The American drilling rig count is way up over last year. The output from America is about to pass Russia and Saudi Arabia. America in the shortest time frame is about to become the LARGEST WORLD OIL PRODUCER.

With the non opec discoveries that drawf the GULF total reserves – with the rising out put of OIL globally – why is the price so much higher in 2018. No one saw it coming.

I still believe the price for oil is fully manipulated in casino capitalism. I also believe that oil economics is about to change forever. The most massive shift away from OIL USE is taking place to other models of energy the cost of everything.

Oil’s value is not to burn it up. No. This precious material makes 1100 products and is responsible for fertilizer and pesticides without which 50% of world food crops would not exist. Oil is too precious to burn out.

  • CEOSPACE is introducing low cost hydrogen fuel from water that creates environmentally endless fuel for planes trains and things, from ships to your car from water. All power will be made from this model due to lower Kilowatt costing. So that is here now.
  • Natural Gas is renewable – a fart from the earth – and lower cost to make power than anything else. We are shifting from oil to natural gas.
  • Alternative power – taking market share from oil world wide at a pace that is renewable environmentally sane and appropriate.
  • Earth Heat technologies – the lowest constant energy cost to power all humanity needs for thousands of years is under your feet – low cost – technically resolved and now rising world wide taking market share from oil.
  • Breeder reactors – we are about to use SUN energy that is safe endless and self replenishing for unlimited low cost energy.
  • Quantum differentials – no heat no environmental impact – and low cost endless new energy from quantum physics that is game changing for humanity.
  • And more and others coming on line as you read these words.

Oil is an energy of insanity and the past.

The industrial revolution was a humanity game changer..

The new AI revolution is the coming humanity game changer.

Energy is effected by the new AI wars.

Oil is as a commodity:

  • Price manipulated by cartels for greedy profits a hidden tax against 7 billion people most of them starving to death for no reason at all but elite money making. Insane systems we inherited and lack appreciation for how to revolutionize them into something far more sane and efficient.
  • Plentiful abundant more supply than demand all over the earth and seas.
  • New discoveries replace depletions stacking up reserves
  • Economic policies protect entrenched industry and fail to provide low cost refinery and output supply to moderate greed and profit.
  • Obsolete economic policies protect profit making for entrenched interests.
  • INSANE global energy policy in trade wars between nations versus SANE cooperative and collaborative global energy policies between nations.

For example, what if the USA formed a NASA like agency to producer and distribute cheap oil products as a national security item. Oil would plunge to under $ 1.00 a gallon at the pump. All nations could then develop and feed their people.

This is not going to happen as oil wealth is protected in the current economic scheme of the FEW AGAINST THE MANY. Competitive capitalism and Communism are failed economic systems that permit casino capitalism and organized crime in the form of cartels who profit from supply controls for greed. These two failed economic systems are the cause of all world wars and human mirsery ( economic system failure ) as these two systems are at core based upon a pyramid that looks like this ( Draw one and label it ):


Bottom : Punishment ( your fired or shot )

Center – EXPLOITATION  ( get the most from wage slaves for the least )


This human system in trade wars between nations is INSANE ECONOMICS.

My book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION you an acquire on Amazon – defines the solution we call COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM and how we can all get there without a world war.

The people of the world – all – at least in the 140 nations our service extends at CEO SPACE to a person – WE THE PEOPLE OF THE EARTH FEDERATION ALLIANCE – EFA – ( 7 billion say of US ) want a better way.


So today – the dollar is falling as I wrote in my prior blog on Davos – to off set I trade war those who would act in financial warfare against the interest of the USA and its alliances and people. The trade wars are heating up as Trump is now engaged fully in winning asymmetrical warfare ( economic and digital warfare ) against the USA and its allies.

Gloves are off.

Huge changes are coming.

The old rules and models including oil are going to change.

Oh you may see volatility in oil like you have not seen in perhaps ever Huge spikes either way.

In the end OIL is GOING DOWN – and you’ll will come to see this prophetic item become gospel as economics. Own one economic sentence outside fake news from billions spent by oil monopolies many nations -to assure you buy the lie is reality and reality is a lie – this is the truth not the lie:

….the earth shits and farts oil which is fully renewable 200 year old wells are full and replenished – the EARTH IS DROWNING IN OIL while they raise prices as a tax against all humanity in 2018 which holds back 7 billion wonderful spirits from their full potentials world wide…for the profit of the few against the many which economically is always immoral unethical without integrity and fully INSANE……..


So oil IS going up in 2018 and the reason for it going up is speculation and manipulation that is a crime against all the rest of us. America is the tipping point in the trade war that will bring oil prices down as the dollar soars after trade wars rebalance from todays unfair insanity among nations at economic and digital war.

Berny Dohrmann – Ah what IS really going on out there  – follow the $ $