1. Jan 2020 CEO SPACE ( here first ) issued a RED ALERT to small business to baton down their hatches by year end due to Pandemic.
  2. In January 2020 we issued a GLOBAL PANDEMIC ALERT.
  3. In January 2020 we issued our first SHAME ON WHO and SHAME ON CHINA for failure to cancel Chinese New Years.
  4. In January 2020 we issued the report on CARRIERS that asymptomatic “carriers” with zero symptoms was impossible to contain or control and why.
  5. Feb 7th ( my birthday in 2020 ) this PANDMEIC SUPER SITE was first to publish a full report on carriers.
  6. Feb 7th we republished our news story from January ( first global in depth report on ) SUPER SPREADERS a term media has now made a new stable in reporting.
  7. January to March we called for top to bottom NIH CDC WHO and failed agency reforms – as PROFIT OVER LIVES POLICY well reported here by this site and the POPE are slaughtering millions of human beings for profits. It is NOT WORKING.
  8. We reported in January to March ( first ) C VIRUS was airborne spreading which means it is beyond control. We called for world wide mask wearing in January and we lack that say in Florida today. Nation State and Agency got our SHAME label as they lied to us – committed criminal health fraud – and still are lying to us.
  9. July 4th we scoop that the WHO is in full on civil war. Science by large numbers is BREAKING RANKS. Why? WHO CRIMINAL LEADERSHIP is responsible for hundreds of thousands of preventable death in the world. The civil war is a five month war on DROPLET SIZE. Who told us this was nothing – and this was no pandemic at all. That is criminal. WHO TOLD US to travel and not shut things down. That is CRIMINAL. Who refuses to tell the world C VIRUS ( which my wife and i are SUFFERING through 8 days in bed ) that – C VIRUS IS AIR BOURNED and droplet size debate is not resolving the issue – WHO CRIMINALS ARE NOT PROTECTING US BECAUSE LIKE COLD AND FLU C VIRUS IS FULLY AIRBORNE.
  10. Failure to tell us C VIRUS IS FULL ON AIRBORNE is a crime. We have asked the entire world reading this blog – just unite – ban together outside any PARTY BY THE HUMANITY PARTY and vote as you never voted before – all of you – those who never vote – vote – 2020 and vote out the lairs in the most massive WE THE PEOPLE WILL BE HEARD and those who were health criminals – are OUT. No excuse. ZERO TOLERANCE.




American history does not need to be re-written. Monuments and history are to remind us what to do and what not to do. Our history is our history. Whites SHAME ON YOU for using bio weapon small pox on American Indians.  American indians you are not blameless. Slavery? Slavery has been FORUM OF HUMAN INSANITY since society began. Slavery was here in Greece. Slavery is here in Rome. Slavery is 2020 in Saudi Arabia and Asia. Today. Sex slavery. Child Slavery. Indentured slavery. Here. World wide. In 2020 as a form of ignorance  82% of the African slave trade as a DUTCH MONOPOLY in multi century culture that had it all wrong – ignorance – insanity. Do we fine and blame the insane 100’s of years later? Am I responsible for slavery as a tax payer?

The world has gone to wars to end slavery. Countless have died to end slavery. Equal rights ? Civil rights? We have come further than any society yet but we have such a long way to go.

No one owes any generation anything. We all make our own way. In rule of law if you want to change things you do that non violently in the system. If you break laws to change things and chose violence consequence for your law breaking is appropriate.

Defund the police? How insane is that in todays world. The majority are not with you on this minority.




