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A growing list of 100 cities are now in controlled movement quarantine in CHINA. Over 500 million Chinese, more than the entire population of the United States are now in controlled movement as new cases SOAR. This Pandemic SUPER SITE is the first to report LINKAGE. Linkage is the FAILED POLICY in China of playing catch up – way too little way too late.

LINKAGE worst policy is in the middle of SOARING DEATH COUNTS remaining well above 100 a day with climbing daily averages approaching 200 a day – as a new average for the second half of the month – noting THIS SITE and THE WHITE HOUSE note that we both do not have HIGH CONFIDENCE in the ROLLER COASTER NUMBERS coming out of CHINA. We also object to the manipulation of the SNAKE FLU count totals and demographics where numbers are fully manipulated. Last weekend CHINA changed HOW IT COUNTS THE NUMBER requiring CLINICAL CONFIRMATION OF CASES. Lets look at the numbers mess next. As we do that in your PANDEMIC WEEKEND REPORT we know you all want to catch a breadth. But there is no breathing  with 500,000,000 in one nation in lock down from free movement, and that count is soaring, and HOT ZONE POCKETS showing same out of control pathology from Singapore to Hong Kong from hot zones rising in over 30 nations in ten days. No PANDEMIC HAS SPREAD THIS FAST or failed to expunge this long.

LINKAGE is holding STATE POLICY ACCOUNTABLE. President XI today told his nation of communist leaders across the board that they had to fix the break downs and loop holes that are not obvious already from the mismanged virus where FAILED COMMUNIST POLICY AND GOVERNMENT created a world PANDEMIC. LINKAGE.




December – Communist party hacks suppress the truth about the SNAKE FLU DANGER to protect pending economics of CHINESE NEW YEARS an economic annual peak effect like CHRISTMAS SHOPPING for the west – at all cost – at cost of lives. PROFIT OVER LIVES – POL COMMUNIST POLICY still taking place today.

December – MD DOCTORS sound an alarm of FATAL RISING SUPER PNEUMONIA CLUSTERS and rising NEW VIRUS INFECTIONS. A new virus is isolated. Communist failed governance has police come . to the medical staff and doctors and FORCES them with intimidation of the state to sign STAND DOWN AGREEMENTS to stop ringing the alarm bells. PROFTS OVER LIVES – POL STATE POLICY pre Chinese New Years.

NEW YEARS – Chinese Leadership in Wuhan COVER UP THE VIRUS RISK – where the VIRUS FROM WUHAN based on Criminal Communist Negligence to humanity world wide, and its own people, assured a SPREAD OF THE NEW VIRUS nation wide and world wide via the STATE party hack cover up.

JANUARY; We called for a canceling of CHINESE NEW YEAR as the forgoing was clear and NO ONE COULD TRUST the COMMUNIST LEADERSHIP that with MERS with SARS and now SNAKE FLU – in a hall mark of communist government – the COMMUNIST SYSTEM puts PROFITS BEFORE LIVES – and fails to keep their own people SAFE. Chinese Party Leadership elected to continue to the CHINESE NEW YEARS FULLY KNOWING THE PANDEMIC WOULD FOLLOW – with 100 million people moving through the HOT ZONES which were now spreading to cities across China to Hong Kong to Singapore and other nations in Region and the entire WORLD. Worst decision of the PANDEMIC failing to lock down and cancel NEW YEARS as death counts sored.

January – Telling the world risk of death and pandemic was mild not even moderate as PANDEMIC FRAUD from communist leadership in China. Making it all so much worse. Failed policy day one through today.

January – Telling the World SNAKE FLU was geo isolated and not near as bad as SARS down playing the real threat and danger which were fully know during CHINESE NEW YEARS.

January – 2020 – CHINESE NEW YEAR spread the PANDEMIC to 30 nations and counting, to HOT ZONES all over the world, and to all cities in CHINA creating from failed policies almost 2000 dead in one month soaring death counts over 2000 health care front line workers infected with many dying – including the physician who sounded the first alarm in only late December now dead – all from failed communist state bungling and criminal negligence and lying to the world. All fact documented here from the start. World Press reposts CHINA PUBLIC RELATIONS with a billion being spent to keep market prices up artificially in PROFITS OVER LIVES policy – failed policy – as the PANDEMIC IS OUTSIDE all control of the CHINA bunglers fraudsters and lyers.

February 2020 – WORLD HEALTH EMERGENCY DECLARED after our multiple SHAME ON WHO HEADLINES. The same pathology of our SHAME ON WHO with EBOLA OUT OF CONTROL IN AFRICA from consistent WHO FAILURE AND MISMANAGEMENT – who is a CHINA FRAUD ENABLER – Who misled the world on this PANDEMIC and still is doing so which is criminal until WHO IS REORGANIZED. YOUR FIRED FOR WHO IS A YESTERDAY EVENT. PRESIDENT XI is holding his own criminal party hacks responsible and is firing and arresting them. WHO needs the same purge. Liars all. inept. WHO FAILS TO PROTECT THE WORLD FROM PANDEMIC AND DEATH AND LIED FROM DAY ONE. Who wanted OPEN TRAVEL and the world FLIPPED WHO THE FINGER AND SAID IN ONE DAY – FUCK YOU – OPEN TRAVEL HUMBUG. How criminal is WHO saying the risk was low or moderate or keep open travel.



