Nancy Pelosi is prematurely aging ( you are all seeing THAT ) and now dressed pretty as a San Francisco Post Card, knelling in that new designer dress – with two mountains of make up herself – while Schiff and other social democrats hold America hostage, squealing all the way to slaughter – as America is about to INDICT NANCY PELOSI in 2020 for real crimes with real evidence – and her only way out of the jail sentence coming for her as example – which she and her staff and teams well know – is to PUT LIPSTICK ON THE PIG.

The Pig is the crazy impeachment proceedings where Nancy wants to control all the peaches. To date we see:

  1. Vote # 1 – House votes to table impeachment
  2. Vote # 2 – House Votes against Pelosi no impeachment
  3. Vote # 3 House votes to table impeachment again
  4. Vote # 4 – Nancy hopes this week with all the lip stick she can get from every House Staffer the PIG LOOKS pretty to march to slaughter of impeachment
  5. Vote # 4 is the week Trump celebrates Big Daddy – and Nancy seeks to STEAL HIS VICTORY FROM HIM – hence her pig

The US Senate now has the votes to decry the NANCY PELOSI PIG MAKE UP CONTEST a sham – and sanction Nancy and her social left cabal and squad for abuse of process. The senate resolution passing with numbers Nancy knows the Senate has today – creates Nancy rushing to her knees to PUT LIP STICK ON HER PET PIG – IMPEACHMENT. Nancy encourages her California on fire Pig to devour all the PEACHES fro everyone else – you know IM-PEACH-MENT. Nancy wants all the peaches.

So based on no crime at all the House this week will VOTE # 4 – with no for sure out come – to open a FORMAL lawful Impeachment proceeding – upgrading Nancy’s secret – non public – in the basement of the Senate Office Building – push LB for Lower Basement floor – and behind metal doors – with guards – the House Social Democrats as NAZIS IN SUITS hold a LYNCHING of a sitting US PRESIDENT. Why? The lynch mob minority does not like the style or policies or politics of drain the swamp when the lynch mob IS THE SWAMP being drained.

Nancy standing a bit off the swamp – which in her state is a water parched draught without power to millions and on fire ( again ) creating ( again ) tens of billions in damages – within a failed state more people now move out of – than move into – in which Nancy presides ( on her knees with pig breadth ) – over on her executions worst crime worst violence worst homeless worst poverty worst business climate worst transportation higher cost state in the United States and in the WORLD in 2020. To get worse than Nancy and the Bay Area on Fire without power you must move to Iran.

Nancy fed by endless staffers about to be indicted with her as criminal co conspirators, hand Nancy fresh lip stick, free samples due to recession in retail cosmetics in the USA – which Nancy Pelosi while staffers this week carefully hold the pigs head from moving – like a fine artist – draws the HUGE WIDE LIP STICK on the face of her PIG ( impeachment ) about to come to a vote by the social democrats.  The vote is coming…wait for it…..


Trump facing never ending threat from Nancy Pelosi as she investigates his sons and his sons in law, his precious daughter and his wife and all his circle from Mayor Julianne to Bolton – in or out they all come under Nancy THREAT – and while each week new court cases new house investigative orders to produce people documents and testimony arrive like a river to the White House – Trump in the middle of the RIP TIDE of draining the far left socialist theft of public funds ( the swamp ) has to also govern. In the shit storm Nancy has wrung out all summer long to negotiate STOP SIGNS to her own CRIMINAL INDICTMENT – a strategy for her that is NOT WORKING and why?

Trump has a pathology if you attack him personally or his brand.

Trump counter attacks and never not ever ceases until he destroys those attacking him.

Everyone knows Trump is not a politician. Trump does not play by the old box top rules of politics in DC.

Nancy attacked Trump, his circle of closest insiders his personal attorney, and doing so criminally herself, now caught with evidence on her methods and her how, ( criminal and jail coming ) , Nancy attacked Donald Trumps blood sons his most precious family, his son ln law he just relies on and loves, his more precious daughter and even his more precious wife. Those attacks are on going and never ending to negotiate – you stop mine and I”ll stop yours.

