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Your PANDEMIC SUPER SITE has published continuously on the CHINESE SNAKE FLU CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC DAILY since December 2019. This OWNER GPS SITE for taking future action, has been award winning, press acknowledged, five star reviewed, and frankly, ranked for accuracy on predicting over 107 events all proven precise and right again, 1988 to December. From December forward your PANDEMIC SUPER SITE has made predictions 100% opposing media reporting. As we have documented over 50 – ten per month – correct forecasts – 100% right since December where media has been truly and we documented it all for you 100% wrong. Nation State and Agency have been lying to you. If the truth helps you make more powerful decisions about your own better way forward, this news reporting site as to WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE – the truth under the spins – is always reported here and always first. Long time readers caution as you’ll see if you read comments, the most frequent commnet from very sophisticated OWNER LEADER READERS with post graduate level education achievements suggest – USE CAUTION THIS SITE IS HIGHLY ADDICTING. Media 100% wrong since December but beginning to get it more right today. This news site has been first and among THE MOST ACCURATE REPORTING IN THE WORLD ON PANDEMIC DATA. Right again. Look for them. Keep your own score play book on our teams working so hard on your behalf. Our goal: Your PANDEMIC PROSPERITY PLAN.





As my credentials background and bona fides are all expressed at CEOSPACE on line on this site and elsewhere I will not go into authority to mentor. I have earned as a master student life long learner the rare title Dr. Donny Epstien who mentors Tony Robbins and the thought leaders at the top when he said many years back……

Berny your just like your famous father…..


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Pandemic Media said December to January the new virus was LITE not a big threat and no like Sars or Mers. This site predicted the new virus was a bio weapon, this was the start of election year 2020 WORLD WAR III which would be an asymmetrical warfare, outlined in THE SECRET WEAPON by KEVIN FREEMAN and the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM BEST SELLER IN 2020 we suggested to leader readers who seek the truth from all the lies.

It too two months, January and February to reach 100,000 human infections of the new SNAKE FLU VIRUS. We elected to not take the clinical PR name of COVID 19 – a name chosen to control public emotion panic and to keep the virus clinical and science tool and table grade. In December China and XI executing President Putins World War III Election year war plan, twenty years being perected for 2020, was no operational, lied to the world. First they intimidated and threatened health care workers who in alarm, being infected themselves, and now dying in December, raised. They threatened jail if the health care workers the great majority of whistle blowers in December are DEAD today. They identified the very lab and scientists working with bats and snakes on weaponizing coronavirus with RUSSIA virus bio weapon A TEAM on site in China in the lead.

China lied about the virus and its threat grade and MASSIVELY COVERED IT UP WITH HARSH POLICE STATE TACTICS AS OFFICIAL COMMUNIST PARTY POLICY assuring a WORLD PANDEMIC and success for the election year timed WAR PLAN from Putin in the RUSSIA CHINA ALLIANCE. All timed to influence election outcomes in 29 nations in one year alone. A SHIFT FOREVER IN THE WORLD ORDER is now under way.

Today China ( again ) lied to the world and to its own people by reporting – into your weekend – WHY CHINA NEVER COVERED UP ANYTHING. This state mental illness fails to see authority to lead is fatally infected like SNAKE FLU fatal when leaders lie. China December to today has lied to its own people. The China revolution is a police state with a cabal like CRYPTS AND BLOOD elites – elites in China 1000 who own more wealth as less than 1% than 1.3 billion Chinese own. This wealthy elite is corrupt lacks integrity and today is dying. The thinking that created the greatest debtor nation on earth, will now be isolated by SUPER CHANGE events coming too rapidly for China Leadership to adapt. China needs to search this one site for SUPER BONDS and execute their own. Why? SUPER BONDS is the one and only way forward for China debt layering as an economic way out of its debt trap.



