Oil. The PR machine of oil suppliers Gulf to Global are jaw boning oil price up over 50 dollars a barrel. The real issue is the STORM EFFECT. A one off use of energy to migrate out of Hurricanes by millions and refinery shut down in the USA is all back on line – already. And the one off demand will now shrivel to normal this fall.

Gasoline stocks the experts said would decline went up by over 1 million barrels The crude experts said would rise – went down. Why?

Economic 101.

40% of USA Refinery came back on line and sucked down crude to ramp up and gasoline rose and crude dropped..STORM Economics. Investing long in oil – not so much as Glen Beck would suggest. A one off. Now stocks will rise and rise. Watch as the REBALANCING lie becomes hard data you can rely on.

We have projected that oil will drop this fall back into the 40.00 dollar ranges we said is the new normal. American exports are soaring. Over one million selling globally PER DAY folks. And that number is just going up. At todays prices USA export making our economy stronger are simply  way up. The USA will become the world’s largest supplier of energy once again. Keep that in your mind as the minority try and lie their way back to prices their economies selfishly require of all of us.

The dollar is up. That makes oil go DOWN.

Oil was mixed today. it can not get UP bubble.

No one wants to lose their money on bad bets in forward casino capitalism. Forward contracts are all LOWER Than buying today at over fifty dollars. Think about that economically to the money in the casino making side begs on which way oil will go not to supply us – no not that – just profit betting in the casino capitalism that is all digital today.

Manipulated pricing.

Manipulated by carets and spin doctors to the market.

Don’t be fooled.

Manipulated by super money pools making those side bets. They make fortunes if oil goes up. Some lose fortunes if oil goes down but others on the betting side line make fortunes on the right side of their bets.


Until and Unless the G 100 leading nations cooperate to engineer a new regulatory frame work for digital capitalism we have casino capitalism. The casino manipulation of price of everything including oil and energy is a hidden tax upon the peoples of planet earth all of US.

The few against the many for profit and mindless greed.

Can we do better?

Yes of course. The century old system is broken at its core.

Regulatory frame works that present economics over politics are missing. Today politics bought and paid for by the profiteers in the casino wish to preserve the broken system they make fortunes from speculating into.

Casino capitalism.

The frame work of centuries died ten years ago with AI and software when digital capital movements side stepped the old antique obsolete regulator frame works. They are now antique models. They are broken.

Because the new regulatory frame work must be global and involve real cooperation to execute it takes time to step out of the super money and do what is right for all of us. It takes integrity.

The crises in leadership is a global crises of integrity.

Integrity frame works evolve trust and cooperation.

Integrity crises breed distrust and negotiation every greedy nation is in it for themselves.

Can we humans do better.

Yes. It is truly simple but it is never not ever EASY.

If politics fed by endless greed and money drive economics we are doomed to repeat past economic history into collapse and world wars.

Can we fix it.

Yes. If the G 100 gains the idea – the concept that they could embrace a three year Economic Constitutional Congress centered on politically neutral BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII in Aloha – to evolve the new Global Regulatory Trading frame work to end the casino and have economics drive politics – will fix it all. Before or after the crash ..and wars …is the question economically.

Today there is so much super money from less than 10,000 preserving their existing casino box top rules. The effect on nations and full partnership for all of us if horrific economically in human suffering.

The many against the FEW wins.

The few against the many losses.

The present system is a form of insanity.

Can sanity win?

Integrity. All of us have more integrity than the few .

The crises is one of global INTEGRITY.

Read Dr. David Gruder’s ( my personal integrity mentors ) global best seller THE NEW IQ INTEGRITY. Your entire life family and circles will improve if you get this book from Amazon and spread it around. Easy urgent fun important read for my blog family.

Dr. Gruder and I work when and as we can with leading institutions on INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT in the work space with outstanding performance outcomes when integrity is restored as JOB # 1 for branding.

So oil as an industry is IN A CRISES OF INTEGRITY with all of us.

The hidden tax upon all of us has gone on way too long.

What is rebalancing is the MANIPULATION.

Economics are taking over the politics of cartel and manipulation.

The change will have winners and losers.

Today cost of energy is GOING OWN unless political events  ( wars and regional competition versus regional cooperation in integrity ) win out.

Read energy news knowing huge sums are invested to spin the news. Use the internet to go deeper the real data is out there.

Or – take it easy and just read this blog and spread the word.

Berny Dohrmann – Integrity is what you read here and you know that