Iran killing so many on a passenger plane is chilling for IRAN in the world today


Iran is desperate. Their leaders are desperate. On the anniversary we will see what discipline the Military Minds in Iraq may have. Do they wish to see ten billion and 30 years of toys taken out faster than you can say SUPREME Steam? Yesterday we were FIRST ( right again ) to report globally that IRAN SHOT DOWN THE UKRAINE PLANE. By PM the Press had read it and articles began to pop up all over the World as you may have seen.



America removes in a military war zone a general who has killed almost 1000 of our folks directly verified and is now planning huge new hits against us and is engaged in a secret deal with the IRAN and the KING OF SAUDI ARABIA – which the USA also sent a firm message to the Gulf leaders – to the King of Saudi and to Iran – DEAL OR NO DEAL.

There is only one DEAL – a deal for no nukes and prosperity for IRAN the PROSPERITY DEAL.

The Iran military may need to consider do they wish prosperity and pay checks or do they wish to risk they will not have enough oney to pay their folks?

Or the money they pay 500,000 soldiers with is increasingly worth use as fire fuel to keep warm this winter?

Iran is a failed State. Economically. A consequence of policy errors at the leadership level – failed policies that now combine to a death spiral of nation economically. What the IMF WARNED IRAN about is now upon them. Failure to execute an easy prosperity DEAL failure to explore a prosperity deal has reached a tipping point in IRAN.


You can see how insane the present policy from a mentally ill leader as to outcome. Tens of millions in Iran are suffering. The Supreme CREAM has all the wealth and all the power in his police state which now he can no longer pay for. Insane brains are always victims. Insane brains never do the math that the outcomes are a result of their own crazy brain decision making. Iran could have prospered as no nation the GULF with 120 pages of easy paper. The SUPREME TEAM is holding Iran economically on course for a DEATH SPRIAL INTO IMPLOSION AND FAILED STATE STATUS.


There was plenty of time to make an easy prosperity deal.

The deal was not hard. The deal required real integrity and not a lack of integrity.

Iran is now in a death spiral….the pain and suffering of its people while the SUPREME LEADER controls all the money and wealth will one day be illuminated as INSANE.

The economics in Iran are now entering a DEATH SPIRAL from the failed policies of their DREAM TEAM as we have economically reported here. Failed LEADERSHIP POLICIES SINK NATIONS – economics always one day must rebalance. Thats the law the SUPREME TEAM can not over come and economic rebalancing in IRAN is rapidly advancing in the ECONOMIC DEATH SPIRAL OF IRAN to which the SUPREME MEAN has only confusion. He is too old too crazy too out of synch with SUPER CHANGE EVENTS to actually manage a nation well. As everyone can so easily see.


DEATH SPIRAL picking up steam.

The DELAY IN THEIR PAY into global respect and prosperity into a very easy to perfect 2020 – PROSPERITY DEAL with Trump remains insane. That delay is their end play? Until economic death of their nation? HERE IT COMES FOLKS…..

As they march into a NUKE state which won’t save their economy the questions that remain are:

  1. What will insane crazy brains actually do?
  2. Will the economic self inflicted death spiral of economics to the nation now leap out of all control and vortex the Iran bankruptcy?
  3. Will Iran facing real economic DEATH SPIRAL BANKRUPTCY as all their markets SUPER CRASH and unemployment moves to 55% commit suicide by military action?
  4. Iran is rushing to build a nuke their leaders are liars – we know that now and we have been patient on that item
  5. Will they buy a nuke from a buddy – they are trying right now?

The entire world and the Gulf community are all working to invite IRAN into a sanity prosperity deal versus acting insanely into a conflict they can not win economically. The DEATH SPIRAL TIPPING POINT FOR IRAN is any provocation to war – accent on the word ANY. Will the entire world of nations be enough to contain the wild actions of IRAN when they assess the economic crushing outcome of any error. On todays anniversary with its enormous emotional capital to act out in culture – a clear and present danger exists this day and weekend. Will sanity prevail. WATCH THE BOUNCING BALL ON THIS ITEM.


The majority of nations are aligned and cooperating.

The majority of nations ( by far ) are united to invite IRAN into a PROSPERITY DEAL and respect of other nations.

The increasingly rogue nation has limited options to do anything without fatal economic consequence to themselves.

They can turtle pull their head inside their IRAN crazy brain SUPREME MEAN shell but the turtle is financially dying. The People of Isolated Iran as the EU pulls increasingly back ( financially ) accelerates the FAILED STATE ECONOMIC DEATH SPIRAL. Time is NOT on Iran’s side. Their military may underestimate the capacity and resolve of the USA and the world united against her. The consequence of underestimation is 10 billion dollars of IRAN infrastructure being degraded in days.

The rest of the world is booming. The markets of the world are seeing the best NEW YEAR robust trading, confidence valuations and more. We noted the Year End and the New Year would show RECORD ALL TIME WEALTH HEALTH for the entire world.

CEO SPACE is having our best year since 2005 and we are just starting. WHOOT WHOOT as our members all want the special prices this January and so do the new member CEO’s before that ONCE A DECADE SPECIAL is GONE in February my birthday month. Happy investing.



