake holder trading. The purchase and holding of equity or debt in public markets.

The private markets now control 440 trillion in maximally leveraged capital spiralling past any 1929 leverage or any leverage known to mankind at up to 50 to 1 leveraged future tradings on which way will a price for any asset or commodity go in the future. UP and Down both sides of the trade by increasingly casino capital smart AI making the bets with no human involvement.

We have long written about economic shifting to core markets now surpass all economic abuse of super leverage in 1929 that created the GREAT WORLD DEPRESSION from unregulated speculations – at up to 10 to 1 leverage to distort markets. The real studies of these abuses for profit require unpleasant specializations in core economic theories and history that few so called economists have access to – studies and truly appreciate risk management for.

….the cause of the Great Depression globally was that technology moved speculation for profit and greed beyond the regulatory frame work of the time through leverages to manipulate market prices artificially….the worst SUPER BUBBLE in economic history occurred which imploded due to predictable abuse of fiscal disciplines required to maintain orderly interactive global market dynamics……technology at that time primitive as it was – telegraph and first phones and ticker tapes – created abuse dynamics for greed and profit abuse – outside any regulatory frame work as technology unfolded too rapidly for old regulatory frame works to manage the new economics of unregulated GREED. The super bubbles created are historic and ended into WORLD WAR II where the cause of WORLD WAR II was the fiscal failure to accommodate paradigm shifting in core economics……..as a base line. In summary leverate at 10 to one in ratio created a SUPER SPECULATION BUBBLE across all asset classes where side bets on future values in legal gambling exceeded the real market by the leverage allowed or 10 to 1 and the super bubble exploded and ended in depression and world war to resolve depression economics……..said another way over 100 million human beings died because a few elites making ungodly sums of profit, in wild speculation spirals, never seen before leverage speculative spirals created a market implosion wiping out economics for the entire world…..why? The market technology shifted speculative manipulation faster than regulatory frame works could moderate the risk and the super bubble imploded all markets globally……..

Why is this notion even important to forward economics?

First the market repeats as technology advances. The regulatory frame works of the world 8 billion trust and rely upon for stability come into fatal risk taking, at the point technology exceeds old frame works of regulatory over sight. Keep that sentence in your thoughts.

So today we have the most rapid unfolding of AI new velocities of trading and movements for capital, at leverage the depression SUPER CRASH never imagined was even possible. What is the simple cause of the GREAT DEPRESSION in 1929 outscaling the prior depression of 1907? What was the cause? The cause is technology permitted market disintermediation . Human beings are slow to accommodate technology super change the title of my October book release on the effects OF SUPER CHANGE itself on markets and your wealth.

Since 2007 market dynamics have changed that make the GREAT DEPRESSION look like kindergarten economics by comparison. Regulators world wide fail when SUPER CHANGE occurs too rapidly for human adaptation. Today AI is passing the human brains capacity to adapt in time frames required. Keep that sentence in mind. This pace of change is so compressed regulatory adaptation world wide has become antique to forward markets. The brains with sufficient acumen history and far more important cross market experience – of my tribe the rare air of CEO’s of the largest public investment banking institutions – are slow to adapt trying to position always old economics that are truly dead and buried into new economics their brains are even at their high lofty experience under stress to stay current over the top of as the new markets are out pacing their experience in a market dynamic known as SUPER CHANGE as we had in the 1929 depression. What is the cause of such human failures?

  1. Failure to adapt to SUPER CHANGE
  2. Propensity to protect the status quo
  3. Failure to re-regulate new markets before disintermediation destroys economic base lines

As the leverage that creates the RISK COLLAPSE of global economics and is the source of all WORLD WARS since Rome, only exacerbates over technology ramps,  as weapons to threaten human existence also represent a very unhealthy human choice dynamic as a systemic model in economics, the risk in 100 year cycles due to technology advances in ratio of leverage beyond prior human experience.

Let’s say that another way. Today what has taken place since the 1929 Great Depression the cause of WORLD WAR II and 100 million humans being slaughtered? A form of human insanity.

  1. Technology has outpaced regulatory frame works of the Great Depression era.
  2. Capital is now unregulated, where 98% of capital movement over 440 trillion of capital resourcing is since 2019 96% under control of ever smarter AI evolving in AI wars quarter to quater.
  3. The AI wars have consolidated 1.5 million SUPER MONEY pools in the Super Crash of 2007 into less than 10,000 Super Money pools rapidly consolidating into 5000 Super Money SUPER DUPER POOLS all controlled by ever smarter AI.
  4. The stake holder markets of owning a bond or owning a stock are now by ratio a tiny fraction of leverage money speculations to influence by side bets WHICH WAY A PRICE might go.
  5. The ratio of assets to debts for a growing number of banks world wide, is now passing the Depression era ratio where borrowing was exceeding ten to one of asset ratios. Borrowing in some sectors of investing in the worst speculation of side bets on future up or down price in all asset classes – not seen in the depression years of the 1930’s – the world’s worst ever – is now 50 to 1 in debt investing with zero regulatory oversight on these speculation bets.

In 2019 the RISK investing of super high risk assets – holding untold trillions in non stake holder investing – non economic investing, is the dog. The tail is stake holder investing. This position where the tail of the dog ( say a bit more than three trillion in steak holder real economic investing ) is dwarfed by NON ECONOMIC purely casino capitalism side bets, but now all those bets are manipulating market prices in all asset classes into the worlds largest SUPER BUBBLE in price escalations, by fully borrowed funds where every dollar is converted to fifty dollars of debt bets – where the DEBT BETS become the market. The DEBT BETS are AI controlled and exist OUTSIDE ANY MODERN REGULATORY FRAME WORK which requires as we have written up here, for FIVE YEARS NOW a G 100 Economic Constitutional Congress “we” have suggested be hosted with support from senior Hawaii congressional leader Jerry Chang in the Hawiian State Legislature – on the Big Island ( his district ) of Hawaii – where the state provided land and security to the three year Economic Constitutional Convention of the G 100. A new world trade order with a policy of NO NATION LEFT BEHIND would conclude we believe that leverage trading would be outlawed in all markets, and that short selling would be criminalized, and that real stake holder trading would return to propel Global Growth.

In recent years the trend has been to AI control of markets outside regulatory oversight. The markets are priced today by wild wild west speculations in what we call CASINO CAPITALISM. Today stock buy back price manipulations have become the NEW NORMAL once outlawed until the Commodity Modernization Act the last UNANIMOUS ACT OF CONGRESS in the last three hours of the Bill Clinton Administration – ( supported by Greenspan of the Fed in a wrong minded direction for economics which proved itself to be the most economically toxic legislation of our time )  destroyed like a cruise missile 100% of the Depression Safe Harbor laws – that worked as the double regulatory lines globally – since the great depression – Dec 1999 three hours before Congress holiday Christmas Break. Press were asleep at the economic wheel on this horrific single greed law for the financial industry at that time Among these wild wild wild west new market conditions was that your grandmother deposits in a bank could become a side bet on which way any asset may go tomorrow, and that bet could use grandma’s money at up to fifty to one leverage outside any over sight or government control.

In the year 2000 the sums flowing on such leverage into Unicorns with no economic base line, exceeded all prior investments over 100 year in nine months. The result was the DOT.BOMB Super Crash of 2000. The next leveraged run up in markets large enough to enjoy the 50 to 1 new speculation Ebola to economics, was mortgage financing, as a market that could never go down all at once. WRONG MINDED thinking in that direction brought us market abuses in six years from recovering from the DOT.BOMB experiment into 2007 with SUPER LEVERAGE brought us in half a decade the SUPER CRASH of 2007 that almost sunk all world banks. The loses are still a pig working through the stagflation python of world economics despite the largest stimulus packages ever known to human history of economics.

