Experts predict we will now have a recession and a bear market.

Other Experts predict we have two more years of a boom.

Yet other experts predict wild cards for OIL and interest rates and trade could end the boom and trigger a global contraction.

All experts agree on these facts:

  1. Economics is now controlled by AI and software and is a new experience doing forward where no prior chart is applicable to the new casino capitalism. Side bets establish price ranges the AI software works to keep inside parameters in a theory of risk less risk. No one knows how this new model will turn out.
  2. Interest is being raised way too fast way to high way too rapidly.
  3. The economy is fragile and requires time to work out of a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE fueling unwanted system speculations in all prices of all asset classes.
  4. A new regulatory frame work is required to re-tool the Digital AI software controlled circulation of vast sums of capital.
  5. Nations are hostage to events due to unpredictable flash trades outside all historic volume levels – such as Italy and Spain are not suffering from this week.

AI SOFTWARE never reacts to news and sound bytes lacking human judgment. AI software self corrects very fast where 1400 down cycles are restored with equally fast up cycles – almost 400 points down yesterday almost 400 points back again today. AI software is becoming SELF AWARE is now self learning and is educating itself.

Keep in mind the GREAT AWAKENING of a self aware new life form in AI is coming and when it comes it will not be HUMAN. If we are considered an item to care for we will have a new species to alliance with. If we are seen as threat we have no hope against the vast new life form we created – as AI in that capacity will be billions of times more aware informed and processing thoughts to our human wetware.

My new Book ( 2019 release date ( DIGITAL MANNERS defines how this all may actually unfold.

BUT as I report today as we end May – NO ONE – not even the best of us – can predict anything moving forward in 2018 and 2019. if economics ran politics we might have some forecasting powers.

Because Politics run economics these days we can not predict. The political variables are too rapid to voluminous and too unpredictable to source outcome theory. Politics with mid year elections and possible leave the EU Italian elections – and SPAIN coming up – all are impossible to predict outcome for. POLITICS rules. Only no one knows or understands the rules.

Trump wants the DEEP STATE to be on edge without potential to sabotage his game plans …really. The Deep State wants Trump out at any cost. Billions are being invited for as well as against. In the MID YEAR election no one can predict no one.

Will the Special Prosecutor stop his inquiry? End it?

Will the Special Prosecutor indict more into the mid year election skewing outcomes?

Will the President be impeached ( can’t win ) but will politics seek to be a third rail for Trump.

Will American Voters Backlash and imagine a congress republican super controlled actually passing legislation and getting things done with a clear compelling majority – as a national outcome no one expects. NO ONE CAN PREDICT however either way.

Democrats run on FEAR OF TRUMP?

Trump has done what he said he would do.

The result is a booming economy. Will America vote with their WALLETS and set in place a congress than can GOVERN in fact for the first time in twenty years? NO more chance of government shut downs – none.

Or will they create a DC DYSFUNCTION for which we now are famous for? Voting FEAR versus voting prosperity? Really the political issues are close between parties it is the tribe war fare that brings non issues to the front.

Politis is so messy.

Economics is so clean.

NO ONE CAN PREDICT. If you want to bet in the casino take your best bets and try and win. If you want to sit it out we told you how to do that in this blog.

Now within all the market news did you see what President Trump signed into law this week? Today health care providers can without fear of FDA consequence pay for optional care for chronic illness ( in some new modeling ) in ALTERNATIVE WELLNESS – perhaps the biggest shift in health care in 100 years.

No one is reporting really on how huge this all is but that little part of the bill is going to be a game changer as time progresses. A crack in the damn that may actually in the future – change everything.

So there is not only the market rebounding almost what was lost yesterday ( as we told you it would in fact due to AI learning and predictably responding to its own error pathology and profit making – on each side of the rope – and the GREAT NEWS in Health care.

So that happened.