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All experts including me, blame the Federal Reserve Board for brutal GREED in raising interest rates following the Great Recession within the most fragile recovery unlike any since 1929…

  • Raising interest rates way way to fast – 10 months versus ten years following FREE $$$
  • Raising way to frequently along the time curve of ten months 100% and 100% up
  • Raising way too much each raise versus more moderate raises along more time


Their charts and data are wrong. They are as we have reported obsolete and criminal anyway. The Fed must merge to restore world order back into the US Treasury. President Donald Trump can not DRAIN THE SWAMP when the base line of water you run the air boats upon IS THE FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD not an agency of nation if any one cares to research but a private stock firm owned by the banks it regulates and others. In secret. The FED is the biggest scam ever presented to the American people and the same holds through for my large international readers and their own central banks, research it all. A crime a fraud a scam.

The FED caused this the experts say. Does anyone punish the FED? Oh no nation can. But they can pass an quick 72 hour emergency law to merge the Fed and its processes into the US treasury that has right data and no conflict to reward CRIMINAL BANKERS with outrageous interest on money they pay zero to develop from YOU. Now there are other problems creating panic.


GREENSPAN gloating behind Bill Clinton in the last THREE HOURS of the Bill Clinton Administration passed the Commodity Modernization Act that had zero to do with Commodities. By a UNANIMOUS VOTE OF CONGRESS as their largest meal ticket is the Wallstreet/Banking lobby. SO this ACT tore to shreds all the depression protection laws. For the first time since the 1930’s the banks could invest your grand ma’s deposits in Kansas in off shore super high risk structured asset derivatives all electronically traded at up to 50 to 1 leverage illegal in the USA.

And now they have.

So the PANIC today is also taking banks – weakly recovering from the bad bets they made in 2007 – and today’s bad bets are now not paying off. This is triggering margin calls. These margin call triggers demand liquidation SPIRALS to pay off the margin bets. Those who bet in the new CASINO CAPITALISM long on the market going up by Christmas will lose fortunes in margin calls as the market plunge reaches past the 2800 structural level by Friday.


All eyes are on China. China is in a structural super crash of its equity and debt values. Its debt at 300% more than GNP creates a totally PHONY UNSUSTAINABLE economy that must hard crash to restore economic imbalances to accounts. The 100 Trillion in bad non performing China debts carried as GOOD ASSETS on institutional bank statements and the nations will be a pig working its way out of the python of communist mis management.

Their law this week as law to RE-EDUCATE – a law to put over 1,000,000 Muslims in concentration camps, and that number is rising quickly to 5,000,000 is how they deal with radical Muslim issues in their nation. What is the difference of Communist human rights abuse to Nazis human rights abuse as those they can not re-educate they simply murder? Perhaps American’s stuck in a 50 mile zone around a burger king and a big shake please don’t fully appreciate the world today.

The Chinese Stock and Bond market if you read back we told you GET OUT. We told you where to look for safety – diversified insurance investing with protected principle. Those who acted and moved out at the ALL TIME HIGH as we suggested all through this summer, lost nothing this week and are saying prayers to our blog. Those who read and played in the casino now are in a position to hold and do nothing. The rule in SUPER CRASHES – when in doubt do nothing…..hold through.

China may sink to its structural testing point today or Friday. WILL THE COMMUNIST SUPPORT THIER MARKETS BY INVESTING THEIR CRAZY RESERVES THEY HAVE FROM CHEATING THE WORLD IN TRADE? IF YES THE CRASH WILL BE SLOWER. IF NO THE CHINA SUPER CRASH MAY BEGIN NEXT WEEK – a ripple the world has never known before and going beyond Communist support ability in any context.

We said the only survival for the Chinese economic model is a DEAL WITH THE USA and fast. Delay is the one cost China can not afford to pay. IS IT TOO LATE ALREADY?




All week I heard on all stations the news – invest in developing nations. You. must own these stocks. The huge Bali Confernce with the WORLD BANK and IMF is under writing the policy that TRADE IS ESSENTIAL to elevate the majority of nations and people out of abject poverty. This falls under Scobie Dooh and DUHHHH ? No one is discussing SUPER BONDS displayed over and over here and in my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION on Amazon.

The developing nations, have massive colonial debt saddles upon them that remove capital to develop their countries without taking on more slavery debt from say nations like China that use money they borrowed in the first place to lend their borrowed money in colonial debt saddles to trading partners stealing their minerals and IP maximally impoverishing those nations for decades to China. Renegotiating forward debt makes those nations satellites of China for breeding and power zone extensions.

Keep the MUSLIM CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN MIND now passing 1,000,000 rounded up in the night, entire families disappearing in the morning, and communities gone entirely. Consider that with zero CNN on THAT item as we report “hate trump” all the way to the election.

The Bali World Bank and IMF have zero IP and solutions presented to resolve the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE they all know is spiraling up until now. Now the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE is fueling the SUPER CRASH AND PANIC as very smart people are holding Powell who is insane responsible for the GREED and lies.

The issue facing 200 developing nations and most of 8 billion humans on the earth starving to death is:

  1. Higher cost of money world wide way to fast to moderate and sustain economics
  2. Soaring oil prices not from supply and demand from an elite oil cartel manipulation
  3. Trade War with tariff’s about to install a phony inflation or rising cost across the board
  4. Sector softness – too much inventory from hard goods to chips – building crashing etc
  5. Election – Prosperity with Congress passing infrastructure and immigration – Super Crash and another Great Recession driven by miscalculation on debt loads by the FED into Dysfunctional Congress – Impeachment Grid Lock and years of economic down bubble. Vote your wallet folks for record high’s as we predicted year end – its all in the election of HOW YOU ALL VOTE.



It is NOT what it seems. Look at China and Russia with digital market weaponized attacks on our markets – show selling a trillion in stocks and in bonds forcing both down into a market panic from AI. Its so easy today. Read THE SECRET WEAPON by DOD contractor Kevin Freeman and Hedge Fund CEO ( CEO SPACE faculty and dear friend mentor ).

