RIGHT AGAIN: OUR HISTORIC first to the world CARRIER STORY Feb 7th concluded before any published conclusion that 50% of infection occurs from SUPER SPREADERS showing zero symptoms. Iceland has conducted a large study of testing its people and in the isolation and public cooperation Iceland is famous for, they have statistics today that confirm our Feb 7th news story. Indeed over 50% of testing positive cases have ZERO SYMPTOMS BUT ARE SUPER SPREADERS having no clue they are CARRIERS. Right again. This report two months ago defines containment and control is IMPOSSIBLE for the most contagious pathogen known to man where those SUPER SPREADING have no clue they are unwell.

RIGHT AGAIN: IN OUR STORIES OF WHAT A BUNCH OF LIARS NATION STATE AND AGENCIES ARE TODAY. New stories Friday confirm a host of BLOG reporting as RIGHT AGAIN. First news reported globally the unfolding crises will next effect real estate prices world wide as millions stop paying rent or mortgages. Real estate will move into a depression. Liquidity will become the systemic risk across the board. BMW and other firms now report PRESERVING LIQUIDITY IS “THE” PRIORITY. Passengers off a Princess Cruise ship were asked by SPACE SUIT FOLKS if they had a temperature or a cough. NO? Covered they said from head to toe with virus many getting ill the next week they were released into the main Atlanta Airport as our PROTECTORS are killing us. A young lad was exercising on a paddle board and they arrested him for home confinement violation out on that water all by himself. To say its insane right now is an understatement of the utter MESS. Leaders have simply lied day one to today. Not only did the US NAVY in a horrific example FIRE the aircraft carrier captain begging for orders his 5000 soldiers would not die from Snake Flu, ( SHAME ON THE SECRETARY OF THE US NAVY AND SHAME ON TRUMP ) – now military liars are hiding the real numbers of the leadership and soldier soaring infections to hide from enemies how our ability to respond is degrading by the day. Further the US MILITARY firing this hero leader told all command personnel – beg for help – report how bad things really are for the men you wish to save and you WILL LOSE YOUR JOB PAL. YOUR FIRED. Do not report the TRUTH to the AMERICAN PEOPLE Law makers or the press. We make our own laws at the DOD. This has got to stop when we get a real leader directing the UNITED STATES versus a sit com rated super star from film and television. Trump is fighting no income on his properties where investors and mortage holders re in a DRUMP TRUMP mood. Trump’s empire is melting down into red ink as another pressure on the President.

Today the President orders 3M to stop exporting masks and supplies to third world nations. 3M states if they stop humanitarian fulfillment of customer orders globally nations will stop supply to the USA. In April 2020 it is EVER NATION FOR ITSELF no one is cooperating not really. Its all sham. Every nation is on EBAY BIDDING AGAINST ITSELF to get supplies that are impossibly short on supply and will be short on supply ALL YEAR LONG. What a mess. The President just can not pull 1 million ventilators from his own ass or face masks in the numbers needed for say just first responders. The world see’s today how totally BROKEN THE USA IS and that will last a long time on diminished roles for the USA world wide, as PUTIN is winning big in this Pandemic.

Pandemic economics:

  1. Equity markets are unstable and suffering liquidity stress loads with 13 sell orders to 1 buy order s liquidity in the market is devolving into 1929 game over.
  2. Bond markets are unstable and suffering liquidity stress loads with the FED rising up support from 100 billion last September to 250 billion by December to 500 Billion by February to over ONE TRILLION in March and no end in site. The Fed balance sheet to keep liquidity from the break point has soared from 3.7 trillion to almost 6 trillion in only TWO WEEKS of time.
  3. Unemployment will reach 10 million this weekend and 20 million by May.
  4. Oil demand is off 20 million barrels a day and still demand is drying up. Suppliers can not cut back enough to remove the systemic glut. Oil Demand is creating economic deflation across all asset classes in April 2020 inside the GREAT DEFLATION OF ALL TIME in modern markets.
  5. Debt Super Bubbles can not sustain systemic liquidity as 100 trillion dollars of bad loans finally must be worked out of the system within 1 million bankruptcies in America alone rising up next. No way around the 1929 outcome.
  6. The implosion of demand is creating a new generation of SUPER SAVERS who will not return to spend as in the past due to new RISK EVALUATIONS to preserve reserves at any cost as consumer spending falls off a cliff for a decade or more.
  7. The 2020 Depression will consume twenty years to return to anything like the decade we just lived through – now the really hard times are here to stay.


