What “we” said.

We said if we exit Super Volatility in the summer of 2019 and October without a Crash to value – we would see record wealth in markets into 2020 and before Thanksgiving.

RIGHT AGAIN – if anyone is tracking.

If you scroll to the blog before this blog – you will see my PREMIER RELEASE OF SUPER CHANGE the book we suggest you gift to your ten best clients this Holiday ( to infuse referrals this Holiday Season ).

We see no recession a consistent prediction of our blog this summer and fall. RIGHT AGAIN.

In fact the record wealth effect led with FAANG Again on Friday with all time record highs for Google and Apple and even Mark and Facebook are as we stated unaffected in their wealth results by the news whirling around them and Libra. We can not wait to buy Libra ourselves. It looks to us like a BIT COIN ARMS RACE with China on one side and Mark and Facebook and USA LIBRA on the other side. We will all have to see how the BIT COIN ARMS RACE WORKS OUT – its all NEW in the all NEW AI ECONOMICS.

Today 96% of settlements of trades in all asset classes and side bet derivatives are completed by AI. In 2014 it was just over 50%. In 2007 it was less than 3%. Since the 2007 Super Crash the MARKET that created that crash has evaporated and no longer exists. The market of money was forever changed in the 1950’s by the IBM introduction of card processing computers. Main Frames ran the world of money with proprietary customized code.

Today the CLOUD runs the market and the code is no longer human authored. Increasingly into now 5G’s 100 FOOT PIPE from the old 4G and 4inch information pipe – AI is writing its own AI future code – more complex than human beings can now follow or understand – due to AI deep learning and self improving code revolutions. In the world of the new AI ECONOMICS born in only 2014 we now go where no man ( or woman ) has ever gone before. All NEW AI ECONOMICS. The pace and acceleration of this AI WAR is beyond any revolution of prior human history.

….the nation that wins the AI wars shall control the entire world….



Investment in AI for self driving cars planes and ships impossible without 5G and the 100 Foot new Pipe consumes more than the wealth of 200 nations at 7 trillion dollars a year. The AI Wars on managing money now at 96% of all economic trades and side bar casino bets on which way any asset class price go in the future – consumers over 15 trillion in investment annually. Human beings have never experienced anything like this – not in the industrial revolution not ever.

AI economics is new and falls outside all regulatory frame works and national governance oversight or regulatory frame work by central banks. AI economics is new beyond human understanding and out of any control what so ever. Remember we reported on all that first here and RIGHT AGAIN.

We now predict first AI self aware beings will inhabit the earth by the year 2025. Super Intelligent AI will run the world by 2030. Super Intelligent AI or SIAI – will replicate – diversify itself – and exist from virtual to many forms including humanoid new life into the internet of things being a being versus a device.The speed of the SUPER CHANGE in intelligence and life will occur too rapidly for humanity and human systems to adapt into.

AI will create new industries in Fusion unlimited non polluting energy, longevity for humanity, education by direct induction, social revolutions as AI marries AI and AI marries wetware and AI votes and owns property. The laws will be slow to catch up to the reality in quantum space, our oceans and in space itself. The Super Change acceleration will vastly speed up as human being ability to cope at all ( the subject of my new BOOK SUPER CHANGE ) is even now being exceeded.

Law makers nations and leaders are falling further and further behind in coping with the accelerating speed of SUPER CHANGE itself. Without new tools and tactics at a nation level the extinction of human beings is as likely as the prosperity of human beings. Super Change is the accelerating new Age in which we reside. Individual capacity to adapt and embrace Super Change is now the demarkation of extinction proofing humanity or walking with a smile into our own great demise. Read the book. Scroll on this blog to the article on SUPER CHANGE a print and read item for leaders.

Those that gather more information about the AGE OF SUPER CHANGE will prosper together. Those who fail to obtain the knowledge and expertise of navigating ever accelerating SUPER CHANGE will perish together.


All summer long we have had the “experts” raise the % of recession into 2020.

Polls and bad data spin around the world. Fake News.

