The largest economic experiment ( ever ) is taking place by central bank theory world wide. The goal is a decade of 100 trillion being flooding the world with US DOLLARS EU YEN YUAN and leading currencies just printing at the speed of a money fire sale with FREE MONEY to what – RESTART INFLATION. To accept the risk of MANAGING INFLATION to a dynamic growth economy. Will this all printing presses on deck globally work? No one knows as they all do the very best they all know how.  The rush to inflate is picking 2022 as the year inflation is entrenched and returns.

If deflation continues to 2030 the central bank policy lost and economic activity risks include – liquidity evaporation day we see coming before or shortly after the election season of 2020, and debt super bubble error creating debt defaulting cascades a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE IMPLOSION as an unwanted systemic killer risk.





The present group of smarty pant economists exist in our opinion, as investment banker higher level economists, that deny and are deluded into an old SHOCK DOCTRINE by prophetic economist influencer NAOMI KLIEN one of my hero’s. They reside on givens. Assumptions. I conclude such assumptions are all WRONG. Toxic in fact. Why? The economy of 2019 ended forever human impact to economic price. Asset class price is now set by AI system rigging by software. The new AI ECONOMICS is just that. NEW.

A growing smaller group of economist leaders are now finally late concluding hey we are inside a new ECONOMY with new entire box top rules. We better learn as much about the new global AI ECONOMY or how can we -re-regulate  that new AI economy controlling 440 trillion in daily trade completions?  The CENTRAL BANK INFLATION POLICY may tip the deflation and the liquidity evaporation into raw panic and systemic failure. That remains a fear. The Present GAME PLAN TO AN OLD ECONOMY WITH OLD BRAIN THINKING SOFTWARE OF THE MIND may not take us all where we in fact need to actually go. Central banks have the titanic at full speed in their new inflation sprint to the 2022 finish line with no data it may win and be successful. The failure we know leads to system failure and depression. WHO WILL HOLD THE CENTRAL BANKERS ACCOUNTABLE IF THEY FAIL ONCE AGAIN? We see criminal bankers as well criminals. All major brands committed the financial crimes greater than all theft since Rome. They pled guilty. They paid little fines and did the next crime. So we don’t give them high priest money respect. We see them all POWELL and all the rest in STRIPED OR ORANGE jump suits from prison, belly chained for controlled movement – talking to the press from PRISON. We see their words a bit different because we are not HYPNOTIZED by central bank brain washing to the public at large. WE ARE SELF RELIANT THINKERS WHO DEAL WITH DATA and hard economics to conclude – your all crooks by golley.

Master criminals are too big to jail in real organized crimes. Hacking and digital theft is a new normal. We accept digital crime is out of control and our nations states and agency can not protect us? Can we do better on all of this? Yes you bet we can. Sometimes it takes a SUPER CRASH and SYSTEM FAILURE to usher in a new system from the old system. Today we together must plan through our profit and income in the RIP TIDE of an old pre 2019 system finally dying as it almost did in 2007 – and a new future system being born over half a decade of G 100 planning and cooperation to upgrade it all. IN THE RIP TIDE May 20th is your BEST SOLUTION OPTION to profit more securely this Spring Summer and FALL. Life insurance for your own lifestyle. I’d own that policy if I were you.

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Central banks who are charged to control depression and inflation will do what they can what they know as they go to restart inflation and end deflation. Deflation is the collapse of asset prices. A reset of debt, price, and value to all asset classes. In deflation asset classes go down and stay down. Oil is as a cost of everything else one example.

So everything is changing on the game board and no one can predict the way the board is shuffling. Consider unknowns today:

Hospitality and Marriott t misses earnings where key in room use and profit was down across the board and technology went up. This is a BEAR FOOLS rally not a bull rally in any context. Know that difference for sure today. The line up of ICON brand bankruptcies this month is the largest summer line up of federal national global bankruptcies in recorded history as the real depression whirl pools circulations out of the core system to a level that may become fatal in fact. All reported here so you know more and you know first. Long time readers know we are passing 75 RIGHT AGAIN predictions since last year where 100% of nation state and agency have been wrong and always way behind way too little way too late and lying things are fixed or getting better when they are not fixed and they are getting worse. THE LYING is the SUPER CHANGE in mind sets for 7 billion trying to sort out who is telling the truth and how to hold those lying accountable when we all vote. Leaders seem to fail to understand leadership is graded on one sentence by 7 billion of us today. TELL THE WORST FIRST AND TELL THE TRUTH FASTER OR ELSE YOUR FIRED !  How you KEEP SCORE is how you vote – I trust that for us all world wide today. BUT VOTE as if all our lives depended on your one vote – DO THAT THIS YEAR – one for all and 7 billion for one. Do that.

