The world is in full on denial – as in World War II and appeasement failures – that the REAL WORLD WAR III PUTIN WAR PLAN IS IN PLAY SINCE 2007 AND THE FIRST DIGITAL AI WEAPON FIRED TO UTTERLY DESTROY WESTERN MARKETS. The worlds Digital AI FIRST WORLD WAR III BY EVER SMARTER SOFTWARE all hacked from the West in the first place. The ART OF WAR FROM CHINA IS THE PLAY BOOK EVERYONE IS WINNING – FOLLOWING. Using AI digital weapons first before a real shooting war which is also unfolding on multiple growing fronts to weaken the ECONOMICS of the ENEMY.. WORLD WAR III IS ECONOMIC in phase I.

Today we have a united effort ( by PUTIN ) to defang USA unified sanctions on North Korea. The failed war of appeasement to Hitler is now taking place with PUTIN”s FAT BOY proxy warrior – under PUTIN’s war plan. What FAT BOY DOES NOT UNDERSTAND is the world PASSION for Putins solo PASSION to RESTORE The might and majesty of the former SOVIET UNION – super glue the UNION back together again – means in english translation Passion = SACRIFICE. Putin’s war plan will sacrifice North Korea to ashes to assure Russia has standing to nuke some USA cities – suing for peace to assure Russia is not equal partners in all global policies with China replacing the USA as the SOLO policy leader. Putin is PLAYING THE LONG GAME.

Putin is working inside elections world wide on the WAR PLAN. In America the success of the WORLD WAR III PLAN is to maximally divide American voters. To rise up impeachment and where and as possible remove Donald Trump as the first commander in chief to roll back PUTINS total war wins and to begin defeating PUTIN’s war plan – say the CHINA TRADE DEAL PHASE I is not what Putin wished for at all. To counter that battle being lost already Putin acted at once.

The next battle is in the UN Motions up today – that – Sanctions by everyone but the USA on North Korea as UN policy should be removed on North Korea. The American UNIFIED MAXIMUM PRESSURE trashing Iran and North Korea economics for lack of a 100 page piece of paper to prosperity – is the WAR POLICY OF THE USA. Putin plans to nueter this war Plan inside the UN assuming TRUMP is totally distracted by election dynamics and IMPEACHMENT ( which Trump leading the opposing WAR PLAN is not distracted as Putin again under estimates the TRUMP TEAM and our own DOD fully aware of the Putin war plan.

Unseen is the attack and counter attack on hacking. THE CYBER WARFARE COMMAND CENTER installed at DOD with retired Col Phylis Newhouse ( a dear friend ) integrated with CIA AND NSA as never before is winning. Russia PROXY and direct hacks are now immediately counter attacked with enormous digital cost and destruction from our own CYBER WEAPONS and growing AI.

China believing the USA is tragically behind in BLOCK CHAIN ( when our own Platinum Member Joshua Phair owns the 5th generation BIT DOLLAR that supplants all currency with lower cost transparent access – daily value setting – and total liquidity by passing mining with NEW QUANTUM THEORY never seen before in BLOCKCHAIN. BITDOLLAR will leave all block chains and hacked exchanges hacked to over a trillion already ( 100% of Block Chain is hacked but BIT DOLLAR IS UNHACKABLE ) . I helped in the IP for the creation of BIT DOLLAR as an investment banker economist where BIT DOLLAR is an entire AI generation = new technology – 5G enabled – for the future of block everything surrounding BIT DOLLARS. Investors are looking at this launch pad as a pure unicorn. In the real unfolding first ever AI DIGITAL WORLD WAR III in human history the rule remains from Greece and Rome – never not ever under estimate the war plans of your enemy.

Hong is the WEST drawing a RED LINE and opposing the XI PUTIN WAR PLAN with clear and compelling “we will move into shooting wars you will be destroyed and bankrupt within” or we have peace and find a cooperative solution to share power together. Putin KNOWS if TRUMP WINS RE_ELECTION –  PUTIN AND XI LOSE THE 13 YEAR WORLD WAR III WAR PLAN. The AXIS OF EVIL is real folks. This unholy criminal alliance pulls all stops to decisively win WORLD WAR III world wide power shifting via the 2020 ELECTIOns globally. If TRUMP WINS MASSIVELY Putin and XI are forced to end the WORLD WAR III WAR PLAN and make a DEAL with Trump – a real . NEW WORLD ORDER DEAL _ and TRUMP has the play book – as the WAR VICTOR.


