This summer the ‘experts” were staying oil due to the Iran Sanctions would rise to over 100 dollars. a barrel. Debt strapped OPEC began to immediately raise prices into the fall.

This blog suggested a vision of an oil blood bath. We stated that going long on oil would lose fortunes and going short on oil would make fortunes. We told you why.

All the OIL experts were wrong.

We were right.


Oil is in full on bear territory. The WORLD IS DROWNING IN OIL. Opec is a shattered walking dead man. Today MBS is simply a joke as soon as he walks out of any room. No one has any respect for him. Some fear for  their lives from MBS,  but that is about it for the Puppy King.

The LOSS of OPEC wealth from failed oil policy is in the trillions of dollars and is washing Gulf nations in debt never seen before. The debt loads will only rise.

Oil will no longer be price set by speculators.

Oil will not longer be price set by OPEC.

For the first time in this generations memory oil will be set by real market supply demand characteristics of normalizing markets. Oil is cheap. Oil is plentiful. Oil IS RENEWABLE. That is correct the earth shits and farts oil and gas is remaking it all the time. There is unlimited supply of fossil fuels now and for generations into imagination because it is being renewable. The GREAT LIE of scare oil made fortunes on energy – the cost of everything else – including packaging – movement – fertilizers and pesticides half world food production depends upon – and more essentials – that cost of everything was a CRIMINAL TAX on billions and billions of humans and 200 developing nations who never had a chance to be full partners in the world. Why? Because criminals stole the wealth of the world.

So the oil industry has been;

  1. Criminal and what they tell you should be considered not true.
  2. Criminal – poisoning all of us and the planet for profits
  3. Manipulating prices for profits as a crime against humanity

Leading Oil Production companies have economic realities to deal with. The cost to explore to deliver to renew all are capital economic management items. The temptation to join in profit elevators by phony price manipulations have been too great and all firms have played a role in NON ECONOMIC PRICING. This has destroyed the hope and promise of the world for the benefit of the few.

There has not been a social economic standards applied to the oil price gauging. OPEC is the worst of the crimes against humanity. A boys club of oil producing countries seeking to FIX PRICES FOR PROFIT.

That Exclusive Club is worthless today. The USA attacked by OPEC to destroy USA OIL PRODUCTION is an oil war that America won decisively and OPEC lost completely. The cost again is TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

  1. Trillions of dollars in lost oil profits with oil far too low in fact for a very short period of time.
  2. Trillions of dollars on market share loss going back up.

America at 12.4 million barrels produced per day in 2019 on average and perhaps higher is by far now the largest oil production nation upon the earth. We have more reserves and product more oil for ourselves and the entire world than Russian or Saudi Arabia produce or can product. America now controls OIL Prices and OPEC is a boys club shattered by loss in the OIL WARS. Those who stay in OPEC will be forever known for what they are in fact…CRIMINALS.

Respect for OPEC is not only negative it is horrific. Members of OPEC are in fact HATED. Some think they are still emperors walking around in clothes when in fact the are fully exposed and naked to the truth. THEY ARE CRIMINALS and we all HATE THEM.

For what they did to a generation as to where we could have gone and been and where we actually went almost entirely due to artificial manipulated energy prices.

So the OPEC Criminals and their PR teams worked up a frenzy last gasp volley in the OIL wars to suggest this summer oil would now rise to over 100.00 a barrel. Heck they could all just taste it. They spent fortunes form SOVEREIGN WEALTH FUNDS and investor pools nursing the OPEC PR MACHINE oil would go over $ 100.00.


Oil crashed. Oil is in full bear territory. No 100.00 dollars. Those investor dollars from across the world still listening to the criminals got sucked in big time to the LAST GREAT OIL LOSS. Trillions are being lost by those who invested in long positions without adequate heading on the short side. The loss is a blood bath in oil.

Just as we said and told you all – over and over – when the experts suggested we were well….crazy.

Crazy right.




OPEC has been DESTROYED BY the PUPPY KING In Saudi Arabia.  The policies of the PUPPY KING FOR OPEC in 2014, wrapped into a single strategy DESTROY AMERICAN OIL PRODUCTION CAPACITY into the future. Control oil price. That victory of destroying OPEC forever is MBS caused and the win on the OIL WARS from 2014  belongs to only to us. The big loser. Saudi and MBS of course as the leader of the war he himself has lost for OPEC and his people. A loss and wealth shift greater than any act since world war II and OPEC will take 100 years working its way out of the MBA war cost. Thats economics on the OIL WARS. Saudi and MBS lost miserably total defeat and created the great MONSTER the leading oil producer on earth gearing up to mop up OPEC like a bad far in a very old wind from the desert. MBS you are the FART on that wind and your family well knows residing inside the stench of you an insane brain. Daddy made a huge mistake but lacks powers today to fix his mistake – YOU . You are his mistake. Others will fix it for him because the show MBS must go on and the consequence of defeat in wars is well known. For the LOSER. You Puppy KING are the declared LOSER OF THE OIL WARS in 2018 – SIR – YOU LOST WITH KHASHOGGI and KHASHOGGI Defeated you unto your own death sir, in the Palace Civil War you started and have LOST but do not know that you lost because your just so CRAZY all the while everyone knows in all the palaces you LOST THE OIL WARS SIR you lost BIG TIME and UTTERLY AND TOTALLY and the wealth shift back to America the victors is the largest wealth shift since WORLD WAR II. Thank you MBS your madness helped us a lot and has destroyed the wealth and futures of your own people. You’ll know at that very last instant.

What happened via MBS FAILED POLICIES? This happened:

  1. MBS created the largest glut of oil in world history still not worked out of the system entirely and now returning.
  2. The Glut dropped prices by almost 80% for OPEC from 120 dollars a barrel at peak to in the 30’s at the low. OPEC Lost trillions of dollars.
  3. On the way back up, American OIL PRODUCTION Was no SHATTERED and DESTROYED. IT was profit making in the 30’s and on going and OPEC nations had gone from oceans of money to huge debt nation trying to claw their way back which is still taking place today.
  4. MBS as a PUPPY did not see OIL DEMAND is shifting as the world moves out of toxic climate killing human killing burning of fossil fuels. David Rockefeller before he died at age 103 sold out 100% of how family legacy firm Exxon. MBS trying to claw out of his own world glut for a fully plentiful renewing – the earth FARTS AND SHITS OIL like an oil factory – now faces the head winds of the largest CRASH OF OIL DEMAND in the history since the industrial revolution started. BY BY OIL.
  5. Market Share shift – the largest wealth transfer in modern times has taken place as oil contracts shifted and are shifting from OPEC to non OPEC where supply is cheaper – billions cheaper and the refining cost of better oil quality is lower – lots lower.

Then Comes MBS the murdered. Then comes the PUPPY KING as a pure sociopath. Then comes the PUPPY KING Locking up his own Royal opposition and shaking them down for 100 billion and more to secure their alliance or he kills them, and that’s just the ROYALS folks, creating an internal SAUDI CIVIL war the Puppy King has no clue is a death do us part kind of thing. Then MBS tortured and beheaded KHASHOGGI a Washington DC Journalist where his nation is now tied to their murder till MBS disappears from his own dark failed history.

History will record OPEC was DESTROYED from within by MBS. Today it is every nation in the market for itself. Market supply demand will rule the market. Taking care of customers protecting customers and service to customers as never before as with any market is what now the “bow on a prayer rug” to OPEC abuse of economics – a criminal cartel artificially keeping development nations and billions of humans out of their right to prosperity – for a rich click happy hour in economics. That is over. Now MBS in a room has all his normal ass kissing but MBS can’t tell which cloak has the knife any longer. One of them does. Why?

MBS HAS COST OPEC TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND PUT OPEC IN OCEANS OF DEBT as they once and for all have lost all control of the oil market space….why……MBS the PUPPY KING the OPEC DESTROYER. Opec is a joke today that those in the oil industry follow for its PR but not for real oil pricing….not any long and frankly folks not for supply any longer as there are endless options that no longer – THANK YOU MBS PUPPY KING OF Saudi Arabia – include OPEC. MBS You have shamed your great people and you have shamed your great nation. Live with your insanity because what you think about yourself is in fact not reality your high NESS. We all what to know how high are you and on what are you smoking today sir? MBS OPTICS – behind the PUPPY KING’s back billions believe he is a ruthless sociopathic murderer who is engaged in brutal wars his nation can not afford but has no way now to depart from costing untold more wealth from a now debtor nation SAUDI in crises. OPEC no longer believes SAUDI anything and following trillions of dollars of loss to OPEC nations never now to recover plans are under way that no longer include MBS or his ailing daddy the KING but not really.

In the 2014 to 2018 OIL WARS with America – SAUDI’s MBS PLAN and strategy in the war failed, OPEC LOST decisively and the why is all below and the outcome is OPEC is a dead man standing. Economically. Its OVER ……….for OPEC the loser in the OIL wars. Dependent in the end on the USA for its own security and technology to continue….OPEC LOST AMERICA WON OUR best war outcome ever. Thank you MBS thank you so much…….loser……..



America IS booming. The TIE in this election is going to be more of a Trump WIN than anyone understands. WHY? Because the House over the years since Obama has reformed where the SENATE is the POWER as is Presidential Orders. The check and balance on the President by a Democratic SENATE is absent. Other than mean or collaborative modeling in the house ( or even say the potential for getting along to make deals ) the reality is Trump’s powers to get things done remain strong and good. Better at MID YEAR by FAR than Clinton Trump Obama or any recent President. TRUMP WON big in fact. Historically and politically and his team got a well deserved Presidential nod on the victory for JOB WELL DONE. It is real. TRUMP WON BECAUSE THERE WAS NO BLUE WAVE. This election was not about the House slipping back narrowly and its very narrow to the blue side by an inch,  it is the strength Trump demonstrated in gaining in the critical senate the lead law making body in 2019 moving forward and an absolute absence of any blue wave mandate.  THAT IS A HUGE ENORMOUS WIN NO RECENT MID TERM PRESIDENT HAS KNOWN. All insiders know this fact is real. The US is fully divided into REFORMS or NO REFORM camps and the REFORMS surprisingly to many are winning. Have won. Again. Won again.

What created the USA Booming economy now for sure  will continue. Trumps trade war hand remains plenty sharp at the wheel today. Trump is STRONG in dealing to trade deals that will reform the world for 100’s of years moving into a far better American future. Legal challenges to Presidential powers could not resolve in courts before the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION and the mid year both suggests and  promises TRUMP WILL WIN in the Presidential election. bar unforeseen and many could occur events.  If infrastructure passes congress then the stimulus from infrastructure ( trillions ) will achieve ALL economic agenda’s. Which include:

  1. Infrastructure off sets the insane pace of Fed interest rate elevations way to many too frequent with unintended fatal consequences to global economics with a single error and mis fire due to the new DIGITAL ECONOMICS the Fed has no charts graphs or data for which is the NEW ECONOMY while they run the old economy. INFRASTRUCTURE offsets their failed policy to moderate liquidity and monetary policy at this time. Check mate. The ECONOMY BOOMS IN THE USA into 2030 from one act of Congress – Infrastructure pure economics. The Fed contracts the lake of money to grow. Infrastructure rains on the growth lake for decades forward. The economics of improved infrastructure is vast economic growth capacity.
  2. America with INFRASTRUCTURE modernizes and upgrades. We step back in front and we lead the entire world for 300 years all because of one bill from congress. That bill is now likely because TRUMP won and insiders all know it.
  3. Our unborn have clean water – environmental everything – a future one can’t imagine – and a nation one can’t equal. Does the world want to move and live I Beijing? Nigeria? Japan? India? Or is it still AMERICA that the world would most consider to live and raise families  within?
  4. Infrastructure will make us wealthier reduce crime and make us so much safer. Immigration policy will still keep America open for LEGAL versus illegal immigration which does EFFECT CRIME and by enormous % if you chart policy to crime.
  5. Infrastructure will RE-INVENT AMERICA at core. If we take the option to upgrade our entire nation in decline from bridges to road ways to water systems to everything. All living things grow….America too….or they ROT ( see Saudi ). Want to live in Saudi today?

AMERICA is booming in 2018. All time record equity and bond wealth and real estate wealth and all wealth is unfolding in America today. The election presents a SLING SHOT EFFECT TO AMERICA and you will see that in every aspect of American life. The economic boom, the largest lowest in recorded history of record keeping will now be on going and could pick up enormous forward momentum. Here is the WHY and its all GREAT NEWS for BEING AMERICAN.


America is now the largest OIL PRODUCER on earth – by far. Passing in JUST  the past 12 months MBS and Saudi as a leading producer now in decline and passing Russia the number one producer pumping all it can and we passed RUSSIA in 2018 to become the WORLDS LEADING SUPPLIER OF OIL UPON THE EARTH – because there IS SOMETHING SPECIAL ABOUT THE ONE THAT STARTED IT ALL……THE United States OF AMERICA.