  1. Work from home will have 100’s of millions world wide release building rent and crash commercial real estate value and depress commercial real estate until the pig of too much supply to home worker crash of demand as in oil changes every model of economics in commercial real property. Why billions of short bets are not shorting commercial real estate from the worlds largest investors.
  2. In deflationary economics – business contracts – business is depressed – revenue for nations and states falls off a cliff as it is now into 1 billion employed by August 40 million in America with 30% unemployment moving 25 trillion of record USA debt to over 30 trillion new debt USA owed by the summer alone.
  3. If central banks restart inflation 2022 as planned ( a huge risk as it never had been successfully done once before  ) as we conclude new debt does not resolve the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE CRISES the risk of system failure – debt management. The Fed seeks to monetize debt. To sell 3 trillion in USA debt in new 20 year SUPER BONDS we invented as theory we think it should be 100 year bonds as sovereign debt refinancing to asset class. Search SUPER BOND on this site. This locks almost zero debt free money to the USA for 20 years. But what if no one buys those low yield US bond debt paper? Also the money would be used to buy debt taking debt into low yield 20 year when as inflation raises interest rates and more the debt bond class will be a new foundational asset class. BUT WILL IT WORK. The market may completely reject todays theory from the smarty pants deluded and denying they reside in a NEW AI ECONOMY as the first error they are making in our opinion.
  4. The risk fails to appreciate the DEPRESSION TODAY. The assumptions of economic depression we conclude are wrong by 100%. We also conclude the come back projections of restarting the economy are WRONG. Badly in error. We see 100% already of restarting economies having SOARING INFECTION DEATH COUNTS.. New York just had 5000 new deaths added into today to their own state UNDER COUNT rising to 25,000 deaths by this weekend we now project. Deaths and infections are soaring back world wide with each too early re-opening where in election years world wide – politicians execute policy for PROFITS OVER LIVES. We conclude wars and revolutions will rise up from PANDEMIC LYING which can no longer be hidden at all.






As this is LIFE AND DEATH the 7 people of the world will hold we believe their leadership ACCOUNTABLE for truth versus lies when the dust settles. Upset over leader handling is s prediction of years of unrest in populations world wide as the crises of leadership resolves itself. Against central bank failures merger of central banks back to state treasury is a desire reset.

Why would any nation create a criminal banker cabal and give them a contract to print money for the nation and conduct monetary profit to maximally profit its criminal bank shareholders versus the entire nation as a system model – where every dollar is insane new debt where from 1776 to 1900 – the USA for example printed money and paid no debt interest to central banks.

if a nation prints too much money the MARKET devalues the currency buying power.

If a nation is responsible to the market criteria of economics the currency is stable in buying power over time.

If the nation prints to few dollars the currency rises from market pricing globally. Too high and the goods of that nation are too costly for others to afford or buy and trade slows or stops. Too low and goods and services are very affordable but the currency is so low valued from inflation that nation can not pay for things because its currency is trashed.

Today AI and real time manage all these currency outcomes and a third party interest gouging criminal banker cabal hurts the national economy of nations versus protects it. Why? The structure is designed for greed theft of national wealth and profit to the criminal bankers who own the shares of central banks that are NOT GOV AGENCY’s. Is Pandemic when we 7 billion stop the largest economic fraud of all history the CENTRAL BANK FRAUD upon nations of this earth?

It is our prediction on May 12th that failure ( as 100% policy failure 1906 to May 2020 continue to report from central bank policy fail again in DEPRESSION the merger of the insane economic failed model – CENTRAL BANKS OVER MONEY versus STATE TREASURY over money – with outcome boom bust and endless wars – in cycles all crises came from the central banker cabal for GREED to their own banker members. Why is the tallest landmark building in any city of the earth a BANK? Banks should like health insurance all be highly regulated not for profit and in social interest of nation before banker interest in profit. PROFIT OVER LIVES AS POLICY OF NATION OR LIVES OVER PROFITS.

POL and LOP policy may decide many elections in 2020. We are seeing SUPER HIGH RISK INSIDE FED inflation policy today. Now we will see if the belt way smarty pants as I have called them all since 1953 pull the pony out of the PANDEMIC SHIT STORM or if all the Fed does is stir up the SHIT as we are seeing in NEW AI ECONOMICS. The shift storm will end in SUPER CRASH and you will all know who was RIGHT AGAIN ( or not ) this time. BE PREPARED OUT THERE AS THE WORST STILL COMES FIRST BE READY. We’ll help you.

We see CENTRAL BANKS doing the best they know how but utterly making it all so much worse as the DEBT IMPLOSION wipes the old system cleanly off the map of the entire world. Depression 101 economics unfolding in unrelenting precission economics will study as new and as new as what we discover in space now to economics. WE ARE GOING ECONOMICALLY WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE.






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The world is SUPER CHANGING as no other time in human history outside the FALL OF ROME itself.

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