Entreprenuers can prosper in any market place. However leading entrepreneurs must do things and must think differently. Do you think differently? Do you know how?

You will need new skill, new tools, new tactics, new team and new PANDEMIC PROSPERITY PLANS. Do you know how to do that?





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  1. Frozen do nothing – the highest cost to readers wiping out is here
  2. Bad choices where the PANDEMIC TSUNAMI overwhelms you into WIPE OUT and you for years reside as VICTIM.
  3. Smart right choices and you PROSPER INSIDE PANDEMIC which never effects YOU WHAT SO EVER in your mind set

Which one will you be? Our readers can now define their 1-2-3 decision making. After all it is in the end you and the mirror.






The oil industry is an industry of human extinction managed by criminals who manipulate price like ROBBER BARONS against the poor. The fraud and lies of oil industry criminals include:

  1. National oil tax write offs for oil depletion when oil is a renewable asset as the earth farts and shits oil and gas and giving criminal tax breaks to price gauging oil ( just look at pump prices versus oil touched 19 dollars a barrel and 4.00 a barrel less than beer in Canada ). Oil demand has super crashed 22 million barrels a day in lost demand. Every producer is in a EVERY NATION AND COMPANY FOR ITSELF. Opec can’t cut enough to stop the OVER GLUT. Storage will over flow by the summer and no place will exist to park the GLUT OF OIL. Oil soared up Friday on rumors of talks with no outcome anyone can rely upon. Nothing changed the rigged phony criminal oil market and SHAME ON NATIONS FOR NOT investigating OIL crimes world wide. Oil crimes are endless and make BANKER CRIMINALS look like young gangs of kids next to the grown ups who run oil rip off’s world wide. Given the drop in oil touched 19 dollars why is your pump price not 75 cents? OIL PRICE CRIMINAL RIP OFF GAUGING IN PANDEMIC WITH AN EXTINCTION SUBSTANCE IS THE WHY ALL FOR GREED AND PROFIT BY STEALING FROM YOU ALL. Never trust an oil crooks frauds to you. Oil leaders have one rule, they lie. Oil is a phony economy over borrowed obsolete economic set of rules now dyring as the old oil system is dead on arrival and the new oil system is not yet born. I think all nations should go into oil production and set price at 75 cents at the pump making money and needing no more criminal price rigging in a phony oil rigged oil global mafia crook market. OIL is an oil mob of criminals. Do not buy oil stocks or you may lose the options of this market place. Oil is not one of the options. Like Crammer correctly stated – OIL IS THE NEW TOBACCO down down the rabbit hole and the law suits on WHAT THEY KNEW ON OUR EXTINCTION will be worse than tobacco judgements to oil companies as excessive profit making by OIL CRIMINAL MAFIA is over in 2020 forever. OVER FOREVER. Rumors of oil cut backs are premature and frauds. OIL WILL REMAIN IN GLUT FOREVER. Oil is a rigged market price by criminal speculators. Oil has moved from CRIMINAL CARTEL PRICING to market supply and demand pricing. As oil demand is now far lower than supply can be cut the oil market has deflated. Oil is a plentiful renewable earth energy asset that leads fo rapid human extinction as we all know. Today the supply of oil is so many tens of millions of barrels greater than user demand, as the world is simply leaving oil ( we all are buying electric cars and use of oil is falling off a cliff as earth friendly alternatives come into to wake us all up from TOXIC OIL MADNESS. The 1000 criminal oil elites have forever lost control of PHONY PRICING. Pandemic is closing a bad era of casino capitalism as the POST WORLD WAR II economic system dies in the DEPRESSION OF 2020 overwhelming oil criminals who just want to return to the old cartel days. SUPER CHANGE has occurred so fast the smarty pants running oil fail to embrace SUPER CHANGE as they remain resistant to Super Change. Oil is a loss industry no longer profitable. Why? DEBT LOADING. The Debt cost of the oil sector are too wide too deep to manage when profit margins cease to exist and every barrel sold is a loss to the seller. That business model in 2020 is fatal to oil as capital into oil is now a huge run out of the industry sector never to return as it was.
  2. Oil price gauging at the PUMP is gong to put some elites into prison. A first in the oil patch.
  3. Oil fraud – we will quickly get back to normal. Oil truth – oil is deflating as an asset class. The post world post depression economic box top rules for Oil are forever dead and buried. THE NEW MARKET FAIR PRICING SCHEME FOR OIL is being born in 2021 with stability restored perhaps in 2022 or 2023. Oil investing is a silly concept in 2020 truly silly. The bottom in oil demand is no where close yet – by mid summer you’ll see how big the blood bath truly is – beyond any OPEC remedy into the old model returning – OPEC is over and done. RIGHT AGAIN as posted here first – OPEC IS A WALKING DEAD SIT COM much like President Trump is to the world. Today the world leaders are in Beijing or Brussels or France or Israel or UK or UAE or Jordon you don’t see world class leadership in DC today – you see a bunch of smarty pants lying to us and getting it all so wrong December to today no end in how wrong they get it all.

