I have a long 1997 to today history of explosive life threatening Pneumonias. 29 Attacks. 25 ICU stays. Like some old friend. Now let me introduce you to my conspiracy of Medical Physicians from CEO SPACE who BLEED AND LEAD and just love me. Together as a team my last ICU pneumonia was Dec Christmas to New Years 2016 – a first four year break in pathology – from some 20 plus years. Thank you my hero DOCTORS.

Dr. Donny Epstien ( ) – Donny was on zoom for two hours my first instant home. When there is no hope. When there is no cure. When there is zero. When only a MIRACLE only that is option. The world of billionaires millionaires Tony and myself for decades have # Miracle healer at our top. What took place with Donny when i arrived home this week was MY MIRACLE. Our home was healed. Son healed. But has to have TWO ( it will be until July in Florida ) negative tests ( tests you can’t get even work related in Florida ) – to by state law return to work in Florida. Now keep in mind ten days in Florida in May was 10,000 new infections. Ten days in June in Florida is 100,000 new infections. Consider this is summer when flu disappears now down over 50% in 72 hours while C virus is exponentially exploding world wide – no control no containment – and this is not peak – peak is FALL into the WINTER that is coming as we reach winter my global chart published Feb 7th states we pass 100 million infected world wide. That will PEAK to a billion. Now we have something to hold failed leadership at nation state and agency accountable for. SUPER CHANGE IS COMING as we all vote. Donny Epstein for inside leadership – Tony and I study and mentor with – you will all see September and both are enrolled and fully in the ULTIMATE INSIDE LEADERSHIP TRANSFORMATION that is the EPIENERGETICS PROGRAM years in development released just this year with 1000’s of WHO IS WHO all in together. CEO SPACE for inside leadership development click and check out MORE if you want MORE. My MORE is with Donny. When a life must be saved the A team is the A team, Donny is the MIRACLE for the A team. DONNY = MIRACLES. Cross mentoring almost forty years now joined at the hip in cultural conscious transformation from insane competition to sanity of cooperation universal law and collaboration. Tony Donny Myself – we are changing nations and THE WORLD as the world IS WAKING UP. Thank you again and again for my miracle this week Donny – I love being the miracle while you teach me it is impossible if you can not RECEIVE your OWN. Lesson well learned you saw those tears fall.

Dr. Valerie Donaldson – my life or death life saver – my historic physician Pittsburgh Information. When every other option fails Valerie saves lives that are not savable. She is buds with PEAKS OF HEALTH and can be reached in PITTSBURGH INFORMATION. She was head of Trauma for years at PITTSBURGH RESEARCH. HOSPITAL she is my DR. GRAY and I trust HER with MY LIFE and so does September. The CEO SPACE Miracles she has performed are legend in our world.

Lead: My Pulmonologist Internist Sleep Apnea Physician ranked # 1 Doctor in Florida in 2018 by his peers and the State Medical Board Dr. Rey Linares. You can find and order his SUPER WATER ( 3 x the oxygen suspended in the water ) at – it is all we drink and it is miracle water folks.

Peaks Of Health Largo Florida ( if you print page ) – leading anti aging and preventative diagnosing and curing facility caring for me and you can see in any photo how well they do with us. CEO SPACE folks come world wide to PEAKS OF HEALTH – many doctor RN huge clinic global operation. Founder Dr. Tracy is my personal.

Dr. Maria Nagel head of department and research at # 1 ranked DEVER MED RESEARCH. Her protocols on the Hn-1 Fever blister virus that infects almost 90% of populations she calls THE MASTER VIRUS from her research showed, that item created the explosive pneumonias. Also she will publish on its impact to stroke heart attack and cancer spread. I was one of the last patients she took on before she rose to head of department. Her valacyclovir 875 three times a day ( mega does ) have created zero ICU lung issues since I did it HER WAY. I think she should be on the C team at the top because she tells the truth and has no capacity to tell a lie. I cherish her and her work ( and her husband an investment banker like me ).

Dr. Fuzz – My cardiologist in New Port Beach. The Docs Doc. Again the miracles and lives saved by Dr. Fuzz – we are dear buds, all CEO SPACE ( he is founding Platinum ) – is a necklace of MIRACLES and lives saved some my most important leader at the top CEO”s. He operates a no insurance practice on retainer. He has a multi million dollar three point MRI which in less than 30 minutes while you nap, you go and see four color video he sends your phone with FULL AI on your heart – and all required remedies included. No leader should fail every five years to invest in life first. MY choice for my HEART – Dr. Fuzz.


