( last blog of 2018 if anyone is counting these past 30 years or free public service )




As an economist and Chairman founder of a leading Global Small Business institution in 150 nations I want to write to my readers about the largest threat to the world order ( besides the FED itself and destructive economic policies from central banks into a new economy ) as the # 1 item of American and Global security. You may not appreciate the concept of GOING BROKE…..safely …when going broke occurs over decades.

Now this economic rule applies to the old economy and to the new economy…it applies to a family….a state or a Fortune institution…it applies to a nation. The majority of parents attempt to assure this rule is applied to their children so no child is left behind…and when they don’t terrible outcomes occur. The first rule of economics is:


This rule went out the window for individuals for corporations and for nations with the introduction of the central banking fractional banking terrible concept that encouraged all parties to engage in BORROWING and using part of their income to repay these loans ( living beyond your means ) until Student loans in American passed 1.5 trillion dollars in America in 2018 for one example. Part of all income is now paid to banks in interest – and 50% of all student loans are in arrears rising rapidly to 1 trillion dollars in late payments with 35% rising fast gong into default. This is true again in debt catastrophe as in 2008 – in auto loans in home loans again – in consumer credit defaults – and as interest rises the corporate debt bomb both in the USA and globally is likely to explode the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE in 2020. Remember you heard that here in 2015 – 2016 – 2017 – 2018 and now in 2019 and we are first to define the cause and the time line. But this is NOT what we are writing to you about at NEW YEARS 2019.

Our first concern as German Barons who immigrated to the USA five generations ago, and made our family contributions – the Macy Building used to be the Dohrmann Building on famous San Francisco UNION SQUARE into the 1970’s – the Emporium Multi State Department store Chain the largest on the West Coast since the Gold Rush period was run until his death by its Chairman my Grandfather ( google ABC DOHRMANN ) Alpert Benhard ( I”m named after him ) Charles Dohrmann – ABC DOHRMANN. Who also engaged Mark Twain to work for his Call Bulletin then the largest news paper in the San Francisco Bay. Twain and John Muir worked to expand the national park service under President Rosevelt ( who put grandfather on the board of the now expanded into what you know as THE NATIONAL PARK SERVICE ) when ABC Dohrmann put Yosemite into the care of the park service and Grandfather helped build the Yowani hotel where his picture from 1937 still hangs over the lobby bar and appears in all the hotel books in rooms. Grandfather rebuilt the Saint Francisco hotel after the San Francisco 1906 Earthquake and put the famous CLOCK in the lobby where every native San Franciscan like our family knows the phrase….I’ll meet you at the clock…….but enough of family history – enough to state we love our AMERICA in every fiber of its dirt air and great people the US of USA.

So we burdened by economic expertise experience and a lifetime on Wall Street and in London fully global over decades appreciate the issues and problems as those at the tippy top attempt to unwind the Super Changing economic box top rules as economics is evolving…going where no man ( or woman ladies ) has gone before……

Still the old rule is rule # 1 and like Diamonds can not be changed or altered by anything in the natural order…




THE LARGEST WEALTH TRANSFER in the history of human affairs has taken place from legal theft of wealth while America – my country – permitted a rape of the financial economic order. To rebuild the entire world after winning World War II – America created plans to rebuild Japan and the EU nation by Nation with the Marshal plan and assist with China as we could and even more after the Korean War. This generosity became a permanent trade subsidy in which all nations precluded products made IN MY AMERICA from being fairly priced and open market access to the nations we rebuilt and now sustain with WEALTH TRANSFER while these nations trade goods arrive in the USA for penny’s on the dollar often subsidized in price by in nation tax policy and free loan money. America can’t compete with that. The United States of America by the 1980 period was spending far far more than it was making with nations around the world who where growing increasingly wealthy and increasingly hostile to America. These nations contracted the illness of demenisa for the HOW THEIR WEALTH CAME ABOUT altogether. These same nations became bankrupt in gratitude for the multi decade favors from the United States.