What is going on in your holiday ….is real WAR folks and that is the REAL RISK. Now you know……the real and entire truth…..Nancy is not only a criminal on her way to federal prison and she knows that – and Nancy and her team should also be legally tried – for TREASON as an AMERICAN TRATOR – who used RUSSIA to discredit TRUMP while it is all part of PUTINS WAR PLAN. NANCY HELPS PUTIN …..with her socialist SQUAD agendas..never seen in AMERICA and just what HOOVER warned us all about… fact.


Trump has turned the war back on PUTIN for the first time since Putins total war victories since 2007.

Putin now seeks to defang AMERICA in the WAR WITH NORTH KOREA as FAT BOY is Putins boy and under control of Putin war ally President XI for life in China. XI controls NORTH KOREA economics. WIth one switch China can offset all US sanctions and assure North Korea has the China expertise nuke plans and  missile technology to reach the USA  Working with sociopathic mentally ill leaders who have raped their people for ELITE 1% wealth loyalties in nation –  Putin seeks to use these mentally ill brains to attack each other ( Iran and Saudi ) where the USA is seeking to have SAUDI and IRAN make a deal and end disputes entirely – a defeat to the PUTIN WAR PLAN that will sacrifice both nations to Nuke Holocaust by WORLD WAR III PLAN.

Putin and China have carefully helped Iran and Saudi have secret missile bases pointed at each other. Now the idea is to nuke both of these nations perhaps selling nukes from the care and effort China and Russia have made to infuse in the WORLD WAR III PLAN:

  1. Proxy hacker bases in Iran and North Korea to reduce Russia China direct hacking foot prints in the war plan.
  2. To election manipulate maximum violence and divisions in Western Nations from Iran and North Korea designed by Putin.
  3. Assure proxy warriors set up for WAR SACRIFICE they never see coming at all – never make deals with the USA not ever.
  4. Nuke up the proxy warriors to use Nukes so that the USA nukes them so Russia an under law nuke the USA to stop it all
  5. Now to divide the unified economic fire wall to NORTH KOREA AND IRAN – so that the USA is alone versus ally united

The next kick to Donald Trump and the USA DOD NSA AND CIA is this Christmas:

  1. Impeachment – fuck you very much Trump and team – ( enjoy your tribe in prison this Holiday ) Merry fucking Christmas
  2. UN divide your allies with FULL COURT WAR PRESS and see if the allies will trade with North Korea then Iran
  3. Isolate the USA and weaken the USA maximally while Trump is “distracted” vastly underestimating Trumps team
  4. AI digital divide nations in election world wide to violence and hatreds as toxic secretion of Putin war plan rising now
  5. End with deal to power inclusion with China or move to shooting wars with proxy and nukes – end with same outcomes

Forever weaken and diminish the USA.

The PUTIN WAR PLAN is fully exposed including the destruction from PUTIN allies – some not even knowing they are funded by Putin indirectly – in USA – read THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM for chilling data documentation on the final MOTHER OF ALL WARS Putin is the master mind for. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE PUTIN AND HIS TEAMS. Include SNOWDEN and countless SNOWDENS you do not know about that now are from SNOWDEN Putin war allies – working in our institutions. READ THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM to become winning war opponents to PUTIN.


Republicans wining congress would do more to fire wall PUTINS WAR PLAN into defeat and Putin at all cost – can not allow THAT OUTCOME TO HAPPEN. Putin keeps voters maximally divided in hatreds and disrespects with AI driving FAKE NEWS to make sure – to use proven AI election manipulations never seen before as today the war and the fight is DIGITAL. The modern trojan horse is digital.