Do you not think the FINANCIAL DIGITAL WEAPONS of 2007 are not AI better today? Messing with our election? DO YOU THINK THOSE THAT HACK the DOD NSA CIA AND White House can not influence our ECONOMY right at the election?

What manipulates voters more if your sanctions cost 100’s of billions?

A digital market attack that makes you ONE TRILLION OR MORE IN A WEEK OR SO while you cost one side an election and plunge your enemy into a RECESSION blaming TARIFF policy on Trump so he loses power to negotiate with the enemy attacking our markets.

This blog suggested congress vastly elevate an SEC DIGITAL REGULATORY DIVISION AND FUND IT so that directing in real time how these huge flash trade volumes are occurring and FROM WHO so that digital weapons are identified. We have said also SHORT SELLING Should be a criminal activity as it was after the Great Depression removing casino capitalism from capital circulations.

Today we are in a mess. WHY NOW?

Keep asking the intelligent questions THREE WEEKS BEFORE AN ELECTION when earnings and profits are fine and everything is going into a SUPER CYCLE for the Holiday WHY NOW?



Ask that question?


This folks is not normal or traditional and anyone who thinks this digital AI market is a normal compared to last time market is nuts.

Compare it to 2007 when the Axis of Evil attacked our markets globally.


Consider who gains from this?


WHY NOW three weeks from our election?

The news is so asleep on this. Why are all news media outlets not interviewing KEVIN FREEAN or myself on this ?

A digital attack triggers the panic. IT is so easy and no one reports ELECTION MANIPULATION AT ALL but the yellow brick road starts and Munchkin land and the Secretary of Treasury is not amused and he KNOWS the attack is what it is….they know folks…..

Panic? Our markets are not safe from digital attack and we lack tools to win the first FINANCIAL Pearl Harbor attacks on our soil.

If you read THE SECRET WEAPON you will begin to have the reading glasses you require to KNOW what is REALLY going on OUT THERE….


Our three letter agencies are over time at full war mode at this moment.

And they should be.

I’d so like to see a tweet a sound byte or a story on the Digital economic war taking place today.



Thors Hammer – Fed 2000 2007 – & NOW – OBSOLETE FED

Thors Hammer – Fed 2000 2007 – & NOW – OBSOLETE FED

A miracle occurred today with 800 points down in the markets with 900 points down in previous days now that is an OCTOBER 1987 Crash all over again – and no end in sight Friday. Why?

The Fed is hammering interest rates for greed for its own member profits – all criminal banks who have pled guilty to crimes of the century paying small parking meter fines – no jail. Many again and again. The Fed is owned by these criminal bankers. If I can steal just a minute of your precious time, may I educate you that the Federal Reserve Board and 100% of central banks of your countries are criminal bankers controlling the money supply of your nation as pure legal theft of the nations wealth.

This film tells you WHY to elect Candidates who are informed – and who know the truth of these facts which internet check despite Fed lies frauds and attempts to hide them all – the Fed are spin masters liars to a club of liars dice to a person no honor among thieves:


This film is the truth about the Fed and why you should elect candidates who run on a platform to MERGE THE FED BACK INTO US TREASURY – for without that return of oversight and constitutional safe guards – nations are hostage to criminal bankers whose greed saps the wealth of entire nations to bone marrow with no mercy whatsoever:


This link will create in minutes NOW YOU KNOW what you should have been taught in High School as required. The truth as the lies fall like scales from your eyes.


Jim Crammer following the Oct sell off in stocks, responded to the Fed noting their Chairman would not shed even one tear for the pain that so many are suffering from these loss days, stated:

  1. The Fed is the cause of the 2007 recession which was not needed on any basis.
  2. The Fed is causing another one….
  3. The Fed is using obsolete charts and data and itself is obsolete
  4. The economy needs more time to strengthen as the recovery is not systemically well
  5. The interest rates are being hammered on markets way to fast way too soon

My Miracle – CRAMMER AND I AGREED TODAY. The President agreed with us. The stand out is the Fed digging its heals in. But the Fed doesn’t see the Congress can pass an emergency order ( as national security ) to MERGE THE FED into the US Treasury where all monetary policy must reside to be current in a super change world. Enemies of the USA attack our markets digitally- which is taking place today. WHERE is the mass selling coming from?

Is it Saudi and China with a Russia Chaser all profiting from manipulating our markets as an election manipulation? Who stands to gain right at the election? China? With Democrats. The SEC needs to FOLLOW THE MONEY ? Is this a correction or a digital attack like 2007?

Who holds shorts and is profiting massively in self energized market manipulations? Whose AI is in war with our AI and winning? This is NOT WHAT IT SEEMS.


The Fed reports ( lies ) that the economy is more robust than it is in fact, the Fed reports that its all rosy. But in fact the fed is hammering the markets in a time frame of ten years in ten months. They are INSANE. The FED needs to be emergency merged back into the Treasury by the same 80 page act that set up their criminal enterprise. The FED is a private stock firm without any check balance audit or reporting pure FRAUD a SHAM on the American People. The bought and paid for press won’t even report on it in an election year.

THE FED IS THE CAUSE as my blogs for five years report to YOU. So hold on the Fed is creating this unknown outcome. Why?

  1. The Fed created 20 trillion of free money into the lake of the world to save their criminal shareholder banks from the bad bets they made risking your grand mother’s deposits with no fear they will ever go to jail for their crimes against us all.
  2. The Fed in ten months – stopped accommodation and bond buying.
  3. The Fed then began to sell in a sharply drying up bond lake – liquidity – their own 5 trillion of crap they bought from member banks they now sell back into the global bond market along with record USA debt because they charge us interest to print our own money – an insane concept itself.
  4. The Fed is now not printing money drying up money in circulation massively and the fed is making its money more costly to borrow by 100% and 100% of % in ten months versus ten years – insane economics. No defense.
  5. The Fed lies on inflation we have deflation and there is no inflation its all lies and phony frauds. The Fed is killing the United States for political reasons make no mistake about that.