Wealth? Paying off debt? Let’s look to just oil while other other minerals are inside America as we desire them counted by the 100’s of trillions in real global wealth  as well – all from Rare Earths to any and every required anything. God Blessed America. But lets say we are the best nation debt to wealth ratio in fully adjusted balance sheet accounting of any nation on earth. We have the superior system of transparency and regulations and we have the most tested system the backbone to the entire global system, proven, and we have the least bad death showing on institutional balance sheets compared to bad debt fraud ratio’s reporting on bank balance sheets world wide. AMERICA is the safe harbor the safe haven the back bone of unlimited gold silver and minerals we don’t even mine really and oil which we now lead as a mineral wealth…well….everyone. WE lead EVERYONE in that wealth passing OPEC in 2017 and Russia in 2018 and to output no one has ever known before in 2018 and 2019 leading the entire WEALTH WORLD IN WEALTH ITSELF – AMERICA.  The victor in the oil wars….THE USA WON THE WAR. Oh we can pay our bills with chump change and today the world credit ratings agency should close the year tasing the USA credit rating to its highest level again downgraded under President Obama as a shame on US. It is time to erase that shame folks or the rating agencies are looking at wealth charts I’m not seeing myself. THE USA is # 1 and our rating should reflect all that lowering not raising our borrowing cost because we have the WEALTH today. BET LONG ON THE USA go short on OIL crashing as we predicted.


  1. America debt against income and assets is like a 12% home loan. We have plenty of asset power to borrow against and that was all before oil.
  2. America has the largest oil reserves in the entire world.
  3. America has produced 2 million barrels each day more RIGHT NOW than we did one year ago. This is flipping the finger at MBS who tried to destroy the American production industry.
  4. America oil production passed in the real election the economy – 11.4 million barrels of oil per DAY – for us and for export – per DAY folks – 400,000 barrels A DAY UP From LAST WEEK.
  5. American OIL controls the price of oil and OPEC thanks to MBS is dead on arrival as a forward anything on price. The nations hate MBS and are all going it alone what’s best for them with full knowledge and HATRED that MBS failed policies lost them trillions in real dollars and real on going market share never not ever to return again to OPEC. There are better options. US COMPANIES are selling cheaper better oil and they have plenty and they are CARING FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS who are not required to kneel.

The US ECONOMY is secured by the economic war that MBS brought on his own destruction of OPEC as end game for OPEC. Nothing inspires America like THREAT. You threaten US – really? Have you read history books at ALL? Threaten US. Say Bin Laden – now there is a Saudi for you financed with SAUDI MONEY like 9/11 was financed by Saudi money. So they kill over 3000 of us. Then we kill millions of them – far more than 1000 to one or 10,000 to one and the Saudi tribes invented MATH go figure. The cost of a threat to US is not a recoverable event. As MBS THE PUPPY KING full on threatening to DESTROY USA SHALE PRODUCTION. Our American folks from the board room to the oil fields say what American’s always say when you full on THREATEN ALL OF “US” – we reply….
“bring it…….just bring it on…….”

America destroyed MBS in economics. The on going loss to Saudi and OPEC nations from MBS insanity is on going. Follow the Puppy King by all means it only helps AMERICA. Thank you very much MBS we could not – NO SIR…we just could NOT have ever done it all in this TIME FRAME sir…without your insanity of threatening us. Thank you very much….say it like Elvis Presley to MBS if you see him for me.

Economically sine 2014 oil wars began America has won and OPEC has lost ( in effect everything including their prestige and unity ). MBS we just could not have done all this without you – moved trillions from OPEC back to AMERICA where we now are making so much money just so much…thank you sir. You have killed your own dreams along with journalist Khashoggi’s marriage.

AMERICA will avenge that is average folks a world out put in oil after the oil wars the world has never known before from any nation and that will exceed 12.4 barrels a day and we can’t say how much higher than that because our boys and girls are working on all that. The only records they can break today in America oil production remain THEIR OWN. Bet LONG ON AMERICA bet LONG ON DOLLARS because the back bone wealth of the world – low cost energy – is controlled today and once again BY AMERICA. Did you not see the baton pass from MBS to America ? I dd.


There is no Link ( says congress persons and others at the top ) between cancer and smoking cigarettes. The tobacco companies hid what they KNEW and had to pay fortunes for those crimes.

There is no link between endless violent video games and movies and media saturating brains – primarily with gratuitous sex and violence – our number one export is these entertainment products. They are science designed for maximum addiction like cigarettes.

They create untold horrors in bad brains who fail to appreciate triggers – get help. – understand when acting out they are not in a VIDEO GAME. You can see it on their faces. WE all can.

The issue is WE NEED LAWS to have STANDARDS NOT CENSORSHIP. Violence should be preclude until age 21 and then with warnings and help included that these games are not reality and no thinking should transfer from a pure entertainment to a reality in life outside the game. Killing is evil. Taking a life another soul from their earth walk is evil and always wrong. We can put this in the games. We should.

WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING although the largest export industry soon being passed by OIL is suggesting – do not touch us ….there is no link to our product and the violence we have seen over ten days to the California bar shooting taking 12 lives on police life all for why? The common thread is the game time the shooters are proven to consume. THAT IS THE COMMON LINK ….the cancer to smoking stats the violence to game stats.

THE MOTHER OF ALL TORTS is holding all game and entertainment firms liable for the COST OF STATE AND FEDERAL VIOLENCE repaying those costs entirely plus damages to all victims of violence from a jury award. THAT TORT WILL RESET standards for what flows into our brains.

In DIGITAL SPACE we are conducting a totally uncontrolled experiment on humanity. Today the hours consumed by digital products in young formative brains are RESULTING IN ENTIRELY NEW SYNAPS PATTERNS FROM OLD BRAINS ( mine ). YOUNG BRAINS ARE NEW BRAINS AND NEW HUMANS. They think differently. They solve problems differently. They view reality differently from old brains.



Note: In a nation over over 300 million the bad brains acting out are few – a fraction of 1% of us – a tiny few bad brains – what if media ceased reporting crazy brain news – all terror and crazy brains saw no publicity ever again….what would that do to crazy brains acting out just that news black out on the crazy brains? What if the news only referred to Terror and those acting out – as ANOTHER CRAZY BRAIN did x y z – limiting if not black out – because – THAT would have a positive effect…..I”m just saying so you can discuss it among yourselves.



My last blog told you all as American voters how Proud I am of all of you. We all won …having nothing to do with the election itself. We American’s won through expression.

The ECONOMIC OPTICS are of course worthy of review:

  1. The Democrats  spent around 3.8 billion to win the House of Representatives by a decisive margin.
  2. The Republicans spent around 1.2 billion and others a bit more total 5.2% a record up a billion from last time.
  3. This election optics elates those spending as BOUGHT AND PAID FOR GOVERNMENT is still well and alive.


In America, voters not truly informed on the economic optics that shape their lives, vote based on bought and paid for media to assure that their vote goes precisely where it belongs. The science of buying a vote and predicting and controlling vote outcome was a tie. The Republicans gained in the Senate and held which is a tie and the Democrats won back the HOUSE from 2010 …celebrating today.

THE USA returns to Dysfunctional Congress – impossible on national agenda’s as before – with infrastructure the wild card. Without infrastructure two things occur. American declines. American can’t offset the policy error written about before the election – the CHINA DOOMSDAY EVENT – of the Federal Reserve Board who steeped in an old economy before the world DIGITAL FULLY LEVERAGED GLOBAL MARKETS IN AI today – fail to see the speed by which their interest rates error in policy triggers a world wide debt default cascade and what we call LED DAY. This risk is forward from the boom times we will enjoy for some time yet.

Dysfunctional Congress Nancy Pelosi cited today is about one and only one item – stop the GOP. So the dysfunction ( no longer a check and balance process ) that gave us 1.4% GNP versus 3.5% is now an item o the table. Endless investigations and even impeachment are being SET UP now as items for the bought and paid for Presidential election. Congress and the system as it is – lacking reform for Justice Elections and more – keep America in a contest of who can feed and legally steal public money from the public trough’s.

Think on the economic optics. Do you have any clue who paid the winning hand at 100% more than Republican money – the 3.8 billion spent to BUY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES? In many respects the republican lower sums to invest resulted in a tie – big gains in the US Senate the body that will never impeach Donald Trump. So legislation now occurs when congress can make a deal – just like the last 20 plus dysfunctional years. As a  long time advocate for small business on Capitol Hill we would say – nothing changes in Washington. It is for the professionals, just about the same as it has been for three decades. Only the AI and money sums flowing are new.

Still we AMERICAN’S WON. The voters voted on what that money was spent to have you KNOW. The majority on all sides voted based on that election science, which is now more proven today. You can be bought with prediction but the cost as with health care and elsewhere are soaring. IF THE FED USED ELECTION YEAR INFLATION TO DETERMINE MONETARY POLICY THE INTEREST RATE WOULD BE 21% PRIME RATE TODAY AS WITH JIMMY CARTER.

But election year increased of 1 billion in this mid year is not a factor to monetary policy regardless of how our money is stolen coming up.

WE WIN because good kind Americans who care deeply about their future and this nation voted. It is something we did together. No one has discussed the economic optics in their mind when they voted. You voted pure. You voted strong. WE DID THIS TOGETHER all of US and we all WON BIG TIME. ITS A TIE and nothing changes really and in America perhaps thats good. Perhaps real change should span more time. WE ALL WON and America won with a successful election the entire world of billions upon billions have been following. TRUMP is as predicted – weaker and thats a fact. But with Senate control ( THE TIE IN THIS ELECTION IN FACT ) the Trump Train still has plenty of steam. Watch.



Just what you have been reading. You should record all time high stock market rally’s. All time year end wealth effect. A 1 trillion dollar first time ever holiday buying season. FANG STOCKS back with a surprise to many. Oil long sellers having a blood bath. Trump dumping oil Stocks from reserves a glut market for  years no longer needs with America the # 1 producer in the world in 2019. Oil down down down offsetting some of FED dollar and interest soaring inside a trade war.

A honey moon period all about COOPERATION and the end of combat government. Some skirmishes setting 2019 agenda’s before Congress leaves for Holiday seasons soon. NO real anything to year end. A great time a great holiday a Great Christmas for all.

2019 The cooperation disappears and the same teams that brought you SUPREME COURT #METOO will now bring you a sequel in meanness and personally cruel politics. Why? Endless set up ups. Flurry of activity by Mueller into a final report so he can get on with his life – negative as that bias reporting will be – it will not be over. That report will be used to further set up more investigations mapped out in time to bought and paid for Presidential elections in 2020. It is being set up now. Taking off from this election as momentum.

The message for the money in economic political optics – HATE NANCEY PELOSY was effective in Trump base markets for voters – HATE TRUMP was effective for NANCY Markets for voters. HATE WON. HATE WORKS. It has worked in the past and it worked in 2018 best yet. The idea is to control like a lense where the money is spent with bought and paid for voters ( tested to perfection ) until and unless the voters simply won’t stay bought. Then we have something new and they adapt. This is how professionals celebrating today THINK. The AI worked. The new integrations work the big word now is INTEGRATION MASTERS. Both sides won and the tie is not un-noticed as both think to tweak how to fire their long term ( two year ) and short term – 2019 and 2020 political weapons – to control how the largest customer in the world – the US GOVERNMENT buys and to whom it will spend. As most of the biggest customer buying goes to insider special interest the notion of 5.2 billion anything outside a few hundred million came from us – and the billions came from customers of the USA who wish to assure their price and buying rises with this win. ITS ABOUT THE MONEY.

Until we voters change that we have what we know. THE AMERICA we all know so well.

No one lost. No one one. It was a pure tie. Money was spent and it worked. what is amazing and everyone is pouring over – how could the republicans spend so much less – 2/3 s – LESS _ and still TIE and do so well and pick up strength not lose strength in the US SENATE? Also some very TRUMP folks are now in the House. So it is still black and white. The Democrats out spent and that outspending WINS BIG TIME for their contributors who now want pay back. Pay back for Trump cutting billions out of their pay trough or limiting the pay trough in the future they already feel they bought and paid for.

SO in bought and paid for DC world – nothing changes. We have the same grid lock dysfunctional congress we have voted to elect for over two decades. We know what to expect. We know how that works. Nothing changes as America like the movie JUST WENT BACK INTO THE FUTURE….which the market soaring will defines as sigh...its predictable again.

What you read in the news is a small part of how Washington Works. What you see in HOUSE OF CARDS is more like it in fact works. It is hard ball. It is the AAA GAME no higher game. No higher money. No higher stakes. Those who know the game ( fund our industry with the largest customer always the USA ) and gain that access by paying for it. All access is equal – they left that out of the constitution.

So we won – doing this together.

The Nation won because no real change.

The system goes on and we know it all so well.

So the entertainment of the largest most successful broadcast sit com in human viewing history – billions focused over any other show – THE TRUMP WHITE HOUSE SIT COM – goes on and its ratings have only gone up now from what comes next. For a time America you get the following rewards:

  1. A honey moon period – with all the great words.
  2. A boom that will rise from the record Holiday year end 72% spending on everything
  3. A GREAT HOLIDAY SEASON with limited drama on the downside ( we hope ) and major drama on calm and family and US really – for a GREAT GREAT NEW YEAR as well.
  4. 2019 will unfold well in over economic optics
  5. The rate of growth may not match 2018 depending on compromise abilities we doubt historically are even possible.

