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Our BLOG SITE is the longest reporting PANDEMIC NEWS SITE November to today with DAILY DATA on the pandemic reported here first. First to declare the virus a PANDEMIC in 2019. First to report a DEPRESSION IN ECONOMICS is unstoppable as it unfolds. First to predict the SUPER CRASH to the very week. First to report CARRIERS were the no symptom reason the virus will infect 100% of humanity, will never be removed, and like TB and Maleria killing over 3 million humans in 2020 for comparison, both out of all control and containment both as contagious as CORONAVIRUS in 2020.

Our blog site is the most accurate Pandemic reporting site. We have made since November of 2019 77 predictions on pandemic so far including all the economics unfolding. We have been RIGHT 99% of the time 57 reports that proved accurate into into the future. Nation state and agency lied and continues to lie and was WRONG 100% of the time to this site being the most accurate site at 99% accurate. Leaders share this site because the need to know MORE about WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE. Historic accuracy in predictions makes the site LEGEND for leaders making improved plans with better data.

We welcome our new members and thank our historic readers in 200 nations thank you one and thank you all.






CEO SPACE has a great many VIETNAM members from in nation and world wide and in America as well. We have consulted to Vietnam leadership in the past on SUPER TEACHING for their school systems with Manny Menendez advising advising VIETNAME on CEO SPACE from Hawaii as our faculty. We know Vietnam over decades of history.

The world is seeking ONE LEADERSHIP that did it all RIGHT the FIRST TIME. This weekend our;



Vietnam has direct boarders with China.

Vietnam is China over flow and superior trading partner.

Vietnam Leadership did it RIGHT FIRST and earns the respect and modeling mentorship to the world at large in our opinion. Vietnam leaders are ONE OF THE ONLY NATIONAL LEADERSHIPS WHO OPERATED A LIVES OVER PROFIT POLICy versus all the FAILED LEADERSHIP executing PROFIT OVER LIVES POLICY. LOP OR POL and its a great failure of leadership.

Vietnam Leaders are applauded for the following:

  1. The did not believe China lies.
  2. They acted for their own people first.
  3. They social distance first
  4. They close the boarder with China first
  5. They home confinement first in region
  6. They canceled CHINESE NEW YEAR when PRESIDENT XI asked by Trump to do so – refused assuring 100 million would flow the HOT ZONES and infect the world in eight weeks of time a record in any pandemic.
  7. They open more in discipline than any nation.



What is the outcome.

Vietnam has only 300 infections nation wide and NO DEATHS AT ALL.

Their people were protected by LEADERSHIP that deserves WHOOT WHOOT FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD.

In our opinion advice to leadership on HOW TO MANAGE PANDEMIC should be VIETNAM TO THE WORLD as the ONE NATION THAT GOT IT RIGHT.

This weekend we salute VIETNAM LEADERSHIP FOR PROTECTING THEIR PEOPLE. My press readers front page this story and light up the world where TRUTH replaces LIES and VIETNAM IS NOT LYING.

You got it right !!!!

The CEO SPACE HERO’S AWARD IN PANDEMIC GOES TO # 1 RANKED VIETNAM of 277 nations that got it all wrong – VIETNAM GOT IT ALL RIGHT. Only 300 infections with border with China and ZERO DEATHS – WHOOT WHOOT VIETNAM LEADERSHIP !!!






PS: Authorities elsewhere from FED to WHO to CDC reported as my last blog published that the Pandemic may never have an effective vaccine – humanity may have coronavirus in the population like other entrenched annual illnesses – forever – and that the ECONOMIC DEPRESSION will last five years and will take MUCH LONGER than anyone suspects today. We present that in America for five years all CALF’s in cattle get coronavirus vaccine. It works. Why not adopt the COW CORONAVIRUS VACCINE that is proven to work in cows for half a decade to the human mutated strains and short cut the solution? Talk that up at MONTA LARGO this weekend – hey I’ll drive down invite me POTUS.