Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily Life is but a dream? Isn’t that how the child nursery rhyme went? Isn’t it? Now with economics when you loose money parking capital in a location – the world is upside down and things are going south in a handbag ( that was a saying was it not ) fast.

So July Fourth ECONOMIC NON INDEPENANCE Day celebrates:

  1. The treasury no longer controls the printing of money in soverign nations.
  2. Non Goverment contractors – crooks – do money printing – called Central Banks.
  3. They have 11 Trillion in loosing investments now – and it is soaring – where negative interest – loss to park money – is skyrocketing.
  4. How long can this take place?
  5. Not long?

What is wrong? The market is controlled by structured assets and greedy elites Рin a casino form of capitalism. For example as soon as banks got through stress tests did they finally Рafter NINE YEARS of free money Рinvest back into business Рplants equipment jobs and real economics.?

No sir ree bob. Thats a saying right?

Nope . They are rushing to move the 2.7 trillion casino side bets on STOCK BUY BACKS ( mostly their own stock ) so they the elites make fortunes manipualting their own stock price. Totally illegal in 1999. Made legal in 2000. How is this working?

Free money.

Manipulated rigged markets.

All built on free money – being leveraged fifty to one – with side bets in ETF markets within layered leveraging now passing 450 trillion dollars. The Central banks are failed NON GOV CONTRACTORS – not part of the nation’s they serve – owned by the banks they regulate – and elites that legally steal the wealth of nations.

This casino system must stop and be replaced by the LARGEST REGULATORY FRAME WORK RETHINK IN 100 YEARS. The digital decades have made earlier regulations obsolete. We suggest the format include these items:

  1. A G 100 three year CONSTITUTIONAL ECONOMIC CONVENTION for world trade and regulation.
  2. Short selling be a crime.
  3. Non reporting market assets be a crime.
  4. Public firms report every 180 days bi annually versus monthly.
  5. Central banks be merged back into their TREASURY’s.
  6. National Debt be paid off by SUPER BONDS with 200 year maturity.
  7. World trade be uniform – fair – and apply to all 100 participants with the rest signing on by stipulation alliance to the CONSTITUTION – adopt it world wide.

National sovereignty and global diversity are fully celebrated not punished. Sovereign currency remains the auspice of national treasury. Constitution subscribers balance budgets and do not spend more than they make. Credit ratings are provided by G 100 CREDIT BODIES versus private paid by the crooks system of today.

The economics run the politics versus the politics run the economics in the new WORLD ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION. One set of uniform regulatory laws apply to security markets and trading and banking regulation with full separation of banking and investment banking. Too BIG TO FAIL never becomes TOO BIG TO JAIL. No one buys off crimes.

All nations jail their crooks.

Speculation and casino market manipulation – and its profits for elites is removed. Global tax systems create uniformity versus trade wars. Transparency in COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM is applied within the convention.

Without this form of cooperation reconomic history repeats. We move into Trade War which is accelerating with Britt Exit – then contagion and Super Crash- currency crash – commodity total crash – 60% wipe out of wealth in real estate and all markets – 6000 DOW – and a world depression. Then world war full on. That is the RISK if we don’t move from INSANE ( competition ) to SANE ( cooperation ) with TRUST AND INTEGRITY driving the process.

We can rise above greed to NOBILITY. Our finest hour. WE can shed insanity.

But will we?

11 Trillion of investment in loss parking spots?

That form of “easing” is INSANE.

So the insanity continues.


Berny Dohrmann

The Fed should RAISE RATES NOT and EVERY MEETING for FIVE YEARS. That is sane. Meanwhile I say to you – row row row your boat gently down the steam…………