Dr. Jerry Thornthwaite – Nashville – Now his resume is the top. NIH research – CIA bio weapons and a leading C level player today. He has cured Malaria ( the # 1 killer of humans ) and is seeking JV partners to get the low cost natural solution out to the world, as the trails and field tests are done outside USA in Haiti over a decade and AFRICA. Includes the new strains with no treatment but his and is a parasite remover from your bodies. BREAK THROUGH MEDICINE.


I believe diagnosing is a GIFT like an art plus experience and training as in all great art. I have seen myself some 50% of diagnosing is wrong. This team is NEVER WRONG. They are MY A TEAM when LIFE has zero tolerance for errors. If your loved one needs a second opinion on anything you might print book mark or retain the A team here. They are well – superior and tested to highest proof in integrity ethics and they all have fatal flaws. THEY CARE ABOUT THEIR PATIENTS DEEPLY AND TRULY.





So the Dohrmann family went to bed Weds night last week Weds the 17th. Felt great. Son Daniel leading in car sales in Tampa’s largest dealer – who never gets sick – had a head cold cough and 101 fever isolating in his room. At 1.00 AM i had some itching. By Am I was head to toe in soars welts blisters hives no skin reliquidfies. Face was distorting rapidly. Lips huge. Tongue swelling blocking airway. Explosive. I don’t have a clue on this. September petal to metal to ER. ER hand scans me and moves me with one look at the tongue – to ER sedation – intubation tube etc. So in 30 minutes in – I’m out for days with tube in to breath. They went panic when the shots to reduce swelling did not work – and they had minutes to intubate or cut invasive air way in my speaker throat. For two days I kept waking up ( I don’t like being sedated smile ) and I kept violenting ( tied to the bed like a prisoner ) pitching and seeking to cough out the tube. September getting reports at home things were not going well at all was in tears and shaking into the night and caring for ill Son. Who Tuesday as i return home – from a week prior test – returned he was POSITIVE for C virus. Further five tested positive at the dealership but he did not know that before. He is well on Tuesday and recovered. September has done the mask bleach ozoned the house and more – we are well into when we should have it – and we don’t – we will try and test Monday but it is not anything like Trump tells you. Testing is impossible. All slot times are booked. Weeks out. I mean to explain it takes too long. If you get an appointment you arrive say at 7 AM in your slot. You may in fact get tested by 5PM sitting in the Florida sun in your car = afraid to leave and lose your SLOT TIME. It takes a long time to get a slot time. EVERYONE WHO WISHES TO BE TESTED CAN BE is a lie. Our system failed and is broken terribly. We all know that. Todays news is about the scam of C virus still being media hoaxed. That is a lie. C VIRUS is the most serious human pandemic in modern times and is in the early stage yet. We told you opening early was a HUGE ERROR in March. Florida opening early as a TRUMP RED STATE Gov. – has seen daily infections explode in the first three weeks with 1000 new cases a day in May and now few weeks later rising over 10,000 patients each day by Monday is the projection as state after state is now ( RIGHT AGAIN ) in error on lives – and rolling back clamp downs.






So Monday at 1.00 AM they come in wake me up in ICU and say they want to move me. At the time as Dr. Rey was in NEW YORK flying back to heal me – but calling in – the hospital team ( not my A team as it was too fast to tell them ) – decided my condition was a reaction to losartan my blood pressure med of ten years or so. So they took me off that. My blood pressure came in a 187/135 ( in ICU ) not good. The new med made me feel awful. To counter the effects of their opinion with no evidence it was losartan  they while I’m out really used 28 drugs to counter the one drug.

As Dr. Linares returned he got with the A team and they agreed 100% hospital wrong – not Losartan. It was a reaction to an antibiotic I had taken for years but now have allergic reaction to. Rey put me back on Losartan – blood pressure 120/69. Normal. That was after i got out.

So back to the 1 AM in ICU wake up. They pack me up in wheel chair me to double room on 4th Floor. There are two wings on Floor 4 of Mease Hospital – East and West. The East Wing is the C virus ward now admitting more patients then they release. NO rooms. I was put in a room, with a broken bath room double bed to strap downed older RHINO snoring gentlemen from ICU care. Now keep in mind this is HOT ZONE FLORIDA and the Meese Folks are ARK ANGELS. They are working double shifts and they are over stressed and themselves in total loss of loved staff as they are front line dying here. THERE ARE HEROS ALL. I love MEESE HOSPITAL and I’ve been hospital around.

So knowing I could not heal in my new environment and a big AND. I have a C patient son at home healing with C virus. The West and East Wards where i was are well. I am thinking on 28 meds and all that – I’m on the HOT ZONE C WARD AND THE AIR MOVING THE VIRUS DOES NOT KNOW ITS IN EAST OR WEST HALLWAY I SUSPECT.