OIL is in deflationary resetting.

Real Estate globally is next to deflate massively and liquidity in the system THIS TIME will break the banks. Massively loan defaulting is the next leg of the SUMMER PANDEMIC ECONOMIC DEPRESSION 2020.






The RIP of the economics will not be fully felt until the summer and later this year. This generation is seeing an abused casino capitalism, an all new AI ECONOMY that 90% of expert and economist and leaders DENY EVEN EXISTS as Super Change events are embraced by the leaders of tomorrow and rejected by the leaders of obsolescence in SUPER CHANGE. WHich leader are you?

A run is 1929 occurring as CLICK RUNS OUT OF:

  1. Hedge funds and private equity super money pools the biggest REDEMPTIONS INTO ALL CASH in pool modern history.
  2. Banks – runs into all cash at home as a billion of us pull our cash out of criminal bankers knowing banks may 1929 fail soon
  3. Brokerage firms – redemptions are out waying investing in – money lakes are evaporating like 1929 move to ALL CASH
  4. STATE NATION AND AGENCY SEE THE LARGEST DRY UP OF REVENUE IN HISTORY EVER with the largest ramp of cost monthly ever reported an ECONOMIC SUPER CHANGE EVENT – liquidity for nations is evaporating as in 1929.
  5. Personal and institutional liquidity is dying. 100 million are seeing credit scores crash. Cards are recalled loans are being recalled and 100 trillion in commercial loan defaults is looming this Spring and Summer.  The 1929 debt defaulting will be surpassed this summer in every matrix.

Congress chain sawed 800 safety net depression laws in 1999. Unanimous vote too.

Congress is a majority of lawyers writing laws. For this reason shakespeare suggested that to start a more perfect society you began by killing ALL THE ATTORNEY’S. While we do not agree with Shakespeare we do scream out to our readers lawyers do not understand economics which flow around and over bad laws.