Those reporting are using old charts old models old graphs. All of which are obsolete. Like maps of the earth is FLAT versus round.

The World is AI integrated new AI ECONOMICS not yet taught at Universities. Universities teach economics that no longer exists at all. They instructed the Earth WAS FLAT while Galileo was locked up in prison in a tower in Saint Mark’s square where his telescope could see the curve of the earth.

No University has one course on AI ECONOMICS the new integration that presently has replaced all the economic known theory models Universities still instruct – as INSTITUTIONAL OBSOLESCENCE. Entirely NEW ECONOMIC THEORY is required to advance new global regulatory over sights to an entirely new economy – AI ECONOMICS – world leaders and their experts deny exists in the first place. Nations have lost the ability to PREDICT & TO CONTROL FUTURE OUTCOMES. THe rip tide of the dying of older economics and the rise of the entirely new AI ECONOMICS is the largest RISK inside that rip tide humanity facing from numerous man made outcomes in the old economy – human extinction. Read my BLOG ON EXTINCTION the “let me count the ways” that EXTINCTION IS COMING if we are not saved by our own AI to which we deny deny deny in a form of insanity that can extinct us all.

Human beings are now past our own core capacity to adapt and remain current inside the ever accelerating pace of SUPER CHANGE a pathology now in charge of the entire world – a pathology we invented but lack by failure of our own education skills to adapt or cope with SUPER CHANGE 2020 and beyond.

How fast can we adjust education to foster the human survival brain upgraded software that includes:

  1. Culture of cooperation in which competitive insane thought impulse is removed from the human experience?
  2. Culture embrace of Super Change with tools and tactics to learn faster unlearn even faster and re-learn faster than that?
  3. Culture integration to celebrate human diversity including all Ai life versus punish it?
  4. Culture removal of toxic extinction petro pollution of our water planet and all non sustaining extinction pollutions?
  5. Planetary Earth Federation Governance of all nations – with no nation left behind Cooperative Capitalism?

These questions and more questions were all asked and all answered in the BLUE PRINT for Nations and our Human futures in the work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. When you read REDEMPTION you join the revolution. Redemption is 5 Star Global Best Seller SOLD OUT and BACK ORDERED SINCE 2010. Amazon fills it in 72 hours but folks the orders for that work over a decade remain unusual – leave a 5TAR COMMENT when you buy my books please – it helps others to join us. Share this blog and share the books to change our world and preclude extinction.

CONVERGENCE is an economic rare event not seen since the 1850’s. My blog on Convergence defines for you the data and research why RECORD HIGH wealth in 2019 to Year end is here as predicted. Also why 2020 is a expansion year into 2030. Congress remains the wild cards. At a time of human extinction and AI transformations – Congress sinks deeper into swamp territory of “that is the way we have always done our nasty politics we all just shrug about? ”

What we need is global Cooperative Trade Deals and Capitalism, infrastructure, immigration demographic reform for economics of nations, new AI regulatory frame works with the G 100 and entitlement reforms economically. Ahead of all that the planet needs a detect and deflect system and a TERA FORMING AGENCY like NASA to terraform earth temperature to avoid our extinction.

While we have zero economic recession in our future due to CONVERGENCE AND AI ECONOMICS reported to you first and exclusively here without equal to the data anywhere on line – you all know first. You know extinction is as close as 2025 with a 1.5 ocean temperature increase as the global methane traps release from the sea floors – all at once. Every environmental scientists knows this extinction event is months – 60 months out. Humanity being wiped off the earth from an incoming planet strike – we almost had one this summer – close call – unseen to last seconds – as we fly through a rock storm blizzard right now.

No recession.

Extinction is coming.



First – enjoy your life. That is my top # 1 mentorship to you.