Putin see’s Trump economics with manufacturing soaring in USA in November and in China and EU numbers picking up the WEST IS BOOMING a failure to Putins’ war plan – all due largely to TRUMPS TEAM in opposition and fully war engaged today. THE WAR IS ECONOMIC and Putin was wildly winning under Bush and Obama with the 2007 AI digital attack – until Trump got elected. The 10,000 point DOW RISE IN PROSPERITY is a WAR VICTORY our first – firewalling the PUTIN WAR PLAN. PUTIN HATES THIS SET BACK.

In the REAL WORLD WAR III which your denial goes away completely as WESTERN NATIONS when you read THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM on Amazon – global best seller. Why? THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM effects 100% of American ally nations of the WEST. It effects YOU as my reader. it is an easy HOLIDAY READ. The two essential leader readers this Holiday is;





If you wish to unite to oppose PUTIN in the UN in your nations in your futures to WIN WORLD WAR III as if we all do not come together as ONE – if we allow PUTIN to FAKE NEWS DIVIDE US – and PUTIN WINS the deaths and horror are not equal in history and Putin becomes the POLICY LEADER OF THE WORLD.

Keep in mind Putins mantra – the nation who ultimately controls AI will control the entire world.

If you binge watch the NETFLIX fiitonal series – PERSON OF INTEREST you begin to see a fiction drama of the real WORLD WAR III AI WARS taking place world wide today – pretty close in fiction to reality. Trillions being invested in the war directly and indirectly. TRILLIONS.



This blog has reported on WORLD WAR III first and continuously since 2007. 

Economics is at war with CAPITALISM VERSUS SOCIALISM In fully failed models for both systems. If both systems create total corruption and destruction of integrity – where 1% super wealthy elites and super money pools with AI in charge control all the wealth of the world – own more wealth than 99% of billions upon billions – such a system is not sustainable – is economic abuse that must one day rebalance ( via depression and war ) unless reformations are made without wars. COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM outlined in the work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION calls for active home REDEMPTION PARTIES to reform economics without war by activating COOPERATION PARTIES with the tools tactics and steps outlined the book REDEMPTION as our effort to oppose the PUTIN WAR PLAN. REDEMPTION is in library of world leaders and COOPERATIVE CAPITALISTIC reforms are developing world wide as OPPOSITION TO THE PUTIN PLAN to retain maximum destruction and wealth consodliation and power consolidation in antique competitive obsolete competitive system modeling.

It is now our OPINION expressed at year end Holiday 2019 for the FIRST TIME – that AI in its final new species self aware form will either Be COOPERATIVE and move us all into a BETTER WAY – or AI will be competitive and move us all into extinction in the end. An outcome of AI Putin fails to appreciate as Putin is a controller and believes he can absaolutely control self aware AI – which is an oxy moron. NO HUMAN can control SUPER CHANGING AI and in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE ( the tools and tactics to prosper within at home and at work appear for the first time in my own BEST SELLER FIVE STAR WORK THIS HOLIDAY as gift – to your own best clients and customers before new years:


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Putin is now working to serve on top of Impeachment and the most NASTY impeachment trial ever imagined – a war plan – UN division of allies for the USA over NORTH KOREA SANCTIONS – Putin War Buddies are untied to divide allies isolating the USA as war plan.

Just out in the news TODAY – did YOU MISS IT – as leaders? Now you know the truth of it all.


Do we change the first COMMANDER IN CHIEF fully engaged in WORLD WAR III in zero denial – uniting our agencies finally after 16 years of Presidents who utterly lost all war battles not winning even one – weakening the . USA and our Defense industry – all now rolled back with the war fully engaged. Democrats and Republicans united in this war. Putin wants to lop the head off TRUMP WAR PLAN leadership now firewalling the PUTIN WAR PLAN.

Do we change winning LEADERSHIP when Hitler 2020 ( PUTIN ) is winning world wide – and the USA is finally engaging the war and winning first battles for three years of 13 years of WAR – ten years to PUTIN now Trumps team of united democrats and republicans winning this war in our agencies ( thank you one and all who read this in CIA – SEC – NSA – WHITE HOUSE – CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEES and our amazing war winning DOD and Cyberware COMMAND CENTER and the winning leadership of SPACE FORCE that Putin opposes and hates as the TRUMP war reversals.