The world economy is strong and vibrant.

Trade deficit to the USA was lowest since Donald Trump took office – going in a positive direction for USA health wealth.

Inflation is globally virtually a non factor.

Interest rates are at lower cost to use money and put money to work than has been in place in a generation.

The multiples and stock earning ratios are at peak highs never seen or experienced before.

Is this a new floor in AI economics?

We see the WINTER EFFECT and CLIMATE CHANGE as has been the case for years now creating a profit taking period, a period of sustained pull back – to readjust the earning ratio and multiples sometime along the first quarter reporting periods into the second quarter of the WINTER reporting following the 2019 Holiday season. Retail held up better from J C PENNY to Target than many expected. The death of retail is premature.

OIL IS THE COST OF EVERYTHING ELSE. OIL IS energy transportation fuels food and packaging. 5 billion souls most starving lacking good security shelter security and health security – 1.3 billion will die under age of 35 all easily preserved – but for sure dead due to less than 1000 oil criminals. Oil is priced 50% too high by criminal oil also bringing our planet extinction. Oil average global lifting cost to market is at its high 10.57 cents per barrel from poke a straw oil in Texas or Saudi to deep rig oil in the seas. Oil at a 300% margin of profit – triple key stone is 37.00 dollars or so. Oil at 70 dollars is 600% profit margin. No commodity on earth enjoys this profit margin but OIL. The price is criminal. The price murders 15 billion poor humans in this DECADE ALONE. This is beyond all wars and pandemics. The largest KILLERS AND MURDERERS THE SINGLE CRIMINAL CABBAL OF ALL TIME IS THE OIL CONSPIRACY TO FIX PRICES.

This MAFIA GANG OF OIL CRIMINALS create the largest FRAUD and LIES of any criminal gang in human history. Their Fraud on supply demand, their fraud on stability and market normalization is all LIES pure direct thieves lying to you. Debeers for many decades set the price of Diamonds creating the Fraud Diamonds were rare and scare. Diamonds are so plentiful there are beaches with diamonds between your toes in Africa. There are BILLIONS OF TONS OF DIAMONDS IN THE EARTH which is making MORE.

OPEC has as a mafia gang of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY slaughtering BILLIONS so a elite less than 1000 CRIMINAL CABAL can enjoy super wealth mega yachts and privilege no movie yet defines sufficiently. Since the 1920’s this MAFIA CRIMINAL GANG has polluted our land air and water to the point of human extinction if they are not stopped. Even so as oil demand falls off a cliff the GREED MACHINE OF CRIMINALS keep oil a rigged price market higher than 50% over what it should be. ALL THAT PROFIT flows to the criminal gang members.

Oil WILL SUPER CRASH. The Oil mafia will legally be held in the MOTHER OF ALL TORTS economically responsible for their over charging and criminal death machine. The Curtain of truth is being pulled back on these OIL CRIMINALS – the scourge of humanity. Once bought and paid national governments ( by oil ) are facing THE TRUTH THE LAWS AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER where integrity and transparency ( the TRUTH ) are the future of policy. The OIL CRIMINALS are going to be hated as no group in history. The OIL CARTEL in its greed lies frauds and fake pricing of oil – 50% MORE THAN OIL SHOULD EVER BE PRICED AT – are the economy killers – the hidden tax and theft of the wealth of nations for a CRIMINAL GREED MACHINE second only to CENTRAL BANK CRIMINAL CABALS who price money itself. OIL KILLS MORE GROWTH PROSPERITY and assures every nation is left behind. NO NATION LEFT BEHIND is putting OIL CRIMINALS IN PRISON and assuring free markets price oil not a price fixing gang of the worst criminals to ever hobble human kind and progress.


OIL is the most polluting toxic substance known to man is threatening massive die off and extinction from climate change while the OIL robbers steal the wealth of nations. That wealth could be well used to GO OFF OIL which would drive oil prices down. Facts:

  1. WE said OIL would go down – experts said oil would now soar on IRAN issues which have zero effect on oil supply – oil inventory in the USA did not fall by millions of barrels it rose with more surplus by 1.4 million new barrels in storage. I mean y god we have 500 million BARRELS IN STORGE the highest in American history ever – why? WE ARE THE LARGEST OIL PRODUCER. TRUMP DUMP and bring oil down by half that would take care of IRAN and TERROR as the budget went away completely.
  2. All terror and millions of awful deaths and maiming is PAID FOR FROM OIL 50% too high. TRUMP DUMP that is our policy from strategic oil reserves and kick the less than 1000 mafia  oil price fixing criminals in their balls. 2020 REPRICE OIL and all nations BOOM into 2030.
  3. The Earth is shitting and farting oil. We are gaining new supplies the world no longer needs as demand is SUPER CRASHING so we can all avoid going extinct. We can do better than this oil price fixing mafia – the G 8 Needs to put the OIL CRIMINALS AGAINST ALL HUMANITY IN PRISON. Old wells are fool. OIL IS RENEWABLE not scare not rare and low cost. OVER PRICING OIL is the risk of economic instability and global depression – for 1000 OIL MAFIA CRIMINALS and bought and paid for law makers conspire to keep these awful price fixers in power.
  4. All nations need to pass resolutions labeling OPEC A TERROR FUNDING CABAL and attack economically the CABAL.
  5. The Heads of the CRIMINAL PRICE FIXERS WHO MURDER 1.4 BILLION THIS YEAR AGAIN need to be targets and removed – killed – until the PRICE FIXING STOPS and free markets drop oil by 50%.
  6. AMERICA needs to massively keep increasing supply and take over the price of the market and set market fair pricing for no nation left behind of 45 and keep OIL in the range of 39 to 45.00 US DOLLARS.
  7. Trump needs to DRUMP just 1 million barrels A DAY until the criminal price cabal is forever broken and national criminals go bankrupt and terror has zero money or resources because the 50% tax to 5 billion souls no longer pays for weapons and terror at all. Follow the freakin money – we do.

