But Why? Owning your own business and positioning your product or service to become useful, essential, soothing, healing, to the pain you’ll see when salary workers are laid off, and having no jobs must start businesses, will put you ahead of the sea change. You will prosper in any market. While the old order holds together, you’ll boom. You want to invest now while we have time in momentum. Invest in acceleration. Invest in growth.

This is a serious period. You might wish to increase your focus. Work more hours and work smarter. You want to grow. Grow your customers. Grow your customer base. Grow your core business and avoid distraction. Focus. Even SUPER FOCUS on your growth. Invest back into advertising and public relations as a strategic growth plan. Invest with pro’s on how to advertise on line and make every dollar work like $ 5.00 or you’ll be looking back where every $5.00 actually worked like $ 1.00 and that is not good.

Measure. Assess. Your own performance. And output performance on time lines and deliverables for all your vendors. If you pay them you want written agreements on what they will deliver, over what time frame, and what benefit flows to you if they fail to deliver – have protection if they fail to deliver in the contract and have zero tolerance for integrity break downs. You can’t get deliverables from a liar. Switch to those who don’t lie knowing their is a massive break down in INTEGRITY in society these days. So buyer beware and contract to protect your plays, play by play.

Better agreements greater acceleration.

Money is after all the quality of your agreements – money is just an agreement. Make better agreement have massive shift in your freedom and wealth estate.

Liquidity in SUPER CHANGE periods is your safe harbor. Build liquidity like a safe harbor around your business and you’ll have a safe sea wall for all the financial storms that arrive upon your shore. Read this blog to achieve the following:

  1. To know how to craft marketing responses and change to culture when markets shift from SUPER CHANGE. We’ll guide you.
  2. To preclude poor investments that will loose money in a super volatile market what has no real direction you can trust today – protect you principle.
  3. Knowing what is coming and knowing what really just happened is the INFORMATION IS KING ball game for business OWNERS to plan ahead with far more data than those with their head stuck in holes in their feed watching the Walking Dead.

Stay current in the SUPER CHANGE MARKET. My new book out the second half of this year HOW TO PROSPER IN THE SUPER CHANGE MARKETS will be a massive best seller. You’ll have it first because your first and ahead and staying ahead because you made a favorite and read this blog. You read the news but you do not know what the news means. All news is economic. Knowing the economics of Cuba knowing the economics of the play book keeps you abreast of opportunity and options. You need both.

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If you know you want to remain current in these SUPER CHANGE times, if you want to truly accelerate your growth and you know you need HELP to get that acceleration – then – consider that you never delay a pay raise. Not ever. Invest in acceleration first when the acceleration is money back warrantied. Put up a tax dollar, trust Forbes, earn a huge profit on the tax dollar or your membership which is LIFETIME is refunded before you exit the hosting hotel in Las Vegas.

Join CEO’s from countries across the world May 15th. Why? Because there are no accidents and this call to action found you through the Law of the Attraction your SECRET KNOCK. But you have to answer the door.

The other side is cash flow and acceleration. Click ceospaceinternational.com and see a film or two for your venture category – we serve them all now in our fourth decade.

It is your turn isn’t it? To accelerate. You do not have to wait.

Entrepreneurs – cooperating – collectively – ARE SAFE HABOR when financial seas get choppy and they will again and again and this blog tells you the truth about why. Put your business your vessel behind a sea wall and safe harbor inside CEO SPACE. Lets prosper together in any market window and seize all opportunities….Entrepreneurs are SAFE from whats coming and everyone else is at risk.

Be proud you own your own business. We are the future.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE serving Entrepreneurs for 30 years in 140 nations