North Korea the High Risk Fat Boy is Truly A Paranoid Delusional Insane Brain


AS I HAVE REPORTED no one should run a nation who has worse Hair than President Donald Trump. Do they not in the entire nation have a RE-DO person over there. Fat Boy is getting so FAT he may explode before this is all over. Thats right. His head may just explode from eating himself to terminal volatility. I can hardly look at him.

So for 50 years they say they are going to destroy the USA.

We say nice things.

For the first time we say what everyone knows. That provoked with Nuclear Weapons in less than 30 minutes there is no North Korea Remaining. Given the rising tensions is a FIRST STRIKE required? Mc Arthur said yes as our leading general in the 1950’s who understood the landscape. He stated if we don’t FIRST STRIKE now we will FIRST STRIKE LATER and the toll will be millions more than now. Prophetic as a leading general in North Korean theory who knew the history and the risk threats?

General McArthur could not see the miracle of South Korea. Now an industrial influence globally. But South Korea is 25 miles – a trip to your grocery store – from the DMZ of North Korea.

North Korea has thousands upon thousands of conventional weapons – artillery shells- gas – germs – explosive ordinance – that is a USE IT OR LOSE IT if they begin because we will take them all out in hours. However during the time they are firing you can anticipate with their hidden and reserve weapons – and a 1,000,000 person army the 5th largest military in the world funded from the 53rd lowest economy on earth. See FAT BOYS HAIR and you get the picture.

So, the US MILITARY estimates on September 26th ( oh yeah that is today ) that – if the war starts – it will not be nuke at first. The start will kill off 20,000 South Korean and US troops a day. Say ten days over 200,000 dead. A little over a month and 1,000,000 dead.

The war will not be like the last war. Today the USA and allies powers will and no question degrade North Korea in a week – they would have no resupply – no fuel – their subs would be gone – their ships would be gone – their air would be gone – their batteries of artillery would be gone and they would be carpet bombed to look like a nation of Swiss cheese. Without Nukes.

So the surrounding very wealthy very well educated elite who are the circle of power the military around FAT BOY – understand – their own issues of longevity and economics. If they act their toys are stripped they all die and they are wiped out. Yes they inflict some horrible causalities but North Korea is removed as a threat to the world forever.

Today the player trying to really do something – once again as I’ve written here – is Times Man of the Year – Leader of the Century – PUTIN. Russia who understand North Korea as a key supplier – perhaps better than China is all over this.

Trump is done with diplomacy as usual. He is speaking KIM and directly has learned the language of FAT BOY. Trump speaks FAT BOY. And FAT BOY obviously does not like it. Having a mirror of his own bull shit thrown back at him.

As our generals suggest – two leaders who are flamboyant speakers – are throwing the words back and forth as never before meanwhile the two nations are doing nothing differently in fact. The Sanctions however are not SANCTION LIGHT. Trump has all his kings men and all his allies horses circling the money that can never reach North Korea Again. FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Fat Boy has never had to face his own elite and tell them the cost of billions to THEM now – to their wealth – to their enterprise – to their ability to plan execute and grow – is going into DOWN BUBBLE. Their money is being cut off.

Putin is giving options no one saw which are becoming visible to get out of this mess.

Everyone trusts that Process from Russia as the most experienced.

American diplomacy and policy has failed for oh 50 years.

I said before – Trump should just meet with President Assad the pure winner in Syria and open a NEW AGE POLICY TO MOVE FORWARD which can help Israel Peace more than any other meeting. Preserving old policy that failed and where Russia marginalized the USA in the world community is what is REALITY. Our policy makers work with theory that is insane and not reality. You can’t make failed policy successful.

Trump should meet with Fat Boy and make a deal between them on how the world moves forward. Which is all FAT BOY and team want. Hassad won the war in Syria. Not maybe. He is the victor and gets the rewards for victory. No one is removing Hassad from POWER.

Fat Boy won the arms race. North North Korea is a Hydrogen Bomb Super Power. No one can take that away from them.

Today if we tip paranoid delusional insane FAT BOY leader – into placing a bomb on a ship say to go off in Long Beach – or a plane to go off in Seattle what do we lose? One way Hollywood. The other Microsoft – Boeing – Amazon – Starbucks – and the US timber paper industry ( we need paper to print money ).

That is one low tech delivery and boom.

If they are really threatened with war why would they to have plans to do both and go down fighting? That is human nature and especially if your Hitler insane. Is Fat Boy Hitler insane? We think based solely on his hair style – YES.

:Berny Dohrmann – 20,000 deaths a day in South Korea – ponder on that reality