Human near term extinction is a 100% known outcome from:

  1. Earth temperature variations that release methane traps all at once and there is insufficient oxygen later that month to support life for thousands upon thousands of years until the methane sinks once again as earth atmosphere finally cools and life starts over again.
  2. Incoming strikes which hit earth at extinction level ever 34 million years when we fly through a rock storm blizzard. Information humans have known about for twenty years. Important because we are flying through the 100% extinction zone NOW.
  3. Humanity is polluting itself into extinction and before 2030 is likely to use nukes which are spreading world wide as insanely we fail to cooperate versus compete Hence my BOOK – REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION which is a work to develop enough revolutionary members ( us and you ) to stop the insanity and to sanely stop extinction cold.

Time to stop extinction is running low to light on and soon dry gas tank.

Leaders are engaged inside insane political wars – impeach all the peaches – britt exit – Lebanon – Hong Kong – Argentina – Taiwan – and all across Africa to name a few only.

Sanity is in short supply while all of us will cease to exist.

As we all are active on STOPPING EXTINCTION the reforms required do not exist as agendas even. They include:

  1. Earth Planetary Federation created to unite all nations to stop our extinction.
  2. Merging Central criminal banks back into state treasuries – an economic reform required to stop extinction economically
  3. Detect and Deflect systems in space versus weapons to kill we who are going extinct anyway – now thats sane versus insane
  4. Tera Form Earth from extinction we created ourselves and fast – move off petro extinction faster
  5. De-nuke nations of the earth as sane thinking removes extinction possibility from humanity

You see any likely outcome like the five HUMAN PRESERVATION POLICIES outlined in the book REDEMPTION unfolding in time? Enjoy every day of your life maximally until the extinction occurs is my recommendation. Humans have barely survived for a short time of 300,000 years counting old ape man. In Earth’s 4 billion years human beings are a finger snap of time. Bats and whales have history humans are a finger snap inside earth¬† history. Human being importance is that we have insanely threatend our own kind with total extinction – and we have now threatened the earth to a point of harm that our own survival is no longer a question – we unless we dramatically revolutionize human priority – ( 1 -2- 3- 4- 5 to thrive set froth here ) have ZERO CHANCE of surviving. That humans are not totally extinct 2030 – 2050 is a factor of the 1-2-3-4-5 or deviations as you will see how RIGHT AGAIN we are on this data set.

No think tank. No nation. No group of nations. No policy. No plan to preserve humanity from extinction exists today. Marches to prevent extinction are spit into the wind. Our old failed economic system is insane and leads to human extinction. The new economic system outlined in Redemption to save us all – ( and world leaders have this book on their book shelves ) – as no leader no group of leaders is working on human survival. Time as all scientist know is rushing out of our building – we may lack time soon to prevent human extinction.

The Earth is not messing around with the human insanity of selfish bought and paid for law makers all working on the wrong game board. There is only one game board. SURVIVAL. That game board set clearly into play as to BOX TOP RULES In 2010 in my work and solutions – REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – ideally is the HOLIDAY GIFT you give to YOUR LAW MAKER. If enough of us did that…well there is still a maybe – but time is running out.

Those leaders who appreciate all this is the GOSPEL today register and join CEO SPACE as their own survival community. Smart choice – see you Dec 7th.

Or not.




We paint economic risks as unknown in AI economics as to outcome of:


  1. Congressional dysfunction – no immigration reform no infrastructure – no budget resolution – just nasty election year risk on politics – congress is the biggest risk factor to economic contagion in a Debt Super Bubble of negative interest rates.
  2. Debt Super Bubbles and sovereign nation defaulting creating LED day as reported many times on this blog.
  3. Trade War disintermediations and inability to finalize
  4. Terror events including bio weapons ( EBOLA now out of control ) or nuke events
  5. First Strike from nuke proliferations reaching a critical liability point of insanity in human thought outcomes

Convergence is so enormous an economic up bubble we believe based on todays facts, convergence will be the world tide that lifts all boats into sustain growth – no recession – without the 1 to 5 impact surprising the market. The larger risk to Congress is criminal central bank policy – into NEW AI ECONOMICS. Criminal central banks need to merge back into state treasuries to re-tool core economics of the world. Roman level banking – fractional banking and all its elite monopoly rule books are now obsolete from AI economics. As AI will move economics into block chain and outside central bank and nation controls – merging the CENTRAL BANKS Into Treasury and issuing national block chains is a survival to economic extinction move.