Why? Trump is draining the swamp and its members can not borrow the trillions and over price everything to Americans any longer. Trump is creating transparency and shedding lights on the Deep State stealing and stopping it. We are talking trillions. If they can’t kill him they want to destroy him to the conveyor belt of unlimited theft versus more controlled stealing back on track.

Crammer said he knows more than Powell on what the economic status is. Crammer does in fact. Powell is making POLICY ERRORS in a new frontier of money policy the world has never known before. Will Powell create a system liquidity crash. I think the risk is massive he will.

Powell needs to SLOW DOWN as their is urgency to slow down interest rate hike policy an zero urgency to raise interest rates so fast – in an election year – in a weak recovery.


What does panic look like really. Real panic ? Well watch now to Friday and you’ll see yourself. The fed is selling record crap into the bond market only Fed lies are no longer working. The Fed risks trashing the US dollar as the World Reserve Currency only self sabotage could ever bring about.

The Fed is:

  1. Selling bonds into the bond market at a pace that is unimaginable.
  2. The Fed stopped buying bonds and now only sell bonds.
  3. The Fed raises interest rates over and over and over the cost of everything else rising – soaring

Now we see a real outcome of failed Fed crises policy. The Stocks fly down ( Predictable into Super Crash ) and the bonds ( normally rise as safe haven ) but they go down too – gold goes down -it all goes down – confidence is shattered in the FED itself.

THAT IS THE CRISES – the Fed credibility is the wizard of oz. The wizard is a fraud. A base line criminal gang of real thieves. Crammer and I long ago stopped believing in both Santa Clause and the Federal Reserve Board.

We no longer believe anything the Fed spin doctors present. The solution is an emergency Presidential legislation to congress to MERGE THE FED INTO US TREASURY. That is the way to stop the crimes.


Democrats destabilizing the market seek to challenge control of congress -another force united to empower the FED. The Democrat radical leadership is too wild to lead – and today they empower the FED where Republicans wish to merge the Fed back into US Treasury for over sight and balance.

Why three weeks to the election is there the market down turn NOW?

You say it is not political in a concert of action.


Will the response ultimately set it all right?

AI is in charge with Super Money pools. I think the market will crash royally and then spiral back up royally as well in these election wars. We’ll see.

The risk…is not our companies and earnings which are so strong …no …the risk is criminal bankers and criminal FED leading them all in a secret fraud that the Film:




Lays bare for you – the truth always sets voters free. if you chose the vote is not about party in 2018…the vote is about:




Is how I see it in economics – politically dysfunction grid lock and tearing the nation to shreds is bad for our prosperity and the world.

Thats all…and now the global forces …all election year three weeks from election are at work….THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK…..

I got this…stay tuned for more for you…make sense?

Berny Dohrmann – Hurricane Surviver in Florida and Serving my readers with the truth






Between Stormy Daniels and a Supreme Court Drama there seems to be the largest crimes against humanity in world history since Adolf Hitler and Nazis Germany atrocities. No CNN of course or NBC on this. The BBC covered it but there is no film at 11.00.

The CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY have been going on for some time. In the north East of China are the culture of  Uighurs. 45% are Muslims. A crack down on their faith has resulted in 2018 massive prison “camps” like we saw in Nazi Germany. Entire Muslim families disappear into these prison camps. Today over 1,000,00 have evaporated into a necklace of camps in the hills. NO due process. Simply squads picking the Muslims up in the night.

The Law was passed today that in Uighur’s province ( and China wide now ) RE-EDUCATION IS THE LAW. This would be like saying the FINAL SOLUTION of wiping out every Jew is the LAW.

The camps force prisoners to chant Communist slogans and to memories Chinese songs and if the prisoners forget all the words the can’t eat and miss meals. Further the prisoners report rape, torture and executions in the camps for re- education. Those who escape state they are not camps but full on prisons rounding up 1,000,000 rising to larger numbers of Muslims.

This 1,000,000 plus arrest and RE- EDUCATION is China’s plan for dealing with Muslim threats. Imagine if the USA rounded up 1,000,000 of our 30 million Muslim Americans and put them into camps. No end date. No release. Endless brain infusions on how great China is and how harmful primitive and evil your faith and religion is which you must renounce or risk death.

WE are negotiating with that nation that hacks all our state secrets and technology IT, and seeks to defeat us in asymmetrical warfare and has long views how to win and sink the USA while it manipulates its currency and trade as we play checkers China plays chess.

Perhaps we should learn how to develop the game rules for CHECK MATE.





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TAMPA home of CEO SPACE now in session is hundreds of miles from the Hurricane. We will have a little rain like San Francisco storms. No biggee – airlines are landing in Tampa just fine. But you know how they all are….we live here….its good….I’m outside typing in my garden office.

We are likely to see – due to speculations do to Super Money AI pools – profiting in micro profits long and short at the same time. Every day investors who invest in fundamentals, and hold through volatility, will do just fine as long term planners and long term investors.

For day traders tying to out rope the AI good luck. You may invest in a stock like Tesla in the Short Seller provided dip – that is wise actually – if your following the distortion by sort sellers. Tesla  and Elon Musk are developing.:

  • Earth friendly power grids such as the world has never seen before
  • Space launch and return and a booming space industry vs business
  • Back up the brain in real time – its under developing with huge spin off product lines
  • Boring that makes under ground transportation give us the future
  • Electric super quiet drones with ranges for military and personal use and taxi and transport
  • Tesla automotive on top of it all years ahead of any imaginable alternative leading the entire industry Tesla began…

The entire auto industry is shorting Tesla to move the lead Elron Musk out. Thats all. The big bucks want to steal Tesla. The lower we go the lower the price to go private folks and keep in mind I stated that here first.