So OIL CRIMINAL CARTEL PRICE FIXING is the highest crime and cost to humanity ever. The small ELITES in control the OIL OWNERS are the worst criminals ever. IT IS TIME FOR THEM TO GO.

The insanity of the world permitting a 50% too high price for oil has simply got to stop.Oil demand is falling off a cliff which will bankrupt the cartel and rip price from them but its a long ways out. TRUMP DUMP takes IRAN DOWN the rest of the way to the table and no NUKES. Its economic.

STOP TERROR remove their funding by resetting oil. Oil supply will soar at 45.00 because demand will rise in developing nations for a time as they develop wealth to move into other non polluting forms of fuel energy packaging and food shelter security. This will stabilize oil globally. OIL CARTELS ARE A GREATER THREAT TO WORLD ECONOMIC STABILITY THAN TERROR EVER COULD BE.

Oil is a rigged price market by oil criminals who are committing 2020 crimes against us all – all humanity. IT IS TIME FOR THEM TO KNOW AND TO GO. We are awake now and we see you for what you truly are – liars.

EVERY SOUND BITE ABOUT OIL PRICE AND SUPPLY IS AN OPEC LIE A FRAUD FROM THIER MASSIVE BRAIN WASHING AND PR. Worse today in the GULF brain washed minds actually believe their own fraud is real. They believe their own lie. I’ve seen it. OPEC is the worst gang of world criminals of the FEW AGAINST THE MANY in human history. Take that to the future in 2020. Greta knows she’s under 20 and she knows.



One area of concern is Multiple Level Marketing? Why? Because virtually all MLM products are now sold on Amazon? Will consumers buy from individual contractors selling these products are buy in mass on line by PRIME and have the items over night delivered? Some predict the DEATH OF MLM from Amazon taking the product lines from the brands and selling them on PRIME. We’ll see it has become a trend. I was schooled by the genius who started MLM and I have consulted to the leaders of the larger Brans since the 1960’s – Shackley – NUSKIN – Amway and too many to name – and we now hold concern on MLM’s long term future as the 100’s of billions are in the AMAZON SWEET SPOT. We’ll see. In China it is illegal to recruit downline. You can sell direct or on ALI BABA. With burdens of independent contractor law such as CALIFORNIA can MLM survive in its present form? Big shifts are sea changing in the MLM global industry watch that item unfolding as it may effect you. And millions in the down lines. As a founding lead consultant to this industry my book SUPER CHANGE defines the answers. Every MLM in the world needs to read SUPER CHANGE. Will YOU ADAPT TO SUPER CHANGE OR BE ENDED BY SUPER CHANGE. The MLM leaders who fail to adapt into the SUPER CHANGE will perish. Call me.


Radio saturation CNBC FOX and many more:

  1. Guaranteed income rom 15% floor to 100’s of % high from on line sites you share profit in that sell stuff
  2. Results guaranteed.
  3. 80 years old – put 100% of your savings and resources into the hard selling and closing we will take everything you got
  4. Sell out of all your investments and give us all your money ( no conscious no economics ) in a pure criminal PONZI SCHEME
  5. Its not a security it is exempt from security law protection until 2020 when – well – it no longer IS with SEC TAKE OVER

The INCOME STORE was put into receivership by the SEC before NEW YEARS 2020. Over 100 employees and contractors with no notice at the holidays lost their income and jobs.  The loss to individual investors and to many seniors seeking fixed income may rise to unknown levels of many tens of millions or worse over 100 million due to all those national radio ads. Victims ( from all those years of radio advertising on guaranteed fixed income paid in PONZI economics by new money in at 100,000 dollars per INCOME STORE paying those who need monthly fee’s from earlier total investment in to the fraud  ) can go on line and make claims to the loss they have invested. THE SEC will try and effect recovery which will take years. Unpacking the extent of this Holiday bad news for so many who invested will require audits across book keeping and records to reconstruct the extent of the total number of criminal security law violations. CEO SPACE fire walled this item from our community in 2016 due to the conflict of our opinion expressed in caution and waring to the owners KEN AND KERRY ( at the time a Chicago CITY COUNCIL WOMAN OF STATURE ) THAT –  the contract was a security ( in our and our legal teams opinion )  but  the owners relied upon  legal advice the contract was not a security. We informed the owners in writing we thought the legal letter on this was in ERROR weak and from a solo lawyer simply wrong. We stated the entire program was at risk in 2016 early before the first radio ad.


