Most Journalist report on the indictment process and what follows as news to them. They have never been through it themselves.


There are two parts.



The US Department of Justice and its investigation arm – the Federal Bureau of Investigations – interview to get evidence of a crime. This interview process involves Nany’s Circle on Capital Hill – senators congress persons staff and law firms lobbiest and more. Like a never ending parade of POWER INSIDERS calling and saying….what the fuck. All they are about is themselves. As they talk and everyone is worried “AM I NEXT” the power circle around Nancy gets less and less and less. Soon she is isolated. But wait the worst is yet to come.



Then witnesses to be called at the Nancy Pelosi CRIMINAL TRIAL IN FACT are called to testify before the grand jury. This is all not public. Nancy has no rights to tell her side ( many including me suggest the entire grand jury process is plain wrong an assault rifle Prosectors alone possess. These witnesses leak. The grand jury witnesses begin to be known to Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi can feel the press and POWER turning as the indictment comes closer and closer. A Grand Jury can convene for a year or longer. Nothing about the process is fast. Your circle evaporates as humans abandon losers and rally around winners.



During Nancy Pelosi leadership the majority of the Democratic Party are no longer moderate or right leaning democrats. The Majority of the 2020 Democratic Party is left leaning – ultra liberal – socialists. The Socialist power are led by the SQUAD in a power gavel battle with Nancy representing the mix but now lacking power. The pending indictments against Nancy for her CRIMES is well known today. The SQUAD made it quite clear – ( even though Nancy understands the math and the communist socialist SQUAD do not understand the math – there is 100% impossibility to remove President Donald Trump from Office ). Zero chance. The SQUAD now in control of the socialist democrats believe if they sling enough mud all over the President in the impeachment political agenda, they can swing electoral college votes to win the election. Nancy knows this will backfired and the likely outcome is a landslide for Trump in BACKLASH to socialism left extremism in Politics. Americans don’t want a socialistic nation. IN majority bast majority. Nancy’s fleeing base is now scattered smattered and chunked. The social democrats are divided as never ever before.  The divisions in the SOCIAL DEMOCRATS are now rising more week to week. This last week the largest donor block of the NEW SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC party – noted if Warren ( the most hostile business free enterprise socialist leader in US history is the party nominee- as her socialism is beating Biden’s socialism which is not extreme enough for the SQUAD who has hijacked the party – to the far far left – that this donor block WILL SWITCH OVER TO TRUMP and many have already. This is the highest form of mutiny of party faithful in 100 years. Why? NANCY PELOSI IS WHY now the speaker in name only a pure figuer head awaiting her own indictment.



This blog reported i you elected a Congressional Social Democrat majority to congress versus vote your WALLET NOT YOUR PARTY the following would unfold in economics with SOCAIL DEMOCRATS IN CONTROL:

  1. Grid lock. The vital recovery legislation of IMMIGRATION ( democrats Yellin was reporting on Friday ) and INFRASTRUCTURE required to keep economic stability for the entire world afoot would fail to even be debated.
  2. We predicted Nancy Pelosi would impeach and why and when. Right again. So many said we were wrong on both.
  3. Nancy following her Mueller CRIMES and ABUSE OF POWER would from evidence of felonies – multiple real felonies in office distract the prosecution by involving the US ATTORNEY GENERAL to distract her own pending indictment outcomes.

So what has taken place. Well the FED a totally obsolete policy body – unmerged back into US TREASURY as a required upgrade America needs like OPEN HEART BY PASS SURGEY in core Super Change all new AI economics the Fed is denial exists at all – in apply old rules and tools to an entirely NEW AI ECONOMIC:

  • Raised in the most fragile global recovery – interest rates way too frequently – to profit its bank shareholders maximally
  • Raised interest way to higher each time
  • Reduced market liquidity by massively selling a trillion dollars or more of crap bonds back into the bond markets
  • Destabilized global bond and equity markets
  • Put the recovery at high risk
  • Member banks ran out of cash last week and the Fed out of control of markets infused over 150 billion in cash to avoid bank failures across the United States while the public has no clue how close that all was last WEEK ALONE

Congress failing to execute its legal requirements under the US CONSTITUTION ( which is law breaking ) against grid lock in congress – operating to GET TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE as its one function today under Nancy Pelosi a criminal – failed to pass a US BUDGET as required by law annually. We voters can and should sue them to court order they pass a budget as required by law. Congress failed to upgrade IMMIGRATION LAW the nation so obviously needs. Congress failed to pass infrastructure th eonly economic ACT that will offset the FED TOXIC ACTIVITY in its failed economic policy and failed inability to over come its fatal flaw – CRIMINAL CONFLICT OF INTEREST – owned by the banks it regulates – this GREED MACHINE operates to enrich bankers at the great cost of stability in our core system – as a pure FRAUD UPON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Donald Trump tells the truth about the FED.