Nothing improves in CIVIL rights without justice reform. The problem IS the SYSTEM. The solution is FIX THE SYSTEM. SO what is required? New laws that look like this:

  1. Federal Police Standards of zero tolerance and rewards for evidence to convict and eject abusive police behavior – first occurence and zero tolerance.  The COLLECTIVE POLICE CULTURE of 30,000 in BLUE IN LA OR NEW YORK must upgrade. No longer do you get a reward to circle blue to protect criminals in blue. REFORM rewards you to exit them faster – thats all. Jump on choke hold and get a metal – taser once – not twice – and remove those who abuse the blue. CULTURE SHIFT by changing the box top rules. ZERO TOLERANCE change the collective culture field nation wide all at once.
  2. Grand Jury Reform – no longer can prosecutors without any defense or rights of innocence at all – call grand jury’s to present only the burden “we may convict” with this pile of evidence with no defense or check and balance to rampant prosecutorial abuse well documented. Defense must appear to the grand jury throughout the proceeding and have rights to address the grand jury with zero input from the government in a fair check and balance. The Grand Jury new standard hearing with is no indictment may be issued without a unanimous vote the case presented has over wheleming evidence of convicting in the crime, where a grand jury reasonable doubt with even one jury member refusing to indict – results in no indictment and defendant is out of any stigma minutes following that vote. JUSTICE REFORM. Grand Jury system is broken and does not protect US from the most powerful central government known to man with the highest incarceration rate upon the earth.
  3. JUSTICE OVERSITE – A PhD constitutional authority citizen panel from major universities would oversight OVER SIGHT COURT for judges prosecutors and law enforcement. This new LEGAL SYSTEM of JUSTICE REFORM would operate outside any contact or influence of traditional law enforcement and final judgements will result in prison, disbarment, de -robing criminal judges – click Reuters INVESTIGATES to read about the 1000 of criminal prosecutors.- judges and BAD FRUIT in law enforcement that GET AWAY WITH MURDER as there is no REFORM CHECK AND BALANCE UNTIL REAL JUSTICE REFOR UNFOLDS. Holding BAD JUSTICE ACCOUNTABLE IN SPEED and outcome re-invents AMERICA.
  4. Crime and Punishment:  The majority of criminals are non violent non victims with harsh sentences that do not represent our values as a nation – mostly for legal pot or other minor drug offences. Lap; top sentences should be abolished. NEW GUIDANCE FOR JUDGE DISCRETION ALONE should return to sentencing. America’s fastest growing city is prison. We do not win the war on crime by building prisons. We win the war on crime by tearing prisons down in AMERICA. Until we do America is rapidly becoming the police KGB state you once most feared. As yourself when you vote – are you more or less afraid of your own government in 2020? I know my answer.
  5. THE WAR ON DRUGS: There is no greater cost to the nation on economics than the FAILED WAR ON DRUGS. All nations should legalize drugs and distribute high quality drugs in the tax and quality systems of nations. All distribution points – CVS – should offer endless FREE RECOVERY PROGRAMS paid by the tax on legal drugs. Black market drug distribution get LIFE no mercy zero tolerance. WE WIN THE WAR ON DRUGS ( as no one can contain drug demand as we have seen for 1000’s of years ) . Creating a CRIMINAL DARK WEB AND DARK ECONOMY is easy to fix and remedy.  Do I care of law enforcement knows my text phones etc. FOLKS THEY KNOW ANYWAY. Do I want a back door to stop child slavery – kidnapping – serial killers – professional organized crime – the DARK DRUG ECONOMY AS LARGE AS NATIONS FUNDING ALL TERROR to stop on a dime? The WAR ON DRUGS is a 100% failure funding crime maximally including criminal states and nations. LEGALIZING AND CONTROLLING DRUG DISTRIBUTION ( as 100% of nations found out ) lowers drug use and lowers crime massively. WIN THE WAR ON DRUGS – new legalization laws – no stigma no user data base used against users – a DRUG USERS BILL OF RIGHTS – crime stops and the war agencies now focus on ILLEGAL DRUG DISTRIBUTION WITH FULL ON LIFE SENTENCE WITH NEW LAW SPEED TRIALS IN 90 days or less no exception when its is illegal drugs. Control opioids. BAN them and opioids are everywhere and in your home community. THE WAR ON DRUGS IS WON WHEN WE EFFECT JUSTICE REFORM AND EMPTY OUR PRISONS OF NON VIOLENT NON VICTIM OFFENDERS. Economics is effected to the benefit of all nations all at once. Stay on this course and you fund black opts – ISIS and worse and the criminals scarfing up trillions in drug wealth do not want you to win the WAR ON DRUGS you have lost into 2020 – utterly totally lost with loss of life greater than C virus from drugs legal and illegal. LEGALIZE DRUGS AND SHAPE DEMAND VERSUS INSANELY TRYING TO LEGISLATE DEMAND – a failed waste of money humanity and nation for over 100 years since prohibition failed.  Current Drug law enslaves millions to work as slave labor in prisons world wide and slave labor in prisons must STOP with JUSTICE REFORM or we have NO JUSTICE REFORM WHAT SO EVER.



