So North Korea could be the MOTHER OF ALL PROPSERITIES but NOOOO ! North Korea run by insane brains is blowing up 100 million dollar missile after missile. Rather than be at the bottom of 6 nations on the earth – ranked next to HAITI in GNP they are building weapons for what?

The end game is there is no more North Korea as we know it.


Making a deal is so easy and so profitable.

No one wants to change their box top rules just their pathology to invest in end game versus regroup into the big bucks. PROSPERITY or Death?

It is insane to think of Death but there you go and taking a lot of others with them. That is insane brains. You can never assume they will act in their own best interest.

So the USA is gearing up.

The Missile Protection system goes LIVE in South Korea next week.

The North can’t get one missile launch right.

No one respects their rants anymore.

The only thing they offer the world is a failed mind set.


Now there is a concept for sanity or insanity.

Never assume the insane will act in their or anyone else best interest. Why? Because they are NUTS that is why.

Nothing more or less.

Berny Dohrmann – Being Hacked by them – but who cares