On March 20th the Free bonus classes ( three days of them ) on the latest in Crowd Funding and NEW LAW on raising capital for small entrepreneur business will commence. These are the most comprehensive education exercises and practice sessions on raising capital in the market today – another reason Forbes ranked CEO SPACE # 1 – the meeting NO ONE CAN AFFORD to MISS in 2015.

The week to March 30th is non stop networking between President CEO”s of entrepreneur firms and professional practices. Short videos on define our money back warranty for our lifetime membership – pay once small fee and your in for five a year for life.

CEO SPACE is a business accelerator. Our five Business Growth Conferences are so highly ranked, because, the retooling of a trade show WORKS. CEO SPACE engages the CEO President of firms, with one another, over a ladies and gentlemen meal – three times daily along with multiple networking breaks over food. All included in the price. No add on’s. No upselling. Hence our highest ranking globally.

Guests attend because:

1. The CEO wants to upgrade skill and remain bleeding edge CURRENT inside a SUPER CHANGE market dynamic. CEO SPACE is the most prized upgrades for CEO’s world wide today.

2. The CEO wants more customers and larger markets now versus later – with CEO SPACE you just don’t have to wait to reach growth goals.

3. The CEO wants capital infused, attending for customer base growth, capital, or both.

CEO SPACE refunds member cost before you depart the hotel if you find CEO SPACE has not accelerated your growth plans. CEO SPACE lowers cost, lowers time, for owners to reach growth goals.

If your a professional see the professional videos’> If your a larger firm or investors, see those video selections. If your a mid size or development space firm see those video’s. In 100 films on line there are award winning short films in your industry category. The more films you review the more proofs you’ll have. You ll be stating I didn’t know they also did THAT for quite some time.

CEO’s who use three or so of our Business Growth Conferences in a row do 50% more growth than those who do not. Those who do five to seven are in heaven and thrive. Those who do enormous business globally attend 20 30 and 50 or more of the programs…some ceasing billion dollar venue and projects. All levels profits.

Ask world famous Bob Proctor, Jeff Hoffman, jack Canfield, Greg Reid, Les Brown, Sharon Lechter, John Gray, and all the SUPER STARS on our web site – why they endorse CEO SPACE with their highest recommendation. Trust the reputations of those who can not risk them as they tell you to trust the repurpose tax dollar to join CEO SPACE will be profit “taking”.

March 20th the first 2015 of the five CEO SPACE Growth Conferences,  will open 2015 Рwith the RETURN OF THE SUPER STARS. You will open becoming current with the line up of more leading Fortune Company trainers, more celebrities, more historic SUPER STARS on one stage line up in one week than you will enjoy lover the remainder of your lifetime.

The March 2015 Conference will set records for quality and 1015 income acceleration for our members. Grad members, you must block out this one. The updates are massive to you.

First time members – you are getting the best in three decades from the institution that leads the world.

Bleeding Edge current? You will be this March as the snows melt and business NEW YEAR begins in Las Vegas. Join the BIG ONE and be part of history.

Teen Entrepreneur Training ( FEAST ) is subsidized …parents pay good costs only.

Younger entrepreneurs attend YOUTH CAMP day care CEO SPACE pays for ( free to parents ) so families can attend together this SPRING – highly encouraged. It’ll be 80 degrees at Lake Las Vegas Westin Resort dress for the POOL.

2015 is YOUR YEAR.

Berny Dohrmann Chairman