The core illness of economics and politics is two items:

  1. Cooperation economics replacing failed competitive economic organizational theory at core
  2. Economics running economic policy versus the failed model of politics running economic policies

Why is this important?

Because in both the old economy we grew up with that died in 2013 – and the new Super Change AI Digital Global Inter linked NEW ECONOMY that goes like the Star Ship Enterprise …where no man ( or woman ladies ) has ever gone before in 2019 – both have to operate in the end as the second rule of economics always applies to the 1st rule regardless of politics have ABUSED economic credit debt and process for a very long period – going broke safely …the musical chairs always comes to an end the …day that the music dies…..as the second rule of economics will always apply in its own sequence and time lines….alway….no way around it …no way out…..

The American trade balance is a threat to the national security of the world.  A soft landing requires THAT all nations cooperate versus compete to work to rebalance American Trade. Why? What is the abuse today? Lets look at the spiral up since 1980 to today in the match model of UNSUSTAINABLE TRADE that now is economic world war III that nations in asymmetrical warfare are using to tool up their military as they preserve abuse of AMERICA to an extreme stating the USA is the villain in the on going global screen play…when the opposite is true from a most ungrateful audience.


  1. 2018 China sells 400 billion dollars more goods to America than it permits America to sell into its nation – balancing trade. This occurs where America must debt finance the TRADE DEFICIT of TRILLIONS of TRILLIONS in Wealth Transfer to the USA soaring only upward which if unchecked will bankrupt the USA. China knows this while it uses the Wealth Transfer as asymmetrical warfare and China is winning as its military investments rise it is cutting BACK on its share of the burden by the USA to China’s great economic gain – by curtailing buying USA Debt as the wealth transfer ( an unsustainable economic abuse  ) Trump seeks to STOP in its tracks – finally. Why? It if unchecked is fatal to American economics. Further rebalancing in competition leads to global economic depression and world wars – which today the USA will actually win including a Nuke war despite what Putin chest pounding suggests. Terrible as it would be.
  2. 2018 Japan is 70 billion in trade abuse with the USA – wealth transfer still flows into Japan and Japan will not cooperate to assure America its largest customer is OK as well. The one way street is a red line Trump who is not Obama has stated to Japan like Gandalf in the Tolkien Films….THOU MAY NOT PASS………
  3. 2019 170 BILLION in EU red ink to America where the EU led by Germany primarily sells far more to the USA than it allows America to sell in its nation in balanced . and fair trade. Most of the 170 Billion bankrupting economic burden to the USA goes to Germany ( 12% almost ) for the entire EU number and Germany knowing the entire EU is defended since the 1950’s at enormous burden and cost to America – works to undermine and slow any trade deal that would impact its unfair trade World War II subsidy profit. What friend. Now exiting Marikel lobbies with France to form a new EU MILITARY as they can’t rely on the USA – meaning – they want to kick America in the balls economically.
  4. This all plays out in 2019 with every nation on earth who is protectionist – who calls America protectionist – Russia being the nation that dies economically if America goes into a serious prolonged recession.
  5. The longer the economic imbalance over time the more sever the correction and time to repay the debt SUPER BUBBLE. The nation piling on the debt as wealth transfer must in the end rebalance economic accounts. This requires the nation stop buying – and focus on repaying debt over decades of time during contractions that rebalance economic accounts globally. As America is the largest buyer on earth the contraction to rebalance outside cooperative soft landing adjustments, is a hard landing in which every other nation used to selling into America experiences their financial implosion due to their own DEBT SUPER BUBBLES and economic abuse in nations, to which their systems implode into national depressions that also take decades to recover from which triggers all historic and global world wars such as the rise of NAZIS and World War II due to economic rebalancing from the German hyper inflation of the 1920’/s.


The tipping point is not yet in time  – we all have time. But time IS running out.