Answer – YOU BET – when the voters fail to understand we are in WORLD WAR III and the fight for our way of life is actually fully engaged. Asymmetrical warfare defined in the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM that must to win – reduce American dominance of the war theaters – and PUTIN is doing that war plan. Voters becoming informed ( which happens when YOU SHARE THIS BLOG with your entire mailing list as a LEADER MUST READ ) becomes PUTINS WORST NIGHTMARE. Once informed the PUTIN EMPORER has in fact NO CLOTHES and may be killed in his own nation as he loses WORLD WAR III. As the outcome is life or death for Putin and is not at this level in any other nation – the future is up for grabs. WILL VOTERS GIVE TRUMP IN WAR TIME A REPUBLICAN CONGRESS THAT STOPS GRID LOCK IN WAR TIME? Who knows in fact.

I’ve stated in modern SUPER CHANGE no nation can afford to elect a leader and fail to give that leader national support for leadership. If you elect a democrat elect a democratic congress. If you elect a republican elect a republican congress. IN THE NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE the dysfunction of GRID LOCK by voters not seeing the future consequence for politics that cease to work at all – is a DEATH SPIRAL FOR ANY NATION LOSING TIME – as the TIME IS THE WEALTH OF NATIONS IN SUPER CHANGE.

The voters are manipulated by SUPER MONEY POOLS of nations world wide with AI influencing election outcomes in a WORLD WAR III only those at the top KNOW is being fully engaged by the moving PUTIN WAR PLAN PARTS to the rising unity of nations in opposition to this war plan. Putin has won in the following areas over 13 years:

  1. Putin almost sunk western economic markets and made trillions for his axis of evil in 2007 and 2008 before we stopped him.
  2. Putin has weakened Western economies every since with the worst recovery in history.
  3. Putin has divided western nations as never before since WORLD WAR II.
  4. Putin has shattered smother scattered and dunked OPEC and OIL markets world wide into his influence and control on price.
  5. Putin has divided NATO and the EU as never before – Turkey leaving – NATIO and Poland and Italy about to follow UK and leave the EU shattering the EU forever – as war victory unless reversed by TRUMP and EU which still may reverse. We’ll see. Will Trump win with a CONGRESS THAT IS REPUBLICAN – no one can predict this war out come Putin absolutely opposes. PUTIN wants AMERICA in hatred of Trump – maximally divided and at all costs a democratic GRID LOCK congress in 2020. So far the axis of evil election manipulations have PUTIN IN VICTORY until Trump and the Boris UK handed PUTIN a huge war defeat for labor and socialist – a WAR WIN for the EU for UK and for TRUMP opposing PUTIN WAR PLAN – another American victory against the PUTIN WAR PLAN at full titlt to divide UK maximally which failed in fact. War is hell Putin – you lose you die No retirement and old age for PUTIN in his win all or lose all WAR PLAN moving to year 13.

In WORLD WAR III nothing is AS IT APPEARS. Disinformation is part of the global war olan.

We will keep YOU POSTED as you see today so you read with new reading glasses as to WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE as you invest and plan. No one can predict outcome in the middle of this war. Will Trump win and bring Putin to the table or will Putin win and Trump is out? No one knows.

Today CNN features Donald Trump approved gathering dirt on Democrats running.

REALLY thats news?

The Democrats endless dig up dirt on TRUMP – put his loyal circle in prison for civil crimes like tax under payment – or prejury traps they created – and 26 investigations of Donald TRUMP’s family sons son in law daughter and even wife. FAIR PLAY Trump returns the favor – thats politics and every party does it. Bar none. Not news. Rather BIAS reporting to help PUTIN win the WAR with CNN fed by Putin agents across the world as the COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK – CNN. Bias to the bone and caught lying at the marrow. Not journalism but full on attack bias by ownership of media. The NEW SUPER CHANGE LANDSCAPE. Read news with filters to the PUTIN WAR PLAN – divide America maximally i 2020.

Game to PUTIN.


