In MY America the accused is only accused. The accused is completely and utterly INNOCENT until PROVEN beyond any reasonable doubt, by a prosecutor team, and a jury of their peers – say Republicans in this case – versus a stacked and loaded jury – with a impartial circuit court judge who is not institutional but rolls into town to secure THAT INNOCENT via Due Process.

In MY AMERICA the President does not tar and feather the accused by saying from the White House the accuse is a LIA or they are BAD SELFISH men.

Enemies of the United States? Last Year Chairman of the Presidents run to office? I don’t think so.

A special prosecutor famous for:

  1. Stacking a case.
  2. Ramping up enormous charges on the bottom players.
  3. Then pushing lifetime sentences from the most powerful nation on earth versus freedom if they just testify to this or to that.
  4. Framing the case.
  5. Within the most corrupt justice system with Nazis in suits running around like it was all what it ONCE WAS.


I vote not guilty until PROVEN beyond any shadow of a doubt a crime was committed.

Fair Trial. Have you read the press? Have you watched the news? What fair trial? Is this America or this Russia and KGB land?

The “state media” is pushing out – that the accused spent millions on rugs and lifestyle. The accused made 100 million and over years so what that they lived LARGE. They paid taxes. They made their money legally. They didn’t steal any money. They didn’t commit crimes to buy a flat screen. The spin of state media from the special ASSASSINATORS  using unlimited fifty caliber rounds released daily polluting any constitution safe guards of INNOCENT UNTIL “PROVEN” GUILTY – is joined at the hip of PR.

SO they got paid off shore by nations. They had legal rights to keep the money off shore in offshore firms, advised by legal, just like Apple and Microsoft do and they don’t owe USA Taxes on that money.

Keep in mind the SPECIAL ASSASSINATORS HIGH OFFICE has no charge of Russia election collision – no – none of what they are empowered to explore. Do they say publicly HEY in a year we found zero evidence zero files of any collision with Russia to influence the US election – like ZERO?


When they could not get Al Capone for murder, boot legging, gambling prosecution, torture, kidnapping, sex trade, after 25 years of trying with the FBI and all the agencies of nations in Chicago, they charged Al with TAX EVASION.

So the POLITICAL SHIT STORM going on in DC is now charging the low hanging fruit so they can say at least THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING by year end – with TAX EVASION. Only Al never had off shore and on shore attorney’s like these boys have used.

In fact the little league games of the Special ASSASSINATOR as going to well met by the SUPER BOWL law firms of the INNOCENT who are NOT GUILTY of the bogus political crimes charged – that they are enemies of the United States for Tax Evasion.

GROW UP. I hope you can read through the money spin taking place in USA State Media and Spoon Fed by the ANTI CONSTITUTION of the STATE ASSASSINATORS.



I have only one constitutional message for the President of the United States and the Special ASSASSINATOR from the boys and girls of this nation who still believe in America and to those in uniform and from the unborn generation.

This week is about INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY and from the White House to Department of Justice creating the Guilty Fame – from the authors of the Constitution of the Untied States of America




Berny Dohrmann – Keeping the political SHIT STORM real for you