FEBRUARY – CHINESE NEW YEARS spread the virus to GLOBAL PANDEMIC LEVELS IN ONE WEEK via communist governance failing to keep its own people SAFE as a failed systemic model of government. We are not political we are economic.

February – The cost to CHINA of failing to cancel NEW YEAR is world pandemic – economic shunning of China – total melt down of CHINA ECONOMICS in trillions of dollars – lock down of 500,000,000 and rising to include the other 60% faster than a speeding bullet.

February – Communist fail in POL policy yet AGAIN and call workers back to work February 10th – and new infections rise from soaring to over 2,000 to soaring to over 5,000 in A SINGLE DAY – and CHINA numbers are fraud as REAL INFECTIONS AND REAL DEATHS are far far higher than CHINA LIE NUMBERS or WHO counts which are not real totals today. CHINA WHO CDC and the world lack a SYSTEM to manage a world PANDEMIC. Snake Flu shows the world THEY WHO PROTECT US ALL have no game plan have no system and are behind the spread of the PANDEMIC. At official counts which are LIES AND LOW – we call them L&L COUNTS – in our war room – far more than 3000 body bags are required by CHINA monthly. BODY BAGS are running out in China today. FACTORIES GOING BACK TO WORK – THE POL FAILED COMMUNIST STATE GOVERNMENT POLICY – fails in two counts and is criminal in PANDEMIC. First new infections and new deaths soared in back to work with only a fraction of workers back at it – over 100% rise in DAILY DEATH COUNTS AND NEW INFECTIONS COUNTS as the PANDEMIC SOARED to the entire nation under the entirely failed BACK TO WORK TOO EARLY POLICY OF A FAILED FORM OF GOVERNMENT. The Government that hacks the world – a leadership of liars and thieves – crooks – a CRIMINAL GANG at the top of a truly GREAT PEOPLE who so deserve better – as the CRIMINAL LEADERSHIP has brought the world OUT OF CONTROL EBOLA from WHO unrecognized – since August 2018 EBOLA IS OUT OF ALL CONTROL FROM WHO – and from CHINA PARTY HACKS HAVING NO INTEGRITY WHAT SO EVER – MERS SARS AND NOW THE WORST TO DATE SNAKE FLU.

FEBRUARY: China screams out at world news and states only its own news should be trusted. China in MID FEBRUARY locks down 60 cities effecting 500 million people with zero control in BACK TO WORK POLICY that soon must reverse in fact. China lies about the financial impact. We predict first half of 2020 will move China growth to 0 GNP if not recession. We predict the declining GNP first experts said minor – then moderate at 4% now some are saying 2.5% some are saying ZERO GNP like we are. In any projection the CHINA spin the effect is economic lite is a lie. THE OUTCOME OF COMMUNIST FAILURES OF GOVERNANCE WILL COST CHINA TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND MAKE BE THE DEATH SPIRAL OF DEBT DEFAULTING INTO A LONG CHINA WINTER OF DEPRESSION.

February: Planes trains and ships stop serving CHINA. Trade dollars and capital flows evaporated entirely. The commercial trade and tourism trillion dollar industries all stopped cold from DISTRUST AND PANIC created by China party hacks lieing now being arrested. ONE CAN NOT OVER STATE THE DAMAGE CREATED BY CRIMINAL COMMUNIST GOVERNANCE OUTCOMES TO THE WORLD AND TO THE CHINESE PEOPLE who relied on FAILED LEADERSHIP to keep them safe. Not only did the failed form of governance fail to keep 1.5 billion people inside CHINA SAFE and 5 BILLION OUTSIDE CHINA SAFE they failed to keep their people ECONOMICALLY STABLE. China is DESTABILIZING ECONOMICALLY AND POLITICALLY an inconvenient truth of CRIMINAL GOVERNANCE OVER DECADES OF TIME – HACKING THE WORLD – THREATENING THE WORLD AND NOW KILLING WORLD WIDE WITH PREVENTABLE PANDEMIC – THAT WASN’T. CHINA IS ISOLATED INCREASINGLY AS CAPITAL FLOWS TURN TO OFF.

February – 1000’s in industry REDIRECT SUPPLY LINES OUT OF CHINA and will never return to CHINA. The cost in economics is one of the largest economic resets in history in SUPER CHANGE TIME FRAMES far too rapid for China Communist slow boat leadership to adapt into. As far as we can see CHINA LEARNS NOTHING FROM ITS OWN MISTAKES. The party leadership exists in DELUSION AND DENIAL – D&D LEADERSHIP. Has China ever in this world PANDEMIC killing the innocent and elderly world wide once came out with the WORST CASE or acted like SNAKE FLU “IS” THE WORST CASE ( which it truly is ) – Answer NO !

February – China PR fuels to their people lies that they have plasma moderating treatments ( lie ) that they have virus testing about to come forth in two weeks ( lie ) or that any hope of treatment or cure exists ( they do not ) and the only consistent is POL POLICY and CHINA LIES to supress how bad all this is.