Trump has pushed all his President Chips ( impeach me and if I lose I get a pay raise – Nancy on your criminal going to jail outcome pig make up artist – FUCK YOU )…..Donald has this week conveyed the two words that define the future – NO MERCY. You crossed the line with my family. Nancy you want to show me what real FORCE LOOKS LIKE. Pig Lipstick artist – allow me to show you and your FORCE what REAL POWER LOOKS LIKE.


Pig Lipstick artist who wants all the peaches – holding a vote in the House to # 4 get the vote she wants. Red lipstick on a pig.



What the President Giveth Nancy shalt taketh away: It would have been a great week:

  1. Unemployment down on the floor boards over 50 year record – record black hispanic and asian all time record high employment all voter groups benefiting all states this weeks stats – up bubble
  2. All time high wealth effect in markets – all time high record in bond and stock wealth
  3. Fundamentals not greatest but solidly GOOD math on profits across so many firms with TECHNOLOGY leading
  4. China trade agreement coming together after Mexico and Japan trade agreement success
  5. Dollar going down helping US trade massively – and Fed lowering interest to help US win currency wars in trade finally
  6. Bin Laden Son running Taliban dead
  7. Big Daddy dead this week – a huge change for ISIS including next in command also dead this week – big WHITE HOUSE WIN

Best TRUMP TEAM week of the Presidency. Nancy Pelosi and her circle indictments on the way by early 2020 no hurry as the worst counts are all stacking up on her and her circle going to jail.

Nancy’s distraction – HOLD ALL THE WORLDS PEACHES HOSTAGE IN HER FAILING IM-PEACHMENT PATHETIC lies into truth attempt to get out of JAIL which FAILS as she today seeking a house 4th vote – is on her own knees ( Pretty designer dress ) putting lip stick on her IMPEACHMENT PIG who has become so fat eating all those PEACHES she hand feeds her own pig – as her district moves into mass tax payer revolt moving out of state by untold numbers of tax payers who simply desire what Nancy pig make up artist can no longer provide enroute to Federal Prison for life:

  1. A state without fire storms
  2. A state with electricity
  3. A state with Water
  4. A state with lower cost housing and cost of everything else ( her district being the highest cost in the entire WORLD today )
  5. A state safer in crime and personal safety

California Governor inherited a JERRY BROWN Trump Wealth Effect from the previously partial list of compilations to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN 34 BILLION surplus in the black state – which now has sunk to in the red by tens of billion in red ink state on his first year in charge.  His goal to be the FAR LEFT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES FROM THE LEFT COAST is no more than unlikely. With four more years of TRUMP for sure occurring from Nancy Pelosi Biden total melt down and miscalculations – sinking and dividing her party as never before in history. The Democratic  PARTY is 2020 shattered scattered and dunked by NANCY PELOSI desperate to keep her circle out of jail – as indictments are in process for NANCY and team. They all know THAT hence the acts of desperation you are seeing well up today in political theater.

Nancy’s leader SHIFTY THE SNOW MAN with his corn cobbed pipe and shoe button eyes – is nothing like FOSTRY THE SNOW MAN and Shifty is the preferred HALLOWEEN CUSTOM of 2019. Hell nothing is more scary than a SHIFTY CUSTOM today with Nancy beside him in that mask of HER FACE. That IS frightening.

I have personally seen anyone age 2018 to 2019 like NANCY facing real indictments and jail time. Her face is the YOUTUBE that tells the story in truth against her own legacy of lies. NANCY our politics of HATRED AND DISRESPECT are coming full circle for you and SHIFFTY THE SNOW MAN this Holiday.

President Trump on all the fronts named has had a GREAT WEEK THIS WEEK as you open your House VOTE # 4 against the senate ADMONISHMENT FOR THE ILLEGAL PROCESS YOU ALL HAVE UNDER TAKEN as your SHATTERED SCATTERED AND DUNKED PARTY IS GOING TO REAP THE OUTCOME OF YOUR UNAMERICAN PATHOLOGY – as you move into my truth San Francisco wanna be – from 5th generation pillar of the city Nancy….which is my truth….


My pride and join – is…AMERICA !



A full legal review of the impeachment evidence to date has been released this week as the PIG lipstick is being applied for the House Vote. The non partisan democrat and republican attorney review panel  legally concluded:


There is zero evidence of a crime – just like Mueller.