Dec 11th CEO SPACE hosts a REUNION of its 147 nation of CEO MEMBERS ( lifetime members ) to network CEO’s who own business – together – to accelerate in the age of the Entrepreneur the new tools and tactics to navigate through the economic optics of year end 2018 and Jan Feb March 2019 – at our lowest new CEO member price ever. Last chance to lower taxes for a lifetime business asset this year – first chance to accelerate ( guaranteed ) on Holiday momentum into 2019 – which most will limp into versus roar into the NEW YEAR opportunity. Our DEC 11th CEO’s will all ROAR into 2019 inside the longest sustainable economic expansion in recorded human record keeping.


We did this together and I”m so proud of you.


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Today we voted. Today we did the deed. Today we all did something together. I am so proud of all who voted. Irrespective of political theater and outcome our nation runs on debate and free discussions and compromise to out comes. So the election outcomes either way may be over rated in fact. The issue is we did something fine together. We once again and perhaps as never before in 50 years demonstrated with all our diverse views what it truly MEANS TO JUST “BE” AMERICAN. Did we not? The entire world see’s us and says – with operations in 147 nations today – that – the world sighs a relief and returns to the truth….what is wrong with AMERICA is always and I mean always fixed by that unique wonder of our world and constitution still driving the nation – by WHAT IS “RIGHT” ABOUT AMERICA.


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  5. The boom continuing into 2019 the longest boom growth period in our lifetime.

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I’m going to summarize half a decade of economic blog data here, that seeks to alert China leadership TIME as a healing asset to their own economic Super Debt Bubble, is running out completely. We join the IMF in noting that China strategic plan resides on assumptions that are inside core economics, prove to be unsound. The two reasons data China relies on in planning are false, has to do with globalization they lead, but fail to understand economically, and failure to appreciate all their educated advisers are OLD ECONOMISTS educated in the 2005 period or before like a conveyor belt to market place from ivy league Universities world wide. My favorite absolute failure to appreciate anything about what really works in FREE MARKETS that GLOBALIZE “or” the beginning of any theory for entirely NEW ECONOMICS – The DIGITAL GLOBAL MARKET PLACE.

Central Banks support Milton Friedman ( I’m not sure he is dead and stake in his worshiped WRONG THEORY ECONOMICS OF THE PAST  heart might make sure – followers of old Milton read Naomi Kliens SHOCK DOCTRINE on just how wrong minded MILTON failed THEORY’s are and just how destructive to nations ) are both wrong theory and unaccommodating theory to the largest wealth shift in human history EVER. No one see’s the rising risk so we will point it out to you all on election day.

We are writing to you all with great respect for positions you hold today. Political entrainment we never report on only economics. . We now see 5.2 BILLION DOLLARS as a digital election industry, that’s also new in politics itself now AI driven, with 3 billion US dollars spent pushing hate Trump with endless reasons WHY all super ( as you know ) saturating news what saturates news economically, all election focus on hate Trump. The haters are to a lesser degree facing future economic outcomes ( disasters )  the haters attempt to dilute with their vastly higher money to derail Trump power to diminish Trump in the world theater. The OLD STATE and a REFORM STATE model at full on economic civil war. Your brains are the battle field for ownership. I’ve said moving forward we can economically not politically afford electing a President in this complex DIGITAL ECONOMIC SPACE and fail to elect that party in control of a working congress. Congress dysfunction has led in part to this crises brewing below – and the new model to work out of crises I believe is whichever party you elect to lead elect the congress to work – no more voting party any longer vote as you chose but vote congress in for that leader too. Make CONGRESS WORK so we have time to work out of looming economic system destruction. A new way to think about elections economically if we all voted our wallets and we had the right and full information. VOTERS WHO ARE INFORMED SUSTAIN DEMOCRACIES and DEMOCRACIES ARE LOST WHEN 5.2 billon mis informs voters in my view of the new ECONOMICS today.

I no longer watch electronic media save for shows I select on line for hard data. I CLICK to RESEARCH and get data raw – chart in our own software and compare to other team conclusions traveling on stage with the leading advisers to Fortune firms and the leaders of state. Together we form consensus. No one on our team cares a whit about personality or the war in politics. We care about economics and economic outcomes. When POLITICS RUNS ECONOMICS we end with system melt down as we are going to do once again but not now and not yet. When ECONOMICS RUNS POLITICS we have periods of long expansion and growth.The normal state of healthy economies is growth. Only outside economic abuse of that natural state ( unregulated it rises up fast due to greed ) and only appropriate fully current regulatory frame works can assure longer term stability in complex global systems.

The natural state of economics is GROWTH. Australia has not had a recession in 27 years. Boom bust events are induced by political theater at the Fed generally. Make no mistake the FED is guided by old BRAIN ECONOMISTS doing the very best they know how to do – which will lead us to repeat Fed backward looking history in economic current account realities – as they simply error on time itself first and foremost. The data they use lacks fullness to the ECONOMIC SUPER CHANGE and no longer is in fact accurate. SO we are steering blind. THERE IS NO URGENCY TO NORMALIZE INTEREST RATES. We can do so far more gradually and we should Now let me tell YOU WHY it is all China today. The end of the world. Perhaps as no one cares you might care as THE EVENT we have reported about here all the billionaires are investing to survive – is coming. WHY is up for debate.



In 2007 the world financial markets changed forever. For the first time the weight of trading by percentage still not yet 50% of all trading had become digital. All digital markets had been hacked and the trillions of wealth stolen, in cash and in IP globally, is new. Nations could catch the leaders in weapons, space, industry, weapons, anything and everything, by stealing their software. While old economist brains were working on old economic models and the USA the engine of the entire world – with boom go go years into 2007 and the crash that followed.

At that time an axis of evil tested a digital weapon on western markets. The weapon massively had bought short positions globally within an alliance of profit making nations in on the test of the new asymmetrical warfare – all detailed in hard data by Department of Defense contracting consultant hedge fund manager best selling author and CEO SPACE FACULTY – Author Kevin Freemans THE SECRET WEAPON. The head of counter terrorism states in Kevin’s book that Kevin’s book now defines what KEEPS HIM UP AT NIGHT Protecting all of us. Voters have zero clue on the threat. It is economics.

No can win in a war with the USA in all ways of looking at it including total nuclear war the USA is the best place to BE no where else will survive as well and no one wins such wars no one. NO ONE CAN DEFEAT THE USA militarily. Defeating the WEST IN ASYMETRICAL ( DIGITAL WARFARE ) was possible until Phylis Newhouse of http://www.extremesolutions.com created the DOD CYBER WARFARE COMMAND CENTER now catching UP in 2019 and moving back into the lead on CYBER WARFARE going on full blast right now. The tools for the warfare came from Putin where he lost all control when China and North Korea and Iran weaponized these new digital weapons. The subject of which is too vast a data pool outside Kevin Freemans documentation – read the books including GAME PLAN where Kevin defines nations have NONE. ZERO. And Why. So while China has used restraints others have been told – use these weapons on our markets again and we will nuke you off the earth in 30 minutes. So that message IS out today where it needs to fall and you are seeing the real part of why things are moving as they are. It is a ballet to get into cooperation versus competition and to reach NO NATION LEFT BEHIND in a new post World War III Digital asymmetrical warfare where Trade wars lead to digital peace agreements never required in global economics before in history.

So that’s NEW to YOU. Never happened before and its the highest risk to world order – digital weaponized economic disrupters DWED. Wed is the fear and we are no where NEAR defending against DWED technology today. D-Wed is the face of the enemy today. Hacking the world’s IP – every nation for themselves – no rule of law in the great DIGITAL DIVIDE which IS evolving faster than regulation frame works an imagine the problems to regulate. See all social as examples.

The world has changed forever. Economic markets are now entangled in ways that elevates SYSTEMIC RISK to levels unseen by all brains educated in OLD ECONOMICS that apply to driving like the Stanley Steamer operator pre heat and start up instruction manuals for the driver of Henry Fords key started internal combustion engine. Economists can not see the risk and do not recognize the SUPER CHANGE SPEEDS ( the title of my new book coming out in 2019 from major publishers ) that CREATED THE NEW ECONOMY – as their OLD BRAIN ECONOMICS are policy errors in sequence with out comes their OLD ECONOMIC NOW OBSOLETE ECONOMIC THEORIES blind them into paradigms that will not and can not shift.

If mentor John Nash from Princeton were still residing his ability to pattern shift new economic theory from competitive false math modeling into cooperative math modeling which NOW APPLY would give us some speed for NEW THEORY ADOPTION at a top spot. John Schiller thank God is seeing the NEW THEORY UNFOLD and frankly I’d like to assist him in publishing up on NEW ECONOMIC THEORY TO RE REGULATE AND OUT OF CONTROL UNREGULATED LIKE 1900 – FINANCIAL INDUSTRY AND MARKET NOW MATURE AND GLOBAL FULLY BUT DIGITAL OVER 90% IN TRADING PRICE MANIPULATION.

80% of the advice pouring into nations and sovereign wealth funds is from OLD BRAIN ECONOMICS ( experts that are not obsolete as a DOTTO BIRD ). Leaders rely on the old modeling as if it was gospel. Mostly from dead and buried Milton Friedman whose theory won a Nobel Prize and was proven SO WRONG in 2007 taking us just where in NEW ECONOMICS we did not “risk” going – but “went” – because old brains see old models.



I’m going to leave Jargon hind and attempt to display the PROBLEM in summary of my past five years publishing hard data on these cause items but laying it out so the simplest reader can follow the NEW ECONOMICS.

1. Super Money Pools following their first experiment in using digital to manufacture a model that had risk less risk – which is always a sin in all economics. Risk and Reward are linked and may never be unlinked. In this post crash effort from 2015 to today over 90% of all trades have now moved from human managed money from the modern system the Italian Banking and French evolved 1000 years ago until today – human old economics on money.

2. Regulations: Were formed to manage humans managing money. These laws and regulations were old theory models the NEW DIGITAL WAR LORDS knew were bypassed like open heart surgery so the money flows in the DIGITAL CLOUD the wild Wild West of under regulated economics.

3. Regulations no longer work. The largest banks the leading brand banks have all pled guilty to criminal charges stealing billions in the new Digital Space. Berny Medoff stole a snickers at a 7/11 store by comparison ( scape goat ) . The real cooks never went to jail – paid a very small profitable fine and outside runs out of criminal bank in Germany and Wells Fargo in America.

 and and Wells Fargo only the public is really punishing the banks – by moving. Regulations fail today. Know that is true in economics and the criminals who did it all are still present rewarded with wealth and bonus fee’s too great to imagine giving us first underside outcomes of the new SUPER CHANGE to the entire world order since World War II now largely completed without any SEC like DOD upgrade in budget by enormous sums to REFRAME THE DIGITAL ECONOMIC Landscape to NEW ECONOMIC THEORIES THAT ARE EVOLVING TOO FAST FOR REGULATORY OLD BRAINS TO STEP IN FRONT OF.

In Summary. A new economic theory is evolving with AI digital controlling now 90% of capital flows over 440 trillion dollars of settlements for all global VAM and VAM was not even a factor of liquidity risk or leveraging risk taking that the new economic is built upon. The rising risk revolves around the LARGEST SUPER DEBT BUBBLE IN THE HISTORY OF MAN KIND WITH WEAPONS THAN CAN PUSH US ALL BACK TO THE Stone Age AND MAKE THE PLANET VIRTUALLY UNINHABITABLE FOR “US” AT ALL. Imagine the heat index rising of an all out Nuclear war with fragile environmental’s today failing to accommodate in ECONOMIC THEORY the RISKS of:

1. Digital Theft now rising to ten trillion in wealth to digital thieves many of whom are sovereign nations actings as economic pirates in the new unregulated DIGITAL ECONOMY. The New DWEB has evolved too fast for old brains to begin to in looking only BACKWARD at obsolete theory charts – see the risk and danger or yet imagine the process or mechanics IN NEW ECONOMIC THEORY THE WORLD DESPERATELY NEEDS – to overcome the economic loss factors piling ever upward – sapping economic productivity from 7 billion who can reside in food security health security and shelter security if the BOX TOP RULES FOR THE NEW ECONOMICS Began to take form. Time is simply going to take over and we all lose. I’ll tell you why. How. When.

2. Unwanted consolidation of wealth. Today 1.5 million super money pools in 2007 are less than 10,000 Super Money Pools in 2018. That number is shrinking at the fastest pace through TOO BIG TO JAIL across the economic landscape. NEW BRAINS ARE ENTERING THE FIELD like Jeff Bezo’s planning forward and may bring back some sanity with their modeling but as AI is at war with AI for the profit making in the shortest time and now with RISK LESS RISK ( an economic failed theory modeling tool – as outcome desired always ) in fact the old brains making the new market lack a new ECONOMIC THEORY to govern and control the markets of tomorrow. The old central bank model is totally obsolete and broken. As leaders world wide are only receiving old Brain data and input their decisions simply fail when applied into the NEW ECONOMIC MODEL as so many have seen with punishing flow dynamics of capital to their nations which brings us to the DOOMSDAY TRIGGER – CHINA.