Nancy Pelosi wants TRUMP DEAD politically if not well – Nancy Pelosi is not a good person.



Attorney General Barr is one of the truly GREAT ATTORNEY GENERALS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Investigating abuse in his own Justice Department and its agencies including the FBI, evidence is gathered. The compass has shown throughout the Mueller 100 million dollar DISTRACTION – no collusion – that – the entire matter was DIRECTED BY NANCY PELOSI. Directing agency employees to TAKE DOWN YOUR POLITICAL OPPONENT is a felony in the United States. Nancy Pelosi abuse of power knows no borders. The evidence from inside government employees who worked under Nancy Direction and who supported her illegal activity is now an entire room to the ceiling of hard evidence. If you just look at Nancy photo’s 2015 and now you see clearly the PREMATURE AGING both she and her cell mate Diane Feinstein DIsplay. CRIMINAL DIANE FEINSTEIN like criminals BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID – joined Nancy PELOSI on Friday to fill the Fake news with even more.

Diane Feinstein ( look at that premature aging from the stress is that ever clear ) – came out to “investigate” the EPA for withholding EPA funds to the state of California. Back at Attorney General Barr and the Courts as the Governments attorney.

CRIMINAL NANCY PELOSI was not so subtle. Sundance came out and called Attorney General Barr a bunch of names and implied he needed to go down in the IMPEACHMENT AS WELL. Why? to derail Attorney General Barr’s standing and credibility when the Criminal Multi Count INDICTMENTS come down related to NANCY PELOSI under serious investigation into a grand Jury next? When? No one can predict the day or hour Nancy Pelosi loses her POWER. Wait for it. This blog predicted in 2016 that by 2020 we would all see:

  1. Grid Lock – RIGHT AGAIN
  2. No Immigration Bill – RIght again.
  3. No fix to health care of medicare or social security GAPS – right again.
  4. Trash the recover tipping the nation into SUPER CRASH and Recession for political gain in 2020 elections. Right again.
  5. No infrastructure = RIGHT AGAIN.

We predicted the FED would have to reverse course way too late to fix the damage to global economics they alone created – so right again as all my readers know looking back.

We now tell you we have to suffer MORE PAIN in highly overvalued markets before we go from a new low to up bubble gain. We now have a Manufacturer RECESSION This is spilling over fast into a trade war effected economic contraction. Congress is the cause. As we reported. You get what you elected. You elected SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS who destroy economies. HERE IT COMES. Right again.

We told to sell OUT OF STOCKS AND BONDS and move into safe harbor diversified insurance investment asking licensed professionals for OPTIONS on just how safe and profitable that all is – in times of ECONOMIC CYCLONES coming in October as we told you all for TWO YEARS NOW. Do nothing and say – I wish I had listened – or act and be safe ( er ).

Keep reading as this crystal ball news site is not messing around with the TRUTH.

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Criminal Nancy Pelosi prematurely aging as you watch and older by far Criminal Diane Feinstein rulers over the worst city economics on earth – SAN FRANCISCO ( I lever 32 years ago from the socialism these two lead ) – attempt to throw sand into the Giants eyes to distract them ( THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE OF THE UNITED STATES COMING AFTER THESE CO CONSPIRATORS AND THEY KNOW THAT TO BE TRUE IN FACT ) and as they can cloud credibility upon Attorney General Barr ( a fine man of integrity and expertise )  unlike the AGING DUO’s sham Mueller disaster ( for both of them and Mueller ) following real felony evidence into indictment of real crimes.

Criminals Nancy Pelosi and Diane FInkle Stein will have no powers left when they run totally out of sand to throw much like rice at a wedding. It reminds me as they throw the sand of the theme song Bar is playing around Washington loudly from MC HAMMER


can’t touch that… can’t touch that ….( for those who remember )

Throw your sand Ladies and ask not from whom this bell of justice is tolling….for my prematurely aging San Franciscans….this bell….why it tolls only and precisely…..for thee and for thee along. You can’t touch this !

Berny Dohrmann – With my opinion as to what IS going on this weekend OUT there…and it is not what it seems at all……