Such nation stimulus are on going now – featured by one of the largest in terms of trillions being invested is China to maintain its artificial growth which is unreal in fact in economics outside fantastic manipulation and leverage. In just the USA in recent years one trillion dollars – which is massive mountain of optional capital deployment, is optioned into stock manipulation on price without government restraint on the over sight due to congressional WIPE OUT OF all Depression era double lines on regulatory restraint to such wild speculations not seen since 1929.

The public and small investor has no clue what has changed to THEIR MARKET PLACE since the 1990’s such that AI and electronic trading not seen in depression economics permits a ratio of leverage into wild ass speculations to manipulate price never seen in any prior market since Rome.


Enter into this itself fatally flawed economic modeling ( long term ) which is a pure economic abuse, AI wars and attacks on financial markets such as was tested in 2007 and 2008. The AI weapon in short selling created the WORLD WIDE SUPER CRASH TO ALL MARKETS ALL AT ONCE in time frames never experienced by humans before, in which we played a small part of the bell ringing before and a larger part of the FIXING of that crack in the economic LIBERTY BELL TO FOLLOW the Super Crash of 2007. The entire system almost failed so successful was this first in history, digital attack, on our financial markets, by AI war hardened software. The best books documenting this ECONOMIC AI ATTACK our first AI PEARL HARBOR is the hedge fund and DOD NSA contractor, Kevin Freemans great works in the books THE SECRET WEAPON and GAME PLAN. NOT reading those today, leaves you unprepared for what is COMING NEXT.

So since the Depression regulatory frame work was collapsed by the unanimous act of bought and paid for congress ( by the largest lobby Wall Street ) we have experienced every leading major bank plead guilty to massive CRIMINAL FRAUDS to their clients, stealing tens of trillions of dollars and paying a few million dollars in fines, demonstrating in the NEW AI CRIMINAL THEFT WORLD by all leaders of all major financial institutions – CRIME DOES PAY and it PAYS ENORMOUSLY WELL. Today NOT DOING ECONOMIC CRIMES seems to be a penalty on share price. Until the crises in core integrity of leadership is healed, the markets are in SUPER HIGH RISK of destroying the post depression world order in a systemic system collapse.

Today Blackrock backs out of rescue work with Italy fully bankrupt Carige Bank. Now the central bank will need to bail out this state bank failure and there is necklace of such failures behind CARIGE. AI reacts to this news by a full capital run out of Italy at the worst time for Italy. Italy is in a sinking recession they don’t label by the name recession. So rotten are Italian age related economics, that, the EU is in battle to regulate nation destroying DEBT SOLUTIONS. All economic abuse must one day rebalance. Within this mantra one may not resolve debt crises by borrowing your way out.

Italy needs our consulting and SUPER BOND to reset 100% of its debt and needs for new capital to modernize the nation at ever level. Our famous statement in economics – that assuring the pendelum also swings back in Italy, a fix on policy given Blackrock saw the economic damage at Carige Bank in Italy is a SINK HOLE with no bottom to fiscal capital consumption they bowed out – no profits to be made ever there – turning the ball back to the TAX PAYERS IN ITALY. The AI run of capital out of Italy than commences in terms – which is the why our saying is so poignant –


The systemic risk to DEBT SUPER BUBBLE CASCADES where Carige has a run on the bank that cascades to Italian banks as a whole that spreads to other EU troubled debtor nations – which via counter party agreements as the bank closures become a necklace spreading like economic ebola to the entire world as if almost overnight…no time to adjust to the GREATEST DEPRESSION as the super debt bubble of 2020, a debt balloon outside any prudent regulatory oversight, makes todays economic industry look like a Florida Water Spout – a giant spinning whirl pool, which in the depression was bad enough and was the scope of your bathtub drain spout. By comparison 2020 looks more like a SUPER DEBT SUPER BUBBLE whirl pool force, that is half the Pacific Ocean adding in China – spending 300 % more than it earns, now in free fall on trade.

Consumers will now look at labels for China goods and given options to buy quality for less, will evaporate China growth ( already taking place ) and move buying to anything but MADE IN CHINA. This change in consumer buying patterns will occur.. These changes will defeat all efforts to restore buyer trust. Real shooting wars can occur as China implodes next as a feature of AI economics now moving trillions upon trillions in capital out of China. Apple has had a real CRASH since May all due to failed policy on trade wars.

The notion the market priced in ..that a solution to trade deal was in the works….proved false and with massive leverage to bets on China, the loser are paying in time frames unexpected, with SUPER LOSS taking place right now. ALL ECONOMIC ABUSE MUST REBALANCE.

So this week on its ass Economics in Italy must find resources which it lacks to itself bail out Carige Bank as the run out of the bank by deposit holders makes the sum a moving target. Major bank failure is like dominoes triggering others in unstoppable correction of economic abuse.

Meanwhile Turkey now in a total economic implosion via its policies trying to balance beam walk Russia Partnerships while keeping USA partnerships and EU and NATO agreements, all being violated in fact, is a Turkey economic sink hole. Trillions of investment were first put on hold then pulled out of Turkey all together. Endgames solution while he yells and screams on his bully boy soap box? He is creating legal frame work to take the reserves of all his banks and use that reserve from bank money to pay the endless state red ink as the nation spends far more than it earns.. Bankrupt Turkey may see runs on banks and a AI termination of the system itself. SYSTEM FAILURE which today with counter party agreements unlike the DEPRESSION fuels the GREATEST DEPRESSION as balance sheets of counter parties must adjust to loss versus asset base – sinking financial statements across the world in 72 minutes with AI at the helm in the NEW ECONOMICS no one even understands as YET – AI ECONOMICS first reported here years ago and updated weekly here since 2007.

Tinkering with SUPER LEVERAGE presents unintended outcomes no one not even AI can predict any longer.

The risk is denial.

The old economy is dead and no longer exists at all. Those who use that old economic and its charts and graphs say Crammer and everyone else elevate the greatest risk. RISK IS DENIAL.

The economic now reside in new never seen before by human beings AI ECONOMICS. They play book is evolving quarterly and so rapidly no one can see their way forward in fact. Old tools applied into the new AI economy are actually toxic and no longer function as intended – a 100% reality we are seeing – but everyone is denying still – as the speed of super change has passed human capacity to adapt to Super Change we ourselves created. Itself a new rule of the new AI economics.

You are reviewing these actual GIVENS to build your own SAFE HARBOR as no one “out there” is on top of the morph in economics. Like a virtual reality game every teen understands at say Fortran – we or Resident Evil 16 – or Modern Warfare 22 – the gamers started with an entirely NEW SKIN landscape at a click. Economics is upgrading with new Financial more advanced AI skins every single quarter.

In 2014 over 50% of all 440 trillion in capital flows as controlled by non human AI’s as to circulations.

In 2020 almost 98% of 440 trillion now fully leveraged at maximum debt margin – the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE way outside Depression 1929 risk taking – has become the NEW AI ECONOMICS. NO UNIVERSITY has a course on this topic and no nation has regulatory upgrades to manage the new economic. Their denial is the end game for the destruction of the system.