My father was one of the first into mainland China after the Korean War with Chairman and revolution wrapping up. China wanted the manufacturing support China was getting but their animosity with Japan was so great they wanted Dr. Demming’s collaborator but not him. So my father consulted. We grew up with families from Main Land China playing with sticks drawing out games, their teaching us all about China history and culture as they learned English but before when they spoke only Mandarin we did what children do best – we loved each other and had so much FUN.

My long history in China includes advising China business leaders over decades. Some have attended CEO SPACE some speaking English others with interrupters – all so grateful. When I write harshly about China I write about not XI who I think is the most inspired leader in China since the Revolution itself – they are so lucky to have pure genius with humanitarian visions for his people over a long span of forward history. Still I write about the OLD BRAIN ECONOMISTS who are absolutely SURE their THEORY and OUTCOMES ARE WORKING and will work. Their ability to understand the new digital economy they helped foster is restricted from the SUPER CHANGE itself. The Change was so fast to the core system that today only NEW ECONOMISTS NEW BRAINS can begin writing the GPS for how to navigate the SUPER CHANGING ( at this very minute ) Market  Space.

Carry it forward to President Putin stating – the nation who controls AI will control the world……he implied that would not be the West.

New Economists brains in my call to action need to FOCUS ON CHINA. As the DOOMS DAY RISK TO THE WORLD ORDER In 2019 2020. Why.


China is a miracle. Countless millions have moved from poverty to middle class IN TIME FRAMES unlike any in human history. Itself a NEW ECONOMIC THEORY not socialism exactly nor corrupt competitive capitalism but more toward a future of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. It’s leaders are trying to find the way forward and as the rip tide of the old economic theory became utterly a risk elevator and no longer works at all in the NEW DIGITAL DWEB ECONOMY the only thing taking place for sure is RISK.

The Economics work like this:

The Nation is central planning governed using OLD ECONOMIC ( western trained brains primarily ) Theory charts data to plan forward in TIME. The asset in the new DIGITAL ECONOMY IS TIME used differently than any prior economic theory would permit. As no leadership including the USA is being advised by NEW ECONOMISTS with evolving NEW ECONOMIC THEORY FOR THE DWEB we have a vacuum in the rip tide. This economic rip tide creates economic systemic abuse. All Economic abuse must work through the system to ultimate balance all accounts. This rule never changes not in NEW OR OLD ECONOMIC THEORY.

System abuse is most pronounced in China. Why? How?

  1. China planners ran into an economic theory ceiling two decades ago. With the first ASIAN CRISES OF ECONOMICS that Frankly Japan with its very OLD BRAIN ECONOMIC PLANNERS has not recovered fully from in twenty years now. Just one OLD BRAIN error caused system abuse to moderate to balance. De-leveraging.

  2. China woke up to the axiom the only stable way forward is developing massive ENTREPRENEUR CLASS in any nation to support predictable rising CONSUMPTION to drive tax base and rising state revenues. Import Export only leads to huge cycles in BOOM BUST ECONOMICS and China now is at risk for that as it is stuck in transition. Time is the issue.

  3. China to propel growth numbers only the central planner old brains now how much real error is presented in those state numbers – we suspect a great deal of economic abuse lives in less than fully transparent real time reporting required in the new DIGITAL ECONOMICS. Which is why NEW BRAIN TRUMP proposed a bi annual 180 day public reporting window as real time digital information is enough where finally public institutions reporting can make really Long Term Decisions versus forced by reporting rules from the pony express days trap wealth into decision making that is OLD ECONOMIC THEORY unable to control of influence NEW ECONOMIC DWEB Markets.

  4. China is now surrounded by SUPER WEALTH CONSOLIDATION IN NATION old brain’s failed to see rising up and the rise is accelerating and this wealth is moving into the NEW DWEB ECONOMICS outside central planner control. They have in fact lost control but the world has not yet learned how dire this is for all the rest of us. Speculation from consolidated wealth manipulates prices that is a market abuse of economics at core ( price controls on all asset classes by less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS playing this game in casino capitalism the first age of DEWEB without regulation in the global system to moderate RISK. Central Planners now war with the NEW CLASS to define how they move forward. It is OLD BRAINS in charge and NEW BRAINS are wherever possible marginalized accept for the SUPER MONEY Pools investing 100’s of billions in the AI WARS creating the new GREED BASED every nation in it for themselves against every other nation ( which fails in the new economics of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM ) going through labor pains right NOW as to timing. Meanwhile speculations including sovereign wealth funds under the BEST AI doing the speculation are making ungodly profits. With OPEC an abuse of economic pricing for oil – Chevron one of the largest oil institution on earth had a NEW ECONOMY EVENT. They made over 100% this year at the manipulated pricing over the last year – up 2 billion a quarter in PROFITS ALONE to 4 BILLION from 2 a year ago – speculation works folks for year end bonus and outcomes for a SHORT DAMN TIME.

  5. China’s rapid move from the Asian Crises forward was built on SUPER DEBT. The largest SUPER DEBT BUBBLE in economic history ever. This is a system abuse. A nation economically can not borrow 300% more than it makes ( lending bad loans to nations least able to repay already borrowed money ) and fail to risk. Decades of accumulated RISK inside this NEW ECONOMIC now largely digitally managed DEBT SUPER BUBBLE is the single largest risk to the world in all of human history back to the Medici’s who founded modern fractional banking with rules that no longer apply at all – but they are the rules being used by OLD ECONOMIC BRAINS who can’t see the shift fully enough to give up obsolesce and re-tool for all of us.

  6. China states it is trying to reduce debt. Four times this year they reduced the margins of loan reserves in their financial institutions so they could lose more as the Trade War is sinking China. The problem is NEW ECONOMICS. Under the OLD ECONOMICS the old brains predict outcomes. Their math models are wrong. In the NEW DWEB ECONOMICS OF DIGITAL CAPITALISM ( new in five years folks ) runs on nation with capital occur in TIME at all levels one can imagine by AI. the punishment of runs on nations or ( Italian banks ) are faster then OLD BRAIN ECONOMIC REGULATIONS can predict influence or control leaving the world in a higher risk. Lacking regulatory frame words for DWEB ECONOMICS Super Changing even while you read. Everyone in GREED FESTS to maximize profits against the other AI and to reduce risk ( the best intentions but with the wrong economic theory as the old charts and the old thinking will destroy us all ).

  7. 2019 China debt is soaring and compounding. Any system whole can trigger a massive CHINA DEFAULT to what we NEW BRAIN ECONOMISTS suggest in DIGITAL CAPITALISM raises the new risk of DEBT GLOBAL CASCADE far more destructive than contagion in markets known by OLD ECONOMIC BRAINS. They do not see the RISK itself sufficiently – its trigger points which we are approaching and I’ll tell you that why as well – nor do they understand any management for SUPER CHANGE evolving digital trading that is the wild Wild West in new ECONOMIC THEORY the huge risk taking place today – obsolete models in a new modeled Digital Capitalism. No safety net can keep you in the car on this roller coaster when decades of credit system abuse at CORE unfold to crises. The SPEED the TIME to liquidity evaporation in the system we all LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY is beyond any known historic condition as to the destruction of the old system and the outcomes to recover from a GLOBAL ECONOMIC DEPRESSIVE DESTRUCTION THE ENTIRE WORLD NEVER HAS KNOWN BEFORE. NEW BRAINS alone understand the TIME asset value to the evolution of the NEW ECONOMICS where say the FED does not and the IMF is starting too.


So what IS going on out there in Digital Casino Capitalism none of us in the hair raising on our necks – all of you – just KNOW something is NOT RIGHT. This IS THE PROBLEM as the debt twenty years mature is just piling up in China behind new debt setting records very year.


What is the tipping point to risk a system DOOMS DAY and destruction where we all think and believe ( those old Brian THEY will get us through anything ). That belief is simply not true in economics. As history well shows us.

The risk is TIME. It will take TIME to work out this debt super bubble. The risk today to tip us into DOOMS DAY no one can control globally at all is higher than any time in our earth walk as human beings together. One would think these principles can be understood in time. I spent ten years writing a solution for world governments entitled REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION which outlines HOW precisely for the G 100 to initiate a NEW REGULATORY FRAME WORK for the NEW DWEB ECONOMY SPIRAL compressing wealth consolidation – moving tax revenues away from nations – and wasting untold economic resource through digital theft ( we have not even begun to see the AI Thefts about to hit us all ) – unwanted system price manipulation within rampant unconscionable speculations no properly regulated system desires, and within DARK POOLS and Shadow banking the world has lost control. Without time we can’t execute the steps REDEMPTION still to my knowledge the only outline in the world for how to FIX THE ACTUAL NEW ECONOMIC PROBLEM at its core. I hope Universities will publish far better than my lay men call to action to heads of state where my book circulates today. Amazon has it buy your own copy be armed with how to get through yourself.


The terrible triggers are fired by old brains with old charts failing to see pure risk. And the timing of that risk taking. The perfect storm for triggers would include all factors working at once. Undesired. But in fact that perfect storm is here:

1. Following a new digital crises from the first digital attack ( asymmetric warfare on nations ) nations printed 100’s of trillions in currency to work out bad bets by financial institutions in the largest wealth transfer of nations and tax payers to private institutions known to man kind to save the system under attack. The cause of the crises has not been regulated out or fixed at all. All the same risk taking including real estate structured assets into risk less risk is taking place as bogus economics by OLD BRAINS doing by the way …the very best they know how. They are doing THEIR BEST. Their best has increased the risk without their knowing it. Core issue they did these entirely new economic experiment with NO NEW BRAIN concept the markets had SUPER CHANGED. Today the markets in a blink went from old rule based trading – to the CLOUD AI trading at speeds that are still beyond planners to get in front of. No THEY is protecting us. Old Brains can not protect us. So nation went into the largest debts of their history and are still struggling. The Deflation of de-leverging – was incomplete and far too limited in scope to contain the explosion of SUPER DEBT BUBBLE. The world is spiraling up SUPER DEBT BUBBLES. 100’s of trillions – that is accurate in the EU and world wide and in China are bad debts never to be repaid. These bad debts reside on financial institution unregulated in the NEW ECONOMY ( exempt from fair market accounting to engage criminal accounting ) so that the abuse – must rebalance – and WHEN is the WHY and the HOW. What might trigger in this China experiment in SUPER DEBT DRIVEN ECONOMICS ? Old Brians have charts and graphs that fail as they did in 2007 – 100% of them – had zero charts for down turns in real estate valuations that were large more than half a home price and fast and long lasting not fully back in 50% of the USA alone for example ). If China has a massive destructive crash the predictions leaders are using are a pile of hot flames in the cold winter night. If I’m right. Old Brains believe I’m wrong.

2. The Federal Reserve Board fun entirely by OLD BRAINS in fact, fail to see the TIME pace of raising interest rates in the NEW ECONOMY is unlike the old. This pace as 7 trillion of debts as with China due in the near term all zero interest in effect FREE MONEY LOANS during the period of the GREAT ACCOMMODATION to save your global financial system from total destruction ( it was so much closer than you realize ) in 2007.

3. The second consequence of trying to finance 7 trillion of free money into interest rates 100x greater than 18 months ago from Fed way too rapid tipping point interest raising is – the second tipping point. The US Dollar IS the world reserve currency in which all large trades between nations must be made. What this does FOR America is so vast that it would take time to discuss its VALUE and its potential loss which NEW BRAINS are concerned about with mis steps by OLD BRAINS on policy in the new DEWEB economy. The US dollar is soaring in value at values that hurt 200 nations in trade who must now acquire higher and higher cost dollar reserves required to pay their bills – with I might say remains the most manageable debtor nation on earth today by FAR – but – that cost is a pincher to nations and prosperity now moving into a SOARING OVER TIME FRAMES THAT ARE NOT SUSTAINABLE to refinance the global debt super bubble and to in many cases do so with DOLLARS also at the SAME TIME soaring in value. This exceeds the charts and graphs old Brians used and it creates a DEFAULT GLOBAL CASCADE AND LED DAY in the new DEWEB ECONOMY Warren Buffets teams – obsolete even with his fantastic profits just reported – fail to see as risk to everything they own in fact. That wealth is at RISK to be wiped out in time frames the world has no tools to adjust to…it will simply be TOO FAST.

TRADE WARS: Trade wars with more moderate FED POLICY are in the favor of the entire world. Trade WAR today is tipping CHINA and its SUPER DEBT BUBBLE into a perfect storm. All because of the NEW ECONOMY no one understands today. The NEW ECONOMY is re-tooling investment in China holding up on trillions – taking money out – moving to new manufacturing and not intending to go back. China is in a complete run on the nation – a flight of capital. Its stock markets have crashed but the real super crash lies ahead yet. The problem is tipping China wealth to default on debt which will be the start of the SUPER CRASH and Systemic total destruction from DWEB no one even understood and probably no one will be held accountable.


