CEO’s who are members of CEO SPACE – I wrote a year end blog for you – well for any business owner  – silo leader of an institutional firm – and professionals in practice – for year end tax. Scroll and you’ll see it.

For my new readers which are massive daily I suggest you read the last five to seven blogs to catch. I’ve made 98 economic predictions and I always said I’m going to be wrong over 30 years now – I mean seriously. My first big one – which I admit to – got the timing wrong by weeks. I predicted a Santa Clause Rally would be year end adjust the market back to close to record highs. I believe that record new highs ARE coming and I reported why. I did not see in the hours closing the new year the Gov Shut Down – the rising Saudi mess in the MIddle East – the Putin Super Sonic weapon success making them the invincible Super Power that can now First Strike and take over the world ( followed by vaporization of their mother land ) as well as the first AI year end market ever.

More and more hedge funds and leaders in finance who read this blog are coming out in the news now stating:

  1. This is not a market like any in prior history
  2. The volatility ( we predicted correctly and told you all why )  they now say is not NORMAL
  3. Big money managers have no template for AI wars.

AI is now in charge of 440 trillion dollars in global fully leveraged circulations globally. AI has no emotion. AI has no judgement at a human scale. AI is algorithmic formulas adjusted by the minute to seek out MAXIMUM PROFIT int he shortest time frame while absolutely protecting those profits from down risk. The AI is in full warfare with one another – CREDIT SWISS to BANK OF LONDON – BANK OF CHINA to BANK OF JAPAN and all of Wallstreet to one another and into the world.

As a retired investment banker economist who has run public – global – investment banking firms, I suggested the organize of economics into ever competitive software AI wars risks a systemic failure. All the reasons are set forth again in our last year end seven blogs.

I believe I am right as earnings in the final quarter release that record market highs will occur I just got the timing at year end in this first AI year closure wrong. Why? I did not accommodate that ever smarter AI also factors in as human’s never could or can – for the first time ever – IN REAL TIME the year end TAX ASPECTS or TAX LOADING to year end profits. AI has whacked the tax.


American leads the economic landscape. No nation operates budgets in the multiple trillions. Russia and Saudi operate at budgets of 250 billion annually – to fund their nation and their defense. We spend more than that total on defense – more than their total budgets – which are about the size of the state of New York or California – one state for those nations. China and Japan India and Indonesia are in close ties a fraction of the US totals – no where close.

So the EU and the USA are the big dogs. Tax laws in both moderated old models and reduced capital gain profits and corporate profit % in 2018. AI has all that data and now makes profits where AI wishes to maximium outcomes at 2018 “knowing” if software knows anything really – that the huge profits they open into 2019 will reclaim all the moderations of December. We’ll see if this new wild wild west frontier of the new AI economy plays out as moderated by my year end data now.

So I still predict the SANTA CLAUSE RALLY I just got it wrong for Dec year end – its first quarter up bubble. The volatility is AI new landscape and new economics. AI placing bets long short up down and all around makes money on MOVEMENT. Maximum movement maximum profits.

Because regulatory frame works are not antique and no longer regulate the new AI economy, the idea of buy and old assets still is valid if you as invidiuals invest in long term holding say sixty months on Apple at 157 dollars a share as I have – versus say sixty days or less. Individuals get killed in the AI day trading world.




How do YOU know THAT is true.

Because since 2012 95% all investing has moved from human managed trading to AI electronic digital trading. Is the WHY you KNOW in 2019. Happy New Year. A star ship is flying at warp eight and folks – no one is command or on the bridge in the new economy. Why?

Global regulations have yet to catch up to the Super Change still SUPER CHANGING and evolving. ELRON MUSK or his clone is closer and closer to self aware AI into which qwest 100’s of billions are being invested globally. The box top rules for the star ship NEW ECONOMY have not been written yet. Regulatory agencies hae upgraded from a VW Rabbit of the 1980’s into 2019 – to a TESLA but how can a Tesla regulate a star ship?

We are unfolding a new economy for which rules have yet to be thought up – a warning for AI for two decades no one paid any attention to. Now we are here. Its reality.

AI managing 440 trillion in capital flows controls price and turbulence and markets. The White House has reached out to Super Money pools ( who have no clue either ) to find out – what is going on.

No one knows but my blog readers – so share this site with circles you care about.

My year in tips to regulatory agencies and heads of state are and include:

  1. Tax breaks resulted in 46% and trillions moving into stock buy backs – an unwanted misuse of that hope.
  2. Stop sound bites that Ai manipulates – be very guarded on sound bites that effect economics.
  3. The Fed should reduce sound bites to its Chairperson and only four times a year and then vetted as never before.
  4. A new G 100 regulatory convention needs to RE- REGULATE
  5. Unwanted wealth consolidations – and speculations – must be regulated moving forward as its out of control

I would not panic ( yet _) we’ll tell you IF the Fed kills the entire global system by applying backward looking old economy ( that is now dead from 2013 forward ) while failing to adapt to new rules that moderate the new economics. Our past define the HOW and my book now backordered daily REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION blue prints the pathology to move forward in the NEW ECONOMY the first work defining the problem and the solution. All past Presidents have read it. If you order the hard copy they get it out in 72 hours. Accuracy you can trust.

So I believe the bears are not in charge yet AI is and I believe a late SANTA RALLY is likely if we have no more STUFF and with a new congress we may have lots of stuff and Congress I caution you – if politics runs economics with nasty partisan tit for tat America will lose big time- the stability wild card is infrastructure. PASS THAT and America wins for decades – grid lock and AI will take its cue from the Fed and the system globally may be dead. My last seven blogs detail the WHY cause and HOW.

Make your own choice. Just remember news from Crammer to nuts is backward looking old chart predicting obsolescence to an economy that died in 2013 – the new AI economy is NEW and folks you can’t seen  anything like this before. No sir you bob.

Folks it is so natural to believe grown ups are in charge. Here is your tip cheat sheet to the new economy 2019:

  1. No one is in charge.
  2. Super change occured too fast for systems to adapt or for mind sets to adapt.
  3. The AI race is evolving at SUPER CHANGE accelerations with no rules but winning an AI race.
  4. The nation that wins the AI race will control the world
  5. No leadership knows we are INSIDE an entirely new economy and trying to adapt old rules to the NEW ECONOMY is crazy but that is what we are doing today.

My faith in  HUMANITY is absolute. I believe we will collectively catch up and get ahead of it all.  Will that win for us be after the system globally fails ( traditional ) or before – wake up.

My safe harbor moving forward – be an entrepreneur – own your own ventures and cooperate never compete to grow a future insulated from SUPER CHANGE. CEO SPACE unites forward moving Entrepreneur and professionals to new tols and tactics that work in the new economy. A process to remain current yourself in SUPER CHANGE.

If you have time this holiday weekend to review the last number of blogs you’ll be so educated on cause and effects.


Berny Dohrmann – Chairman founder CEO SPACE serving 150 nations in 2019 to our very best ability

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