Ken Courtright for a short time was on faculty five years back – teaching about authority sites and how to maximize traffic on any web site. The content was very professional. Ken spoke at the worlds largest at the time training firm PEAK POTENTIALS Richard Tan’s firm in many of their more than 40 meetings annually and many others. In 2016 he started selling privately one on one to unqualified non accredited investors INCOME STORES and taking 100% of their money with a guarantee like B. MEDOFF ( in jail for life ). Same Crime. Same PONZI.

A note to those who were affiliates in 2017 2018 2019 the INCOME STORE GO GO YEARS on radio with an army of sales agents. I personally saw in late 2016 as KEN was ramping up the hard selling closing machine and I was appalled ( which is why we had clean break ) even then with interviews with Kens clients who told me:

  1. A french couple sold their business in France and wanted to start and American business. They were told NO DO NOT DO THAT just give us your ( I can’t remember but 100’s of thousands from sale of their WEB BASED PARIS BUSINESS ) as a young family coming to AMERICA – and INCOME STORES WILL BE YOUR BUSINESS. They reported to me they never made the promised 15% – that they had no stores a year later – and that they got 5% while they waited for their BIG BUCKS when and if their store every got created – and they said they could not live on 5%.
  2. A Doctor who said he was bringing in armies of other doctors nationally as he was putting all his retirement money which was huge into INCOME STORES as the higher return to the market plcae. I said what if it does not work out. He said I”D BE RUINED.
  3. A widow over 80 years old – bought one income store made regular income and then put her insurance and total savings from her husbands death as a widow into income stores. I asked if she had legal advice. None of them did. I asked why? They said they trusted Ken personally.
  4. A number of others over 12 to 18 months reported at Kens own event that – in late 2016 – they could not get any one to explain why they had no income store no click to see it on line – but they kept getting checks and they asked me HOW COULD THIS BE LEGAL. I asked if they had legal counsel explore it so they could get answers to that question?
  5. In Oct of 2016 I was in Anaheim speaking at KENS EVENT to the full room of hundreds – on his web everything work shop – which ended with HARD SELL like I never saw with a line of well staffed closing tables with an army of hard closers. We presented to the business owners CEO SPACE not knowing this was the new model of Ken’s business. We tried to get hi legal help suggesting this was a HIGH RISK SECURITY LAW VIOLATION BUSINESS In our expert opinion. Ken thought we were attacking HIM. I was just providing free business mentorship to business owners – who shocked me and Dr. Richard Kaye 21 years with CEO SPACE as client after client was under DISTRESS ( unsolicited by us ) about their INCOME STORE unfolding lack of communication. Each one stated after their final check investments cleared KEN was unavailable unless threatened. Then when he talked to them it was ( they said ) gobbly de goop and no facts or data as to WHY THEY HAD NO INCOME STORE.

Pilots from major airlines were flying in at that end of second quarter 2016 –  and coming buy to invest and were agents making commissions to other pilots in community selling plans. I thought wow – they are unlicensed security brokers if this is a security. Note: I am not an attorney and Ken had legal advice his contract was NOT A SECURITY. I respectfully disagreed and told Ken I did. He then hated us and we had a clean break which was A OK WITH CEO SPACE as we would not permit income store sales in our community – although unknown to us Ken had sold a handful of clients – older – not accredited and they put in 100% of what they had as Ken took it all. We teach at CEO SPACE never never write a check without legal advice ( attorney’s are on site at CEO SPACE FREE ). These folks bought outside CEO SPACE and in each case violated our teaching and policy NEVER WRITE A CHECK WITHOUT LEGAL REVIEW AND PROTECTION NEVER ……so that is sad but we can’t after our programs supervise adult decision making as an educational institution.

At the time we had no evidence of a crime or a PONZI scheme. Ken in 2016 was on video stating he had personally accumulated a pool of over 100 million of income producing on line stores with a partner private equity firm. He had folks stated to be the Private Equity on site with him at his meetings. We had no evidence to not believe his facts.  If this is true there may be solid recovery for investors. If this was a lie there may be a rough road to hoe. It will take a lot of time to discover in the SEC discovery phase ( which is WHY WE HAVE SUCH AGENCIES ) thank you SEC STAFF  to try and recover for victims. Those who sold the illegal security may be required to discourage the money there were paid as illegal gains.

CEO SPACE was never part of the PONZI nor did we have any pay arrangement nor were we paid. We have no selling policy at CEO SPACE and any hard selling Ken did was outside our policy agreements during the very short time Ken presented web education on improving web site performance – whose content by all in our industry was strong and professional education all filmed in our case.