We have 1000’s of point cost in trillions to the global market value of assets due to unnecessary sound bites from the FED the most horrific and damaging – failed economic policy of the Fed – and sound bites from DC that lack all economic fiduciary caution. The Fed knows the USA is in a one time from the GREAT RECESSION rebalancing DEBT SUPER CYCLE of selling USA bonds into the global market.  US trade wars drawing a line in the sand that we would prefer a long recession to a GREATEST DEPRESSION AND RISK OF REAL WORLD WAR – rebalancing now versus later as sane versus insane – as a shift from insane full on competitive trade policy of the past into a SUPER CHANGE economic wellness of COOPERATIVE NEW TRADE ORDERS we can imagine and upgrade into – but it takes time – such that those effected to permit USA trade into their markets – resist – raise more barriers to our trade goods and stop buying USA DEBT at the time record debt is being brought to market. Then our own FED raises the cost of the USA debt at the wrong time at the precisely the wrong policy moment to do so – and competes with USA bond debt from the Treasury by selling to its own shareholder ( yes the Fed is a stock corporation owned in secret by the banks it is supposed to regulate now asking them all to buy its debt versus USA Debt ) so that the USA is under pressure. We as America must sell our record debt into markets for just a couple of years more – as infrastructure will raise USA tax revenues for 100 years and with new trade protocols the USA can pay down and off its debt ). So the FED is raising cost of USA Debt and shrinking the buyers of USA Debt in a move destructive to USA Interest – a fact in economics that every American can understand but to which the TRUMP TRAIN has yet to make perfectly clear to the public – the FED is now a trade war enemy of USA economic interest (always has been and is cause of our wars and financial bust cycles all of them – the one cause is the FED ) and this fact needs to rise clearly up to MERGE THE FED back into US Treasury by an emergency Presidential order followed by an emergency 80 page ( Mirror to Fed creation law was 80 pages only ) into US TREASURY for oversight – stop all economic abuse – and conflicts of criminal bankers against the USA interest nationally.

ECONOMIC WORLD WAR III is moving ahead. First the USA was economically attacked by digital weapons of mass market destruction in 2007 ( first AI Pearl Harbor in History – read Kevin Freemans THE SECRET WEAPON to get smart on all that is economic in the world today ). Those weapons hit us again only now much more stealthy and smarter in 2018 in October during our election – and worse have precluded recovery by on going digital economic war fare sending messages to TRUMP – let up on tarriff and trade war – going broke safeltly is better than economic war defeat using our AI weapons on you all.

If you think I’m way out there – you are way out of what our own USA  DOD Cyber Warfare command center well knows. THE USA can not defend against PUTIN stealth super sonic nukes deliverable to 1000 USA cities in ten minutes of time in 2025 or AI ECONOMIC ATTACKS UPON OUR SYSTEMS including the nations attacking us WITH OUR VERY OWN TRADE WEALTH GIFTED TO THEM EACH YEAR – with IP theft of all our leading intellectual property where every agency of nations and leading Fortune institution IN America is now hacked by those creating their own trade wealth to steal the tools to win in asymmetrical warfare they started and we must rise up to defend against with trade imbalances moving us to bankruptcy – their plan not our plan.


Perhaps you might share my NEW YEAR Blog with an American you know in my country?

So the future resolves that we all WIN together with a new economic trade agreement that resets trade imbalances so no nation is left behind. IF we fail to cooperate we perish.

If we compete moving forward we perish – everyone loses everything – that is for sure economics.

The longer we move into economic warfare the worst the outcome and America is the winner in all outcomes in the ultimate end. All nations prosper by COOPERATING WITH AMERICA as the WEALTH TRANSFER moderates to FAIR TRADE versus trade of economic abuse. TRADE IMBALANCES FOR ALL NATIONS MUST BE NOW GLOBALLY MANAGED IN THE NEW ECONOMY WHICH IS AI DIGITAL. Unforgiving for error in time frames where time itself giving the rising 2019 abuse – is reaching the absolute tipping point. That point of no return once triggered destroys economics in all SURPLUS NATIONS ….where competitive short term vision fails to appreciate economic outcomes long term that destroy their home economics far worse than our own pain from their drains.

