I know the news of my being in Intensive Care unit in the hospital spreads world wide. My game plan, to be famous enough to influence legislation and performance culture in works spaces world wide, but reclusive me, never wished to be Super Star famous like so many I mentors. By design not recognized at airports etc. Perfect for my super private self.


i always wanted the LITTLE LIFE the life with those close friends you. share memories with, our family which is large and always fighting time for reunions on one. When your daddy to nine with grandchildren and you re iCU on Father day you get a growing incoming- Corvid? No Pneumonia ? NO?  With my business family, my greatest treasure all of YOU in 200 nations around the world, know, our research never stops but this blog news site is my work space, and in ICU under massive meds publishing pauses. I got out on Face Book y HAPPY FATHERS day to of you, but the Blog work is too much for my health for 72 hours or so.. My last blog summarize my take on markets. Democrats say we are in side an insane bubble. Republicans stay the economy is impressive and to bubble.

I know a 7 year group counting with marbles can understand if I take away enough marbles from the entire CEO ALUMNI COMMUNITY –  the circulation of economics must deflate and depressed in contraction in ratio to valuations floor anchored in 2019 markets. World a trade and GNP from the vIRUS created a new PANDEMIC ECONOMY a super change TSUNAMI in markets so depressed so damaged, it is the SEMINAL SUPER CHANGE EVENT unmatched since the fall of Rome itself. Valuations inside a depressing economy are PHONY MARKET BUBBLE PRICING. The final bubble of post world war II economics will Super Crash. When is the only known. One hair fragile trigger event sets PANIC into motion. Then the reset of value to GNP depressed economics will revalue the casino phony values of today.

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Now back to me. I am very private so this is a stretch or me. Addressing all the LOVE EMAILS is a stretch too right now. The bullet points are – my history is I have a condition to explode into pneumonia with any illness. 27 of them since 1997 – but none since Dec 1216 to 2020 no hospital. First run in almost four years WHOOT WHOOT. But close a few times a year. I resigned running CEO SPACE five years back to assure my death was not what you. read about. Volunteer work on my schedule assures my health wealth is first.

Thursday while the Live BEST CEO SPACE “FORUM” WAS serving switched on turned on CEO’s, I had an allergic reaction ( taking nothing new in ) that was servere. By 9 AM Friday my body was covered with rashes and shingle like blisters toes to head. My face swelled into distortion. My tongue and esophagus involvement which included blistering in the throat and tongue. Now imagine your lungs are filling with fluids, your itching like tear your skin right off, and your tongue swells up like a foot and you are on way to ER -having trouble swallowing and taking in air. You labor through your nose as swelling is in air waves.

The ER docs took a hand scan ad walked me to ICU with six putting me out and putting tracheotomy tube down my throat. My wife as I was sedated said it was so close they said if we we were minutes later they would have to had to invasively cut into the airway. It took three sitting on my half an hour to get the tube in do swelling and my fighting through – they had to change anesthetic as my blood pressure was dropping like a GRAYS ANATOMY moment if you watch that series. The docs said- September is he always this stubborn, ad she said without respectful pause, YES MORE THAN YOU’LL EVER KNOW.

So I woke up and the swelling was gone with about 28 meds to do that. I also got to see the hero’s. This is taking place inside the # 1 Coronavirus HOT Zone in the USA – ground zero Florida. I see all the ark angels working in this combat zone. So your in ICU Father’s day and no visitors allowed due to the VIRUS.

Last night I felt as they moved me to a multi room unit floor, I can manage from here at home. Now that concept create a drama. I walked ( dress) to the nursing station ( on the coronavirus floor # 4 I was west East Wing has the virus – but air flow doesn’t know east to west). So I stopped all the drama saying – folks it so simple, take this IV out of my arm, or I’ll take it out – let me sign the self release form nothing is your faculty in 15 minutes at 12.30 AM today I will be moving in my car September driving to patient manage this. Not fair to take a bed some one really needs. They kept asking is it me, was it me. I told them they were all ark angels and I said I’m taking myself out of VIRUS HOT ZONE is all. That calmed things down as they all know my chart and all have been saying – we HAVE TO GET YOU OUT OF HERE.