Here is my rule…DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE ELRON MUSK …I know his team is beyond and over the top.

When should you dollar average stocks in volatility high gain markets. I would say Tesla is a great super buy that can explore value over time and the more it goes down with short selling the more buyers can buy and dollar cost average making their huge bucks all the way back …plus you and you alone break the short sellers laying on or lying on their backs today.

Watch the shorts and buy the dips.

There is one great rule for your investment adviser – remained them….

Buy “LOW” …..and sell HIGH………….is that now ?

Berny Dohrmann Year End Booming to Record New Highs by year end – with volatility



We told our readers GET OUT OF CHINA as any place to park resources. Today China has crashed it’s reserve requirements for communist banks in a total PANIC to pump until billions back into the economy, now sinking after Holiday sales end. Now the slide is steep. Now banks in China totally upside down in 100 trillion dollars ( US ) of bad debt the institutions in Communist land hold as good and performing asset on their books and that number now is soaring…can keep less reserves – and lend even more and faster. All against the IMF warning after warning that China may sink the entire world order in its unsustainable Debt SUPER BUBBLE…now that BUBBLE SHOWS REAL SIGNS OF EXPLODING……the only salvation is a DEAL WITH THE USA. Without that DEAL & FAST the RUN on China spells chaos in China markets for years and so much unrequited pain for her people…all do to mismanaged economic policy now beyond wiggle room for further errors and mistakes.

China borrowing 300% more than it makes – the largest debtor imbalance nation is having a run on the NATION:

  • Super Money pools and invidious are panicking
  • China capital is running out of investment sectors
  • Worst Monday opening in years for China today as AI kick’s in
  • Run out of currency
  • Run out of bonds making borrowing costs soar
  • Run out of real estate
  • Run out of banking
  • Run out of everything China

Our warning IF China does not make a REAL TRADE DEAL SOON – America and the EU to follow will simply CEASE BUYING made in China. Companies won’t have a choice. Already massive manufacturing shifts to other nations in region is occurring. Massive return to USA is occurring as automation creates a tipping point on end game cost – China is NOT the price point it was years ago.


  1. State and business are one so the State steals and hacks to protect its business model as a rule of culture versus rule of law. This theft of IP is no longer going to be tolerated and China will be seen as a robber baron state which it is today. Living off the investments of other nations and stealing those investments to rise up as strategy.
  2. Barriers to entry on trade in China are feudal laws from the Middle Ages. These laws in AI money pool land will not stand. Borrowing costs in China supported by ZERO FREE MONEY FROM THE USA and EU for ten years is over.
  3. Soaring Borrowing costs will sink China markets first and real estate into a SUPER CRASH.
  4. Super Bubbles in China – China has hoarded commodities for more than a decade. No rare earth resales. Massive stores of iron, copper, and related minerals. Bidding prices up to levels that are pure bubbles. And Oil. Now China will have those bubbles burst and all investment values will become loss’s. Shorting CHINA is a safe bet in my opinion across the China board as prices normalize as China is forced to DUMP its mineral stores as they crash downward now – in fact they have started already.
  5. This moderates Inflation globally as without Oil artificially and manipulated upwards – as the WORLD IS DROWNING IN OIL as I’ve defined by data so many times – that – all commodities now in a FREE MONEY PRICE BULBLE will collapse.

Depending on WHAT China Communist central planners DO IN FACT the speed is what is not appreciated. If they graduate the mistakes the boom Super Cycle will last till next year – moderate with volatility – and then SUPER CRASH in 2020/2021 – more precise timing is awaiting data. The experts predict this week the SUPER CRASH will be 40% of todays market price – Ron Paul Today predicted 50% – we remain convicted the SUPER CRASH will be 60%. But it won’t last like 2008 as AI profiting in the crash will reward itself all the way back up that rope for those that can hold through those loss on papers for 24 months when recovery smoke signals appear.

So today the market is seeing the bell weather long term COST OF EVERYTHING above oil itself as INTEREST ON TEN YEAR US TREASURY BONDS spiking their largest up spike in ten years in one week last week to 3.25% . The Fed is destabilizing world markets as we stated and as Congress and the White House have stated – but no one has influence on the Fed but the criminal bankers who own the shares of the FED a private far from Gov agency. Scroll and see films proving all the lies about the FED itself as a criminal institution.

So the TEN YEAR “COST OF EVERYTHING” is rising like a mo fo and the fed has no reason or charts for this outside its member greed. GREED IS THE HEED at the FED for its inward profits. The idea their abuse of the system with FREE MONEY FOR TEN YEARS needs to NORMALIZE in ten months is a Fed insanity.

The truth is a ten year modification to normalization would allow the market time to work the enormity of the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE through the system.

China the # 1 debt Super bobble on earth without a Deal with the USA ( economics over politics ) is in global economics – utterly predictable. Run on China – impacts on world markets – and Bursting of the China Super Bubble in 2019 as China sinks into the quick sand of its own making for no reason at all…the Deal with the USA is PROSPERITY to 2030 no deal is SUPER CRASH and China destabilization having zero to do with President Trump or the USA. It is simply turning the lights out as the power in China goes off……




Allow a very old retired investment banker economist give you his opinion. We’ll sort things out.

First we have record sums in flowing from managed stocks including sinking BlackRock and similar tribes as AI takes over money. 90 % of all market is now AI within 10,000 super money pools managed by AI to humans.

We have year end portfolio adjustments I reported this summer taking place now. The balance of stocks at such peak profits will entice AI to move profits out as they also make money on the down side of the rope as they are fully invested on both up and down sides. For this reason big shifts in volatile trades move prices up and down only to recover quickly. We have seen 1500 day swings in index when markets were closed not long ago in 500 price point swings. Today it is nothing to have 500 up or down in a week or 72 hours. It is the new normal.