The FED now anti American in fiscal policy is not protecting anything – they are mindlessly out of touch with new economics and in applying obsolete policy measures to markets today – in the fully new economy – remain the ONE NEAR TERM IMMEDIATE RISK TO ECONOMIC DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADE – SYSTEM CORE STABILITY AND CORE SYSTEM DESTRUCTION THAT WE ALL CAN NOT RECOVER FROM.

The National Security of the United States and the entire WORLD REQUIRES THE FED be merged back into US TREASURY. Congress ( largely bought and paid for by Fed Wallstreet Greed agencies majority of which pled guilty to enormous crimes against our nation since 2008 ) failure to create the emergecny legislation to merge the FED back into US Treasury restoring their own CONSTITUTIONALLY MANDATED OVERSIGHT fully absent today – is a breach of fiduciary duty of Congress. FED AGENTS in Congress may worse than PUTIN allies in Congress the ultimate threat to AMERICAN SECURITY – failure to merge the FED back into USA Treasury a fix that takes one week.

Let me ask readers in all nations these economic questions:

  1. In a fully digital AI transparent world today – why would a contract with bankers to print money for interest charges not be an insane concept. Why not print money responsibly managed by market forces in real time and stop paying interest on money for nations? Why pay greedy bankers that interest?
  2. Why have greedy bankers where plenty of wealth and power is never enough – work against the interest of your nation competing with your nation debt financing in markets?
  3. If the private state contract to have central bankers print and control nation money supplies was the cause of all bust cycles and civil unrest and wars – why not see the mistake and fix it by merging the powers of money management in an AI world back into state treasury with oversight audits and full accountability no central banker has at all…take off your trust and put on your suspicion the central banks have lost all control – have allowed and encouraged the trade imbalances profiting from the SUPER DEBT PILES and are bankrupting the entire world into wars they alone profit from as such bankruptcies never effect THEM.

Evil is central banking in economics. We can fix that in one week.

The crises is BRAIN WASHING so you all believe the lie and lack the hard data for the truth.

This blog is a light in central banker fog cloud of FAKE NEWS AND INFORMATION WORLD. If every time you hear a sound bite – from any central banker or their liege lords – read it or hear it and automatically say –

  1. That is an economic lie
  2. What is the opposite the economic truth

Central banks are enemies of their nations and the Global Order.

Central banks make money from war and economic crises. The 2008 global Super Mortgage Bubble all central banks were in conspiracy and profiting as no time in prior history from – received over 100 trillion dollars of money from state debt to bail out the bad bets their own bankers made with their money from the central bank lending windows. A conspiracy of financial rape of nations accelerating in FULLY NOT SUSTAINABLE COST TO NATIONS. All Nations.

Central Banks must be merged back into their treasuries to effect the new COOPERATIVE NO NATION LEFT BEHIND COMING TOGETHER for a new economic order where AI is taking TIME from the central bankers as in the new economy as we NOW SEE SO CLEARLY the central banks at war with AI in markets have lost control of currency value and price – control of asset pricing in all asset price categories – and worse trade account balances and trade debt value into forward markets.

The NEW ECONOMY OF AI moves forward into a space no man ( or lady leader ) has ever gone ever had experience or any tools for or ever gone before in humanities history ..not ever. IT IS ALL NEW in 2019. AI is unforgiving for FED POLICY ERROR and is punishing the FED for making those errors and trillions to investment loss valuations. All due to FED having no clue of the new economics. The old tools the Fed applies now damage the new economy versus stabilize. The FED and its tribe of criminal central bankers ( no central banker knows or tells the truth and all believe their own lies which is so very dangerous if you believe them ). DEAD FEDS DON’T LIE.


