We know interest rates are rising:

We know incomes are rising:

We know a global growth boom is underway


  • Uniformseen – World events that create contractions
  • A recessionary period beyond our control
  • Not ramping up fast enough for momentum to carry us through the next contraction.



So June 22nd we leave SPRING and the long accurately predicted SPRING CORRECTION. You buy inside dips and you sell inside highs.

Super Money Pools having sold high – creating the current SPRING DIP will be buying now in the low as the market soars back to new highs.

You reside in the longest most exciting expansion globally of this generations life time. Experts in majority predict the expansion is likely to continue sans unforeseen political events into 2021.

If you own casino assets – bonds – structured assets – limited partnerships – mutual funds – stocks and equities of all kinds globally, your likely to see – you an’t seen nothing yet”. The second half to the year is likely to report:

  1. Nigeria oil violence after the elections
  2. A full on collapse of Venezuela oil out put sinking to 1/4 of what it was  a few years back ( but it could roar back soon ) – although the long abusive Communism economic theft has robbed the people of Venezuela a future – one I can’t see occur without a political turn for the nation.
  3. Russia is likely to sink further into decline as oil prices drop not only these two weeks but into 2019. Manipulation will not work in this market because the demand math is wrong and oil is going to fall off a demand cliff from cumulative disruptions form better. cheaper fuel sources – hydrogen soon to take the market by storm.
  4. The US is in a consolidation and its weak recovery as plateaued just as their central banks also stop accommodation and tighten money supply. Germany is having the worst nose dive and all of the EU is feeling a stress to keep growth occurring away in Mount Everest of unsustainable debt to their economies save the UK.
  5. The US is engaged in what we reported here has become from Trump Tweets yesterday – RECIPROCITY TRADE. Other nations started the trade wars by failing to create fair and matching trade with the USA. They tax the USA 100% to 1000% more than we tax them. Today Trump and the USA is engaging a reciprocity trade scheme, we suggested on this blog. US Treasury is developing real time software for over 200 national trading partners that DEFINES RECIPROCITY TRADING . If they tax at x – the US taxes more to access the premium wealthiest largest markets that sustain the entire world in AMERICA. If they drop taxes the US drops taxes – if they don’t – access to America is finally cut off.


President Trump has a soaring approval rating going into the Mid Year Elections and all the garbage political sewage and endless brains who don’t like President Trump ( primarily style which is for sure a FIRST ) – endless drop up to derail and tar and feather President Trump the polls till of rising popularity. Not just from his base.

Democrates recieven endless leadership from President Obama and President Clinton – are voting for Trump Republicans in droves. A. They are starting they are tired of the endless bashing and mean spirited policy of their own party. B. Perhaps more important there are lower party affiliations today – now the vote is going – “if a republican is President and we give that president a republican congress we get progress – congress works and we get results. If we give the Republican President a democratic congress we get waste of untold nature – and gov. stops and no loonier works for year and years and years. If we elect a Democratic President I see more democratic congress votes on same principle.

Americans get their own system is broken.

American’s want Justice Reform in a massive way as the commission nation we are is now turning toward a justice of nazis in suits where the citizen can use justice to get revenge and trump up almost anything and effectively get bitter rather than better. Nazis would arrest families – circles – work up – and crush the lower arrests to get the testimony they are themselves creating to create a charge they desire for the real target. This form of justice is not justice and it is what you see in third world dictator ships. Can we do better? You bet we can and we will – it takes time but Justice will reform and become better. In this nation the pendulum always swings back from abusive times and powers.

American’s will fix their own system.

Today the system as in Bill Clinton’s new barn stormer global best selling novel speaks to American’s across all barriers to say – we can do better – we must do better.