The GO GO YEARS of 2016 year end to 2017 huge radio ramp and 2018 and 2019 all took place as a clean break with CEO SPACE as we attempt to protect our membership to the best as a TEACHING AGENCY we can. If we see a  problem we clean break that problem before it moves into our 150 nation community – a firewall – keeping in mind we are not a regulatory agency and lack resources to investigate develop evidence or any of that. We had no standing at the time – and zero evidence to make a complaint. We recommend any customer of the INCOME STORE report your loss to the SEC WEB SITE for the INCOME STORE or to the SEC DIRECTLY who have on line agency and forms for this reporting. No one today can do anything but guess what type of loss – total – some – what recovery for damaged parties – may unfold in 2025 or so but it will take years to unwind all this in our opinion. IT just takes time when a fraud ponzi is this large. When a security contract is sold as it was not a security to avoid full disclosure and regulatory over sight compliance – which is a CRIME if that proves out and we don’t know how this all will unfold as we have no inside information.

When this all hit we reached out to Ken. He elected not to reply. We waited. We had his consultants reach out to him. No timely reply which is of course expected. This husband wife team that where in total control and kept the economics and book information from inside employees – so who may be criminally indicted – the owners? The comptrollers? What other insiders knew? The SEC I’m here to tell you WILL FIND ALL THAT OUT.

We are told from site owners – that over 700 sites are in the INCOME STORE model – and stores range from 50,000 to 500,000 where the totals are possibly over 100 million or more. No one can know on all this in the SEC DEEP dive until the teams unravel the accounting – the money tracing – the legal history the control parties the – entire communication file history – as the professionals work to protect the victims.

Bottom line and why we write to let those who are damaged if our readers ( as click readers who are not subscribers are 100’s of thousands reading this site ) – share this with INCOME STORE CLIENTS. There are lots of legitimate news stories about the 2019 take over by the SEC COURT ORDERED RECEIVERS – the buildings . all employees told not to come to work – all assets frozen by court order – because why?

Because a large UNKNOWN NUMBER of PREY – many older non accredited investors – have 100% invested and the income the PONZI INCOME STORE was paying was their LIVING. They having NO MONEY NOW all over the world not just he USA may in many cases at 70 and 80 years old ( and I”m 72 folks ) so I feel this – in age – will have zero income to pay rent mortgage utilities and food. For too many this means they are homeless and must move to family friends and shelters. If there are suicides as such crimes like MADOFF at this huge scale due to mass advertising to the world create – the crime has a new level of count rising.

To those who controlled the INCOME STORE we suspect the SEC and ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE UNITED STATES will have NO MERCY to the insiders who profited and controlled this many year security law violation in the USA and the global markets as this plan grew out of all proportion. THE INCOME STORE appears to be more than bad business or business errors. Will the SEC refer the recovery effort to CRIMINALLY PROSECUTE THE CONTROL PERSONS who profited? It will take some time before the evidence is collected and the outcome is known. WAIT FOR IT.

We are very sad for all the victims of the INCOME STORE. This report refers you to news stories as the PRESS in the Chicago TRIBUNE and other PRESS is tracking this story professionally. We knew the SEC had seized the assets. Over the Holiday my wife was in the Hospital and I was out of pocket a bit. When she was post surgery and out of all woods – I began to receive information but truly none of it is anything but here-say from folks who knew KEN and were in utter SHOCK at the news reports. We all have been in shock.

Keep in mind this is our experience and history and our truth and our memory from a half decade ago. Others may have opposing realities or facts – this is simply our record. As we existed outside the ramp up years of the INCOME STORE we have zero inside information on the truth and facts. THE SECURITY AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION will sort out what is FRAUD OR NOT what is lie or NOT and also what is a CRIME or NOT. We all have to wait for our regulatory agency to with so many man hours and hard work to establish what is possible for victims now with zero income they relied upon into Thanksgiving – all gone now – and what if any recovery is in fact possible. We understand Ken is raising money for his defense. We have no clue what the defense will be we have to wait and see. The SEC will represent the victims and the truth with a great deal of expertise and experience in these matters over time. This is not the FIRST NATIONAL PONZI SCHEME NOR WILL IT BE THE LAST. Why?

Everyone wants to know the why. We’ll in time find out ( maybe ). We’ll see. Mark Jones of Sprowtt A FINRA CROWD FUNDING PORTAL ON LINE SITE – and I worked on legislation for small business for many years. Mark in his expert opinion told me “There is no way that contract and offer is NOT A SECURITY ” and I trust Mark to know as he works in this space but neither of us are attorney’s. We are expressing our opinion way back many years ago when the INCOME STORE was first rising to our attention.