Today bonds spiked returns to highest level in years creating borrowing cost rises which move massive funds into higher bond returns and peak out markets in equities as borrowing cost is soaring. The Fed we have reported is raising interest way too fast all on fake news in their greed fest and way to frequently. This has always in shrinking liquidity reached a tipping point into recession and it will again in our opinion but not yet.

We have enormous growth in the HOLIDAY SUPER CYCLE coming. A sound bite on softer hiring in September after Labor Day is off set by sharp hires for Holiday workers coming into play now. The lowest unemployment in American in 50 years is only great and even greater news for all of the world.

The State of the ECONOMY is robust.

Profits are soaring double digits.

The expansion can afford higher interest and the FED is on track in its new frontier testing as she goes. They want it to slow down but not too fast and not yet.

2019 looks like a year of growth. If the Congress remains PROSPERITY versus GRID LOCK we will have INFRASTRUCTURE LEGISLATION PASSED and the prosperity rolls on into 2030. If not a recession in 2020 is a risk on item we’ll have to see.

The PARTY into the Holiday SUPER CYCLE is simply the best of any generations globally’s life time. I suspect China and the USA and India and the EU will create a new world order on trade and move NO NATION LEFT BEHIND into a reality. Never perfect but progress is unfolding. Deals are being finalized.

10,000 very smart people are working on all this seeking a way up and a way forward for all peoples everywhere. Protected fire wall trade and hacking IP globally is simply a no starter for CRIMINAL policies that now are being adjusted by who..by the USA globally. Using so many tools all at once. No more talk its real now.

I have a high confidence working in so many nations that the world is going to get better. I have called for a G 100 Regulatory reframe to work on the great issues of economic prosperity;

  • Laws to remove and criminalized speculations from todays global market
  • Laws to self correct unwanted wealth consolidations to maximize circulations
  • Laws to protect IP for all nations
  • Laws to assure NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND

The new order given digital AI trading requires a G 100 ( all of us ) regulatory re-think not undertaken since the Great Depression. I think we’ll even get that done coming up. The SEC is fighting a global great fight but they need more authority digitally and more funding and more frame works. In my opinion. The recent move on Tesla  was appropriate regulatory over sight under the current law. The problem is more real time oversight in digital markets which requires a regulatory re-think.

So you have seen a hit Friday on equity prices uneven and spread due to the spike in bond interest rates. I think the market will adjust and rise to record highs all the way to December within volatility greater than we all wish for and a new normal to profit making as volatility is the new profit driver to maximize profits. The SEC can’t investigate these volatility levels with AI trading without new authority and oversight budget growth.

Again in my opinion.

So the wizard is amok in AI trading and the regulatory frame has yet to catch up in fact. The SEC needs algorithms to catch algorithms. A new AI to regulate AI.

Think on that for a time then watch the Netflix PERSON OF INTEREST as a binge watch this Holiday…holy smokes when you apply it to markets money and regulatory frame works in 2019 and beyond.





The blog this week on FIRE HOSE and or your trickle into 2019 provides data you can use in any business or employment to advance agenda’s. The USA Today reported the lowest UNEMPLOYMENT in 50 years since 1969. This means untold millions are off state support and are now paying into debt reductions to the USA making all projections charts and projections obsolete in the extreme to the positive to USA. I predict the USA credit rating down graded under President Obama with TARP and massive debts will now rise and be restored as floods of income flow into USA Treasury from new income, tariff taxes and rising jobs jobs jobs. September after Holiday vacations had job growth slow a bit but that picks up now with Holiday temp hirings to Christmas. Read the TRICKLE OR FIRE HOSE BLOG and apply the data to your own agenda.

CEO SPACE is serving clients all week starting Saturday in our Capital Mastery to install the master skill for all business owner professionals – the skill to know and understand the option for NEW LAW capital ( easier lower cost lower time ) to use capital to propel hyper growth for any brand mission including non for profit. The golden key the majority of CEO’s fail to appreciate fully is capital itself. The $ 10,000 FREE education and hard skill practice sessions off land these skills to CEO’s who have raised untold vaults of capital over 30 years in the CEO SPACE community for their brands and success. Tuesday to Saturday the full BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE is serving CEO’s and owners to grow faster than they grow outside the CEO SPACE community of resources..our give back to the world now entering decade number FOUR in over 140 nations globally.

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So our work is serving our guests Saturday to Saturday ..we are so busy in this contributive service to planet shifter CEO’s who ARE CHANGING THE WORLD with their lives. Our films and proof’s are on line over a beverage break you can see what a billionaire Fortune Wharton double Post graduate said…in the 1990’s before 1000 improvements were made…

….CEO SPACE “is” the largest download of hard skill tools of my own adult life time…my realization upon graduation from CEO SPACE is I’m consumed with effortless abundance for all my stake holders immersed in contributions making a fortune…to have any spare time remaining to struggle to earn a living……

So Tuesday as the Holiday Gift is posted here -for those who enrich lives of others may I request as my readers that you might –  viral THAT VALUE  to bless entrepreneurs in your mail list to bless their holiday and year end….if spirit calls you to do so in a pay it forward blessing to others and yourself. If you wish to attend our largest riches Holiday Forum this December – the program and hotel will sell out completely so register and reserve hotel space in October is my tip to you as 140 nations will read that Tuesday “can’t so no” offer as CEO’s bring their entire family to the HOLIDAY FORUM….2019.



You have seen what we predicted.

Record all time wealth DOW and charts and graph in all spaces. You have seen unemployment reach a 50 year low in America. You have seen Musk settle with the SEC our recommendation but he feeds short sellers by failing to see the CEO stock value of leading out front while remaining invisible – Musks incapacity to quiet zone himself and allow others like my favorite the Dan  Edleman’s global PR leading firm  to manage the brand and company wins and achievements to market….as the TWEET stock teeter totter is new and not desired in fact. In my opinion. I still advocate Tesla is a great buy in the dip only down from short seller profits and AI reacting to tweet space then adjusting for the volatility you see in that stock.

