THOSE THAT DID made fortunes. Why? Opec is LOOSING strategically the MARKET SHARE WARS. OPEC is strategically under an utterly FAILED POLICY paying billions of dollars in lost revenue, at a critical time such revenue is so badly required in all OPEC nations, to PAY to LOSE forever and for EVER – their market share. Customers knowing OPEC wishes to manipulate a plentiful asset into scarcity to CONTROL PRICES via a PRODUCER CARTEL as they have – hurting the prosperity and wealth circulations of the entire world – smashing development nations to the floor boards for decades on COST OF ENERGY.

Today OPEC has falling demand with SOARING absolutely SOARING supplies. Their % of the market is dropping like a down graph you have to see in four color to appreciate. THEY HAVE no CONTROL and they have no INFLUENCE.

They are as we reported in 2015 and 2016 and this year in 2017 – no longer reverent. The market has taken control of PRICE which is AS IT SHOULD BE. Opec requires another model o operate and preserve market share. THEY ARE going to DESTROY themselves by proceeding with THAT IS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT.

Also Opec has one final wild car. WAR. Selling the leader of OPEC and the home of all Terror ( it is not Iran folks it is Saudi which Iran is fighting in Syria ) – its SAUDI who did TWIN TOWERS not IRAN – it is SAUDI. Giving them 370 billion can start the REGIONAL WAR that assures SAUDI can destabilize oil entirely which itself is yet another strategy that WILL FAIL if evoked. We hope the younger forward thinking minds influence the OLD THAT IS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT THINKERS. Why?

It will no longer work. Today energy can not go up without moving market share to altenratives FOREVER. The market is in charge not OPEC of energy itself.

OPEC does not get it.

Oil investors be very careful of press which is bought and paid for in sound bytes by the big bucks.

The real market is going to shatter OPEC and the members are going to begin to leave OPEC as a failed policy organization as in fact – it is every nation for themselves. Iran and others must make MARKET SHARE DEALS to advance their MARKET SHARE CUSTOMERS and owning market share IS the market today.

Opec has no clue. They are not reading my blog enough – YET.

Why they did not hire me at my rate of one million a year has cost them 100 billion per nation and counting. Smile.

I just wait for the grown ups to stop the bloodbath .

Berny Dohrmann