The idea of a nation so polarized and divided is not long term. It is passing engird of SUPER CHANGE. The Change of the Deep State protocols manners culture and process into a more modernized agile America nimble and able to move more quickly and respond to citizen welfare more with inspiration that hostility. We’ll get back to that. What we have today is the ebb tide of the deep state old power structure and the new Reformed state unfolding new power structure. THIS RIP TIDE takes years and is not easy to lead into or through. America is in the RIP TIDE Of enormous improvement and growth and change under leadership that includes many democrats and republicans working together one see’s so little reporting about. The Mountain is the cooperation underway and the mole hill is the bi partisan hatreds and divides the RIP TIDE creates as things change really and for centuries.

So President Trump has the great majority of American’s reported today in the polls – that APPROVE OF HIS HANDLING OF THE USA ECONOMY which is booming. We told the volatility would be within the SPRING correction and on going – and so it is. We told you oil would go down when everyone was reporting it would go up – and its gone down for two weeks.

If your a reader and you invest PE funds in oil bets this consistent accurate reporting on oil trending may be useful to your trade. To others it may be casino betting or real restate or other market sectors we also share our opinion about on trend lines.

We think trade deals will use into new normal all during 2019 and propel market in this way. The Saudi trade policy on oil is such a failure how everyone rallies around data that is not accurate – spin that is fraud – inside a criminal cartel whose only purpose is to take energy – the COST OF EVERYTHING ELSE – and raise that cost to make development good security and health options for 7 billion in developing nations trying to rise to fool partnership impossible. The FEW ( 100’s ) against BILLIONS for selfish greed and profit. Nothing home. That is not capitalism . It is central state planning of all economics to maximize inside club member profits against free open markets self pricing to artificially keep the COST Of everything CRIMINALLY HIGH.

Today there is enough oil in the world to do this:

  1. G 100 nations that are OPEC customers – no OPEC members allowed – FORM the GLOBAL ENERGY TRADING COURTS.
  2. Oil lifting cost averages across all frame works 10.50 a barrel and thats is stacking it to the oil side way high. Now a 200% mark up is 30 dollars – 40 dollars is 400% margin then 50 dollars is a 500% profit margin – with 70 dollars a 700% almost 1000% profit margin – on every naturally renewing toxic shit we burn up into smoke.  Oil are not diamonds under the Debeers price cartel ( same plan ) – and a margin of 30% to 40% is reasonable. High but reasonable. Everything higher is a criminal wealth tax on 7 billion human beings by 100’s of criminals to enrich their own elite franchise model..
  3. The World COURT should sanction OPEC members and all G 100 nations ( non Opec ) cease buying from Sanctioned by the court criminal pricing plans.
  4. Nations should open price gauging investigation to oil pricing which goes down at crude and takes forever to go down at pump.
  5. Huge windfall taxes should be placed on oil firms and those process permit nations like the USA to form NATIONAL ENERGY SECURITY AGENCY – NESA ( nee sah instead of Nasa ). Nesa agency developer new technology for America oil direct production and America produces oil as a nation to swing moderate fair pricing and global NESA fights global OPEC. Plus we would have far improved refinance technology with such research and engines an lower combustion and no German criminal cheating on those rules.


You see today there is enough oil to bring oil prices down by nations going into oil production and competing as nations with OPEC. Enough is enough for criminals punishing making for their own profit accounts.

The USA Today given our own production and trade wars should release supplies of our own Oil reserve – refilling them over time from our own surplus supplies – creating a lower market averaging price for the reserves in the first place. Nothing will sustain global recovery like a fair price of $ 35 to $ 45 dollars for oil Once arrived at serious development of future oil can be undertaken. Colorado Shale not even a whisper of development yet is worth more than all of Saudi fields by itself and the America oil yet to be discovered is endless. Why use ours when we can poke a straw in the sand in Saudi and get lowest cost oil and take it all from the sand lot and allow ours to be used by unborn generations as it is endless ?


For a very short number of years China was the number two economy of the world. Folks forget the economic reporting is like the earth quake Richter scale. The America being # 1 is so much larger than the others they are not close or fair comparisons. Also China is a product of America trade and buying make no mistake.