Also no way today in WAY TO PAY FOR MEDICARE FOR ALL – bipartisan report slams NANCY AND WARREN as no way in pig heaven can taxes on the rich pay for MEDICARE FOR ALL the USA BANKRUPTCY WARREN PLAN – pure lies and fake news. WARREN IS A LIAR far left candidate not an American indian and no way to pay Jose for your lets forgive all student loans and insure everyone for free plan. NO WAY JOSE ….total lies to the voters – lie’s get you elected today ? Lipstick on PIGS?

Now in fairness PIG BREEDER Committee Chair Mr. Schiffty – can take no evidence and spin daily out come and sound bites into fraud. Schiffty can make BIG DADDY DISAPPEAR – can make the best seller WHEN PIGS FLY  – look like a porno story when its for parents raising extraordinary children. Mr. Shifty can re-tool the bible ( he no longer swears upon anyway ) making up down – down up and truth lies and lies truth.  Mr. SCHIFFTY the father of lies the father of fake news sits behind a NEW WEAPON firing 100 mm rounds at 1000 rounds be second at the WHITE HOUSE from his basement secure no rounds can reach him back as his finger is stuck on the trigger.

Trump is golfing and feels bad about the incoming fire to the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT which in no way effects Trump or his actual Presidency. Meanwhile Trump having an extraordinary good 18 holes – having killed Bin Laden’s son on his orders, having killed BIG DADDY on his orders ( another promise completed ) and having secured a solid economy at Oct month end – with record 50 year low unemployment – strong earnings up bubble – record all time high market wealth effect THIS WEEK AGAIN – and completed trade deals with MEXICO – JAPAN and China while under the most ferocious attack at 1000 rounds per minute incoming from SCHIFFTY and Nancy seeking to derail the NUKE OPTION from the WHITE HOUSE of indictments for abuse of power.


Schiffty is going down. His circle and staff are going down. The Squad is going down. The Nancy circle and team is going to jail. Impeachment is political theater and goes no where at all. The Senate well knows they will win the 2020 election and the house back and the social democrats are going to slaughter with one PIG with lipstick all over its face from Pelosi on her Press bite this week.

The lefties did all they can to make BIG DADDY a diminished victory. Jeff Bezo’s puzzel’s us all. Amazon is from Nancy and SHIFFTY being investigated to break up Amazon and rip the dream from BEZO’s as only socialists can. Bezo Washington Post this week headlined what a GREAT CLERIC FOR THE MUSLIM FACE – child molester – rape czar of woman – insane brain with his MASTER FAITH or off with YOUR HEAD – Big Daddy – headline in what – the home paper of KHASHOGGI? Shame on you Jeff Bezo’s. Shame on You WASHINGTON POST USA.

The BI PARTISAN military and intelligent forces of the entire world worked for MONTHS to KILL BIG DADDY DEAD and take out the head of ISIS – five years after his BIG DADDY SPEECH on the MASTER FAITH. Big Daddy killed more people in modern war than any single crazy brain since Vietnam or World War II. BIG DADDY – TRUMP ORDERED AND WATCHED the coward run into a dead end tunnel whimpering like a broken dog, and force his young children to die with him as he rather than allow them to live – destroyed even his own blood lines as a crazy crazy brain.

The USA divided in the core value that the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT no longer is given the respect and the honor ( no matter who resides in that office ) of ONE NATION UNDER GOD – UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – where we come together as one and celebrate the victory of our nation at core value. BIG DADDY HELD TO JUSTICE is the AMERICAN WIN and all of AMERICA should celebrate that win.

To throw PEACHES at those who worked so hard to bring us all as a people world wide THAT WIN is putting lip stick on a pig.

My advise to readers..DO NOT BE FOOLED.

Look past political theater.

The RIP tide is: Trump has evidence of Nancy Pelosi and swamp crimes uniting US JUSTICE the US SENATE AND HOUSE AND FBI AND CIA employees into a cabal of nation destructive law breaking. USING THE IRS for an enemy list which occurred under President OBAMA – look it up on google – as Trump is still under the enemy list AUDITS from the IRS – and to 2020 the crimes if not cleared up – end America where those in power use government agency as weapons against citizens. If that is not ended what America is left?

