Berny Dohrmann’s father Alan G. Dohrmann founded the human potential  industry in the 1940’s. Berny grew up on the lap of notables his famous thought leader father mentored over decades including Napoleon Hill, Jack Kennedy, Martin Luther King,  Zig Ziegler, William Penn Patrick, Alexander Everett, Og Mandino, Earl Nightingale, Walt Disney and the heads of most of the Fortune 100 Firms in the 1950’s into 1970’s.

Berny as an investment banker economist developed a global investment banking firm which he sold when his famous father was dying of cancer. Berny returned to run the family global fortune training institution, while his father battled cancer. Berny morphed the global training institution into CEO SPACE which has won the highest ranking from Forbes on line in 2015 and again in 2016 ranking the industry of CEO training products. CEO SPACE is # 1 in the world today under Berny and his wife September President and CEO in an all female management team, where CEO SPACE stands for lady leader full partnership in government and the C suite and practices that motto by design.

Berny is a movie producer – radio show host and best selling author. His latest publication REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION defines a shrinking world with new values to govern and cooperate versus compete with one another. Berny makes his home with his wife September and children in Tampa Bay Florida.