China has attempted to invest strategically in the USA to keep favorable trading open and secure. China has said one thing and done another. It has said it cleaning up corruption when a bunch of party hacks have taken over billions of other folks business stating their were corrupt using corruption to steal their wealth. China has told the IMF it will fix its borrowing issues but it continues to borrow unsustainable 300% more than it earns to fuel its economy and avoid revolution. China says it will open its borders but make not mistake without Chinese partner ownership that steals all partner IP for China – you are not open by any free measure. China says we are declaring ownership of the South China Sea – an ocean like the Pacific. The international Courts rule such declaration is illegal, has no weight of law and violates countless centuries and national claims to the same seas and shared wealth for all of IndoAsia. China declares it will not militarize the islands it seized and artificially constructed into full on secret military bases ports and air strips a process now extending CHINA POWERS. China has said it will ease currency controls has only layered every more barriers for Chinese to invest outside the nation without Communist lengthy reviews and approvals which are frequently denied.

China lies. It says all the right things. To be sure. But it does not honor what it tells partner nations. It is China first and not a two way deal either.

China largely on Trump and XI world views has helped with North Korea – which is a CHINA FIRST issue to resolve. XI may get the Nobel Prize or Trump. Man of the year or both.

Together they changed North Korea and next Trump and XI and Putin want to change IRAN and make a deal. Such deals are historic and change the world peace.

In the future a trade plan with China must unfold in which:

  1. America IP is not stolen as it is today especially by China hacking of every major industry we have stealing plans and multi billion dollar IP into their graduates from our colleges.
  2. A uniform rule of law in trade unfolds benefiting both nations ideally.
  3. Taxes and barriers to enter China must shift soon or the unforeseen happens.

China may see what Saudi see’s. Saudi is seeing clients buying from it – for lower price and guaranteed supply. When the supply is cut and the price is raised to profit the greedy – no market supply forces – Saudi loses customers FOREVER.

Saudi crushed American Shale flooding the market to bring oil from 140 dollars a barrel ( a pure theft of the planet ) to $ 34 dollars a barrel and you can calculate your own 75% how low did oil go. They wished to savage and destroy American Oil. Why?

These are the reasons:

  1. America has unlimited oil more than OPEC.
  2. American oil is less sulfur and lower cost for users to refine
  3. Saudi is dirty crude and costs more to refine
  4. American can set its own price creating a ten dollar two teir market – NON OPEC cheaper oil and cheaper to refine
  5. Higher Cost Saudi Oil and Opec Oil from Russia more dirty and costly to refine.

America was a nothing in oil output and we started it all.

America was importing 67% of its energy a few years back.

Today America becomes in 2018 the largest oil Producer in the world because of OPEC greed and pricing. We pass Saudi and move later this summer to pass Russia as the worlds single largest oil producer This underwrites the US dollar with oil asset wealth. Soaring exports. After brutal criminal price wars from Saudi they had to stop as they still as do all Opec members suffer from being in RED INK now with no way out of their debt driven economics – except what they know – tax the world and raise oil back to 80.00 dollars.

Their own customers HATE them for being loyal to only pay such higher % premium for energy when they need to establish food security systems and health care for their peoples. Say in China.

SO China says we will tariff USA Oil? Yes but the tariff is still keeping US oil under Saudi at its higher price and more costly price to refine. Plus China can’t rely on middle east security – the Capital of Saudi had many missiles flying into it last night alone. the fourth missile attack on its nation since December. As one example.

China is going to buy whats best for China. The USA is going to sell oil and take Saudi customers away forever. Why? Saudi Policy on oil failed. Everyone see’s OPEC as liars who decide the world in the MANY AGAINST THE FEW for only one reason – keep oil artificially high – so you can – suck up as much wealth for member nations at the criminal expense and cost of 7 billion – cartels are artificial price monopolies illegal in most civilized nations.

Do not give CRIMINAL OPEC credibility. it is folks pure and simple next to the central bank private stock firms you falsely believe are government agencies the second most urgent need to unwind criminal cartels headed up by crooks. What they plan is how to keep oil as artificially high and maximized right when 7 billion of us need to raise up developing countries into full partnership with lower cost cleaner burning energy.