I bought face book at around $ 150 and looked at it today and elected to hold to Jan as I believe Holiday IPHONE Sales ( my MAX ordered some time back is back ordered to Oct 10th ) and that back order time is growing – suggests the buying bet of Apple to margin is a slam dunk home run.

Today’s report that – Apple has been hacked by PERSON OF INTEREST ( The television show you should all binge watch to see the AI I’m writing about ) – level of intrigue – is that CHINA placed SPY CHIPS in Apple Servers to in effect hack IP from Apple and all Apple users. Apple denies any chips or spy hard ware is in its servers – as the FAKE news goes on …or is it. The outcome of this – will have enormous outcomes as Apple elected to bend to China and place core servers in China for China customers versus the world where servers are not in China – so your data is not at risk…keep that in your mind.

The game which you see in AI and PERSON OF INTEREST is to insert now hardware into the AI server farms to trick AI to do what the stealth war hardened chip inserts direct and no one ever knows at all as decades of data on every click and all IP creations in development pour into the AI or IP thief.


As we have informed our readers for five years. Reporting and press increasingly controlled by AI itself – is not adequately or fully reported. Super Change is the age we reside within and the title of my 2019 BEST SELLING NEW BOOK watch for that book release…..so many aspects of our world are defined in tool sets for high achievers in this new best seller. How do you prosper in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. I’m going to tell you .

The sequel and my best work outside Redemption the Cooperation Revolution ( Holiday gift back ordered always and five stars on Amazon ) is: Digital Manners. Digital Manners picks up where Super Achievers left off…and moves beyond Alvin Toller and his future visions. Digital Manners defines an end game for….AI that is positive for us all versus negative. The future will be clarified in Digital Manners designed to be a 500 million dollar best seller like Rich Dad and others we have promoted but a 1.5 billion passing THE SECRET as a MOTION PICTURE. The world will wake up with Digital Manners everywhere…..watch for both. Thanks to Bill Gladstone for his confidence in this one two title to global readership and shift.


Our readers have long heard me define that focus on the sit com of fake news and world distractions is not what awake brains should be consumed into as you lean into your own joy and gratitude. On Economics we all create OUR OWN ECONOMIES. Great your economies that are booming in any market – be self reliant and less concerned about any outside anything. Lean into positive and evaporate thought time on negatives. Become pro active to what your attention will focus upon. You either CPU your own brains attention or others CPU from their computers and control YOU through your attention. ROB THEM OF THAT VICTORY and claim your own…that is waking up. Place your attention into joy and gratitude and create circles that do – no gossip judgement Balme or negatives – send them to their own toxic circles you remove yourself from. Guard your circles and guard your guards for a switched on turned on home life and work space life and balance in recreation and life joys.

I do. We do. You?

Not so much? Yesterday is already far to late to begin this wake up attention super focus always under your control…minute to minute …you are in charge of. your attention which is your only alive moment as everything is else is brain storms of electrical firing in your brain space….either under control of your free will or under control of others who would control the unawake. Another tip – make the following boxes in your mail system digitally:

NOW MONEY NOW BOX – Action to this week and next income for your achievement performance and out comes in life.

NEXT MONEY NEXT BOX – Action that resolves achievement and income in three weeks to 90 days.

LAST MONEY LAST BOX- Action that impacts income and achievement 90days to year out box – limiting time weekly to that box elevating time to NOW MONEY NOW typically less than 10% of a week fo your time.

NO MONEY NONE BOX – Action that makes no money or achievement of any kind – busy work and non productive work – routines that do not grow outcomes from incoming in your email or call times.

FRIDAY BOX – email Box and also physical box for mail phones and related calls on time – as your attention – your time – moment to moment is your alive moment of master manifestation and truly – what you squander where your time is far more precious than D flawless diamonds – time and what your put attention upon is your wealth. The Friday box drags into itself all negatives – all less than positive joys to handle it once weekly –  9 to 12 noon – freeing up all other time and your weekend TIME for attention that is positive and productive to your attention choice of agenda to focus upon.

Now drag and do not open or read email any longer…to be far too busy creating fortunes to have time to struggle in relationship or earning a living….

  1. Set a time to process email early before 9 to 6 daily.
  2. Drag all emails into your boxes no opening or reading.
  3. Only in EMAIL TIME ALLOCATIONS that never impacts your production performance and 9 to 6 MENTAL AGENDA’s for outcome – then and only then process with attention your emails. Daily on Now money Now.
  4. Once weekly Friday 9 to 12 your Friday Box in a POWER HOUR and all other boxes only Friday 9 to 12 for the rest…delete faster – reply with less words faster. Make better decisions…nothing wonderful happens without a choice from you.
  5. Free up time to create outcomes you desire as you also maximize attention to your family spouse and joy and gratitude and balance and recreations.

You just CPU reset your attention as a more awake being in a digital world and you alone now control your attention. In Time block routines to read news – which has no effect on your economy or life none – catch up weekly – or if you read daily as I do its 6 to 7 AM like Jeff Bezos or Mark Cuban…and we fast scan negatives and seek to spot super change agency we can apply as we move into our day which is no longer email – mail – or in coming controlled.

HIGH PERFORMANCE LEADERS are PRO ACTIVE versus Reactive to incoming. I look at my phone schedule by others on my calendar and meeting schedules and re-arrange them cancel them and render them – in 15 minutes to assure NOW MONEY NOW is my attention and priority. I allocate my TIME. This game I play daily where each new day I lean in to gratitude and joy fully as I wake up because A) I woke up at all no guarantee on that and B) Because I did I maximally can contribute and serve others if I upgrade my own time.

That is my intention for my life TIME. What about yours.

SO – NEWS has zero control on me. I appreciate bought and paid for digital and news manipulations which have zero effect on MY brain choices. My attention is my made in the image and likeness of…and I owe source its best unity back to source in love gratitude joy leading my life into bliss for my self my home my world. I wish to be an agent of joy to everyone I serve….you?

