I have served in the Middle East for fifty years now. Most of those years have been as a master student by the great elders, now with Allah those great thought leaders who took time to instruct me. I aged with their wisdom and their blessings.

As my subscribers in 200 nations well know – I teach economically. I never am political but it may seem like that. Many items in politics are engaged under “follow the money”. We track those processes and make them all come into the light for you with data.


MBS is such a loser for Saudi Arabia.. First from the get go MBS is a psychopathic insane brain. Today insane brains can not be allowed to have power.

MBS destabilized the Middle East and lost his chess game, from 2014 to 2018 with these four to the door failed policies:

  1. MBS declared full on OPEC war on American Shale production saying in his 28 hormomone youth – that – OPEC ( MBS FAILED OIL POLICY PLAN ) WILL DESTROY AMERICAN SHALE OIL PRODUCTION FOREVER. MBS cost OPEC trillions in lost revenues and lost market share. Threatening America Saudi created the advance that moved oil from 120 a barrel to the 37 dollar level for oil an 80% price drop. America ON THE OIL WARS and became the largest oil producer in the world by 2018. MBS now lost control of oil pricing on his watch – his loss of OPEC OIL PRICE CONTROL is the largest wealth shift in 70 years. The loser SAUDI has lost OPEC prestige, standing, credibility and so many having lost so much on the MBS chess board are more than pissed off. What unites OPEC behind the chess game is a unanimous hatred of MBS today. Its unanimous behind the politics GULF WIDE.
  2. MBS cost Saudi more prestige and power regionally in the MBS Proxy war with IRAN. MBS has labored to steer America into a war with IRAN because MBS wants that war. Saudi has lost untold wealth in LOOSING Wars in Yemen and regional neighbors. MBS has as a sociopathic brain used American weapons to bomb children schools housing non combatants where only SYRIA exceeds MBS WAR CRIMES AND CRIMES AGINST HUMANITY still rising up ahead of MBS and depreciating SAUDI influence. In the PROXY WAR Iran won, Saudi lost and Iran is making peace not Saudi and the Gulf all know this in fact. Iran powers and the truth from the lies about Iran are rising and Iran is the Gulf Winner today.
  3. Iran winning out front has depreciated USA influence and elevated China and Russia influence in the Gulf today. Knowing the permeant damage that MBS has created Russia and China are posturing to depreciate America in the region further while America stands by the sociopathic MBS insane brain as if our values as a nation no longer matter at all. This is not the way to run a railroad. MBS is a loser. Those associating with MBS are losers as well.
  4. MBS Slaughters journalist Khashoggi as if rule of law across nation borders has no cost or consequence to MBS in any way. WRONG AGAIN. The cover up was a circus only an truly insane brain could chess game forward upon. All MBS valuable allies are smiling as they back up from MBS. A trillion dollars in investment capital flows our of Saudi have now cost Saudi as a people trillions of dollars in time lost potential and standing to capital markets. Nothing returns to normal while MBS remains KING. The world is shifting away from SAUDI in every respect until they as a people truly clear on the policy errors and failures and cost, rise up to restate their values and replace MBS as KING. When last week all the kings men and all the kings horses tried to put Humpty Dumpty ( the King who is ridiculous in the world today a joke to everyone ) failed and stated MBS IS HERE TO STAY- you can place winning bets MBS is going to suffer consequence to the greatest cost to GULF STABILITY in 70 years of history. Nothing has wrecked SAUDI policy – prestige – wealth – options – standing – leadership – and put the entire nation on suspicion they back a leader who ordered Khashoggi killing.
  5. Turkey – MBS backed the coup in Turkey and then tried to blame the USA. The idea MBS is a friend of the USA is silly given the facts. Turkey knows from the confessions of coup leaders that MBS is the again failed strategist in these regional wars. MBS hoped to improve Saudi advantage with new Turkey leadership constraining IRAN. Iran is furious with MBS and amazed America is engage in proxy wars with their nation based on MBS Fake News on Iran – all failed policy. Iran won. Turkey won. MBS has lost in every single undertaking in four years growing loss to Saudi in real revenue of two trillion and in lost future investment of three trillion. Passing 5 trillion of MBS economic loss to Gulf Nations and Saudi the region is unstable today. Because of MBS and that instability is growing.