While in 2016 our team was seeing enough SMOKE we had a clean break from the fire at CEO SPACE as our policies precluded this type of model in our community as to our three decade culture of conservative policy  – we did not have information for sure there even was a fire. No paper. No evidence. Nothing but what we said here and half a decade back now. We in 2016 2017 2018 2019 had no further  contact with the INCOME STORE and did not know anything that was going on at all as the radio blitz unfolded. WE do know we TOLD KEN COURTRIGHT it was our opinion and the opinion of a former SEC COMMISSION ( our concile ) that this contract model appeared to be a security from a very superficial review of the contract format. We told Ken in writing so the SEC should see that caution to KEN to explore that item. Ken relied on his own trusted Chicago legal advice ( should that attorney be included ) that  he was exempt from security law. As we teach OVER COMPLIANCE WITH SECURITY LAW with EXPERT SECURITY ATTORNEYS co instructing in filmed classes –  and KEN WENT THROUGH THOSE LEGAL COMPLIANCE CLASSES graduated from those education trainings and well knew the law on what IS a security – we simply as our interaction was so reduced in 2016 to have a  a clean break before he exploded into this INCOME STORE NEW  business because – of the conflict to our own over compliance educational modeling. Ken spoke on stages all over the world and the United States. We suspect Ken never missed CEO SPACE as he went from a few employees to 100.  OUR CEOS did not like the INCOME STORE model for the few in our community who knew Ken because they saw INCOME STORE radio ads later – all of which seemed too good to be true. Our community was 2016 glad we had the clean break – again because it just appeared this new model was way too good to be in fact true.

To victims we note there are SOCIAL SITES ON LINE victims are preparing notes. If your CEO SPACE and you invested please let us know. We are having a webinar with everyone to compare facts and data. We encourage every victim to visit the SEC SITE and FILE YOUR CLAIM – do not delay – help the law enforcement to get all the data. Write an AIDE TO MEMORY of the history – first Met Ken or whoever when – date time – as you can recall or records confirm. The AIDE TO MEMORY history with the financial detail really helps law enforcement officers and spread that word on the VICTIM SITES or this BLOG URL. Also preserve documents – texts – phone – every possible document contract – communication history your notes. Create A file box with EVIDENCE HISTORY of your time line with documentation so all your documents are indexed – tabbed to date – with any notes helping law enforcement understand fact and detail. If you recall claims conversations great good bad or otherwise – document times as you can and with wh and your memory. Memories can fade as time and months pass and while it is all FRESH FOR YOU document it down as the SOMETHING YOU CAN DO and it helps enormously to the LAW ENFORCEMENT personnel. File your claims from this accurate tie and line and history – draw a time line on a page – corner to corner and summarize events on that time line. Victims can share this URL as a check list or copy this and paste it in VICTIM COMMUNICATION SITES.

Be patient. The process is not fast or quick. If there are 700 or more sites and over 100 million up or down of investment – the pathology to track the money – the documents – the people in control – the decision makers – the legal ownership – the authority from courts to take actions in victim benefit – are simply not fast. It will take some time and history to detail the actual history and accurately. News updates and reports will flow from the SEC who under law is charged to develop WEIGHT OF EVIDENCE in a CIVIL PROSECUTION to secure the CHARGES and CASE against the parties to BE CHARGED as CONTROL PERSONS and the persons who BENEFITED FROM THE MONEY – in fact. As the charges are filed forward in time from the evidence that takes a long time to construct with conversations with 100’s and 100’s of site owner statements – imagine the time – 1000’s of 1000s of hours and man hours on this kind of under taking – they as they DISCOVER the TOTAL capital hole – then try to preserve assets and crash to benefit victims. Some weight of the court to victim restitution from that pool years from today – against who got 50% back versus who got zero back – will become a receiver integrity outcome to define as formula for restitution. Was the site owner a sales person – how much did they get from bringing in others – do they have exposure legally for SELLING OTHERS as an unlicensed broker ? There is pathologies way too complex for a lay person reporting news to define here. Our best effort as the seizure took place when my wife was in chronic holiday pain and hospital and we were totally unaware and out of pocket in our own HEALTH WEALTH FIRST to assure my September was alright which did not occur until the SPLINT was removed this week – the Christmas Dec CEO SPACE – then pain and hospital Christmas to NEW YEARS progression – and the first week of the NEW YEAR we heard about the SEC moving in and closing DOWN INCOME STORE. We had no clue it had become that bad and we were so sad for the world victims. The majority we have met are NOT CEO SPACE MEMBERS but CEO SPACE members outside and after we had cut cords did invest with their direct and personal relationship with KEN and Kerry. Other stages Ken spoke on have phoned and were just in shock. We were in shock.

Again in 2016 we thought INCOME STORE as Ken laid it out then in the early days – was simply way too good to in fact be true from our a bit jaded experience – being no expert in this new digital super changing world in DIGITAL SPACE moving to 5 G. We hoped it was as they represented but we felt in our gut it was too good to be true we just felt it – instinct really.

And it was.

RIGHT AGAIN. SEC TAKE DOWN 2019….lesson – listen to your GUT ! It is usually RIGHT AGAIN.




We see AI taking profits and creating a correction in the Spring to Summer with elevated volatility spikes as the WINTER sinks in over 2020.

We see a nasty election year globally moderating potential peaks.

We see BRITT EXIT still a period of adjustment yet to come.

We see the ISRAELI election another sea change if BIBI fails to remain in leadership role while IRAN is investing resources it does not have to spend to challenge ISRAEL on multiple fronts all at once as a factor moderating potential market adjustments.