My hope is today…I contributed as what others call me …the reigning Pope of the Human Potential Industry an industry my father founded in the 1940’s and I continue to work to elevate in the 2019’s and beyond….with all the others in our tribe.

…..for us the Possible means…I AM POSSIBLE and the lessons are the best when they are the most challenging….I open my eyes and smile into disaster …what my friend do YOU HAVE TO TEACH ME THIS DAY…..and I find in discovery that the worst is always my best teacher….because I AM ALWAYS POSSIBLE….to the impossible….

This blessing is your first HAPPY HOLIDAY FROM ME to YOU ….Tuesday I’ll gift you another one. Watch for it.

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND …full of promise as your new mail box opens up your human potential as a leader ….with tools that give you prosperity back in the age of SUPER CHANGE within your own new Digital Manners….



Need More?

Leave me a comment below as to the help this made in your life or what more you desire and require and I will to you personally to every comment.







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The last swan song. The leader of OPEC and its inventor, has had a fork in the FAMILY TREE. The Civil War we have suggested is simmering into a boil soon, is unstoppable in Saudi Arabia. Why? One must have offices in the Gulf and local mentor teachers for 50 years to even begin to KNOW the WHY. You have to invest life time to appreciate the culture, the tapestry of tribal histories and prides the majestic contributions to humanity world wide from this region over history of thousands of years that include:

  • Language
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Politics
  • Economics
  • Art
  • Inventions
  • Culture
  • Foods
  • And more so much more

As America must be forgiven as its wealth estate reside within fifty miles of a burger King – super size it all and a BIg shake please. Roll tide and another beer sir. Any sheppard tending bedoin flocks knows more about America by far than America knows about the Gulf ( really ). So it is always complex. Our smarty pant policy makers get it so wrong in the belt way and then for generations we are slammed with inherited layered policy belief’s ( bad software ) of the mind – we can no longer know the WHY of or the WHO? Buggy awful software.

In the ideal America as a nation would have a NASA like Oil institution – which would pay off our national debt. This effort would suck in the engineers of tomorrow and America would immediately embark on:

  1. Oil as national security
  2. Discovery of oil with new safe technologies and improved clean up technologies just in case as SHIFT happens.
  3. New refining that is mirco – low energy in – and much more friendly results for the 1100 products oil provides that there are no substitute for.
  4. The NATIONAL ENERGY AGENCY NEA would foster Hydrogen power and driving us around and electricity would all be from water – non polluting planet self renewing abundant and killowatt lowest cost. Oil could no longer compete on cost alone for transportation as truck and ships would fuel from water. No pollution using motors and engines the NEA as national security would release within 36 months.
  5. Massive new NEA oil reserves would lower monopoly CRIMINAL CARTEL pricing effecting food and health and shelter security for 8 billion humans for a few elites to greed steal in massive tax to energy – the cost of everything – as a crime against humanity.

This ONE HIGHLY PROFITABLE – NATIONAL SECURITY ENHANCING – DEBT REPAYMENT PLAN rips the obscene windfall profits from CRIMINAL PRICE MANIPULATION OF OIL above 80.00 dollars – which is a THREAT to the prosperity of the entire world as OIL today remains the “cost of everything” its packaging and processing with energy – its movement with energy – its entire idea to market with energy cost manipulated to criminal high’s. The PR of the small elite crowd against billion of WE THE PEOPLE presents lies as truth and the public buys the CRIME IS GOOD and pays the cost – one cost 1.5 billion will die of starvation this year because of the elite few in OIL having warm meals in their mansions. It is all a crime and no one in a bought and paid for corrupt den of broken national system models will oppose the MONEY. Now thats the truth folks. There you have it. But hey ..you already knew all that.




So the young Kind in his 30’s but 20’s only as he is elevated to powers is from the family tree fork, where in Saudi one family the founders ruled until now with an iron hand. In five years the family tree forked and the new folks always under the founding family rose to power over that family tree – and those family OWNERS are not entertained with the new branch ruling. So what happens. As we oppose Iran leadership and Syria leadership and we just align up with Saudi …why is that? Lets look at Saudi in five years:

  • Still stone woman to death who marry their love versus the family arranged marriage.
  • Still stone gays to death. Or push them off buildings.
  • Still arrest this year 100’s of woman rights activists never to be seen again – no trail rule of law or life
  • Go to war with Yeah MAN their neighbor – and kill as many civilians as Sadam or King Huesain in Syria
  • Saudi bombs schools hospitals hotels stadiums and slaughters non combatants without apology and thats growing
  • Internally massive lock ups of oppossition to the Throne of any kind – no process trials lots of death and torture though
  • This year the puppy King locked up 1000’s of the wealthy leadership fo the other family tree.
  • He locked up the Bin Laden’s the largest wealthiest builders in the nation.
  • First he asked the boss for 36% of their trillion dollar empire and while they thought about that
  • They locked them all up – some still locked up – no trial no due process – but the Puppy King took their billions – their castles their homes – palaces – jets – yachts and you know kept them for their side of the family tree.
  • The nation is in such debt that they go bankrupt – yes bankrupt – at 39 dollar oil – which is coming without the NEA trust me
  • They have before oil demand globally as we all go off oil – faster than anyone every suspected – crashes utterly a time window
  • In this time window they plan to make a cushion from oil even it it destroys the world system and order as we know it
  • In the end Jordon and UAE are our Friends and the rest we can play with but they are NOT our friends
  • Oh the terror in America from 9/11 forward is SAUDI kids – bought and paid for with Saudi money and we remain their friends why?
  • The Puppy King wants the USA to attack Iran destroy Iran and make Iran economically dependant on Saudi – the kids pipe dream
  • Iran aware of all this and frustrated why America won’t openly deal with it and furious at the Saudi brain washing of America policy makers – can’t seem to get their message right to change the landscape
  • Internal to Saudi the old family tree and its wealth power and HUMILIATION in Saudi – ruling Royals for 70 years of pride in nation – are not bowing down outside force and in power – the Puppy King has some things to learn as this civil war begins to really break out for real. Long memories are in play today.
  • Not in Saudi History has internal dynamic been so massively filled with Hatred one family unto the other and all that is hidden from the world outside but not those of us who have lived inside…not to us.So…it is always follow the money. Today we have the largest wealth transfer in Saudi by criminal theft. We have atrocities in human rights violations – far far from American and EU traditions and values in civilized society. We PR Saudi to be something it is not. Saudi is like Syria and Iran and is not like Jordon as to rule of law and values we can embrace in alliance.

