This blog reported in the SERIAL CRIMINAL pleas that Wells Fargo Bank kept having discovered – like a daisy chain – one crime after another. The depth of these financial crimes in WHICH “NO” ONE WAS ARRESTED AND PUT INTO PRISON – boggles the mind. I was put in prison for taking zero money – based on a prosecution presentation on only $ 87,000 dollars of investor loss ( in a global public investment banking firm ) – that suggested – as owner even having resigned from the firm during the crime allegation period – that as owner – I was held responsible not for what I KNEW but I went to jail for WHAT I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN….now that means if they want you in jail – your going to jail folks. THINK ABOUT THAT In the land of the free and home of the brave. Of course I didn’t have 100 billion from my crimes to pay for attorney’s to assure no one went to jail – I had court appointed attorneys when the multi year multi million dollar prosecution – they spend over $ 5,000,000 over the $ 87,000 assuring the jury even though I never benefited or took any money – a higher standard had to be sent to owners of public institutions – all years after the firm was sold. If the Justice wants to frame a crime that never happened – your toast. I US Justice wants to take a billion here and there to let you not go to jail – when no frame is needed you DID THE CRIME BUT YOU HAVE NO FEAR OF DOING THE TIME….you have BOUGHT AND PAID FOR JUSTICE.

…bought and paid for justice in America…..OJ to Wells Fargo Bank……

Now Wells Fargo has pled guilty to frauds, criminal theft, setting up phony accounts, lying to their clients by the millions including phony syphon of profits to their account – all planned and with large numbers of criminal bankers in on the crimes. Record earnings came about and shareholders bought stock based on fraud. Ungodly bonus money was paid to the criminal master minds…they got away with it all too. Then shareholders  lost by too much to even count. And those loses are about to be like nothing in banking since 1929. We told you all this.  First right there. Over and over . Why?

Because the bonus money top management was paid on CRIMINAL ACTIVITY and the enormous billions of the theft level – make the small fines like nothing – just a get out of jail free card. AMERICA 2019:


…..If you are a serious criminal gang in charge of the money in investment banking or banking ( all the same and merged now ) and you plan and executer 100’s of billions in theft – the only outcome is a fine – as CRIME DOES PAY TODAY – you just buy your own get of of jail free card like in Russia or Iran or any nation where laws become LOOP HOLES for the rich and famous….too big to fail….too big to jail……

The consequence of all this – WE REPORTED FIRST HERE – is that behind the scenes companies from Fortune companies to grandma are moving their accounts to BANK OF AMERICA and other less criminal banks or even smaller banks who are not criminal at all.

WE THE PEOPLE just as we reported here first – are going to punish Wells Fargo BANK. The folks who will get hurt the most are shareholders and those who stay with the bank until the last person turns the LIGHTS OFF on the way out the door.

We told you the same thing for CRIMINAL Deutsch Banks the Wells Fargo copy cat in Germany. Their head came out after our blog and said OH NO – OH POOH – THINGS ARE GREAT HERE AT THE BANK. Then came the first firings and the next and branch closings and more. Millions are running on these banks – taking all their business OUT.

Wells Fargo’s first lay off’s at almost 30,000 smashed to the floor, devastated in their jobs and futures, occurs inside the largest boom and expansion in history where financial sector is booming. Wells Fargo is in the first of many to follow DOWN SIZING. Wells Fargo folks need to GIVE NOTICE and move inside the boom to SAVE THEMSELVES. Your bank is on fire and there are not fire escapes. Runs on banks are fatal. Depositors can get caught in a bank failure or bankruptcy – move before the run becomes front page news.

During all this time the PRESS reports nothing on this blog information. They like give a CRIMINAL PASS to Wells Fargo. If a reformed Justice stopped investigating collusion and phony get Trump FRAUD wasting a billion dollars and climbing – and ARRESTED 500 at Wells Fargo including the CEO’s who resigned – and if they had done real Justice – a) we would have some restored faith in the system – and b) we would not run on the bank as much.