My life saving Doctor Rey Linares was moving his sun as live classes in NEW YORK all went virtual. But Rey had his former partner on me and managed me once back Sunday night. He wanted me to say in Hospital till he was more sure on cause – but he is home are managing as I’m doing what they were doing without the VIRUS RISK. Dr. Linares is absolute of the weight due to my pneumonia history away from VIRUS HOT ZONES – and you can’t get closer than floor # 4 where they keep the VIRUS soar – and air has no door. They tested me for the VIRUS coming in.

Now at home my son has been very ill, Daniel age 21 who never gets ill. He has.been tested as he can’t return to work unless he virus free. So we still have to find out – if it entered our home. No one else has shown symptoms but as you know if it the virus that is 14 day. Or so.

So I’m home. I slept like. rock. Which helps.

I woke up with light rashing.

I took a shower – which created head to toe  rashes and blisters.

Went on meds which wore off while I slept – we are fixing frequency levels – and meds rolled it all back just like hospital but now in out patient home care.

You can do -what they tell you knowing:

  1. They have no clue why tis is occurring or what is causing this
  2. They will “practice” on you to see what may work
  3. Dr. Linares is beyond practice – he truly is a bestie and we ARE changing the world together including medicine and he has me as relates to out patient health care. He has cause ideas that make sense no other professional even suggested related to an antibiotic allergic cycle.

So for all my readers this is probably way more than you needed on me. CEO SPACE readers are my family as we are sacred business family. I want to thank the SUPER STAR faculty mentor line up for the QUALITY SUPPORT you produced for world entrepreneurship last week. WHOOT WHOOT September and the CEO SPACE – best of the best – blew me as founder away. Better than months of preparation. A new invention to remove PANDEMIC IN BUSINESS from effecting you.



On the economics optics the things to focus on in my opinion –

  • You know the market is depressing and GNP has crashed world wide in all nations all at once
  • The second quarter numbers will show pain as you have not seen in your lifetime.
  • The third quarter will be election volatility of biblical proportions.
  • Sell peaks – cash from all peaks  – miss the SUPER CRASH this time
  • Park and hold in cash – come back after Super Crash
  • Diversified Insurance INVESTING is presented as a STEP BY STEP TO take that step, if you believe this is a world depression, explore DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING with licensed experts as you can move to protected high return outcomes without any principle risk. HOW appears here – search for DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING print page and share with your inner circle.  Knowledge ( options ) always is best for future outcomes. Better options better choices. DO NOT FOLLOW THE HERD OFF THE CLIFF as your nest egg is at SUPER HIGH RISK today. Own that.

Be as active on your financial health wealth as we all have to be on real health in VIRUS world.

Final notes as I’m pretty ill still and have to rest up.

  1. The worst of pandemic lies ahead. New records being set daily.
  2. My projection table search for CARRIER – Feb 7th – remains the first and most accurate table we have seen.
  3. We said over ten million infected by end of summer and death counts soaring as virus mutates
  4. Our mutation story all experts and WHO AND CDC said the opposite – was right again – from Script instituted study published last week – we featured it first as now confirmed 10X more infectious than January strain. The Press report lite on this.
  5. The economy is on life support where in last ditch to stop full panic the central banks now are the world’s largest buyers of debt securities ( bonds ) and now stocks. When the life support which is limited truly is too limited to control panic sell off the SUPER CRASH wipes up to 100 trillion of wealth into global deflationary depression. Decades to recover.

May not happen. Life support may work. No one knows.

No one can predict

Don’t be fooled into final sucker rallys that mark all SUPER CRASHES.

Do not buy into the spin suggesting this is NOT A SUPER BUBBLE which it is.

Protect yourself. When it tips over as in my illness – ( if you were one hour later we would have to cut his throat )?  Think carefully. Is your financial surgeon the right person for this crises?

Have one drop of courage greater than your GREED FEAR of missing out on the FOOLS RALLY for the avalanche to follow will never effect you if you protect yourself.

