My best seller REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION seems prophetic today. Each phase since 2008 was predicted precisely. The digital world war – and the trade war – we find ourselves in – is predicted in REDEMPTION. We are following historic pattern to world depression and world war exactly – on deviation on time line or old tactics.

Today we find in May 2016 what pundits have known for some time. The USA is reporting its first wage productivity CRISES with dipping productivity for the first time in 30 years – three decades folks.

Now the USA is in down bubbler on worker productivity. How much MORE can the American worker take – already the most productive workers alive in the world today?

Productivity DEFLATION means that higher earnings for wage earner can no longer be sustained. In fact as PRODUCTIVITY DIPS so must wages creating the end game for DEFLATION of VALUE across the globe.

America is now in a full blown PRODUCTIVITY CRISES and there no end in sight. Rather than invest trillions into plant efficiency upgrades and technology to improver worker productivity – 2.7 trillion since 2010 alone is being “diverted” into speculation in COMPANY STOCK BUY BACKS rigging markets and adding no value to the economy. Such enormous speculations rigging the markets are immoral unethical and should be illegal. They once were. Lets go back to the future on regulations.

To force investment CONGRESS must return to TAX CREDIT POLICY to stimulate the economic investment needed to work out of DEFLATION he death spiral to our economy. Without a tax credit plan and soon the lack of investment is going to spiral deflation into bone marrow. The result very well can be depression and world war.

Failed policy is the cause.

In hind sight it is always so obvious.

We’ll keep a light on for you.
Berny Dohrmann- Chairman



PS: Meanwhile the “FOOLS RALLIES” I’ve been writing about are in full swing – why not be a sucker and get roped in this time…this time it will be different right? Ah…not so much really – not so much……..