All economics must rebalance from abuse. The SUPER DEBT BUBBLE of 100 trillion in bad non performing loans in the EU and in Asia are soaring every higher. These bad assets are under FED rules ( all frauds ) kept on institution balance sheets as good performing assets exempt from FAIR MARKET ACCOUNTING LAWS OF NATIONS – where you and I would go to prison for economic frauds of 1% of this scale. THE PIG IN THE ABUSE PYTHON is bad debts rising.

Folks – its so simple. STOP THE LEGAL THEFT by creating:

  1. COOPERATIVE NO NATION LEFT BEHIND TRADE RULES. Nations must thank the USA for their years of wealth transfer and now protect the USA to remain your great customer and patron keeping the USA vibrant for all the world.
  2. Compete with every nation for itself like ungrateful Germany and France for examples and the EU moves to depressions and wars unable to engage TIME as the NEW ECONOMY CORE STABILITY ASSET required to work the SUPER DEBT pig out of the global economic python or system.
  3. Merge FED central bankers back into oversight audits and accountability in real time as central bankers are at war with their own host nations today the FED at war with the world order. They are blind mice ..all of them to a new economy that makes them obsolete in fact in 2019.
  4. Develop a new G 100 Economic Constitution of trade and tax rules globally applied NO NATION LEFT BEHIND establishing the final human miracle COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM replacing failed competitive economic modeling in capitalism and socialism both models that leave billions in starvation in insane systems of the FEW WEALTHY ELITES against the billions of many.
  5. New Box Top Rules for the NEW ECONOMY define self correcting always upgraded and current rules in SUPER CHANGE within AI economics – whereby – unwanted wealth concentrations are rebalanced eocnomically into global sustainable circulations and investment liquidities – and unwanted market manipulation and speculation is once again criminalized globally. Criminal bankers at the last period of their obsolete modeling will fight as for them national interest is not their own FEW AGAINST THE MANY INTEREST and with their sick reality in WEALTH AND POWERS their own PLENTY is simply never ENOUGH. THE MANY FOR THE MANY is the new box top rules – addressing simple economic policy we call can embrace – CAN WE AS A GLOBAL POPULATION DO BETTER…and the answer OF COURSE WE CAN DO BETTER and to serve our unborn generations we simply MUST. TIme is NOW.

TIME IS NOW in 2019.

The world order is in rip tide transition adjusting from an old economy to a new AI economic world order.

In the new AI economic order systemic abuse ESPECIALLY by the CENTRAL BANKERS is punished instantly in markets world wide.

Modernizing and upgrading the global systems is the first job of inspired leadership.

Fully informed leadership.

While the risk fo great promise and hope follows the TRUMP time line to reform NOW and the risk of back lash and system failure risks rises in the tip tide – CEO SPACE remains hopeful betting on humanity and sane outcomes to insane choices.


Where we all win together.

HAPPY NEW YEAR as 2018 the year of RIP TIDE finally opens the full promise and hope of 2019.

I call on EU China and Putin leadership to lead the way back from the brink as capital invested in wars between us is better displayed to protect the EARTH from 100% risk fo humanity killing incoming impact events. We have the technology and science and wealth to do so if we stop poverty globally and divert collective resources to all nation wealth building – heal the planet environments and protect the earth and its entirety from historic impact extinction events as sane economics versus we all arms race to kill the planet its species and ourselves – how is that economic model sane in 2019.



FOOTNOTE – If in 2019 the old world trade protocols fail to move into sane cooperation from insane competition the entire world will see a DEBT SUPER CRASH and world wars as outcomes in the 2020 period moving forward as my prediction on the economics not the politics. Become active as all issues fall in all nations to this ONE ISSUE moving forward and you make the difference in time if you TAKE ACTION – what action – read our last seven blogs and we tell you what action precisely that matters from YOU. YOU MATTER in 2019.