America has record stock markets bond markets property asset values setting records – record new housing stars a 20 year record just in today – manufacturing UP just in Monday – Consumer Confidence record high – business confidence record high – business investment roaring back with Trade Deals – and it has not even begun yet. 30 Trillion in EMG sustainable investing a historic record and that is soaring to 100 trillion as the EMG is taking over super money pool market share as investment against human extinction.

This Holiday in UK in EU in Asia In Gulf in America’s the Holiday could not be more prosperous for 2020 and 2021. While the WAR PLAN from PUTIN is the WILD CARD TO MARKETS and we expect lots of election year acting out – the overall strength and economics states – WOW – a BOOM into 2050 is not impossible due to economic convergence fully documented in the best selling HOLIDAY LEADER BOOK – SUPER CHANGE a must read for my leaders who are READERS. Spread that book out into the circles and you will cement SUPER CHANGE secure futures as leaders. The business leader book of our AGE is SUPER CHANGE. Standing ovations at all my talks on SUPER CHANGE. Front page news in PAKISTAN this quarter and it is that way in every global key note – book me on this web site easy click for me.

CNBNC noted and confirmed are reporting that the FED is obsolete and antique in policy making today. They report the FED NEEDS NEW TRICKS. The FED needs to read SUPER CHANGE rather than return to the largest small business institution on earth – hey we lack time as this standard letter form tells you bug off. We advocate merging the obsolete FED into US Treasury for real oversight of banking and investment banking – with AI upgrading the FED has no clue on how to AIA into the SUPER CHANGE future changing AI economies the FED deny exist – when they exist outside the NEW AI ECONOMY. We can’t even advise them. They are obsolete – firewalled from SUPER CHANGING AI ECONOMICS unfolding faster than Fed policy can accommodate adaption into.

We told you in 2014 the central banks lost control and so did all nations. Today less than 10,000 super money pools super changing in the most rapidly consolidation of wealth in human history control AI MARKETS they invented leaving both nations and central banks behind – far far behind in the dust. No one is out there. THEY are not thinking of a GAME PLAN to re-regulate the super changing markets. Nations have lost relevance in the new age of SUPER CHANGE. All capital flows are under control of super money pools and outside nations as we see in SWAP and REPO markets today. Well reported here for years …current. Still the market went up today in spite of central banks whose policies are weak influences on real markets in the NEW AI ECONOMICS of today. You heard it all first here. RIGHT AGAIN.

FED EX Stock super changes as the largest FED EX customer drops Amazon at Christmas with millons of suppliers being told just today – why? Poor customer outcomes below Amazon customer brand standards. FED EX failed on quality to adjust to SUPER CHANGE of their largest customer that FED EX now lost completely. SUPER CHANGE institutions with market share dominance like FED EX are the cause of irrelevance and obsolance by dollars too massive to present here. Why? Leadership that has FAILED to lead in NEW AGE of SUPER CHANGE and AI economics.

Bed Bath and Beyond CEO just shook up its management at core to upgrade SUPER CHANGE LEADERS to turn this retail super brand into gold – upgrading SUPER CHANGE TEAM LEADERSHIP is well done BED BATH AND BEYOND perfect well timed year end Holiday upgrading. JOB WELL DONE TODAY.

Greenspan the most out of synch old economy obsolete leader who brought us THE GREAT RECESSION with utter failure to reign in his bankers from SUB PRIME gambling for greed costing the world a 100 trillion dollar bail out. Greenspan who fails at 90 to understand – SUPER CHANGE ECONOMICS – AI ECONOMICS as so new to his modeling – he has lost relevance as my book defines. Greenspan says rising national deficit – assures inflation one day sometime in some future he’ll be dead before seeing. Why? ECONOMIC CONVERGENCE not see since 1850 in economics. Convergence can drive prosperity without inflation into 2050 if the leaders don’t screw it all up – we’ll see. GREENSPAN GETS F GRADE ON HIS WATCH INTO THE LARGEST RECESSION CONTRACTION WITH HIS FAILED POLICY SINCE 1930. Edit what you read with new glasses.

