What Have you been reading that you failed to retain?

First – I reported to you all – THAT – the big Super money is on vacation – is NOT playing and that all hell would break loose when they return this fall and to possibly DUCK in October. You remember my call that at base camp in the boom on Mount Everest get out of the SNOW move to diversified ( cash ) insurance guaranteed high investment strategy and move out of equities and bonds and global stocks. No one is listening but you just watch.

Second – I told you all the market would move around like a drunken sailor from stability and record highs to up downs and volatility with instability being the NEW NORMAL. You all recall THAT right?

Third – I told you the volume you would off. This week IS the SLOWEST VOLUME in your market place world wide since DECEMBER CHRISTMAS WEEK – are you getting THAT ?

With this in mind have a relaxing last of the summer Weekend world wide. ENJOY. Next week the SUPER MONEY is back and it will begin to be well NEW and the fear factor will move all over the place. The Market is all on Apple now and September 12th. I told you to buy Apple. During the crash two weeks back I bought Apple and told YOU I bought Apple. I don’t know if you DO what I DO but you know over 30 years the proof is in your own pudding folks and mine too. I’ll be wrong. When is the question. Research is my money perch. You? Following the waves? I watch the wind that creates the waves for you.

Now then Dallas. It reminds me of CNN reporting Cohn left the White House which was a press LIE. Today a friend was walking the PM streets of Damascus. They were showing me oceans of young people on the streets with shops and no soldiers no security just US out for a great evening. It looked like London New York San Francisco or Paris. It was happy and free and everyone proud and having a great city and a great time. As they walked they said – as you can see the PRESS JUST LIES about SYRIA its all LIES.

Seeing IS believing of course.


You can see the truth in the faces of the Syrian People versus the SPIN of world agenda press.

Who pays for the Press? The War Machine? Who is paying today?

The Energy industry Top 3 money source for Lobby work – to assure we all see OIL and GAS PRICES ( which is gauging only another legal theft ) – because – yesterday highways were flooded and today they are dry as a bone. DID YOU SEE THOSE PHOTO’s. I did.. Lies.

Do we morn for the loss of life. YOU BET WE DO. Is the Governor responsible for not making mandatory evacuations – you BET HE IS. Will he and his teams be held responsible as the political blame game is a dance we all know so well. NO FREAKIN WAY. The real responsibility never is landing anymore at the door of those who are LEGALLY TO BLAME.

Will this create a learning experience.

No it will not.

Will we improve things?

No we will not.


Because too many are making too much through legal theft to profit at all. As with New Orleands Houston will move the poor out – take their flooded homes and condemn and build new expensive homes condo’s and high rises moving their tax base to the moon.

The poor will find they:

  1. Return home broke.
  2. They have no home.
  3. Then discover they have no jobs. A million people will have no stores shops or jobs as it will be next year before those employers can rebuild and come back on line…if ever.

Meanwhile the legal thieves will be robbing Texas like a blind person without a cane to fight back with.

If you can read an inch between the news you’ll see it is like the MOTHER OF ALL STORMS in the North East – Like Katrina and FOUR TO THE DOOR in one year in Florida. Can we DO BETTER?

Well not with COMPETITIVE CAPITALISM as a system as the system is corrupt. If we slowly reform into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM which is what Bezo’s and Facebook and Google and so many wish to see occur – then -there is hope. With 1% owning more wealth than 99% the reform may require revolution. No one can predict the future but the present system globally is coming to an end by its own weight.

Not to mention the EARTH is moving to geological active from geological acquiesce for 1000’s of years – the active period is volcanic – atmospheric – temperature – super storms – tsunami’s of 1`000 feet like we used to have as new normal returns – and earth quakes like you never saw – kind of like before mankind a second or two on planet – is returning to new EARTH NORMAL.