One of the big ones we have been tracking since last September is the FED. Why? The Federal Reserve Board. It so economically complex. The Liquidity of the NEW AI market is showing up as MONEY DRAUGHT in new ECONOMIC SUPER CLIMATE CHANGE. The latest SUPER CHANGE in ECONOMICS is the REPO Markets. Keep in mind banks were once banks and investment higher risk firms were kept from owning banks. Now too big to jail is OWNED BY THE SHARKS IN INVESTMENT BANKS. This causes all depressions due to WILD SPECULATIONS.

So nightly banks may need money or cash to cover overnight obligations they are settling. Banks may put up approved assets of high quality to the FED ( USA BONDS as example ) and for a VERY LOW interest borrow funds ( 128 billion since September ) and 68 BILLION THURSDAY – to lubricate over night settlements of 440 trillion dollars completing in all asset class buy sell events over night. Banks then REPOSSESS THEIR BONDS OR SECURITIES TO GET THE ALMOST FREE MONEY the next day as money comes in. This is KNOWN AS THE REPO MARKET.

This would be complex enough. But when the REPO MARKET DRIES UP AND THERE NO DOLLAR LIQUIDITY AT ALL the REPO banks go to a higher price SWAMP MARKET of dollars from many institutional sources who make higher profit on DOLLARS over night by SWAPPING in private REPO DEALS. The SWAMP MARKET IS HIGHER RISK because the RISK QUALITY pledged may be less quality than the FED requires.

ALL TRADES GLOBALLY MUST SETTLE DAILY IN THE WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY OF USA DOLLARS he only currency with enough system and in circulation volume sufficient to manage hour to hour minute to minute AI trading in the markets today.

The FED seeks to keep MARKET RATE INTEREST IN CAREFULLY CONTROLLED RANGES as if they lose control over that rate the interest rates to the entire world could SPIRAL TO LEVELS impossible to pay or manage.

In September the SWAMP MARKETS providing dollars ran OUT OF DOLLARS. The REPO AND SWAP MARKETS moved interest from 1.4% in FED RANGE to 10% in minutes ( AI TIME FRAMES ARE FLASH TRADE NANO SECONDS ) to win and whoo dollars to their trades. This would collapse the ENTIRE MARKET with 1000% gain in less than one minute. The FED came in with around 100 billion new dollars to lubricate and move the needle back to 1.4  1.6 % its trading range for interest to all markets. For system stability.

Now we are in 2020. This week the FED has added over 60 billion a night in new money coming up on 300 BILLION in total to system dollar liquidity over night to engineer the REPO AND SWAP RANGE TO FED TARGETS. I hope I am not making this obtuse to YOU THE READER today.

The FED IS IN PANIC. Really. Why?

The investment banks are taking dollars they would normally circulate in REPO AND SWAP at the FED RANGE and they are putting that money to work as INVESTMENT NON BANKERS DO ( the OWNERS who OWN THE REAL BANKS NOW  because Congress made an error and collapses all the DEPRESSION LAWS in the last three hours of the CLINTON ADMINISTRATION by a Christmas holiday unanimous vote of the US CONGRESS placing the entire global system at higher risk today ) . From 1999 to today CASINO CAPITALISM of the GREAT DEPRESSION returned to world markets where the casino is run by AI not by human beings. Adding new levels of SUPER CHANGE to economist trying to determine WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.

We have written many reports on AI economics and we summarize our opinion in the best seller 2020 out now and in book stores now SUPER CHANGE. Get SUPER CHANGE if you have not read it.

So now the REPO/SWAP MARKET want FED almost FREE MONEY ( forever not temporarily ) so they can use low profit REPO reserves for higher margin investing.  Big money for the OWNERS.

This means what? in 2020 the FED has LOST CONTROL OF THE ECONOMY. Today the FED is hostage to the OWNERS. The FED is obsolete and can never adapt under laws today to SUPER CHANGING AI ECONOMICS in our opinion. The FED needs to be MERGED INTO THE USA TREASURY. Independence means only evil – no accounting – no audit – no accountability – zero oversight. FED POLICY has been if you document it 100% wrong and in error since 1920 to 2020. TAKE A FAILED POLICY INSTITUTION AND MERGE IT INTO THE USA TREASURY LIKE THE FOUNDING FATHERS DESIGNED IT UNDER THE US CONSTITUTION. If Wall Street Lobby bought and paid for Congress – could ever really effect that merger the SWAMP WOULD DRAIN. Treasury can fix this the FED can not fix this. The risk is the FED will make it much worse and risk system super crash and collapse ( as they always do ) in policy errors.

This week record sums are BEING POURED INTO THE REPO MARKETS.

This week record sums are being snapped up in bond markets as the FED moves its balance sheet from 3.7 trillion back to 4.2 TRILLION And raising rapidly. No audit ever though. Independance assures no one in oversight can counter a FED DECISION no check and balance – a crime really.

A money crime.

An economic crime.


CEO SPACE advocates for Merging the FED back into US treasury. We have for 32 years now. For he economics. So it remains our opinion that:

  1. The Fed lost control of economics in 2014 to AI.
  2. The Fed has lost control of the REPO SWAP markets and now the OWNERS are in control
  3. The owners own the AI
  4. The world economy is 96% AI. When you hear news about investors there are none. It is all AI.
  5. The Global AI economic market space is entirely new beyond any human experience and the FED HAS NO CLUE.