February – ACT OF WAR? CDC and DOD are working in defense labs to determine if SNAKE FLU is a BIO WEAPON. Why? First stories of the BIO WEAPON and specific SCIENTIST who invented the FIRST AGE TARGETING VIRUS have been published from DECEMBER FORWARD by creditable world press. NO PROOF EXISTS. DNA engineering is not easy to PROVE. It takes time and 1000 hours of lab work to define that SNAKE FLU “IS” or IS NOT – a BIO WEAPON. If the truth is that SNAKE FLU is a bio weapon the use of the weapon in election year 2020 was outlined first ON THIS BLOG SITE to the entire world as to projecting CHINA ART OF WAR outcome. If SNAKE FLU Is a BIO WEAPON the outcomes to China will be a decline of the nation into third world status in total and permanent global isolations. We have no clue if the PROOF will show the virus IS ONLY NATURAL. Our suspicion remains HIGH that CHINA HAS ACTED AS IF THE VIRUS WAS A BIO WEAPON if you think about it that way and our suspicion across all our CEO SPACE MEDICAL AND SCIENCE AUTHORITIES ( 100% ) suspicious how could a NATURAL VIRUS kill 80% only elderly over 60 years of age ( naturally ) versus man altered DNA to do just that. Why? The largest cost to China is its own elderly care upside down pyramid resolved by PANDEMIC. If China sacrificed its elderly for profit POL POLICY if PROVEN BY SCIENCE SNAKE FLU “IS A BIO WEAPON” – China will in our opinion see consequence for its lies become nation wide revolution.

February – XI ORDERED MEDIA CENSORSHIP CRACK DOWN. Advanced CHINA AI scrubbed all sites like ours from access to Chinese People – only STATE MPO POLICY – MANAGED PUBLIC OPINION – MPO would reach 1.5 Chinese. They would be brain programed the the COMMUNIST LEADERSHIP is in control, is predicting March peak of virus ( no evidence exists for that ) and that the PANDEMIC WILL BE OVER IN APRIL 2020. WE predict the PANDEMIC WILL NOT PEAK IN APRIL 2021. THIS IS PANDEMIC and we are looking at the WORST POSSIBLE OUTCOME today. Hoping for better than that. We don’t trust the nation of governance that is liars/thieves by state policy. The USA has issued new evidence on CHINA STATE HACKING THIS WEEK TO THE ENTIRE WORLD AS STATE POLICY – STEAL YOUR WAY TO THE TOP. No longer possible with Donald Trump as President. Now censorship makes COMMUNIST LIES STATE REALITY FOR 1.5 BILLION WHERE THE MAJORITY TRUST THEIR LIARS AT THE TOP WITH THEIR VERY LIVES. Factoid – to CHINESE – you need to OPEN YOUR INTERNET TO REMAIN IN POWER as the TRUTH LEAKS IN – THIS BLOG LEAKS IN AND IS WILDLY CIRCULATED AND YOUR OWN PEOPLE ARE IN FURY OVER YOUR LYING TO THEM ALL FROM DAY ONE – FURY PURE RAGE RISING. That is a fact China censorship makes WORSE.

February – We told CHINESE LEADERSHIP your way up and out is a SUPER BOND, is policy at state level we detailed here on WHAT TO DO as GAME PLAN as you have none but reaction control and economic contagions control with BOTH OUT OF YOUR CONTROL NOW – and we told you TO TELL THE TRUTH FASTER IN OPEN TRANSPARENT FASHION AND TELL US ALL THE TRUTH FIRST. As others ( US ) tell the TRUTH FIRST AND FASTER the trust in this site versus communist propaganda is world wide HIGH.  The Truth is the COMMUNIST FORM OF GOVERNMENT LIED TO THE WORLD AND ITS OWN PEOPLE ON MERS ON SARS AND WORST EVER LIES ON SNAKE FLU. CHINA CAUSED A WORLD WIDE PANDEMIC TO MAKE A BUCK AT NEW YEARS OR CHINA RELEASED A GLOBAL ELECTION YEAR BIO WEAPON WAR PLAN TO ASSURE DISTRACTION FRAUDS WOULD ASSURE CHINA WAS NEVER BLAMED AT ALL FOR THE GLOBAL DEVASTATION THEY WOULD CAUSE.  If true Donald Trump won the war by closing CHINA BORDERS BEFORE NEW YEARS WAS FULLY UNDER WAY A WAR COUNTER ATTACK COMMUNIST NEVER SAW coming. FACT: COMMUNIST GOVERNANCE FAILS TO KEEP ITS PEOPLE PROSPEROUS AND SAFE IN HEALTH WEALTH OR REAL WEALTH IN CUBA in VENEZUELA IN ARGENTINA IN RUSSIA OR IN  CHINA FOR SURE. Perto NATIONS are moving in FEBRUARY TO ECONOMIC RECESSION AND BLOOD BATH RUSSIA BEING THE MOST ECONOMICALLY EFFECTED AS STATE INCOME FALLS OFF A CLIFF NOW AND STATE SPENDING SOARS. Putin is broke. Opec is BROKE. Venezuela is BANKRUPT ENTIRELY. 3 million have fled communist failed revolutionary rule. In consistent communist trade made PROFIT OVER LIVES POLICY – communist typically hold on to POWER until you kill them and take people power back. Economically communism is a failed model to organize a nation into if we simply compare 200 years of economic data. COMMUNIST FAIL TO KEEP THEIR OWN PEOPLE SAFER. True today and true tomorrow in PANDEMIC. The one consistent outcome from CHINA is lies. WHY BELIEVE LIARS FROM DECEMBER TO NOW ARE TELLING THE TRUTH TOMORROW? You are going to give the LIAR NATION the benefit of what doubt when YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON YOUR OWN ANSWER?