Trillions of real wealth where wiped out in election tampering with markets using weaponized DIGITAL AI SOFTWARE for the first time as cloaking to the actual source money destabilizing markets. Knowing the attack was coming enemies can make fortunes in the trades while the attack is going on. I told my readers. Destabilize our largest markets ? Why NOW days from our election? Who wishes that advantage and why? Who gains who loses? Think about that. In the NEW ECONOMICS this is not Facebook the straw enemy of no matter whatsoever – this is THE A GAME and its for BIG STAKES.

Rest assured the three letter hard working Americans have NEW BRAINS and they are aware of each attack. The tools to win in Digital warfare are all AI and are evolving so fast. Each person reviews their defense and weapons upon each successive attack. WORLD WAR III started in 2007 you just did not understand that. If you read Kevin Freeman’s books you would. The DOD understands it. The CIA understands it. MI 6 Understands it. The Mossad understands it. We do things to them. They do things to us. Most with no press. We lost the first battles up to right now. We are starting to gain momentum in winning. We are winning in offensive digital weapons. They are winning in offensive digital weapons back upon us. Both our defenses are when framed in violated with just one new AI SUPER CHANGED and we are reactive to attack once again. Some report that the capacity to take out America power, communication and transportation without firing one weapon is DIGITAL TODAY and in fact in place. Would if such danger was in place behind the counter dealings be different than you suspect. Given the powers that play this dangerous escalating digital warfare game have no box top rules for such weapons being crimes against humanity. Just that basic G 100 new RULE from the process my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION Outlines as to HOW TO FIX ALL THIS Before – what – before it becomes too late. Old brains think they can win. New weapons of 20 minutes to take out 500 cities in any nation – are here but do we want them do we require them. Why not save all of humanity and celebrate our differences rather than punish them as a NEW BRAIN MIND SET. Cooperation saves us. Competition damns us to old brain thought patterns and total absolute doomsday. Faster than you think. WHEN DOES THE DIGITAL WARFARE GOING ON BETWEEN NATIONS – Putin poisons ex spy’s in UK – and all we see and read reach a point where a SHOOTING WAR BREAKS OUT and with all these weapons. So lets think it forward.

The new economy is unfolding UNSUSTAINABLE economic debt super bubbles, unsustainable speculations and price manipulations as system core abuse, and now with unsustainable shrinkage of SUPER MONEY POOLS 100% controlled by evolving AI as a new life form coming between now and 2020 or shortly thereafter – here now but being groomed – for defense first and us second – in that order. But economic AI may pass them all and controls all the flow of capital world wide. No one has to nuke us they can remove the economic system.

When all currencies crash, when all banks are closed, when all institutions are closed – there is no trading – all economics are gone and new economics must be born – how does it work. If in 72 hours the system blows up no toilet paper gets delivered to LA at all. Food stocks are two weeks normally and if panic two days. No new food will be delivered. Water will stop flowing. Then what do 300 million weapons in just America do and how fast? Do you think the nation can control the SPEED of the new economics. Other nations facing riots and upheavals who goes to war ? How many? How fast? Can old brain planners plan for THAT world post destruction of the old system.


Economics the system that is the prosperity of the world as it is today is at high risk never known before. The new economics will become DEBT STRESSED outside OLD BRAIN PLANNER MODELS or capacity to cope with narrow tolerates of TIME applications required over time lines to:

1. Globally establish a G 100 reframe to fully global regulations that are in integrity and designed so NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND.

2. Sovereign Nation Debt and new infrastructure nations including the US must acquire – resolves within a new class of BOND known as SUPER BONDS itself too large a concept to present here. See Former SEC Commissioner senior partner at venerable Hughes and Hubbard as sovereign nations exploring SUPER BOND solutions and use my name as consultant to the way forward. Time resolves the issue now facing us as TIME TO EXECUTE is running out.

4. The Fed old brains regard the unrealistic new economic risk of inflation and what they wrongly conclude is a super heating economy which it is not – rely on antique data pools to make decisions inside an economic system that is gone. Morphed to DWEB that old brains can’t get their arms around is not an ADJUSTMENT TO ECONOMIC THEORY but rather is a NEW PLATFORM OF ECONOMICS Nations not investment bankers ( my tribe writing to you as head of a former public global investment banking institution ) – should create. NATIONS NEED TO CREATE NEW BOX TOP RULES and the very process of doing so extends TIME. The Fed is constricting time by raising interest rate and dollar prices inside trade war TO FAST for accommodations of STABILITY is worried about tool box items that truly are insufficient. The risk to system core stability the FED is taking today is the ONE SUPER RISK TO A FATAL TIPPING POINT beyond 2020. Remember I made this prediction please as since 1988 I’ve been more right than wrong. My long term readers so well know this truth from our work and research as a pure opinion in public service.

5. American’s vote today. 5.2 billion was invested ( think of jobs and economics on the new economy of an industry of only mid year elections setting all time records for billions upon billions to brain wash voters to where that money ( 10% from small little voters and 90% you will never ever known at all ). If the Trump Team ( speaking economically not politically ) is WEAKENED at this time – the voice crying out for more moderate FED rate destruction to the core system falls on deaf ears and Congress goes to GRID LOCK and ceases to work. Trump haters not understanding the economic single ISSUE our system survival and evolution into the NEW COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM in rip tide with the old competitive socialism capitalism models – may shoot themselves in the foot without knowing they took the shot at all. If TRUMP surprises and is strengthened it becomes can a FED DEAL on new economics be fashioned. IT is hard with OLD BRAINS Because they know they are RIGHT and they are not OPEN to where the options they most need to consider are not in the equation for success for everyone. THERE IS IN MY OPINION No danger of super heated America – inflation – or rational to not normalize just a little slower to allow TIME to heal the tipping point being stressed today.

Jamie Diamond and tribe fail to appreciate the core risk until the AI Digital Economy reforms with global regulatory frame works they all need to help us create to secure a new economics that leaves no nation behind. For the first time in human history we could achieve that re-tooling with our digital friends. Or not so much…….

A trade deal with China would extend time for all of us and can not occur fast enough. How do you see that if Trump is weakened tomorrow? Strengthened tomorrow? In your wallet now understand all this?


Democracy falls when the voters are not fully informed. Today as they vote they are misled by 5.2 billion dollars invested at 200 dollars a day for the side wishing to weaken Trump and they themselves all so well intended and true – I love my American PEOPLE and I TRUST THEM – just lack the truth. So my fear is that mis-informed voters weaken Trump moving forward emboldening FED rate rising and the tipping point in CHINA is crossed. This will come to pass.

If they only KNEW they might vote their wallets for all our prosperity but this blog reaches more than I ever intended globally – but far from millions to be a voice in the USA. CEO SPACE is not political we represent leaders of small business in 147 nations from every possible faith and political perspective – all of which we include because CEO SPACE Is ground zero for thirty years for law makers and heads of nations and corporations interests IN COOPERATIVE WORK PLACE SYSTEMS and models and the new COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM we practice between thriving companies cooperating with zero competition in those CEO leaders thinking. Yet to small to influence 5.2 billon spent to manipulate your vote.

The dice are rolling. TIME is passing as opportunity is missed. I trust AMERICA and I trust YOU.

Berny Dohrmann – That is the DOOMSDAY ECONOMIC reality of our current age

PS: Oh no matter outcomes in the USA election we will all muddle through to 2020 and I”ll keep you posted on the EVENT …still a long way out and all without prediction because today in the NEW ECONOMY one AI is going to surpass all others at a CONSOLIDATION TIPPING POINT which itself is another unsustainable unwanted event to which humanity has no controls on the experiment – no new box top regulatory rules that work – and lacks prediction or even influence as nations have lost control to Super Money Digital Market making and trade settlement and DIGITAL LEVERAGE to which a happy fairy tale ending remains very unlikely in the extreme. SO MAY THE GREED GO FORTH AND PROSPER.






Historically that is new. Why? President Trump is why. The election is about one issue. American’s have had two billion poured in – an entire industry – just to spin them – to brain wash them – to hate or to love DONALD TRUMP personally. There is no other issue really. The real issue is HATE OR LOVE TRUMP and vote. That in America is NEW.

Why is this President so different as a whole than ANY PRESIDENT EVER? Here are some of the WHY’s not all of them to be sure:


1. Why # 1 – Trump is a billionaire in the White House. He is worth 1,000’s of millions of dollars – more than all President net worth’s combined together in say the entire history of the United States on balance sheets, combined and reviewed ( as our team did ) and Trump is by himself the net worth President of historic proportions.

2. Why # 2 – Trump income. Those seeking influence or favor with Trump do so on merits not on influence to wealth in the future implied or otherwise. Trump ordinary income has exceeded 800,000,000 million dollars and at eight hundred million in personal income you ARE A PRESIDENT THAT SIMPLY CAN NOT BE BOXED economically or influenced…..by money…..at all. If you think otherwise you completely missed the war going on inside the money swamps and outside them. Trump has more net worth than 99% of the folks he ever meets – Trump is intimidating – as the WAGE EARNING KING OF ALL PRESIDENTS – Trump earns more in one year than all Presidents have earned through American History in total. Think about how that effects any meeting. Unlike any President who has come before – hate or Love – it is just a WHY because it IS DIFFERENT.

3. Why # 3 – Trump The Super Star. Trump is a global celebrity who has been in living rooms of homes for 40 years. He has been a Rags to Riches Lifestyle Super Star we love to vicariously follow like a Royal. With his TV SHOWS rated # 1 for so many years the CELEBRITY TRUMP BRAND and all its merchandise and products still rising became an industry. TRUMP IS AN ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY SUPER BRAND. Hating or Loving Trump sells more than anything else sells including Amazon or iPhones. If you are missing how much media is making on all this it is truly new in Presidential politics – the first PRESIDENTIAL INDUSTRY where the White House just added to Trump brand value in entertainment as his own stand alone industry. As celebrity everything helps him – really – from Stormy to the arrests of his friends. The more Teflon he slides down the cloudy slopes with – way past Teflon Monica Clinton or Ambassador Dead and Hillary had told our in air special forces – stand down – leading to that slaughter – those are teflon events, and Trump has machine gun fire and walks away without a bullet hole in his golf jacket each and every time and the entire world if they are honest LOVES watching it all though some hate Trump as a person to person take. Hate Trump or Love Trump you will in your entire lifetime children too fail to get a jolt from watching the TRUMP DYASTY whatever happens – like no one else of our generation. That is DONE folks and that vote is in. No SUPER STAR LIKE TRUMP ever – and that IS DIFFERENT. Think of that in every single meeting. Add it up 1 to 3 in every single meeting. FIRST IN HISTORY ON THOSE WHY’s alone.

4. WHY # 4: Trump is not just a Billionaire President in office, our first. HE IS TRUMP. That is a huge item in itself you globally under estimate. The larger players – the movers in fortune institutions – he knows them all personally for years. Most of the heads of state he has had dinner with and knows them all well from Putin to China to everywhere really. He knows the Gulf because frankly doing business getting permits building, requires so much red tape in so many countries with all the marble and related importing THAT you have to know culture, religion, politics and leadership to get things on the Trump Scale done at all. Trump is Trump. He is a global celebrity super star billionaire President with enormous political capital in personal relationships that never are reported anywhere at all. He has shocked some insiders by clipping their wings by billions into America and in doing so has raised pack money against himself, being a President that hate him or love him, simply can not be bought or influenced by money. Maybe other things but not economics save for America coming out First and everyone knows that now. They all know the key card to deal with Trump. New. Nothing like previous all look alike mostly GOD BLESS AMERICA Presidents. Not Trump. Trumps global understanding knowing the players in industry and nation and having the RELATIONSHIP CAPITAL there is no team like his 10,000 unsung in the outcomes – but there is no Trump President in history anything like this one. TRUMP IS DIFFERENT as Why # 4.

5. Why number # 5: Popularity. His enemies can’t hate him enough from his popularity in a STYLE THEY CAN NOT STAND. So Trump is as they said in the movie Young Frankenstien ( I Know dates me entirely ) ..Trump is Abby Normal…..more like the world SIT COM Is the White House and we all sit with popcorn and watch WHATS NEXT as the NEXT is always some huge drama like no sit com that has ever com before. This media savvy President is not dumb is smart and is controlling agenda’s. All the Swamp Justice and scandals does not control US Justice. Trump has Mueller under serious ME TOO Investigations coming up which is not PRESIDENT AS USUAL. Trump fights the Federal Reserve Board “cause” of 100% of our darkest world wide depressions and world wars absent when the Treasury managed the money at any similar scale of economic abuse. From TWEET to Media to Rally’s the popularity of this SUPER STAR PRESIDENT has been unshakable as presently Republican support is soaring, younger voters and woman are sliding over, and it is not clear after two to one spending of almost 2 billion dollars to tarnish smash destroy tar and feather and slam Trump’s image indemnity and character personally as a father as a spouse as a leader in every possible terrible way no President has EVER EXPERIENCED any clipping service can prove out to you if you compare data, historic data, it is new this level of vilification in all media and all social and to SEE IT IS FAILING AND NOT WORKING is panic time to the leaders constructing that model of old politics boxing a President who is outside the old BOX. More democrats following over two BILLION DOLLARS to keep them all in a box – have left the box in record numbers in disgust or not to vote or to vote their own WALLETS in a NEW BOX entirely.  On data alone it is interesting to watch the waste of money as the latest polls show Republican base line rising from cross over votes of the young, of woman, or city voters – as the PROSPERITY VOTE is rising and neither side even puts it out. WHO IS PUTTING IT OUT THEN. Oh WE ARE as this blog is going viral as it has already because you share it. The ONE 2 BILLION DOLLAR  issue remains HATE TRUMP and the the opposing issue of  Trump Super Star President Popularity ( impossible without his teams Track record precisely upon his Trump run for office promises ) resulting in the LONGEST BOOM IN FINANCIAL HISTORY. If you spent almost two billion to vilify Trump elevating hatred across America over two full years of hard work and spending and your election was a coin toss versus a mandate – how would YOU FEEL if you YOU SPENT ALL THAT MONEY and polls show republican elevation in base as with no other mid term in history. The two billion even blows hatred back on Trump when he defends his TRUMP BRAND which no one does like Trump. ITS DIFFERENT. He is different.

