PUTIN & RUSSIA ACCUSE USA – SNAKE FLU BIO WEAPON – MEANING IT IS PUTIN ! When we print to you that the SNAKE FLU Is a BIO WEAPON – DNA engineered ( which frankly can not be hidden as the DNA of the virus is unpacked ) and the world WILL KNOW. If Snake Flu is a virus its release is calculated as an election year PUTIN XI WAR PLAN to achieve goals and objectives. Such goals and objectives if we think that through would be:

  1. First remove elderly care cost and burden to the state of CHINA. Resetting China core economics –  hit now in 2020 – to long term gains to follow to 2030 and into 2050 as the economic game plan. Retired elderly a bit early and reset economics in China.
  2. Second – impact world economics when in election YEAR TRUMP needs economics to win – against Putin XI socialist they wish in power like Biden the father of the failed IRAN deal. Create massive distraction in election year to the VIRUS where the virus becomes the issue – the virus Trump stated was a minor item for AMERICA and the entire world.
  3. Meanwhile Putin who would have a VIRUS KILL SWITCH if it is his bio weapon – as would XI has closed RUSSIAN BORDERS with China. The politics disguise any BIO WEAPON engineering as a war plan to third rail Western nations into bankruptcy with new world order rising with China and RUSSIA and block chanin new world currency leading by war plan.

Unintended consequence super crash of commodities starting with OIL. Oil is in the pressure cooker as the largest sea change in capital moving out of OIL ( now crashing in value and profits ) is taking place. DEMAND COLLAPSE FOR OIL Is now so massive RUSSIA – SAUDI – AND IRAN will become petro BANKRUPT NATIONS unable to pay their state and bonds without SUPER BONDS. Search SUPER BONDS using the search icon on this web site to learn the saving option for Petro Nations today from CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL. While PUTIN and OPEC discuss being now NOT INFLUENTIAL to oil prices – cut backs more than they ever expected to advance:

  • Criminally manipulate oil price artificially to markets
  • Keep oil price super high so we sell LESS oil and make MORE ON LESS with criminal price manipulation to oil markets

This long held CARTEL vision was destroyed by pyscho KING MBS who has cost Saudi 7 trillion in lost economic activity as the oil loser of the century. All the Kings lies and waving ( naked in his Rolls Convertible ) end with no one listens to what the mad King says any longer and no OPEC MEMBER is a member any longer in the KINGS dictator CARTEL. Next week ARAMCO will SUPER CRASH in stock valuation. Next week OPEC members will lose tens of billions of wealth into their fraud ARAMCO IPO where the only winner was the PSYCHOTIC KING who stole his last gasp 30 billion as the SUN IS SETTING ON OPEC forever now – from the SNAKE FLU VIRUS EFFECT on oil demand and economics and price – wherein DEBT RIDDEN SAUDI with its credit rating moving down down down by agency ratings under the MAD KING RULE, now Saudi will be a failed state unable to pay its bills. WAIT FOR IT. Putin PETRO RUSSIA will be unable to pay its military adventurism, when? NEXT WEEK. Petro NATIONS like IRAN failing to make a PROSPERITY DEAL WITH TRUMP ( when ? NEXT WEEK ) will become failed states default on bond debt and be unable to pay their 500,000 in military and keep their billions pouring into weapon toys. Can no longer be done with 80% turn in oil. The 80% includes:

  1. Oil demand is falling off a cliff – from the SNAKE FLU – the most enormous market down turn in oil EVER IN HISTORY.
  2. Oil price is and will continue to SUPER CRASH past the manipulations of the MAD KING – game over for OPEC. Done.
  3. Oil Capital is moving out of oil by the 10’s of billions ( next week ) and oil leaders reporting 4th quarter loses never seen before in OIL move capital in a market having no demand growth and no future but declines – the sun has set on OIL forever.