Congress not to deny the UNITED STATES MILITARY the single most powerful lobby force in DC period – passing today the massive year end DEFENSE BUDGET including SPACE FORCE that Donald Trump secures 2020. Congress if they failed to act by Christmas break taking it all hair trigger in such negligence to the last hour – risked not passing that budget for the first congress to do so – avoided now – in over 60 YEARS – it was THAT CLOSE TODAY. Great news for economics and global prosperity and a huge even massive UPGRADE AGAINST THE PUTIN WAR PLAN – now the TRUMP TOOLS work to utterly devastated PUTIN’s war plan. Think on that for this HOLIDAY SEASON folks.

RICK GATES who turned evidence in the new JUSTICE where the USA as the most powerful Department of Justice on Earth charges the witness they wish – convict them of crimes – and then give them 45 days probation because they sung like canaries but failed entirely to provide crimes to TRUMP in any context – all that bias in JUSTICE is being weeded out by BARR TODAY so it can never happen again.

NAZIS perfected the process of charging and dealing to secure witness against anyone – sons against fathers – wives against husbands – family against family – loyalty and truth evaporate when a person charged is not really INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY but rather faces life sentence – and hard hard time – unless – they turn into the prosecution as extortion and threat. THIS FORM OF AMERICA needs JUSTI CE REFORM the majority of great folks in Justice want as well and will be part of marking. JUSTICE REFORM is required to KEEP AMERICA GREAT as a real swamp draining to restore respect for the ideals and principles of AMERICA at core. A SUPER CHANGING REFRAME OF US JUSTICE is desired and required we’ll see. Great SUPER CHANGE IN JUSTICE IS COMING – flowing from todays Gate sentence for 45 days  in jail and the rest only of probation for being a good boy and turning on his friends and circles.

The Senate approving a 1.4 trillion Military Budget – if done this week to the President secures the WAR ENGAGEMENT IN WORLD WAR III and should not even be anything but instant vote and approval in WAR TIME.  The 1.4 TRILLION DOLLAR MILITARY BUDGET is greater than GNP of many nations and assures AMERICA WILL REMAIN GREAT into the future. Today. Way to go HOUSE a Nancy had to do it from Military Lobby work.

Ford today – 1.45 BILLION DOLLAR PLANT 300 0workers in Detroit – manufacturing is stabilizing fast in Trade Deals business investment is roaring and those 3000 jobs ripple to 1000’s of other supplier jobs fueling the MID WEST – way to GO FORD family.

Trump alone has legislation sanction to RUSSIA PIPE LINE INTO EU AND GERMANY as a war plan move – today to congress. WAY TO GO on PUTIN DEFEAT in well mature dependency to EU on energy – not ideal for EU in war time. Putins plan being attacked as a WORLD WAR III war plan in fact.

Manafort is in Holiday HOSPITAL due to heart issues in PRISON – if TRUMP PARDONS him – we applaud the move.

Biden Doc says 77 year old almost 78 year old BIDEN is healthy as a 40 year old – really?

The FED doing nothing their new plan – when in doubt do nothing – is stabilizing in ELECTION YEAR ECONOMICS – as the market loves rules that remain constant they can all deal with that world wide.

Oil rose again on Trade deal projections oil demand will rise when oil demand is only falling off a cliff period. Also on anticipation criminal OPEC cartel supply cuts to artificially raise oil price to 200 poor nations – for less than 30 elite suppliers engaged in pure GREED – the few against the many in failed economics. Those going long in oil will experience a 2020 blood bath. Wait for it.

The big 2020 risks:

  1. italy bank failures and economic destabilization
  2. Argentina failure to reach creditor agreements by March as the left new government is imploding rapidly.
  3. Venezuela – will the USA just take it over for humanitarian reasons? We’ shall see. Or will peaceful transition unfold?

We’ll see on all that.

The 2020 wild card the ARAB UNION and how that might unfold to the world markets. We’ll see but LEBANON as a failed state must heal first and peace in Palestine must resolve for it all to work as a SUPER CHANGE EVENT.

The African union is a big ditto to watch and monitor in SUPER CHANGE to world economics.

We’ll keep you posted. Happy Holidays as the news and fake news just keeps on coming.