China will be soon 100% Hydrogen power in the biggest slide off the oil convey belt every seen in history.

This will clean up China pollution – and lower kilowatt hour cost to lowest levels in human history.

OPEC members who get out first and clean break will pressure market share customers. Oil members who remain fixed on price gauging in a. real time inter net world will use their market share forever. Which is what is taking place in Russia.

So China is going to be passed by Indonesia is not Japan again as they are locked in a tire not with America – not even close – nor is puny Russia Petro non diversified GNP having it easy. Russia is in recession and that recession is deepening. Putin wants sanctions removed but is not willing to unwind any party of the UKRAINE crises. His leverage point with NATO at core.

China is going to move to the number three slot in national standing where the sun is also and right now setting in China. Manufacturing index in China shows months of contraction. Overall economic reporting in China so opaque and never anything but Communist spin, you have to anticipate, their reporting how things are not going well in 2018 is a signal the decline in China even with its debt fuel is not going away. A sustainable sinking is taking place in China right as they trade wars hit.

The Trade wards derail China economically. They fail too if  the real cost of failure to reform continues for any time at all. Why? Because if America re-tools away from China and buys AMERICAN as I’ve reported China loses those market share clients forever. There is no way in a sliding EU to make up that market share and Africa is sluggish as is South American because of what Saudi did to move oil to $ 80.00 retailing all recovery world wide. The Cost of Everything must remain constant to up bubble the world.

So IF China fails to advance reform another item they can never reverse happens – as it does in their nation – their folks will no longer buy American IPHONE or Mac Burgers.

American’s however will no longer buy anything even partially made in China. Trust me on that about Americans. They have the longest memories and it will go generationally. Generations will be raised with NEVER AGAIN CO DEPENDENCY on off shore supply lines. No more unfair trade or buying from those who steal our own IP.


RIP US off and when we get made you have been HAD.

We are MAD all of us in all parties.

The pundits that spin numbers who say 500 billion in annual – thats year after year trillions – of a nation buying more than it sells – where we sell 100 billion to China – is GOING BROKE FOLKS. Because its slow we can’ t let our kids inherit a third world having built our own enemy up.

So today if we compete the USA wins and the world loses all over.

If we cooperate the entire world prospers together.

Competition is insane.

Cooperation is sanity.

Today the world is every nation in it for themselves – until their better and over it. Its economics and in the end economics will TRUMP politics.

So the two biggest trading partners in the world are puling the rope across a mud pond. Everyone gets dragged into the mud one way or there other. AMERICA is the winner in all ways and China like Saudi is if this continues going to lose ENORMOUS MARKET SHARE worth we feel five trillion dollars in value in a decade or much more. China can reach a debt tipping point where cascade and defaults sink all markets a risk well set forth by the IMF and this blog over so much reporting. Scroll.

Today there is hope economics will create a NEW WORLD TRADING ORDER that will last for centuries.

The USA will have border walls to stop the invasion of illegal immigrants from all South America which has become impossible for American Tax Payers to support.

A new immigration for LEGALS that will become digital fair and uniform will allow seekers to join the AMERICA EXPERIENCE legally versus illegal. Make no mistake about it illegal immigrants are treated far better in America than anywhere else. Every nation wants legal immigrants in process versus invasion by illegals via open boarders.

Trust America now with digital tools is moving to advance the most modernized immigration system known to man. Passing that legal revolution requires time and incurs billions and over time trillions and requires debate thought start and stop and after the RIP TIDE passage. The system works …watch.

The summer is starting.

The Elites are all moving to the sea and beaches for the summer.

The markets are AI controlled anyway.

They now manage by IPAD.

From Anywhere.

AI punishes every sound byte than after profit taking ramps back up again dollar cost averaging to pennies.

Casino Capital is all new.

We’ll see how it works out in the end.

Berny Dohrmann – Just back from brutal travel and ill – but mending