Today in the market we see not near enough correction when you consider:

  1. Oil the cost of everything goes up when it was free falling – because of attacks on Saudi Ships on Sunday at the heart of the Gulf Oil Hubs. It is our opinion MBS the sociopathic King who can not survive the economics in his nation of Oil sliding back to 50.00 dollars a barrel from MBS artificial rise in oil prices by manipulation and AI, may have self wounded his own ships. We say that because the attacks – were OIL WAR LITE – no oil spills – no waste no fuzz. A PR Attack preserving the oil wealth on board Saudi Ships while MBS blames Iran for the attacks. Perfect Sociopathic move by MBS who slaughtered Khashoggi in only October – keeping in mind you heard that news first right here.
  2. Turkey is going to steal its bank reserve deposits and put that reserve to bail out the nations red ink as Turkey is a nation that is fully bankrupt today. Will China or Turkey sink the world ? Or Italy. The panic is not AI far off.
  3. China is in trade war free fall never considering Trump would react or react so fast to its counters to undermine two years of negotiations in 150 page agreement nearing completion, only to re-write all 150 pages for its own self interest. This ploy triggered absolute cost to China where buying of China anything is now going to for 100 years shift. CHINA FAILS TO SEE THE REAL RISK losing B to B customers losing Nation to Nation customers and losing the consumer market of the entire world never to ever return to China buying. THAT IS THE GAME ON as China has one counter attack which is unreal – to further sink its already worthless paper. Any player holding Chinese investment, currency, debt, or forward bets on China is holding a loser hand. Which we informed you of first here for all of 2017 2018 and now folks even denial will not save some very bright people from serious capital loss in Chinese investing into 2020. GET OUT.

So round and round the leveraged speculative bubble goes and where she lands no body knows by us. It lands in full on global melt down of the core system into illiquidity in which all financial institutions close their doors including banks soon closing world wide. Next you have unemployment soar to 50% in worst hit nations and 25% in best nations still destroyed economically. As this all effects food and toilet paper wars break out so rapidly as economics to support military say for China evaporate over night.

Will such a SUPER CRASH go to nukes – at least to three space shots in outer space – where EMP pulse puts the USA back to horse and buggy no recovery. We think yes. That is what outcome is likely in the GREATEST OF ALL RECESSIONS. Can humans even survive at all? Unknown?

In this mix comes the event that broke economies of the past. The BLACK DEATH wiped out the largest % of EU population of humans in history to the time. The Spanish flu wiped out 20 million in the days of sailing ships no planes. In less than sixty months 20 million economic contributors leaders and buyers are GONE. Today the worst outbreak of EBOLA which makes the Spanish flu look like say – a child’s mild cold by comparison – is OUT OF ANY CONTROL WHATSOEVER. Today without a G 20 or G 100 response – EBOLA will spread and reach world markets in 2020. The quarantine of entire nations can be a global trigger event to de-leverage.

THE DE-LEVERAGING of 50 to 1 capital at leveraged 440 trillion dollars now circulating is the AI silver bullet to end the current world order outside any nations game plan. Make your own GAME PLAN because your nation has NONE. Kevin Freemans second work GAME PLAN is a required read for those who wish to create their own SAFE HARBOR for what IS COMING. What is coming is made worse now by the China USA Trade Wars.

AI bought in to the notion that a trade DEAL with China was unfolding. In fact no trade deal was unfolding and China has no intention of curbing ( politically ) its bad boy behavior in world markets. China is built on sucking in the world’s IP from defense to a novelty item – where China is paid to steal the greatest latest IP and upgrade from that IP defeating its own global partners like say Apple.

Institutions seeing only IP RIP OFF and no end game to profit in China, are revising capital flows out of China. First cash is drying up and growth is falling at such a fast pace the projections to support and pay for military ramp up – now the fastest growing line item for China budgets = defense cost = with a military out flow China can no longer support or afford. WHAT TO DO WHAT TO DO? One What to DO is shooting war take over of neighbor nations stealing their wealth for China deficit spending. WARS.

The game board is set. Today China imposed tariff’s already high on 60 billion of American goods with US Automobiles hit the hardest – 60 billion to 200 billion on our side going to 500 billion of chinese goods next – say this week – as the trade war replaces the notion a trade deal was reality. Trade Deal was a denial. Reality is trade war fully engaged and spiraling out of all control may next sink banks. What is coming this week is massive currency devaluation for China which in the end leads to China can no longer pay its rising military budgets without WARS. Sinking China currency will not save China trade THIS TIME. Why?


Americans and EU folks will conclude China is a rogue economic nation, manipulating its markets to take unfair advantage of the world partners who trade with China, in a financial war China has now because of President Donald Trump – in fact – lost.  Denial runs markets today at the bottom while at the top everyone is running for cover. The market disintermediation by AI will move capital out of markets and into markets.

Today the USA is the winner with trillions flowing into the USA over the coming 24 month period as these trillions flow out of markets from Turkey to China and Iran. Saudi today tried to blame ( with zero evidence ) Iran for attacks to its ships. In fact MBA attacked their own ships ( you heard this first here ) to enable oil price rising back up versus falling from the decline in China buyings as Chinese economics are super cooling today. THE BIG CHILL FOR CAPITAL FLIGHT IS IN CHINA AND IRAN AND TURKEY AND RUSSIA.

Putin is trying to Fix Russia and is doing better than China Iran and Turkey.

China slapped trade war taxes on American imports to China as China will stop buying American anything as a culture betrayal in communist box top rules for their nation.

Trump will not raise tariff taxes this week from 200 billion of Chinese trade goods to over 500 billion of Chinese trade goods where American consumers will join Chinese consumers and stop buying CHINA. This will massively down bubble Chinese Growth into SUPER CRASH and a recession or the real start of global DEPRESSION as debt defaulting cascades commence with China Italy or Turkey coming up next in this stress load on new economic core grids. News is reporting old economics which shockingly have zero to do with what is really going on out there in NEW AI ECONOMICS. For that you have to share this blog and read here to remain up to date for real. My readers know the truth. The accuracy of the future presented here has been the stuff legends are made from. As you all know. Thanks for sharing with your circles as together we are one of the fastest growing Blog sites. WHO READS is what is important including national leadership the press and fiscal policy makers for the majority of the 10,000 shrinking SUPER MONEY POOLS. AI ECONOMICS is reality and everything else is denial.

You heard THIS first right here as journalism reports with old economists on old economics which are in fact dead and buried. It is like reading a Grimes fairy tail and thinking the pea and the princess fabel is reality and acting upon it. Good Luck with THAT.

There is a new economics unfolding.

The new economics controls virtually 96% of all capital placements with AI not humans.

No theory or University presently offers accurate content on the NEW ECONOMICS.

Old economics are taught to new brains turning out error in policy to the forward markets The danger to forward stability is HORRIFICALLY OUTDATED BRAIN SOFTWARE TRAPPING HUMANITY IN A GREAT INABILITY TO REMAIN CURRENT IN SUPER CHANGE PARADIGM SHIFTING.

The nations of the world have lost currency, relivancy, and regulator controls over a new ECONOMY they fail to appreciate exists in the first place. Historians will quote this blog and its readers ( you ) for knowing their is a new economy at all.

For this and 1000 other reasons we suggest and encourage leaders register into CEO SPACE May 22nd in Dallas and be brought CURRENT for their own SAFE HARBOR GAME PLAN in the rising economic storms of SUPER CHANGE now taking place in all market spaces.

Lack of upgrading your own software – is the cost of forward prosperity.

May we insure yours?