They explained you can’t leave from ICU to home care. I have a LOOK. Real CEO”s can bring it on. I said one word. WATCH! They did not say anything as they all well know my case – they gave me the DEATH FORM I sign it is all on me – and 15 minutes later I was in my own room. Went off almost everything.

That was Tuesday AM.

Friday I had a cocktail of Massive IV does of Vitamin C D Silver and zinc – which is demonstrating violent C virus form never expresses even in higher riskers. The A team said do it and I did it. Saturday i feel myself again. Meds for rash now once every ten hours versus two – and soon gone. No real anything now and feel like 100%. Well maybe a little tied and my chest and voice have to heal from the tube intubation stress loads.


The lesson here, is when it is life or death for real ( as it was once again for me ) YOU MUST ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF. I refused meds – like blood thinners – and one if used with opioids is FATAL….as the nurse said is your right. i can’t share how some of my staff protect me as it is because we are buds. High Five my choices.

There are lots of little stories – like failing to get IV’s in etc etc – but it is what it is. None of it has any merit. Gods plan for your life is so much more vast and perfect than your plan could ever be – mine too. That is my only lesson. FAITH wins. Prayer wins. With an entire CEO SPACE WORLD praying for me in 200 nations from head of state to church groups to well I’m a mini Tony Robbins ( who also prayed for me ) and we are both blessed so richly by our communities. CEO SPACE and Tony Robbins communities overlap a lot in complimentary growth with almost 40 years of public service.

Rested Tuesday and got back on SUPER WATER. The 3 x oxygen in SUPER WATER was instant. I have no words to the energy return and no need for all those meds. Natural cleansing HEALING WATER – – tip any oncology work radiation chemo etc use SW to heal up and reduce all those toxic effects – truly a big asset. Again its all I drink out of hospital but I ran out. We think THAT was the big item.

To my small over worry team. My Bod is like 49 and my numbers all show it – everything is A OK and I’m younger than you think. Also with 25 ICU visits of ten days or so – overall – ICU is like a car wash. I know the menu. I push the buttons. I limit my time as I can.

Now you are reading a gratitude. For on line site. For the enormous TRIBE I serve from Press to Nation world wide I apologize for this personal. As a public figure many of you know so well there is no privacy. Also rumors abound. When you have any fame you can’t manage the social replies the emails etc as you are followed by just too large a family community. So this is a help.



Berny Dohrmann proud father having raised nine children including my adopted and step kids I adore – happily married to wifey September Dohrmann President Owner and CEO of CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL and Keynote Speaker Corporate Consultant as well – founder of CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL, and in 2020 THE BUSINESS ACCELERATION MARKET PLACE ( BAM ) the advanced programs for our CEO SPACE membership with ME in my legacy highest work of my life programs. I am grateful to Mark Hewitt and MIcro Cities as we move to transform communities of tomorrow. I celebrate Dr. Linares for his SUPER WATER unaffected soil air and water clean up for our environment – his break through in agriculture with 35% cost reduction 80% water use with SUPER WATER – and 25% to 35% per hector YEILD GAIN on lower cost. Food Security IS COMING TO THE WORLD a huge unicorn rising and CEO SPACE WIN.  I am grateful to and Dr. Nathan Hoe for his essential business owner application, free half month trail check it out – every business will be using this unicorn IT firm rising hot for venture capital folks. Another gratitude for PRIVACY HERO and LEO AND MER – bringing us a new level of generational VPN solutions – in work at home this new security will plug play to all devices you do nothing at all it is SO SMART in the 5G next – bleeding – a pure unicorn from a proven M&A winner already – again A CEO SPACE SUPER WIN yahoo LEO AND MER. Blink of Orlando your rocking their launch.


I am most grateful for my Roel Campos Hughes Hubbard and Reed Teams on SUPER BONDS ( search this site for SUPER BONDS ). As the Pandemic melts down income to nations – who must borrow debt they can in crashing income ever repay – defaults on national and state our civic municipal debt, cascade to bankrupt the systemics meaning banks. That is WHY the FED moved Friday to say – banks no more dividend pay outs – banks no more stock buy backs – banks prepare for a trillion dollar of year end loan default loss. Some you ( BIG GUYS ) will not survive that stress test. Did you miss that Fed panic? We predicted it. We had it up first.