  1. We told you markets where now rigged by central banks and state treasury buying stocks and bonds in a manipulation to core economics we told you can not end happily ever after. All economic system abuse must one day work its way through the pipe.
  2. Debt abuse to Sovereign nations and industry is defaulting into a cascade. We estimate 100 trillion dollars will move to default and the world system and order may collapse under the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE BURSTING.
  3. We told OWNERS to consider Fall to Spring the period of maximum risk to their venture space and their personal nest egg space.
  4. We gave our opinion to cash out of phony rigged markets – and to reposition into diversified insurance investing – the only safe harbor for investment ( INTO WHAT IS A 1929 DEPRESSION DEATH SPIRAL ) unfolding into casino capitalism.
  5. We told small business to JOIN CEO SPACE COMMUNITY and to be far more active if you are a member to assure you grow and do well in any future market space – as COMMUNITY will define your second half of 2020. Make a POOR COMMUNITY CHOICE and today – into fall to WInter – you risk WIPE OUT – keep in mind we told you and told you so you would be safe.

Experts suggesting 20x to 60 times PE RATIO is solid as a rock – are in our opinion in error on economics – as your investments today in stocks bonds and real estate and all asset classes ( but the US DOLLAR ) are economic quick sand investments. You may be surprised when you are under your own sand – as YOU FAILED TO ACT on the data sets we have presented to you.



Any reader can scroll and fact check as can journalism and press who got it all wrong – all year – on the points we summarize at your mid year. This Pandemic SUPER SITE is the longest reporting site on PANDEMIC in the world. This site was RIGHT and RIGHTG FIRST again and again. We issued SHAMES to NATION STATE AND AGENCY for getting it so wrong which is life or death. My wife and I have C virus and we are not entertained by the LIARS and we suggest you stop data set buy in from liars. THINK FOR YOURSELF. Think Different. If we did not think for ourselves I would not be healing enough to write this to my leader readers. Thinking for myself has saved our lives ( for sure ) in 2020.

This site was first with the truth from the lies.

This site has fact checked accuracy you will find it very hard to match globally – so check back – our responsibility is to guide very smart business OWNERS and PROFESSIONALS to prosper in any ad in every market. CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL is safe harbor Community. Coming up are SCALING CEO TRAININGS AND NETWORKING AND IN AUGUST THE FULL FREE ENTERPRISE FORUM DECADE # 4 – with skill – tools – tactics – community that are ESSENTIAL ASSETS no longer optional to apply….but always up to you.

We have told you WINTER IS COMING. The virus is AIR DROPLET SUSTAINABLE AND IS NO CONTAINABLE BY HUMAN BEINGS. World Wide failure to wear masks assures the PANDEMIC will slaughter numbers our table on Feb 7th presented To this date in July our TABLES ON FEB 7th were the FIRST PROJECTION DATA SETS and remain in July 2020 the SINGLE MOST ACCURATE TABLES presented to the world press – and fully not published or featured to the world by press – which is a PRESS CRIME.

Prses republishing fake news – SHAME ON YOU PRESS – OF THE WORLD – FOR:

  1. Failure to warn 7 billion of the PANDEMIC when there was still time.
  2. Failure to report the KILL rate where C virus in 50 months is the # killer of humans – you reported opposite – SHAME ON YOU
  3. Failure to report first CARRIERS AND SUPER SPREADERS – we reported both in January – SHAME ON YOU FOR FAILURE
  4. Failure to report C VIRUS is fully airbourne and not containable by any nation state or agency – SHAME ON THE DEATH
  5. Failure to assure NIW  WHO and CDC ( criminal leadership slaughtering millions of us all ) ARE REORGANIZED FROM CRIMINAL FAILED PANDEMIC MANAGEMENT ( liars ). Press truth speakers and remove the liars from jouranlism.

