Nancy and Diane never have good hair days due to premature aging one see’s from 2016 to today from the criminal stress loading of the duets criminal pending charges……you can see it in the hair ….compare.



In carefully staged PRIME TIME POLITICAL THEATER preparing to return to San Francisco California – for the Congress Christmas Holiday Break – where not a creature will be stirring until Mid January in DC – Nancy tried to turn Trumps Holiday LIGHTS OUT as her last order of business out the door to her Frisco Holiday by the bay.

She left the WE MOVE INTO IMPEACHMENT aspect of her HOLIDAY SOUND BITE TO THE TRUMP FAMILY – to the media to stir the Trump Pot to a boil.

Smiling she left the Podium.

When a journalist called out over the Press Crowd – DO YOU HATE DONALD TRUMP ? Hate was loud in the sentence.

Nancy Does not Hate anybody – she told us all that !


First with SPIT virtually flying from her mouth – no smiles now – Nancy explains – why she does not hate anyone. She was raised a Catholic in San Francisco. Hey me too Nancy. You know what. Our tribe so hated Woman in the inquisition we slaughtered a ton of woman as witches. I’m just saying – that is your answer?

Nancy is like the spokes of her own GIANT WAGON WHEEL coordinating over 62 individual investigations – orders to produce information – and in session investigations with ENDLESS witness calls from the White House Teams, an expression of HATRED & DISRESPECT the new political theory horse Nancy Pelosi rides until she falls off her horse – the new Nancy Pelosi political theater of HATRED AND DISRESPECT. 62 separate distractions to the Office of the President of the United States a first in Presidential History and politics. Does Nancy HATE TRUMP? How many times has she stormed out of a Trump Meeting failing to even listen? NO HALF WAY anything. Impeach and remove. H&R Politics in extreme under Nancy’s fine hand. For 60 years the Congress has never left DC without a military security in the budget. Today the almost 1 trillion US MILITARY BUDGET is stalled and for the first time in six decades Congress may go home to play time in the Holiday leaving the US BUDGET ITSELF and the US MILITARY in limbo. The would return in IMPEACHMENT MADNESS ( This weekend before Christmas Holiday Break ) Nancy is directing her PURE ABSOLUTE HATRED OF TRUMP – into the actual articles of Impeachment. Because you are immune when indicting you can pretty much say anything. Trump is BI – Trump is GAY – TRUMP is fighting Aides – Trump is going to Prison – and more and all and everything imaginable. So the hatred will come out in the ELECTION DOCUMENT called IMPEACHMENT. Nancy’s gamble to take the White House for her own party at any and all costs. Including law breaking.

Most of all Nancy hates she is under criminal investigation by Attorney General BARR. The Criminal charges pending against Nancy Pelosi are real and serious. Nancy’s crimes are well documented. Will Nancy be taken from her office in HANDCUFF”s as that scene is playing over and over in her mind. Nancy Pelosi is racing ( in our opinion ) to POLITICAL POSITION TRUMP to be attacking her criminally for political reasons. Well HELL YEAH !. Nancy you see broke the one red line you never cross in Politics. You do not go after the children of your enemy – its a hard rule. When Nancy showing only HATRED AND DISRESPECT which was new to Washington a formal policy of H&R POLITICS Nancy and Diane put together in San Francisco – and executed in DC – the criminal train is unstoppable Nancy Pelosi. I bet you HATE THAT? Being charged with real crimes and going to prison and losing your office? I bet you HATE THAT and HATE TRUMP FOR THAT CONSEQUENCE to your going after his children endlessly from 2016 into 2020 and his precious wife directly. Trump is not capable of forgetting THAT FAMILY ATTACK PLAN Nancy Pelosi and Trump will NOT STOP until you are properly repaid for your Hatred and Disrespect. I should think that sums up Nancy when the reporter cried out as she was leaving the ROOM – DO YOU HATE DONALD TRUMP? The rest is Nancy history as she utterly lost it on camera. The prematurely aging ( from criminal stress loading ) and the pure HATRED was clear – everyone could SEE IT – we all SAW IT. HATRED. Pure unconntrolled HATRED for Donald Trump at ever level of the word HATE is driving Nancy Pelosi Catholic girl using the Church as her defense. OH REALLY ? How about your FACE. How about YOUR WORDS.


