Our sources tell us and we can’t know if it is all accurate – that:

  1. Nancy and her teams have criminally directed since 2016 the FBI the CIA and DOJ personnel to accomodate a coordinate political attack on Donald Trump.
  2. The criminal political direction of State agencies for political gain elevated in scope and players now turning state evidence and making their own deals left and right – with files – recordings – all the evidence to make a prosecutor belly laugh – after Comey was fired.
  3. Those who committed political crimes are facing indictments no fooling around.
  4. Barr the US ATTORNEY GENERAL is working on two missions: clean up the FBI CIA AND DOJ and second assure this criminal activity in government agencies will never not ever happen again in America. It is an enormous process.
  5. The press mis states the report. The Author of the Report released this week in live testimony stated how horrific the abuse of the FBI the DOJ and CIA has been in a coordinated necklace of state crimes by our own leader. The Attorney General office has high confidence indictments are forth coming.

These are real crimes.

These are horrific crimes against the America we all treasure and rely upon.

Cleaning up this on going criminal night mare may well have Nancy Pelosi facing life in prison. Facing such consequence for she and her people the entire criminal tribe is burning midnight oil one crime after another to contaminate the indictments as political revenge when it is not. Our DC sources suggest the web is growing for Nancy’s team Diane’s team and Staff who conspired with agencies of nations and their complicity in these MAJOR CRIMES OF STATE.

We told you in 2016 that Nancy Pelosi would indict Donald Trump. Again in 2017. Again in 2018. Right again.

We told you Nancy would answer for the most brazen crimes in high office in 400 years hands down. Right again. Wait for it…..


The criminals can not find a way OUT.

Impeachment is a distraction ( we told you Nancy wants all the peaches in impeachment )

What you hear and read is the rip tide between the water of truth at high tide rising.

Nothing can hold back the high tide of the Truth.

Especially criminal life sentence coming up next for Nancy Pelosi.

No one deserves the CONSEQUENE FOR CRIMES more than Nancy Diane and their staff’s.

Wait for it.

Right again.


Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a light house of simple truth while LIVE AT CEO SPACE watching out for ya all world wide

PS: The economics are going up as we said and oil is going down as we said – and Armaco is a fraud which will in the end lose so much money for Gulf Nations the breach with Saudi and King MBS will become permanent. OPEC is never going to cut like it stated. RIGHT AGAIN. The economy of the world drowning in oil demand is drying up for at bone marrow – is forever. Better without oil.