FEBRUARY 2020 – CHINA lies about the math. CHINA Communist order last Friday changes in HOW REPORTED CASES OCCUR NOW so that only a clinical verification of symptoms documented CAN NOW BE REPORTED. Who pays no attention to the CHINA POLICY thank GOD and reports more TRUE NUMBERS ( still totally inaccurate as there is NO CENTRAL GLOBAL DATA BASE to report FIRST SYMPTOMS and subsequently REPORT TEST OUTCOMES. Note tests are in % that is NOT ACCEPTABLE showing negative to carriers that later test positive. CHINA DOC WHISTLE BLOWER go SNAKE FLU IN JANUARY AND DIED OF SNAKE FLU IN HIS 30’s ONLY IN FEBRUARY never leaving hospital – YOUNG – having CHINA’s BEST and not wanting HIM ESPECIALLY TO DIE. But he tested TWICE NEGATIVE as a carrier infecting other health care workers and patients until a third test confirmed he was positive. CDC in America negative tested a US MARIN and sent the US MARIN back into population as a CARRIER infecting other Marines and staff – then subsequent to SYMPTOMS SHOWING UP tested POSITIVE. Said another way – there is no fail safe test yet and testing is producing UNACCEPTABLE FALSE POSITIVES and the LEADERSHIP OF THE WORLD IS LIEING TO US ALL.

FEBRUARY CHINA AND WHO LEADERSHIP CRIMES: Leadership has lied about the WORST OF THE SNAKE FLU which this is in fact. WHO STILL SAYS Snake Flu is NOT A WORLD PANDEMIC which is criminal fraud. LEADERS are lieing about the true infections true death true geography infected carrier issue and problems and how unreliable the testing even is to this date or how bad it really has become from WORST POLICY ERROR EVER – GO BACK TO WORK IT IS SAFE – CLOSE TO NAZI”S SAYING – HEY TAKE A SHOWER AND CLEAN UP MARCHING SIX MILLION TO GAS CHAMBER DEATHS. GO BACK TO WORK AND DIE SO WE CAN MEET OUR HOLIDAY SCHEDULES AND SECURE STATE INCOME DOES NOT FALL AND DECLINE FURTHER WHILE COST SOAR OVER 10 BILLION AND COUNTING IN DAYS NOT MONTHS. WE said a ONE TRILLION DOLLAR MARSHAL PLAN IS NEEDED FOR CHINA. As time passes this sum rises and soars to the world as cost. NEXT HOT ZONES as carriers globally begin to show symptoms. TRACKING THE NUMBERS is not possible because no real time PANDEMIC GLOBAL AGENCY is IN ANY CONTROL and no resources ( 2020 level real time collaborative super sites for reporting and tracking exist today ). China is doing BETTER WITH XI REPORTING AND WORLD BANK ASSURING MORE ACCURATE BUT FAR FAR FROM COMPLETE DATA IS REPORTED. The roller coaster numbers from PR SPIN LIE NUMBERS to more real numbers has moved daily infection rates in China several WEEKS ago at 100’s per day to over 5000 per day to see scale in three weeks of COMMUNIST FAILED POLICY. Fail to CONTAIN AND CONTROL from day one due to cover up and lies with intimidation and police state suppression of the truth as the WORST CRIME AGAINST ALL HUMANITY SINCE ADOLF HITLER so that truth is clear today. CHINA NEEDS REFORMS TO TELL THE TRUTH TO OPEN ITS INTERNET NOT CLOSE IT AND TO REGAIN THE TRUST OF ITS OWN PEOPLE WHO NOW KNOW THE FAILURES AND LIES AND PAY THE GREAT PRICE – IN FURY AND RAGE TO THE 1% that own more wealth and real power than 99% own which is the stuff of REVOLUTION. This is the GREAT FEAR today of XI and his cabal of state leaders grasping to hold on to ABSOLUTE POWER AT ALL COST including LIVES SLAUGHTERED.