PS: Demand for OIL is falling off a nigeria falls cliff – a milestone economic event – in which demand for oil now controls price to 45 to 55 dollars where oil will stay. MBS can only delay that free fall with WAR WITH IRAN and the USA may watch as Iran takes over Saudi – MBS great risk he fails to see at all. Remember you heard that first here as back channels with Iran do exist and are getting stronger as IRAN shares their intelligence agency truth with the USA and Mossad behind the scenes and SAUDI has lost their franchise when they slaughtered Khashoggi. President Donald Trump and family have the dial up number for MBS as a sociopathic ruler today. Iran is helped by rising oil prices as is MBS.





Happy Mothers day to our lady leaders world wide. We treasure as Melinda Gates current best seller – LIFT on Woman Empowerment defines – GO MOM’ S GO.

We send our compassion to all the violence this weekend. My weekend was Friday and Saturday traveling from California to Tampa. Five canceled flights – airports jammed – 30 hours for a normally short trip. But I have the best attitude. American said I was so sweet the dumped mileage into my account GO nice ticket person…yeah.

As I arrive home I just could not believe all your reading:

  • Pakistan High end Hotel stormed and attacked.
  • Paris Kidnapping and release of hostage
  • Boat capsizing and deaths down to children in the Gulf
  • Shooting – cops in LA and crazy brain in South Bay in LA

We see ISIS claiming a Province in Kashmir India – which is a joke for India – there is no land ceding to ISIS in India and now they are on the hunt big time. Isis claimed with pride the CRAZY Brain Easter Sunday – chain of Christian Church’s attacked in Sierra Leon was their insane shrinking thug gang.

I believe today as to my opinion that all the violence by crazy brains is toxic and unhealthy for regular brain consumption. Because we can real time all that – should we do it because we simply can?

Consider what if we never reported any violence except in summary news once every three months – first day of each fresh Quarter. Once the CRAZY BAINS lose real time reporting they lose their capacity to extend their insanity.

Why don’t we all limit their capacity.

Now I know we CAN and personally I think we SHOULD.


PS: The SANE brains all come together on May 22nd a week from Tuesday in Dallas – at CEO SPACE why not register – and triple your income and double your on time off? Its the profit choice…of the Spring.




Let’s say that DONALD TRUMP phoned his golfing buddy President XI of China. Both sides are attempting to get an agreement that is historic and world redefining to global trade. The Statue of Liberty level model for trade agreements is tied up in this template. China has enormous factions who present complex views to Western Minds. Congress has complex factions inside an election year unfolding an industry of some 4 billion dollars into just the 2020 election itself. Everyone is invested – and we are talking staggering sums – to just get winning sound bites. Pretending a call went along these lines:

….look buddy XI lets face it I’m a far better golfer than you…put that aside. I have Pelosi up my ass in an election year on all this legal theater. She is going after my children for crying out loud. Let me suggest I take your factions as you let them have their way with the agreement – then I’ll slap tariff’s on your trade ( which we’ll take off in June or soon ) where for a bit I look strong while you can’t look weak. Then your counter my tariff’s making you look strong. This will move the market so you can go short and make enough to cover the Tariff’s now free from AI trading the market we can both predict. Then the too foaming at the mouth market gets some moderation to sense, and value floors helping us both. Your counter to us heats it up and backs me in a corner and we make a deal and we both look good as you and I sign it and play some more golf….my Nancy spits in the wind on sound bites and can’t hold the media agenda and the same for you with your Pelosi’s in China…hows that work for you? ……

I’m sure nothing like that took place. I’m just pretending.


I think Nancy from my birth city must have been a pole dancer before she led the House of Representatives in the US Congress. No Speaker I can recall since 1948 has obsessed if the attention is not on her and her pole dancing like Nancy. WOW. Why is Nancy not running for President too? It would complete it for me. In the China and market swings – a trillion dollar loss this week – ( and we said buy the dip and those that don’t will remember soon how much you could have made if you just did that – one drop of courage greater than your fear? So Nancy is a machine gun. She is turning out subpoenas from Barr to Trumps children. She is legally moving to courts when Trump exercises Presidential rights and privilege to say …bad pole dance no tip we’er leaving the dance club….dance away Nancy no one is watching. She can’t grab headlines Trump has stolen the agenda and media attention. Nancy furious at losing with Mueller – I mean 100 million wasted – two years of the entire justice department furious for Trump firing Comey ( that was late should have been day one in office ) could not come up with anything but – two years and 1,000,000 man hours of trying – NO COLLUSION. Bob Mueller went down in history as such a terrible man. Abusing powers of Justice to frame and target and jail Trumps circle seeking evidence to impeach Trump with Collusion ( there was zero ) and Trump won and Nancy lost and it was total. Everyone is leaving Nancy Pelosi Dosey DO Pole Dance as she now dances alone. Nancy almost goes insane if the sound bites and spot light go off her on the pole as she spins around and waves her premature aging arms with that premature aging smile? And … No one is watching. Not anymore. She just can’t command the sound bites. That is another loss to Trump and Nancy has one quality that outhines all others on the pole. NANCY PELOSI IS A SOUR BITTER AND TERRIBLE LOSER. You see it in the character she lacks to lead. A circle of the most socialistic communistic left liberals in America circle Nancy but even Democrats as a majority are not socialist and are all great Americans can stand by Nancy who IS the single most hated politician I know since 1948. Thats some years folks. Nancy wins at one thing though…Nancy is ranked for the past three years in the champion slot by polls NANCY PELOSI POLE DANCER “IS” THE SINGLE MOST HATED POLITICIAN ON ALL SIDES sinking Congress to the lowest approval rating by all democrats and all republicans by all Americans to its WINNING RECORD OF 6% approval rating where 94% of all Americans …change the Pelosi Channel when her name appears. WE ALL HATE YOU ….you WIN.

Expect the court action to rise up next. If Nancy impeaches President Trump it will be based on timing into the Election. Any impeachment can not win. Impeachment will tip Trump into a sure win for four more Years. I expect Nancy to move to court action against Trumps wife, his son, his son in law his daughter and if he has pets at home all the pets. Nancy is not fooling around. It is my opinion Nancy is spending her weekend seeing her low press sound bite failures and will fully investigate Trumps HOUSE PLANS next. Saturday Night Live material? Share the blog with them for me? THE HOUSE SUBPOENAS all of Trumps HOUSE plants in each home world wide and Nancy is not ruling out the damage from ROUND UP either – no sir ree bobbie she is NOT ……


If you invest in markets for 60 days this week bothers you. If you invest in markets for sixty months you don’t care at all about this market. It is our opinion another sling shot is working. The market is taking chips off the table just in case the trade deal does not occur in 60 days. Keep in mind, China has no word for time like we do. Language is so commanding it creates thinking visions that make cooperation harder as we have to put in the effort to understand the culture of both sides to accomodate how different the thinking itself is. Having no word for time like Americans and English the notion of lets get this done by Friday does just not commute in Mandarin. China is about “whats the hurry lets get this right”. Trump is ..its taking too long. In the end the China deal will sling shot values back to record highs. We anticipate strong earnings globally with continued weakness in China as their winters is coming. Winter in China is brutal like our Climate Change winter just was. We expect slow downs from the trade wars that will surprise in China and winter impacts on consumer buying in China. Chinese predictably get fearful from the trade war and they pull back buying and its massive. So we pull back and the consumer pulls back. Even with Chinese last gasp SUPER DEBT BUBBLE stimulus we suggest it is not enough. Also if XI trumps TRUMP a downside elevator is doors open climb aboard risk. If the real trade war entrenches China will move into a SUPER CRASH in our opinion. Which is the WHY since 2016 we have said China investing is easy….SELL. If you operate in China move out. If your not in China start up now they will never forget when things were not going well who helped them.