THINK ABOUT THE FIVE WHY’S – I AM. The latest statistics on labor slammed historic records again as employment is rising at levels that create a prosperity in America that can be sustainable and on going if Trump gains election influence to deal with agencies like the FED on reform and Justice on Reform both badly needing 2019 upgrades. Who will do those upgrades to institutions that can really harm all of us. Think about that item. The Red vote is rising not crashing like 2.5 BILLION US AMERICAN DOLLARS SPENT at over 100 MILLION A MONTH should buy and pay for your vote. Is it not locked down by now and you know why? Have you not been bought and paid for by now? Record largest brain washing in election ever? That is different at the mid terms.

While you were having a nice DAY LIGHT SAVING TIME FALL BACK ONE HOUR on TIME this weekend, the millions demonstrating on the Anniversary of the US EMBASSY TAKE OVER in Iran, burning Flags of America in all cities with government required rallies all sweating allegiance to the total POLICE STATE Iran has sunk into – rise up as the OIL SANCTIONS cut their economy with other sanctions to the bone marrow. The leadership has CARTOONS ENORMOUS IN ALL RALLY’S STATING “TRUMP SALMAN” uniting the enemy MBS the sociopath murderer who brought Saudi into a sinking red ink economy – dropped Saudi credit ratings on debt – massively put Saudi in Debts by billions – the endless losses from the war Saudi is loosing in fact in nearby Yeah-man a disaster war economically and socially for Saudi – MBS doesn’t care in his narcissism as MBS is killing people and getting away with international high press MURDER and is linked to TRUMP at the hip as close buddies – though he doesn’t not appreciate Trump is buddies for years with MBS enemies including the BROTHER IN CHIEF real full brother in Saudi family life now back in the palace and protected from MBS by a circle the wagons of SAUD’s. POWER SHIFTING is full on civil war in liars land in the Sand Box.

Today NONE OF US have ever experienced the 5.2 BILLION SPENT on a record never seen it before mid term election – the industry spending to GET DESTROY ONE MAN TRUMP ON PURE PERSONALITY AND HEART HATRED VERSUS HEAD THINKING – is failing at the end. A lot of loss in how money was risked to get results. I’d say if the HATE TRUMP folks had not spend twice what the love trump factors have spent the election would not be close but would be like Trump won easily versus in a no one can predict final contest. If Trump loses by a hair or a bit the loss economically is still enormous. Everyone spending knows a few more weeks and Trump would win is the likely expert calls today. Though no one truly knows. If Trump loses the HATE TRUMP media will rise up with reserves from election 5.2 billion with a B dollars from the mid year to claim the mandate it is and Trump must now be blocked stopped and so forth at every single turn until they can take over the entire place all over again. POWER THE ONLY COMMODITY WHERE PLENTY IS NEVER ENOUGH ( Alan G. Dohrmann 1955 and still true today ). In his son’s opinion.

If Trump loses the Congress goes into grid lock and dysfunction. The Fed will see Trump weakened to with birthday candles and parties everywhere reward their criminal stock owners, who own the Fed in fact, with higher interest profits sinking 200 developing nations and the US balance of trade showing how ineffective Trump is when it is not Trump at all in fact. It is the Fed whose power rose with this election or it did not rise. If the Trump team keeps control then two likely outcomes flow: 1) Infrastructure will be passed by a Trump Congress and the USA will finally upgrade extending the prosperity into 2030 in our opinion and all trade deals will land more rapidly into world prosperity that is fair within a no Nation Left behind sane upgrade. Economics. Not politics. If Trump loses then congress is likely to slide prosperity down to a dysfunctional congress we have known well for 20 years all parties – spiraling up hatreds – and creating a 1.4% average GNP half where we are at 3.5% rising to 5%….or NOT.

For this reason I have advised my readers both foreign global as well as domestic to consider the vote this year is about one issue. The Vote is not about POLITICS OR PARTY. The Vote is about a historic reform in the life of a generation to upgrade – voting for PROSPERITY and VOTING ON ONE SINGLE ISSUE….YOUR OWN WALLET. If you can take more sinking backward and down bubble economically and you think that is the way forward – you know already how to vote. No hatred. Don’t vote your heart. Who cares if you like the leaders style do you like the teams outcomes economically 10,000 of them full time working on prosperity for those that hate them too? Hate Trump personally but like the outcomes his team is delivering. Then vote one way. Can’t get over your hatred pure and true vote the other but monitor and be responsible for that vote as it is a vote for congress to dysfunction. If you want CONGRESS TO WORK give the leader which ever party his WORKING CONGRESS AMERICA. When you change the leadership change the congress. THAT IS YOUR MARCHING ORDERS For American that WORKS in the future and its a formula. Hold that in your thinking and 5.2% billion of brain washing you to think on silly emotional cues to vote the way the money wants all fail. Because:

American’s are smarter and more moral and more generous and more kind and more informed as a people than all the smarty pants from ivy league universities trying to make you a number and to putting your vote as pre ordained. So the America mid year – a first ever – may see:


  1. Congress upsets all models with a massive Trump win and his strength as President rises rather than falls globally.

  2. Trump barely retains congress it was close – to the end nail biting close – Trump strength rises in the world rather than falls Globally as the leader of the USA.

  3. Trump loses by a little – may get some key legislation done – mostly block and dock – grid lock and congress dysfunction – Trump as a leader is diminished and weakened in the world theater.

  4. Trump massively loses – likely impeachment endless investigations – attempts to Indict Trumps children as opposition massively strengthened – seeks to at all cost run Trump into resignation another Nixon swamp wins Trump loses – until the Presidential elections Trump would be so weak he would become impotent in world dealings entirely.

DO AMERICAN VOTERS UNDERSTAND THE ONE ISSUE – weaken or strengthen your prosperity your own wallet – vote for prosperity or vote for economic recession and end of the boom. That is the issue of this vote none of the 5.2 BILLION Seeking for your heart to just purely HATE TRUMP or Love Trump. I suggest you remove your heart and insert your head back into the election choice you make and just consider the ONE CORE ISSUE. If you believe American’s do not understand the one core issue ( really as it is always THE MONEY in the end – legal theft of a nations wealth or its reform ) . You might circulate this blog to your American contacts and they circulate it to their circles and as it virals around the voters can elect to think about it is all.





The ONE ISSUE is not about what the 5.6 billion US dollars all invested in 18 months presents as TRUTH for all political money ends on one truth – nothing not ever – is what it appears to be. Thats is political education 101. Confuse the voters to  get your vote at any cost. Including ethics and integrity. We no longer respect politicians where our congress enjoys a 93% BAD JOB RANKING and a 7% approve what your doing – the worst in recorded record keeping. No we don’t expect integrity. WE have to vote with our heads on the issue the gives us best bet for all of us to live the good life in surplus versus struggle. IF we stop going back up for the first time in 20 long years within a “we know and have lived dysfunctional congress that does not work enough to know outcomes” then vote for that dysfunctional outcome just make sure it is not a hatred reactionary vote that effects all our wallets together. If you want a fatter wallet vote for prosperity.

IT COSTS ME NOTHING TO WRITE THIS against 5.2 BILLION DOLLARS in 18 months invested to assure your vote goes right where their data being tracked right now says your vote will go. What if America massively surprised them all and voted their wallet. Could that experiment hurt anyone? Really? How? I suggest you take TRUMP off your board of vote your wallet considerations and think about his team of 10,000 how are THEY ALL DOING out of tweets and news – letting the boss take all the arrows while they re-tool America and the results are a BOOM WE HAVE NEVER KNOWN BEFORE. How could keeping that BOOM GOING ever hurt any one of us folks? As an investment banker economist I would love to see the BOOM continue into 2030 for all of you who vote your wallet as well as all of you who vote along the 5.2 billion party lines – I suggest be thrown out the American window. Anyway. How could that hurt anyone? Vote with your head vote with your Wallet and vote a blessing into the future of our nation in reformation today let the job started with results in now – just unfold a little longer two more years. If you fail to like those results new team new congress – how can two years of BOOM CONTINUING hurt any of us who vote? Really and truly? Is not that THE HEAD ISSUE not brought up by any of the 5.2 TRILLION so you could head appreciate the ONE ISSUE. Trump – take him out of the equation and put 10,000 people working their ass of in and look at your outcomes and review it all with Trump off the table entirely. When you do that you may find voting your wallet is some what easier for all the rest of us who got this item as pure data no politics no emotions just economics. VOTE “YOUR” WALLET it is your call America and personally I trust you MOST and them all less….I TRUST YOU. Vote us the future you desire and you have the data to review to consider it all. Its not about individuals its about system and dysfunction or high function in fact.

Berny Dohrmann – Issuing new reading glasses for the election in days from now on Nov 7th – I was born on the 7th and my phone has more 7’s than anyone’s – lucky number on the 7th we will SEE !





Today’s Endgame Speech about the SIT COME – GET AWAY WITH MURDER – THE PUPPY KING tells us what Endgame “HAS” and you do NOT HAVE. A Get out of Jail Free Card in his back pocket. Full videos of and full audio’s of the real torture, beheading, and then directing of Khashoggi he played live for our CIA DIRECTOR. All the Kings Men and all the Kings horses wish to PUT KING MBS ( an absolute sociopath narcissist all back together again – ah if only Humpty Dumpty had trillions ).

How do journalists know what’s UP then or even our three letters folks ( compliments for the long hours and care you take representing US across our ally space ). Why they all read THIS BLOG. So our research inside the Sand Castle today has a civil war going on. The BACKLASH that MBS had thought was his Hitler like FINAL ANSWER did not WORK. That was to send a foreign hit team to send the ULTIMATE MESSAGE ( his words inside the Palace Oct 1 ) THAT – Khashoggi – was to confer before he died ( oh they rehearsed all this right under MBS guidance by the way – as his wish was not to torture Khashoggi as a message from the PUPPY PIT BULL but to torture him within an inch of his life and behead him knowing his fiancé would never see HIM again – sending MBS Ultimate message inside the palace – this IS YOUR CONSEQUENCE FOR ANY DISENT AGAINT ME EVEN A WHISPER. Now the decent against a clearly insane psychopathic brain in charge is in full on internal civil war in Saudi Arabia. The Puppy King is feared far more than he is popular or respected now. His failed polices have cost the government and OPEC trillions and are still impossibly flawed plans. But not to the King. The run out of Saudi Arabis a money flight and foot on the break for new investment Saudi has never not ever known before and is slow to appreciate that PUPPY KING is the cause of this WEALTH BELTCH. The SAUDI WEALTH BELTCH is making surround nations more powerful as capital flight is running to their stability. The GULF is now through to be SUPER HIGH RISK due to insatability of alliances created by THE KING himself. Iran is not going to sit idly by while MBS POLICY surrounds IRAN with Sanctions from the Puppy Kings bubbies in the White House – and the lies MBS has woven about Iran are only bettered by the lies MBS has told about Khashoggi any prosecutor would simply bow down Again and Again to the jury implying – SEE FOR YOURSELF his lie upon lie upon lie.

ENDGAME in real head on political theater has told the entire world – we have taped ( illegally ) a Sovereign Nation that brought COUP upon us. We have placed the PERPETRATORS life in great danger as we can leak these films and we will to the right counter weights inside the Saudi Palace. End Game and his COUP POPPA will find out that their moves in Turkey have consequence that they pay with their LIVES not MY LIVES. But way before that I will exact payment, in billions to rebuild my nation along with contracts for the lowest priced oil on earth – long term contracts – very long term – that will survive MBS death. MBS facing death for he and his father every single day makes the DEAL if Endgame will agree to change his story to the FINAL BULLSHIT – hey guys a rogue team reporting to no one came to my nation saw Khasogghi enter the lobby area of the embassy there and then they immediately strangled him – cut up his boy and NOW used ACID ( who came up with that MBS? ) and dissolved his body and the Saudi’s have no memory which drain they poured hm down before they went home. Its all OK and we are good friends now and by the way despite what is said on the Tapes we here DO NOT BELIEVE OUR GOOD BUDDY THE PUPPY MURDERED KNEW ANYTHING AT ALL. Although , I say although a) we do know the orders came from the tippy top not a circle of security brats in palace through that one out and b) our message no NATO ALLY will experience this again is a matter of good TAPES. Implied.