Congress has no saving protocols remaining in the USA because all the 1929 safe harbors Congress chain sawed into saw dust. We entered 2020 with the lowest savings world wide far worse in liquidity reserves in savings for institutions and individuals than 2007. Cash is KING today:



Only ten years later we see:

  1. 1929 depression stock over valuation is far more extreme in 2020 than in 1929. Worse by far.
  2. Debt super bubbles are 100 x worse than 1929 and now unwinding in debt cascading defaults –  system killer.
  3. Liquidity GAPS in stocks, in bonds, in commodity markets in derivatives in digital coins in all markets and real estate is over leveraged, a debt super bubble, and fully worse by large ratio’s of abuse than 1929. Why? Wall Street the FED owned by Wall Street ( that is right the Fed is a private stock firm owned by Wall Street and not a government agency at all ).
  4. World War II to today has consolidated wealth so that 1% own more wealth in all nations than 99% own of their own wealth. This compression of wealth impacts circulation and liquidity and is NEVER SUSTAINABLE ECONOMICS not ever. Global wealth consolidation into instability in equity bond commodity and real estate markets is many times more compressed than in 1929.
  5. Casino capitalism is when real investment is say 13 trillion dollars and speculations on side betting ( casino capitalism ) all by I for the first time no humans involved at all settle 440 trillion of daily asset class trades a day – where on PANDEMIC unforeseen risk to systemic core liquidity will sooner than later close institutions like 1929 – as liquidity drains the system dryer than a bone.


A 1929 liquidity crises can unfold in speeds never imagined, without any warning where the banks world wide close. That risk is NOW HIGHER than anytime since 1929.



As my leader reader you can do a lot. First move to all cash and be liquid. Second keep minimum floats in banks. If you do e-commerce keep cash in PayPal or SLACK and non bank digital holders like AMERI TRADE. Stay in cash into 2021. Move more to cash. Your market loss are unlikely to return to you for decades. There is no sling shot recovery so get in your mind this is in fact YOUR 1929 SUPER CHANGE – avoid denial and embrace THIS IS 2020 “IT”.

Invest in reframing your business to PROSPER IN PANDEMIC. Develop and put some work into your own PANDeMIC PROSPERITY PLAN. Your PANDEMIC PROSPERITY PLAN places your future behind a protecting economic sea wall such that economic hurricanes sinking all your friends entrepreneur vessels will in fact never touch YOUR PERSONAL ECONOMY whcih will remain booming.

Your best options?

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You will soon be amazed in America how broken your systems are and how long it takes congressional money to reach those who need it most. WATCH THE CLUSTER FUCK FROM YOUR STATE AND FEDERAL LEADERS CONTINUE. President Trump is in denial his team IS BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE which is WHY Biden doing zero picked up a ten point lead in polls over Trump spending zero time and money to get the POLL LEAD OVER TRUMP which is MASSIVE. Why the shift?

VOTERS ARE HOLDING LEADERS ACCOUNTABLE WHICH CONFUSES THEM AS OLD POLITICS DIES AND NEW SUPER CHANGE PANDEMIC POLITICS IS BORN. Those who think elections operate as they did pre pandemic are fools – in my opinion having some experience in such races. TODAY ALL ELECTIONS ARE PANDEMIC NEW MODELING and old brains have no clue how to engage the SUPER CHANGE. ( Read my book SUPER CHANGE is a start for you – smash best seller hottest leader reader in 2020 by far ). See http://www.amazon.com for SUPER CHANGE by Berny Dohrmann ( share this work with your circle ).

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So the news is bad and getting worse.1 million infected moving to ten million by the summer. 5000 dead and that number will soar to tens of thousands by the summer died or dying. This Pandemic is:

  1. A 1929 economic event unfolding in a slow motion deflation and reset to asset class value with Real Estate next.
  2. Much worse in health wealth and real wealth cost ( ten trillion wiped out in four weeks now ) than anyone presently can see.
  3. Will consume far more time to recover over decades and years not months or a year in time. Plan as if this economy will never return in any near term time frame to what you knew in January of 2020. That economy has died. Today.

If we are wrong you win.

If we are right you win and your far safer winning.

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