  • Weekend HATRED IMPEACHMENT ARTICLES under draft now top secret Democrat work with Nancy the HATER
  • No budget for the USA
  • NO defense allocation to fund US defense
  • No immigration bill to resolve the horror for over ten million at Christmas
  • No infrastructure as our highways and damns fall – no wall money on our border crises – no bill from Nancy’s congress 4 years
  • No Entitlement fix as entitlements go into red ink unfixed by Nancy’s congress.
  • No Nancy’s congress before Christmas break passed no essential USA legislation outside legalizing POT
  • Nancy is making sure working congress over time Donald Trump ( whom Nancy Pelosi Absolutely HATES ) will have for his family Holiday the nastiest Impeachment document ever. Going home with Nancy’s High Heal up Donald Trumps back side singing Holiday Hymns in San Francisco Holiday Parties with her rich and famous Liberals.
  • AOC raised almost 2 million last quarter and more than Schiff and Pelosi raised – the far left girl gets the war chest and power and she HATES Donald Trump and has mover her party toward the SQUAD not away from the SQUAD. The Democratic Party is now a left socialist policy party under influence and soon control of THE SQUARD. Who knew.

Then with SPIT and breadth never regained – Nancy goes on the state ( not HATING Trump having been so clear on that ) Nancy told the world press:


  1. Donald Trump is a coward – not really explained but we assume for not resigning his office as Nancy asked him to do for her.
  2. Donald Trump is cruel – on the illegal immigration laws as President he must enforce and Nancy has refused to update Immigration laws to relieve the suffering – which now in HATRED she blames on Trump which has nothing to do with Trump
  3. She said he was mean
  4. She said he was ignorant
  5. She said he was mentally ill and in dellussion and denials

I was trying to consider what would Nancy Pelosi has SAID……you know if she actually HATED Donald Trump?

She has said for your weekend – this Holiday: In Her PURE HATRED OF DONALD TRUMP – UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL:

  1. That Donald Trump is the most potent threat to the American revolution and Union – that our democracy is threatened by Donald Trump? Why? Because Nancy Pelosi Hatred says SO that is her WHY.
  2. Friday she repeated that civilization in the world is directly THREATENED BY DONALD TRUMP. That civilization would break down because of HATRED for the person in her own little mind.
  3. Nancy  has said in her pure HATRED that Donald Trumps impeachable offense is WAY WAY WORSE THAN RICHARD NIXONS.
  4. Nancy has said Donald Trump is mentally ill and is no longer competent to hold office. Now disagreement with Nancy is a mental illness?
  5. Nancy has stated the most grievous possible pattern of illegal activity in office ( no evidence just layered FAKE NEWS ) creates an urgent need to REMOVE THE CRIMINAL IN CHEIF from his office. Now that IS Hatred to me – and a pattern pre 2016 we wrote and predicted would occur. We even predicted Nancy would attack Donald Trumps family and that would trigger NO MERCY as consequence. Imagine it was your sons your son in laws your daughter and your wife. Imagine that hatred coming into the press – trashing your brand – trashing you – trashing your family to the bone marrow. Imagine it a bit if you yourself HATE TRUMP. If you hate Trump beyond all logic focus support for the SQUAD the haters in chief and rally behind the left agenda. The majority in America will win…we all have to wait and see is all.

Nancy – I was raised a Catholic and we are taught not to hate anyone?