SNAKE FLU makes OPEC now NO LONGER IN CONTROL of oil Markets as AMERICA IS IN CONTROL as the largest producer of best quality to refine oil on dollars and SENSE basis – by far – and rising up from 2.5 million barrels a day in 2015 to half a decade later 2020 production of 15 million barrels a day ( offsetting 100% of OIL cut backs by AMERICA ALONE picking up lost market share from the MAD KING as OPEC LOSES MARKET SHARE from failed insane KING POLICY and the non OPEC suppliers soaring in output from ISRAEL to BRAZIL fill all cut backs with – we’ll hit you the cut back and raise you millions of barrels PER DAY over your cut back ).OPEC has lost control in 2017 and OPEC lost influence in 2018 and today OPEC is an economic joke to oil distribution and capital. A JOKE laughed at with bed sheet bad jokes every time the PSYCHO BABLE KING rolls out more OIL FRAUD.

It is our opinion ARMACO is a criminal oil fraud in which the SEC and nations investigating need to fine and sanction Saudi for:

  1. Fraud on oil hard reserves which are lies
  2. Fraud on oil valuation which are lies
  3. Fraud on forward demand which is well fraud
  4. Fraud on investor disclosures
  5. Fraud on valuation and pricing pure and simple

So the man who KILL KHASHOGGI and ordered his HEAD BROUGHT BACK TO THE SAND CASTLE – the man who is murdering all witnesses to THE KING that order was as expressed on film and audio – THE KINGS ORDER – the 1000s of others the KING Has murdered age 28 to age 34 as madness is progressive – the 1000 royals the KING LOCKED UP without due process and extorted illegally over 100 billion from as the SAUDI KINGDOM HAD GONE INTO RED INK AND WAS BANKRUPT UNDER KING MENTALLY ILL – the over spending from art to meg yachts as SAUDI has never seen before – all while revenue falls off a cliff – King insane oh spends like a drunker on meth Saudi wealth being squandered even invades the SAUDI WEALTH FUND. Today the SNAKE FLU super crashes the Kings ARMACO offering ( RIGHT AGAIN AND WHEN? NEXT WEEK THE SUPER CRASH OF ARAMCO ) the FRAUD IPO where all the Kings men and all the Kings forced circles will experience a BLOOD BATH for military investing and losses regulatory agencies allowed as if a TRULY INSANE MURDER can issue an integrity offering versus OIL FRAUD. Saudi policy cutting back takes a spit of oil off the market that AMERICA makes up with a BUCKET OF OIL. Spit all you wish. Saudi and OPEC have now lost so many day t day billions of oil income – shifted to other non OPEC MARKETS that in the oil WARS the MAD KING started in 2014 – the defeat of OPEC from the INSANE KING MBS OIL WARS means – OPEC is shattered scattered and dunked – over. A brand that is like a mosquito one swats and kills with a back hand stroke today having no value of any kind to the price or supply any longer. THE WORLD NO LONGER NEEDS OIL OR OPEC AT ALL FRANKLY. TRILLIONS ARE MOVING OUT OF FUNDING TOXIC OIL SUPER CRASHING IN PRICE AND DEMAND – CREATING A PRE SNAKE FLU GLUT that will remain forever into the future.


King MBS is a bankrupt failed head of state. Saudi without a SUPER BOND will default on its debt due to the KING over spending and bankrupting the nation of 60 million. IRAN lock step with OPEC when KING MBS wants IRAN WAR and the USA to destroy their influence – leading influence against declining influence by SAUDI today – in the GULF. Iran making a PROSPERITY DEAL WITH TRUMP assures their leadership security and prosperity in IRAN for 100 years. 100 pages of paper. No threat to the leaders of IRAN. If IRAN wants a NUKE they will be destroyed and the 1000 .elites owning 99% of the wealth of IRAN as 1% of the population will lose it all. And die. If IRAN now facing SNAKE FLU oil super crash of BOTH PRICE AND DEMAND FOR OIL from buyers who are now GONE moves NEXT WEEK to make the PROSPERITY DEAL – they secure their leadership and influence in the GULF states and they kick KING MBS in the tender spot – so hard – he will not come up from doubling over until the SAUD family places insane KING on a long well over due “vacation” resetting SAUDI FUTURE as well. iran can work with both. If IRAN fails to ACT the economic outcomes to IRAN will be revolution in a failed economic state by leadership policies so not in the best interest of the nation. SNAKE FLU took away options to IRAN but presented opportunities to IRAN. They can reform PEACE in the mIddle east and remain the lead influence in GULF STATES with a PROSPERITY DEAL WITH TRUMP coming fully to the table in that deal for influence and power at the table moving forward now a FULL PARTNER in policy as never before -all while IRAN in 2020 turns on a dime into boom.