WHY DOES AMERICA AND . THE EU BACK SAUDI in a proxy war with Iran…how is that in OUR Best interest with Saudi organizing 80 dollar oil….it is a SIN.

Oil price should be fixed at a HUMANITARIAN MARKET PRICE not a CARTEL PHONY CRIMINAL PRICE by the New National Energy Agency – where the world drowning in oil supply with crashing demand – has global prosperity assured with NO NATION LEFT BEHIND because – the cost of everything – energy – is no longer under CONTROL AND PRICE FROM CRIMINALS commiting pure crimes against humanity. Rebalancing markets and PR from Opec is all fraud and all lies. Period. The only truth is – Opec is in debt up to their eye balls and borrowing 100’s of billions more – to try in a race against time to crashing oil demand – get diversified economics in thier one wealth governments – PETRO NATIONS – because if oil drops to 39.00 a barrel where they make 300% profit on their product from cost – versus 1000% profit today they need to pay debts – these nations go bankrupt.

IT IS LIFE AND DEATH THIS STRUGGLE. Economics. And it is brutal over there and not OUR VALUES.

Does the Press report the truth on any of this? No the Bought and paid for Press reports OPEC PR …follow the money – who pays for their advertising – oil firms – their client chemical firms and their circled wagons of PR by the billions to BRAIN WASH ALL OF YOU?

So don’t be surprised when these things occur without America doing the one step that pays off our national debt and drops oil from over 80 dollars rising back to 120 under SAUDI CRIMINAL MASTER MIND PLANNING – to say $ 55.00 in a week – with America stating it is FORMING THE NATIONAL ENERGY AGENCY for NATIONAL SECURITY and dumping half our strategic reserves we no longer need with SOARING SUPPLY and CRASHING DEMAND – over two years – prices crash in ONE HOUR. ONE HOUR. We empower the criminals ( the majority of oil firms and the unholy union of producers ) to 1000% margins in a GREED FEST that is going to kill 1.5 billion this year alone – under the age of 35 mostly – that all could be saved with LOWER PRICED ENERGY THE COST OF EVERYTHING and everyone makes a profit. A fair profit. Not a criminal profit.


  1. Oil will crash utterly and never ever recover – when do you short oil – oh right NOW.
  2. Supply sources will soar beyond anything known
  3. Demand will crash outside all global projections which are pure OPEC lies a giant fraud
  4. The speed and depth of the oil SUPER CRASH in demand will stun experts and projections world wide for decades to come
  5. The largest wealth transfer out of oil to other energy sources with LOWER BTU KILOWATT cost – zero pollution- is NOW

There has not been a market shift of this monumental scale since oll came into energy utility in the late 1800’s of the Industrial revolution.

…..the criminal conspirators of this planet killing toxic energy chemical industrial CABAL is the most damaging to humans and the planet beyond all wars and violence known to man for greed and profit alone clouding all sane decisions…the industry is insane and the principles of the industry are insane with zero investing to self correct or dis-intermediate – and todays leadership of that insane industry will see a ECONOMIC SHIFT to the landscape beyond any earth quake known to man in the history of humanity ….in our generation on our watch…the panic in oil leadership globally ….is apparent and their last card trick is WORLD WAR III to have on last swan song slaughtering us all for the elite profit maximizer war breeds….as it approaches do not be fooled…because now you know….the truth of it all….and bought paid for government is powerless to oppose their planning….in fact……historically…..only way can delay their day of the pending SUPER CRASH OF OIL in our generation….you will live to see these words are prophetic……

Meanwhile we don’t know:

  1. Will the Puppy King win or lose
  2. Will violence in Saudi civil war break out
  3. Will they kill the Puppy King and his father ( their fear )
  4. Will they bring prosperity to stabilize and include waring factions in nation
  5. Will the entire Region break into full on Regional border resetting wars

My opinion? NO one in the WEST can answer any of these questions nor an we influence these questions. I personally think we should withdraw cost and presence in the Gulf entirely. Just let the CIVIL WAR inside the Muslim Faith unfold. Will Lap Top Muhla’s win or will 350 AD Muhla’s win? Only Muslims can decide the outcome and it make take generations – their normal history. We need to stay Out . We need to respect all factions and line up with all factions taking sides with no factions. We celebrate diversity with our values not punish diversity which they do with their values.

The savings of pulling out 100% of our foreign aide military and presence – is so great we could allocate 10% of less to ramp up the NEA to clean low cost oil for centuries – new tek to refine and use oil that is non polluting – new tek lower cost and break through new global low cost energy so NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND In energy development food security ( energy dependant  ) health security ad shelter security all from low cost energy the NEW develops and makes available FREE to all Oil Firms….keeping them profitable in lower cost for energy – ending crimes against humanity and CRIMINAL PRICING OF OIL BY ELITES the many against the few – 8 billion of us paying that price to the few….sin ? You can see sin.

Can we do better?

You bet.

One idea can and often does change the entire world …..and so many unite to this one idea.


PS: We are not taking sides we are economic and wish the New King success we are on the side of the PEOPLE of the GULF and their prosperity but not at the cost of the rest of the world…..fair just prosperity…we should all share helping them to achieve economically – the present way leads to WORLD WAR and GLOBAL DEPRESSION …we are against THAT ……