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Today the world is euphoric over the IRAN deal ( which may bomb in Congress after terms come to the full light of day ). If we release 100 billion dollars to the terror factory of the Gulf Region do we release a weapon of financial destruction? Has the agenda of Iran changed – blast Israel into the Sea – conquer all Gulf nations – control all Gulf resources and assure the first Muslim SUPER POWER returns to the earth….is the risk on or way off?

Greece is entering into a debt bomb it can never pay off. Did we kick that bucket down the road? Does it solve anything really? The failure of the Greek agencies to adhere to the agreement, or to follow the terms will result in CATASTROPHIC melt down for the entire EU. The world will not be the same.

While this is going on the melt down from jobs leaving China for other markets in Asia, is deflating Chinese Markets. They are experiencing a realignment of values from property to stocks to bonds to futures. Trillions are opposing government market intervention falsely underwriting markets creating a PHANTOM MARKET SPACE. One can not force investor confidence back. Once can not trick investors back in. Investors want out until there is a real floor. The bubble is busting and the real floor is unknown. This financial BOMB will effect the entire world. No one knows the extent. We submit Japan is once again the number two economy and China is slipping to number three. IT may take a generation for trust to return. The unknown risk on risk way off is HOW BAD WILL THE DEFLATION BECOME and how will China cope with the social unrest the DEFLATION creates with trillions of wealth disappear as it is disappearing RIGHT NOW in August. No one knows the answer.

How do business owners risk on risk off their own planning. These realities bit the head off consumer spending in July. The drop was shocking to economists and way off forecast. The FED may delay interest seeing Housing falter, jobs falter as unemployment spiked way up again and shows no end in site – the economies of the EU ad America are SLOWING and FAST and the IMF has adjusted its 2015 forecast for world economic activity DOWNWARD for the 5th time this year to its lowest level this year.

CEO SPACE will provide life enriching information to business owners wishing a planning GPS in SUPER CHANGE markets so you can plan, execute, mentor others, invest, plan, avoid unwanted risk, promote , advertise, and channel into perfect match to market attitudes at year end. If you lack these upgrades we fear you will do much worse. If you have these upgrades we know you will fare much better. We have assembled the experts that bring these assets to the leading firms of the world.

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Berny Dohrmann