RIGHT AGAIN…on OIL my leader readers


OPEC Price manipulators enjoys a few “hours” of higher oil prices. The OIL market GLUT – greater supply than demand – entirely due to America in oil WARS 2014 to today with OPEC – WON THE WAR. American oil output rose from two million barrels a day in 2014 to ore than 13 million barrels EACH DAY – in 2020. The “EXPERTS” predicted oil inventory in the USA would go down this winter by 2.6 million barrels. USA inventory DID NOT GO DOWN. Oil inventory in the USA not only did not go down 2.6 million expert predicted barrels – oil inventory glut went back up by 1.2 million barrels – or a swing of almost 4 million barrels in how wrong the EXPERTS were.

This BLOG told you investing LONG IN OIL WOULD BE A BLOOD BATH. That blood bath for long holders took place today. OIL price robustly went back down from rising on perception versus zero supply change. Supply of oil is soaring into a SUPER GLUT. Demand for oil is falling off a cliff. We told you the PRICE WOULD PLUNGE BACK DOWN Friday when we removed a major terror killer of American’s from the stage – years over due.

Planes are moving off of oil next – its all moving to hydrogen


Trump said today he thinks IRAN may be standing down after firing a bunch of precision missiles to miss killing AMERICANS. CEO SPACE has customers in the Gulf. I have operated in the Gulf since the 19760’s with my various investment institutions. I have had amazing mentors in the Gulf and still do. We know a thing or two. I have very close Iranian freindships I treasure.

Our team Feels Iran is not standing down. The market we feel will be super volatile during this period.We feel Iran will strike back at the USA on multiple strikes – all at once – in well coordinated clear and compelling pay back for the best buddy of the SUPREME STEAM being quite appropriately removed. Best Buddy SUPREME BEAN is not the sharpest card in the deck. If the SUPREME MEAN takes action against the USA two things will be outcome.

  1. First the SUPREME CREAM will not die of old age and he is now in his 80’s as it is. Under pressure no grandfather in life can manage like a much younger brain. The SUPREME SEAM holds Iran together on united HATRED OF A COMMON ENEMY he chose from day one as the USA and the disrespect of that enemy as IRAN SUPER GLUE TO KEEP 200 million eye balls off the fact that less than 1% of IRAN WEALTH IS OWNED BY THE IRAN PEOPLE and 99% of IRAN WEALTH is owned by the SUPREME SEAM who alone controls all that IRAN money and power. REVOLUTION is outcome to the vaccue of the SUPREME DREAM dying from old age or say a red dot on his chest if he acts out in grief. Never assume a crazy brain will act in their own best interest. not ever. We state IRAN is no where near standing down at all and their local population promised the SUPREME TEAM would act out against the USA will ‘wait for it” but really folks not all that long either.
  2. Iran will post USA attack error cease to exist in its present form. In less than 30 days. Wait for that.


American Super Change leaders remain ahead of what comes next

OIl interruptions in a full on conflict won’t be all that long in fact. Now if Iran bought a NUKE or two from ROCKET BOY and used a Nuke on the Canal – in their dying crazy brain last gasp – it would take some real time to work around all that dirty radiation but the world would just go off oil even faster is all in fact. In the end OIL is a loser asset in decline. Think your self of the:

  1. Massive move off power from oil to other sources
  2. Off packaging from plastic bags to containers from liquids to anything else.
  3. Off Fertilizer and Pesticides ( almost half a barrel of oil into food products moving off toxic oil )
  4. Transportation moving off of oil
  5. 11,000 other uses moving off oil due to cheaper cost and enviromental outcomes

The planet extinction most toxic harmful substance known to man – OIL – is in permanent economic decline forever. OIL PLUNGED DOWN THIS FIRST FULL WEEK OF 2020. Which leads us to say from last week news reporting:

RIGHT AGAIN. ( for those keeping score )

The world is moving against oil and our own extinction


Millions of Millennials turn 30 and enter first home buying years.

Right when in 2020 the inventory of HOMES to satisfy buyer demand is at an all time low and plunging. EXPERTS again predicted y and the actual December numbers were z. SO MUCH LESS AVAILABLE SUPPLY right as in this low interest low inflation market demand to buy that inventory of few available homes for sale – SOARS. If you are in real estate the next ten years should be better than GOLD or any hard asset.