MBS enemies attacked our markets in October digitally. The digital weapons sold assets for those nations attacking making them a net profit over sanctions to China North Korea China and Iran to name a few and of course the leader RUSSIA. This influence on our election worked, as our TRUMP ECONOMY appeared to crack ( expressed by World War III economic  AI weapons on our market Рperfected since their beta attack in 2007. Read Kevin FREEMAN DOD contractors THE SECRET WEAPON from Amazon this holiday to upgrade your information on what is really going on out there.

Trump is weakened moving forward which is directly a cost to MBS association with a mad man a psychopathic brain an insane brain. America is weakened in the most costly way. Our American GULF POLICY is now at complete RISK because of MBS.

The Sand family and the Faud family are in King making powers. A family tribal process unfolds when the KING Dies. Will MBS be the new King. How could that matter as so many in the civil war dividing SAUDI into factions as never before unfolds where so many wish to kill MBS for what he has cost them and the nation. America allies are now seriously linking MBS FAILED POLICIES as destroying OPEC in all but its name – as its influence on price is shattered now forever. MBS wants to cut back oil. That worked last time. It has no hope of working this time. OIL has moved from elite monopoly cartel supply control ( OPEC ) to oceans of non OPEC oil all due to failed MBS Oil Policy. Over five trillion dollars is the cost still rising to GULF NATIONS from MBA failures. Who respects a loser of this magnitude.

Then MBS Slaughters Khashoggi. Then in child like style MBS creates a cover up candle that is rocking the entire world. MBS’s one move ( if the psychopathic insane brain was not a damaged item – was to immediately visit Turkey – take full responsibility – apologize – and return those who did the crimes to TURKEY. He could have gotten away with yet another murder. He believes he is above consequence and secure. He is in fact a dead man walking as history will show us all. Khashoggi is still alive and working on this as no prior posting could or would. Allah is in charge. Allah is not amused. Allah decrees from my Koran studies that Muslims must STOP KILLING MUSLIMS. Allah does not care about the differences of Muslim worship sects at all. Allah cares about what is the same about worship for all people of the book.

I can recall in the Sand Castle to kings ago a late into the night discussion. I told the attending Mullahs, where did I stand. I was a student of the book ( by bible ) . I worship my prophet Jesus. I Fast. I pray daily. I did my pilgrimage and walked my masters walk on the Villa DeRosa in Israel. What is my future.

There was quiet and then discussion in Arabic. The leading elder Mullah bent over putting his tea down, and stated, with his wizened smile – ” it is our conclusion you are muslim son and you will be with us all in heaven”. That night we discussed the Allah universal creed that immortal souls must celebrate how we all worship and stop punishing differences of worship pathologies as they do not matter too Allah. Allah delights that we all surrender and worship the maker of all. The Mullah’s that night agreed Muslim’s must cease killing Muslims. They also agreed that there was no master race and there is no master faith. The tapestry of worship is personal and inclusive. WE all do the important stuff about the same in fact. I still believe Muslims must stop killing Muslims. For a stability long term in the Gulf Nations.

Saudi and MBS continue to hold cards with the two holy Shrines of the Muslim Faith located in Saudi Arabia. This “power’ remains of influence. However restrictions to IRAN and others visiting Mecca have caused more rift across the GULF since MBS came to power. Another utterly failed policy is to be custodian of faith for 1.2 billion Muslims, across the world and Gulf and to in any way make political FAITH. That has created a fervor of insatiability across the Gulf world – again from MBS failed policy. 100% failures and they just keep coming.

In Chess you can castle your King. Once in the game. When the King is in check you can shit positions under certain conditions of the Chess game and only inside those conditions between your game castle and your in danger Checked King. Will Saudi Arabia remove King MBS and disappear the King or will they CASTLE THEIR KING. Move him to diminished roles where MBS becomes a supporter ( that no one will in fact trust ever again in this lifetime under chain of command ) which is regional and political high ground.

Today the chess board is active. Players from IRAN Russia and China are seeking to diminish American Gulf influence moving forward and raise their own. Game on.


So we have say a Yemen missile hit an Iran shopping mall with mass casualties. MBS will elevate that incident to underscore the weapon causing the damage was made in Iran. Iran is a supplier like the US like Russia like Korea and China and France and the UK. MBS may seek a direct response to bomb Iran. MBS would seek assurance as Saudi Arabia can not in a real war with IRAN and Iran could take over Iraq and Saudi in less than a month. They may.