Why? Roel and I are the FATHERS of SUPER BOND ECONOMIC THEORY. Super Bonds reset national finance and assure that no nation is ever again left behind. SUPER BONDS gives the world the one asset it truly needs most – MORE TIME. It has taken a long TIME to create the MESS we have right now. it will take LONGER than we all expect and cost FAR MORE than we now realize to work our way back out of all this systemic ABUSE of economics. I am grateful to the leaders of nations who are moving to step out of all crises, securing in one SUPER BOND a 100 year debt repayment freeing up countless current account dollars today, also to include forward in nation infrastructure and jobs programing in the same super bond. Super Bonds reliquidfies creditors. National credit ratings go up and borrowing cost go down. In 50% of nations today there is no model that can work out the debt service of the state – nor can the liquidity required in DOLLAR RESERVE CURRENCY be ( without Super Bonds ( adequate ) to grow more than half of the nations into full potential and prosperity.

The Master Plan for a protection of all sovereignty within a UNITED EARTH FEDERATION to govern global policy on markets – trade – law and defense such that the earth and our extinction no longer are in the hands of over 200 captains all steering in opposing directions into our self destruction. Can we trade competition for cooperation – for distrust and negotiation into integrity and no nation left behind in a self correcting ever upgrading our thinking new model. That appears for those who learn earn and return and wish to peak in tomorrow today – acquire

This book reads you as you read the book. Its outcome is a switched on turned on home space and an equally upgraded switched on turned on work space for leader readers who are seeking more.


I am grateful to help Phil Goldfine with his studio visions using my decades of entertainment expertise is a joy. Shout out for a great artist and including Greg Reid Producer of award winning WISH MAN ( get that movie in these times and days perfect for all my peeps in BLACK LIVES SO MATTER ) – family movie. Greg introduced PHIL and I all those years ago.

I am grateful to Florence Alexander for serving as her Chairman for the ORLANDO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and our contribution to the arts inside one of the great film capitols ORLANDO my home base 90 minutes from home. Thank you Dr. Alexander what an honor and to my Hollywood ( I know you treasure PRIVACY so I’m not name dropping ) but thanks for SUPPORTING THIS LEGACY FILM FESTIVAL. Sponsors pulling out of SOCIAL today in the BOYCOTT contribute in ORLANDO election hy year to the ORLANDO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL big eye ball globally for the ARTISTIC SUPPORT.

It is enough to say serving as I am fortunate to serve is a privilege in my legacy contribution years. My followers know I have created and launched the world COOPERATION MOVEMENT in the 1980’s. We first transformed performance with Fortune Institutions using cooperative versus competitive work space cultures. Today that MOVEMENT influences the FAANG and leading firms of the world. Now nations are moving to COOPERATIVE ORGANIZATIONAL THEORY and away from COMPETITIVE SYSTEMIC MODELING as so wasteful of latent unleashed outcomes. Just Look at my joy in ELRON MUSK RICHARD BRANSON AND JEFF BEZO resetting humanity from longevity to space to AI.

In summary I almost died. Again. It was close. I was calm and never saw anything but where I am now. Why. My gratitude in God’s granting me TIME to do service he commands of me is faith based and I can’t share all that with those who see reality as other than fully quantum – endless fields of the divinity we all are star seeds of.



Then I was grateful in this great breadth – on this miracle of a water planet – garden that is paradise if we fix her fluff her back up – I am so grateful for my STARS my community for YOU. I am so grateful to KNOW YOU. I am so grateful to share life with you. I am here now with you. No where else. I am beyond grateful for the one truth my fellows in this kind. of story all know so well – the one truth in life – when you can no longer breath in nothing else matters at all ……GOD THANK YOU FOR MY VERY BREADTH just THANK YOU.



Berny Dohrmann – Is reincarnation cat lives nine times nine and nine again – roll Dice God you always Win …I SURRENDER !


PS: Moving into our CEO SPACE NEXT LEADERSHIP SCALING PROGRAM AND LEADERSHIP CAPITAL MASTERY details at – at home into July with half 2020 gone now – we are upgrading prosperity planning for our leaders in Pandemic – at home all healthy – no symptoms coughs no fevers – now again Donny Epstein Miracles are the stuff of films we’ll be making along with the TONY ROBBINS STORY block busters all to yet come – one next breath in at a time. For those this was worth a read – thank you for your prayers support and love and most community thank you. For those that not need to read this I apologize very rare from 1980’s to today for me – but the incoming errors ( like I died and I think worse ) began to need address to the fake news spiral we with a tiny fame attract which as you know I label for us all as only…..




Sorry as leader reader do not NEED more OF THAT ! In my community – spread the blog word has the update.  Truth versus lies is our brand promise on WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE ….SUPER CHANGE IS HERE ………