Who faced with all the peaches in the world thrown into his own face and families – TRUMP’s IM PEACHMENT – would stand up and NUKE CRIMINAL INDICTMENTS BACK. Trump has done the following math:

  1. They win I go to jail and they go jail – worth it
  2. They lose and they go to jail and I serve four more years
  3. We tie and no one goes to jail but the grid lock and dysfunction can bankrupt America and the world
  4. I win and four more years – but they keep congress dysfunctional
  5. I win House and Senate and our team KEEPS AMERICA GREAT for 300 more years draining the swamp

Trump is all in.

Nancy facing jail time is all in.

Plus Nancy has more going on all over her world today within her own divided party as the rumor mill is rising with:

  1. Nancy has had a lesbian Affair with a staff member
  2. Nancy is being secretly treated for aides
  3. Nancy committed Fraud on the Warren Medicare for all fact checking
  4. Nancy is resigning as Speaker to unwrap criminal indictments
  5. Nancy is resigning from office as donors and backers run from the criminal party rising up ( no mercy remember )
  6. Nancy’s circle targeted for criminal indictment is defecting to the US JUSTICE as witness
  7. The Trump impeachment distraction has failed to derail the criminal 57 count indictments coming for Aides ill Nancy today

And more – there are so many rumors on health – on wealth – on melt downs – on break downs – on daily tears and sobbing hysteria for Nancy DIane and their staff’s – they know they are going to jail for life we suspect. It is pressure beyond anything you can imagine. The attacks on TRUMPS children daughter and wife have no come full circle for NANCY PELOSI AND DIANE and anyone in their circle is now at RISK FOR A HEAD SHOT legally. NO MERCY. Think about WHY Nancy is putting LIP STICK ON A PIG.

Read the BOOK – WHY PIGS FLY by Neva Recla age 10 = it may help you all…….

Now I hate to see all the NANCY mean spirited rumors. I am friends with Democrats who love their party and want a reset on the party. Jack Kennedy pitched my little league game in a story you can read in my book PERFECTION CAN BE HAD. It will lift you up if your having problems with agenda for the wide majority of moderate democrats who have seen their party hi jacked ( temporarily ). In actual election math models – Trump can’t lose the election.

Impeachment is a loser waste of time and political capital with a backlash greater than any political blunder in post war history. I’m just calling the blunder for what it is. Nancy committed real crimes.Her circle is now toast. She crossed the political third rail and went after Trumps family personally. Note Trump has no gone after Nancy but did go after Joe Biden who also attacked his family. NO MERCY on Trumps pathology for pay back. So Nancy’s deceits and low blow how low can you go politics will be seen as her own undoing. WATCH THE DEFECTIONS. Trump did not WIN 2020. Nancy PELOSI land slided 2020 to TRUMP. The blame game in historic terms – will be the Failure of the PELOSI DOESY DOE as her district burns to the ground…..sad really ….what a melt down for a political hack… self destruction. That is the truth of what IS going on OUT THERE and in the Beltway – everyone knows a LOSER when they see one – believe me – they all know. IT is all over but the hand writing on the absentee ballots in November.

GAME OVER NANCY PELOSI – not political – no – CRIMINAL. Game OVER.

The circle around Nancy is shaking in fear of jail time and scandal and is all in united to avoid prison at House of Card game plan.

Nancy this week having no other option is putting LIPSTICK ON HER IMPEACHMENT PIGGY – Do not be fooled.

IMPEACHMENT is the last desperate act of real criminals – caught with real evidence and real testimony – spanning years – who now face real jail time and become a DRAIN THE SWAMP final example – of how to clean up the US CONGRESS GONE BAD – and Trump is all in folks with NO MERCY.

Make up on the PIG will end badly for those with lipstick on their fingers. ( Damn she says again – yelling at her own team – can’t you hold the damn PIG STILL just until I get this LIPSTICK on the PIG – plus its not even A SOW what is wrong with you pig holders )?



PS: This might be a great holiday to set up and can some peaches for your family…….enjoy the SHOW the WHITE HOUSE highest ratings of all time – one tweet from record ratings as STOCKS under TRUMP reach an all new wealth high this week – as Nancy just can not find a way to win here – so on her knees she is putting lipstick on the pig….for matching selfie’s….wait for them….oh and sorry as the PIG held tight by the house team….moved…….