IRAN with open borders to CHINA and closed news media to the world may be importing SNAKE FLU to an economic outcome that fails the state economically. MONITOR IRAN CAREFULLY FOR MASSIVE SNAKE FLU IMPACTS by failing to close borders and quarantine cities more rapidly.

PUTIN and Russia spin FAKE NEWS the USA engineered and launched SNAKE FLU.

Russia did the same thing with SARS last time.

Russia when IT IS TO BLAME and IT ALONE engineered a BIO WEAPON with XI as asymmetrical war planning – well reported in our series this week on SNAKE FLU, uses FAKE NEWS to shift blame off itself and on to the target the war planner – is SNAKE FLU a bio weapon from RUSSIA ( seeking to early blame the bio weapon DNA engineering which WILL come to light ) saying AMERICA DID IT which raises the issue – to – of course RUSSIA DID IT. Why? We have told you WHY. WHY # 1 – to reduce elderly – cost containment the largest cost and rise to their two communist nations which is economically not sustainable WHY # 2 – to crash the west economics in a Presidential ELECTION YEAR making socialists being elected in AMERICA rise up and diminish Trump economic miracles as a voter swing item manipulating US elections by economic war strategy – elevating XI and Russia as outcome to the tables of GLOBAL POWER with higher inclusion in 2020 due to the SNAKE FLU BIO WEAPON.

Now ask:

  1. Could a natural virus leap from SNAKE to HUMAN and HUMAN TO HUMAN and then target virtually zero death to under age 45 and sliding % fatal death to 80% for those over age 65? What NATURAL VIRUS not engineered as a BIO WEAPON targets only the older among we humans? THAT ?
  2. If Russia already is ( like China in total control of far from Russia open and uncontrolled internet monitored by the most advanced war level AI in Russia per click ) putting out AMERICA CREATED THE VIRUS TO DESTROY COMMUNISIM which is FAKE NEWS to distract the WORLD from seeing it is PUTIN’s war plan and virus conveyed to China to solve CHINA ISSUES and to make China look like a victim versus the WEAPON LAUNCH PAD to the WEST – where communist seeks to bankrupt the West.

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE – PUTIN AND XI war plan never saw the unfolding events where:

  • The TRUTH that WAHAUN PROVINCE leadership knew about this BIO WEAPON in December and covered it up and blocked information getting OUT at all. All public record and growing. Then XI wanted to avoid canceling NEW YEARS which massively spreads the virus globally – almost 2000 new cases Friday to today – spreading to almost 30 nations today up from 3 – days back – and the Major caught in the INFORMATION COVER UP apologized and offered to resign noting he has to pass information to COMMUNIST OVER LORDS who failed to approve taking steps as early as CHRISTMAS to stop this unfolding WORLD WIDE PANDEMIC negligence in China created for the entire world as one hard fact.
  • The Doctors who tried to WHISTLE BLOW in DEC and in EARLY JANUARY report they now have the virus themselves so contagious is this virus – and CARRIERS without symptoms – doctor carriers – nurse carriers – health care civilian staff carriers – supply personnel carriers for MASK ANTIBIOTICS and IV BAGS. Catch it spread it and have no clue they even have it – CARRIERS IS THE NEW DANGER IN THIS PANDEMIC.
  • Saturday a record number of nations ( not IRAN which will go down for delay not NORTH KOREA who sent a SORRY letter to XI as they have border spread taking place in their nation ) where PAKISTAN and Russia have closed China Borders. America quarantined CHINA from Travel as are the longest list of ships cruise ships and arilined in world history isolating trillions upon trillions in lost business and commerce as the quarantine CHINA – a FIRST IN HUMAN HISTORY – no Chinese may travel to nations firewalling CHINA and no nation can travel to CHINA firewalling China as trade and economics COLLAPSES for CHINA beyond any control of PUTIN WAR PLAN – unseen entirely as consequence to the failed BIO WEAPON we suspect is not natural.
  • Science will unwrap the DNA and confirm it is natural or a BIO WEAPON….wait for it this month.
  • As Russia propaganda seeks to blame the USA we conclude it is PUTINS WAR PLAN as we reported here day one. PUTIN ENGINEERED SNAKE FLU WITH XI AS AN ELECTION YEAR TIMED WAR PLAN TO FAIL TRUMP TO A socialist President USA if possible – now that socialist leadership failed to engineer a successful impeachment. Russia PAKS and China PAKS and company sponsors world wide have poured money into IMPEACHMENT being FAKE NEWS SUCCESSFUL as failed dollars. Now starving for US DOLLARS with double economic jeopardy from the market SUPER CRASH next week – Russia as a failed PETRO STATE has no more recourse and will run out of cash for its military. China the same. All next week. Beyond any planner anticipation as AI economics will MOVE TO LIMIT LOSS in the February SUPER CRASH OF MARKET LOSS WORLD WIDE as consequence to economic down bubble and crashes from SNAKE FLU 2020. Regardless if natural or a bio weapon must now be dealt with as death rates soar 10 x every 72 hours.

First Deaths outside CHINA are next as elderly become infected in health services supporting the isolated. In America we pass 150 being monitored today with 1000 in quarantine and growing isolation facilities – more states are glowing red – and China is having new hot spots hourly – as containment is not working at all – and the spread of the SNAKE FLU remains OUT OF ALL CONTROL IN CHINA and OUT OF ALL CONTROL PLANET WIDE why? Why? Because CHINA failed to act and because WHO criminally failed to act in the time required for modern pandemic control. Now ask WHY IS THAT? That WHY we also reported here:

Why? Nations put economics ahead of humanity and lives….is why…..




China economically is imploding at speeds no global nation or economy in human history before. Why? Really as consequence for China failing to in December shut the door on SNAKE FLU and isolate it – and further failing to cancel NEW YEARS which created in our own math modeling 100,000 carriers now infecting the entire world – no symptoms at all – rising to 1,000,000 carriers into March, and the explosion hits mid FEBRUARY where carriers unfold with symptoms but the carrier multiplier remains unchecked. As yet. Also in the time from DECEMBER to FEBRUARY – China and the WHO stated the SNAKE FLU was a low risk item – was not SARS and was not that dangerous – when in fact the target of the virus is the elderly and the % of fatal deaths to every 100 of elderly infected rises up to as high as 80% or EBOLA levels. For ages 55 and up SNAKE FLU is the most dangerous contagion known to man. Looking at the STATS we now predict NANCY PELOSI stuck on hatred and disrespect politics of Trump – stating all weekend as she did last weekend – TRUMP IS LABLED FOR LIFE IMPEACHED PRESIDENT AND ACQUITTAL DOES NOT CHANGE HIS HISTORY OF THE LAST PRESIDENT in 2020 TO BE IMPEACHED BY CONGRESS a label she is so proud fo have hung in her hatred, upon the Trump family BRAND and Trumps personal neck – to always in being acquitted by due process seeking a election year where the charged is guilty to proven innocent – is tarred with Nancy unfair out of America values that in due process she did not provide to TRUMP in any way – THAT – Trump remains GUILTY when proven INNOCENT by bias politics without evidence of crimes at all. A POLITICAL FRAME WORK a POLITICAL THEATER a POLITICAL SET UP that Nancy Pelosi at great division of her own party created to – label TRUMP as her own moment in history.