The Sound Bite Wars at millions a throw – ROCKET MAN – has launched more Rockets this week. Longer range ( 200 miles ) enough to nuke South Korea and American bases in region. Rocket Man is trying to get his own sound bite and get his SUMMIT back into play. Rocket Man needs sanction relief. If he is not getting it lets pretend an above ground hydrogen bomb goes off somewhere. All sound bites stop and move to Kim. If it takes THAT Kim is just the rocket man to give it to you. What risk is that? Well in Trump World that is a risk Rocket Man Kim is wise not to take. Look at the Tariff’ on China tomorrow. Kim ….before son you push that next shiny object button in front of your very fat face.



On the anniversary of the USA pulling out of the bad Nuke deal with Iran – a temporary deal expiring in a few years – a non deal really – Iran noted they would RELAX compliance with enriching uranium and go back at it. Trump sent some bath tub play boats and a few airplanes. Today Iran has new sanctions representing exports it makes like Steel and others representing 10% of Iran economics. The money in Iran is drying up. Iran currency is becoming worth less. There are factions challenging power all over Iran. Trump said he wants a deal and he wants an economy the Iranian people deserve. Over a simple deal document Iran is loosing trillions and it can not keep up. However I suggest never rely upon a nation of leaders to do what is in their own best interest. How can Iran deal with the GREAT SATAN they themselves labeled America as their brand to market posture. The Shaws son is of age to rule Iran and they all know THAT. Will Iran escalate and attack America? Have they already with the hack that just took place as digital warfare on the accounting back bone of all tax repair services in America now with malware? From Iran while Nancy Pole dances? Hey look at me she sings – she wants that song to be a SWIFT HIT chart riser.

I’m flying home from the most amazing week in California on a merger acquisition we are exploring to acquire a global training institution years in process. We’ll see these things more time than a Mueller investigation. I’m going to have the best weekend with my 17 year old Preston my 21 Year old this July Daniel my perfect amazing wifie September and my boxer lab doggie COOPER. Then I’m going to help some very lucky CEO’s around the world register into CEO SPACE and produce and host CEO SPACE the # 1 Business Conference in the world by prestigious press ranking 10 years in a row now in Dallas and for those CEO’s we are going to transform their futures and prosperity.

Now that is the GOOD NEWS on what is GOING on out there this weekend…we’ll keep you posted.






As all 2019 blogs reported our opinion – sell out of China – move out of China do not bet on China anytime soon. We feel AI will punish world asset classes that will be under performing inside a nuke level China Trade War. Donald Trump knows the Tariff coming Friday will smash into China especially with its debt borrowing at 300% greater than their GNP for so many years – words economics in the world in fact. This unsustainable economic model ( SUPER DEBT BUBBLE GROWTH ) ends badly anyway. Trade war helps it all end sooner rather than later.

China has been in DOWN BUBBLE economics since Trump said the USA would not longer be China’s victim in economics. Using our wealth transfer to attack our interest all over the world. To grow a state WORLD WAR III asymmetrical warfare model to soften the USA while China uses the Wealth Transfer from the USA to grow its state STEAL ALL MILITARY SECRETS FIRST ALL AI AND ALL TECHNOLOGY SECOND AND EVERYTHING ELSE THIRD. We will pass the USA by starting with their future tek and growing our own from that criminal theft with brains educated at your leading institutions. China could not think of the American model as a greater failure to even protect its own unborn generations.

Trump is the ONLY PRESIDENT in Modern History that a) more fully understood WORLD WAR III is economic and digital and fully engaged from the first weaponized AI digital attack on our core economics from 2007 forward.  That the DIGITAL WARS are being lost in the REAL GAME OF THRONES until right now today.

Trump has reset the WAR CLOCK and is creating economic CONSEQUENCE upon China for operations outside any rule of law or mutual trust cooperation and respect. If China wishes to compete with the USA then Trump is ready to go fully tit to tat and no more digital theft Asia your on your own from here on out. Also your digital attacks will be met with devastating digital attacks from the USA into China that exchange a failed attack by China into a trillion dollar cost to China. The USA is starting to WIN again.

The real war from subs beneath the seas to digital attacks the public has no clue about are taking place CYBERWARE COMMAND CENTER TO CYBER WARFARE COMMAND CENTER. We are at WAR. This trade deal is not a real trade deal. This trade deal is suing for PEACE before we have a shooting war with China Nukes and Satellite Killers and more.

All nations know the truth. The truth is that Super Powers launching three Nuke Bursts in Space will EMP PULSE the nation under that SPACE BURST into the stone age. The 30 minute outcome of seeing nothing hearing nothing is that:

  1. All transportation stops and electronics are fried.
  2. All planes fall from the sky.
  3. All ships stop.
  4. All electricity water power rail and electronics are fried forever.
  5. The capacity to rebuild and remake no longer exists.

In 30 minutes China and Russia and the USA are in the stone age and no one had a nuke hit a city. Said another way MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION NO LONGER WORKS FOLKS WITHOUT MARS OR MUTUALLY ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION which is a new arms race in and of itself. AI will race to win on this for self preservation as Humans and this EMP outcome is the BIG RISK TO AI as a new life form.

As AI is increasingly “understanding all this” better than even we humans, and as AI controls 96% of the 440 trillion in global capital circulations – AI will act on the current trade war. China will be punished on a ratio far over other markets.

Volatility will be beyond any chart or forecasting while the global digital wars unfold – North Korea – Iran – Russia – Radical Muslims – and global AI against Global AI.

China as we told you first on our last Sunday Post on the Trump reaction to Friday’s SHOCK that 150 pages of agreed upon trade deals – where not reset by China so that the teeth in all the agreements were pulled with revisions China made to all 150 pages such that there are no dentures even just raw gums remaining. Trump seeing every line of his agreement to final absolutely diluted so that CHINA would never perform as obligated by the agreement. Primarily that – criminal stealing of other nations IP would be on going as China’s core model – that China would not obligate to buy enough from the USA that its criminal trade imbalance of today ( almost one trillion of we buy MORE from China than they buy from us in red ink trading – a transfer of trillions from the USA to China – assuring in digital war terms the USA goes bankrupt but so slowly no one see’s when the red line is crossed and the USA can  no longer recover. Worse is the criminal theft of American inventions – which creates untold wealth transfer as a product of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

In 2020 criminal theft of IP is a war crime a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY of the worst order of crime.

China wants new weapons. NEW ADVANCED stealth cruise missiles super sonic cruise stealth missiles and torpedo’s – MIR weapons for Space – better nukes, NEUTRON BOMBS, and EMP grenades and more. They have stolen all that as they plow ahead of us in the seas in the air and on land if unchecked.


Friday more pain hits China than any time in modern history. The warfare has no shifted and China is losing. Economically soon China must cut back its military as basic cost will be a challenge with the red ink and decline of growth into real losses.

China is a TITANIC about to economically go down without change.

Change is required for the US and countless nations watching.

The Great CHINA RIP OFF Merry Go Round at the Communist CIRCUS in economics is now coming to a close. China joins the real world or China pays the price from separation from the REAL WORLD. As no nation can prosper isolated from the REAL WORLD and with AI economics the speed of that shift is so massive so not easy to reverse that China on economic poker chips is running out of chips and has no markets remaining from the house or from any place at all.