So in the sit com of Turkey chess games where it all began and Saudi Checkers the dice are rolled to their ENDGAME and the winner is TURKEY – financially and in political theater. Because everyone KNOWS our CIA director heard those tapes – may have made copies – and has their own deal with TURKEY. Saudi’s worst knight mare – Turkey has the tapes to TAKE OUT A KING anytime they wish to use them dealing with the blow back of taping in a sovereign embassy – while Saudi has brought Turkey and THE USA ( Saudi blamed for the COUP on Endgames wife and children as well as him ) CLOSER not his intention after the COUP Game of political theater. Eventually as you follow the money you will see almost free oil rolling into Turkey ( forever ) and you will see oceans of money being invested in TURKEY as Endgame savors his revenge with a PUPETT KING who now will do about anything coup survivor Endgame Wishes. Next ENDGAME Will use this advantage to secure closer ties with RUSSIA and IRAN against Saudi. ENDGAME may be the person securing the meeting between TRUMP and IRAN securing the Regional Peace for hundreds of years, being paid by Saudi the EU the USA and Russia and IRAN. Endgame wins and Khashoggi is sacrificed to a mad man left in power but wounded to lead. Those in Saudi who know all this are not permitting the WEALTH BELCH to go on long with a mad man taking down the wealth their fathers commanded and built for the entire nation and its people. Endgame knows how that will play out while his own contracts are protected one day at a time one tape at a time. So to speak.

If you were looking for the TRUTH anywhere in any nation and you were confused by ENDGAME’s slow news day on Saturday release on purpose for the heads of state to focus on in clear as a bell political theater speak – ah then you read the TRUTH right here. Now what is the journalist of the world going to do to a) get those tapes and b) get the real truth out c) keep the story MBS killed Khashoggi alive – as that is the one and only thing that will be worthy of Khashoggi – that his psychopathic killer MBS is wiped off the history books for his crimes against humanity too many to name here but scroll we got most of them documented for you.

To all the journalist of the WORLD keep this story alive and progressive. The highest prizes in journalism occur when the TRUTH on THIS STORY wins out fully. However stay safe out there please. There is nothing like knowing the truth. Our opinions from our sources may ring true or not for you but if you under that FEEL THE TRUTH grab it because truth is illusive in bought and paid for news today. Very hard to find….as always simply follow the money and the Truth will lead you all home.

Berny Dohrmann – Spinning a little truth out there for the hero journalist Khashoggi Oct 2nd 2018






There is very limited press on THE EVENT. The Event relates to the very smartest forward thinking Billionaires. They believe that Climate change is accelerating. They believe that nations are competing versus cooperating. Many have read my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. They are educated. Economically advanced. Many read this blog.

SO WHAT IS THE FUSS about “THE EVENT”? What is the EVENT as a WHAT and WHY is THE EVENT so urgent for those at the top world wide? What is the priority of THE EVENT which has to do with the WHEN. WHAT WHY AND WHEN. You might see information on the EVENT on line now as we have been writing about THE EVENT which begins to populate serious fact finding reporting and data pools begin to populate the world wide WEB. Good for YOU in fact.

So for my readers and exclusive and first to the world on the details of THE EVENT.



1. THE EVENT is a catastrophic non recoverable event, which includes world war. Though perhaps not the war you were expecting. More an ASYMMETRIC WARFARE outlined in Kevin Freemans work on seeding THE EVENT entitled THE SECRET ( DIGITAL ) WEAPON. I’d own this essential in my library and I do. In Asymmetrical WARFARE in 30 minutes “atomic blasts all over the EU USA and other nations – by say Russia and China – 30 minutes – destroy 100% of our capacity to communicate. As these enormous bombs went off in space you don’t feel or hear anything nor are you eradicated to death. You will see if at the right time a little mini sun going off. Then all the cars stop all the planes fall from the sky all water stops all electricity stops and all communication of any kind stops and the chips that run all of it are fried fried fried. Electro Magnetic melt down or Pulse. THE EVENT. Just as that was going on trojans in all our systems went active and at all data for credit card records land ownership or any financial history just before those storage mediums were utterly friend by ANTIMAGNETIC PULSE The Billionaires believe NSA and the US Military across the board has zero defense, and all be unable to effectively drive, fly, communicate to transmit orders, or rebuild in any time to fire weapons all electronic strategic and atomic defense will no longer fire or work at all. THE EVENT did not nuke the EU or North America but we are toast and to rebuild we have to make things we have zero way to make. THERE IS NO BOUNCE BACK. THE EVENT HAS TAKEN PLACE.

2. WHY oh my God WHY? Well because of the 100 Trillion in Asian debt and the 100 Trillion in EU debt that is bad loans never to be repaid shown on institutional balance sheets as good performing assets – a fraud. The Billionaires know all this because they track their own loss to a penny as to outcome. They see CENTRAL BANK INTEREST RATE RISING OIL UNTIL OCT RISING AND INVESTMENT VALUES FALLING AND THE USA DOLLAR THE WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY SOARING AND THEY SEE ALL THIS FATAL PRESSURE ON DEBT buried sovereigns from Asia through the Gulf through the EU. They believe the TIPPING POINT is a digital trading weapon fired at US markets – October being only a test to manipulate the US election by hostile nations ( Facebook? Child’s play and humbug folks the real manipulation is by crown ups always moving the walnuts so you can’t see the pea underneath the real targets as its DIGITAL SPEEDS TODAY INSIDE A GLOBAL CASINO CAPITALISM not regulated globally as required today. Vulnerable to ASYMMETRICAL WORLD WAR III taking place since 2007’s attack on our markets which remains unrelenting. All the BILLIONAIRES have been hacked spending unlimited money to prevent such hacks. Hacks 100% successful in new digital world war III and protection against hacks 100% not successful at least to today. The public does not understand the TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS in wealth the enemy is winning while we suffer one pearl digital harbor after another without let up. No even our elections are safe and protected today in fact. WHY? Because the central banks failed to allow a ten year normalization plan and crushed time into ten months. This creates a TIPPING POINT as with Trade wars on top ( making deals is slow ) and attacking nations for profit is not slow. The tipping point is when the DIGITAL WAR is being ready for is capacity strike – a) Digital Trojan activation b) Simpultaneous 30 minute wipe out everything digital – cars trucks planes communication defense distribution of all goods and suspension all trade all digital coins all internet is down forever – gold silver and barter exist while 300 Million American guns come into play when toilet paper no longer reaches LA say 72 hours tops when water food and toilet paper go – folks it will be post event – CHAOS AND SLAUGHTER. That is the WHY. There is more but you got this. Read Kevin’s book and you’ll see how real this all is in fact. The news is STORMY DANIELS boy has she fallen off recently and the real NEWS IS THE EVENT.


3, Untold 100’s upon 100’s of millions are being invested by those coordinating surveying THE EVENT the Billionaires – in underground protected CITIES. The Billionaires main questions at CONFERENCES they host remains – how past para military already hired can we keep out the masses who would invade our fortress under ground and attempt to kill us for the wealth under ground? They invest in what movies an be made about from latests weapon systems all automated with enormous fire powers – over their site entrances and around with minds – heavy 50 caliber fire power an army to protect themselves and their chosen ones – increasing built in speed access and explosive lock outs so that – increasingly any number including 100,000’s of thousands of starving American’s trying to get in will be blown away. Still they are asking for every more. Tactical drones airship ordinance and the best leaders and man power to house keep safe to keep them safe. At the 2018 late year EVENT CONFERENCES the topic also turns how do we guard the guards. How do we avoid a coup from the guards who want what wealth we have preserved. Stores of gold silver diamonds and transpositional real wealth as well as US dollars and no other currency – see the dollar rising beyond what the FED can control anticipate or discern as THE EVENT is an unintended consequence in dollar valuation now in the world as billions are being taken out of circulation by the EVENT WEALTH of the WORLD in all nations. They believe if TRADE DEALS win the Event can be pushed off until a rogue nation pushes an atomic trigger than the EVENT GOES VIRAL and all markets stop. They believe IF the trade deals do not get made or much time remains for the RUN on RUSSIA the RUN OUT OF CHINA without a trade deal – they alone will conspire incorrectly thinking a) The event is a winning hand in and of itself for them and b) America is too weak too distracted to risk a real war – which the BILLIONAIRES think is silly. They think ( name a mass destruction weapon from using cross bows in schools in Greece and Rome as terror took hold ) – one weapon system ever that human’s have failed to use and aggressively apply to the other back and forth. The EVENT TRACKERS believe that between 2021 to 2029 the EVENT RISK IS NOW ENORMOUS as the other sides think incorrectly they can win when we all lose – we all lose. The Event Trackers believe the Nations sinking to survival level with regime change likely in Iran or Saudi or Russia, or China, that, a fatal mind set we call “awe fuck it” will embolden the nations sinking to preserve through ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE we frankly until SPACE FORCE HAS LEGS ( the count down then is that tug of war – can we stop the EMP WARS ) or is that impossible. The clock for the event has started counting down. The election Nov 6th – is the USA weakened in its leadership IF the republican’s lose congress or is the LEADERSHIP IN FACT STRONGER because the Republicans held on surprising the experts. We believe this election is no longer about PARTY or PERSONALITY it is about American Survival – from the every appearance of global strength or its lack. WE believe this election is about PROSPERITY & STRENGTH projected by appearance or weakness. Those backing the EVENT as cause are pouring into told dollars to WEAKEN USA LEADERSHIP. Those inflamed to do so may be voting on the very wrong issue fed to them by those they respect the least for doing so but unfocused on THE DOING at all.

Statistically NO ELECTION IN HISTORY has ever experienced the WEIGHT of get TRUMP reporting across all outlets you can measure I a 86% bashing to 14% praising. Never has information been so thunder storm rain on the voter mental downloads every day. Will the hatred being sewn 86% fo 14% – hatred you see news castors amplify with their body cure language their tone of voice you just can’t fail to join the WHIPPING POST if you see nothing but hear nothing but and you fail to ask the RIGHT QUESTIONS:

1. Hate Trump has far more oceans more of funds raised and pouring in to the final day higher ratio of money on hating Trump never seen in any Mid Year Election in historic voting or media.

2. Almost a FOUR TO ONE HATE TRUMP audio and video rain is reaching voters never seen in such ratio in any election in history ever.

3. Still the race for the Senate is all but conceded to Trump by furious HATE TRUMP that out spent and out sound bite bashed TRUMP and still THEIR MONEY did not work and they are loosing.

4. The House they may win. They over spent and over imaged by a full four to one in all key raises. Never has an opposition advantage been THIS LARGE in dollars and weighted sound bites in all mediums of any kind. 4 to 1 – HATE THIS GUY TRUMP – all mean savage brutal attacks on the man personally primarily, including his sanity, upon his wife, his children, and no let up in any of the horror of all of it. Trump slams back and fully engages the HATE with HATE – tit for tat – no lay down no anything where Trump is even blamed for Fake News he started the hate or that he perpetuates the hate in his replies to HATE with Tit for Tat. Explore Trump and his family and Trump explodes back no lack of history in his life his defense of his brand and his family. The SPIN is new however. Now the HOUSE MAY surprise everyone and stay with the administration lacking grid lock and dysfunction the HATERS wish for. More hate. Those in the EVENT TRIBE believe this creates ( IF THE HOUSE FALLS ) a new race track into the EVENT with American leadership WEAKENED. The billionaires are divided themselves many HATE TRUMP and want a SPED UP EVENT so they can profit on the other side. Others want NO EVENT AT ANY COST even with their fully set up underground cities totally long term survivors if they can keep others out – no easy task. Perhaps impossible while they wait for their slaughter they worst fear As Event Planning survivors. So the Billionaires and the nations attacking us right into elections digitally, will count the final vote and take actions based on those final votes. THAT IS WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON IN A DRAIN THE SWAMP ELECTION OR KILL THE SWAMP DRAINER …that kind of bottom line to it all.

5. We believe what we told YOU all. If Trump holds the HOUSE we believe strengthened ( outside of any party or ascription to issues outcomes and political bias to any party – we report only pure economic data and outcomes related to what we know more about – economics . WE believe if that if you have THAT – strengthening as this election may serious surprise everyone – THAT the outcome would be in two immediate areas 1.) Trade wars would become a daisy chain of NO NATION LEFT BEHIND and RISING PROSPERITY FOR LEADING NATIONS IN UNION OF NEW WORLD TRADE AGREEMENTS and b) Congress will pass INFRASTRUCTURE and then Immigration reform and then Justice Reform. We believe these issues along with Health Care upgrading will float prosperity into 2030. The INFRASTRUCTURE BILL is what creates the future for America. if we stop and fail to borrow to upgrade our home, like any home owner requiring serious macitence once very 150 years – the jobs payrolls and tax pay in to the USA will re-tool all assumptions and projects and NO EVENT we don’t think. 2) The USA with Space Force will preclude an event attack entirely and we believe it is close not remote and the one item in DIGITAL SPACE FORCE COMMAND ( MARS – MUTUALLY ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION ) that removes the EVENT from occurring – as we a) can fully attack back and b) we alone remain as we were before the attack by the MARS POLICY.  None of this is going to occur with the election weakens US leadership and creates a GRID LOCK DYSFUNCTIONAL CONGRESS Operating in pure hatred to simply GET TRUMP at any and every cause with agencies biased to help them maximally which is not actually Justice any longer it is now arrest – charge – and release for testimony within a KGB State after such a loss of the house at the EVENT TIPPING POINT – we once most feared most but now are created our own worst form of a digital police state – and we will see it all in ONE VOTE on Nov. 6th. The very smart EVENT SURVIVOR group is investing heavily as the deadline for them IS NOV 6th and they themselves can not imagine the outcome with certainty. One way the Event moves back perhaps forever. Another the EVENT rushes closer perhaps closer than you can imagine yourself. Today.