Wealth Building we feel should follow a pattern of sequences to include:

  1. Savings for 180 days of operational costs in liquid Insurance investment assets
  2. Home and real estate investments as the ideal long term wealth asset
  3. Diversify in GROWTH assets with INDEX INSURANCE principle guaranteed and income assets with ANNUITIES principle guaranteed.
  4. Stay out casino capitalism which can not due to rampant unregulated speculations end well in the final chapter – the markets.
  5. The only hard asset I would invest in are man made Diamonds at todays price of around 800.00 a carat as medium of real exchange not speculation casino assets like GOLD. Gold Buyers will suffer an enormous BLOOD BATH we’ll gloat when we produce our report on GOLD – as RIGHT AGAIN. ( Long time readers know how right )

CEO SPACE has licensed insurance professionals in wealth management OPTIONS and we always suggest you association in relationship for assuring you KEEP THE MONEY YOU WORK SO HARD TO ACQUIRE SO THAT YOUR MONEY WHICH IS “TIME ITSELF” WORKS AS HARD AS YOU DID TO ACCUMULATE THAT TIME AND CASH. Shop for a conservative money professional and CEO SPACE can recommend licensed members serving the world upon request.

The market set new records today when TRUMP stated ( wrongly ) that IRAN IS STANDING DOWN TODAY. More sound bites for AI is all that represents.

2020 will V shape – go down into summer records by year end



Trump will pay Iran back for taking over our US EMASSY In the Jimmy Carter Era and prevent IRAN from becoming a NUKE POWER. He told you THAT today and TRUMP means what he says in case your not tracking on that item.

Trump wants the SUPREME TEAM to make a DEAL. To seek a PROSPERITY DEAL and to stop hypocacy on NUKES. There is only war and end game if SUPREME KEEN stays true to course to engineer and develop NUKES. Isreal may in fact strike the SUPREME MACHINE first if he continues a course in maddess.

When you preside over a failed economic state – North Korea or Iran – why do you invest the fragile wealth pile you alone control as 1% own more wealth in North Korea and in Iran than 99% own of the wealth. Why not assure your people have food? Diverting precious wealth from FOOD SHELTER AND HEALTH CARE into a weapons ramp Iran and North KOREA can not economically afford is fatal to national futures as an economic non political outcome.

The NATIONS OF NORTH KOREA UNDER FAT BOY and Iran under the SUPREME TEAM are failed states economically in rapid decline to bankruptcy ( defaulting on SOVEREIGN WEALTH DEBTS ) .  Defaulting becomes for states – game over.

Why would the SUPREME MACHINE not opt for PROSPERITY and unimaginable wealth power and security for themself? Because they are crazy brain nuts is the WHY.

CRAZY BRAINS attack and lock up their own good men and women – Why?


The people do not know their leaders are mentally ill.

Who would opt for death versus wealth and power given the option?

A few weeks and a 120 page in writing PROSPERITY DEAL and both nations rise as few ever could or would all at once in 2020. Or they are destroyed and their leaders not well remembered in History. History will remember DONALD TRUMP. Why? Well the highest media ratings ever reported of billions including his haters all watching. Best stats in history. North Korea and Supreme GREEN not so much.

SO Irans frail crazy brain leader who lives for unity via hatred and disrespect as policy will die soon of old age and illness of which he has many today. His medications make his thoughts less full clarity and more fuzzy than in any prior period. North Korea has a crazy brain paranoia that is fed by his tongue in ass Generals – who do not wish to be blown to parts and bits by anti aircraft guns or torn to shreds by rapid dogs and other delights the CRAZY FAT BOY ( he may stoke out yet from over eating ) in providing. No more likely ego to fire off a HYDROGEN BOMB exists in this crazy brain space to top ROCKET BOY. He may fire off a hydrogen bomb because he simply can. Without thought ( as crazy brains lack capacity to process mentally ) into the CONSEQUENCE of action they impulsively take with assumptions that are well – fake news and of course CRAZY but real for those crazy brain leaders.


Iran and North Korea face UNLIMITED PROSPERITY AND PEACE or crushing defeat and removal of the crazy brains from the earth playing field.

Door Number ONE – unlimited wealth and prosperity in the world and now in 2020.

DOOR NUMBER TWO – Your death and a change forever in how your nation partners with the rest of the world following your death.


We assume the answer in North Korea will be a new weapon and a NUKE explosion before it moves to DOOR NUMBER TWO.

We will see if we – having some Gulf Experience – hoping for the best but well prepared for the worst – will be RIGHT AGAIN.



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