So now exposed in the full light of truth versus lies – the courtesy of the WEALTH TRANSFER ends with a whine a whimper and a frown or it ends with a smile a handshake and an integrity based FRESH START and new WELCOME into the REAL WORLD. It is bigger than America.

China is on the chopping BLOCK.

The judge panel is the REAL WORLD.

Business as usual – giving up everything the other party desires only to pull it all back and give none of that to the other party at all. To compete versus cooperate. To destroy versus create. To display integrity or to disrespect integrity. To self deal where you consume far more than you contribute. The old economics of city states and feudalism

China is playing a game that is unreal with the REAL WORLD.

China is playing the GAME OF THRONES which is a fiction written by story tellers based on how brutal human life was when civilization was less complex and evolving more slowly.  In the days of separation of walls castles and CROWS with leg notes on the CROW legs – it was possible to live by the 11th commmandment with zero integrity in any dealings even internal family dealings….


….my son you must always screw unto others….before thy are screwed unto my boy……

Applies to daughters as well.


China has a welcome mat into a fresh start to its unborn generation prosperity in a reframe of economics that are NEW but hold no threat.

China also has a welcome mat into hell.

Economic Super Crash and unsustainable collapse of the system internally. Civil war and the potential break up of China itself. That risk is unwanted by the REAL WORLD.

The present state in the Chinese Game of THRONES is now in its last season episode.

Yes. In May 2019 we are coming up to the CLIFF HANGER.

China decides to take the financial off ramp and economic hell upon the earth.

China decides to take the financial up ramp and heaven upon the earth.

No one can decide for CHINA.

The REAL WORLD led by the USA is stating – no one in the REAL WORLD will be a victim to your criminal form of national self interest, at the expense of all others, from this May forward in time.

Join the REAL WORLD or PERISH economically.

This poker game is real folks.

President Trump is holding an ACE HIGH Full House of economic cards in a absolute economic Grand Class Cruise Super Ship while China holds a hand of two two’s spades and clubs in the Communist ROW BOARD in the bow of the SUPER CRUISE LINER about to run over the Chinese row boat.

The warnings have been made bridge to bridge.

In the Game of Thrones one side always fails to appreciate the REAL WORLD has REAL DRAGONS. Real Dragons melt stone walls.

The weapons have been fired across the Chinese BOW ( first silly tariff warning shots ).

Now the Cruise missiles fire on Friday and these are sinkable firings and not warnings any longer.

China will begin to list and sink as June waters come over her gunwales financially.

In the Game of Thrones the REAL WORLD with REAL DRAGONS always wins in the end.

China may lack capacity to have correct reading glasses so what they see if blurring and they fail to understand their own danger.

For you see in economics the Communist believe their ROW BOAT is a GRAND CLASS CRUISE SHIP only the REAL WORLD OWN AND BUILD in the first space – there are real dragons on board.

China thinking their ROW BOAT IS A GRAND CLASS CRUISE VESSEL in sinking and drowning as it all will happen so damn fast in AI economics – China won’t be able to bail fast enough economically. Drowning with fuzzy impaired vision China never understood that they are now under the keel of the REAL WORLD GRAND CLASS CRUISE SUPER VESSEL WITH REAL DRAGONS ON BOARD.

The real world will disregard and fail to consider China’s choices and bad behavior as China sinks into oblivion a fraction of what she once remembered only no one can recall that short moment when China stood alone and in the sun. But the sun also sets on China.

It is TWILIGHT and the REAL WORLD Is done – as in ITS OVER – being a victim of China criminal Wealth Transfer.

Past all the talk and political theater what is really happening is a GAME OF THRONES with REAL DRAGONS UNLEASHED.

The Real World is not rattling sabers.

The Real World is slashing China to the bone and reminding China with each fatal slice to their core model and economics – that – we TOLD YOU AND WE TOLD YOU DO NOT BLUFF AROUND WITH THE REAL WORLD.

Because the glasses China wears are filterd and they fail to see the truth they never listened to Kenny Rogers theme song for the GAME OF THRONES PLAYING OUT As markets move all over the game board with AI reacting to each new sound bite….

…….you to to KNOW when to hold them….and you got to know when to FOLD THEM…….

Back to President Trump –

  1. I’m all in
  2. All chips and Tariff’s to the center of our mutual pile.
  3. I make my final raise and I CALL

Now a FULL HOUSE with Ace’s high is unbeatable as Trump lays out his cards.

China and AI lose all those chips all at once and the sound you year is a POOF or sucking sound money swimming pools make spending 300% more than they make for ten years in the largest DEBT SUPER BUBBLE OF ANY NATION IN HUMAN HISTORY – as the lake has no money remaining and the sound is the BOTTOM DRAIN GASPING WITH AIR AS THERE IS NOT A DOLLAR LEFT TO PAY THAT DEBT DOWN…….


Check MATE.



So that is what is going on out there and with China the roulette ball is rolling round and round she goes and where she stops ( perhaps China will catch a glimmer of the truth of it all and truly change behavior to fully join the REAL WORLD ) or take the financial down ramp into economic hell.

Trump is smoking his favorite cigar – drinking his favorite aperitif……and blowing dollar sign smoke rings on the Spring Cherry Blossom deck of the WHITE HOUSE singing Louie Arm Strong OH WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD.

The ending of the Game of Thrones?

We’ll make sure your first to know right here.






Following the lower standards of returns for Warren Buffet with bad bets from Wells Fargo to GE, the American Idol and DUO stated “today” that: no text book at any ( university ) could prepare one for the (never seen before in history ) markets in which we see ourselves today…..such markets are not sustainable with low interest – no inflation to speak of – and growth that is record pacing and unemployment at the lowest levels and performance and productivity soaring which is not sustainable……

This reflection plays well with all OLD BRAINS classically trained and exposed to now dead and buried five thousand years of Medici and before economics. I know I was trained right there by higher education as an investment banker economist. OLD Brains are comfortable with any excuse as to the WHY their former tools tactics and applications are no longer working out as they once did.

I scream to Charlie and Warren…..wake the fuck up !

You are not much older than I am dynamic duo.


The world since only 2014 left the old economy at its gave sight. Dead buried and gone.

Japan has seen Buffets “not sustainable stagflation” be on going for over 20 years or now in its third decade. All the tools and tactics of the OLD ECONOMY have failed to re-inflate Japan economics – dropping Japan from the # 2 world economy falling behind China who is now declining so rapidly. Growth is nose diving annually in China.


The NEW ECONOMY is a denial item for OLD BRAINS trained in the old economy. Those brains risk impossible error as they await the return with a vengeance to the OLD ECONOMY old brains are comfortable with. This return of the OLD ECONOMY will never come save when you bring flowers to its 2013 grave site.

THE NEW “AI” ECONOMY is sustaining:

  1. Low inflation managed by gains in efficiency in production of goods and services keeping cost lower and lower
  2. Low inflation AI managed in lower cost production and lower cost distribution and lower cost turn over and inventory management. ASK AMAZON how rapidly evolving AI works in thier world – given 7 trillion is spent on AI for Self Driving auto’s as only one tiny AI segment OLD BRAINS like Charlie and Buffet fall short on – as they have FAILED TO UPGRADE THEIR SOFTWARE ON THE NEW AI ECONOMY a total reformation of economics. Both should attend this May our CEO SPACE event in Dallas. Smile. Their upgrade of brain would exceed their click and read need.
  3. Low interest where profits at financial institutions are record all time high with record all time LOW cost of money in the GREAT PAUSE.
  4. Buffett and Charlie today put forth – NO ONE COULD PREDICT THE ECONOMY WE HAVE TODAY ! Oh no? We predicted just this economy from 2015 to today.
  5. Warren we wrote the book on it all – SUPER CHANGE – coming out in October – your thinking is old software which it not upgraded will produce surprising result outcomes for you and Charlie.

