I got word famous when ISIS hacked my block and shut it down. What a world. I liked that. All I said was that SIX BILLION OF “US” HAD PLACED THEM ON “TIME OUT”. THAT CELEBRATING OUR DIFFERENCES VERSUS PUNISHING OUR DIFFERENCES WAS “OF” GOD”  – SANITY VERSUS INSANITY. Hey I stick by that. My Blog focuses on MY PERSONAL OPINION as a former INVESTMENT BANKER commanding a public global investment banking firm and in my recent almost thirty years running the worlds leading Entrepreneur support organization for small business owners ( although Fortune firms increasingly send us their management teams ) to secure CURRENCY within an ever accelerating SUPER CHANGE global market space. Currency IS the new CEO Capital in any “size” Board Suite. CEO SPACE with five upgrade to currency offerings annually keeps the decision making at PEAK POTENTIAL ( also an alliance partner ). Join CEO SPACE as a lifetime member and you will always remain current. Just click and your set to go. Paste into your browser.

I’m Back
Berny Dohrmann