Next the failed policy of the Central Banks and all “feds” ( who must be merged into the treasuries of their respective nations ) the IMF and World Bank – Tweedle ┬áDumb and Tweedle Dumber – are never leading never bleeding edge and never doing anything but reactive work. Following a Global G100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONFERENCE for world regulatory and trade rules – a new SUPER GLOBAL TRUST needs to supersede and replace the failed 100 year old World Bank and IMF where funders insist on their merger into the SUPER GLOBAL TRUST the bank of last resort for world stability.

Today the head of the IMF may have got it right for once when she suggested banking is now on the brink in many oil nations, due to the fall of commodity prices. This commodity run induced bank failure house of cards, may start in South Africa or Nigeria and spread across the EU and ASIA. Gulf interests may become involved as the BAD DEBT BOMB begins to explode as they are falling from the sky all across the world.

Folks, 100 trillion dollars in bad non performing Debt can not be absorbed by the banking system which is when these bad loans are taken off books leaving bankrupt illiquid banks as what remains. This week the head of the IMF warned against Commodity Created Bank Failure as a SYSTEMIC RISK. You mean yet another one?

Think about it. Doesn’t it make sense? Free money pours into oil. 100’s of billions in projects are now being stopped and blocked. Those that went ahead like the North Sea are no longer profitable at today’s oil price? Why? Well the BIG LIE? We are short of oil in the world. Ralph Nader reported 30 years ago – on the big lie when he said the world is DROWNING IN OIL and its price was a sin against all people of the earth.

The earth is farting oil and gas and remaking it all the time. Oil is a renewable resource not a fixed finite resource. The EARTH is an oil and gas factory.

There is plenty of oil and gas and fuel should be non polluting and low cost to develop the world into a full partnership equal playing field. There are no limits to growth. None. Gerry Brown lacks imagination. The solutions is in the mind fields note the mine fields.

Credit Swiss reported actually the CEO of Credit Swiss reported – he did not know the extend of Credit Swiss ILLIQUID TRADING. Which is what we have been talking about in speculative off short ETF and related structured asset markets – which are casino bets just as if your banks took your deposits – borrowed if fantastic leverage – and bet the entire bundle on the crap table in Las Vegas. As the bet comes up CRAP the Credit Swiss Bank makes the SCOOBIE DOO SOUND and wonders where all the money went. It takes SECONDS today. Eventually the head of the bank is clued in – he got the memo – hey we are not where you think and 100 billion or so is gone.

Folks this is SERIOUS MONEY. Banks do not recover from these liquidity sink holes. They can juggle and use funny accounting for only so long. SUPER CRASH is coming when the trundle the spinning top – now in its final wobble – the DRAYDLE ceases to spin any longer. The wobble is almost beyond the spin controllers to manage. The thing is going to topple. As it does it will move quickly all across the world hitting the USA last but surely as well.

There will be run’s on the bank this time.

There will be collapse this time.

There will be an end to the old world order this time.

The only item we and no one can suggest – is when. This year. Next year. This decade. After 2020 – but still soon. Near term.

So what is your plan for when the spinning top to topples over? You can’t go to your leaders. The Fed, the IFM, the World Bank and the heads of the largest players like Credit Swiss are all reporting in FINANCIAL SPEAK – “run for the hills”. You were all warned?

Sill buying stocks bonds and mutual funds and blowing your New Year party horns?

Good on ya.

From my perspective diversified insurance investing is safe harbor. Putting liquidity into your own business is safe harbor. Investing in hyper growth and acceleration while the system holds together is safe harbor. Doing things as you once did them is being on the sea when the rogue wave hits your vessel. We will never find you again. Or anyone you care for. You will be washed away by the financial waves that are coming.

CEO SPACE may 15th is safe harbor. A sea wall to accelerate liquidity and bottom line. Invest in venture space with hyper growth firms as a time machine to move excess liquidity into the future via diversified insurance bank bone investing and venture strategic diversity investing and you create your own SAFE HARBOR.

First tip: own your own business. Second tip if you do own your own business invest in acceleration first and everything else second.

These ideas can keep you high and dry when the financial storms hit your shore – and they will – the only question is the WHEN will they hit.

Know what? You already knew all this. I’m just confirming data for you. You all already know because you got this.

The rest have their head in the hole between their feet and are about to find the feathers upon their ass are blown AWAY don’t you think? Many are hypnotized and few are awake. Stop reading this blog and watch all the reruns of THE WALKING DEAD to escape reality. Oh that show IS REALITY. I get it now.

Folks – none of this information matters if you fail to take action t protect yourself and your business. TAKE ACTION. The tips include exploring:

  1. Get out of the market and into diversified insurance investing while you still can.
  2. Invest in your venture growth and momentum while the markets hold – every week matters.
  3. Do things differently to get different results.
  4. Education yourself ( CEO SPACE MAY 15th )
  5. Develop much larger trading community circles ( CEO SPACE for rapid profit ramps )

But DO NOT FAIL TO TAKE ANY ACTION. Think – act – DO it.

Just DO IT.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE – we’ll keep a light on for ya