While Nancy is attends endless news conferences to state – TRUMP CAN NEVER LIFT THE LABLE THE US HOUSE PLACED UPON HIS TARNISHED FOREVER PRESIDENCY – to win votes for her socialist candidates in the first war of AMERICAN VALUES FROM AMERICAN HISTORIC PRINCIPLES OF SELF RELIANCE GOVERNANCE AND CONSTITUTION – to socialism rising and taking over and terminating what is left of the US CONSTITUTION. This is the election of of the century not the decade for AMERICAS future. While NANCY focuses on ELECTION YEAR VOTE SHIFTING uniting her Democratic party under her 2016 to today policy – political strategy – of no issues – but PURE HATRED AND DISRESPECT OF DONALD TRUMP for all the FAKE NEWS reasons the world of Nancy can in her fraud – present where if you repeat it enough in media today it becomes collective conscious true and Nancy is repeating it endlessly. No I don’t HATE DONALD TRUMP – I don’t hate any body – WHY I AM A CATHOLIC? Really. Me too. 5th Generation San Francisco where my family BUILT THE CITY ON ROCK AND ROLL and your family DESTROYED THE CITY ON HATRED AND DISRESPECT POLITICS NANCY. California the first American socialist state is rushing into a failed state status with RED INK Migration out of the state as millions flee SOCIALISM AND CALIFORNIA – and San Francisco is rushing to FAILED CITY AND BOND DEFAULTING STATUS as Nancy’s leadership moves the credit ranking for the state and her city to the highest cost to borrow to keep afloat in state history.

Worse As NANCY fights this President with BLOCK & TALK politics – obstruction is her HATRED Policy of the 2016 to today – obstruct any forward Trump contributions – and each block becomes over turned by the Supreme Court as Nancy PELOSI ILLEGAL but as Reagan would say….THERE SHE GOES AGAIN. WORSE:

Nancy Pelosi with full knowledge did nothing to the number # 1 city of CHINESE TRAVEL for SNAKE FLU CARRIERS the GOLDEN GATE to the SNAKE FLU PANDEMIC IN AMERICA will be SAN FRANCISCO. Think as the PANDEMIC GROUND ZERO IN AMERICA breaks out all across SILICON VALLEY. Think how California being quarantined for travel to other nations or states – will melt down to bond default and failed state status – faster than China itself. THINK OF THE ECONOMIC HORROR COMING to California if OUR PREDICTION ( will we be right again 1988 to today ? ) on California PANDEMIC GROUND ZERO IN AMERICA. Considering what Nancy has done I canceled my talks in CALIFORNIA THIS WEEK. I being over age 65 and my birthday week bow to WIFE saying – until we see your forecast for your birth city – in that your research and calls are historically never ever wrong – I am not sending my SOUL MATE into HARMS WAY in LA with San Francisco carriers attending. As the carriers have no clue they are spreading the PANDEMIC as no illness in history – the problem as we have presented all this last week the press and the news fail YET TO MAKE THE LEAD STORY – remains – SNAKE FLU CARRIERS. Nancy has condemned her city and state to QUARANTINE we predict the first state and city to go quarantine will be CALIFORNIA AND SAN FRANCISCO THEN LA – what will that DO for ECONOMICS IN AMERICA. WE hope we are WRONG NANCY because IF YOU ARE WRONG NANCY your quest for votes in the most non American tradition – replacing respect and honor in disagreement in AMERICA to pure hatred and disrespect from socialist ( their ART OF WAR and KARL MARX PLAY BOOK 101)  condemns untold llves to DEATH. You may die Nancy and soon from the SNAKE FLU you paid zero attention to as your own San Francisco carriers visit you at your age and time of obsolescence. Your failed policies will prove in my political expertise to become the MOST FAILED POLITICAL STRATEGY SINCE THE REVOLUTION AND BRITISH WITH KING GEORGE HIMSELF. America will SLING SHOT BOOMERANG on the move into socialism as the great American majority reject NON AMERICA VALUES and violating all principles of US justice of innocent UNTIL proven beyond even one shadow of a DOUBT – guilty. Not media guilty not fake news guilty but Nancy evidence of crime guilty not MANIPULATION OF JUSTICE AND FAKE NEWS GUILTY. History will judge you on SNAKE FLU Nancy harshly and History will not remember IMPEACHMENT of Donald TRUMP but history will remember what you have CREATED IN CRIMINAL LEADERSHIP NEGLIGENCE IN YOUR CITY AND MY BIRTH CITY SAN FRANCISCO NOW UNDER THREAT OF LOCK DOWN IN DAYS – AS CARRIERS YOU PERMITTED IN – INFECT SILICON VALLEY AND CLOSE DOWN GOOGLE FACE BOOK SALES FORCE AND TOO MANY TO COUNT NEXT. That is OUR PREDICTION the news has yet to bring to NANCY who is basking in her label like Pontius Pilot sign over Christ on the Cross – KING OF THE JEWS PAID IN FULL. ( your sins Nancy your Catholic your sins were paid in full ).