We in our arrogance have taken trillions to think I all through – and say the following with a deeply southern accent while you read – go ahead ham it up for me:

  1. Ah pardoner this land here is an average of 30 feet above the sea – lets build our largest state port – our biggest major city – and our largest refinery for the nation here in this swamp low land – which is right tap sticking out like a tongue to wag on the largest weather and hurricanes and flooding known to man. I think a Trillion here suites the spot perfectly ….I’ve thought errrrr through have you?
  2. Hey lets take this Santa Noferie spot here – right on the edge of this limestone 50 feet above the ocean Pacific here – on the west party of the earth quake fault – yes sireee bobbie – and build us the most expensive ATOMIC POWER PLANT we can right here given all the safer sports we could chose not to mention a JAPANESE LIKE TSUNAMIC or meteor impact TSUNAMIC 100% sure to come or a Volcano Tsunami which will …ah hell…wipe this plant right into the SEA worse than anything in Japan – but man it’ll be under water and who will care about THAT – you know that dog will hunt – lets steal the money legally get the override on LA power – and hell when it comes we run for the hills with our loot. Is that good for you Charlie Brown? It is good for me too?
  3. I could go on and one – with Miami – San Francisco – and world wide it is endless STUPIDITY of humanity.

The future is not insurable as the EARTH is returning to its NORMAL and we have no clue being a second on the planet and owning an incapacity to learn.

For this reason we have created a global – community we for thirty years operates as CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL. A community for forward thinking Business Owners – with 1 to 15 or more employees and professionals. We create a safe harbor community that protects one another. When the world turbulence occurs the shock absorber is a truly COOPERATIVE BUSINESS LEADER community working collaboratively to prosper in any and every market condition. Fortunes were made in the Great Depression from the board game MONOPOLY to massive change agents. When millions could not find jobs what broke the cycle was the AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR. If you review the real data ll the Government spending and infrastructure work programs helped to be sure – but the deciding factors was millions of entrepreneurs starting up and helming ;their out of work neighbors by HIRING THEM. More jobs and futures were created by COOPERATION and ENTREPRENEURS helming one another before their were phones in all the homes – before there where televisions – before there where fax machines or computers or networks or the internet – when horse power was still dominant – when the telegraph was still in use – before Face Book Chat Rooms and Google and all the tools we have to send an idea with out thumb half way around the GLOBE – and BAM it is right there in my friend in Damascus’s hand today.

I have great HOPE for humanity recovering from the insanity of competitive thought – the one single virus of insanity – on our human brains – and HOPE for our cooperation with the Planet which will make us see tomorrow differently. I see Uncle Bucky Fullers GEODESIC Domes housing cities of 5,000,000 in self sustaining ocean habitats – with sea farms and self cycling everything – submerging 100 feet or so in storms and in the sun on parks with no earth damage of any kind on any basis – as we populate tens of billions and discover the stars together. We are the SEEDS of our Earth destined to bring living EARTH to distant locations and tera form reproducing earth with all our cooperation and environmental intelligence replacing our temporary insanity.


Folks – the future is fantastic but to get there we need to bridge from TODAY to TOMORROW and doing that cooperatively and without competition – well that is – that IS – the CEO SPACE COMMUNITY. If THAT appeals to you as your own lifestyle safe harbor – come join us Oct 3rd or December at http://ceospace.net.

CEO SPACE is the # 1 ranked Business Acceleration Conference in the world again in 2017 by third party press – serving professionals in practice and business OWNER CEO’s exclusively to hyper growth and stay there – with all the required resources inside the worlds largest business SUPER MARKET on earth. Ranked # 1 because it is tax saving and profitable to exchange a tax payment for a lifetime asset. Proven. 30 Years mature. Serving 140 nations.

I’m not only proud of CEO SPACE – it is LEGACY to nations seeking to rapidly develop their entrepreneur job base in the world today.


How can we help you more today ?

Keep your Hope and Promise on HIGH we are – but take action as the markets are going to move around more than you anticipate – September 12th – is Apple Day – stay tuned.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping the TRUTH on HIGH just for you today – slow markets this week