February – Not reported are the 100,000 being rounded up who share the TRUTH and who are shipped to CAMPS to brain wash for 18th months. No one is reporting the SNAKE FLU NUMBERS inside the 2 million most MUSLIMS inside the BRAIN WASHING CAMPS. Why? The MUSLIM Deaths are not equally weighted in the society to the Chinese non muslim death ratings as state policy. CHINA LACKS CAPACITY TO MANAGE HEALTH CARE for two million locked up in the worlds most advanced BRAIN WASHING CAMPS to reprogram human brain software to absolutely adapt and conform to STATE POLICY AND CULTURE. Human rights much of the world ascribes into is not a value table COMMUNIST IN CHINA share at all. They are angry to have any blame  game that they are criminals. However SNAKE FLU has made it clear via lies cover ups suppression and misdirection of the truth that CHINA LEADERSHIP now being in mass fired and locked up by a total PURGE BY XI – are in fact COMMUNIST HACK LACKIES AND CRIMINALS AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF STATE – FAILING TO KEEP 1.5 BILLION PEOPLE SAFE BY SIMPLY TELLING THE TRUTH – ACTION COMMUNIST NEVER SEEM TO LEARN – NOT IN SARS LIES – NOT IN MERS LIES – NOT IN SNAKE FLU FRAUD AND LIES. TELL THE TRUTH FASTER IS NOT YET IN THE COMMUNIST LEADERSHIP PLAY BOOK WHICH MEANS THEY WILL NOT AND CAN NOT ENDURE UNLESS THEY LEARN IN SUPER CHANGE. SUPER CHANGE ITSELF AS SET FORTH IN MY NEW BEST SELLING BOOK – HAS OVERWHELMED COMMUNIST LEADERSHIP NOW FLOATING IN THE WHITE WATERS OF SUPER CHANGE OUT OF ANY AND ALL POSSIBLE CONTROL TODAY OF POLITICS  – HEALTH CARE AND ECONOMY. As layers of lies add up the breaking point of the STATE SYSTEM SUPER CRASHING can not be far behind. The GREAT SUPER CRASH IN CHINA MARKETS IS YET TO COME IN OUR OPINION AND OCCURS FROM COMMUNIST FAILED POLICIES Dec to Today in PANDEMIC A SUPER CHANGE EVENT.

February 2020 – COMMUNIST LEADERS do not see nor do they understand STATE POLICY LINKAGE to population rage and fury ( against the Communist leadership ). LINKAGE IS CONSEQUENCE ( the truth ) from COVER UP AND LIES as State POL policy. CHINESE 1.5 billion are demanding LOP – LIVES OVER PROFIT – POLICY the 180 degree reverse of what they in fact have today. Today the CHINESE know failure and they are too proud to permit state leadership to repeat failures endlessly. Insanity is doing the same behaviors that fail always expecting a successful versus failed outcome. Competition as outlined in my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION is the highest display of human insanity the expression of competitive thought forms. CHINA is the most competitive government and nation a tie with Russia on EARTH TODAY. Communist China Leadership as we have all seen in perpetual COVER UP AND FRAUD WITH POL POLICY – is a leadership that is insane. Cooperation and integrity are the upgrade. President XI is trying with VISION to upgrade – while his own party is divided into INSANE ENTRENCHED COVER UP AND LIE a policy of state SUPER CHANGE makes obsolete fatal to system and irrelevant. READ MY BOOK SUPER CHANGE it is so clear when you apply the book to LEADERSHIP in every application assessment world wide. Super Change upgraded brains – leaders who are sane and trusted. Old brain leaders incapable of adapting into SUPER CHANGE as old brain software insane and out of synch with the future.

LINKAGE is creating a SLOW MOTION CHINA GREAT DEPRESSION the 1929 moment for China is March 2020 Wait for it.






Valentines weekend is CLOSED IN CHINA. 500 million under movement management today and that number is up from 60 million in Wuhan ground zero province one month back in time – a ten time growth in cities and national catastrophe Deaths hold in February averaging over 100 per day over 3000 ( closer now to 5000 ) per month. Total infected are rising to 75,000 next week – with over 5000 new infections over night while you slept in the west. . Zero deaths outside China remain low but are 100% rising weekly now. HOT ZONE CONTAGION shows true to the CHINA PATTERN and is not in control in back to work Hong Kong or Sinagpore or Japan or EU or Germany or UK or Toronto.

We predict by March HOT ZONE PATHOLOGY WILL FLARE UP in New York city – in LA – IN SILICON VALLEY – in SEATTLE and other HOT ZONES in the USA and EU and always ASIA FIRST AND WORST thanks to China communist criminal cover ups and lies since December into this weekend. No change.

Global responsibility fixing by 5 billion of us to the few at the top communist liar leaders is ABSOLUTE. WE BLAME THE COMMUNIST FORM OF GOVERNMENT FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY THAT ARE CRIMINAL AND INTENTIONAL for cost to global markers and for cost in lives. THIS ATTITUDE will effect CHINA economically for a century to come which no one has a grasp upon today. IDIOT ECONOMIST paid for by CHINA spew forth CRAP FAKE NEWS how minimally this will effect China. China is using STATE TREASURY to buy stocks and bonds so markets in CHINA go UP until they SUPER CRASH. THE STATE CAN NOT PREVENT A CHINA SUPER CRASH as its lacks capacity to do so which would take 10 trillion dollars at least. China is spending its very last and final trillion – as surplus resupply of US DOLLARS required for China trade are depleting weekly in soaring cost and crashing income – a decade of state resources are now being squandered on the wrong thing at the wrong time. Ten billion is required to just pay this months PANDEMIC COST.