What you are NOT NANCY PELOSI is Christian or Catholic with Donald Trump – see a Priest and he’ll explain your hard hard your cruelty your blame game your judgement your QUEEN OF THE SWAMP your failed policies for your people state and city – your miserable failure in everything economic ( socialism predictable outcomes ) and your endless basking in HATRED AND DISRESPECT POLITICS ( not Christian in values at all ) but the happy place because you created it. The consequence is your own risk of SNAKE FLU I doubt in February will fail to infect YOU and YOUR OWN STAFF – lets see about THAT.

Meanwhile Donald Trump is well advised for continuity of government ( and issue XI and PUTIN virus BIO WEAPON ENGINEERS thought through ) may require a CARRIER REMOVAL FIREWALL POLICY TO HIGH OFFICE FOR 90 days. My suggested as unpaid consultant to the office of the PRESIDENT. Send the plane for a Lincoln Bedroom visit sir. CONTAIN CARRIERS TO LEADERSHIP in AMERICA. THIS IS FAR FROM OVER.

First. Ahead. Keeping reader leaders informed of WHAT IS REALLY TRULY GOING ON OUT THERE.


More nations firewall China and close their boarders. The economic AI market cost next week will be as we stated last week a virtual blood bath in market loss. THE SUPER CRASH of SUPER CRASHES in CHINA economics.

The USA and Australia deny visits today to all visitors to China.

Russia Japan Pakistan and Italy announced similar close the China border travel restrictions this weekend.

WHO that criminally said the risk was lite to moderate one week ago ranking OUR SHAME ON WHO reporting – reversed due to public outrage – and this NEWS SITE INFLUENCE to only under pressure declare SNAKE FLU a GLOBAL HEALTH EMERGENCY PANDEMIC. WHO STILL SAYS HEY OPEN TRAVEL WITH UNKNOWN CARRIERS IS THE IDEAL TODAY. The Speaker of the House advised WHO to keep travel to her state and city open damning both. WE STATE SHAME ON YOU WHO FOR FAILING TO FIREWALL THE CONTAGION OF PANDEMIC 2020.

China STILL putting the war plan and economics ( CHINA AND RUSSIA failed to see unindented consequence to their war plan in the bio weapon they engineered ) where: China is angry at closing borders and desires free travel placing greed and money for the 1% who own all China wealth over the LIVES Of 1.4 billion people. ECONOMICS OVER LIVES has been China pathology since DECEMBER as POLICY.

XI will face his wealthy elites and his own local community judgements on the execution of this crises as the truth comes past state closed media to the Chinese LEADERSHIP ( who read this blog ) and the people who can not outside HONG KONG. Carrie kept Hong Kong border travel open – SHAME ON YOU XI PUPPET MASTER you have done fatal harm to HONG KONG economically and politically. YOU and SNAKE FLU LEADERS OF SHAME like Nancy as the deaths skyrocket need to RESIGN. When the people understand what you have done they may well kill you.

The Death toll is understated by authorities. Today the DEATH TOLL will pass 300 up from single digits this time last week. 100x increase in 7 days. Now that should be enough but when you look at 1700 new cases – 300 world wide now – and you see the higher % of elderly dying you want to PRESS FOCUS ON ELDERLY % DEATH as the DEATH RATE is isolated to elderly and the PRESS IS DILUTING REPORTING THE THREAT MODELING of this virus.

Infected passed 12,000 on Saturday double the 6400 on Friday AM. The PANDEMIC INFECTIONS ARE DOUBLING DAILY.

There is no containment.

There is no decline in infections only EXPLOSIONS OF INFECTIONS. Why? CARRIERS the story the PRESS FAIL TO PRESENT.

NEW YEARS ENDLESS EXTENSIONS seeks to delay market trading in CHINA as the BLOOD BATH IN ECONOMICS starts next week for the entire world.

Shops and factories remain closed.Workers can’t come together as Carriers spread the illness to care givers who infect the elderly who move to isolation to die.

HONG KONG university reported SATURDAY China is understating – the contagion inside China. Hong Kong University confirms out numbers for Saturday at 75,000 infected 300% more than China is admitting today on Saturday and we suggest 25,000 carriers are circulating the planet from Cruise Ships and CHINA NEW YEARS not counted at all – 100,000 total rising to 1,000,000.

The infections due to these carrier UNDERSTATEMENTS by the nation that brought us denial and late containment of any kind – is now paying the PRICE OF DELAY THE ONE COST TOO GREAT TO PAY. We estimate that the cost to China will include:

  1. A permanent withdrawing of investment capital into the trillions.
  2. Resetting of China business with firms accelerating out of MADE IN CHINA into lower cost higher quality other nation supply lines.
  3. The complaint China borders should remain open is a war plan closing its door earlier than PUTIN and XI wanted.
  4. Will the BIO WEAPON fail to do its sinking of the election year western economies and backfire on PUTIN AND XI?
  5. Today Russia a petro nation and China as world manufacturer is simple CLOSED FOR BUSINESS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE


As investment banker economists the SUPER CHANGE EVENT is a DEATH SPIRAL of economics for China – Iran and Russia as PETRO NATIONS – where selling oil economics is SUPER CRASHING in volume of sales – and in price – both as economic compression that is not for IRAN AND RUSSIA economically survivable. SNAKE FLU will create failed states. States who can now manage or pay their sovereign nation debt account. The solution for them one and all is to SEARCH THIS SITE FOR SUPER BONDS and to set up a call with ME to explore SUPER BONDS for your nation. With SNAKE FLU yesterday is too late to begin your NATION’s SUPER BOND.

President Trump declared SNAKE FLU a national AMERICAN HEALTH EMERGENCY going farther than WHO. President Trump has expanded NO TRAVEL NATIONS effecting billions in trade in 2020 repositioning. China fire walled from growing nations closing borders with CHINA implodes over a trillion dollars of first quarter GNP evaporating. Experts predicting a 6.5 % China GNP Crash to 4% may be wrong as it may crash to 2% or below and make sure you recall you HEARD THAT FIRST RIGHT HERE as always.

USA has banned this weekend all foreign nations who visited China from entry to the USA. 191 PEOPLE are in OBSERVATION in the USA with more than ten cases in the USA up by Ten from ZERO at start of the this week – 10x gain in one week alone.

Australia is quaranting any returning AUSSIE for two weeks and blocking any new travel – singapore and others too. HONG KONG remains open border with China with carrier movement sure to massively impact HONG KONG to complete isolation melting down HONG KONG – bad call CARRIE – placing ECONOMICS OVER LIVES – which only works against you in forward economics. DELAY IS THE ONE COST IN PANDEMIC TWO GREAT TO PAY. PANDEMIC IS A 2020 SUPER CHANGE EVENT I WROTE ABOUT IN MY WORLD WIDE BEST SELLER – now the hottest BOOK IN THE WORLD – SUPER CHANGE GET YOURS FROM AMAZON PRIME OVER NIGHT and SPREAD THE WORLD TO YOUR ENTIRE LOVE CIRCLE TO PROTECT THEM NEXT.

