We told our readers to SHORT oil and those who did THAT made so much money it is hard to express. RIGHT AGAIN.

We told our readers to short the Yuan and what our data showed when experts said no way. The Yuan crashed to almost 8.00 bucks today and those who made the short made a fortune. RIGHT AGAIN.

We told our readers to diversify into diversified insurance investing for maximum profits with zero risk on principle loss. Those who did avoid the super volatility we also predicted correctly last May and only see profit with no loss possible. Those who trade into the market have done well too as we told you to hold through the summer min crash and record all time highs would be realized by Thanksgiving ( all summer long we told you ) and as we arrive here now – RIGHT AGAIN.

Experts in old economics wrong 100% of the time.

AI economics here – the home of SUPER CHANGE the new book you all must own today with my thanks ( the perfect Holiday gift for your circle ) – please leave a 5 star rating on Amazon and a comment as a give back for the blog work – it helps us so much if you will do that for me? Thank you and Happy Holidays – its booming now into 2020 enjoy the stable boom trade war SLING SHOT effect inside the longest greatest boom of recorded human history – we are inside ECONOMIC CONVERGENCE and the tide that lifts all boats starting with 5G economics and over 4 billion devices rolling over 2020 and 2021 – lifting manufacturing out of recession into booming economics due to 5G along an AI SUPER CHANGE event. WOW are we in for a wonderful period of time. Together. Hence our INCOME PARTY IN DALLAS TEXAS Dec 7th – you coming? click and explore a tax year end swap to profit.


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In AI SUPER CHANGE ECONOMICS the predictors fail to understand or appreciate – AI is in charge of market pricing. AI economics is new. All older charts graphs and rule books can be thrown out the window. Economist trying to hold on to “that is the way we have always done it” give bad advice to heads of state. The future belongs to SUPER CHANGE ECONOMISTS. A tribe I lead as I wrote the book on the NEW AGE we are stressed to adapt into continuously. There is no ‘there there’ and you all all KNOW THAT. As Super Change is an ever ACCELERATING SUPER CHANGE PATHOLOGY that man kind is super stressed to adapt into. We are passing a human beings core capacity to adapt into the ever more rapidly accelerating SUPER CHANGE we ourselves invented.

Safe haven currency and assets Gold to US DOLLAR ( down ). Yuan crashing. EU rising. Super Change is in the currency air. The market is moving to year end boom, best quarter of the year, Siling Shot Growth in AI economics, the GREAT REBALANCING – and the final Fraud from Saudi – ARMACO – curtains after that fraud unfolds to investor loss. Wait for it.

In new Super Changing AI Economics we predict a Platinum decade due to convergence reported upon in our last blog for our reader reference on data. The EXPANSION OF ECONOMIC CONVERGENCE is unlike any economy since 1850. Fasten your seat belts. The GOOD TIMES? Oh you are inside those GOOD TIMES right now – enjoy them.


Opec is a SAUDI Dynasty.

OPEC has lost sufficient share of the global market that it no longer controls price and supply. Non OPEC providers control price and supply.

This was possible due to Saudi leading a WAR ON AMERICAN OIL in 2014 to CRUSH AMERICAN OIL as an industry once and for all. What happened in the Saudi OIL WARS is that like everything King MBS has ever touched – he lost. He lost economically – and he diminished OPEC to a shell that everyone in oil jokes about today. OPEC Is over. Saudi lost the OIL WARS, OIL SUPPLY, Oil Price and became a red ink country. Saudi is spending more than it earns. Saudi has only one spending graph – straight up in soaring spending. MBS bought the world’s most expensive mega yacht. MBS bought a 50 million dollar painting for 500 million. The spending is out of control. State income is crashing. Saudi has lost the war with Yemen and with IRAN for influence. Saudi is diminished in economics and in regional leadership and influence more in five years than in fifty years. Sinking into a borrower in debt nation.

OPEC released more lie math on future oil markets. OIL MARKETS ARE SUPER CHANGING. Opec predicts in forward years oil will rise to 110 barrels a day of demand. Oil will in fact slip below 90 million even 80 million barrels of demand. There is no growth of oil demand. Saudi lie numbers have only gone one direction DOWN. Saudi lie numbers of on oil are pure fraud to hood wink investors into the Puppy Kings last gasp fraud – ARAMCO PUBLIC OFFERING.

The Armaco Fraud we told you should be valued at 750 million dollars for the valuation – where a fraction of the entity is being offered to roar public money into the KING”s spending trough. FRAUD. Pure and simple. Fraud. The KID wants to value the Aramco oil wealth at 2 trillion. No underwriter can touch that fraud number when:

  1. Oil prices are down down down the rabbit hole where the only profit making are SHORT SELLERS – right again.
  2. Forward oil value to the Saudi holdings is a high of 750 million and every other value is FRAUD in the oil crash on demand.

The Kid missed his IPO window – see WE WORK. See Face Book at 38 dollars IPO day to 18 dollars that week? Thank you Morgan.

ARMACO is a pure fraud to the market. A last gasp of the DEBTOR KING IN SAUDI with a 100% loser track record on all economics and policies – a human rights criminal against all humanity ( see Khashoggi one year back there the ARMACO CEO the Puppy King ordered on tape Khashoggi’s head gift wrapped and returned to him to talk to the head – dead ). Buy Armaco at your own risk and watch our RIGHT AGAIN. We can’t wait for this report. Regulators – shame on you.


After WORLD WAR II economics were in disarray. The USA helped to Rebuild the EU and Russia and Germany and Japan. In the 1950’s a trade SUBSIDY to underwrite recovery for the war LOSERS by the WAR WINNERS took place. As the decades unfolded no nation would opt to take off the subsidy or wealth transfer from America to the other nations. All Presidents talked about the need to stop it and no President acted to stop the WORLD WAR II economic subsidies until President Trump.

Now for the first time since the 1950’s a more fair global trading scheme is developing in economics. New economics for the entire world. The WEALTH TRANSFER to America is being cauterized and the bleeding is stopping. This is solid economics for America and for effected Nations. 2016 to 2019 we see trade deals now:


An Economic SLING SHOT effect is unleashing into 2020. Prosperity is breaking UP as the ECONOMIC SLING SHOT IS RELEASED  AI Capital flows are re-inventing circulations. We anticipate 2020 investment by business. We anticipate the manufacturing recession to end by summer 2020 and a manufacturing long term growth expansion to unleash from this TRADE SLINGSHOT in AI ECONOMICS. Morgan says the decade of the 2020 will be bleak. Morgan predicted a SUPER CRASH that did not occur as well. Morgan has been wrong far more than Morgan has been right. Crammer too.

This Blog has made 107 economic predictions since 1988.

We will be wrong we are sure of that.

Just so far – RIGHT AGAIN. Our readers come to rely on research with track records which we appreciate. The BOOK SUPER CHANGE is filled with WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE – trust this new BEST SELLER and circulate SUPER CHANGE as the stocking stuffer and gift for the Holidays to your loved ones.

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