Now you will not SEE in news depth of reporting about the EVENT up till this blog. You now have the information keeping the BILLIONAIRES UP AT NIGHT and what they talk to one another about if your inside the GROWING EVENT SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION CLUB which itself is a very secret circle the wagons wealth estate. You now know that the majority of super wealth is focused on surviving THE EVENT they think voters are way too ignorant about to vote the outcomes that save us all.

ME?  Always trust you voters in every nation of my readers over 100 in fact. I trust you all to be more information. To share blog url’s that speak to you. To add voter power to this blog by subscribing with this blogs highest absolute protected PRIVACY POLICY. Subscribing is free. We don’t contact you. We never unload our encrypted data base of subscribers ( over 33,000 subscribes in 100 nations and growing ) and over 1,000,000 book mark and click to read both FREE FREE FREE ) always. My hope is more of the 1,000,000 lookie lews – will click to subscribe takes 30 seconds – as that swells our count to our classified now as a MEDIA SITE – to a level of high INFLUENCE WORLD WIDE. Which we have NOT but more weights influence as you know. So we hope for your subscription trust as you share this blog.

NOW YOU HAVE OUR WEEKEND EVENT REPORT so you voters are appreciating our team did NOT MAKE THIS UP and we report real hard dates you can have on precious resources as a Subscriber – to the very best we can create it on the run speaking globally and mentoring those at at the top of business world wide….which is THE TRUTH. To our very best ability to help YOU read the economic tea leaves over the SPIN going on ..out there today….with bought and paid for data fed to you for agenda purposes you may not understand or question or realize.

We will ask those questions for you and we will as a journalist free lance reporter for NEWSWIRE since its founding, we get answers non accredited question sources may never have access to. It takes having your powder dry to get news that is simply UN GETTABLE. Our history and sources are global and we keep getting new sources from inside the San Castle or administrations globally our task is to follow THE MONEY and make sure it is easier for you to ask the RIGHT questions staying on top of your own manipulation.




To the election NEWS OUT there, lots to report. Still every journalist on earth must spot light as never before the MBS GET AWAY WITH SLAUGHTER TO YOUR TRIBE ! The way to get such slaughter to STOP is to make sure the PEN “IS” MORE POWERFUL THAN THE BONE SAW.

What IS going on in the Sand Castle? Imagine it for a moment. Turkey has Audio and Video. Saudi informs old Turkey what the real COST IS if they share that video. After all illegally putting tapping devices in an embassy guaranteed by treaty to be home soil not Turkey Soil does all sorts of things. Also Endgame invalids himself because MBS almost slaughtered him, his wife, and his children, in a failed ( just like every single MBS POLICY is failed ) coup attempt. Endgame will never forgive or forget. Journalist of the world ask the ruler in Turkey if PUPPY KING was behind the coup. Now there is a story for you.

Keep demanding the audio and video tapes without editing as a matter of RIGHTS to the 7 billion on earth the PUPPY KING has taxed into economic stress to 200 nations for his own greed at over 80 dollars a barrel.  Pure Greed and unsustainable as non OPEC producer will now keep OIL prices in glut versus artificially short. We told you all this. OIL HAS PLUNGED and PUPPY KING can do nothing about that at all. It is 2019 every nation for themselves to assure they reconnect MARKET SHARE customers not realizing they are losing their business forever due to lower demand, and cheaper easier to refund US Crude OIL as well as others in same boat not caring about OPEC phony pricing for GREED ALONE. MBS tried to destroy America Shale INDUSTRY, glutting world markets. Only much like FREE MONEY FROM THE FED going back to any GREED DEED on oil price is not so easy as a Puppy King thought. He may ORDER oil prices down but no one will care much. America the butt end of Saudi could see Venezuela market a deal with the USA or be taken over either way – and Saudi is not longer what it was – because the PUPPY KING AND HIS FATHER EMBARRASSED AND DIMINISHED THE NATION IN HORROR TORTURE AND DEATH as has not been seen in Rule of Law Saudi ( not our law to be sure ). But PUPPY KING being an insane young brain has no check and balance and today has plunged his balance into CIVIL WAR as inside they know this young brain all too well. Journalist of the world are you asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS?


1. Will you agree to release the video and audio so that the world can SEE the absolute truth?

2. Is the KING mentioned in the live recordings?

3. HOW Much IS SAUDI paying you to avoid telling the world Turkey bugged their embassy?

4. Do you now know and believe that MBS in fact was behind the coup to slaughter you and your family?

5.  What deal have you made between Turkey and SAUDI to help MBS get away with murder.

Berny Dohrmann with five we must ask for journalist KHASHOGGI as body language says it all



We told you about the Market Rolling into October. Precisely what we told you taken place including todays enormous roar back to record highs by year end which we also told you. So all my readers know 2018 called wrong by every single expert and as to the WHY and called RIGHT with an outcome to prediction that is precise accurate and on going from pure work and research. We hope you enjoy truth and outcomes you can measure over time – 30 years of time – for my Blog.


The Lies from MBS and his cruel Hitler like dIctatorship which is all Khashoggi was warning his peeps about as taken out in similar fashion more Khashoggi opposition mostly in nation some out of nation and as MBS is never held accountable for his crimes against other royals or any crimes – he like Adolf Hitler becomes in his mind a GOD KING that can bet away with anything as he alone is the divine healthy judge and jury. As with Adolf Hitler we call this MADNESS.
Turkey in long talks all week with MBS teams, has made a U Turn upon the TRUTH. Turkey ostensibly negotiated for untold billions of investment and discounts on their oil to move from Iran next week to Saudi have made an MBS deal. A costly one for MBS. Since OCT 2nd the constant story from Turkey one our own CIA director has seen with her very own EYE BALLS – IS – Khashoggi was captured by 18 reporting to MBS assassins from Saudi all documented on film and audio which our CIA Director saw. The discussion made Khashoggi know in the ARROGANCE OF MADNESS King MBS was making a final fatal good bye to the journalist. Then with recordings rolling Khashoggi was tortured to near death as only brutal savage Saudi King MBS can and will, after which he was beheaded. He was then slide and diced with a local operator Saudi will not rat out as that means the body is discovered – and the truth all comes out for MBS deluded – as a PUPPY KING that he has in fact gotten away with savage unacceptable murders. Plural.

Turkey one would suspect with a secure MBS many tens of billions coming into to Turkey we call THE PACKAGE – now reports today – oh now now – everything we said is not in fact true. We are never showing those tapes really. We are confirming NOW and TODAY after chit chats with MBS home deal ( you know in the ART OF THE DEAL over here ) such that – Khashoggi was taken by the assassin team upon entering the EMBASSY and now he was only strangled. No tape on it oh no just forget that was ever shown to leaders around the world. And it may be rogue talent but the level of pre meditation and the FACT there was no intention to kidnap anyone leads Turkey to say only the leadership at the top could have authorized this. Now then what about the TORTURE to get folks in the Castle as SOURCES TO KHASHOGGI? We are to now believe for the Turkey Deal and the MBS bribery – THAT – there was no torture to a ) get the real pound of Flesh MBS planned out and B) to get the real sources in his own family and castle so he can torture and kill them and c) only then would he with the King’s goodbye and team smiles all the way cut his head off screaming from the torture and then real slow as all King’s men die REAL SLOW he likes that. A LOT.

Has Turkey fooled the world press for their BIG PAY DAY to follow? Oh I think the world Press has MBS in an electron microscope. He killed ONE OF THEIR OWN . ONE of their favorites. He killed a great journalist. He did not kill the STORY of this DECADE. That story the wagon wheels circled of the smartest journalist alive on earth, will not only not let die, or deal down, but they will press forward until MBA IS PUNISHED. For his great SUPER CRIME in unmatched arrogance since Adolf Hitler a proper match. I suggest Trump will DRUMP our strategic record oil reserves we no longer need as the # 1 oil producers on earth – say 30% only drops oil to 50.00 and stops the crimes OPEC is doing to gauge 7 billion folks and 200 developing nations. As the cost of everything via energy drops, by the TRUMP DUMP ( punishing MBS and Daddy for failed policies – first to destroy American Shale than to market share back by the greatest tax ever created – their OPEC PHONY PRICING when the world is drowning in oil supplies as demand falls off a cliff. Why? BECAUSE TOXIC OIL INDUSTRY is climate changing the earth and so toxic they are killing us all in cities world wide. Their DAY HAS COME COLLECTIVELY a new social model for energy is replacing the old GREED MACHINE headed by idiot evil the KING OF Saudi Arabia and zero journalists are fooled nor are THEY taking this story off front page and many other pages until the most read story of our lifetime ends with a happy death to us part as SAUDI itself makes this all right in the world again. They will and I have great faith from 45 years of being a devoted study of Saudi culture faith and history one can see, MBS is a fork in the road of SAUDI GREATNESS. Today MBS is costing SAUDI outflows such as to the TURKEY Deal of untold tens of billions while in flow to Saudi income is drying up more than IRAN. Their revenue account is costing the people of SAUID a trillion dollars piling up year to year because of a PUPPY KING 33 years old who is truly an insane brain. Thats the truth. Now follow it.


Nations like Russia China Iran North Korea and others, have made billions manipulating our Stock Markets with weaponized trading tools. The NSA FIRST gathered information the SEC lacks tools as yet to stay ahead of election manipulation via financial markets ( bombs that are nukes in economics versus fire crackers on face book that distracted you all from the incoming real shells ). These nations are installing massive influence grids. How does 7,000 GET ORGANIZED to walk over 1500 miles to arrive at the US BOARDER WHEN – just prior to the election itself Nov 6th. WHO PAID FOR THIS? WHO ORGANIZED THIS? IS IT A HUGE ELECTION MANIPULATION MAKING MUELLER AND FACE BOOK LIKE A KINDERGARTEN WASTER OF POWER AND RESOURCES DESIGNED TO INFLUENCE THE ELECTION. Yesterday the PROSECUTOR AND CHIEF who reports to no higher power – not the President – not the ATTORNEY GENERAL – NOT ANYONE. This SPECIAL PROSECUTOR has followed the Nazi Play book as only a POLICE STATE with a PROSECUTION OUT SIDE CHECK AND BALANCE OR REVIEW – CAN MAKE LAWS CONGRESS NEVER PAST. The PROSECUTOR CZAR has arrested a circle of all the Presidents Men and Women, including home and office swat team invasions versus due process and court orders we used to use before MUELLER MADNESS too over the US Justice. Even with one scandle after another of high silo leadership documented to use the US JUSTICE DEPARTMENT TO GET TRUMP AT “ANY COST”. The democrats who installed Mueller secure powers that violate the US constitution. You can’t arrest a circle of people – deal them out of jail or slap on the wrist time with keeping most of your money ( supposedly all gained criminally normally seized and taken but oh no not with criminal prosecutors in on crimes to frame their target fully. ) Yes. Follow the money. You’ll begin to see a political theater in the US JUSTICE until JUSTICE REFORM think about who will DO THAT JUSTICE REFORM when you VOTE and be informed is all. Yesterday a leading WASHINGTON LOBBY firm, old and influencing, reported they would next Thursday release the first girl abused by Mueller. Mueller replied being all powerful and all – hey we heard ( not saying any source ) that the lobby guy paid a girl 20,000 to report shit on me. This is a God being deposed. The First girl now with lie detector proof she took no pay to say will come up. Then the Mueller Girl if ever she is found in fact – would have equal play noting WHO PAID HER TO SAY THINGS ABOUT THE LOBBY GUY? ( Whom I know well ). All why now? Oh the election to influence the election.

Nations and all corporate sides and wealthy sides are pouring in the HIGHEST SUMS EVER in a MID TERM ELECTION LAST DAYS – RECORDS AFTER RECORDS – JUST TO INFLUENCE THE AMERICAN ELECTION. I say to all voters – read my blog a bit – don’t be fooled – know the truth – and vote for prosperity versus party this round and you will have unmatched prosperity. VOTE YOUR WALLET – zero emotion ( which is the manipulations ) – all HEAD. Think it out and vote for outcome not personality. ONE TEAM of the OTHER. I chose YOU AMERICA I always chose YOU.

Berny Dohrmann – Watching Political Theater heating up with all that money until Nov 6th…when we all know the outcome.