We reported the following:

  • China is lying ( today China admitted after the USA said for the 5th time YOU ARE LYING BOYS AND GIRLS IN CHINA – that – their Wuhaun count for infections and deaths was off by 50% at least and made those enormous jumps in total infected and new deaths today – over 50% higher than when they could lie and no one held the LYER LEADERS accountable. 1.3 billion Chinese we predict will move into a CHINA REVOLUTION as they learn the extent of the lies. When China learns the BIO WEAPON SNAKE FLU is a war weapon, they will not remain as they are in their fake news reality as the truth and reality shatter the mirror of the STATE FAKE NEWS AS TO WHAT REALITY IS WHEN THE 1000 ELITE LIARS WITH THEIR PANTS ON FIRE MAY NOT MAKE IT OUT OF THE BUILDINGS THEY RESIDE IN AT THE MOMENT. President XI under reported in the WEST has been almost assasinated numbers of times and is not universally popular. Press report on all the lying are you not mad yourself about the arrests of journalists and truth reporting – the banning of truth reporting where from Wall Street Journal to Washington Post China spies on journalists watching them AM to AM, recording them, monitoring them, intimidating them then arresting the truth reporters and banning them. DOES THIS IN 2020 NOT ANGER YOU. It angers us.
  • In a crises this large, inside an unfolding ( do not deny this one ) PUTIN/XI WAR PLAN that is winning, war manipulation of truth and information is how you win wars. Putin and China are lying to their own people but a boomerang is occurring because the best laid war plans have gone sideways. First TRUMP is fully engaging the ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE. Second the economic impact is faster greater and deeper than WAR PLANNERS sought. Finally the speed of mutation and the level of mutation – beyond SERS EBOLA THE FLU OR MERS – a bio weapon mutating outside the KILL SWITCH. Said another way strains of the virus are so POTENT they now by passed the CONTROLS of its virus inventors and is returning to attack China and Russia in ways they never expected – where SNAKE FLU is a bio weapon war virus out of all control by its own inventor war planners. THINK ON THAT ITEM.
  • China has lied about the virus from day one. China has lied about the infections and deaths. Infections in China are moving from one million today to ten million by June. Tables on PANDEMIC we published in our now exclusive reporting on CARRIERS presented tables ( as we are data freaks ). THE TABLES projected SNAKE FLU spread pathology. We were wrong. Our tables proved to be the MOST ACCURATE IN THE WORLD and held up to now and beyond, and were so criticised when we first presented them by all media as wrong and impossible,when the math and data where right but the pandemic proved faster than our tables and our projections occurred FASTER than our accounting laid out in fact.
  • We predicted if CHINA failed to cancel Chinese NEW YEARS that the final outcome of the CHINA war planners error in execution would be economic – A CHINA IMPLOSION INTO DEPRESSION – AND A NEW CHINESE REVOLUTION with ground zero Hong Kong. We now predict all the same but massive military action in HONG KONG with once and for all Chinese take over with a follow up move to all out war to GET TAIWAN BACK while the world is distracted. This should follow IRAN closing the SUEZ canal – all war plan distractions by PUTIN as North Korea lays out a real HYDROGEN BOMB as yet another war distraction opening up multiple WAR FRONTS for TRUMP to fight inside his election year. Front # 1 – PANDEMIC ITSELF ( more than enough challenge in life or death for any leader ) . Front # 2 the GREATEST DEPRESSION SINCE THE FALL OF ROME ITSELF as we reported first here. Front # 3 – Iran distracts with Suez Canal or worse. Front # 4 China on Hong Kong and Taiwan as Communist final solutions in war plan. Front # 5 Ukraine and Russia moves to reclaim its soverit union as war plan. Pending events so far out there inside an integrated and really TOO OBVIOUS TO DENY TODAY – Putin master war plan. Who wins from all this? Russia thought it would win but the plan already is dying from wild cards but the plan is a war plan and is no longer stoppable. Press HAVE reported on all this but as if it is SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE COMEDY until April.
  • Today Press shifts to confirm the INTEGRITY of our reporting – is massive. Press report the economics is not a RECESSION but far worse – a WORLD WIDE DEPRESSION. Press now report there is no sling shot recovery. Press now report the economic reality that the DEPRESSION creates a DEBT IMPLOSION RISK to the system itself ( desired victory of the war plan ). The IMF the WORLD BANK the FED the Media globally now report nothing but how MUCH WORSE THIS ALL IS from the thinking in only March. Our reader leaders well know – what we reported you thought was WESTWORLD the netflick bin watching – was in fact accurate like a new IPHONE 5G professional selfie. WORLD WAR III IS DIGITAL.
  • We reported to you the 5 phases of the PUTIN war. Phase I the virus. Phase II began in March – massive state hacking. Stage III began in March – DIGITAL AI ATTACKS ON OUR MARKETS creating rigging price to effect massive destruction of Western Market STABILITY while the enemy insiders make trillions on our pain – ten trillion in loss at the valley but you will see the DOW under 10,000 ( our prediction ). THE AI digital attack is on going as is the massive hacking. Given the solution to the virus is wealth Putin and China massively are hacking ( today all over the press ) .
  • Rigged manipulated markets promise so much economic pain yet to come as fools rallys sucker little folks back in to crash out. You get a little calm on information than you get more bad news then super bad news. The economic optics are a depressed global economy inside an entire all new AI ECONOMY globally, which history suggests does not recover for a decade. Phony markets went up today on the WORST ECONOMIC NEWS POSSIBLE. The silly sound bites on testing new medicines still half a year from having any MARGINAL ONLY IMPACT – present crazy math. MARKETS GO UP WHEN PROFITS AND EARNINGS ARE DIVING. Any virus containment and control is a year to 18 months away IF ANY VIRUS CAN EVEN WORK given the mutation frequency of this new bio weapon. NO CURE MAY BE AVAILABLE AT ALL TO A BIO WAR WEOPON.