The real cost to China of criminally mismanagement of the PANDEMIC they caused – and remain responsible for – is CHINA IS GOING SLOWLY BANKRUPT WEEK TO WEEK AND SUPPORTING CHINA DEBT LOADING WITHOUT A SUPER BOND ( searchable on this web site ) THE ECONOMICS REMAIN UNFORGIVING. The real cost is 15 trillion dollars to CHINA and no economist is reporting the true TEN YEAR erasure of CHINA ECONOMIC FOUNDATIONS ERODING ENTIRELY AND ALL AT ONCE AS A SUPER CHANGE EVENT BEYOND CHINA OLD BRAINS TO MANAGE IN ANY FORM AT ALL. While we are sorry for China helping OLD BRAINS who exist inside….Super Change….with software protecting policy stating…that is the way we have done things around here no change on MY WATCH …..so that IS that.

In Super Change this is the moan of economic suicide as only SUPER CHANGE UPGRADE BRAINS can solve the problems that old brains in fact created. The THINKING of old brain software bring the SUPER CHANGE PROBLEMS INTO REALITY is not the thinking to resolve the SUPER CHANGE CHALLENGE where only upgraded SUPER CHANGE THINKERS have compitency to resolve such challenges…the problem my book SUPER CHANGE brings to leadership speaking to LEADERSHIP TRANSFORMATIONS going on world wide today to divide leadership that RESISTS SUPER CHANGE ( China Communists ) or EMBRACES SUPER CHANGE LEADERSHIP – inspired leaders world wide in China Michael Sung is my favorite integrity Super Change bleeding edge leader lacking POWERS AND AUTHORITY FROM XI to say head a SUPER PANDEMIC AGENCY and a SUPER REAL TIME REPORTING SITE MICHAELS TEAMS could develop in days if given the torch of power. OLD BRAINS resist sharing power with SUPER CHANGE BRAINS as they fear better brains. INFERIOR BRAIN SOFTWARE LABELS SUPER BRAINS AS THREAT and act accordingly – which if you step back and review what you know is true here – is human insanity is it not?

  • Over 5000 new infections with 3/4 of infections not reported world wide yet.
  • Death counts rising to 2000 world wide this weekend up from 200 one month back.
  • Out of CONTROL in more and new HOT ZONES DAILY precisely as we predicted if you scroll back in time
  • No HOT ZONE has containment or control.
  • Health Care workers are by the 1000’s being infected and by the 100’s dying.
  • Health Care workers lacking equipment are in TERROR
  • Health Care workers with equipment are in HIGH STATES OF FEAR themsleves
  • PANIC IS GROWING in all forms and market outcomes as PANIC itself is not outside STATE CONTROL
  • The 5 billion do not TRUST STATE LEADERS to tell them the TRUTH
  • This site is rising as one of the most TRUSTED SITES the coronavirus SNAKE FLU Corvit–19 “THE”  SUPER SITE




The tip remains to new readers: Srroll to our defining ARTICLE ON CARRIERS and read from story to today – scanning – and you WILL IN FACT KNOW the TRUTH FROM THE BULL SHIT Fake News press report from SPIN AND PR from STATE to control panic with less than the full and complete truth> YOUR ONE SCROLL in ONE POWER HOUR includes PRINT PAGE FOR HEALTH WEALTH PROTOCOLS as to HOW TO BE SAFER DAY TO DAY – what to DO – and how to survive if you get it as to our best information and what WE ARE DOING OURSELVES waking out talk. NO ONE HAS THE



Print that page and post in work space. Scroll for PROTOCOLS and we are republishing PREVENTION PROTOCOLS. We do nto use COVIT – 19 – as scient sterile PR name to assure no human panic unfolds from the SNAKE FLU – which millions call the VIRUS. Unique as it attacks LUNGS creating fatal pneumonia for the elderly at an 80% kill rate if your 60 and over and fail to prevent catching it. Elderly need to read this weekends PROTOCOL suggestions. All readers need to PRINT THAT PAGE to be safer out there. After 27 double pnuemonias from experience I am somewhat of an expert in virulent life threatening PNEUMONIA from my own pathology 1997 to today. Just stocked up on antibiotics myself going to SPEAK in SAN DIEGO next weekend. I am not in fear or panic and I am MANAGING MY PANDEMIC. You should manage your pandemic. Pullling your hread into your shell does not protect you in ANY WAY WHAT SO EVER. 500 Million Chinese in NEVER KNOWN IN HUMAN HISTORY LOCK DOWNS ON THIS SCALE OF QUARANTINE – within GO BACK TO WORK – is failed policy as the VIRUS EXPLODES. This weekend over 2000 health care workers will be infected and countless more as carriers. Ten will have died as health care worker death and infections are also out of all control in CHINA.

Despite China’s enormous efforts we are seeing no change or peak in PANDEMIC as China is way too little and way to late and opening the BACK TO WORK GATE as a failed policy – when CHINA should WAIT and reclose that gate. But they will not because they fear BLOT on death spiral economics.