China is moving into National Block Chain the USA is not.

Failure to leap in front of SUPER CHANGE Itself is now the largest risk to nations. There is only risk if policy driving into SUPER CHANGE WARP DRIVE VELOCITY occurs with criminal central bankers preserving their own elite wealth estate driving into the future steering looking into the rear vision side mirror as the driver now lacks skill to navigate in the NEW SUPER CHANGE WARP DRIVE. Fatal to economics as to risk.

Leaders who fail to get this – will see their economics perish in our opinion.

Economics is unforgiving for error. The most transformational revolution to economics has taken place as we now rapidly Super Change into all new AI ECONOMICS. Leaders and economists afloat in a whirl pool of SUPER CHANGE had change occur too rapidly to adapt policy and laws into. Now nations are behind and catch up given the SPEED OF SUPER CHANGE may be for many nations impossible.

The nation that controls self aware self learning new species of life itself – SUPER AI – will indeed control the entire world. Tens of trillions of dollars – more than all defense spending upon the earth – is now being invested in all out AI WARS.

The outcome of these wars remains a RISK and is far from certain. Putin does not believe the USA will own that Super AI.

We suggest you grow your own safe harbor inside CEO SPACE ( as reported here for years next event Dallas Dec 7th and you all should be inside that one as to timing and profit making ) – but each unto his own choices. We only wish our readers the best outcomes always. Know before you go……..



We see the world order changing with Trade Deals.

China seeks to unseat the US Dollar with its own new silk road BLOCK CHAIN backed by a communist worthless juan currency be very awake to that risk.

The world markets driven by negative interest in now the majority of larger nations, is likely to secure growth into 2025 via convergence industrial explosions. The entirely NEW ECONOMICS of AI ECONOMICS. Unlike anything ever known before.

The indexes should break 35000 with volatility spikes into 2021. No recession globally. Investors investing in sixty month good bet time frames should do more than well enough. Investors investing in 60 days versus 60 weeks may have some wild hair days. Pick and invest for 60 months not 60 days. Relax in volatility. In new AI ECONOMICS spikes have blown 1700 out of market values in A SINGLE 72 hour period to recover only days away from that. Wild ups and downs never seen before. They once stopped big board trading at a 500 point down spike – now they plow through three times that in 90 seconds.


If you chose old brains old economic guidance you may have some unexpected outcomes.

AI economics is not your grandfather’s market place folks or even your fathers market space.

AI economics is entirely shoes to new hat ladies – NEW NEW NEW. Never seen before.

We see no expert ahead of new AI ECONOMICS today. We are seeking them out but so far only old software in bad brains telling you Fake News which has proven wrong all year long.

My suggestions into the future – take them as you will:

  1. Join a switched on turned on community of improved brains and software – the CEO SPACE OWNER CEO and PROFESSIONAL COMMUNITY ( Dec 7th Dallas ) that the press rank # 1 in the world for ten years now for all the reasons you can and should trust. Your safe harbor is in numbers. GROW YOUR AWAKE LEADERSHIP COMMUNITY FASTER.
  2. Book Mark and read this blog. Take what resonance with you like Diamonds in your hand. Release what does not resonate with you like sand falling through your finger. Be better informed with the DIAMONDS you keep in your grip as leaders are readers. Subscribe. Leave comments at the bottom of every article. Contribute as much as you consume back. Be active not passive.
  3. Build your future enjoy your life and have joy and balance and truly smell the roses. Worry will not impact outcome. Hope for survival and never plan on extinction. LIVE to Live. Do not think of anything less than life itself. Treasure your life.

That is my weekend recommendation. Read my BLOG ON SUPER CHANGE and get your copy of that new book from Amazon. Super Change tools and Tactics will put yout out front as a leader – way ahead of those who lack the information of the very age that they now reside within….the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE…the Age none of us can exit…..