What will the USA do? War with Iran is a Marco Polo card for Russia and China. While they profit from such a war massively as suppliers the USA may go bankrupt in such a fight. Death tolls would be like nothing known since World War II. Iran has massive munitions and weapon systems and is buying the latest gear from Russia now. Their 1 million man standing army rivals China and is no cake walk for the US in any context.

Let us pretend Iran is a wild card. Markets are reeling from risk in all this all from MBS.


Trump is good at chess. ONE UP AND TWO OVER. He sacrifices. He plays hard ball. He plays for keeps. Does anyone believe Trump and his brain trust are not at the penthouse mentally given MBS failed policy record and cost to the Gulf and Saudi Arabia? Do you think MBS engaged in a full on civil war in Saudi and in all Gulf allies now backing up from Saudi, challenged at ever level, can stay ahead of Trump? Of America? I doubt that so very much.

Will Trump punish MBS by dumping a third of no longer needed strategic oil reserves – billions of barrels – to further influence price of oil outside of OPEC. This creates deal making that Gulf Nations will seek with America after such a chess move. I think it is likely.

Will Trump punish MBS by meeting with IRAN and forging a truly lasting peace deal for the entire Gulf further isolating Saudi now diminished in power influence and prestige as no time in modern history. Saudi is awash in RED INK borrowing to survive. SAUDI can not execute any of MBS plans. Why? The crash in oil – 30% down to 50 dollar range in only SIX SHORT WEEKS since MBS Murdered Khashoggi. Is any Saudi economist tracking the MBS COST to the nation – anyone? I think yes. Fuel of the civil war in the Sand Castle going on Saudi style right now.

Will Trump seize the moment and reset GULF STABILITY as a purely AMERICAN AGENDA and punish MBS without doing anything directly to MBS?

I think it is all very likely. And more to complex to report here.

MBS is surrounded by QUEENS and BISHOPS inside and outside SAUDI. His check mate is a fact.

Game over.

Keep this context in your thinking as GULF INSTABILITY effects markets globally. Finally did you know when prices fell MBS ordered US SHIPMENTS OF CONTRACTED OIL to stop cutting supplies to the USA. Our friend MBS? Oh really. America easily made up the short fall and will not return to market share buying from SAUDI anytime soon. America has long memories. Trump is ferocious on such details. Attack AMERICA again? MBS policy failed again and the only signal sent is HOW MUCH MARKET SHARE DO GULF NATIONS WISH TO LOSE FOREVER? So far it is trillions. Saudi is in economic crises. MBS has no clue how to manage forward. Personally I do have a clue but I reserve the right to support the future KING and the PEOPLE of Saudi once they are free from this madness.

So MBS has vaporized friendship and allies and all the weapon buying can’t change that. Weapons to secure the people of SAUDI is good for its people – those making such choices want only the best and America leads in the best of the best so we win that business. By quality. It is not going anywhere because MBS can’t act out now with pressures in the civil war.

The war is moving from politics to economics. The KINGDOM is in great distress. MBS arresting royals and shaking them down like Al Capone – another sociopathic move – where even that 100 billion is totally consumed and gone today. SAUDI is in red ink juggling and has fiscal crises now. All due to MBS.

Eventually costing 5 trillion to the region is an economic blood bath one man can not shed responsibility for. The CONSEQUENCE in SAUDI TRADITION is coming. Trust that.

Trust what is real and do not trust the fake news MBS puts out spending precious dollars for his own PR by untold tens of millions world wide.

Finally the Khashoggi murder is far from done It is just. month. Investigations will be on going or YEARS. The world intelligence agencies are united from hard evidence, led by the CIA ( MBS ridiculed last week ), conclude MBS knew and ordered the CRIME AGAINST ALL HUMANITY of the foreign slaughter of journalist from the US WASHINGTON POST in Turkey as if rule of law has no standing for the Puppy King – an insane brain. Saudi has big problems most of them dollars and sense.

My discussions with leaders across the Gulf last week were candid and insightful. Everyone has the same conclusion as to the facts I set forth here from real research. Real data.

Eventually the tally will become too great for Saudi and its people.

Then MBS will know CHECK MATE and game over.

Berny Dohrmann – What is really going on in the Gulf arena today.