  • Back to WORK tragic policy in CHINA – PROFITS OVER LIVES – POL POLICY OF STATE – will take an out of all or any controL PANDEMIC with in two weeks 60 million quarantined rising to 500 million, rising to known numbers to follow failed state policy from DEC to Today.
  • Beijing now rule of law quarantines 100% of millions returning from NEW YEARS upon arrival with new CONFINEMENT LAWS with arrest if you the people fail to follow those laws. Carrier wise too little to late horses ( carriers ) are out of the China Barn a million strong now
  • ONE MILLION CARRIERS will spread HOT ZONE CITIES world wide by March and China is in an economic DEATH SPIRAL.
  • Economists and China mininize the PANDEMIC by 90% and minimize the DEATH SPIRAL ECONOMICS which are way way beyond CHINA planner reality to control at all. CHINA IS NOW IN DELUSION AND DENIAL the accelerator to the ECONOMIC DEATH SPIRAL. Like a giant water funnel in the sea everything is being sucked into the ECONOMIC VORTEX. Information minimizing the COMPOUNDING COST IN TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS ( US ) TO CHINA IN FEBRUARY ALONE – removes right action.
  • PHONY CHINA MANIPULATION OF MARKETS going UP TODAY in a DEATH SPIRAL OF LOSS IN CHINA across every industry no exceptions is HORRIFIC AND BEYOND HISTORIC CHARTING. China phony market price going up from CHINA communism central planners – will run out FUEL and the MARKETS IN CHINA AND IN ALL OF ASIA WILL SUPER CRASH.
  • EXISTING HOT ZONES including HONG KONG SINGAPORE AND JAPAN will spiral out of all control following CHINA patterns to SNAKE FLU VIRUS EXPLOSIONS. As the HOT ZONES grow in March the TOKYO OLYMPICS will cancel as a billion dollar further hit to JAPAN. Wait for it. No one IS COMING to a HOT ZONE OLYMPIC and earlier resetting is better than later OLYMPIC committee effected by the math of DELUSION AND DENIAL so well reported here. First.
  • Hot Zones we project will rise in city counts globally from CARRIERS and inside HOT ZONES Snake Flu will remain out of control as STRATEGY well reported here as APPROPRIATE OPTIONS FOR LEADERS is missing and Donald Trump has become a XI ENABLER MINIMIZER of the core THREAT GRADE LEVEL TO HIS ECONOMY.
  • Hot Zones in LA SILICON VALLEY SEATTLE AND NEW YORK will RIP TO SHREDS THE ECONOMIC GROWTH IN AMERICA IF THEY OCCUR BETWEEN TODAY AND MID MARCH as we predicted in January would occur. When FAANG CITIES ARE HOT ZONES WHAT HAPPENS TO STOCKS AND THE ECONOMY? 5 year olds get this right folks. Our leaders Like CRIMINAL NANCY focus on ( TRUMP IS ABUSING POWER FOR SUGGESTING ROGER STONE HAS TOO HARSH A SENTENCE WHICH IS FACT NOT OPINION ) while NANCY FIDDLES the economy will BURN DOWN which NANCY WISHES to elect BERNIE to the WHITE HOUSE AT ANY COST TO AMERICA. We find Congress in OBSTRUCTION a dysfunctional body that in times of WAR has always supported the commander in chief until Nancy. Nancy introduced the binding  policy of the opposition party . A core strategy of POLITICS OF HATRED AND DISRESPECT AND TOTAL OBSTRUCTION TO RULE OF LAW. We will know which wins a TRUMP KEEP AMERICA GREAT or a HATRED AND DISRESPECT AMERICA sinking into dysfunction versus high function potentials. NOW THE MESS IS LIFE OR DEATH. POLITICAL THEATER OR REAL POLITICAL LEADERSHIP. To date we see dysfunction and no GAME PLAN for SNAKE FLU FOR AMERICA hence our prediction – HOT ZONE AMERICA WILL RESET THE VIRUS THREAT LEVEL TO DEFCON 5.
  • In China virus spreading may “with too little too late” POL POLICY – BACK TO WORK POLICY infect millions before this is over with untold deaths rising to counts no one yet can predict at all in or OUT OF CHINA.
  • Snake Flu is the PANDEMIC WE HAVE ALL BEEN FEARING FOR – SNAKE FLU IS “IT” – diminishing the threat level in health wealth and real wealth of nations – is A SHAME ON YOU. Tell the truth faster and tell us all the WORST FIRST. No nation or agency is doing INTEGRITY. INTEGRITY IS THE CRISES IN GLOBAL LEADERSHIP AS 5 BILLION KNOW SO WELL. No fooling us on the truth. I asked my pharmacist today DO YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE GETTING THE TRUTH ON SNAKE FLU – it took some time for him to stop laughing to reply NO.
  • Markets are being manipulated in the largest global DEATH SPIRAL in economics today sweeping all nations WILL SUPER CRASH. The only remaining February reality is WHEN. A global economic contagion will next we predict become a SECOND WAVE the ECONOMIC PANDEMIC following the consequence in economic impacting of the REAL PANDEMIC both fully understated by SPIN AUTHORITIES telling us lies from day one. Documented here.
  • CONSEQUENCE FOR STATE AGENCY LIES is shattered TRUST AND CONFIDENCE. PANIC flows next from a breach of any TRUST in our nations and in our agencies who all put PROFIT OVER LIVES a policy that needs to shift to LIVES OVER PROFITS –  LOP IS WHAT WE NEED that is presently missing state agency problem. Stop trying to balance the response to SNAKE FLU. This is WAR. Tell us all the TRUTH and tell us all the WORST FIRST. We will restore our TRUST TO YOU. PULL OUT ALL STOPS.
  • OUTCOME POTENTIAL – It is likely still – ( perhaps not of course as well ) that – agency and nation will have to globally quarantine 1000’s of cities for ONE MONTH. We suggested last JANUARY that we quarantine all cities for four weeks and flush this out at the LOWEST COST IN LIVES AND RISK AND ECONOMICS. Failing in that low cost solution in war with our ancient enemy the future is high cost in time and economics. But what is the SUPER RISK.
  • The SUPER RISK long reported here is that any NEW KILLER VIRUS that arrives in the human DNA and infects large numbers – the reported number right now is passing 75,000 of us – and that number is easily 3x under stated to the real numbers of infections and carriers perhaps 10 times. Truly. THE VIRUS NOW SECURE IN HUMAN DNA based on 90% virus pathology in such NEW KILLER VIRUS INFECTIONS ON THIS SCALE AND THIS SUPER CHANGE SPEED NEVER KNOWN BEFORE – is that the NEW VIRUS MUTATES RAPIDLY. Virus death rebirthing cycles are explosive and ferocious inside our lung cells under vicious never known before attack. We have NO CLUE WHAT THE NEW VIRUS PATHOLOGY IS THAT IS CREATING 80% FATALITY OF THE ELDERLY OVER 60 INFECTED. The VIRUS MUTATING if it follows the NORMAL KNOWN PATHOLOGY ( and it may not we don’t know ) WILL MUTATE TO BECOME STRONGER AND MORE FATAL TO ASSURE ITS MAXIMUM IMPROVED PATHOLOGY TO THRIVE IN THE NEW HOST ENVIRONMENT ( US ) .
  • WHO the lead agency is a FAILED ANTIQUE OBSOLETE MODEL THAT NEEDS REORGANIZATION AND UP GRADING. Have JEFF BEZO RESET WHO FOR 180 DAYS AS A HEALTH CZAR. MUSK GET OUT FRONT. The failed agency is just now this late date in time starting a STUDY GROUP to explore how the virus is working. WAY BEHIND ANY MUTATION outcomes super likely by March. HOW WILL MUTATIONS BE DOCUMENTED AND REPORTED. Today health care testing is inaccurate a HUGE % of the time. People and material responses where not ready and behind from day one. WHO covered up and fake news reported lower threat levels than reality – lies – and criminal negligence. HOW CAN THE LIAR TEA NOW BE THE HEAD TEAM? HOW CAN THE TEAM OF FAILURE REMAIN AT THE HELM WITH any trust and confidence. FAILURE TO REORGANIZE WHO AND FAST HOLDING CROOKS fully ACCOUNTABLE ( YOUR FIRED ) is a long run of ADVICE TO WORLD LEADERS on this Web Site. Why?
  1. Agency Lying
  2. Government state lying
  3. Obviously having no effective plan
  4. Bungled and mismanaged containment and control day one to today no let up in the management lack of COMPITENCY
  5. CAN WE DO BETTER THAN THIS? YOU BET. PANIC IS A PRODUCT OF STATE AND AGENCY SUPER CHANGE SPEED IN ACTING TO do better. PANIC is a feature of failing to tell the truth faster….failure to tell us all the worst first.