Foreign governments are in massive evacuations out of China – closing plants – all Apple Stores – all Samsung plants and stores – as the list goes on and on and is EXPLODING. Early mismanagement by China has created ABJECT PANIC and no one believes the liar agencies that stated the PANDEMIC IS NOTHING LIKE SARS:



Liars told us to ignore this threat.

Now we no longer believe those same liars.

PANIC IS SPREADING across the world in financial imploding markets and in nations entities and individuals real PANIC.

Quarantine evacuations out of China for two weeks – may not be long enough really – are taking place in UK SOUTH KOREA SINGAPORE RUSSIA AND NEW ZEALAND. Will RIchard Tans SUCCESS RESOURCE collapse from the VIRUS? Will TONY ROBBINS fill rooms in the VIRUS ZONE on his schedule or will events cancel like rain. Will TONY CATCH IT at his age? He may not cancel his event as I did myself to CITY GALA due to the SNAKE FLU THREAT TO MY AGE ON MY BIRTHDAY WEEK.


Vietnam SMARTLY suspended flights to CHINA HONG TAIWAN on Saturday.

Qantas Air New Zealand Air Canada and British Airways canceled and suspended CHINA FLYING.

Hyatt Radisson and HIlton extended cancelations as mass cancelations are all they receive today no new reservations.

Apple has plant closed and Saturday closed all its stores.

Germany Italy US and Sweden confirm new cases this weekend. No end.

Singapore closed its borders to CHINA.

The health care workers attempting to BLOW THE WHISTLE ON THE CHINA PRE NEW YEAR COVER UP of this Snake Flu Virus in December in late January have the illness themselves with their best space suits and precautions the HEALTH LEADERSHIP knowing the most and the sooner now have the virus.

Experimental unproven EBOLA vaccine is being tested on the VIRUS without any outcome known as yet. Major Pharm says a real vaccine if one will even work will be a YEAR AWAY. If CHINA negligence permitted 100,000 infected CARRIERS to advance globally from Chinese NEW YEARS into 1,000,000 carriers by MARCH what is the CONSEQUENCE OF CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE TO PROTECT CHINA NEW YEAR OF THE RAT PROFIT MAKING TO CHINA?

China may experience if this VIRUS KEEPS 100% growth per DAY – total failed state economic ruin faster than anyone can even suspect and in that economic total RUN OUT OF CHINA of capital investment and trade – WHICH WILL BE PERMANENT NOT TEMPORARY AS FAKE NEWS FROM CHINA SUGGESTS TODAY – in that pain – a CHINA REVOLUTION may occur as the 1.4 billion victims reject forward communist rule from ECONOMICS versus POLITICS – from LIFE OR DEATH CHOICES on what form of government will keep them safe.


THE PANDEMIC is global today.

The PANDEMIC is exploding exponentially today.

The Snake FLU is out of all and out of any control of nation or systems.

The INFECTION ASPECTS Of the SNAKE FLU is the most virulent of modern times and beyond any prior expert experience. This is NEW which sets in REAL PANIC.

PANIC IS HERE NOW and expressing in financial economic panic you will all see as we reported FIRST HERE next week – and all week. Like nothing known before in wealth wipe out.


The run out of China includes:

  1. Millions of people and their spending this week
  2. Isolation of its population by 100’s of millions and their spending
  3. Plant and shop closing – nothing open – everyone holding in place – trillions going off line in China all at once
  4. Supply chains rerouting never to return
  5. Massive commodity demand and price crash CHINA wealth wiped by by five trillion in the asset class – not temporary.
  6. China debt loading can not be repaid in 2020 with this economic ISOLATION AND SUPER CRASH presenting DEBT CASCADE DEFAULTING POTENTIALS.
  7. Unknown impacts to economics as this PANDEMIC IS EXPLODING are highly likely as SNAKE FLU IS NEW and the 1,000,000 PERSON CARRIER PROBLEM makes containment an oxymoron to state and nation.

We suggest all nations shut down travel quarantine and marshall law for 20 days and burn this sucker out. However everyone is protecting economics over lives until they no longer can.


We shall see…and shame on YOU Nancy Pelosi. SHAME ON YOU.