The largest loser in the May New Economy – short sellers in Tesla. The fake news short sellers present about Tesla will soon turn to the fantastic loses as Tesla moving to 4000 dollars a share faster than you suspect in 2019 – will massively insure loss for those selling short with the BIG E fake news short seller being a lucky one off in 2007 ( off my blog then ) and not so much since. OLD BRAINS trading in a NEW AI ECONOMIC CLIMATE.

Warren Buffet and Charlie made the OLD BRAIN BET when less than 30% of trades were electronic trading with 1.5 million Super Money Pools in operation world wide – THAT – Managed money by humans would outperform AI trading. Today 96% of 440 trillion dollars of Capital – which makes Buffet and Charlie like Lake Tahoe in the Pacific Ocean of real capital. AI has out performed human trading consistently as the NEW ECONOMY is a denial item by Old Brains – they THINK – in error – that the old economy has survived its own crucifixion and risen from the Dead…unlike the walking Dead the old economy was cremated nothing but ashes left their folks. Change too fast – SUPER CHANGE – for human adaptation. That is the reason for CEO SPACE. To bring OLD BRAINS current for opportunities impossible until they upgrade leadership brain software. Old software is a killer in anything but especially the super computer held up by your NECK. Upgrade YOUR SOFTWARE the first opportunity to do so presents itself to YOU. CEO SPACE is the # 1 ranked software upgrading opportunity in the world ranked by the press ten years in a row now consistently – May 22nd in Dallas upgrades YOU.

http://www.ceospace.net for more information – see two videos to gain proofs.

One minute video from last Dallas program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8PZJ0Gl-3E&feature=youtu.be

AI trading has way outperformed the market. One secret big broker AI product is making 25% a year consistently in just tek sector investing over humans who don’t do half that return. 100% higher outcome with AI to humanity.

The new AI economy has taken hold faster than humans can adapt that it even took place at all.

The NEW AI morphs into higher intelligence and smarts self learning as AI goes into a higher form of AI and it is getting smarter and smarter than we humans. No one has thought through our adaption and that is our big sin.

AI can heal the planet cure the environment and global warming and all of that. We have the TEK if we just apply the TEK and AI will apply it all.

Ai is shifting in time frames humans never could the move from toxic polluting oil to massive replacement for goods and energy outside OIL. Bye Bye oil electricity – bye bye oil based transportation killing the planet bye bye – bye bye plastic bags and water bottles and all containers bye bye – as demand for oil falls off Niagra Falls – hear the sound feel the spray of the last drops of oil? Raise oil prices using tools and tactics of the old economy – well LONG OIL and see how much wealth you can lose over the shortest time frames. Warren and Charlie just invested ( A TERRIBLE BAD BAD BET ) in oil of 10 billion dollars. Watch this pain from OLD BRAIN OLD ECONOMY THINKING take root as the final part of their lives they having led the OLD ECONOMY will learn and discover what a failure they have created by not upgrading THOUGHT into NEW ECONOMY THINKING ( software ).

The worst errors the dynamic duo have made recently include:

  1. Failure to deploy billions in cash to new HOME RUN AI – they missed Google – Face Book – Pinterest – Uber Lyft and more. They missed AI and Tesla and in the new economy Tesla a new economy thinker will do OUTSTANDING PROFITS in insurance they create themselves. The old model is dying the new model is replacing the old model driven by AI the old managers deny exist and fail to understand at alt.
  2. Wells Fargo a criminal bank and other investments into criminal institutions lacking NEW AI economic integrity or social investing at its peak.
  3. Old Brain investing in OIL and obsolete toxic models for economics.
  4. Failure to groom and develop an heir – come on folks – stability for investors is important.
  5. Failure to upgrade thinking in the C suite to the new AI economy and continuing to fail applying old economic ( cremated ) tools and tactics which FAIL making it up on volume?

The new Berkshire Hathaways are rising up today even as 1.5 million Buffet Super Money pools consolidate in five years to less than 10,000 SUPER DUPER MONEY POOLS and imploding. No one is regulating any of this as law makers have yet to understand the old economy they once regulated is cremated – the advisers they use – Buffett and Charlie are brains with outdated software driving conclusions – an in denial for the NEW AI ECONOMICS we reported first and have proven year after year after year – is the upgrade regulatory and super money pool managers require.

The divide today in money risk taking is:

  1. Old brains loosing trillions in old tools tactics and decisions that no longer work as planned in the new AI economic environment that is only spiralling into evolutions human brains have capacity issues to even understand given the speed of SUPER CHANGE itself.
  2. New Brains with software upgrading who see the new AI ECONOMY and who pioneer thier winning bets into the efficiency and higher effectiveness as quantum computers take Ai economics to new levels yet unimagined – retiring old business models and presenting entirely new business models.

We don’t shop anymore. AI delivers everything to our home. Say 60 months for from Rome ( go the market ) to today – home delivery in minutes from order. Drivers – give me a five star rating will ya – a rating that did not exist 60 months ago as a category. Too fast for you Warren?

Warren – the old economy is cremated – there is an entirely new economy no text book has been written yet about – why not fund education in the new AI ECONOMY WARREN and begin with obsessing on using Napoleon Hill I grew up on the lap of ( you ever meet HIM uncle Nappy to me ? ) – upgrade your brains to the new AI economic software. Time is running out old Brains.

The New Brains have the world and old brains can not compete with SUPER CHANGE new brains.









For five decades having run a public – global – full service investment banking firm for a lot of years – I treasured the fair reporting of the Wall Street Journal editors. Always insightful with less bias.

I have not said much about Attorney General Barr as this blog works on economics and data that may effect small business and those in practice having positive outcomes. Today I wanted to share the item from WallStreet I encourage you to click their site http://wallstreetjournal.com

And now this:

A Real Attorney General
Washington pile-ons are never pretty, but this week’s political setup of Attorney General William Barr is disreputable even by Beltway standards. Democrats and the media are turning the AG into a villain for doing his duty and making the hard decisions that special counsel Robert Mueller abdicated.
Mr. Barr’s Wednesday testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee was preceded late Tuesday by the leak of a letter Mr. Mueller had sent the AG on March 27. Mr. Mueller griped in the letter that Mr. Barr’s four-page explanation to Congress of the principal conclusions of the Mueller report on March 24 “did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance” of the Mueller team’s “work and conclusions.” Only in Washington could this exercise in posterior covering be puffed into a mini-outrage.
Democrats leapt on the letter as proof that Mr. Barr was somehow covering for Donald Trump when he has covered up nothing. Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono, the Democratic answer to Rep. Louie Gohmert, accused Mr. Barr of abusing his office and lying to Congress, and demanded that he resign. The only thing she lacked was evidence.
Mr. Barr’s four-page letter couldn’t possibly have covered all the nuances of a 448-page report. It was an attempt to provide Mr. Mueller’s conclusions to Congress and the public as quickly as possible, while he took the time to work through the entire document to make redactions required by law and Justice Department rules.
This is exactly what he promised to do in his confirmation hearing. Even Mr. Mueller’s complaining letter admits that Mr. Barr’s letter wasn’t inaccurate, a fact Mr. Barr says Mr. Mueller also conceded in a subsequent phone call.The Mueller complaint, rather, was that there was “public confusion about critical aspects” of his investigation.
Translation: Republicans were claiming vindication for Donald Trump, and Mr. Mueller was taking hits in the press for not nailing the worst President in history. Having been hailed for months as a combination of Eliot Ness and St. Thomas More, Mr. Mueller and his team of prosecutors seem to have been unnerved by some bad press clips.
Mr. Barr told the Senate Wednesday that he offered Mr. Mueller the chance to review his four-page letter before sending it to Congress, but the special counsel declined. Mr. Mueller worked for Mr. Barr, and that was the proper time to offer suggestions or disagree. Instead, Mr. Mueller ducked that responsibility and then griped in an ex-post-facto letter that was conveniently

Bill Barr gets smeared for refusing to duck and cover like Loretta Lynch.