Today moral depositors are not going to keep money trust in CRIMINAL BANKING AND INVESTMENT BANKING. Wells Fargo stands for ORGANIZED CRIME at a level and scale the MAFIA never imagined. Really bad bad brains stealing money and getting fully away with it. When Wells Fargo sinks into a merger – and is gone – which we predict as the RUN on the BANK MATURES – will occur – the brand damage by the criminals is an event. However the criminals on their mega yachts and warm meals with bikini tribe on board take no notice as they plan their next crimes. These are MASTER MIND CRIMINALS.

Years in prison for taking no money – for 87,000 dollars in a junk bond loss – for what a person SHOULD HAVE KNOWN about forward risks ( no one could know ) in a legal bond offering – the prosecution said – it was all legal …or untold billions still being uncovered in real criminal theft where no one goes to jail but the justice department gets their share of the crime money to go away – no one goes to jail.


We see Justice this week where the HAD OF GET TRUMP wanted to entrap him – tape record him illegally and secretly like say the KGB – disregarding any rule of law – the HEAD OF JUSTICE – beyond bias totally not impartial and fair – a criminal head of justice – running a fully criminal police state tribe of broken IN NEED OF MASSIVE REFORM to preclude such abuse of powers – yes the head of justice was prepared to commit crimes to frame TRUMP and REMOVE THE PRESIDENT OF THE United States FROM OFFICE – because he used his constitutional powers to terminate Comey and install some one new – who recused himself from the criminal tribe and this SESSION stands on the side lines – we have no attorney general we have a UNICH in charge.

JUSTICE REFORM won’t matter to Wells Fargo Bank. While the press never reports the run on the bank the real revenue crash inside the boom market will come out and everyone will know 30,000 the first of many to follow – like our German bankers lying on how strong they are – can’t not over come WE THE PEOPLE. “US”>

WE are mad as hell and we ARE NOT going to take it ANY MORE.

We are running on Wells Fargo and if you stay in – your going to be sorry eventually in my opinion.

So we reported the future first here. No press on it then now or ever.

Now the future is here and 30,000 who are not criminals, the little people – us – have their lives torn to shreds while those who enriched themselves off these crimes and we have yet to uncover all of them they keep on coming one fine after another….at

Wells Fargo the lead criminal bank in the world today

A RUN on Wells Fargo like the world has not seen since World War II is under way as folks are simply moving …to more moral high ground. Revenues at Wells were revised to hide the pain as far as possible but now the truth will come out – Wells Fargo HAS A REVENUE problem. Their criminal lie that they are downsizing 30,000 people due to efficiency and technology is pure CRIMINAL TALK. Fraud.

If they said – we are sorry 30,000 lives are destroyed by criminal leaders in our bank we apologize won’t happen again – one might ask WHAT NEW CONTROLS SPECIFICALLY ASSURE CRIMINALS IN CHARGE OF THE BANK – 100’s of them – ARE IN HAND CUFF’S FROM DOING IT AGAIN.

Without folks going to jail Wells Fargo is in a long multi year decline – and will merge where the brand will disappear altogether. WHY?



They just arrested a lady who saved untold animals from the hurricane in the Carolina’s. Why? Because she gave wounded animals antibiotics from Dollar Store – charged with practicing as a vet with out a license. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

REFORM JUSTICE the PROBLEM is at core JUSTICE NOT WORKING and criminal bankers and investment bankers robbing us all blind….well KNOW THAT.

What America needs and if more evidence is required it is JUSTICE REFORM. Why they press is not all over this is that criminal press join criminals in justice to GET TRUMP. NO President from any party should experience this dysfunction of system.

America no longer respects its institutions and with very good reason this side of reform.


PS: Depositors small mid and large turn the lights off as you move away from Wells Fargo Bank….they so deserve your choice to DO IT NOW in my opinion…….hey my years in prison years on probation fines of 1,000,000 for 87,000 indictment on contempt of court – I ask you – how much hard jail time by ratio and comparison – as they took the money and I never did nor was I charged that I did – jail hard  time do you get when you steal over 100 billion versus 87,000? IS IT ME or does seem imbalanced to you a bit…as to JUSTICE IN AMERICA? I love our Justice men and woman and want them proud again – within reform they help create – join the movement for JUSTICE REFORM to restore FAITH HOPE AND PROMISE IN AMERICA……hey President Trump why not start with a pardon for me ( I’m a little old decades after all that at 71 to need a pardon ..but hey  …for my children…..that would be just.