What protected you from loss up to now will not work as strategy moving forward as SUPER HIGH RISK of a SUPER CRASH unlike anything this generation has ever known we all the GREAT REBALANCING is under way. I know you have this.

You know more.

You know first.

You know the truth from the liars.

Also it is way too early on election. It looks like Joe BIden has the momentum. One never rules out Donald Trump. Either could catch the virus – January less than 100 had it- now millions are spreading it and we will see ten million cases here sooner than later as the # 1 HOT ZONE is USA. There are 1000 things that can occur in this run and the nation remains divided by that is changing.

A possibility of a huge blue wave can one term DONALD TRUMP if we voted today, is my opinion as it is now.

Having worked so long in politics I KNOW that it is years i election time to November. This is the most nasty disrespectful election ever. What more dirt or me too’s can they get on EACH OTHER –  as there is no low they won’t go to – which makes the world shake its head as they say “what  IS going on over there )?


In fact America is RE-INVENTING its core values and this election is historic. my insider truth on the summer run:

  1. Both leaders are doing the very best they and their teams know how
  2. Campaigning is a vicious intense war fare fought in hours and minutes
  3. News is all who controls the prime time agenda – tweeter in Chief or Biden Ridden UP?
  4. IT is too close to know or call and its a moving target
  5. No one can predict from how nasty this will yet become what the final vote will be.


Our opinion. Trumps KEEP AMERICA GREAT 2019 theme is useless obsolescence int SUPER CHANGE. The trump Virus agenda failed as brand messaging. Without a NEW COORDINATED BRAND UPGRADE to reset his core base, or if business as usual, Trump will and is losing enough cross over to lose congress and the Presidency as SUPER HIGH RISK? The team does not have a power tool as you have to hold the truth to win. How do you over come the DUMP TRUMP momentum today.

Trumps one message – Joe is too old to KNOW – Trumps age as President on exit  if we re-elect him – is age card failed strategy.

Bidens DUMP TRUMP campaign is over coming the dollar higher sums Trump is spending on brand messaging errors.

Brand re messaging includes in my expert opinion:

  1. Why Trump creates a sling shot rebound of job creation Biden can never match.
  2. A decade to recover with Biden 24 months with TRUMP.
  3. BIDEN TIME – WHAT STATE AM I IN – is the current sleepy time joe – failing where more republicans are not voting or are voting for BIDEN and democratic congress.
  4. Wrong brand messaging is dividing the Trump base.
  5. Biden rebranded messaging and has poll improvement over Trump setting records.



If Trump has rabbits up his sleeve as he always seems to have – do not under estimate Donald Trump this early.

My opinion – is if Trumps team thinks they have their hand on their loyal core BUT the team fails and Trump fails to re-engage and connect to the vast majority required to win the electoral college IS totally up for grabs.

2020 was a united Republican party against a divided democratic party.

Now I have never seen in any time frame – the unity the democrats are massively uniting now  and the failure of brand messaging o Coronavirus and on Floyd is light. draught of TRUMP Political capital, moving voters in what is now the ANTI TRUMP VOTE and not a  BIDEN LANDSLIDE ( which it is ) – in America a huge voter block wants.A REAL PRESIDENT and are done with YOUR FIRED nd SIT COM WHITE HOUSE. Trump is worshiped by voters or these styles and they want MORE SIT COM PRESIDENCY.

So Trump reunites his voters or he attempts to remove voter confidence in BIDEN he wins. His present strategy ( old brand messaging ) now only reaches a core – that is in our opinion now not enabling electoral college win.

The largest blue wave I’ve ever seen is unfolding now. So we’ll see. No one knows. It all effects global depression realities unfolding into DOWN BUBBLE only down on the economic optics.

Now I may have to go back to hospital if I don’t health wealth myself. This is a miracle up date to my CEO SPACE community, spread the word I’m OK and at home. Thank you. Forgive how this is written on too many meds to write you all anyway.


Berny Dohrmann – HEALING UP from ICU # 25 – since 1997 — like I know the drill. IS he always this stubborn in saving his ow life ? September says – MORE THAN YOU KNOW DOCTOR. Thanks to ll the staff  at MEASE HOSPITAL – Florida – you are our hero’s.