Ah i’m Catholic Nancy. I was raised in Catholic parochial nursery schools into High Schools. Ah we were not taught NOT to hate Nancy. I learned that from thought leaders – alive and gone and practiced it to work on it and remove hatred from my own mind. Lots of Catholics like in any faith are haters. YOU NANCY said  – I’m Catholic so I don’t hate anyone ( a lie you have to go to confession on baby girl and gargle with holy water for your penance I suspect ) as the next words out of your mouth included all the HATRED AND MUCH MORE than we have reported here and girl – that was just before your Christmas break. You’ll be at your parties receiving your tribe of haters praise for the impossibly mean and vicious timing to send your HATE TO THE TRUMPS to spoil their own holiday and Christmas. You just had to get that shit of yours all shoveled into the TRUMP Barn for their HOLIDAYS so they could feel REAL HATE – read real HATE – experience REAL CRUELTY AND UNBRIDLED HATREDS – in how you Nancy gift wrapped your hatred almost 80 years old Lady Leader – at the end of your days and powers – hating right to the very end in every fiber of your being – HATRED and DISRESPECT – DARKNESS. I see Nancy as a giant DARK HOLE in which no light or illumination can ever escape. Congress has failed to pass critical required legislation opting to conduct itself as an election machine to derail Donald Trump. Haters in charge.  Every Olive branch stumped upon. This Holiday just SEE THE 2019 STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS – google it. Watch it. Proof. Look at Nancy’s eyes? In response to Trump trying to work with her tribe? Look at her keep her tribe seated. Look at her eyes. Look at her face. You tell me what YOU SEE? Hatred consumes you. You can SEE HATRED FOLKS you can absolutely see HATRED. Donald Trump does not hate Nancy in return. Donald Trump thinks Nancy Pelosi is a far side character joke – funny almost. Donald Trump see’s Nancy as a criminal trying to set up a stage she can walk – as his team holds criminal Pelosi accountable to answer for real crimes not POLITICAL THEATER. As they say on line……wait for it………..just wait for it……its all coming.

it always returns me to the one sacred truth……in life…..less than 600 Beltway FOLKS as I call them after 5 decades of working on the hill: which is: THE ONE SACRED TRUTH:

any open microphone will confirm this truth day to day……..


Nancy Pelosi absolutely – HATES – Donald Trump – that was clear as we go into the Holiday Congressional break. Nancy Pelosi stared directly at the American People and the world and told a billion of us she DID NOT HATE DONALD TRUMP and then she showed us her absolute hatred. NANCY PELOSI LIED !

NANCY PELOSI LIES: And I”m fifth generation San Franciscan from a family that helped create the community historic and legacy. My tribe of San Francisco builders is rolling over in their graves at the once # 1 City now last in education – transportation – sanitation – crime – homeless – rapes – rule of law – cost of living – cost of housing – with more moving out than moving in for all the reasons a city sinking in Nancy Pelosi DIANE Quicksand lead to in DEATH OF A GREAT CITY Pelosi Style. If you measure Nancy’s works they are the works of HATRED and the outcomes have created a model city for WHAT NOT TO DO AS A POLITICIAN. San Francisco will praise her and nurture her and the SQUAD into the far left Socialist State California – really not a proud part of the USA today . and its worst communist city – SAN FRANCISCO where socialism is destroyed what built the city – ENTREPRENEURS. The worst entrepreneur city on cost tax and every measurement – SAN FRANCISCO. Once the best in the 1960’s and now under DIANE AND PELOSI the worst of all cities in the USA for business. San Francisco in decline is the tail of two cities – its masses who can’t afford to live there at all in fact – and the elite wealthy who fail to understand the 50 years of down bubble and declines via negligence and bad laws protected by the SQUAD QUAD now including Pelosi at AOC lead Democratic Money raisers side – the side of leftist money and influence with power what they are HATING to delay obtaining – absolute power – the WHITE HOUSE 2020. THAT …is the deal the big deal of Nancy Pelosi lies.

Berny Dohrmann – Sorry for My San Francisco and its impossibly toxic leadership over decades – Integrity is the solution