So 100% SHAAME.


Failed Nation State and Agency.

Today unemployment is rising to one billion and 50 million in USA. Press fail to report the truth – shame on you.

Culture – consumer buying – spending – buying patterns – society is SUPER CHANGING ( my five star 2020 best selling. book at Amazon defines the challenges ). MARKETS are SUPER CHANGING. Noting will be the same. Not ever again. Moving into WINTER the SHOCK AND AWE WILL REMAIN:

  1. Depressed economic activity world wide all at once into the GREATEST DEPRESSION SINCE THE FALL OF ROME – well reported here since January. Bone up on the hard data sets leaders can use to safe harbor their nest egg and business.
  2. Debt Super Bubble Bursting into Debt Cascading defaulting. 39 Nations have 2020 credit ratings crashing. Half of 200 nations are moving to below JUNK STATUS. 100’s of billions are now defaulting – Argentina with a 30% economic full implosion – leads but EU nations are moving to default including greece – italy. – spain and 15 others.
  3. The EU is in full on civil war divided and breaking up – the EU may become a worthless paper currency – and the US dollar will become the ONLY GLOBAL STORE OF VALUE. As billions crash out of their phony money – China Yuan – EU – etc etc and try and get dollars – US DOLLARS – the supply of US DOLLARS will dry up and disappear.
  4. Liquidity in US DOLLAR FLOWS will shock and awe the world with debt defaulting cascades outside any rule set that does not end in the failure of the post world war II world order – we see the system breaking as per 1929 – as WINTER IS COMING.
  5. The economic impact of DEPRESSION in economics from soaring failures of nation state and agency ( 100% F grade ) will over whelem health care fall into winter globally – and as the WORST IS YET TO COME IN ILLNESS AND DEATH LOADING the economics into the winter 2020 appear to be BLEAK. Worse than 1929 and far more global. Any TIPPING POINT will now trigger SUPER CRASH.


We told you SUPER CRASH “IS” COMING NEXT. Super Crash is not a one off. Super Crash is a deflationary market reset of failed casino capitalism – into a NEW WORLD ORDER we can’t yet appreciate the new rules that will apply following SUPER CRASH. Super Crash bull market will unfold into SPRING Of 2020 ( Unless we are wrong as we so hope we are but believe we are right again sadly on the economics ).

If our CEO SPACE community take action based on data sets we presented all year to you as leader readers – and we are dead wrong – you win big time and have no risk of losing your nest egg or business. If we are right – then acting saved you when no other choice or inaction can would or will. You win if you act you risk loss if you fail to act.

Which about summarizes 180 days for you at the mid year – if your fact checking us.

There is so much criminal health and economic fraud out in the market working to manage your mental views and prevent panic into SUPER CRASH.


Lies and Frauds ( manipulations and market rigging for gambling and greed ) will fuel a frenzy until SUPER CRASH.

Super Crash has no recovery – so you will know SUPER CRASH because it has no recovery – you will reside in loss and pain and suffering.

July 4th – the GATHERINGS – the conventions the rallies – the world opening – will in fall by OCTOBER present just how criminal this time is. The tens of millions being INFECTED WITH RAPIDLY MUTATING CHINA SNAKE FLU CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC – the # 1 killer of humans Jan to today – upon the earth.

Believe the frauds and the risk for you is high.

Believe the truth and act and risk reduces for you and your circle.

Only you can decide.

Our site has no advertising. No bias. No backing.


This site is a 1988 to today public service for 100,000’s of CEO SPACE COMMUNITY and our friends ( you ) serving owners and professionals as a PUBLIC SERVICE. Our data sets are our own and the worlds. Our publications express our opinion. Disagree? Comment we’ll chat. Agree comment we will chat.

I encourage my readers to ACT NEXT WEEK…..the time clock on what is coming – is ticking down fast for you.