So today we see global press write that economist stating:

  1. There is a many quarter earnings recession and to be moving to safe haven
  2. That the multiples are insane by tradition and economics

Suggesting we are idiots. Why? Because they have new economics. They have matrixs. They have defense for what goes up will only go up further and ever come down – NEWTON proved THEM wrong with the apple thing did he not ( Apples up by the way like we said ).

So good economics is insane and retarded economics is ok and bet on the retardo math? Are you kidding me.

When the financial press writes the up is down and down is up – you know that the wobble is about to hit the wall. ECONOMICS Can never not ever be invalid.

I was laughing today reading it though. I’m sure my tribe is as well.

Buyer beware of the source.
Berny Dohrmann  – keep buying then and tell me how that works for ya ?