  • Fraud Markets all unregulate went up today on news that was more than chilling. News tests do not work accurately by large %. Shortages of flawed test kits are rampant from NEW YORK TO TURKEY. The Pandemic world four months in is 90% under tested. Reports continue to confirm in nations everywhere infections are FAR HIGHER THAN REPORTED and deaths ARE FAR HIGHER THAN REPORTED. Everyone is changing HOW they COUNT but the real math on this is UNKNOWN and for sure many times worse than the horror you know. Let me say that again. The Economic pathology and the health pathology are many times worse at all criteria of data points than you KNOW today – many times WORSE – which eventually will come out and when it does we see the BEAR move the DOW under 10,000. Remember we told you this math and number in Jan February March and April – all of which time we told you move out of markets and sit tight on dollars and hold them outside banks – ideally in diversified insurance investing with guaranteed principle far more secure than the fraud of FDIC. Remember now you hear this hear in MID APRIL on a weekend report. Retain this outcome prediction. Act on the truth of it.
  • You are inside a WORLD DEPRESSION OF ECONOMICS IN THE GREATEST ECONOMIC REBALANCING OF ALL HISTORY – THE MOST IMPACTFUL DEFLATIONARY DEATH SPIRAL OF THE OLD ECONOMY WHILE A NEW AI ECONOMY IS UNLEASHING ITSELF AS REALITY NO HUMANS HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH ON ANY LEVEL. The death spiral of deflation and depressed economic CIRCULATIONS will reach a point where central banks printing money like it is all free when its all new debt to nations already BANKRUPT FROM EXISTING DEBT. Over 179 of the entire slate of sovereign nations are in DEBT CRISES now adding massive new debt in. This can not end well. See 1929 and the FALL OF ROME for the only relevant models and this is all far more global far worse than any prior depression. THE GREATEST DEPRESSION IS 2020 – PANDEMIC CREATED AND NOW UNSTOPPABLE.
  • Will the banks close from runs, where you all click run into dollars at home out of banks – can banks survive the rising click runs out of banking and into holding US dollars world wide all nations as the new currency of the world that is life or death in value exchange – superior today to gold silver and diamonds the old hedges – now it is dollars. Hold Dollars for profit. Hold dollars for liquidity. Hold dollars for exchange anywhere. Hold Dollars as your personal bank at home. If you watch the car wreck and drive by as a spectator you may lose all funds you have in the bank. If you get your money out before banks close you will be far better off than those who watched life go by as a spectator to their own game planning. LEADER READERS only receive value when they act on information. Only on the action. THOUGHTS ARE THINGS ( get the book ) when you ACT ( Greg Reid and Bob Proctor authors of THOUGHTS ARE THINGS ) great pandemic reader. Also Cheri HILL and WHY THEY BUg great read for the new markets. We think the liquidity risks of systemic failure as in 1929 are extreme and high in coming stress periods. Debt Defaulting is what tipped the panic into 1929 and may tip the panic into 2020. We’ll see.
  • We predicted the snake flu was under counted. We predicted Nations States and Agencies lied about their ability, their capacity and on every data point imaginable. The counts are massively worse and exploding with new infections out of all control or any containment. FLATTENING THE CURVE means Coronavirus will infect every human on the earth if no effective vaccine is found and even then in 18 months perhaps too late. Flattening the curve means deaths load in at a pace the system can barely manage at all. Anything more the system breaks. There is more we do not know about this fully modified war bio weapon than we know. China we know has lied up to this weekend when CHINA LIED ABOUT LYING. Eventually its people will say ENOUGH FROM YOU LIARS. Instability in China is not desired but its over whelming now. China is in red ink with negative GNP. We predicted this while CHINA LIED and is still lying. China lay off’s and death spiral ends in massive debt defaulting and China revolutions with massive never seen in revolutionary times unemployment. We predict 100’s of millions in China will die from the SNAKE FLU BIO WEAPON back firing in CHINA who released the PANDEMIC as a war plan.
  • We predicted the war plan ( in January ) sought to close the west economically down, create an election year 1929 event, and become the elevated voice in the NEW WORLD ORDER the war plan presents with socialists running the world versus capitalist. Today the socialist despite what it may seem like are massively winning in the west denial competing views and maximally divided populations as per the war plan. SUCCESS FOR PUTIN job well done. Donald Trump loses the war in denial delusion and really a competency mismatch. Trump is a competent winning SIT COM entertainer. Leading a complex global crises of this scale – not so much really not so much. Underwhelming error with so many unnecessary deaths – a Trump Dump of too little too late each step along the way – never getting ahead of it at all. THE COUNTS ARE MASSIVELY WRONG and the USA is out of any control as is the EU. See UK numbers today. Boris in UK is not doing leadership duties and is recovering in country residence from almost dying a week ago and is still weak and coughing. Remember Snake Flu comes BACK and no one – no one – knows why yet. THAT IS THE BIG WILD CARD ON THE BIO WEAPON – keep that in your mind.
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I’ve run a wall street PUBLIC and fully global INVESTMENT BANKING BROKER DEALER with offices in San Francisco and New York City 1960’s to 1980’s. As a master student of the greatest mentors of our generation – say David Rockefeller – Peter Uberoth . Arthur Lachman – Dick Meltzer – Alan Dohrmann my father and his circle of Fortune CEO’s and the thought leaders who changed the entire world.

There are two economic authorities. Keep this vital fact in your mind as you see NEWS with NEW reading glasses as your educated authority allows you to see with NEW VISION clarity.

  1. 90% of all investment bankers bankers hedge fund and wall street economic experts who operate in an old economy pre AI ECONOMICS with AI now firmly in control in the greatest economic experiment, lacking any human regulations or controls, with no known knowledge as to what the final outcome may become in fact. In 2014 AI took over economics and in 2020 96% of settlements to 440 trillion in asset class completions month to month are fully AI no humans. Group # 1 – those in denial and delusion apply old 100 year old economic models I myself was educated in when those models no longer work at all in any context. The old dead and buried economic precepts no longer work to PREDICT or to MANAGE economics today. So the opinions of those OBSOLETE brains with outdated yet to upgrade SOFTWARE into the NEW ECONOMICS – AI ECONOMICS long defined here over years of data for you to weigh in on – make all this so much worse. A first ever in human history since ROME. One can not weight sufficiently the absence of leadership. It is like all ships sail upon an earth that is FLAT when the earth is a sphere. Do not deny the real reality yourself.
  2. 10% and rising are NEW SUPER CHANGE BRAINS that educated into AI ECONOMICS and lead in that space but we fail to hear from them as the stature and prestige resides with the IDIOT ECONOMISTS OF YESTERDAY who resent the NEW BRAINS who are RIGHT when the 90% or so wrong.

Now you know data control management and prediction are base don assumptions that are in fact all wrong. The outcome of the steps will present in AI ECONOMICS entirely NEW AND UNANTICIPATED OUTCOMES. We ourselves lacking resources to quantum computers and UNIVERSITY NEXT GENERATION MODELING TOOLS to understand the COLLATERAL DAMAGE in economic sectors the ERRORS from the OLD BRAINS ARE MAKING TODAY.

We predicted the DEPRESSION is the largest single CHANGE as the OLD WORLD ORDER of post WORLD WAR II is now dying and the death is the most significant core change to economics of the entire world all at once since the FALL OF ROME. This is not 1929. This is much worse. We have suggested the example the OLD BRAINS including all central bankers are in obsolete thinking lacking tools that are not yet even invented to succeed in the SUPER CHANGE EVENT I wrote the five star best selling book SUPER CHANGE to help my tribe step ahead of all the SUPER CHANGE.  ORDER TEN FOR YOUR BEST CLIENTS – it will rocket your sales.

click and get all my best sellers while at home – I would …just do it…….comment below any story as you read with questions and I’ll answer YOU right here. 


I see all the old brains in todays news world wide as packed without seat belts into a model T ford strapper in a cargo deck hold on the star ship 2020 ENTERPRISE going warp drive. The EXPERTS telling us is all OK and we’ll be right back where we were in a minute or two of time -are huddled inside the model T FORD. Say 100 of them jammed in. Each knows everything and is never wrong in their own mind. They are driving to FIX TO PANDEMIC steering in the rear vision mirror of the old MODEL T not aware they are on the cargo deck and deluded to the screen holo projection making it seem like the fixed in place MODEL T FORD IS MOVING. These old brains tell us us fast they are winning on fixing it all. That is a lie. They believe that lie.

It takes one drop of courage greater than your fears to decide for you – the liars and deluded old brains are wrong as you follow mentors who are in fact NEW BRAINS and who GET THE TRUTH OF IT ALL. The actual fix required is a G 100 three year constitutional economic convention to create a NEW UPGRADED AI GLOBAL REGULATORY FRAME WORK WITH AI REGULATING AI AND RETURNING RULE OF LAW TO RIGGED MANIPULATED CASINO CAPITAL MARKETS WE HAVE TO TODAY.




  1. Market earnings ratio to share price are rigged largely by stock by backs and other criminal manipulations of price. This phony price is now a bubble bursting in slow motion between now and the election period of time.
  2. Deflation economics is entrenched in depressed global economics where asset prices are being reset from oil to food down. Toilet paper price gauging ( 30.00 on amazon a roll ) is another example of disintermediation of asset supply lines now in chaos.
  3. Demand has forever changed. No one knows the new landscape nothing like the old economy yet.
  4. Consumer buying patterns are super changing and no one can predict the new environment nothing like it was in 2019.
  5. Capital is CLICK running out of markets and banks creating LIQUIDITY stress costing central banks more trilions in less time than 2008 and that was the HIGH MARK since 1929. We are in new uncharted territory.
  6. Debt Super Bubbles totally NOT SUSTAINABLE IN ECONOMICS is now being sustained for a micro wave minute by massive NEW DEBT. The Pandemic economic depression of global economic activity all at once never has occured before including 1929. Every condition of 1929 is here today. April 2020 the economic complex factors of depression are far more complex and universal and massive than 1929 by many times. Massive DEBT DEFAULTING terminated the 1929 system model. The same is taking place now and by year end the massive DEBT DEFAULTING WILL BE THE NEWS you all read largely from MODEL T Ford losers telling you all whats up. They no longer know what is up. These experts are moving from fear storms in March to abject TERROR ( my tribe ) and secretly they tell me WE ARE ALL TERRIFIED IN LONDON AND NEW YORK AND HONG KONG AND TOKYO. Why? Control is utterly lost now.
  7. Search SUPER BONDS on this web site – the one solution to sovereign nation debt – but the TIME to execute Super Bonds to nations to reset the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE from bursting is running out today. When nations default on debt in a DEBT CASCADE core liquidity evaporates we call this LED DAY -LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY – which is the day the markets and banks fail and close world wide.

The delusion and denial old brains gave up self reliant leadership.

Self reliant leadership ( AN AMERICAN STAPLE OF UNIQUE CULTURE ) see’s crises and threat and saves themselves.

The majority NO LONGER SELF RELIANT in their mental software and values – wait for THEY TO COME AND SAVE THEM ALL. Good luck with that.

So the problem this weekend is the spin of politicians in the dance of POL or LOP. POL POLICY is profits over lives. Open er all up now. Lives over PROFITS ( slow er way down and be safest not less safe after all this ) leads to what.

POL policy dominates today. We see open up markets too soon for a SECOND FAR WORST INFECTION WAVE. Hold in your thinking truths.

  1. True: The number of super spreaders with no symptoms who have zero clue they are spreading the SNAKE FLU are in the millions today and no one knows. No one how many really. Official clinical confirmed reports are well over 2 million and we think it is more like 8 million rushing to 10 million this month. Our CARRIER ARTICLE ( now famous globally ) published here on Feb 7th ( go read it ) presented the first world projection of the CHINA SNAKE FLU VIRUS. We projected 100 million infected by January 2021. We now conclude it will be sooner. OUR TABLES ARE RIGHT into APRIL the most accurate we have seen ourselves to date.
  2. True: the testing kits are 90% lacking to test the numbers to give communities states nations or agencies any accurate count. All counts today are way way behind REAL TIME REAL NUMBERS. The real count. The real deaths. Way higher than reported and no one knows that total. The world is incompetent to manage the pandemic as we all see what a mess on learn as you go – approach – to how many lives needlessly are dying due to a FAILURE OF WORLD LEADERSHIP at the nation state and agency level. Blame is universal. We are all to blame as voters are we not?
  3. True: No one rushing all these new vaccines into market KNOWS and can tell you IF the vaccine works enough to mutating strains and we won’t know into 2021 summer at earliest or and MORE IMPORTANT if the side effect toxic aspects of these new rushed vaccines is even worse than the virus – preventing too few lives saved while killing more than they help. NO ONE CAN TELL YOU VACCINES ARE SAFE NO ONE and if they tell you it is safe without the appropriate testing to know – they lie to you.

The lies drive the market higher but the economics will drive the bear market far lower to come. True. On that.



What we have learned is no nation state or agency was prepared to manage a global pandemic. All made errors. The delays and too little to late approaches going on by majority – too little too late – revolves also around TERRIBLE BAD DATA.

In the age of BIG DATA no system from CDC with advanced AI or WHO is on line to accurately manage real time DATA. If your data is wrong – bad data – and you act on incomplete inaccurate partial with tons of errors in data pools – you lose. We know know the system failed and we humans have a mess with liars telling us all its so much better than we all think. Lies.

It is so much worse than you all know.


Final point this weekend.

This mess is going to be with us for a decade. We are not going back to prosperity. The GREAT GLOBAL DEPRESSION OF 2020 – THE DEPRESSION WE ACCURATELY DEFINED AND PREDICTED FIRST IN THE WORLD – IS NOW BEING CONFIRMED BY NEW BRAINS IN THE NEWS. The old brains in the model T say – no way – there is no problem we can’t fix. True in the OLD economy but that economy stopped and died in 2014. Old buggy brain software on leader brains denies there is a NEW AI economy and that assures LED day is coming. In our opinion it is a death spiral that is now unstoppable. Wait for it.

We told you into this summer you will begin to see how truly bad all this has become.

My book SUPER CHANGE presented the WHY. When human systems fail to adapt to the accelerating outcomes of SUPER CHANGE effecting us all at every level of our lives – and super change is only accelerating – those old systems the world nations states and agency use today – what they know and are comfortable with – fail to be elastic enough systemically to effect desired outcomes in SUPER CHANGING ECONOMICS. Super Changed AI ECONOMICS took place too fast to re-regulate the AI. The lack of upgraded global regulatory frame works is catastrophe to the old economics now fully depressed.

Decide what is true….for you….and stick with your decision. Be at peace with what is true for you.