Finally we caution you all – within all this news ( and tons unprinted today as it is VALENTINES DAY after all ) our HIGHEST ADVICE TO EU AND NORTH AMERICAN LEADERS. Snake FLU is rising past 75,000 infected next and 2000 deaths. In four weeks only. Yet Malaria scaring no one will kill 1.3 million this year as the # 1 killer of human beings – and Dr. Jerry Thornthwaite has the proven tested cure no one will support from GATES to BEZO. That is s crime. You are not worried you will be one of 60,000 dying of FLU world wide this year with millions upon millions with FLU traveling and infecting. YEAR TO YEAR. You don’t panic in the FLU. Or FLU Season.

YOUR CHANCE OF CONTRACTING SNAKE FLU IS LESS THAN HAVING A CAR wreck this month…keep driving and be fearless…we’ll tell you if its time to change tactics – we are speaking in public events world wide no fear at all and you should invest in your success but STAY INFORMED as failure to keep up on this SUPER CHANGE UNFOLDING is diminished personal leadership – say your own – up or down – stay INFORMED in SUPER CHANGE 2020 BE FEARLESS YOUR SAFE OUT THERE TRULY YOU ARE 

OLD BRAIN POLICY WILL CREATE SUPER CHANGE PANIC CONSEQUENCE BEYOND ANY NATION TO CONTROL WHATSOEVER as the billions of we human lack the truth and lack access to this site yet. As no nation has stepped up the INTEGRITY and all nations try and spin us and minimize the health level and economic level of  THREAT.




This is Valentine weekend and my shout out to MY SEPTEMBER and LADY LEADERS everywhere in the world today. WE STAND AT CEO SPACE FOR FULL PARTNERSHIP FOR WOMEN PERIOD. Anything less is competitive insanity for human brain software. Upgrade gentlemen as respect power authority opportunity and gratitude FOR WOMEN rises across the world in 2020.

Perhaps I should bring my remarks to a close ladies with the simple: