New home sales – reacting to the failed Federal Reserve policies well reported here – now effect the economy. ┬áThe Fed is reporting some small rise in manufacturing orders. This rise is way off what you would expect for Christmas ramp up and is far below last year models. It is pathetic as we sink from 1.5% growth into real recession. Why?

  1. The economy is to fragile for the Fed banks and investment banks to gauge us all with higher interest now when they get free deposits and sometimes pay 1% a year lending us market rate interest. But they want more. Too fragile to dump 50 billion of monthly liquidity into global bond markets while the Fed sells it crap portfolio back to its own stock holders banks and investment banks. Its a money shell game folks. Keep your eye on the real money and movements of it.
  2. Raising interest with zero inflation as we told you Janet is a failed policy. You failed. Now you have killed the housing market. The New Start sales of housing are the lowest in almost 9 months. The market crashed in August and will be WORSE in September due to the hurricanes the fed failed to map into their models. Oops.
  3. Gains in employment will be WIPED OUT due to the hurricanes.
  4. The Housing Engine is now vaporized due to failed Fed Policy.
  5. The worst for growth in this economy is yet to come as the Fed mucks it all up.

The ripples and unintended consequence of Janet Yellen’s failed Fed policies will unfold over such a long time period the spin will be that Congress or Trump or some other party is to blame.

Economically it is not political.

Economically it is all Fed policy which is utter failure.

The Fed is now out of:

  1. Tools and tactics to do anything
  2. Respect
  3. Confidence
  4. Trust
  5. Reliability

The world market is proceeding IN SPITE OF THE FED. To the 440 trillion of capital oceans in movement controlled by majority by less than 10,000 super money elites – the few against the many – seeking highest profit potentials world wide – the FED is like a mosquito. They put on lotion and insulate again being bitten by the Fed. The Fed has no value to the market, carries toxic financial illness and virus – and is to be avoided at all cost. Stay away from the fed swamps and don’t get bitten – even listen to fed talk any more.

So the influence of the Federal Reserve Board in the single term of Janet Yellen has been completely SHATTERED in world markets today. The fed in fact today by the economists in world markets is a JOKE versus an institution.

Her failed policy of raising interest rates in a fragile recovery far too early is a tipping point with removing all quantity easing to the global economic system and replacing it with quantitative SNEEZING – as she Asset dumps 5 trillion crap assets the Fed bought and now must DUMP.

The Housing market crashed in August – worst numbers in 8 months. Total expression of recession on the way. The Congress as we reported so many times FIDDLD WHILE ROME ECONOMICALLY BURNED and spent their political capital on crap health care bills that went now where – costing the nation untold billions while the FAILED ENTIRELY to protect the US dollar and economy and people by doing their constitutional duty – passing a real budget and passing Tax reform to stimulate a recession away. They spent a year doing nonsense and this with the HURRICANE COST ( which will shatter housing numbers in September ) – is beyond calculation as a RECESSION EFFECT near term. A down bubble to USA and world trade.

IT is all so obvious.

The negligent is ridiculous.

Steve Forbes one of my HERO’s came out today encourage the Fed to express good behavior. Meaning their aggressive interest rate policy – already dead on arrival economically and a total Janet Yellin yet AGAIN failure on policy – Steve suggest be reversed NOW. He says IF THE FED DOES NOT MANIPULATE INTEREST AND TRASH THE US dollar – the recession can be pushed back.

We think you can not undo what Janet Yellen has already done. No one human has cost the USA more than Alan Greenspan but Janet is running to beat his record of tens of trillions through his Sub Prime Super Bubble where he as Chairman was the second worst chairman in all of Fed history. Alan caused Digital world war three – read Kevin Freeman’s GAME PLAN to catch up on that data in process. Janet and Alan have destroyed the USA Potential more than any two individuals alive in our generation with Teflon in transfer Blame to Presidents Congress and Wallstreet in the Fed eternal blame game. It is never the Fed when it is always the fed – the source of all economic manipulation and speculation – the source of casino capitalism and the break down of economic rule of law. It is the FED folks. Follow THE money.

If only you could see what these former Chairpersons get paid annually once they leave that would open some eyes.

And by who.

So Janet has advanced horrific failed economic policy – has mistimed every market move – and is not the single AVENGER prematurely destroying the USA Housing Markets.

Now only did Janet Yellen policy crash the New Home Sales this August – we are seeing the utter CRASH OF THE MORTGAGE MARKET as new mortgage applications fall to their lowest level in YEARS due to the higher interest rates. As I stated the FED HAS NO INFLUENCE ANY LONGER IN THE REAL MARKETS the real markets have turned their back on the Fed as a pure JOKE related to economic failed policy. They are done losing money due TO the FED and now moderate the FED like a future market item inside casino capitalism. Just a factor no longer THE factor. The Fed has been reduced to a joke around bars and tables lacking any respect all because of failed policies of Fed Chairpeson Janet Yellen. History will report that Janet Yellen is the worst Chairperson in `100 years and set in place the foundation for entire world system crash and failure and world war. She will beat Alan Greenspan who set her up well for her finale. Both should be in prison in my opinion but they are immune – under congressional law.

We steal a snicker to avoid starving from a 7/11 store we end up in the slammer. They rob the nation of trillions and are so well paid to do the legal theft and they end up at warm meals in 100 million dollar mansions and super yatches at the Hamptons in Upstate Long Island. Too BIG to Jail.

Humbug. Criminals at Wells Fargo – Wallstreet – Pharms – VW – real criminals at the FED need to be arrested to get our system back. First you have to merge the FED by emergency act of Congress into the USA Treasury than for the first time since 1907 audit the crooks. Then arrest them. Now we are talking how in American the pendulum always SWINGS BACK…just takes time. Just a bit more time.

Privately owned by the banks and investment banks it is charged to regulate but never has – assuring their shareholder maximum profits – the few agains the many – even that model is now broken. Today the shareholders of the Fed joke about the FED. No one takes the fed serious – economically – because as we saw this week the Fed reports:

  1. Oh we may have been WRONG about employment
  2. We may have been wrong about inflation
  3. We have been wrong about the economy

WOW. You are a sit com today.

As an institution your myth is shattered by one failure –


You are party of manipulation and control and you created casino capitalism as you failed to regulate the digital divide of new markets for capital movement. Today the markets are OUT OF CONTROL and the FED is the cause.

Why do I ask everyone to support MERGING CENTRAL BANKS back into treasuries? To return to the people:

  1. Transparency
  2. Oversight
  3. Audits
  4. Accountability
  5. No secrets in our PUBLIC versus private system

Common damn sense.

So the lies from the Fed will continue as that is their play book for economic illiterates – their manipulation of the masses.

Lets look at FDIC. You have a protection on your deposits as an insurance. If I opened an insurance firm and I had less than one penny in reserves to insure and pay back every 1,000 dollars of claims, would that be insurance FRAUD? Would you put me in jail if I made insurance claims with only a penny in reserves?

I never appreciate how illiterate the public is to their own system and how the criminal bankers get away with it while you actually let them do it? Financial education is freedom.


You have to follow the money or corruption is simply everywhere.

Folk re-tooling the system takes time and smart folks are all over it. Join them and support them. If we do not change all this we march to system collapse and world war.

The FED?

The Federal Reserve Board is a joke and has become irrelevant to world market makers. They laugh at the FED. They have much more capital than the FED and more tools and tactics than the Fed.

The Fed in practical terms ….is DEAD.

Janet Yellen killed the Fed – she overruns her own people for so long which never works that as a leader – Janet Yellen is a blessed not a feeder.

The Worst Fed Chairperson in 100 years – time for you to go baby girl.

Berny Dohrmann – The Truth WILL SET YOU FREE IN HOUSING –