Next – leaked on the eve of Mr. Barr’s testimony. Quite the stand-up guy. Mr. Barr has since released the full Mueller report with minor redactions, as he promised, and with the “context” intact. Keep in mind Mr. Barr was under no legal obligation to release anythingat all. Mr. Mueller reports only to Mr. Barr, not to the country or Congress.
Mr. Barr has also made nearly all of the redactions in the report available to senior Members of Congress to inspect at Justice. Yet as of this writing, only three Members have bothered— Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and ranking House Republican on Judiciary Doug Collins. Not one Democrat howling about Mr. Barr’s lack of transparency has examined the outrages they claim are hidden.
Democrats are also upset that Mr. Barr concluded that Mr. Trump did not obstruct justice regarding the Russia probe. But in that decision too Mr. Barr was behaving as an Attorney General should. Mr. Mueller compiled a factual record but shrank from a “prosecutorial judgment.” Mr. Barr then stepped up and made the call, however unpopular with Democrats and the press.
Contrast that to the abdication of Loretta Lynch, who failed as Barack Obama’s last Attorney General to make a prosecutorial judgment about Hillary Clinton’s misuse of classified information. Ms. Lynch cowered before the bullying of then FBI director James Comey, who absolved Mrs. Clinton of wrongdoing while publicly scolding her. That egregious break with Justice policy eventually led Mr. Comey to reopen the Clinton probe in late October 2016, which helped to elect Mr. Trump.
All of this shows again the risks of appointing special counsels. They lack the political accountability that the Founders built into the separation of powers. Mr. Mueller, in his March 27 letter, revealed again that like Mr. Comey at the FBI he viewed himself as accountable only to himself.
This trashing of Bill Barr shows how frustrated and angry Democrats continue to be that the special counsel came up empty in his Russia collusion probe.He was supposed to be their fast-track to impeachment. Now they’re left trying to gin up an obstruction tale, but the probe wasn’t obstructed and there was no underlying crime.So they’re shouting and pounding the table against Bill Barr for acting like a real Attorney General.




Folks, everyone is turning in review on the market. The expert flow is:

  1. Trump is posturing
  2. The Chinese are still coming
  3. If they cancel it will change market issues
  4. If they come the market dropping 450 points and coming back to only 200 points – points is made rise on Friday so back to Thursday of last week numbers – not too bad.
  5. If China has hard deal terms Trump see’s as talk versus DO points – all bets are off

So no one knows.

What we know is – Trump and America have a full economic deck of incredible robust economics to America’s strong economy – China has lost trillions since the trade war and lost almost 10% of its internal market wealth and value Monday and Tuesday. China is SUPER CRASHING without a TRADE DEAL.

Did Trump call his golf buddy President XI and say – look I”m going to take the agenda away from Nancy Pelosi and issue this sound bite – not to worry lets make our Friday deal? If he did one might see under the carpet of these kinds of affairs as a leading source for small business legislation and outcomes – as CEO SPACE see’s possibilities. There are many others along this line.

Public policy is complex.

It is our opinion that:

  1. China is not dealing in change that is meaningful enough to mean anything at all.
  2. American loses almost 1 trillion dollars a year in buying from China more than we sell to China.
  3. This creates American bankruptcy if unresolved – but slowly – so its hard to see the pain coming.
  4. Trump is closing the Trade GAP one way or the other after 50 years of talk going no where at all
  5. China stuck between factions in nation may think they can do better by calling Trump’s bluff?

If China deals in non substantial terms, Trump will levy the full boat of Tariff’s which puts billions back into US Treasury. In the past not one time flew into US Treasury from China to conduct UNFAIR AND IMBALANCED TRADE WITH US PROTECTING ITS OWN INDUSTRY FIRST ALWAYS. The trade issues are:

  1. Opening China to no tariff trade for American goods and balance by China buying as all industry is China is STATE OWNED OR INFLUENCED 100% – it is communism – so state BUYING a Trillion more each YEAR than they buy today offsetting America rising trade and keeping the trade BALANCED by agreements that are enforceable.
  2. Rule of LAW – no more stealing American Trade Secrets and inventions period. Which theft has driven the China miracle.

The culture of unfair trade is part of China way of thinking. Adapting a new way of thinking as the Chinese do not THINK LIKE AMERICANS THINK at all. Different goals and aspirations. Can these issues really resolve?

We think given the CHINESE FACTIONS that it is unlikely. President XI wants to cooperate on all this for all the economic right reasons but hard liner communist in China hate America Hate Trump and Hate this trade weakness – in a nation where saving face is everything – bending on to you knee for Trump is not likely in China.

Can a real deal arise soon?

Is trade creep to weaken and dilute the proposed deal – likely – we think yes?

Will such self dealing in very bad faith from China result in Trump pulling the tariff trigger which much of the TRILLION trade red ink goes away on Friday – we think yes.

Can a real trade war unfold and real shooting war?

We have naval assets defying China illegal sea claims upon the ocean owned by many nations under maritime rule of law – 400 years of law – defined by unanimous court order by the WORLD COURT that China acted ILLEGALLY IN ITS CLAIMS FOR THE CHINA SEA WHICH HAVE ZERO LEGAL STANDING. Enforcing that claim is yet to come. China and President XI said – we are dedge filling islands all over the China Sea for trade not military. Every island was then built up as military with air to sea and air to air missile launch advanced weaponry why? To make an entire ocean open to all nations such that only China controls that ocean? NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. XI LIED.

That lie is tied to trade deals. The deals must be enforced so if XI lies again American has recourse. Trump is making sure.

You get a flavor on this when Schumer the head AMBUSH TRUMP EVERY CHANGE YOU GET stated to AMERICA MEDIA AND NEWS TODAY – PRESIDENT TRUMP HANG TOUGH ON CHINA and democrats unite as Americans almost as one behind what is obvious – we can’t be CHUMP CHANGE moving forward.

The USA has done a lot for China. China has benefited on a scale of we sell one dollar to them we buy one trillion dollars to one dollar from them. Ah this doesn’t work economically long term. Let me get a Chinese abacus out and score this up over 30 years say since Nixon?

HAND TOUGH TRUMP says the head democrat.



PS: Warren Buffet said at his shareholder meeting that stocks given interest great pause and low levels are CRAZY INSANE CHEAP TODAY AND BUYING AMERICAN STOCKS – IS THE DEALIE TODAY ! HE IS BUYING IN THE CHINESE DIP PERHAPS YOU MIGHT AS WELL…..