RIGHT AGAIN and the FED LACKS a way to get out of the enormous flooding of dollars to market due to the OWNERS and AI shifting markets from money markets to REPO markets every single night since September when the REAL PANIC BEGAN and the PUBLIC other than our readers does not realize the all the Feds men and all the FEDS teams are unable to put the new AI economic market back together AGAIN.

THE FED IN 2020 HAS LOST CONTROL and now we go where no man has gone before and the outcome is not predictable.

Me? I”d track and monitor all that data. We’ll keep a light on for ya as we get information ourselves …the OWNERS ARE IN CONTROL WORLD WIDE and nations and CENTRAL BANKS only SERVE THE OWNERS the 1% who have consolidated and are still compressing wealth into a GREED COMPRESSION the world has never known before.

Historically for the 99% this never ends well.

Perhaps with new AI ECONOMICS the outcome will be different. Do you think it will be? Comment and let me know your feelings.


We see as the polls show in our election any close race a moderation upon markets.

We predict unless new events rise up DONALD TRUMP will win the election in 2020 and remain as President.

If the Congress moves republican and Donald Trump wins with a larger margin we see a MARKET WEALTH SLING SHOT EFFECT that could rally year end 2020 to all time new record highs.

The RESULT Is a V shape market some economists are confirming is a potential in 2020 following a very strong opening to the NEW YEAR. We agree.

If you buy high quality stocks and hold them you may do very well over the coming sixty months subject to new unknown events.

There are a lot of moving balls in the air right now.

North Korea is going to move into a prosperity deal or they are going to as with Iran act out. If they act out the failed state of NORTH KOREA depends on XI. If Trump wins and congress goes REPUBLICAN the potential of TRUMP to unite with XI to fail North Korea as an economic state ( which is entirely China’s choice ) is highly likely. A war in North Korea sends millions into China. A nuke War ends with fall out flowing all over CHINA.

China’s failed policy with NORTH KOREA resulted in North Korea developing as a NUKE NARCO STATE. Now a NARCO STATE has Hydrogen bombs and missile delivery systems. If Trump wins and wins congress – North Korea generals know that Trump will NUKE NORTH KOREA. A prosperity deal with Iran and with North Korea – isolated from the united collaborating aligned nations of the world – 200 of them against two – is too much to sustain economic outcome. The two nations enjoy rogue nation status, zero respect and are seen as liars who consolidate 99% of all wealth in nation into control of 1% of nation leadership. This is not sustainable economically over time.

A prosperity deal is sane decision making. Delay is insane.

No deal is insane.

How will insane leaders act when faced with their nation dying? Failed state status?


The US military Taiwan as well as the outcome could be a China Trigger or a China calm we’ll see.

There are balls in the air today.

America and EU economics are stable, strong, and no recession is in sight what so ever at this time.

The 200 nations are 2020 planning growing and going into the future.

Failed state issues rising with DEBT default potentials include:


North Korea Narco State

Venezuela ( failed state )

Argentina – economic default looming

Italy – bank failures and debt default looming

China – borrowing 300% more than it earns for two decades . rising bank failures like dominoes – and IMF warned on sustainability

There are many others in DEBT LOADING crises today.

CEO SPACE Is working with nations on SUPER BOND solutions to reset sovereign nation debt. Can we help enough nations in time?

Teams are working on it – we will see.

My new book SUPER CHANGE is becoming an ESSENTIAL for business. I’m speaking at Chamber of Commerce chapters on SUPER CHANGE with strong positive replies.

If I was planning your business I would plan on growth and I would invest in growth. You will never in your lifetime see prices this low – real estate at this interest level – and inflation this moderated again world wide.

FAANG and TEK is booming – driving into new valuations the world has never seen before. The 5G revolution is upgrading 4 billion devices in 24 months. This is the best of years of APPLE for all providers from SAMSUNG to MOTOROLA with their first ever PROJECTOR PHONE. AI and the markets in the 5 G upgrading are celebrating the BEST TECHNOLOGY YEAR EVER REPORTED. FAANG IS BOOMING in 2020.

Right Again.


FEBRUARY STATE OF THE UNION REPORT BY DONALD TRUMP TO THE US CONGRESS – with all its political theater in the US election year – will report the STATE OF THE UNION IS THE STRONGEST EVER REPORTED – do the math.

That is HISTORIC as the USA and its now rapidly strengthening MILITARY ( thank you congress ) is all moving in a 2020 direction that is simply STRONG. Very STRONG as you are seeing globally.


ENJOY these times and begin RIGHT NOW.


PS: Even as you read everything is engaged in SUPER CHANGE – next week some data on the 5G revolution – get ready


Note: To CEO SPACE MEMBERS – Kathy Headey = Long Time CEO SPACE lady leader and North Easter Club Manager – heart space graduated her this last week and CEO SPACE SALTURES a life WELL Lived and a graduation with honor. We miss you so.